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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.



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'We Will Not Bow to Them, They Will Bow to We the People!'


"On November 2nd, let's hear the sound of their behinds bouncing down the Capitol steps."


e stand on the shoulders of people who said, 'We will be free or we will not be!' That's what we're saying."


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Democrooks All Out of Ideas


Same old attacks, blame games, and refusals to take any responsibility for anything.


angerously irresponsible Demøfreaks(birm) have left America's government without a budget. A budget required by both our constitution and federal law.

Why? Because Demøcrooks are all out of ideas.

Since seizing "our" Congress over three years ago, miserably failing Demøfreaks(birm) have wrecked America's economy and killed tens of millions of Americans' jobs.

Why? Because Demøcrooks are all out of ideas.

Dangerously incompetent Demøfreaks(birm), showing little sense of perspective, much less reality, have driven up America's debt to astronomical, even unrepayable levels, and saddled each American with the bills for their out-of-control spending and unprecedented budget deficits.

Why? Because Demøcrooks are all out of ideas.

Lying, cheating Demøfreaks(birm) have punished the poor and broken every promise they made on taxes, health care, and energy, increasing their costs for every working man and woman in America as well as violating Americans' freedoms.

Why? Because Demøcrooks are all out of ideas.

Not surprisingly, during the Demøcrook CONgress (Jan. 5, 2007 - present), the unemployment rate doubled. Gas prices rose to record highs. More people are poor and on food stamps than ever before. Afghanistan "the good war" turned into Afghanist'nam the bad Quagmire.

The Demøcrook CONgress forced us to suffer the mortgage crisis, the Largest. Oil spill. Ever., as well as their bribes, backroom deals, sweetheart deals, and raw deals for the American people.

How's that for "lives touched" by these Demøcrassholes(birm) who gave literally trillions to their Demøcrony unions, ACrOokRN pals, and violent SEIthUgs and hocked our country's future to communist China's dictatorship?

The Demøcrook CONgress also rubber stamped its Øbamaster's takeover of major portions of our — now their — economy, while giving us tax cheats galore in CONgress and the Whitewash House.

Both have effectively surrendered to America's enemies and waged war against American states.

The Demøcrook CONgress, breaking its own promise of "no new deficit spending," increased government spending to record-breaking levels with no real plan to pay for any of it.

Clearly, the only jobs these extremist, backstabbing Demøfreaks(birm...bt!) really want to "Save or Create™" are their own.

But good, hardworking Americans now have a real hope to change all that.


Simple. Kick the irresponsible lying Demøcrook failures(birm) all out of office next Tuesday.

It's time to put them all out of our misery.


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NPR: muslims now a more 'protected class' than blacks


Master Vivian Schilleracist cuts her Juan Williamslave's foot off for running away from her liberacist plantation.


uanta Kinte knew or should've known that National Publikkk Racists don't tolerate their slaves expressing any thought that isn't approved by NPRacists.

As if this wasn't degrading enough, Master Vivian Schilleracist — whose ancestors may or may not have owned slaves too — says her punished slave's "feelings" are really "between him and his psychiatrist." Ouch.

But, apparently, any thoughts of his not officially authorized by fascist liberacist freakkk Dhimmicrasshøles(birm) are totally between him and his NPRacist lynchers.

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'God bless these patriots!'


Liberal League of Demøcrook Womyn Fascist Communist Anti-America Voters™ should be ashamed of itself. Although there's more chance that a rattlesnake would be for biting people, or a maggot for feeding off some fetid carcass. (M/M)

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