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End Game and Played-Out Liberals


"The arrogant elites (Demøcrooks) whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed (overworked, overtaxed, real Americans) prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them."


harles Krauthammer once again knocks it out of the park: The Last Refuge of the Liberal.

Liberals, by way of their desperate measures to completely crush and control us, are displaying most fully their same, ever regressive, innate ugliness.

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Jobs Destroyed or Lost


How's this for "lives touched"?

The first story of the day comes from the Fort Worth Star Telegram in Texas, where a health insurer called Health Markets has laid off 70 workers and expects up to 180 more as it braces for the costs of Obamacare and other government mandates....

The second story of the day comes from the Worcester Telegram in Massachusetts, where a local hospital will slash about 50 full-time jobs.


hat's worse, that and much more are all intentional.

Soon the only "jobs" out there will be in Civil "Service."

Everyone entirely dependent on Big Government™ for everything.

That's how we're being controlled.

The worst part is we're the ones who put those power-hungry controllers (Ds-USSA) in such high positions to control us.

Mercifully for us, the Lord Almighty created something each of us most needs to put an end to their despotic regime once and for all.

It's called "November."

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Obama Ashamed of Being A Muslim


Can you say "Taqiyya"? He thought you couldn't.

[His middle] name "Hussein" doesn't just sound Muslim, says [author and Boston talk-radio personality Chuck] Morse. It is "reserved exclusively for Muslims." In addition, Islamic law upholds that children born to a Muslim father are automatically Muslim, says Morse. The president's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was Muslim. Obama's school records indicate that in Indonesia he enrolled as a Muslim in Catholic and Muslim schools, and in his autobiography, he acknowledged studying the Quran in Indonesia.

Morse also refuses to overlook recent insights, noting: Israel Today quoting Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Ghefit stating on Nile TV that "the American president told me in confidence that he is a Muslim"....


oreover, islam declares it extremely sacrilegious for any Christian or other non-mulsim to wear the turban while in a muslim community or country.

“Christians should not resemble Muslims in anything, such as their dress, tiaras, turbans or shoes or parting of the hair.”
– Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
(Ibn Timiyya, Vol. 28, and Ibn Hazm, Vol. 4)
Muslims claim that Umar was the most just Caliph. The title, "just", is his famous attribute. He was the second Caliph and the father of Hafasa, Muhammad's wife. He was also one of the greatest companions of Muhammad who was responsible for enacting legislation because he received it directly from Muhammad. Muhammad himself used to say, "Take as examples those who come after me — Abu Bakr and Umar" (Ibn Timiyya Vol. 28, p. 651 as well as other sources).

Which is why we have photographs of a smiling, official turban-wearing amEar al-Umarack Hussein Øbamuslim happily cavorting with fellow muslims in Lieb Vaterland, instead of any showing him beaten to a bloody pulp in accordance with official islamic code for attempting to unauthorizedly don one.

Muslim Obama as muslim 2 Obama the muslim


Worse, like other muslim dictators who threaten America, Sheikh BARAck kcARAB Hussein Øfascist supports terrorists.

Yes, he does.

Like other muslim tyrants who threaten America, Bohammed Hussein Øbribeya promotes criminal organizations.

Yes, he does.

Like other muslim despots who threaten America, Baracist Hussein Øfanatic adheres to anti-America religious extremists and bitterly clings to them as "close confidants" and "spiritual advisers" and to all the hate they spew.

Yes, he does.

Like other muslim strong"men" who threaten America, Earmam bin Hussein Øbigot defends building a giant victory mosque at Ground Zero.

Yes, he does.

Like other muslim totalitarians who threaten America, Baraja Hussein Øppeaser bows to muslim kings —

Oh, yes, he does —
and accepts huge jihadist medals from them.

Yes, he does.

Like other muslim militants who threaten America, Sultan Baraq Hussein Øblasphemer shows much more respect for his Church of the Holey Golfcourse® than for any true Christain churches.

Yes, he does.

So, yes, we can see why a vast majority of Americans say that Earmam B. Hussein Øbamohammed isn't really a Christian or, indeed, is actually a muslim.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

But, no, the Sunday Gølfer-in-Chief still can't admit to the American people that he's a muslim.

No, he can't.

Why is Earmam Baracrook Hussein Øfascist ashamed of being part of a "religion" so tolerant, diverse, moderate, and progressive that it commands its most prominent practitioners to stone adulterers, hang homosexuals, subjugate women, criminalize other faiths, behead "infidels" and "kafirs," and literally murder free speech, and breeds a vast majority of the world's most dangerous terrorists?

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Democrats' 'Starving the Poor to Feed the Rich' Act


Enabling their evil fatcat union cronies to live off stolen Food Stamp funds.

Madison — The U.S. House on Tuesday passed and President Barack Obama signed Demøcrook Regime rammed down the American people's throats a bill that will provide states with $26 billion for teachers the Regime's fatcat union buddies and health care programs, helping ease Wisconsin's budget deficit and allowing school districts here to hire an estimated 3,000 teachers well-off union members....

Democrats said it was essential to help the needy (by cutting their Food Stamp benefits?!) and protect schools their rich Big Union special interests that have had to lay off teachers Demøcrook voters because of the recession Øbungler's lingering "Great" Depression. But Republicans called the bill a giveaway to teachers' unions and an example of wasteful spending that voters will punish the Democrats for in this fall's elections (from their lips to our infinitely just and merciful Lord's Ears).

The legislation was approved mainly along party lines by a vote of 247-161. Wisconsin's delegation split along party affiliation.

The aid for the states Demøcrooks' bribed Big Union lobbyists and special interests is to be paid for mostly by closing a tax loophole used by multinational corporations (but not the ones used by Øbribeya's boss George $oros) and by reducing food stamp benefits for the poor.


ope! Change!

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Reagan Always Knew Whose A** to Kick


No. 1 kickees being a**hole freak liberal tax-and-spenders(birm):

(reaganfoundation.org via The Great One)

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Change Congress Needs


Twelve steps to the Biggest. Win. Ever. for the American people.


Cut federal spending at least a tenth every year until the budget is balanced.

 2. Repeal the economy-killing Financial Takeover.

 3. Repeal the exorbitantly expensive ØbustedCare.

 4. Remove all economically deadly moratoriums and restrictions on domestic oil drilling.

 5. Cancel all unspent Stimulus.

 6. Make all tax cuts permanent.

 7. Require all representatives and senators to prove* they have read a bill before they may vote in favor of it.

 8. Require that every bill be given a full hearing in open committee, with testimony from both proponents and opponents, before the house in which it originated may vote on it.

 9. Ban all closed door meetings on Capitol Hill and in the House and Senate office buildings, excepting only national-security ones that require secrecy.

10. Ban all bailouts, including previous ones, that fail to muster a two-thirds vote in each house of Congress.

11. Return all automobile manufacturers and financial institutions to the private sector where they belong.

12. Cut all representatives and senators's pay and their allowed expenditures by at least half.

* One simple test would be a series of random, multiple choices under the same question: "Which text (a, b, c, or 'all of the above' d) is in the bill?" There should be 10 questions for every 100 pages of the bill, or one for every 10 if the bill is less than 100 pages. If a representative or senator answers 90 percent of all questions correctly, that would satisfactorily prove he or she has read the bill. To prevent cheating, no two tests would contain the same series of choices, and all tests must be randomly distributed to and taken by members on the floor in full view of live C-SPAN cameras.

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Demokkkrats Hate Black People


More breaking news: Water Flows Downhill; Demokkkrats Kill Jobs; Sun Rises in East; etc.


langresswoman Nancompoop Peloseri (D-KKK) herself has been accused of committing far worse crimes than either Victim Charlie Rangel or Victim Maxine Waters has. But™ do you see Klangresswoman Peloseri (D-KKK)'s "Ethics" Panel Racist Persecution Hit Squad® investigating any of her "alleged" crimes?

Of course you don't.

That's because Klangresswoman Peloseri (D-KKK) is a racist. Can there be really any other explanation for her incredibly racist acts?

No, there can't.

What's next? Racially segregated congressional caucuses?

Maybe, once she's done, Klangresswoman Peloseri (D-KKK) and her mob of JimoCrow'rats will start installing White/Colored Drinking Fountains™ on KKKapitol Hill, too.

Wouldn't be surprised.

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