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War on Liberalism


The American people's own Domestic Contingency Operation™.


alk about man-caused disasters.

Fascist States of America
Under Obama's Øfascist's proposals, the US Federal Reserve has greater power to monitor risks that threaten the entire financial system — which is similar to the role performed by [Communist] China's central bank, Zhao [Xijun, a professor at Renmin University of Communist China,] said.... "[T]he Fed will function like the People's Bank of [Communist] China in controlling systemic risk," he said.

In less than half a year, the Øfascist Democrook government tyrannical dictatorship has — through the use of raw, unchecked power and force in complete violation of our Constitution's most fundamental principles — forcibly nationalized and bankrupted the U.S. car industry; flagrantly schemed to seize America's entire financial system; intensely deepened and prolonged the recession Øbamarx Depression®; passively stood by and done nothing (besides appease and appease) while Iran develops nuclear weapons and North Korea tests ever more powerful ones; permanently tanked the stock and bond markets; excessively escalated our national debt; unsustainably enlarged the budget deficit for years to come; fanatically increased spending in the face of plunging tax revenue; extremely weakened the U.S. dollar; obsequiously opened the door to a Communist China-backed global currency; massively increased taxes on poor families; sadistically raised unemployment to over 9 percent; personally apologized to nearly every country on earth more than once for America's "arrogance" and every other false and malicious smear the dictatorship's groveler-in-chief could "think" up to spit at her; sissyishly appeased over and over the mortal enemies of human liberty; crassly disparaged our country's major allies so often they refuse to fully cooperate with us in this World War; hatefully abandoned freedom-loving people in order to more closely adhere to terrorist-supporting tyrants; cowardly betrayed another people struggling on the side of freedom, democracy, and human rights against those same islamofacist oppressors; bloodthirstily attacked Pakistan and alienated our wartime ally; lyingly accused Canada of allowing islamofascist terrorists to enter our country and butcher nearly 3,000 Americans; submissively negotiated with terrorist sponsor Syria whose dictator is now very grateful to the Dhimmicrat traitor-in-chief; insanely tried multiple times to negotiate with Taliban terrorists; overtly acted to aid and comfort terrorist enemies of the United States by giving them not only secret information about our Military's interrogation techniques and nuclear sites and officials' emergency headquarters but special "rights" and other exploitable "legal protections" and sources of anti-U.S. propaganda and terrorist recruitment; criminally aided and abetted terrorists' escapes from justice; brutally re-victimized the families whose lives the islamofascist terrorist beasts had destroyed; treacherously threatened criminal prosecutions of CIA officials patriots for doing what's necessary and effective to protect the U.S. from further deadly terrorist attacks; asshattedly appointed a racist attorney general whose law firm represents captured terrorists; subversively hired a pro-jihadist with links to murderous PLO terrorists as homeland "security" advisor, and a supporter of Hezbollah "freedom fighters" as developer of homeland "security" policy; malfeasantly invited an al-Qaeda apologist to participate in at least one of the Demofascist misleader-in-chief's official conference calls; perfidiously ensconced a terrorist sympathizing crony of the apologizer-in-chief's puppet master George Soro$ as top-level policy advisor a mole in our Pentagon; treasonously nominated an employee of Communist China with ties to Osama bin Laden's family and a very seditious and anti-democratic attitude to head the National "Intelligence" Council; never once declared that this World War must end in nothing less than an absolute "victory" or "win" for our side (i.e., the side of democracy) in which we have forced our islamofascist enemy to unconditional surrender or to total destruction and forever eliminated him and his state sponsors as a potential source of terrorism and will permit no vestige of islamofascism to remain; falsely declared our nation to be "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world"; been directly responsible for the deaths of 151 Members of the U.S. Military and serious injury and trauma to other Soldiers by failing to provide the unequivocal, effective support they need to win for us all a total victory over the fascist muslim terrorist dictators(birm), and for the deaths of an even larger number of innocent civilians by emboldening those terrorists through constant shows of unprecedented weakness; miserably failed to make sure all cargo containers are screened for weapons of mass destruction by 2012; deliberately given Communist China's brutal dictatorship pass after pass after pass on its abysmal human rights record but apologetically "remained mindful of both domestic and international scrutiny of the United States' record"; appeasingly made Venezuelan Marxist thugster-in-chief Hugo Chavez the new "amigo" of American Kenyan-born Marxist thugster-in-chief B. Hussein Øfascist; intolerantly installed a virulent hate-filled anti-Catholic militant demonizer as Former SenatorJr. Øbower's faith-based flaming-bigotry advisor; permittedly appointed or nominated lobbyists, tax cheats, more lobbyists, and at least one extreme supporter of transnationalism "harmonizing our national approach with those of other countries" to help the dictator-in-chief more crookedly run his maladministration; unethically employed alleged journalists to propagandize for the Democorrupt maladministration on the taxpayers' dime; strong-armly threatened to deploy the rest of the White House's so-called press corps as Gestapo stormtroopers against law-abiding citizens whom B. Himmler Øfascist had targeted for assault; tyrannically debilitated all the world's markets by encumbering them with not only the single largest but most hasty, inefficient, ill-considered, and still unaccountable government-spending increase in human history; blatantly lied about the spendulus scam-you'll-us™ monies being spent on "read-my-lips no new earmarks or special interest items" but only on "shovel-ready projects" that "save or create jobs"; unconstitutionally banned the free speech of anyone speaking negatively about the Demoliarats' scamulus porkage; secretly spied on all Americans' medical records; welshedly approved massive earmark-laden bills; untransparently signed bills into law so no American would be allowed at least five days to read them online first; megalomaniacally established more unaccountable, overpaid, corrupt, dictatorial czarships than Imperial Russia had in its entire history; oath-breakingly proclaimed that illegally crossing our borders isn't a crime anymore no matter how much U.S. law says it is; brazenly attempted to turn violent illegal-alien felons loose on America's streets so, yes, they can murder, rape, rob, and otherwise imperil the domestic tranquility of more of us; unlawfully fired (at his wife's behest) an inspector general investigating merely a portion of the rampant illegalities perpetrated by B. Hussein Øfascist's corrupt maladministration before he sacked or leashed two more also hot on his and his fellow alleged criminals' trails; obstructively ordered his corrupt "justice" department to drop very serious voter-intimidation charges against three of his gangland thugs; nominated a sexist racist to the Supreme Court; tremendously damaged our trade relations with Mexico and Canada; illicitly ordered taxpayer-funded marriage benefits be spent on any person who calls his/her enjoyment of another's genitals matching his/her own a "marriage"; cruelly created tent-shantytown "Obamavilles"; monstrously terrorized the people of New York City; single-handedly created a new "Austrian language" for German-speaking Austrians; revisionistly claimed "the nation that invented the automobile" is the U.S., while the nations that made the automobiles driven by 90 percent of Pinheadent Øfascist's goons on his Auto Task Force are former WWII Axis of Fascism powers Germany, Italy, and Japan et al.; inhumanely executed one of the many innocent flies understandably buzzing around his s***-for-"brains"; epicly failed to prevent the deadly spread of swine flu from Mexico and the latest contaminations of our food supplies; usurpingly designed to give "our" government fascist totalitarian dictatorship not only a complete monopoly on "charity" but power to literally enslave "all able young people" in its invariable pursuit of reducing every citizen subject of the United States under absolute despotism; illegally commandeered the national census in a bald-faced attempt to effect the ACORN lawyer-n-cheat and his Demøfascist Party Politburo cronies' long-term lock on political power; fascistly decreed that an overwhelming majority of Americans are all "potential domestic terrorists"; complicitly contributed to the mass slaughter of unborn babies for profit in foreign countries; heartlessly denied poor minority children the same access to a good education that the Demosnøbic fascist-in-chief's own children enjoy; viciously maligned middle-school children; savagely mocked Special Olympics children; and callously lived, dressed, and dined in kingly splendor despite the recession, skyrocketing unemployment, staggering numbers of foreclosures, businesses closing at record pace, the Bigspender-in-Chief demanding "all of us you are going to have to Make Some Sacrifices™ & Use Energy More Wisely™," and the thousands upon thousands of other miseries he and his Demopulent Party® have spread around.

That's some "Change!!2`!!!11!Qq1!®."

In all of this, B. Hooverian Øfascist has undermined the integrity of his alleged office, has brought disrepute on the presidency, has betrayed his avowed trust as "president," and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. He and every person appointed by him in his fascist totalitarian maladministration — all disloyal to the people of, and traitors to, the United States — deserve to be immediately removed from office and forever disqualified to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.

His fellow Dictatorat Party Politburo misleaders tyrannically presiding over an al-Qongress exclusively of themselves, by themselves, and for themselves — all abusing repeatedly the powers we have vested in it and injuriously usurping those reserved to our states and ourselves — have earned the irrevocable loss of their despotic control of that branch of government too.

A loss to be handed to each of them at the American people's earliest convenience.

Out of enduring love for all the freedoms we have every right to enjoy comes that clear duty.

In the meantime, every Republican Party candidate for House and Senate, if they're to have any hope of earning back their majorities, must pledge just as solemnly to repeal the unspent bulk of Baracrook Hugesocialism Øfascist's spendulus porkage and undo as much as possible the rest of the intentional assaults to our freedoms and damage to our national, economic, and personal securities which the dangerously irresponsible and out-of-touch Democontrolfreaks' tyrannical dictatorship has, in a long train of abuses of power starting the moment they seized our Congress two and a half years ago, insufferably inflicted on us.

That's the change we really need.

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'To Kennedy's Teacher-'


(A note from Der Øbameinführer)


lease excuse Kennedy's absence...she's being indoctrinated by with me.

"s/ Blahblah Øfascist


"P.S. I am hereby granting her a field promotion to Røttenführer in the Øbamajunge, so if you question her about playing hooky there will be...consequences. In fact, basking in my presence is henceforth declared an unquestionable exception under all state truancy laws. It is more in the public interest that every student be devoted to studying and adoring me than be seated in some classroom reading lies about how 'great' this awful imperialistic racist country allegedly is. To that end, I order you to require each of your students to write every other country on earth a letter that fully apologizes for all the bad things we've done to them over the last 200+ years. (If you need any ideas for what they should include in their letters, just get copies of my latest overseas speeches.)

"P.P.S. If you fail to comply in any way with this note, I will be forced to bail out take over your school, fire its principal, and monitor and/or place you under arrest for engaging in possible rightwing extremist activities.

"Have a nice day."

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Unemployment getting worse and worse; everyone's taxes going up and up; budget deficits, national debt, oil prices rising higher and higher; muslim terrorist enemies growing stronger and stronger; world hating us more and more; economy sinking further and further; car dealerships closing and closing; Democrook Party misleaders lying and lying; fascist government tyranny expanding and expanding;....


on't have to hope Former SenatorJr. Øfumbler fails. He already has. Miserably Epicly.

Worst. "President." Ever.

And that's an understatement.

It's like saying the third-grade dropout who once told his mommy he wants to be a "kly-me-tall-just" is the worst scientist ever.

Except the third-grade dropout has a better chance of producing a valid college diploma to prove he's a Ph.D., than B. Hooverian Øfascist has of ever producing an original birth certificate to prove he's a natural born citizen.

Worst. Fascist. Ever. to physically set foot in the Oval Office, then.

And that's because — although they're definitely there now in spirit — neither Hitler nor Mussolini ever got around to taking the White House tour.

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Obama Spreads More Blight, Terrrorists Read Their 'Rights'


America's dreadful, long night continues...


low up our embassies and we'll... arrest you! Oooo.

Indiscriminately slaughter thousands of Americans and we'll... award you special rights! Yaaaaay.

You, Mr. Terrorist Overseas Contingency Operatee, have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, Mr. Fascist Butcher of Women and Children Man-Caused Disasterist, can and will be used against you on the battlefield in a court of law. You, Mr. Death-Wishing Seeker of 72 Virgins Defendant, have the right to surrender or die speak to an attorney, and to have an intelligence agent attorney present during any interrogation questioning. If you, Mr. Mortal Enemy of America Alleged Criminal, cannot afford a war propagandist lawyer, one will be provided for you at government [our safety and security's] expense.

Former Junior-Senator Øfascist has just made the job of every islamofascist terrorist enemy of the United States — i.e., the one of annihilating every citizen of the United States — much, much, much, much easier.

What were you fifty-'tarders thinking feeling when you elected this dangerously incompetent, lying, terrorist aiding-and-comforting, anti-America, Soro$-puppet freak?

“The problem is you take that guy at three in the morning off of a compound right outside of Kabul where he’s building bomb materials to kill US soldiers, and read him his rights by four, and the Red Cross is saying take the lawyer — you have now created quite a confusion amongst the FBI, the CIA and the United States military. And confusion is the last thing you want in a combat zone.”
– Mike Rogers    
former FBI special agent and
U.S. Army officer  

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Obama Lied, Jobs Died Anyway


And then some...

Thanks, 52'ers Fifty'Tarders. (Fox & Friends)

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'Health' Pare


Only the healthy get good care. All others don't because, if they did, it'd be "too costly" or "an inefficient use of very limited resources."


yramid schemes work only so long as the schemers keep finding a new batch of willing suckers whom, yes, they can suck dry to pay off the last batch — after they skim a large portion off the top, of course.

The schemers we call elected officials Democrooks have seen how well and how long that's worked for them with Social(ized) Security® and the money and power that, yes, they can skim from it. So no one should be surprised they're trying extremely hard to set up another — which this time they're calling Socialized Medicine "Universal Healthcare®."

In this case "Universal," like its namesake, means so big and mysterious no one can really understand it, other than to know it's mostly vacuum and full of dark matter and contains many black holes from which nothing — not even light &mdash can escape before being totally gobbled up and crushed. Except that the crushees are mainly your taxed dollars and your right to choose your own doctors, medical treatment, etc.

So far, so bad.

It's worse when you consider these schemers' "reform" plan would literally take one-sixth of "our" nation's already sagging economy and, like GM ØM, place it under Doctor B. Frankenstein Øfascist's dangerously shaking, incompetent hand and his blunt, rusty scalpel and jarloads of ravenous leeches. There aren't enough sutures in the world universe to stem the constant bleeding our economic wealth and our personal health would be literally forced to endure under his "care."

Now if you're so healthy you never need any of this Socialized Medicine Universal Healthcare®, you'll have very little to worry about. Starting with the money, if any, left in your wallet after Demøfascists impose this latest scheme of theirs on you and your family.


Well, that Living Thing™ is so overrated. Plus the pyramid schemers Demobandits would rather you drop dead anyway in order to "save costs."

After all, the more they have to spend on you, the less Hope™ they have of taking enough skim off the top to expand those already extensive powers of, by, and for themselves.

You should really think of someone else for a Change®, you know.

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Nation of 'Men'


Specifically, "men" who are fascist totalitarian bastards.


aws mean nothing. Power is everything.

The next two-bit tyrant who roughly jams his hand in your pocket so, yes, he can take whatever's in it will have this precedent sanction to do so from "our" courts of now partial equity and disestablished justice:

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Chrysler could go ahead and transfer its Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge brands to a new company stripped of most of its debt. The company would be owned by the U.S. and Canadian governments and [appropriately enough] Fiat.

Indiana, with [state-employee retirement and other public] funds holding $42.5 million of $6.9 billion in Chrysler secured loans, failed to persuade the bankruptcy judge that the car maker's spinoff plan is illegal on several grounds....

[Indiana Treasurer Richard] Mourdock said he decided to oppose the bailout plan because it illegally reduces the value of investments he oversees and violates a longstanding practice in bankruptcy that favors bondholders in the legal pecking order. He said the White House action would make the bond market unstable.

All the tyrant need produce to set aside any attempt to hold him accountable for perpetrating such taking theft is an "oath of office."

Where in "our" federal constitution did we grant any executive or judicial officer the power to wholly, arbitrarily, and capriciously circumvent or misuse accustomed bankruptcy law or the Congress to, effectively, outright acquire and control — not merely regulate — large portions of the people's private commerce?

The new same old Øfascist "Nation" slogan: Shrinking the ground of public confidence in "your" government — one robbery injustice at a time.™

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Domestic Terrorist-in-Chief


he so-called "Commander-in-Chief" issued no statement of sympathy or support whatsoever for our Troops and their families murdered or otherwise harmed by his fellow cold-blooded islamofascist in Arkansas, unlike he did for the family of one of his fellow cold-blooded mass-infanticide enablers murdered by a postnatal abortionist in Kansas. No shock and outrage when his radical extremist brethren slaughters innocent human beings.

But what else should anyone expect from an "experiencer of islam on three continents" — i.e. (in reverse order), North America, Indonesia, and his continent of birth Africawho "has raised the hopes of muslims all over the world"?

Teh Religion of Pieces of Sh— er...I mean "Peace"™ adds to its Great Achievements® another cowardly attack targeting unarmed American citizens. Teh Øn[c]e™'s response: total silence.

"Oh, but you can't lump all 'experiencers of islam' into one category like that! They're not all murderers or condoners of murder."

Oh, but I can when the illogical loony left(birm) would be lumping all Christians or Jews into that same domestic-terrorist category were the percentage of Christians or Jews murdering or condoning the murder of American citizens "for what their nation has done to Christians (or Jews)" even a tenth of the percentage of muslims murdering or condoning the murder of American citizens "for what their nation has done to muslims."

There's shock and outrage from the øbamofascist Whine House after a non-muslim cold-bloodedly kills. Not any after a muslim does.

As our nation's allegedly highest official, either you're loudly denouncing these muslim domestic terrorists or you're with them.

There's no third door.

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You want the obamofascist-in-chief running health care like he has GM?


B. Hooverian Øfascist, in Screecher Peloseri's words, is "oblivious, in denial, dangerous,... an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader. He's a person who has no judgment, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon.... The emperor has no clothes. When are people going to face the reality? Pull this curtain back.... His activities, his decisions, the results of his actions are what undermines his leadership, not my statement. My statements are just a statement of fact."


olitical hacks in the Øfascist regime have, in mere months, turned a once thriving private industry capable of recovering on it own, into a miserably failing bankrupted mess left with absolutely no hope.

Who in his right mind would even consider letting those hacks take over and do the same thing to our health care industry?

Given the Øfascist Democrook Party's miserable record, their bankrupting that private industry too while they destroy the quality and quantity of services it provides is not only inevitable but bound to egregiously harm every American man, woman, and child.

So when Øbureaucrats tell you your mother has to die because giving her any life-saving medicines and treatment is "too costly," or you have to wait five years for your next mammogram because it's a "change we need," or you're going to see your job's health benefits taxed exorbitantly because "we're out of money," or your child must be injected with a rushed-approved dangerous cocktail of experimental drugs because some well connected, bailed out Big Pharmaceutical company is due a payback for its huge contributions to Former Senator Øfascist's reelection campaign, or you have to pay ever and ever higher medical bills and insurance premiums because "Present" Øfascist made it much, much easier for his fellow lawyers to sue doctors and hospitals for even the most frivolous "causes," just try to take comfort in the fact that he's spreading all this misery around to everybody.

GM Health "Care"®. Coming soon to a fascist totalitarian state near you.™

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