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Hitler's 'Moral' Descendants


Dehumanizing and destroying the innocent for fun and profit.


onsters and villains rely on deceit to further their self-serving aims. There are no obvious give-aways. They normally don't go around sporting horns or twirling their mustaches. Even if they did, they would by any means necessary distract you from ever noticing such.

This is not the case for the government of the state of New York. Its lawmakers and officers have ditched all disguises:

On Tuesday, coincidentally the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the New York State Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act, and it was signed into law by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The law, which is likely the most expansive abortion bill in the country, allows late-term abortion until the baby’s due date if it meets certain requirements. Not only is this kind of legal protection of late-term abortion an affront to the humanity of the unborn and the dignity of society, but New York celebrated it publicly, as if it had just won the Super Bowl.

When the bill passed, video shows the assembly chamber erupting into cheers, with politicians and audience members applauding the bill as if it were a victorious symbol of strength.

Of course, they know good and well "more black babies are aborted than born alive in New York City." Likely a feature more than a bug. But what's a little genocide between fiends?

The majority of Planned Parenthood’s facilities have been built in urban areas within walking distance of African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods. And that’s no coincidence.

Already there are too many natural-born people they find difficult to coerce and control in this country. Those are the ones who keep voting against them every election. Liberty is inextricably ingrained in such voters' DNA. Plus, more and more are on the way, so to speak.

Can't have that.

So it's declare war on these voters and their progeny. However, reducing unfit and undesirable populations isn't the final part of the solution; and in the fashion of past totalitarians, one front is never enough. No, the master racists also find it necessary to replace them with foreign-born ones predisposed to feeling no loyalty except to them. And the more they can induce to invade the former's habitat via the second, southern front they've opened, the merrier.

No matter that it may take more than one generation to accomplish their real aim. When it comes to their lust for absolute power over others, monsterous and villianous liberofascists(birm) consider patience to be the height of virtue and even morality.

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If We Save Even 593.75 Lives from Undocumented-Democrat Violence, It's Worth It


The border wall will do that in about a week.


aracrook Øbandit's save-worth measure was "even one life," on which his transportation department placed a monetary value of $9.6 million. So at the very least, a $5.7 billion border wall will have to save about six hundred lives for it to be worth it. Even less if using his EPA's value.

Given "28,000 victims [a quarter of them kids] of Chinese fentanyl smuggled across the border by Mexican drug cartels last year alone" — 80 percent of which passed through the San Diego region — in addition to other violent deaths more directly caused by undocumented Democrats, in all likelihood an effective border wall would save about 80-100 lives a day. Those of innocent American citizens and aliens alike.

After a week, the border wall will have paid for itself.

Crisis ended. That is, outside of the Democrooks' wretched hives of scum and sanctuary.

Liberofascists always demand, "We have to do something to make a difference for the children!"

Their misleaders in Congress have the chance now to do just that.

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