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Snow Job and the Seven Dwarfs


“We won't filibuster 'em. ...We promise.”

ohn Bolton isn't being filibustered by Dhimmicrats. The Senate's vote on his nomination has just been "temporarily indefinitely postponed." Don't look for his to be the last, either.

When will Republicans the Great Gullible Gutless Gabblers of Pusillanimousness—aka GGGGOP®—ever learn? Making a deal with Deceiverats is just asking for the proverbial ol' knife in one's back. "New era of comity and collegiality." As a helpless puppy once heard right before the liquefying whirring of the blender blades: "Indeed."

So here's to Mike DeWine, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Warner, Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chafee, and Susan Collins Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy. The Sellout Seven Dwarfs:

Whistle while you waver, weasels.
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Truth Held Hostage: Day 56


Only murder investigations take this much time.

[Jon Thogmartin, medical examiner for Pinellas and Pasco counties] acknowledges that he is probably treating Schiavo [Theresa Marie Schindler] differently than he would other autopsies.

"This is a case that as far as the pathology goes is fairly routine," he said. "But there is all this ancillary stuff and the problem is the time delay. You have a 15-year delay between the incident (when Schiavo collapsed and her brain was deprived of oxygen) and the time of death."

All those unexplained broken bones to count. All those futile searches for any permanent damage whatsoever on a heart muscle that allegedly suffered major cardiac arrest. All that figuring out how to make Robed Master George Greer not appear to be chief accomplice to judicially assisted murder. These things take time.
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Enjoy your six-tenths of one percent while you can, Degenerats


When Senator Giuliani is sworn in as Hilldabeast's successor on January 3, 2007, you won't even have that.

ilibuster, a term found nowhere in our constitution, used to mean extended debate on a particular bill, confirmation, or other item of legislative business. One Senator after another would take the floor and talk and talk and talk until everyone else got so tired of hearing about Sheets-R-Us Byrd's loyal dog Blue and other sordid irrelevancies that they'd call for a cloture vote to stop the madness. If enough Senators—three-fifths under current rules—voted in favor of cloture, the debate would end. Then all Senators could cast their votes for or against that bill, confirmation, or other business. This is what filibuster used to mean.

Now all a Senator has to do to start a filibuster is say, "I still want to debate." "I want to obstruct the legislative process and disenfranchise every Senator from voting on something I don't like." He doesn't actually have to go to the floor and do any debating. Any Messrs. Smith going to Washington would be confused about these extended debates that involve no real debating.

Personally, I'd prefer that a Senator be required to physically and audibly hold the floor in order for any debate to continue. I'd like to see Tedboat al-Qennedy and his tag-team fellow obstructers go on endlessly about how "extreme," "ill-conceived," "dangerous," "unconscionable," etc., etc., this or that judicial nomination is. It'd be a hoot to watch the timer bug on C-SPAN2 count up "3d 17:54:03" ""3d 17:54:04" "3d 17:54:05"... during Day 4 of that filibuster. More important, the American people would get to see these Desperatic Senators in action, doing what they do best: grinding all legislative business to a halt while they try hopelessly to get their way. Such images would undoubtedly stick in virtually every voter's mind the next time he or she goes to the polls.

Until the filibuster rule is changed so that Senators are required to engage in actual debate before their votes may be delayed, the best Senate leaders can do—now that Demextremists in our Senate have summarily rejected Majority Leader Frist's compromise proposal—is call for regular debate, followed immediately by an aye-or-nay vote, on whether the Senate should consent to an appeals-court nominee's appointment. If any Senator demands more debate than that (with, of course, no intent of really debating), Senator Frist should raise a point of order that debate may not be extended on judicial nominations whenever doing so would unduly prolong critical vacancies in our judicial branch of government, not to mention (which I'm about to anyway) violate the Senate's longest-ever standing tradition of never filibustering a confirmable judicial nominee. Vice President & President of the Senate Cheney, wearing his indestructable energy suit, would sustain the leader's point and rule such extended non-debating debating out of order. Then Tedboat would rise like an about-to-explode Hindenburg and demand an appeal to the entire Senate from the chair's ruling. Another Senator would move to table (kill, mmwwhhaa hahhah) Tedboat's appeal. Since that motion to table isn't subject to any filibuster, the Senate would proceed to vote on the motion immediately. Once the appeal is tabled, the chair's ruling stands. At last, our Senate may vote yes or no on all of President Bush's judicial nominees. Yaaayy!

"But, but...er, uh, ...ahg," a Dhimmirat might sputter. "Whadda 'bout preserving the rights of the minority and stuff?" To which I would answer: "They are preserved, O brain-dead one." Before 2003, never once did any Senator violate the Filibuster Exception™ to any judicial nominee who had the votes to get confirmed. Nor did any Senator ever moonbattily complain that this centuries' long exception was undoing minority rights, destroying our constitution, opening floodgates to theocracy, or any similarly extreme exaggerations. Restoring that exception to its rightful, historic place of honor and respect in our Senate will preserve the wise commitment of all Senators throughout a hundred Congresses to enable that body to perform its solemn duty of providing a strong check and balance on the constitutional process of appointing federal judges, without any divisions in that house caused by the procedural antics of a surly, power-seeking minority self-interestedly working to weaken its ability to perform such duty as fully and as timely as we the people expect. Filibuster bills and other legislative measures all you want. When it comes to giving Senators the opportunity to vote on whether they should consent to a judicial-branch appointment, we demand that our Senate's time-honored customs and traditions be upheld.

Among Dhimmoonbat droolings on this matter is the nonsense that the filibustering Donkeyrats together represent more people than the rest of our Senators, and therefore should be considered "exercising the will of the majority" whenever they obstruct the judicial nomination process. LC Elephant Man has already written a most able response to this in his comments posted at my most favorite Imperial Web log:

[T]he Republicans are using the Constitution argument and not the "will of the people" argument.

The "will of the people" gave the Republicans the majority in the House and Senate so your claim that the minority represents the "will of the people" is a stretch.

If you come back with "the population of the districts of the democrat minority outnumbers the population of the Republican districts", I'd like to see the source of that claim out of curiosity.

If it's true, then all I can say is something annoying and flippant like, "It must suck to be a democrat."and shrug. (;))

Anyway, the point is moot.

I was curious to see that source too. I've never seen any hard numbers on how many people Senate Republicans and Senate Dingobats respectively represent. It's not hard to derive, especially if you let javascript crunch the numbers for you:

So it is true—barely. By six-tenths of one percent, to be exact. Not much to crow bray about given how America's Mayor® will have no trouble succeeding the scandal-ridden, possibly jail-inhabiting Hilldabeast come next year's election, and how that alone will boost the amount of people represented by Senate Republicans all the way up to 52.7%!

Just one more mooted moonbat meme.

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'insurgents' don't do this


Terrorists do

Get it right, CNN See-Spin-Spin.
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Terri Schindler autopsy results still not released


Truth Held Hostage: Day 32

ccording to editors propaganda coordinators at the Saint Petersburg Times, "An upcoming [sic] autopsy report should provide further clarity about her condition." That is, before Terri's remains wound up mingling with copious amount of ashes from the Merry Widower's Bigamist's celebratory cigars. The St(ained) Peat Times's blind certitude that "baseless charges" have been flung should be tempered by the fact—a concept foreign to MSM editorialists, I'll grant—we've now gone a full month without any sign that Robed Master George Waste'Em Greer's colleague at the Pinellas County medical examiner's office has any intention of releasing any such report anytime soon, despite his telling the media we should see it in "several weeks":

A six-hour autopsy, including full X-rays, was performed yesterday [April 1, 2005] on the body of Terri Schiavo, but the results may not be released for several weeks, the state medical examiner for Pinellas County reported.

Of course we know that "when an autopsy is done, it will find that [Terri] died of hunger and dehydration." Will it also find, in light of those postmortem X-rays, that she did have multiple bone fractures which simply can't be explained away by "Oh, she fell down"? Will it find as well that her heart muscle didn't have any of the permanent scarring and other damage invariably present on that organ after its owner suffers cardiac arrest?

Regardless how much the St Newyorkish Times endeavors to brand itself an unwitting accomplice to judiciary-assisted murder after the fact, those who would rather rely on the truth are still waiting for an autopsy's results that, the more and more Pinellas County officials are disinclined to timely release them, stand to appear less forthcoming with it.

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Suspects caught, charged with kidnapping


Jose Inocente, a 42-year-old Hispanic man, along with his long-time girlfriend Pamela Framus, 38, both of Albuquerque, were arrested within hours of a dramatic phone call made to police by their alleged victim.

ayor Martin J. Chavez praised police for quickly apprehending the alleged kidnappers. "This shows that our city responds in a most timely manner to citizens' calls for help, especially when they're victims of such a horrendous crime," he said. Mr. Chavez attributed the police's fast action with not only saving the actual victim's life but any possible kidnappings this dangerous couple may have perpetrated on others.

Local ACLU(eless) spokesperson Batilda Mooney was less sanguine about the police's response. "I don't know the full details about this kidnapping, but isn't it funny that one of the persons charged with that crime is a member of a minority community?" she asked in a press conference at the civil rights group's branch office in Albuquerque. Ms. Mooney said the group's national headquarters would be investigating to see whether Mr. Inocente's rights had been violated in any way by police.

Meanwhile, a law-enforcement spokesperson said authorities are confident that the couple they have in custody are the two individuals described to them by the victim. Overa Eagerly of the Albuquerque police department told reporters, "Look, they were both in the (J.C.) Penny's store not three blocks from where the victim made her phone call. Both meet the description she provided us. You can see for yourself on the store's security camera how much they do."

A black-and-white videotape from that camera shows the two suspects buying socks and a waffle iron at the checkout counter. Both appear to be in their 40s. The medium-build man is roughly five foot, nine inches tall, has short black hair, is clean shaven, and has on blue jeans and a dark-colored jacket. The woman paid for the items using cash. They then proceed to walk out of the store.

Ms. Eagerly also replayed the store's outdoor security camera, which shows the same couple getting into a dark van, similar to the "paint or work van" that the victim told police was used by the suspects.

The arrest was the first major breakthrough in a kidnapping case that garnered national news coverage for nearly a week. If convicted, Mr. Inocente and Ms. Framus could each face up to life in prison under federal and state criminal laws. They are being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque awaiting appearance before a federal magistrate on the interstate kidnapping charges.

The following is an excerpt from the victim's dramatic 911 call to police, as transcribed by AP(ee):

Caller: I was kidnapped earlier this week.

911: What's your name?

Caller: Jennifer.

911: What happened?

Caller: I was kidnapped.

911: OK. And the person who did this to you. Was it a he or she?

Caller: It was an Hispanic man and a Caucasian woman. It happened in Duluth.

911: And the male that did this? Is he black, white or Native American?

Caller: Hispanic

911: About how old?

Caller: I would say in their 40s, maybe.

911: OK, how tall was he?

Caller: Oh, God, I don't know, probably my height, about five-nine.

911: What is his weight, approximately? Thin, heavy, medium build?

Caller: It was medium build, yeah.

911: What color hair did he have?

Caller: Black

911: Was it short or long?

Caller: Short

911: Have any facial hair?

Caller: No.

911: What color shirt did he have when you last saw him?

Caller: He had on a maroon jacket, and I don't know what color shirt under it.

911: What color were his pants?

Caller: Blue jeans.

911: What kind of vehicle was he driving?

Caller: It was a blue van, like a dark van.

911: Was it a conversion or minivan?

Caller: It wasn't a minivan. It was like a paint or work van.

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Berated-Birthday Greeting


Amount of oil-for-food kickbacks paid to frUNch officials to obstruct real enforcement of Security Council resolutions: €183,230,016.15. Price of new rope suitable for hanging a 200-lb former mass-murdering despot: $15.27. Reading DoggerelPundit's birthday poems to DamnSad Saddam: Priceless.

It’s been a busy year and, through the bars, you may have heard
There’s been a free election, Dude! your president’s a Kurd!

When you care enough
to send the very worst.

Read the whole sodamn-sad collection as well as some berated-gift ideas. (Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler & LC Trucido)
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