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Armed and Safe


What law abiding citizens can and must do when law enforcement either is unavailable or is too busy looting the nearest WalMart.

ortunately for this couple, the City of New Orleans didn't get around to unconstitutionally confiscating their only means of reliable and immediate protection:

As we pulled up in front of my apartment building, I told Debbi that we could only take a few minutes to get whatever we were going to need from the apartment. I knew that the longer the Blazer sat on Julia Street (a mere four blocks from the Morial Convention Center), the greater the chance of it either being stolen or having its gasoline siphoned out. The two of us then proceeded upstairs and began to pack frantically. I strapped the [pre-1989 Norinco] AKM across my back when I carried the first load downstairs. When I got there, I looked through the pedestrian gate that surrounds the building and I saw a group of five men circling the Blazer looking through its windows. One of them was clearly trying to read the fuel gauge.

Knowing what they were about to do, I dashed through the gate and yelled at them to get away from the vehicle. As I charged through the gate, I unslung the AKM. At first, the malice in their eyes and their threatening moves toward us could not have been more clear. It wasn't about just the Blazer anymore. Then, they each saw the rifle and, without hesitating, turned and ran. If I had been unarmed, I never would have done this, and they would have taken the only means of escape that was available to us. I watched the impulse that shot through each of them the second they saw my AKM — it was the unmistakable and immediate impulse of complete terror. They responded dramatically to the sight of that AKM. It was better than having a team of Rottweilers.

I am thankful that I had it because, minutes later, Debbi and I drove across the Greater New Orleans Bridge and on to Houston — and safety.

— From "Escape from New Orleans" by Martin K.A. Morgan, America's 1st Freedom, December 2005, p. 70.

Liberals, ever wont to take away rights from those who are entitled to them (e.g., ordinary citizens) while wishing to grant rights to those who aren't (e.g., criminals and captured terrorists), would undoubtedly say that this citizen should not have been so armed or abusive towards such obvioulsy disadvantaged at-risk carless persons, but instead have gone back inside and called 911 WalMart and asked for the police's help. Of course, had the police — who earlier had been helping themselves to WalMart's sporting goods aisle — arrived and found the man beaten and mutilated and the woman raped and strangled, liberals would be first to jump to the defense of the thieves, rapists, and murderers.

Again, thank the Lord that city officials hadn't illegally confiscated this citizen's lawful arms and thus left him utterly defenseless, as they were doing against little old ladies, rescue-boat volunteers, and other law abiding individuals. Else this story wouldn't have had such a happy ending.

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Biggest Christmas for Our Troops EVER


If anyone deserves our expressions of thanks...

hey do more for us than we could ever know, often in places we would never go even if someone paid us a hundred times as much as what they normally receive. These are not normal times, however. Although our nation is at war and our freedoms are threatened as never before, we back here in our homes remain safe and more prosperous than we should ever expect now because of what they all are doing far away from theirs. Yet they won't demand or even ask anything in return other than letting them finish the jobs they were sent to do.

If our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen can't be home for Christmas or Hanukkah, the least we could do is bring Christmas and Hanukkah as much as we can to them. Our presents, cards, and letters are cherished reminders to them of home and of the gratefulness felt by citizens whose constitution they've sworn to support and defend. Wishing to show them such gratitude is something on which all Americans are already strongly united. Showing it to them in this way would not be difficult.

Whether a filled Christmas stocking from Treats for Troops, a snack package from Hickory Farms, a phone card from VFW's Operation Uplink or Military Exchange so they can call their loved ones back home, a commissary gift certificate from the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, a magazine subscription through PRIMEDIA's Subscriptions for Soldiers, a letter via Operation Dear Abby, gifts or practical items sent by way of 4 The Troops, A Soldier's Wish List, Adopt a Platoon, and more, or a "Send Santa To The Troops" care package, there are many ways to help make Christmas or Hanukkah 2005 the biggest one ever for all our Troops overseas who are defending us, our nation, and our freedoms.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and especially to our brave defenders and their families.

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Another excellent episode of 'Why Don't They Ask Us About the War?'


Salute to Mudville Gazette's daily Dawn Patrol roundup by Mrs Greyhawk for including many such exceptionally public-serving, newsworthy items:

ne of our heroes is returning home from a very successful twelve-month deployment in Iraq. This assessment (excerpted below) from someone who is there and sees firsthand what's happening on the ground is much more useful and informative than any of the backbiting drivel the TSM currently slushes out as "news."

Excerpt of "Last night in Iraq" at A Redleg's Perspective by James B. Brown COLONEL, MILITARY POLICE COMMANDING 18th Military Police Brigade CAMP VICTORY APO AE 09342


Who ever designed the plan for the transitional government here is a genius. The employment of three elections in one year, while frenetic, has first taught the value of voting and then has allowed those who didn't previously vote to step forward and join in the process. When the first election occurred in the end of January, I had been here two months. Up to the 30th, I had seen very few women in public. On the 30th of January, I was in Najaf, Karbala, Hillah and Diwaniya and I saw thousands of excited citizens streaming to the polls to vote. Many of the voters were women. It was so exciting to see them finally have a voice in their future. The Iraqis did a great job of securing their country that day and it was the first true democratic election in Iraq. The election resulted in an Iraqi Transitional Government that had the charter of drafting a proposed Constitution for the Iraqi people. The government achieved this and the second election on 15 October was a referendum to see if the people would approve the document. Participation in the second election now included large numbers of Sunnis-many who would oppose it, but they were voting to let their voice be heard. Two days before the nationwide referendum, we conducted the referendum actually in our major detention centers at Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca where half of our detainees chose to vote on the referendum as well! The vote was observed by UN workers and went extremely well. The election throughout Iraq was more successful than the first as it included a growing number of participants. People like to be heard. They like to vote and we are seeing democracy move forward here in Iraq. The evening before the election, I stopped in a village just South of Scania near Najaf. I had the opportunity to speak with a village elder who told me with great pride about the fact that he now had a cell phone, red car and TV with satellite. He showed all off to me and told me that "without the American Army, none of this would ever have been possible, Sadam never allowed us to have these things." He was so excited about the vote the next day and he insisted that we join him for his Ramadan supper as the sun was just setting. I thanked him, but told him I had to be heading on---the reason I had stopped is that the temperature in my vehicle had been over 140 degrees for several hours and we needed a break! I also was fascinated to see his village as it looked like it came out of the pages of the Bible, the only differences being electricity, satellite dishes and cars!

The third election this year is now coming and it will be to elect the first true Iraqi Parliament-I expect that due to the trend with the past two elections that the turnout for the next one will be the highest yet. It is too costly not to vote and to risk going under represented. This is why I think the framers of this process were geniuses. They have educated the populace as to the value of participating in democracy all prior to actually electing the first government. The momentum of democracy is gathering steam and people want their voices to be heard.

More, including Colonel Brown's assessment of our foreign enemies and our media seditiously traitorous fifth columnists domestic ones.

Also more good news from another Colonel Brown — Colonel Robert Brown, Commander 1st Brigade (a Stryker brigade), 25th Infantry Division:

One of the great pieces of information we got recently is 80 percent of the al Qaeda network in the north has been devastated. And those are not our figures, those came from the last six leaders in Mosul, al Qaeda leaders that we captured; they informed us of that. We also had a letter that was captured from Abu Zaid (sp) going to Zarqawi. We recently killed Zaid (sp) and we had that letter, and it also talked about the desperate situation for the al Qaeda and the insurgents in Mosul and in the north. And then also, sources we have inside the al Qaeda network up here have also informed us of that.

No doubt you remember reading about this on the front page of the Spew Pork Rinds (the one in that parallel universe where it isn't a backstabbing, anti-America, terrorist propagandist's tool).
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Fighting for freedom's victory in this war


Since no one in the Terrorist Supporting Media bothers to ask those who matter most about the war (Sgt Hook via Ann Coulter Fan Club)…

From Sgt Hook: I received an email from a mother whose son is currently fighting in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. He and his platoon have penned a message to the American public that is a little different from the message we are getting via the MSM TSM. He asked his mom to help get this message out and she asked me. Here it is from the soldiers on the ground…


"Be my voice. I want this message heard. It is mine and my platoon's to the country. A man I know lost his legs the other night. He is in another company in our batallion. I can no longer be silent after watching the sacrifices made by Iraqis and Americans everyday. Send it to a congressman if you have to. Send it to FOX news if you have to. Let this message be heard please…

"My fellow Americans, I have a task for those with the courage and fortitude to take it. I have a message that needs not fall on deaf ears. A vision the blind need to see. I am not a political man nor one with great wisdom. I am just a soldier who finds himself helping rebuild a country that he helped liberate a couple years ago.

"I have watched on television how the American public questions why their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters are fighting and dying in a country 9000 miles away from their own soil. Take the word of a soldier, for that is all I am, that our cause is a noble one. The reason we are here is one worth fighting for. A cause that has been the most costly and sought after cause in our small span of existence on our little planet. Bought in blood and paid for by those brave enough to give the ultimate sacrifice to obtain it. A right that is given to every man, woman, and child I believe by God. I am talking of freedom.

"Freedom. One word but yet countless words could never capture it's true meaning or power. 'For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.' I read that once and it couldn't be more true. It's not the average American's fault that he or she is 'blind and deaf' to the taste of freedom. Most American's are born into their God given right so it is all they ever know. I was once one of them. I would even dare to say that it isn't surprising that they take for granted what they have had all their life. My experiences in the military however opened my eyes to the truth.

"Ironically you will find the biggest outcries of opposition to our cause from those who have had no military experience and haven't had to fight for freedom. I challenge all of those who are daring enough to question such a noble cause to come here for just a month and see it first hand. I have a feeling that many voices would be silenced.

"I watched Cindy Sheehan sit on the President's lawn and say that America isn't worth dying for. Later she corrected herself and said Iraq isn't worth dying for. She badmouthed all that her son had fought and died for. I bet he is rolling over in his grave.

"Ladies and gentleman I ask you this. What if you lived in a country that wasn't free? What if someone told you when you could have heat, electricity, and water? What if you had no sewage systems so human waste flowed into the streets? What if someone would kill you for bad-mouthing your government? What if you weren't allowed to watch TV, connect to the internet, or have cell phones unless under extreme censorship? What if you couldn't put shoes on your child's feet?

"You need not to have a great understanding of the world but rather common sense to realize that it is our duty as HUMAN BEINGS to free the oppressed. If you lived that way would you not want someone to help you????

"The Iraqi's pour into the streets to wave at us and when we liberated the cities during the war they gathered in the thousands to cheer, hug and kiss us. It was what the soldier's in WW2 experienced, yet no one questioned their cause!! Saddam was no better than Hitler! He tortured and killed thousands of innocent people. We are heroes over here, yet American's badmouth our President for having us here.

"Every police station here has a dozen or more memorials for officers that were murdered trying to ensure that their people live free. These are husbands, fathers, and sons killed every day. What if it were your country? What would your choice be? Everything we fight for is worth the blood that may be shed. The media never reports the true HEROISM I witness everyday in the Iraqi's. Yes there are bad one's here, but I assure you they are a minuscule percent. Yet they are a number big enough to cause worry in this country's future.

"I have watched brave souls give their all and lose thier lives and limbs for this cause. I will no longer stand silent and let the 'deaf and blind' be the only voice shouting. Stonewall Jackson once said, 'All that I have, all that I am is at the service of the country.' For these brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice, including your son Cindy Sheehan, I will shout till I can no longer. These men and women are heroes. Their spirit lives on in their military and they will never be forgotten. They did not die in vain but rather for a cause that is larger than all of us.

"My fellow countrymen and women, we are not overseas for our country alone but also another. We are here to spread democracy and freedom to those who KNOW the true taste of it because they fight for it everyday. You can see the desire in their eyes and I am honored to fight alongside them as an Infantryman in the 101st Airborne.

"Freedom is not free, but yet it is everyone's right to have. Ironic isn't it? That is why we are here. Though you will always have the skeptics, I know that most of our military will agree with this message. Please, at the request of this soldier spread this message to all you know. We are in Operation Iraqi Freedom and that is our goal. It is a cause that I and thousands of others stand ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice for because, Cindy Sheehan, freedom is worth dying for, no matter what country it is! And after the world is free only then can we hope to have peace."

SGT Walter J. Rausch and 1st Platoon
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)  

This is the main reason I'm working to help bring about that day when the general public holds anti-America liberals in lower regard and worse contempt than Nazis and the Klan combined. —LR
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Would haves & Iraq


Given that al'Dhimmiqrats would have every dangerously aggressive, neighbor invading, WMD using, massgrave digging, terrorist supporting dictator beat every rap:

ould Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi have abandoned his pursuit of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the long-range missiles to deliver them, or CBS News foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk have said "(Libya's move) reflects the chilling impact of the arrest of Saddam Hussein, the invasion of Iraq and Libya's ... interest in having U.S. and U.N. sanctions removed," had this not happened—


Would Axis of Evil charter member Syria have cooperated at all with a United Nations investigation of its intelligence services' involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, or have ever redeployed its troops from Lebanon and willingly abandoned its support of its puppet government there, had Spiderholeman Hussein looked like this at the time instead—


Would Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, "who scoffed at calls for (electoral) liberalization as recently as last fall," have consented during his lifetime to facing any opposition in his country's elections had this not happened last January—


Would Coalition of the Bought & Paid For members France, Germany, Russia, and the United Nations have ever owned up to their accepting bribes and kickbacks from their pal Saddam had the Oil-for-Food Program documents at the Iraqi oil ministry proving that they were, not been captured—


Would the House of Saud have made, anytime in this century, the "unprecedented concession" of holding "the first election of any kind in Saudi Arabia," had this person not shown how far better it is to face the ballot box than the defendant's box—


Would Kuwait's parliament have budged one inch to secure women's rights in that country had these women and men not walked miles to secure theirs—


Would the United States of America and the rest of the world have truly seen these increased prospects for peace and security throughout the Middle East had the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, in accordance with our nation's stated policy since 1998, not totally and verifiably disarmed and removed this—


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Republicans ARE uniters!


They got nearly all the Demoonbats to join them in supporting a bipartisan decision to keep all our troops in Iraq now.

hat's how terrorist-supporting media like Aljazeera and the New York Slimes are going to have to report last night's vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. Voting against an immediate withdrawal from Iraq were 403 members. Only 3 — Representatives McMoonbat, Rosey Roads, and Infected Pustule on the Body of American PoliticsRWNH) — voted in favor of surrendering. (Six voted "present"; 22 didn't vote.)

So their front page stories Friday all saying "Decorated Combat-Veteran Congressional Leader Calls for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq" are each in desperate need of a follow-up piece. As in "Democrat Congressman Goes It Alone in Calling for Immediate Withdrawal From Iraq."

Just don't expect such updates to appear on any page of theirs that begins with a letter lower than Z.

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Retreat when we're winning?


How stuck on stupid would that be?

rogress, to a "progressive" (meaning "liberal"), means just the opposite of what practically every dictionary says it means. Similarly, failure in a progressive's "mind" means anything but. Why else, given just the following examples of "failures" and "no progress," would liberals entirely warp their meanings whenever they talk scream about Iraq?

"No Progress":

Found: 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium in Iraq.

Found: 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons in Iraq.

Found: Roadside bomb loaded with sarin gas in Iraq.

Found: 1,000 radioactive materials in Iraq — ideal for radioactive dirty bombs.

Found: 17 chemical warheads in Iraq — some containing cyclosarin, a nerve agent five times more powerful than sarin.

From Human Events:

Contrary to ongoing reports by mainstream media outlets, WMDs have been found in Iraq, so reports New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter in his new book, Disinformation.... [The above] is only a partial list of the deadly weapons Miniter reveals in his new book, Disinformation. Miniter systematically dissects the "No-WMD Myth" (how it started, and why it continues), as well as 21 other War-on-Terror myths perpetuated by the media.


Captured: Five suspected terrorists, by Iraqi and U.S. soldiers, following a Nov. 12 mortar attack against an Iraqi army officer's home near Baqubah, Iraq.

Found and disposed of: Two weapons caches, consisting of 22 proximity fuses for artillery rounds, two mortar rounds and two crates of small-arms ammunition, by Iraqi police and Task Force Band of Brothers' soldiers on Nov. 12.

Discovered, seized and destroyed: A second cache near Hawija, consisting of 19 rockets and a shaped charge designed to penetrate armored vehicles, by U.S. soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team.

Unearthed and removed: A dozen caches in the country's north central region by Iraqi security forces and U.S. soldiers, just during the past week.

Confiscated: A weapons cache in southeastern Fallujah, containing four 106mm rounds, one 120mm mortar round, one 155mm artillery round and a bucket of primers, by Iraqi soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 4th Brigade, 1st Iraqi Intervention Force, and coalition forces on Nov. 12, with no injuries or damages reported.

Caught and detained: Two insurgents in Barwanah, by Iraqi army troops from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division, and a coalition forces' quick-reaction unit, after a brief exchange of gunfire on Nov. 12, with no injuries or damages reported.

Successfully flown: Close-air support and armed-reconnaissance sorties by coalition aircraft on Nov. 12 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, including support to coalition troops, infrastructure protection, reconstruction activities and operations to deter and disrupt terrorist activities, and support Iraqi and coalition ground forces operations to create a secure environment for ongoing Transitional National Assembly meetings.

Struck: An improvised explosive device location in the vicinity of Karabilah, by a U.S. Air Force Predator expending a Hellfire missile with successful effects.

Provided: Close-air support to coalition troops in contact with anti-Iraqi forces in the vicinities of Hawijah, Iskandariyah and Baqubah, by U.S. Navy F-14 and F/A-18s aircraft.

Successfully flown: Missions in support of operations in Iraq, by 15 U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft

Performed: A non-traditional ISR role by U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force fighter aircraft with their electro-optical and infrared sensors.

Engaged and killed: A terrorist in the process of emplacing an improvised explosive device in Samarra, by Task Force Band of Brothers soldiers on Nov. 11, after they observed the man burying the IED under a pile of trash near an intersection

Removed: Three 120mm artillery shells from the last-mentioned site, by an explosive ordnance disposal team.

Rooted out: Terrorists in the Baghdad area, by Iraqi Security Forces and coalition forces as part of Operation National Unity.

Daily successes scored: Against insurgents in the Baghdad area.

Conducted: More than 1,030 patrols by Task Force Baghdad in one 96-hour period in November

Carried out: 100 cordon-and-searches and raids by Task Force Baghdad in that same period.

Set up: More than 400 tactical checkpoints throughout the Baghdad area, by Task Force Baghdad during aggressive combat operations in that same period also.

Detained: More than 250 terror suspects, by coalition forces during combat operations Nov. 6 to 11.

Found: Seven weapons caches, by coalition forces during those same combat operations.

Discovered: 37 IEDs, by coalition forces then as well, before the IEDs could be detonated.

While our troops' commanders there in Iraq call such "no progress" and "failures" typical, a liberal here on the faculty of Warren Community College in Washington, New Jersey, writing from his cushy office chair, won't call it anything of the sort except "when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors."

Liberals have a traitorously dangerous way of defining "success."

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Which is the bigger 'recruiting tool'?


Knowing your enemy can beat you, or you can beat him?

lan B — Operation Dhimmoralize America — is what Desperats, the Dhimmistream Media, and our country's other domestic enemies have fallen back on after their Plan A (Operation BushLied! Part Deux) completely unraveled. Faced with having to hear their own "We believe Saddam Hussein is a threat too!" words thrown back in their faces, they're now resorting to yet again calling Iraq — a country whose people we helped liberate from a mass-murderous tyrannical madman who was among and supported our foreign enemies; a country that is now among our strongest allies, is conducting free and open elections for the very first time in over fifty years, has adopted a new permanent constitution, whose 15 of its 18 provinces are together safer than either Detroit or downtown Washington DC, is raising an effective force of freedom fighters against an increasingly demoralized mutual enemy (Rip & Read Blogger Podcast), and will hold its first parliamentary elections next month — a "mistake." (We should hope for such "mistakes" more often.)

So, in the middle of our fighting along the main front of this World War, Deceiverats are demanding we retreat from it right now. Not ever wishing our nation to fight and win another war because that might detract from their plans to seize political power and turn her into the Utopian Socialist States of America, the Way of the Dodocrat™ is to help give their tool-operator Osama Bin Laden exactly what he wants — whether a Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry presidency or a Second American Viet Nam.

Let's see what would happen if we follow the Democowardrats' Surrender Plan. As a recruitment tool for terrorists, it would be tremendously successful:

Terrorist Recruiter: Join us, brother, and we'll kill all the invading infidel crusaders.

Potential Terrorist Recruit: Are you nuts? They're wiping out you guys faster than I can slip my votes into the ballot box.

Terrorist Recruiter: That's before they decided to surrender and retreat. Now we have them scared and on the run. They are but dogs with their infidel tails between their cowardly legs.

Potential Terrorist Recruit: Well, when you put it that way. Where do I sign?

Terrorist Recruiter: Here, take this knife I used to decapitate the last infidel crusading dog.

Potential Terrorist Recruit: And do what with it?

Terrorist Recruiter: Slash it across your palm and drop some of your blood on this Pledge to Sheikh Bin Laden, and you're in.

Potential Terrorist Recruit: Whew! I though you were going to ask me to cut someone's head off.

Terrorist Recruiter: You won't have to do that until we send you to our training camp.

Potential Newest Terrorist Recruit: (drop drop drop) Allahu akbar!

We fall back. The terrorists move forward. Yeah, that's offering us a really good way to win this World War.

What's your Plan C, Deadenderats?

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Terrorists Attack San FagsissyCo. No One Cares.


Witness says blood in streets "ankle deep"; HIV-Mat Truck units overwhelmed.

ACRAMENTO, June 24 – What started out as a parade in downtown San Francisco turned into a horrific scene of death, destruction, and mayhem after at least twenty car bombs exploded nearly simultaneously at scattered points along its route. City officials estimate the death toll at around 2,600, but warn that figure may rise dramatically as more rubble and debris, much burying whole streets, is removed.

Sticking out from that rubble can be seen not only the remains of large floats, leather harnesses, and hundreds of sandals and beads, but several bodies as well as many parts of bodies.

Two blocks away from the still smoldering ruins of City Hall, the site of three particularly potent car bombings, San Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom established a makeshift command post to coordinate rescue and recovery efforts in his city.

"It looks like a war zone out there; and you know how much I abhor war," he said. Mr. Newsom does not expect any outside help from the National Guard or any units of the country's armed forces due to a series of "no military allowed" referenda approved last year by voters.

Also complicating the city's ability to address this overwhelming tragedy is the decimation of its police force. Approximately a third of all its officers were patrolling the parade route when the explosions occurred. By early Saturday evening, only a few dozen of those officers had reported back in to their stations. The rest remain unaccounted for, according to surviving city officials.

In addition to the initial explosions, at least three neighborhoods in the city came under attack by groups of "hooded figures" who fired machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades at both passing automobiles and people in the street or residents coming out of their homes. An area hospital reported 27 dead and wounded from one such attack before telephone communications were cut off to the city.

Eyewitnesses said the attacks on the neighborhoods appeared to be "coordinated," with some of the hooded gunmen breaking into homes and firing indiscriminately at anyone they found inside. "It was so horrible," said a woman who fled her own home after she saw six or seven gunmen breaking into her neighbor's house. "He and his wife had to turn their guns in last April, so I don't know if they were able to defend themselves or not," she added, referring to her neighbor.

On April 1, under another referendum approved last year by voters, all residents were required to turn in or destroy any handguns in their possession, or face serious charges and fines.

Another eyewitness whose automobile was damaged by a rocket-propelled grenade said he saw about two or three cars ahead of him burning in the street before his was struck. "They were massacring everyone in sight. Even anyone fleeing their cars after they'd been hit. It was a terrible tragedy. I was lucky just to get out of there alive," he said.

The mayor promoted a senior detective sergeant to acting police chief after it was determined that no higher ranking police official either had survived the initial attacks or was fit for duty because of injuries. The acting police chief reported via an emergency radio frequency that police officers had exchanged gunfire with a single group of attackers, killing three and capturing another. The identity of the captured attacker was not disclosed. It was also unknown whether any police officers were wounded or killed in that incident.

Officials in neither Sacramento nor Washington could be reached for comment about the bombings and attacks in San Francisco. A janitor at the state's Office of Diversity and Multicultural Harmony said that although it was "sad," he "just (didn't) care because it doesn't really affect any Americans."

related article
France's Nationwide State of Emergency Extended Again

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Debunking the traitors' lies (for the 37,503rd time)


Truth. Facts. Demobrats' dissembling all worn out and tired.

errorists can always count on the Traitoratic Party and its accomplices in the Traitorstream Media — aka Osama Bin Laden's PR agency and al-Qaeda's Ministry of Propaganda, respectively — to pinch hit for them whenever their mass-murderous team really needs a runner on base. Fortunately for all us loyal members of America's team, our starters and relief pitchers are sending each one who's loony enough to step into the ballot batter's box, right back to their desperate, depressed dugout. No matter what the inning, these sluggerless slugs stumble over to the plate, raise their moonbats around their pointy heads, and come away with nothing but more KKK's against them.

This is especially true when they're pinch hitting for terrorists. On the mound delivering devastating factballs to such Dhimmimi combatants now is Norman Podhoretz. His article, "Who Is Lying About Iraq?" in the December issue of Commentary, not only drives their moonbatting average further down into lower double digits — just above their collectivist IQ's — but has left terrorists no other choice than to send them all down to the minor-traitor leagues.

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Before and After





Any questions?

yria, we've lost all patience with you letting terrorists on your side of the border cross into Iraq. Just a friendly reminder that it's in your best interests to stop them yourself. Now.

Otherwise we'll have no choice but to do some more crossing of our own.

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Commander in Chief's Veterans Day Message


Supporting our troops by blasting lying anti-America DemoKKKrats (excerpted here with appreciation):

nd our debate at home must also be fair-minded. One of the hallmarks of a free society and what makes our country strong is that our political leaders can discuss their differences openly, even in times of war. When I made the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Congress approved it with strong bipartisan support. I also recognize that some of our fellow citizens and elected officials didn't support the liberation of Iraq. And that is their right, and I respect it. As President and Commander-in-Chief, I accept the responsibilities, and the criticisms, and the consequences that come with such a solemn decision.

"While it's perfectly legitimate to criticize my decision or the conduct of the war, it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began. Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people about why we went to war. These critics are fully aware that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of political pressure to change the intelligence community's judgments related to Iraq's weapons programs.

"They also know that intelligence agencies from around the world agreed with our assessment of Saddam Hussein. They know the United Nations passed more than a dozen resolutions citing his development and possession of weapons of mass destruction. And many of these critics supported my opponent during the last election, who explained his position to support the resolution in the Congress this way: 'When I vote to give the President of the United States the authority to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein, it is because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a threat, and a grave threat, to our security.' That's why more than a hundred Democrats in the House and the Senate — who had access to the same intelligence — voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power.

"The stakes in the global war on terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges. These baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America's will. As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them. Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. And our troops deserve to know that whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our nation is united, and we will settle for nothing less than victory."

The truth is that the more support our side has for winning this World War the sooner our side will do so; and only when we win it can our troops now fighting it all come home. Retreat or surrender will do nothing but prolong it and make it worse. Supporting victory, therefore, is the only way to really support our troops.

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Every culture does deserve respect...



Violence part of life for girls in French riot insurgency suburbs
Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:11 AM GMT

By Kerstin Gehmlich

SAINT DENISE, Fwance (Roto-Reuters) – With nightly scenes of rioting [muslim uprisings] beamed around the globe, the world has learned that France's bleak suburbs are enclaves of gang wars and macho rules. The girls living there have known this for years.

o have the girls living in the presidential palace. But that hasn't stopped them from declaring "we are all children of the republic," now has it? Makes you wonder whether fwench "men" treat their women any better.

Even before the riots [muslim invasion advances], Ophelia, 16, used to run home from school every day because she was afraid of being attacked in the maze of high-rise buildings in her suburb northeast of Paris.

A series of gang rapes in these bleak housing estates shocked France a few years ago. In 2002, a 17-year-old girl was set alight by an 18-year-old boy as his friends stood by.

See? It is a Religion of Peace!

Walking near a burned-out garbage bin, Ophelia's twin sister Sandra says the riots [muslim freedom fighting] came as no surprise.

Well, it did come as a total surprise to the retarded Yeti who'd been living on top of Mount Everest for the past twelve centuries. He thought he was supposed to hold the title of Most Savage Subhuman.

Violence against and pressure on women is part of daily life in the suburbs, where boys can dictate how girls should dress.

If at all. (Oops, wrong culture.)

"You have to behave like a guy and look like a guy. If you wear a skirt, you get into immediate trouble. You're a slut," says Sandra, wearing a baggy sweatshirt and jeans.

Don't fret. The hemline on burqahs next Spring will rise to just below the ankle. So you can finally trade in those sweatshirts and jeans for The New Black™.

Sandra and her sister grew up in the nearby Clichy-sous-Bois suburb, where the riots [muslim intifada] broke out after the accidental death of two teenage [muslim] boys on October 27.

The violence spread across France, with young [muslim] men venting deep anger about racism, unemployment and a bleak future.

Fwench Eskimos
Fwench Eskimos bask in the glow of their "youthful" handiwork.

What do you mean "a bleak future"? Just think, in a couple hundred years or so your culture's going to enter the Fourteenth Century. Once you get over its Black Death hump, it's nothing but up, up, up.

But not many girls have taken part, and many say they are fed up with consecutive nights of violence [growing islamonazi insurgency].

However, the first muslim girl to set another little old lady on fire will be known as the Susan B. Anthony of the Mooselimb World.

Apart from poverty, feminists say the dominance of traditional cultures among families of Arab and black African [muslim] origin, combined with the growing role of Islam[ofascism] in the suburbs, have contributed to the harsh treatment girls get there.

Now let's see if we've got this straight. A culture that essentially condones beheadings, blowing up babies, gunning down pregnant women and all her daughters, filling up mass graves, slamming jumbo jets into buildings, and promoting tyranny and terrorism, would somehow also trample over the rights of women? That can't be so. Just observe the loving, caring manner in which they treat their camels and goats (if you're into that sort of thing), and then try to tell me they don't treat their domesticated animals with kindness and respect.

Pressure is mounting for Muslim [muslim] women to wear veils.

It's a practical measure, 's all. Saves having to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions like "Aren't those bruises on your face more numerous than they were yesterday, madam?"

Forced marriages that snatch them from college and career — where they do much better than their male schoolmates — are on the rise.

Not to belittle muslim women, but a three-year-old block of moldy french cheese would do much better in any real school than that bomb-belt fodder. Not to mention passing itself off as something from which an objective observer might glean even the first hint of willingness to project any of the most basic characteristics of civilization.

The support group "Ni Putes, Ni Soumises" ("Neither Whores nor Submissives") says the number of forced marriages has risen in recent years, with roughly 70,000 girls pressured into unwanted relationships each year in France.

PETA once considered starting the same support group for all goats and camels also owned by these terrorist apprentices. That is, until its officers realized that might mean criticizing Another Culture Deserving Equal Respect™.


"There is so much violence in the suburbs because there is so much poverty here," said Ourdia Aibeche, who runs a soup kitchen in Saint Denis, a rundown suburb north of Paris where France's kings are buried.

"There is a saying: If there is no money in the house, there is war in the house," she said.

There are also, O Finalist in the Mme. Socialism Pageant, the sayings: "To each according to his needs..." and "Happiness is owning an untorched automobile." Not just that "Poverty breeds crime" one. All of which myths were thoroughly debunked 65 years ago in this country, following nearly a full decade of Democrat President Roosevelt's Great Depression®. There's a good reason no one ever refers to the latter as America's Great Crime Wave: The ever present poor are not incited by their poverty to engage in incessant criminal activity if they value civilization and are basically religious. Were they moongod worshipping heathens who clung to the Bronze Age with a vengeance, it would've been a completely different story.

Violence comes in different forms, says Sarah Oussekine, who leads the feminist Voix d'Elles-Rebelles group from a small office in a grey housing estate in Saint Denis.

"Many come to us because they have been beaten by members of their families," she said. "And there are lots of women between the age of 17 and 30 who are being forced into marriage," she said, adding her group was advising some 3,500 women a year.

Just a normal day in the lifeless Religion of Ceaseless Wifebeating (© Waning Crescent Pub., 610 ad).

Oussekine said many girls of African origin were depressed because they failed to lead a modern French life and fulfil their families' expectations at the same time.

"One day, their father comes along and says: 'Marry this man. He's a good guy. He'll treat you well'," Oussekine says.

Almost as well as his goats. Of course he'd be totally ostracized by his Equal Worth & Respect Deserving Culture (© LLL, Inc.) if he ever proposed to treat her better.

Aisha's father did so. The 22-year-old, who did not want to give her real name, ran away from her family last night because her father told her she would have to marry a distant relative or be sent to live with family in Algeria.

Let's see. Possible incest or certain sand farming. How could anyone ever consider that not much of a choice?

"I can't go back to my parents," said the soft-spoken girl.

Oussekine says the conservative government of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin should provide groups like hers with means to educate young women and offer them hope.

Villepin has said he will increase money for local support groups, after years of cutting back state funds for them.

To paraphrase another old saying: All the ills of socialism can be cured by more socialism. Is that it?

"I'm so angry," says Oussekine. "It takes a total mess (like the riots [muslim insurrection]) to make people even notice our problems."

There you have it in a nuttyshell. Instead of working hard to overcome your problems, make something useful of yourself and, in so doing, earn the respect of others, it's just simpler to keep torching all your neighbors' cars until you completely scare them into "consenting" to give you handouts.

Who's worse? The deadly cultural extortionist, or the dhimmi who cravenly rushes to pay his "protection fee"?

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Kicking A** and Taking Names (Since 1775)


Happy birthday, United States Marine Corps!

o-rah. Semper Fidelis throughout each of the Corps' 230 years and counting. Well done, Marines.

Carry on carrying out of this world our nation's enemies.

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muslim attack of France continues unabated


Excusez-moi, MSM, but there's a real invasion and quagmire going on. Maybe you ought to cover it before your favorite country burns to the ground.

France takes emergency steps to try to end unrest [intifada]
Tue Nov 8, 2005 8:14 PM GMT

By Timothy Heritage

PARIS (AL!-Reuters) - The French government imposed rarely used emergency laws on Tuesday to put riot-torn areas of the country under curfew in efforts to quell the worst unrest in decades.

After 12 days of violence by youths MUSLIMS! who have torched cars, schools and churches SYNAGOGUES! in protest against racism and unemployment, the government invoked a 1955 law on states of emergency that was used to curb unrest during Algeria's war of independence.

The decree was due to go into force at midnight (11:00 p.m. British time). It allows emergency measures to be in force for 12 days and can restrict the movement of people and vehicles in areas where local government officials known as prefects declare a curfew.

azis, whether they be Aryian or islamic, are among the many violent, racist aggressors French officials would never dare to offend; even when the former threaten massive destruction as they're marching in to fly a swastika- or crescent-spangled flag atop the Eiffel Tower. Rather than oppose such invasion, Frenchwomen like President Jacquestap ChIraq seem ever willing to welcome it.

The northern city of Amiens was the first to announce a curfew, saying unaccompanied youths MUSLIMS! would not be allowed to walk the streets of the city and neighbouring districts from midnight until 6 a.m. In coming days the curfew will start at 10 p.m.

So as long as the little islamonazi is accompanied by a big islamonazi, it's all right for both to help take over the place. At least there isn't a restriction on their screaming "Allahu akbar!" as they do it.

"The Republic faces a moment of truth," Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told the lower house of parliament.

The truth, of course, being "We're being invaded!"

"France is wounded. It cannot recognise itself in its streets and devastated areas, in these outbursts of hatred and violence which destroy and kill," he said.

Whereas it can easily recognize itself by opening any world history book and finding the date June 14, 1940.

Protests INVASION ADVANCES! receded in the Paris region on Monday night after shots were fired at police the previous night, but continued unabated in other towns in the early hours of Tuesday.

Nearly 1,200 vehicles were set ablaze during the night in violence that hit provincial cities including Strasbourg, Lille and Toulouse.

The protestors invaders decided at the last minute to spare Paris somewhat so they'd have a nice place where officials can formally surrender to them. Will make a great photo op.


More than 5,000 cars have now been set on fire during the 12 days of unrest and more than 1,500 people have been detained, some of them white youngsters ["some" in French-Arabic means "about two"] but many of them of Arab and African origin [i.e, "MUSLIMS!"; and "many" means "millions"].

Villepin said 1,500 police would be brought in to back up the 8,000 officers already deployed in areas hit by violence, widely seen as the most serious unrest since protests in 1968.

The more representatives of the government waving white flags, the better chance a muslim invader will see them and accept its unconditional surrender.

"We see these events as a warning and as an appeal," Villepin said. "A return to order is the absolute priority. The government has shown this. It will take all the steps necessary to ensure the protection of our citizens and to restore calm.

That is, a warning from the islamofascists that if France doesn't surrender immediately and unconditionally, all her non-muslim citizens will be sentenced to death — a sentence from which there is no appeal.

But once they do surrender there no doubt will be order. A new one. (How do you say "Taliban" in French-Arabic?)

The violence, which began when two youths MUSLIMS! were accidentally electrocuted fleeing police in a Paris suburb on October 27,

It's hard to flee from someone who's not chasing you. Maybe the moongod won't notice when it's handing out a dozen Sixpacks of Virgins® to each of those "martyrs":

Youths MUSLIMS!: The cowardly Infidels killed us with their strange sparky thingy, allah.

allah: Well, did you declare jihad on them and fight them before they cooked you to a crisp.

Youths MUSLIMS!: Yes we did, O just and merciful one. In fact they were so scared that the distance between us was very great — thousands of goat-lengths, even — when it happened.

allah: In that case, here ya go. Sorry about the selection, but i'm fresh out of blue-eyed blondes.

Then again, marauding bands of muslim "youths" don't need a real reason to invade, riot, rape, pillage, maim, and kill. Just a flimsy excuse.

...has undermined France's efforts to portray itself as a society based on equality for everyone.

It has also put fierce pressure on Villepin and President Jacques Chirac [to surrender more quickly].

New French Oussamastanian national motto: Shari'aty, Stupidity, Sorority.

Five cars were torched in Brussels during the night in what officials say could have been copycat attacks, but the rioting has not spread beyond France's borders [...yet].


Even so, fears of riots erupting in other countries helped push down the value of the euro, which at one point hit a two-year low against the dollar. French officials also fear investment and tourism will be hit by the violence.

How so? What greater tourist attraction could there be than daily, nationwide cheese frying riots festivals?

Villepin promised to accelerate urban renewal programmes [i.e., accelerate his gummit's complete capitulation] and vowed to help young people in poor suburbs by reducing unemployment and improving their education opportunities.

That's funny, seeing how the top muslim industries are invading, rioting, raping, pillaging, maiming, killing, and goat molesting. They're fully employed in each of those industries right now. Except the last one. But that's only because there's a dearth of Capra hircus in the country at the moment. As far as getting an education goes, most have completed their doctoral dissertations in Old Man Killing, Old Lady Burning, Police Ambushing, Molotov Cocktail Throwing, and Internet Incitement.

Chirac said the measures were needed to restore order but he faces criticism for saying little in public about the violence, in which one man has been killed.

That muslim victim's name is Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec. This true martyr of the Islamoinvasion of France™ was beaten to a pulp and left for dead by a "hooded" muslim. After his wife and family spent several excruciating days helplessly watching him lie in a coma and slowly slip away, he finally succumbed to the Religion of Break Into Pieces's much demonstrated expressions of kindness and voicing of "legitimate grievances."

"The absence of the president is remarkable in this period we're going through," said Francois Bayrou, head of a centrist party that is critical of the conservative government.

Socialist Party deputy Jean-Marc Ayrault said in parliament: "Your government, Mr. Prime Minister ... bears heavy responsibility over this outburst of passions."

That's rich. A communist blames another communist for not behaving communist enough in his country's redistribution of even more of its wealth to its most unproductive residents invaders. Either that or he's complaining there aren't enough gulags. It's hard to tell which a communist wants on any given day.

Mayors of riot-hit towns welcomed the government's tougher line [i.e., "We surrender, dammit!"]. A town east of Paris imposed its own curfew on minors MUSLIMS! on Monday evening and another to the west of the capital organised citizens' patrols to help the police [wave white flags].

But some mayors asked what another measure announced by Villepin — extended powers for them — would mean in practice.

"Every time they announce more powers for mayors, they cut the funds," complained Jean-Christophe Lagarde, mayor of the northeastern Paris suburb of Drancy.

You have the power to give the islamoterrorists invading your jurisdiction exactly what they want: your individual city's surrender. See, Mayor Dhimmi? It couldn't be simpler.

Officials in Belgium played down the violence there, although there were minor arson incidents in Sint Niklaas in the north and Liege in the east as well as in the capital.

Head. Sand. (Very little assembly required.)

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan urged Turkish immigrants MUSLIMS! living in INVADING! Europe to avoid getting caught up in riots. Influential Muslim muslim cleric Youssef al-Qaradawi called for calm and urged the French government to address the root causes [unconditionally surrender].

Yeah, those clerics are really influential at calming down the muslim insurrection and invasion. The temporary reduction of cars burned (558 just last night, "with more than 200 arrests") can only mean that the invaders are regrouping.

Nonetheless, given how long these Masters of the Waiting Game® usually have to wait to destroy the things they target, it's amazing that it took the islamofascists only a single score of years to bring to pass Aujourd'hui Beyrouth, demain la France.

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Gaul, Française, ...


What new name to give the former Cinquième République when France is no longer French?

aliphate of Oussama. Al-Sadamland. Al-Shari'andy. Al-Cheesiestia. Al-Singe Apaisezie. Al-Monkisurrenda. Al-Viet Nam.

The inhabitants need to hurry up and decide — preferably before the next curfew miserably fails — so Craig R. Stapleton can figure out what title he should put after his name. Also no telling what it's going to cost the other nations to change all their ambassadors' letterheads. On the bright side, since "France" won't exist anymore, we can finally take its permanent seat off the UN Security Council. Of course this means that one more radical muslim country will be in possession of weapons of mass destruction. So we'll have to invade and disarm it. I suggest afterwards we rename al-Paris "Bushton" and the al-Seine "The Rio Cowboy."

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Pansified Society


Top of the endangered species list with no one to protect it.

aris burns as liberals spurn
Any effective action to stop it.
Muslim aggression stems not from oppression
But seeks out any weak head to lop it.

We're at war and fighting for
The cause of peace and freedom everywhere.
Liberals feel it's better still
To just talk and talk when they hardly care.

So let's just lose so libs can snooze
Feeling our enemies will then be nice.
Then while we wait to meet our fate
Watch them our societies chop and dice.

The real aggressor will be lesser
Once he makes us all either pray or die.
Yet the first to go will be libs, you know:
Dispatched prey who'd let the predator try.
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Slurp-spit Snort of Asspills IX strikes again


No more "under God," no more personal responsibility, no more child protections allowed anywhere in their Kingdom of Libgressia.

ust who are these activist potentates, the ones in the courtroom desperately trying at every opportunity to deep-six our culture and society as we know them, as if it's the Divine Right of Judges™ to do so? Who, I dare even say, appointed them such gods/esses?

While there is at least one ray of hope on the horizon, those black-robed Neptunes are still churning up angry seas of hate-filled liberalism to further bash and sink our ship of state and her precious cargo of values, traditions, and norms. The latest chapter they've written in this Poseidon Adventure has parents in our rougher western waters struggling to keep their rights from totally capsizing, after three Captain Nemos named Reinhardt, Thomas, and Lay drove this Sex Up Our Small Kids torpedo (PDF full text) right left into their side. For a federal system of jurisprudence teeming with judges justice-marauding pirates and lawyers privateers who routinely go far out their way to conjure up the most shadowy penumbras, emanations, essences of schemes of ordered liberty, and other legalistic hocus-pocus expressly used to justify their preying on practically every cultural value and societal norm that's unfortunate enough to wander into spyglass range of their crow's nests, they couldn't bother to sift through the ample volumes of readily discoverable statutes, writings, studies, and myriad expressions in the public domain, all overwhelmingly intended to protect and promote parental rights and parents' responsibilities regarding their children's privacy and other best interests, and find anywhere in them that the government school system is at fault whenever it violates and frustrates those most fundamental of rights and responsibilities? Obviously they didn't even want to try. Instead they declared that children — without their or their parents' consent — can be sexually-awared up by any total strangers to whom a government school may alone decide to open its doors and grant such extremely personal access to our kids. "Avast ye scurvy curr, no right to privacy booty 'board here. Let's scuttle this squiffy, splice the mainbrace, and shove off. Arr!" A few more torpedoes like this fired by these judicial buccaneers and there won't be a Morning After® for any parent who cares anything about his or her children's well-being.

This is undoubtedly a fully recognized course. It follows directly the liberals' dead reckoning for what they term "an independent judiciary" — i.e., squadrons of supraconstitutional renegades who have declared their independence only from what most citizens believe is right, decent, good, moral and sensible, but who in their worldview are still deeply attached to every non-mainstream special interest group's social agenda that opposes what most citizens believe is right, decent, good, moral and sensible. This is the reason they never feel any great need to strictly consult that chart we call Our Constitution. Only when a court disallows prosecution for false reporting about police, can be counted on to go to bat for the "rights" of inhuman murderers, carjackers, and cohos while poo-pooing the rights of any minus-1 day old totally innocent infants, requests clemency on behalf of an unrepentant cold-blooded quadruple murderer, engages in blatant anti-man sexism, allows race-based "tiebreakers" in a government school's admission policy, deems monotheism a "religious orthodoxy" that justifies absolute prohibition against reciting "under God," or considers perfectly O.K. letting potential mad cows (a virtual bioweapon) freely enter our country from Qanada — just to offer a few examples — do liberals say that it is acting independently. (On a rare positive note, at least it doesn't allow "furnishing material assistance to designated terrorist organizations"...yet.) In other words, liberals do not feel a court is independent until a majority of its opinions are definitely not in The Mainstream®.

So just who's burdening us with such letters of marque against our nation of laws while attempting to turn her into one of judicial edicts? In answer I present this list of the members of Libgressia's royalty:

The Royally Pointyheaded Qourt of Her Nibsjesty
Queen “Those Bloody Wethepeople” Mary

3 appointed by
Unprecedented mistake J'laise Ceorl al-Qarter :
Schroeder, Queen Mary Murphy, Her Chief Judge Royal Lowness
Pregerson, Prince Harry
Reinhardt, Prince Stephen Roy

2 appointed by
President of the United States Ronald Wilson Reagan :
Kozinski, Sir Alex
O'Scannlain, Sir Diarmuid Fionntain

2 appointed by
President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush :
Rymer, Lady Pamela Ann
Kleinfeld, Sir Andrew Jay

13 appointed by
Unprecedented disgrace Whorin' Jiverson al-Qlinton :
Hawkins, Prince Michael Daly
Thomas, Prince Sidney Runyan
Silverman, Prince Barry G.
Graber, Princess Susan P.
McKeown, Princess M. Margaret
Wardlaw, Princess Kim McLane
Fletcher, Prince William A.
Fisher, Prince Raymond C.
Gould, Prince Ronald Murray
Paez, Prince Richard A.
Berzon, Princess Marsha S./L.
Tallman, Prince Richard C.
Rawlinson, Princess Johnnie B.

4 appointed by
President of the United States George Walker Bush :
Clifton, Sir Richard R.
Bybee, Sir Jay S.
Callahan, Lady Consuelo Maria
Bea, Sir Carlos T.

God  save  us  All.

source: The “Living” Constitution

That's just the active activist ones. There are nearly as many senior judges queen mothers and king fathers rounding out the court throne room's assemblage.

With 67% of its activist potentates appointed by a Deludedrat, it's no wonder this court is such an enemy of all our freedoms.

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Aucun n'ose appel il ‘invasion’


Militant insurgent freedom-fighting Minutemuslims struggle against illegal French occupation of Paris.

Paris gripped by serious new riots [muslim uprisings]

Marc Burleigh | Paris, France

04 November 2005 09:46

Further serious rioting [muslim freedom-fighting] broke out on the outskirts of Paris early on Friday as gangs of youths [muslims] challenged authorities' vow to crack down on urban violence [muslim insurgency] that has plagued the French capital for more than a week.

Police said about 400 cars were torched, mostly in the Paris region, while 27 buses went up in flames at a depot, although there were fewer overnight clashes between police and "troublemakers" ["muslim militants"] than on Thursday, a police spokesperson said.

To the west of Paris, the 27 buses in the Trappes depot were burnt in a fire that swept through the building at about 5am local time.

Buses, fire engines and police were again stoned in the Paris suburbs, with five police officers reported slightly injured, a police spokesperson said.

hite flags, many hastily spray-painted with large red crescents, were waved furiously at the rampaging mobslims, but to no avail. The police spokesman explained to reporters that the buses, fire engines and police all deserved to be stoned because their ankles or hubcaps were plainly visible and none had been seen accompanied by any male relatives.

As dawn [and much glass] broke, the situation was "tending to calm down", he added.

One of the worst incidents took place at Neuilly-sur-Marne, where police vans came under fire from pellet pistols, causing no injuries.

Stones, pellet pistols,.... improvised explosive devices, jumbojet-missiles, dirty bombs.... For the time being it's "no."

Neuilly-sur-Marne is in the worst-hit north-eastern suburban region of Seine-Saint-Denis, where 1 300 officers have been deployed.

Armed with assault white flags.

A fire was also started in a primary school in Stains, as police were targeted by a group of 30 to 40 people [muslims] near a synagogue.

Being there was no nearby Mediterranean Sea into which to drive the Joooooooooooo members of this synagogue, the muslitants decided to push the first one they came across into a mud puddle created by the firemen hosing down that school building.

Paris firefighters fought a blaze at a carpet warehouse in Aulnay-sous-Bois in Seine-Saint-Denis. Truck drivers told a reporter for news agency AFP that they had seen a group of youths [islamothugs] briefly enter the building beforehand.

Those intolerant, racist truck drivers. Don't they know that carpets are an offensive reminder to all muslim militants of the grossly bigoted stereotypes incessantly leveled at them by the story of Aladdin and his flying carpet, courtesy the FrUNchman Antoine Galland's Les Mille et une Nuits (One Thousand and One Nights)? The burning of such a racist warehouse constitutes a justifiable response to just one of their "legitimate grievances."

Copycat rampages

And for the first time since the troubles [muslim intifada] erupted on Thursday last week, there were sporadic signs of copycat rampages elsewhere in France.

That is, more muslim invaders doing what the first set of muslim invaders were doing.

Police said several cars in the eastern city of Dijon were set alight, while similar attacks took place in the western Seine-Maritime region and the Bouches-du-Rhone in the south of the country.

Cars are particularly egregious to a muslim invader as they remind him of his home country's innumerable failures to build even one successful automobile factory near any of the vastly rich oil deposits used to produce their fuel.

The rioting marks a direct challenge to the authority of the French government [capitulez singes], and to Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin in particular.

De Villepin on Thursday vowed before Parliament [the Surrender Committee] that authorities "will not give in" to the violence [islamist insurgency] and will make restoring order their "absolute top priority".

Total capitulation is one method of "restoring order." Just look at it this way. Under shari'a law you won't have to spend a lot of euros on buying new burkas for your mistresses, because they'll all promptly wind up getting stoned for adultery.

"I will not allow organised gangs [muslim insurgents] to make the law in the suburbs," he declared.

The clashes [muslim invasions] have gained territory virtually every night since they began, exposing what commentators have labelled a blatant failure of successive governments to address the problems of low-income, high-immigration suburbs dominated by grim public housing estates, some of them little more than ghettos where crime and gangs run rampant.

See, the islamophile commentators know it's all the gummit's fault for not surrendering itself and all its massive tax revenues to the muslim invaders right off the bat.

The riots were sparked last week by the accidental electrocution of two teenagers [islamoyouths] who had hidden in an electrical substation to escape a police identity check in the suburb at the epicentre of the troubles, Clichy-sous-Bois.

So the answer to an isolated accidental electrocution is widespread, wanton burning of every car, warehouse, school, and synagogue in sight. Maybe the United Nations ought to pass a vague, noncommittal resolution or something — but only if it chastises the French for their intolerable mistreatment of muslim invaders.

'War without mercy'

The opposition Socialist Party and many in the suburbs themselves blamed hard-line policies by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy for fanning the violence [muslim anti-occupation resistance].

If only those hardliners had instead praised the torching of synagogues (more than usual), the invaders would've limited their uprising to just a few scattered Joooooooish neighborhoods.

Sarkozy, who on Thursday said the total number of people arrested was more than 140, vowed a "war without mercy" on crime [muslim terror tactics] and rebellious youths [muslim fighters] in the suburbs just before the rampages [muslim takeovers] erupted.

The minister, leader of the conservative UMP ruling party and with ambitions of running for president in two years' time, has drawn criticism for his tough rhetoric, especially for referring to delinquents [muslim militants] as "rabble".

Yeah, fighting back is no way to respond to an outright muslim invasion. Whatever happened that time-dishonored French tradition of full-scale appeasement and surrender?

On Thursday, he claimed that recent rioting [muslim territorial expansions] "was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organised — we are looking into by whom and how".

O SAy can you see, MA, by the dawn's burning lights?

De Villepin — who cancelled a trip to Canada to tackle the crisis — said the violence [muslim attacks against their French occupiers] is "unacceptable". President Jacques Chirac on Wednesday called for calm, warning that an escalation would be "dangerous".

That's the unfighting French dispirit we all know and loathe!

The country has 751 neighbourhoods officially classed as severely disadvantaged, housing a total of five million people, about 8% of the population.

Many of France's estimated five million Muslims [sic! & bingo!] live in those suburbs. Thursday night was the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a night traditionally marked by feasts and family get-togethers.

Now also marked by the mass capture of French soil by hordes of muslim invaders.

— Sapa-AFP

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Valerie Plame: No 007


Is she the Dirtbagrats' undercover angel or their moonbat fantasy?

uting a desk-driving paper pusher at the Central Intransigence Agency who hasn't been a "covert agent" in over half a decade, if at all, is no crime under any law. To quote the "two people who drafted and negotiated the scope of the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act" — any violation of which the office of Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald was appointed to investigate:

At the threshold, the agent must truly be covert. Her status as undercover must be classified, and she must have been assigned to duty outside the United States currently or in the past five years. This requirement does not mean jetting to Berlin or Taipei for a week's work. It means permanent assignment in a foreign country. Since Plame had been living in Washington for some time when the July 2003 column was published, and was working at a desk job in Langley (a no-no for a person with a need for cover), there is a serious legal question as to whether she qualifies as "covert."

The law also requires that the disclosure be made intentionally, with the knowledge that the government is taking "affirmative measures to conceal [the agent's] relationship" to the United States. Merely knowing that [Soros-group contributor Valkyrie] Plame works for the CIA does not provide the knowledge that the government is keeping her relationship secret. In fact, just the opposite is the case. If it were known on the Washington cocktail circuit, as has been alleged, that Wilson's wife is with the agency, a possessor of that gossip would have no reason to believe that information is classified — or that "affirmative measures" were being taken to protect her cover.

This legal question could've been answered in just two seconds had Mr. Fitzgerald bothered to pull and read Ms. Plamegame's Employee Record Card (Standard Form 7-B, which shows security clearance) or other relevant employee performance file system records kept by our government. Since that would've meant an instant end to any pertinent investigation, the special counsel ignored this and other material facts. Whether he did so purposefully, perhaps so he could unduly expand his investigation to ancillary "gotcha" matters, is up to Congress' appropriate oversight committees to also investigate.

Are Desperats so desperate to bury in mud every obstacle on their crooked dirtpath to power they'll resort to all manner of prosecutorial misconduct just to reach it, thinking feeling they can still get away with such abuses? They may have been able to pull these things off ten years ago when their media accomplices were sufficiently plentiful. Now that this is no longer the case, they're left with nothing more than another fantasy.

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