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Sure-fire way to lose any war:


Micromanagers of Defense Naggy Pigloseri, Scarry Screed, Ticked Turbin, et al-liberals


sama bin Laden's a very happy camper cave dweller today. Even more than he's usually been since the First al-Qongress™ began its first surrender session early last January.

Imposing command-related conditions on our country's

We the People
"Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called [by Congress] into the actual Service of the United States" — a title and power vested alone in the President of the United States by our constitution We the People — is totally outside the scope of even the first and hopefully last al-Qongress's self-assumedly absolute dictatorial powers.

As it was for all prior Congresses, this Qongress's power of the purse extends no further than to providing or denying funds that our President requests and requires to fully prosecute a war the Congress itself has fully authorized. Congress may outright revoke or amend this authorization it gave him to engage, using any or all our Armed Forces solely under his command, the murderous enemy of every American in that war, so long as its revocation or amendment doesn't encroach in any way on his constitutionally vested powers to manage, direct, and control the battlefield application of our Armed Forces, including the time, size, and manner of their movements.

Of course all this is meaningless to so-called representatives of the people who either don't know or don't care what our constitution says, especially given how much such knowledge or concern would, even with a D-MainTeam media that looks out for no one besides themselves, otherwise thwart their personal, completely selfish plans for ultimate political gain and power.

There is, however, another alternative which the Pigloseri/Screed "New al-Qongress in Town" 2007 SFN) has power to impose on our president and us if its aim is to now end a war that one of our real Congresses authorized. A cleaner, much more forthright approach, even. It can pass unconditional Articles of Surrender and Complete and Immediate Capitulation.

Then there'd be no question at all that the war for us is totally over.

An additional bonus from it would be that Osama bin Laden most likely would finally die — from the overwhelming strain brought on by a severe case of unbridled happiness. (Unfortunately, Naggy Pigloseri would probably prevent even this small consolation by calling for him to "calm down.")

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More Rove Memos


Pwezudint Qlinton (D-HO) can call for the unprecedentedly summary resignations of all United States Attorneys solely for political reasons. President Bush (R-TX), for some strange reason, cannot call for the resignation of even one.


f course, there are reasons why the current president can't. If this was Sesame Street, rather than Pennsylvania Avenue, it would be strange that every day the Today's Letter® picked out for special attention and recitative emphasis is invariably the same: The Letter R.

Fortunately for the American people's right to know Things That Are Blatantly Obvious™, the "news" media has felt content not to merely scrape past the tip of what it has labeled a mammoth iceberg, but to plunge full-speed ahead straight into it, in order to get to the bottom of the frigid depths surrounding it and to uncover for the dwindling number of souls still aboard their subscribers lists that cold, hard fact that high political appointments are all highly political.

Not coincidentally, many so-called news organizations are publishing all the personal memos, emails, and other correspondences of their arch nemesis, that Enemy of the People for the American Way, Karl "Evil" Rove, which they've been able to beg buy, "borrow," or steal regarding this matter. So as to not let any escape their ever unbiased brand of scrutiny, I'm posting here several I inexplicably found in the spam folder of my gmail:

To: H.M.
From: K.R.
Re: C.Y.A.

Just to let you know I've seen your plan to have the AG call for the resignation of all USAs. Please be advised that such an action, although not unprecedented (see attachment), would not be the best course, as several of the USAs are good friends of mine and, I remind you, the president's.

Keep me informed of the status of your plan, including any changes you may wish to make in view of my response.

("Janet Reno Prostituted Law to Desires of Politicians," Human Events, Mar 12, 2001.)

In 1993, shortly after she was installed as attorney general, Janet Reno sent an unmistakable signal that her Justice Department would primarily serve the political ends of Bill Clinton rather than the ends of justice. At once, she fired all 93 of the country's United States attorneys. According to no less an authority than Ted Olson, President George Bush's chief postelection attorney, Reno's move was extreme and unprecedented. "In order to maintain continuity in thousands of pending prosecutions, and as a statement to the public that elections do not influence routine law enforcement, the nation's top prosecutors are traditionally replaced only after their successors have been located, appointed, and confirmed by the Senate. On instructions from the White House (she claimed it was a 'joint' decision; no one believes that), Reno ordered all 93 to leave in ten days. There could not have been a clearer signal that the Clinton campaign war room had taken over law enforcement in America."

The firings were only the beginning. Throughout Clinton's two terms, the Clinton-Reno Justice Department, instead of dispassionately enforcing the law, waged war against the administration's political and legal enemies.

To: G.W.B.
From: K.R.
Re: More targets identified

Mr. P., I've looked into the matter more thoroughly over the weekend and found there may be one or two additional slots opening up for the names you gave me Friday. This would follow the normal resignation and appointment procedure established by the last admin, except we won't be getting rid of everybody.

Hope to hear soon about your latest hunting trip. I'm sure PETA would too. LOL

To: AG A.G.
From: K.R.
Re: You ain't Reno

Regarding our last conversation, you may want to read this 1997 article by Tim Graham if you haven't already.


"Reno Puff Pieces a Marked Contrast from Partisan Press Attacks on Republican Attorneys General"

That subtitle says it all.

To: V.R.W.C.
From: K.R.
Re: Next meeting's agenda

All you leaders need to make sure that we've selected the right ones to appoint for the USA slots that are going to be opening up. This president, like the last one, prefers to have people he's totally able to work with in every respect.

I like the names you've all submitted so far. Rest assured I'll discuss each of them with the president before our meeting.

BTW, we won't have use of the mind-control machine this week because I'm having its firmware upgraded. If we need to, we can get a temp replacement from Halliburton.

To: H.M.
From: K.R.
Re: Changes approved

I understand you don't like the ties the USA you mentioned wears. O.K., that's a good enough reason as any to ask him to resign, so long as the president approves.

Just remember that the president likes my ties very much, in case you're inclined to bring anything up along those lines next time you see him.

To: J.McC.
From: K.R.
Re: A grander Grand Canyon State

The president is going to appoint the person he mentioned to you last Wednesday. He agrees with you. The American people should have in there someone who will aggressively go after fraudulent voters and fully prosecute them.

As soon as we find out ourselves, will inform you about when the president plans to make the announcement.

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