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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

You Get Permission from the Owners First Before You Borrow Something of Theirs, Olawless


Øbarbarian at our gates.


hief! That's what you call somebody who "borrows" whatever isn't his without the owner's permission. Not that an irredeemably rude, ill-mannered, slimy, disrespectful, lying, self-entitled, crude, thoughtless, inconsiderate, law-breaking, back-stabbing, scum-IVing reprobate and career criminal would know anything about that. He just greedily takes anything he "thinks" feels should be his. In his always self-serving "mind," only he deserves to have it now, not those to whom the law (or a constitution) says it belongs.

If this were Saudi Arabia, Baracrook Hussein Ølawless wouldn't be picking up any pens or any phones except with one of his prosthetic hands.

Even the most incompetent "constitutional law professor" knows or should know that separation of powers — that bedrock principle on which the foundation of a free people's government is laid — means no branch of government may ever exercise any power vested in one of the others, nor ever consent to either of them exercising any vested in it. Our Constitution alone provides for every vestment of granted power in each of the three branches; and since the owners of all such powers are the people, a branch may neither borrow from nor lend to another any of the powers they vested in it. That is, not without their permission, which they express solely by that document or a properly ratified amendment to it.

Thus, the only place a Borrowed Powers Clause exists is in the terminally diseased "brains" of oath-violating Despotcrat misleaders or other extremely corrupt and tyrannical National Socialist fascists.

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You Don't Need $2 Billion, Olawless. Just $120 Million for Airline Tickets Back Home.


Chartered flights equal real compassion.


all it Operation We're Full & Dead Broke:

“We should charter really nice planes, outfit them with good food, clothes and toys for the children, and fly them DIRECTLY back to whichever of the three Central American countries they came from. Make a big announcement that Mexico is TOO DANGEROUS and corrupt for us to just push them over our border, we would NEVER do that.

“The end result is the families would learn that making the expensive, dangerous trip will get them NOWHERE.”


80,000 airline tickets for unlawfully present aliens: $120,000,000.

Future drain on our infrastructure and resources after they return home: $0.

Ølawless whining and blaming others again because he didn't get every illegal thing he wanted:


There are many things throwing taxpayer money at can't solve. For everything else, there's CommonSense®.

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Presippy-cup Øbangy dwoes nwot lwike mweanowel Rwepubwicans nwot gwiving hwim evwery thwing hwee wWAAAAAAAAA!!!!nts!


f being a total embarrassment were a high crime or misdemeanor, this extremely spoiled, petulant Øbamanchild would leave even Democrooks no choice but to begin immediate impeachment proceedings against him.

Prestompy-foot says lies he's "trying to help people out." (Unless, by "people," he means solely himself.) Yet under his WAAAAAAAAA!!!!tch, our economy and workforce are shrinking massively. His VA is systematically mass-murdering our Vets. Iraq is in utter turmoil. Pisslamic terrorists are on the march. Contagious disease carriers are streaming freely across our southern border. Part-time jobs are replacing and about to overtake full-time ones. His "affordable" "care" act is causing health insurance premiums and deductibles to skyrocket — with millions upon millions still uninsured or losing insurance. People are losing doctors they like. Public assistance, disability rolls, and child poverty are at all-time highs. His "official" unemployment rates are over 60 percent higher than President Bush's. There's no real "recovery." He keeps irresponsibly and unpatriotically piling on our and our descendants' shoulders mountains upon mountains of debt. His own party all but unanimously condemns his so-called budgets. The Supreme Court is unanimously condemning his lawlessness. His IRS systematically suppresses the free-speech activities of his political "enemies" before his reelection, then destroys the evidence showing its full extent. He leaves an American ambassador behind to die in Libya and a Marine to rot unjustly in a Mexican prison. He trades away five top Taliban terrorist leaders for a single treasonous deserter. Golfing and vacationing appear to be his primary "job." He keeps re-proposing things that have already been tried and never worked. He's waged a cruel war on our coal industry. He's dithered away a major jobs-making pipeline and forced Canada to sell its affordable oil to Asia instead of us. He keeps letting foreign leaders walk all over us. He bows to them while telling us to kiss his butt.

Clearly, what he's really been trying to do is hurt the American people.

Again, can we yes impeach this treasonous, high crimes-committing felon now?

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'We Are All Racists Now'


Newspeak's new cover story on Øfascist's wide disapproval.


y liberaleftistyrant "standards," anybody who doesn't fawningly approve of everything Øbamadman does is a vile racist. These "standards" apply in reverse as well. Five years ago, when a large number of Americans seemingly approved of his fascistic, big-government bailouts and takeovers, Newspeak not only thought felt none of them were racists, but boldly proclaimed on one of its covers "we are all socialists now."

But today, with an ever increasing majority of Americans disapproving of Øbutthurt's extremely miserable performance, not to mention his irritatingly incessant whining about it and shifting of blame, other publications that previously endorsed him have begun boldly proclaiming "we were wrong."

For the liberaleftistyrants at Newspeak and elsewhere, there can be only one explanation for this: An ever increasing majority of Americans are vile racists.

Don't you just love how their so-called standards have completely destroyed the true meaning of that word?

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Undocumented Pandemic


Øbamadman's lawlessness is going to literally kill us.

“There’s been an outbreak of scabies. We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses.”

ederal law says anyone caught crossing our border illegally shall be turned back. There are very good reasons for this. Topmost among them is to prevent people who aren't properly vaccinated or pre-screened from mingling with local populations, which include first our border patrol agents and healthcare workers, and spreading or reintroducing contagious diseases here. Cholera, mumps, measles, chicken pox, rubella, polio, antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, plague, leprosy, smallpox, malaria, dengue, and Chagas disease are some of the more deadly examples.

Federal law requires they be turned back. But the lawless Øbamadministration isn't interested in enforcing laws intended to protect us. If there's not a serious crisis he never wants to go to waste at the border, he'll have to fabricate one. And fabricated it he has. In spades. All to create "the opportunity to do things you never could do before"; in this case, immigration "reform" effectual amnesty for millions upon millions of uninvited, unvaccinated, unscreened, and unlawful invaders, occupiers, and infecters of "our" land — also known as Undocumented Democrat Voters™. The increased political power their votes will bring his corrupt, tyrannical regime is more important to him than all our lives and the lives of our children.

Can we yes impeach this treasonous, high crimes-committing felon now?

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The Assembly of State Legislatures


Legislators working out the details of the Article V convention for proposing amendments.
“The Congress..., on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments....”

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Snowjob Whitewash and the Seven Drives


Spoiler alert: The seven each had information that's material to the investigation. But, strangely, all of them "crashed" just days after the investigation began.


nce upon a time before the 2010 midterm elections, when the snowjobs were rising like flames from hell, a citizenry sat steaming at their televisions, which had news of power-usurping big fascist government. As they steamed they saw right through the snowjobs and painted their signs with their grievances. TEA groups of patriots rose against the snowjobs. The movement against the whitewash looked so beautiful that they thought to themselves, "If only we didn't have rulers as quick to whitewash their tyranny as snowjob us, as berate our movement as belittle our patriotism, and as usurp our power as this government does regularly in the news."

Soon afterward they had a partisan IRS that was as quick to whitewash its tyranny as snowjob us, as berate our movement as belittle our patriotism, and as usurp our power as the rest of this government does, and therefore they called it Partisan Snowjob-Whitewash. And as soon as that agency's plan to punish the pResident's political "enemies" was born, the citizenry's rights died.

. . .

After the letter to Snowjob-Whitewash from the House Ways and Means Committee chairman, the seven storage devices with information most relevant to his inquiry crashed.

Doc said, "I'm a goner!"

Grumpy said, "Me too!"

Happy said, "What a coincidence, so am I!"

Sleepy said, "Goodbye, cruel world!"

Bashful said, "RIP, my email files!"

Sneezy said, "Mine too!"

Dopey said, "I'm too underfunded poor to die!"

. . .

Back at the White House the pResident stepped before his mirror and said:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is evilest of all?

The mirror answered:

You, my pResident, are evil; it is true.
But Snowjob-Whitewash, beyond the mountains of debt
With the seven ("crashed") drives,
Is still a thousand times eviler than you.

. . .

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Reasonably Right... Connecting the Dots


If "Mississippi Conservatives" distributed the race-based flyer in the U.S. Senate run-off election, the question is: Who are they?


tart with their site's Whois information:

Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Reasonably Right
Admin Organization: Reasonably Right
Admin Street: 1125 Poplar Blvd
Admin City: Jackson
Admin State/Province: MS
Admin Postal Code: 39202
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: 601-594-7885
Admin Email: bp@brianperry.ms

Next, search "Reasonably Right" and "1125 Poplar":

click on image to enlarge

Double-check results — first site's Whois info:

Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Reasonably Right
Admin Organization: Reasonably Right
Admin Street: 1125 Poplar Blvd
Admin City: Jackson
Admin State/Province: MS
Admin Postal Code: 39202
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: 601-594-7885
Admin Email: bp@brianperry.ms

State Sen. Parker (R-District 19).

Second site's:

Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Reasonably Right
Admin Organization: Reasonably Right
Admin Street: 1125 Poplar Blvd
Admin City: Jackson
Admin State/Province: MS
Admin Postal Code: 39202
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: 601-594-7885
Admin Email: bp@brianperry.ms

Nothing but "condos"-related searches.

Skipping the e-pers.com/e-person.name and whoismind.com results, the last site's Whois info:

Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Reasonably Right
Admin Organization: Reasonably Right
Admin Street: 1125 Poplar Blvd
Admin City: Jackson
Admin State/Province: MS
Admin Postal Code: 39202
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: 601-594-7885
Admin Email: bp@brianperry.ms

It "provides professional and ethical [sic] public affairs services to clients facing government challenges on the state and federal levels...." Its partners are Brian Perry, who "served as spokesperson for Governor Haley Barbour's 2007 reelection" and "is a former political director of the Mississippi Republican Party," and Brian Wilson, who "served five years as senior legislative assistant to Senator Trent Lott" and "served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention and worked in local Republican leadership positions." At the former's BrianPerry.ms site, he says "his column, Reasonably Right, appears weekly in the Madison County Journal and other newspapers in Mississippi."

Conclusion: "Mississippi Conservatives" are only two guys, both GOP-Establishment big shots. They're not part of some shady front group set up by the Demøcrook Party Politburo. But if these two did distribute that race-based flyer on or even just in behalf of their Establishment masters...

“Of course, you know this means war!”

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Even Stab Democracy in the Back: GOP's Win-At-All-Costs Selfish and Greedy Depths of Evil


How brave. Way to champion the interests of Republican voters!


hat kind of monsters would consciously stoop so low as to accuse God-fearing, America-loving, Constitution-defending Republican voters, traumatized by the other party's brutal rape of our liberties and nation, of somehow promoting or enhancing the revolting relics of Slavery-Era racism to horrendously assault and violate their fellow citizens' fundamental rights? Especially when it's based not on any real, allowable evidence but solely on unsourced hearsay, poisonous innuendo, self-serving generalizations, as well as maliciously libelous swipes at their grassroots movements?

Clearly an extremely cruel and sadistic kind. The only insult they forgot to lob the Republican voters' way was "what difference, at this point, is there between them and Hitler?"!

Luckily for Republican voters everywhere, the GOP isn't allowed to violate election law in any jurisdiction in the land.

Unluckily for the American people, these monsters stubbornly refuse to go away. It's up to truth tellers to leave them no other choice than ignominiously slither back forever down to the perfidiously putrid depths whence they came.

”A McDaniel legal challenge may turn that [corrupt] over-confident Cochran smile upside down if a court upon going over the ballots determine[s] that enough [Cochran bought and paid for Democrats] voted on Tuesday that also voted three weeks ago in the Democratic primary. This is a violation of [Mississippi] state voting law because they are forbidden from voting in Tuesday’s [run-off] election.“

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Even Smear A 12-Year-Old Rape Victim: Hildabeast's Win-At-All-Costs Selfish and Greedy Depths of Evil


How brave. Way to champion the rights of raped little girls! (Cold Fury)


hat kind of monster would consciously stoop so low as to accuse a very scared 12-year-old girl, traumatized for life by a brutal rape, of somehow provoking or enticing a sickening sac of "human" sewage to horrendously assault and violate her? Especially when it's based not on any real, allowable evidence but solely on unsourced hearsay, poisonous innuendo, self-serving generalizations, as well as maliciously libelous swipes at the victim's family?

Clearly an extremely cruel and sadistic kind. The only insult she forgot to lob the rape victim's way was "what difference, at this point, does it make?"!

Luckily for raped little girls everywhere, the Hildabeast isn't allowed to practice law anymore in any court in the land.

Unluckily for the American people, this monster stubbornly refuses to go away. It's up to truth tellers to leave her no other choice than ignominiously slither back forever down to the perfidiously putrid depths whence she came.

"State of Arkansas V. Thomas Alfred Taylor" (scribd.com: Washington Free Beacon), p. 34.

“The victim said if she saw Clinton today, she would call her out for what she sees as the hypocrisy of Clinton’s current campaign to fight for women’s rights compared to her actions regarding this rape case so long ago.

“‘I would say (to Clinton), “You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me... I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me. And you are supposed to be for women? You call that (being) for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.”’”

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'It's Not A Conspiracy or Coverup When the President Does It'


So long as, of course, his party's name begins with a D.


ear Future Republican President,

Remember, directing the Internal Revenue Service to harass and hinder your political opponents enemies and their freedom of speech will show "not even a smidgen of corruption" if its responsible agents claim all their interagency email communications while it was doing such "improper" things, were stored only on hard drives that all of sudden "crashed" so no outside or independent investigators may discover what was in them. Also, don't forget to destroy "recycle" any external backups of those communications older than 180 days. Neat, huh?

Next, if you like delaying any of those oft-delayed provisions of the so-called Affordable Care Act, you can keep delaying any of those oft-delayed provisions of the so-called Affordable Care Act. Period. Doesn't matter how exact or clear its effective-date language is. You don't even have to involve the Congress whenever you delay it. Members of the other party say they're perfectly fine with a president doing that. So you should be, too.

Speaking of not involving Congress, just tell it you have a pen and a phone and you'll use them to do whatever you feel like doing, including delivering our money, arms, and even air support anywhere, to anybody, anytime you wish. Don't worry about its members coming together to do something to stop you. Even if you said, "By the authority vested in me via the Cross Townsend and AT&T, I now make it so," it's very doubtful they'd try.

By the way, do you like taking numerous vacations every year and a lot of time out for playing your favorite sport? If so, you couldn't find a better office to hold! Yes, you and the First Spouse (not to be confused with the first spouse if you've ever had more than one) can take separate planes to the same or different luxurious locations. Sweet. Enjoy the complementary free passes the press will go remarkably out of its way to give you, too.

But wait, there's more. Since you're the president, the Fourth Amendment doesn't apply to anything you do. Neither does the Due Process Clause. Spy on American citizens or blow them up with your drones. It's nice to have options. Reporters don't seem to mind much if you spy on their colleagues, either.

Your predecessor B.J. Clinton said he did what he did "because I could." B.H. Øbama followed that up with "yes we can." You should keep this going by spewing something even a little more revealing. How does "it's our turn" grab you?

One last thing: About those words you recited right before you took office — you know, when you had your left hand on the Bible and stuff? Those came from the Constitution. (If you just asked, "The what?" then nevermind.) But since more and more people in Washington don't bother paying attention to the rest of the words in it anymore, it's not like they're going to care whether you took all that "solemnly swear" crap seriously or not when you spoke it. So your preserving, protecting, and defending this or any other part of the Constitution is now becoming merely another optional thing that yes you can freely ignore. Because fewer and fewer of us could give a Defraudcrat's asterisk if you did.


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The Nobel Committee Is Now Calling to Ask for Its Peace Prize Back, Obama


Conflicts expanding. Russia invading. Iraq collapsing. Iran rising and nuclearizing. Syria civil-warring. Middle East destabilizing. Caliphate "inevitably" returning. Terrorists' heroes set free and repatriating. Democracy, human rights, and international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples weakening. America appeasing and totally retreating. Global responses not materializing, Hope for a better future fading. International peace and security losing.


baleful's foreign policy is not only extremely irresponsible but an extraordinary failure, and has created a climate in international politics more in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan than anything visionary or new. Only very rarely has a person's inexhaustible perfidiousness mixed with dangerous fanaticism and Chamberlainesque incompetence to the same extent as Øbumbler's captured the world's attention and given its people cause for utter despair.

However, what his eternally undeserved "peace" prize reveals most to them is how manifestly and completely discredited this prize and the committee awarding it have become. Its members have no hope for a better future unless they promptly admit their colossal mistake and demand the immediate return of the 2009 prize.

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Another of Hilliary's 'Tard Choices'


Her Nibs surrounded by more security at her book signing than she ever allowed Ambassador Stevens to have at his assaulted compound in Libya.

Jason Mattera caught up with Hillary Clinton at one of the DC stops on her book tour this week, and asked the former Secretary of State if she would mind signing a copy of Hard Choices… but with a twist. "If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens," Mattera queried. "I think you knew him."

Christopher Stevens, of course, was the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was murdered along with three other Americans on Clinton's watch, when Jihadists attacked two U.S. outposts in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Hillary, surprised by the request, replied, "Yeah, I'm not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens." Mattera followed-up with, "What difference does it make?" a reference to Clinton's infamous 2013 Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee.

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The Federal Government Is Going to Control Our Healthcare


(That is, repaving Hell Rd., USA.)


ecause it takes such good care of our Veterans and never would intentionally force any of them to wait too long to see a doctor.

(Well, actually, it doesn't and it would.)

Because it keeps such good records and never would intentionally lose anybody's information.

(Well, actually, it doesn't and it would.)

Because it makes such good spending estimates and never would intentionally cook any of its books to fool the American people.

(Well, actually, it doesn't and it would.)

Because it is such good stewards of our money and never would intentionally waste it on anything that detracts from its ability to provide us quality services.

(Well, actually, it doesn't and it would.)

Because it hires such good people and never would intentionally give them the green light to deny anybody his or her rights or punish him or her on account of his or her political affiliations.

(Well, actually, it doesn't and it would.)

And because it acts with such good intentions and never would intentionally do hellishly evil things to anybody.

(Oh, well. Nevermind.)

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Obama: 'Solar Panels More Important Than Veterans' Lives'


Why is this buttwipe still holding office? (Cold Fury)

“Fortunes were spent on solar panels and wind turbines for VA facilities, but veterans died of cancer to save money on a colonoscopy.

“The corrupt obsession with Green Energy doesn’t just waste money, it costs lives. The fanaticism of the Global Warmists in the White House led them to disregard the lives of vets because they thought that saving the world with solar panels and wind turbines was more important....

“While they were putting in wind and solar at VA facilities and cemeteries, they forgot about the veterans who had served their country and deserved better than to be sacrificed for a solar panel.”

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The Official List of Obama Approved Sports Team Names


Distraction much?


fascist "promises" that "if you like your team name, you can keep your team name. Period Asterisk."

* "Every sports team, in order to keep any registered trademark it 'owns' from being cancelled by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, may only choose a name that appears in the official Regime-Approved Sports Team Names List®. Below are a few examples of the team names that may be registered as trademarks."

  • The Washington Redistributioners
  • The Dallas Collective/Commune
  • The Cleveland Indigenous Peoples
  • The Los Angeles Affordable Care Actors
  • The Seattle Rising Sealevelers
  • The Tampa Bay Bureaucrats
  • The Pittsburg Pro Choicers
  • The Greenbay Progressives
  • The San Diego Reset Button Pushers®
  • The New York Social Justices
  • The St Louis Church & State Seperators
  • The Philadelphia Philanthropists
  • The New York Hyperpituitarismers
  • The Detroit (or Cincinnati or Atlanta) Animal Rights Activists
  • The Miami Dolphin-Free Tunas
  • The Philadelphia Protected Species
  • The New Orleans Seculars
  • The Oakland Medicaid Expansioners
  • The New England Dissenters
  • The Indianapolis Electric Car Drivers
  • The Buffalo Bill Clintonians
  • The Pittsburgh Greeners
  • The San Francisco 2009ers
  • The Minnesota Scandinavian-Americans
  • The Denver Biodiversitòs
  • The Chicago Fair Sharers
  • The Houston Planet Savers
  • The Kansas City Underprivileged
  • The Cincinnati Rainbows
  • The Boston Rainbow Sox
  • The Oakland Let's Movers
  • The San Diego Pagans ("Imans" or "Ayatollahs" is fine too)
  • The Sacramento Proletariates
  • The Portland Single Payers
  • The Utah Hip-Hop
  • The Miami Global Warming
  • The San Antonio No Animal Was Harmed In The Making Of This Basketball Team
  • The Dallas McCains
  • The Phoenix Undocumented

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Worst. pResident. Ever.


Losing wars. Aiding and comforting terrorists. Telling lies. Breaking laws. Cremating the U.S. Constitution. Destroying democracies. Encouraging invasions at home and abroad. Obstructing justice and Congress. Abusing power. Violating our rights and his oath of office. Crushing us with mountain chains of debt. Killing jobs. Wrecking the economy. Weakening America. Condoning corruption. Injuring our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. Etc. Etc. Etc....

"0bama voters! You CANNOT watch this, then look in a mirror, and NOT be disgusted with yourself. Impossible." –Neal Boortz (@Talkmaster)

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Generation B


Three, five, and seven out of every ten of its white, Latino, and black members, respectively, born outside of marriage.


he bastardization of America does not come without a particularly unsavory brew of unintended consequences. Most discernible among its more potent ingredients is an upwardly-trending crime rate, which yields a highly disagreeable aftertaste (see state-by-state comparison below).

The problems bemoaned by Heritage Foundation researcher Mary Clare Reim and liberals only get worse with each succeeding batch.

Between 1980 and 2012 incarceration rates have more than doubled in the U.S. and are now more than six times that of the typical nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Perhaps because we are not throwing the original offenders in jail, Mary? As commenter Francis Schultz puts it,

One of the few times I have been disappointed in a Heritage Foundation article. The vast, vast majority of inmates who are sentenced to state and federal prison are there because they have earned it. If federal and state legislatures want to reduce crime and the number of inmates they need to quit paying women to have babies. I have been a prosecutor for 17 years and I see a huge correlation between crime and the breakdown of the family.

Exactly. The furthest thing from being in the best interests of any child is allowing him or her to reside with the most irresponsible person imaginable: A "mother" who had that child out of wedlock. We all know or should know the facts.

For example, examination of families with the same race and same parental education shows that, when compared to intact married families, children from single-parent homes are:

  • More than twice as likely to be arrested for a juvenile crime;
  • Twice as likely to be treated for emotional and behavioral problems;
  • Roughly twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school; and
  • A third more likely to drop out before completing high school.

The effects of being raised in a single-parent home continue into adulthood. Comparing families of the same race and similar incomes, children from broken and single-parent homes are three times more likely to end up in jail by the time they reach age 30 than are children raised in intact married families. Compared to girls raised in similar married families, girls from single-parent homes are more than twice as likely to have a child without being married, thereby repeating the negative cycle for another generation.

Finally, the decline of marriage generates poverty in future generations. Children living in single-parent homes are 50 percent more likely to experience poverty as adults when compared to children from intact married homes. This intergenerational poverty effect persists even after adjusting for the original differences in family income and poverty during childhood.

Another state-by-state comparison bears out that effect:

Indeed, out-of-wedlock births appear to be far more accurate predictors of crime-rate trends than the extremely mindless poverty-rate excuse psychotically touted by every excessively emoting liberal(birm).

There is nothing brave or noble about chronically subjecting any child to such a dastardly form of abuse. It is cruel, selfish, unfair, heartless, unjust, immature, careless, neglectful, and yes, immoral. The turpitude of it alone should raise that abuse to the level of an infamous crime.

The thoughtlessly irresponsible claim, "But my choosing to be an unwed mother doesn't hurt anybody!" Really? In addition to the innocent newborn on whom you are about to inflict decades of otherwise preventable abuse, you can include all the individuals and society at-large forced to suffer and endure the extreme selfishness, disregard for others, self-entitlement, and overall lack of basic empathy and morals you will no doubt impart to him or her and he or she will, in turn, far more likely than others, callously and even violently inflict on them, who are going to be needlessly and fundamentally harmed. But you do not care, else you would have never been a willing partner in the commission of so selfish and grievous an offense. If no one forced you to conceive and birth a bastard, then no, you cannot force others to face any of the messy consequences directly stemming from your grossly negligent choice.

Intentionally or negligently having a child out of wedlock should be prima facie evidence of child endangerment.

As alluded to earlier, except in the alleged minds of liberals and other criminal enablers, a prevailing state of poverty does not create crime. If it did, Mississippi would have the highest crime rate and Washington, D.C. close to the lowest.

In light of available data, the far more reasonable place to start finding an explanation for increasing incidences of criminal activity across any group of states is their respective rates of out-of-wedlock births. Crime rates themselves, like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, act only as sentinels, able to warn us of a present danger that usually affects them first. Once it does, however, it is too late to prevent the danger. Rather, you immediately focus all your concerns on your own survival, seeking nothing more than some means of escape. That danger will remain there, of course, until either you go back and remove it or nature gets around to sending something else in to displace it.

Clearly, taking the necessary steps to prevent this danger would save yourself all that extra grief and effort during your next forward push.

“The rights of children are what are at stake here. As society makes decisions as to what's best for everyone, children's rights cannot and must not be ignored, what's best for them needs to be put first and foremost in a legal sense.”
–Sean McLaughlin,
commenting on article
by Trayce Hansen, Ph.D.

If a consenting man and woman have a certain unalienable right to conceive a child, there must be a general expectation both will exercise personal responsibility before, when, and after they do, since such inextricably involves the rights of another person. So we may, in order to secure these rights as well as the blessings of liberty to their posterity, choose to include among our state governments' just powers a new illegitimacy law that promotes primarily at all times and in all cases the rights of the child. For examples, it would provide that the custody of every child born out of wedlock be temporarily granted to a lawfully married man and woman — the most tried and true, safe and stable environment humankind has ever known for promoting the best interests of children — or to the state if it cannot find a suitable couple who may agree to accept such custody. Within one year, if the biological parents lawfully marry each other, or either marries someone else of the opposite sex, that married couple would have sixty days to file a custody claim. Otherwise, permanent guardianship would be granted to the foster parents if they agree to accept it, or else to another married man and woman. Whatever the case, the rights and best interests of the child would always be paramount to those of any other person or persons.

It is our choice. We may either do something like the above or continue trying and failing to live with the clearly, inevitably, and increasingly dangerous consequences to our general welfare which the bastardization of America must and always will brew for us.

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Crime and Demographics


Bar graphs showing each state or other jurisdiction's population density per square land mile (range 0-highest, DC), out-of-wedlock births (0-100%), median household income ($0-highest, MD), property crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants (0-highest, DC), violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants (0-highest, DC), White population (0-100%), Hispanic population (0-100%), and Black population (0-100%).

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'Let's Surrender to Lawless Immigration' Didn't Win?


Imagine that.

Eric Cantor... bragged last week about an internal poll showing him up 34 points against his primary challenger, Dave Brat. Despite being outspent 25:1 in the primary — that's not a typo, but twenty-five to one — Brat prevailed by beating Cantor by eleven points in an unusually high turnout....

[I]t should be noted that turnout in this primary was actually higher than those earlier primaries that nominated Cantor... "'Primary turnout was 45,000 2 years ago,' [Cantor pollster John] McLaughlin wrote. 'This time 65,000. This was an almost 50% increase in turnout.'"


e should water down and/or ignore present law" vs. "We should actually enforce present law." Candidates who support the former should learn the lesson that watering down immigration law is never a viable solution when unaccountable lawlessness prevails in the executive branch. This misadministration knows that woefully few incumbents have the guts to hold it accountable for blatantly ignoring and breaking laws. Deadlines it doesn't like, such as in Øfascist"care", are unilaterally changed. Timely informing Congress, such as was required before the Top Terrorists for Traitor swap, is treated like a mere suggestion by it. More to the point, it "thinks" feels that holding or deporting egregious violators of our immigration laws is just an ignorable option, not a clearly strict statutory provision. It's little things like that that show the public any "reform" supported by Cantor et al-Øfascist is like the release of five top terrorists demanded by the Taliban. The only "deal" was to give the enemy everything it wants.

As much as these jokers in Washington may otherwise believe, we aren't stupid and foolish enough to fall for the Big Lie that "But It'll Be Different This Time!™." No, it won't. Lawless presidents do not extend the ground of public confidence in the government, nor best insure the beneficent ends of its institution.

Will the candidates who remain learn this lesson as regular Americans so painfully have? Or will a further number of them leave to spend more time with their families?

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It's CITizens, Not SIT-ON-YOUR-ASSitens


Or even SERFitens.


he parasites on our land have no energy for anything other than sucking, both literally and figuratively. They wait and look for somebody else to sustain their so-called lives. Whether that body be yours or the not-so-honorable office holder's greedily making yours a source of their sustenance, it's all the same to them. The latter provides them HOSTizens to suck dry in exchange for the privilege of being able to provide them more and more such sources. You provide them the necessary veins until, once your own life's blood is completely drained and you're left no other choice, you have to start sucking too. Eventually, yes, only the office holders can be the winners. But since at that point there remains no body for the parasites to hang onto, everybody winds up a loser.

The above has become the story of America. The reason it has is that for too long we the so-called citizens have been letting ourselves and others rewrite it that way. The Founding Fathers drafted and, as Framers, composed the original — a timeless classic that keeps proving to be the best possible story for us. Whenever our forebears lived that story, this became a land full of constructive energy and progress. Whenever they didn't, it quickly devolved into one mired in misery.

Free and independent states aren't built by parasites, only brought down by them. The hard work of paying attention and flicking the parasites off whenever their ravenous sucking jaws try to latch on is the only chance our land has of staying free and independent. True citizens are, yes, the only ones who can make that happen. Indeed, they innately have the upper hand, especially in this year's mid-term congressional elections.

The office holders parasite wranglers, on the other hand, know it's an uphill battle to prod their charges into stop being SIT-ON-YOUR-ASSitens long enough to agree to be dragged into a polling booth and cast a ballot for somebody they never heard of or cared hearing about before. After all, there's no more "Barack-the-vote" to readily zombify the parasites into becoming one mindless, lockstep-marching horde.

No one can deny there's a general, pent-up disgust with how the rewritten story is playing out and with its self-appointed editors who keep insanely red-penning us all into an increasingly unavoidable corner. What kind of ending has the parasites winding up on top, literally crawling out from the desiccated corpses that left them stuffed, but now are no long able to feed them? It would be the end, all right, where no one lives happily ever after or even, for that matter, lives. Needless to say, America — the last, best, most shining hope of mankind — will be gone too. Good thing, because who would want to try living in the bleak and inhospitable world that must remain?

The fundamental question is whether that pent-up disgust bursts before Tuesday, November 4, and leaves the parasites and their prodders scrambling for the safest shadows they can find in its wake. It will decide nothing less than who reclaims or retains full control of the story and all of its content.

So, yes, we can believe either that we're all doomed or that true citizens turning out in droves and voting this and every November is going to help completely remove the present massive infestation as well as forever repel the parasites and stop them from infesting our land so again.

May God once more heal and bless our country.

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Christie's Minions Closed A Bridge. Obama's Opened A Whole Freakin' Border!


Intentionally aiding and comforting invading lawbreakers and criminals is an impeachable offense.


ow many high crimes does this fascist totalitarian have to overtly commit against us before we send the traitor to jail?

Using his pen and his phone to overwhelm and shut down every last semblance of border enforcement and security is not only an egregious abuse of power, it's nothing less than levying war against our States.

Another petulant, lame attempt to distract us from his ever lengthening rap sheet.

These Baraclowns must really be desperate to pull such a blatantly obvious stunt.

No doubt fascist-n-thief Øliar will lie that he didn't know anything about "his government's" flagrant violations of our laws, security, public health, and very way of life until he learned about it in the news.

Impeach the whole stupid, evil communisty-Ørganized crime operation posing as an executive branch. Now!

Destroying America and punishing her people
one many high Crimes and Misdemeanors at a time.

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Gum-Chewin', Lies-Spewin', Evil-Doin' Obama


No respect. Period. Full stop.


fascist is like a reverse Rodney Dangerfield. He don't show no respect.

Ceremonies, truth, Veterans, laws, America, oaths, Servicemen and Women, national anthems... none. If something isn't totally about him, he considers it a total waste of time.

Øliar wouldn't know honor if it turned into Nicorette®, flew in his mouth, and bit his forked tongue.

If he were Pinocchio, you could see his nose from your house... on Pluto.

He's so evil, Satan Soros has thought about worshiping him.

His hatred of America would make the five Taliban leaders he set free blush.

In the hottest corner of hell, Benedict Arnold's cursing Øtyrant for beating him out as America's Most Infamous Traitor™.

Meanwhile, up here, truth has as much chance of exiting Øtraitor's piehole as anything edible of entering a public school cafeteria.

Of course, he agrees with his VP, Biden, that "truth" is a four-letter word.

Now forget your health plan and doctor. If you like his wife, you can keep his wife. Please!

Speaking of Moochelle:

There was a first lady food nazi from Chi-Town
Who rode our backs for what we chow down;
She came up with a con
To make kids look quite wan,
And us smile at her French fry grease-stained gown.

Make no mistake, at the end of the day, he let himself be absolutely clear that he won't leave any anti-America turncoat deserters behind. Ambassadors and their protectors and unjustly jailed Marines? Not so much.

"Screw 'em!"

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God Bless America's Heroes


Especially on this Day.

Runners in Sunday's 408K Race took a spontaneous detour to thank a World War II veteran watching the event in uniform.

Joe Bell, 95, had come out on the drizzly morning to cheer on the runners in the 8-kilometer race from downtown San Jose to Santana Row. The event's charity partner is the Pat Tillman Foundation, which funds scholarships for military veterans and their spouses.

The runners, in turn, showed their appreciation for Bell's long-ago service, detouring from the course to shake his hand.

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'Well, That Narrative Didn't Fool Anybody. Let's Try This One...'


It was "Bergdahl was on his deathbed" (until we saw him walking under his own power to our helicoptor). Now it's "Bergdahl was facing immediate execution." Which is it?


he evidence shows Sgt. PFC Bergdahl's "captors" were really quite friendly to him, weaving him special clothes, letting him join their "religion," and otherwise going out of their way to make him happy. No evidence anywhere showing they were about to plunk him down in front of a video camera and slice his head off.

Debunking our fascist regime's fundamentally transforming narratives laughably obvious lies has become a 24/7 job.

What will it be next? "Bergdahl was about to be abducted by space aliens"? Don't snicker. It's just as plausible as lying Øliar's last two lies.

No, it's unmistakably clear that clownshoe-in-chief Øfascist's Dishonestration is long on psychopaths and short on leadership... and truth.

Moreover, anybody who trusts anything Øfraudster says now is long on self-delusion and short on brains. Period. Full stop.

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The Obama Five: War Criminals, Mass Murderers, and His Good Friends


Who are the real "psychopaths"?

Not like World Wars
Exchanged for a
BHO'll set you free!

hat do you do if you're wanted by the United Nations for war crimes? Get your good pal Baracrook to "exchange" you for a treasonous deserter who's already directly responsible for the deaths of many fine, young American Troops, that's what.

The Øliar Hussein Five's world tour of terrorism, which began last week, won't be confined to just a one-year engagement in Qatar.

A Taliban commander close to the negotiations over the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told TIME Thursday that the deal made to secure Bergdahl's release has made it more appealing for fighters to capture American soldiers and other high-value targets.

"It's better to kidnap one person like Bergdahl than kidnapping hundreds of useless people," the commander said, speaking by telephone on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media. "It has encouraged our people. Now everybody will work hard to capture such an important bird."

It's an "historic moment" for the Afghan Taliban. In the words of one of its senior members, "The exchange was the first time its 'enemy' (the U.S.) had 'officially recognized our status.'" The resulting celebrations have boosted the terrorists' morale and emboldened them. Period. Full stop.

Way to adhere to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort, Øtraitor.

In addition to Andrews, Casillas, Fairbairn and Martinek, PFC Morriss Walker and Staff Sergeants Clayton Bowen, Kurt Curtiss and Michael Murphrey died as a result of Bergdahl's abandonment. That's eight dead American soldiers (not six, as the rest of the media have reported) betrayed by selfish Bergdahl and reckless President Obama.

My source did not mince words: "The fact that our government negotiated with terrorists and our enemy is incomprehensible. The fact that they exchanged five war criminals for a traitor is sickening. The worst part for those of us that suffered through that time is that PFC Bergdahl is being hailed as some kind of hero. He was automatically promoted to Specialist and Sergeant, ranks he does not deserve and did not earn. I have no doubt he will receive back pay for these past five years, a substantial sum. There will be book deals, and his family are celebrities. I am glad he is safe, and happy for his family, but he should return home to face a court martial."

Are you listening, Capitol Hill and America?

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Obama 'Traded,' America's Security Faded


Øtraitor didn't really negotiate with terrorists. He just totally complied with all of their demands. Period. Full stop.


here's "euphoria" over the release of a turncoat from his terrorist "captors," all right. Except only the terrorists are feeling it.

The only thing Benedick Øbarnold did — unilaterally — was swap five top-level terrorist commanders for just one of their lowly foot soldiers. Some "trade." Were this World War II instead of IV, it would be like President Roosevelt giving the Nazis five of their generals in exchange for a single German buck private.

Remember, "Sgt." Bowe Bergdahl did not, in fact, get "captured" by the terrorists, he knowingly and willingly went over to their side. He purposefully sought them out with full intention of joining them; and once found, join them he did. He then aided the enemy by teaching them how to increase the deadliness of the explosive devices they use against our Troops. He also comforted the enemy by freely spouting their propaganda in videos. He is a traitor, not a hero. His only distinction is exhibiting, from start to finish, a complete lack of honor for the nation and her people and flag he swore to defend. Traitors in our past were justifiably executed for far less cause.

Now we have an alleged "president" who clearly has deserted the obligations of a law he himself signed and swore to faithfully execute "so help him allah God," abandoned his duty to properly notify Congress regarding any and all transfers of enemy prisoners, gone out and sought contact with the enemy in hopes of offering them his services, given the enemy greater capability to defeat our Troops on the battlefield, and in sum, aided and comforted the enemy in the most useful ways possible.

Is it any wonder Øfascist feels such a huggable affinity for this coat-turning, enemy buck private?

More importantly, did Øliar actually "think" feel this "euphoric trade" would distract us from his miserably failed VA government health "care," disastrous economic policies, willful outing of a top CIA agent, etc., etc.?

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'Multiple people died that day... All of this happened because PFC Bergdahl got tired of playing soldier.'


You gave aid and comfort to a traitor, Mr. Øbama. That makes you a traitor too.

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Obama Will Assassinate Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl


Dead men tell no politically-embarrassing tales.


he last thing terrorist-coddler-in-chief Der Fübar wants is Sgt. Bergdahl, the turncoat and French Foreign Legion reject he traded five top deadly terrorists for, to get back home and start proclaiming his eternal adherence to our country's deadliest enemy.

But Øtyrant already knows the only reason Benedict Bergdahl had to leave the ranks of his terrorist comrades-in-arms is that he got gravely ill and there was no terrorist doctor sawbones competent to heal him. So Øpsycho arranged an illegal deal with Bergdahl's terrorist commanders that would allow their brother soldier to receive the type of top-notch medical care that only American exceptionalism can provide. As a show of gratitude, Øfascist promised Bergdahl's terrorist commanders, "If you like your five top terrorist leaders, you can get back and keep your five top terrorist leaders. Period!"

Fortunately for the American people, and unfortunately for Sgt. Traitor Worst Class Bergdahl, many of our soldiers who actually witnessed Bergdahl's willful desertion and had to, while searching for him, suffer the horrific consequences of his giving material aid and comfort to our enemy, went public and told us the true story of his betrayal and treason. Now, Backstabber Bergdahl is an embarrassment to Birdbrain Barry and his regime.

What is a psychopathologically lying dictator to do, then? Use his pen and his phone to (1) order Bergdahl's doctors in Germany to declare him terminally ill with only a few months minutes to live, or (2) order the military to transport Bergdahl back to the States aboard a C-17 that somehow just happened to miss receiving the last few dozen or so scheduled maintenance checks? If the latter, how can he, yes, blame Bush for "putting in place a maintenance system that failed our brave troops so badly" an "accident" was "bound to occur"? His lick-spittle media would eat that one up.

Afterwards, Øliar could use his pen and his phone to order a state funeral for the "brave but misfortunate hero who died serving his country with unparalleled honor and distinction." As flags all across the country flew at half-mast, Baracrook Øfubar would breathe a sigh of relief and, Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, give thanks for the utter silence of the grave.

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A Tale of Two Sergeants


It was the best of "captures," it was the worst of captures...

“Sgt Tahmooressi doesn't fit Obama's criteria for a military hero. Sgt. Berghdahl fits Obama's criteria - a deserter! Is it any wonder who got released and who wasn't. Until Sgt Tahmooressi, a Marine, starts bad mouthing the USA as did Berghdahl, he will rot in a Mexican prison as far as the great war hero of Vietnam, Kerry, and all the rest of the Obama administration cares.”

erhaps Sgt. Tahmooressi's mother should tweet, "Working to open all the U.S.-Mexico border!" Only then would Baracrook Øliar agree to negotiate with the barbaric thugs who captured him. No doubt lawbreaker-n-thief Øfascist would illegally trade five of the most murderous drug lords we have in our prisons for him.

All as a way, of course, to distract you from his Second Great Recession, his hateful mistreatment of our sick Veterans, his cruel and costly war on our energy producers, his blowing the cover on our CIA agents, his perpetually dismal poll numbers, and his Guns For Terrorists™ ploy that left four American public servants dead.

That's why he's trying to tout his trade of five of the most murderous terrorist leaders we had in custody for a "captured" deserter in Afghanistan as something other than a massive, total failure that will endanger us all. He's even sent out liar Susan Blame-Youtube Rice to lie insanely about Sgt. Bergdahl, lying that this anti-America aider and comforter of our deadly enemies "served with honor and distinction." Yeah, for al-Qaeda.

It is a far, far bigger lie that Øliar tells, than he has ever told; it is a far, far bigger crime that he goes to commit than we have ever seen.

“Seems like if they can negotiate the release of someone who 'walked' off the job, they should be able to negotiate for someone who made a wrong turn.”
Sara Brown

Army SGT Bergdahl was not "captured" by the enemy in 2009. He abandoned his assigned post on his Forward Operating Base (FOB), leaving his weapon. Several U.S. Army Soldiers lost their lives in search for Bergdahl. His disappearance can only be classified as desertion and the media must not be so giddy about a good news story that they don't tell the truth — which is apparent to many. The allegation of desertion is serious. It is grave because it occurred during a war, during combat operations.

The U.S. Army must uphold proper order and discipline and this allegation must be investigated — but the truth is already known. I believe the liberal media will attempt to elevate him to some type of status that will cause the Army not to pursue the right direction under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). We who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat areas of operation against radical Islamists know they don't hold our troops — they are savagely and brutally murdered. They exist to kill Americans.

Are we glad that Bergdahl is home? After five years, yes, but there are many unanswered questions that cannot be dismissed because of emotions.

Allen West

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Apportionment Amendment


Another suggestion for the Article V Convention.
limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government
Apportionment Amendment
"Article —

"Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding those subject to any foreign power and Indians not taxed."



Our decennial census should not count any persons subject to some foreign power, especially unlawfully-present aliens. American sovereignty demands that their representatives be seated at the negotiating table rather than in Congress. That is, both their interests and ours are best served through international diplomacy, not federal legislation. Although it would seem Congress has power to exclude such persons from the count, it refuses to fully exercise that power. Likely that refusal is based on apprehensions regarding the constitutionality of a restricted count. If so, a reading of Patrick J. Charles' article "Representation Without Documentation?: Unlawfully Present Aliens, Apportionment, the Doctrine of Allegiance, and the Law" (Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law, Vol. 25, pg. 35, 2010) might lessen those apprehensions. As he explains it,

It is a hard sell to assert that aliens who fail to comply with the federal immigration laws fully submit themselves to the law. According to the tenets of the doctrine of allegiance, this failure to submit is a legal condition by which Congress could effectively exclude unlawfully present aliens from apportionment. To elaborate, an alien's failure to submit to the laws and declare his or her intent to lawfully settle makes that individual still a subject of the foreign jurisdiction from which he or she came, not the United States. To come to any other interpretation conflicts with the well-established plenary authority of the United States government to exclude and expel aliens—a power that is inherent with every sovereign nation through the right of self-preservation.

It should be emphasized that the right to be represented is a political right, not a natural or civil right. The distinction is significant because it was understood by the Founding Fathers that international law grants nations the sovereign authority to restrict or exclude aliens from political rights, including rights such as voting and bearing arms. There is no disputing that the Founding Fathers and the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment intended to grant lawful aliens the political right of apportionment. This is why the census has traditionally included foreigners, residing with the intent to become citizens, in the apportionment base. All other alien classifications, however, could be denied this political right should Congress enact legislation to that effect.

In light of the limited number of total House seats available, it is unreasonable to think an apportionment process that allows states with the largest populations of unlawfully-present aliens to take undue advantage of all the other sovereign states can ever be just, fair, or equitable. Therefore, instead of leaving this matter to any concurrent discretion of Congress and the other two branches, the above amendment would expressly effect a process that more properly protects the sovereignty of not only our nation but every one of our states.

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