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Growing Perception of Desperation


Abusing our prosecutorial offices and violating our trust to exact your own political vendettas, Democrooks, is what stinks here; and it is not sitting well with us citizens.

o specific charges are presented against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay — i.e., "[E]nter[ing] into an agreement with one or more of each other or with a general purpose political committee...that one or more of them would engage in conduct that would constitute the offense of knowingly making a political contribution in violation of...Texas Election Code" is as vague and unspecific as it gets.

Jurisdiction for election law violations is held only by the home county of the accused person — i.e., Travis County is not the House Majority Leader's Fort Bend County.

Allegation is not timely — i.e., The three-year statute of limitations period relating to the vaguely-worded "offense" and unspecified "agreement" is over, regardless that the prosecutor Desperatic Fundraiser Speaker & Partisan-Vengeance Commando corruptly abused his authority in attempting to get the House Majority Leader to unduly waive his civil and constitutional rights:

THE GRAND JURY FURTHER PRESENTS that, with the advice and consent of counsel, the defendant, THOMAS DALE DELAY, did heretofore knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily waive the application of Articles 12.01 and 12.03 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to the indictment presented herein. In particular, the Grand Jury present that with the advice and consent of counsel, the defendant, THOMAS DALE DELAY, did knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily waive the requirement that an indictment for the felony offense of criminal conspiracy, the object of which is a felony other than those listed in Subdivisions (1) through (5) of Article 12.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, may be presented within three years from the date of the commission of the offense, and not afterward, insofar as such requirement pertains to the indictment presented herein,

Ronald Earle's Grand Jury Rubber Stamp fails to allege any facts that the House Majority Leader intentionally or even knowingly violated sections 253.003, .094, or .104 of the Texas Election Code — i.e., No date, place, or written or oral matter whatsoever is given to particularly describe the alleged "agreement," nor is there found, nor has the Prosecutorial Miscondutor shown, any authority indicating that "enter[ing] into an agreement" as opposed to actually "mak[ing] a political contribution" is a violation of Texas law.

In short, this is a clearly flawed indictment (PDF full text, JPG images) — i.e., It too will be thrown on the heap of other Last Desperate Gasps of the Dyingcratic Party Funeral Pyre.

Demabuserats are going to get righteously hammered (puns meant) for this as well.


Conspiracy charge is moot when what the parties are accused of agreeing to do is outright perfectly legal. As reported by the Institute on Money in State Politics:

Texas law does place some restrictions on money from sources outside of political parties. Individuals and PACs can give unlimited contributions to both candidates and political party committees. Corporations and labor unions are banned from giving to candidates but may give unlimited sums to political parties, to be used only for administrative and operational expenses and to pay for a primary election or convention held by the party. Corporations or labor unions may contribute to both candidates and political parties through a PAC.

Contributions from individuals, PACs, labor unions and corporations outweighed party contributions in 1998, making up 61 percent of the contributions that year. In 2000, party committees relied on these sources for 46 percent of their income. In 2002, the percentage crept up to 37 percent of the total contributions.


National party contributions to Texas state committees increased dramatically over the three election cycles. These committees gave just $2.3 million in 1998, $5.2 million in 2000 and $16.3 million in 2002. The Texas Democratic Party received the bulk of the 2002 contributions, taking in $11 million to the GOP's $5.2 million.

The Institute found eight trades of soft money for hard money, all between the Democratic National Committee and the Texas Democratic Party. In two trades in 1998, the DNC sent $172,500 in soft money to Texas, and the state party sent back $150,000 in hard money. In two trades in 2000, the DNC sent $150,000 of soft money and received $125,000 in hard money. And over a series of four trades in 2002, the DNC gave the state party $255,000 in soft money, and the Texas Democratic Party sent $225,000 in hard money to the DNC....


Overall, the committees spent more than $50 million in the three cycles examined by the Instiute, with over half of the spending taking place in 2002. That election cycle, the Texas Democratic Party spent $14.9 million. Its largest expenditure was for candidate support, which includes items such as campaign consultant fees, phone banks, polling and direct mail expenses.

A national or in-state political party making political contributions to candidates for the Texas House of Representatives is legal. A payment on September 13, 2002, of $190,000 from the political action committee Texans for a Republican Majority, to the Republican National State Elections Committee (RNSEC — "a nonfederal component of the Republican National Committee") is legal. A political action committee's non-binding "request, solicitation, and proposal" to a national or in-state political party suggesting how the latter spend the former's contribution is legal. A political action committee's receipt of non-concomitant contributions from Diversified Collection Services ($50,000), Sears ($25,000), Williams Companies ($25,000), Cornell Companies ($10,000), Bacardi U.S.A. ($20,000), and Questerra Corporation ($25,000), totaling $155,000, is legal.

What cannot be legal is a Travis County District Attorney abusing his public office and powers to extort money from the above corporations by holding loaded indictments against their heads unless they give millions of dollars to special-interest groups that are advancing his personal political agendas and crusades. Only a blindly vindictive liberal would say that's not clear corruption.

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Looting Fort Knox


The one in DEMtucky.

ir George Turner found himself awash in a flood of long-stagnant spillage, a toxic cesspool of sodden detritus reeking with the overwhelming stench of rawest sewage highly contaminated by e-idiotarili and sundry other bacteria, viruses, and parasites, atop which floated the sickly film created by some enormous moonbatroleum leakage which cast a fearfully solid sheen over the whole scene, stressing its utter devastation. Yet he waded through it all until he reached higher, safer ground. But not before he plucked bar after bar of pure 24-fisKarat gold from off the shelves of the many propitiously unguarded LLL-Marts there.

Well done, Sir George. Most inspiring. A masterpiece in the art of fisking which belongs in the Louvre (where the dhimmizens of *@#$%!* France *@#$%!* might see it too).

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RNC's Acquisition of DLC Approved


"It's a new day for America, the end of politics as usual." —AlFrom

ashington In an exclusive interview with LUNews, the founder and CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council discusses the reasons behind his organization's acquisition by the Republican National Committee:

LUNews: First things first: Why did the DLC allow itself to be acquired by the RNC? Did you pitch it, or did the leadership team come to you and say, "We want to be acquired by the RNC?"

AlFrom: Last summer, you know, we got HRC [Hideously Rotten al-Clinton al-Qlinton] to lead our American Dream Initiative. And, by the way, at that time we didn't get quite the reaction, certainly not from the left, which seemed rather pleased with that decision we had to get HRC to lead it. You get it from both sides.

As for how the acquisition got suggested, I suggested it after the election. The liberals, it seemed to me, had epitomized the way politics was discussed last year during the election. It was slash-and-burn, on both sides. Their side lost, rather decisively, and it seemed the right time to take a long hard look at who were these forces behind the way our political dialogue was being conducted. Liberals are the people who are shaping the tone of this dialogue in many ways, and I thought it was time to extract ourselves from them.

LUN: One of the criticisms that people have made is that the DLC has political-expediency considerations that go into who it gets to lead such initiatives, and choosing to get HRC to lead ADI reflected either a pursuit of wishy-washy voters or a desire to just get a hot potatoe to lead it, which is pretty much what the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz said. And let me read you something from Eric Alterman, and just ask you to respond: "DLC's self-extraction from/snubbing of liberals ... will make it impossible for serious people to accept what the organization says at face value ever again. It is as if DLC had contracted a political venereal disease from Rick Santorum and Tom DeLay and is now seeking to lower itself to their level in pursuit of their ideologically-obsessed constituents."

AlF: Well, this is just absurd. A few weeks ago, we got David Kendall to lead our Free Universal Health Care Is A Fundamental Human Right Initiative. I mean, is that going to be a huge sellout to conservatives? We did an initiative on tax increases that basically wants to make sure that the IRS code goes far enough in raising taxes. That was our initiative recently. I get to pick the initiatives, fortunately — I get to have that much power here — and we got HRC to lead ADI last summer, we've done, over the years, incredibly Faustian initiatives on tax increases, on both tax and spending increases, multiple times. We got HRC because she's a polarizing figure, and you know the old saying about keeping your enemies closer. I could not care less what conservatives or liberals think of DLC's initiatives, and if people like my decisions over the years — I've been a third-wayer for what seems like ten decades — and if you hate that body of work I think you'll see that I'm not trying to kiss up to conservatives. I'm trying to be one! And if you look at the DLC, even over the last month, this idea that we're kissing up to conservatives is wrong.

Plus, who are their sources for this? Did Alterman do any reporting before he made this assertion? I think a pertinent thing about Alterman is that he has said publicly that he will get engaged to HRC in a heartbeat if he could. He wants to go on television with her. So his solution to HRC is to act as though she's the only thing that exists ... I don't agree with that approach to people that we just necessarily slobber over. I think you get engaged to those people if they aren't already married, you get those people to talk about their feelings, and then you weigh those feelings. And my initiative does that. My initiative is a short leash on her.

I think maybe Eric and HRC are in the same bunch. They also, by the way, use the same language. He calls HRC a honey-woney, but he doesn't do anything in that screed against me except use sort of fancy name-calling. He says our acquisition by the RNC is a "moral, political, intellectual abomination" without making an argument about the actual substance of the acquisition. Instead, he picks up something from David Brock's Web site and reprints it on MsNBC's website. Now David Brock is a very famous lover of HRC. They still are friends, they'll be friends forevermore. He is also a serial liar. David Brock wrote a whole book saying, 'Oh, my other books? They were lies.' So I don't think David Brock has a lot of credibility on the question of HRC. And what they are doing is a smear job. That's his other history — David Brock has a history of smear jobs. And this is a smear job against me personally.

LUN: I realize you don't have a lot of faith in what the Media Matters people have been saying. But the one point about the acquisition request that seemed to upset a lot of people on the left was, "HRC has a reputation for not recalling anything, and if you Google the words 'HRC I don't recall,' you will drown in results. But I didn't find many outright HRC memory lapses." I looked at the Media Matters stuff on HRC. There were a lot of examples of what seem to me to be memory lapses. Even if you don't think highly of David Brock, how do you respond to that?

AlF: This one sentence in a 5,500-page request for acquisition has been worried over more than any other. Which is fine, I'm happy to defend it. The RNC's acquisition of us does not mean that there are no HRC memory lapses. In fact, I offer some HRC memory lapses that we haven't seen before, and I quote people like Peter Paul at some length on the problems with the more recent memory and ethical lapses of hers, which is her knowing underreporting to the FEC [Federal Elections Commission] of in-kind contributions to her 2000 senatorial campaign. David Brock, who's been ignoring stuff like this about HRC all these years, passes by an amended FEC filing that's not a year old, and leaves out all the lapses from that report, and of course there are lapses. And none of them are corrected. If you go out and you get a copy of that filing now, you will find those lapses in it, because her campaign has still not corrected them.

Now, I had a choice of, do I want to, in my request to the RNC for its acquisition of us, list every single HRC memory and ethical lapse ever made, even ones that have remained knowingly uncorrected by her campaign — which is, by the way, what almost no other politician who has ever run for office would ever even consider doing — or do I want to say something fresh and interesting about her? Do I want to be engaged to her like some do if they could or try to figure out how many ticks she has and whether this is all an act? That was what our acquisition was about. Our acquisition by the RNC was not primarily about picking apart ... all 1,000 of HRC's tax-increase proposals or the dozen or so FEC reports that she's filed during her campaign. My role in this acquisition was not to be an FEC investigator. I don't say in my request to the RNC that she's never had an ethical lapse. In fact, I point out some lapses. This is an acquisition request that calls some of her activities highly unethical. I say I want to muzzle her up occasionally. I quote a friend of hers calling her a Jew-hater and another friend of hers calling her a communist. I quote Eric Alterman, Salon, James Wolcott, Andrew Sullivan, and Saint Cindy She-ham all fawning all over her. The idea that this is a sellout is just absurd. And it's part of this left-wing attack machine that David Brock has invented for himself in his shame.

LUN: HRC has obviously done, as you well know, some pretty offensive things. There have been a lot of things on the blogs about why people are so upset. One blogger wrote...

AlF: Are these conservatives or liberals who are upset? Because both sides are very upset with this acquisition.

LUN: I've been seeing the conservatives complaining about the ADI position and the liberals complaining about the initiative itself. One thing I read on a blog that maybe gets to why this is bothering people so much is, as you know, HRC said at one point that she's "going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." And one blogger wrote, "I reserve the right to be slightly upset about the DLC putting a short leash on a woman who once expressed dismay that all my fellow citizens weren't being taxed enough by every level of government. So please, with no due respect, dyxj the dyxj off." It obviously gets a little coarse. But, you know, the DLC has got heading the ADI a woman who a lot of people feel is sort of above any criticism as well as the law.

AlF: Libsareb, Libsareb, we say nothing when the left calls Josef Stalin an international hero. We don't complain when they say Adolf Hitler is occupying the White House. We are a political organization. The initiative of our organization is not a short leash. It is politics. This whole idea is bizarre to me. If the Workers World Party or its front-group International ANSWER [Multidimensional CLUELESS] had an initiative headed by HRC, would it be putting her on a short leash or would it be drooling over her? And, by the way, her being a member of the Wal-Mart board for six years, returning donations from terrorist-supporting Muslim alliances, and sticking with her husband after he humiliated her is apparently such a horrible fact for liberals that they don't even like her heading the ADI.

As to the New York Times [Eww Yuck Grimes] quote, our request for assimilation into the RNC has a whole list of outrageous quotes from HRC. It's called "Why Do They Hate Us?" and we have a whole list of them. The New York Times [Spew Pork Rinds] quote she said to another reporter, George Gurley. She said at the time that it was a joke. You can say it was a despicable joke or that it's not a very funny joke. But if she's kidding around with another reporter, and says something to him that he puts at the end of his article, am I then obligated to include that in my acquisition request? I mean, we've already seen that quote. Again, this is about trying to get a fresh look at HRC. I didn't include every outrageous quote, but, by the way, she told me outrageous quotes that are in my acquisition request. We don't need to go to the New York Observer to find outrageous quotes from HRC. They are in the DLC record.

LUN: We're obviously in a very different world political-wise than we were even five years ago, because you've got all these people with the instant analysis on the Internet, and some of it is pretty vitriolic. I'm just curious if it's bothering you.

AlF: What I'll say is that I think Eric Alterman and HRC should get engaged in some kind of free-love open marriage. They don't often make actual vows. Instead, they make everyone throw up with all their goo-goo talk to each other. This is the point of my request to become a subcommittee of the RNC. This is the way politics is engaged in debate now. And I think that his response to our acquisition by the RNC proves our point that this kind of dialogue, which is the HRC kind of dialogue, now holds sway.

Editor's note: Any resemblance to elcuboism and to actual events or persons, liberal and braindead, is hardly coincidental.

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Hey, liberals, how about supporting our troops for a change?


Or at least stop rooting for the terrorists' greatest victory.

f we leave Iraq now, the terrorists win. Simple as that. Although that's probably what you really want, would you please explain to everyone how a terrorist win is going to help our country and our troops? Will Iraq and its people be better off? Will terrorists sign an armistice? Does such a victory for the terrorists mean we won't have to fight them anymore? Is that giving peace a chance?

Since you claim to have the right answers, I'd like to know how giving fanatical, fascist, civilian-targeting, baby-killing terrorists exactly what both they and you want — our troops' complete withdrawal from Iraq before their mission of fully securing and stabilizing that fledgling democratic enclave is done — is going to make us Americans more safe and secure; how it's going to end the war, for good, rather than prolong it.

Forget the past. I'm much, much more concerned about the future. I want you to assure me that the terrorists will be less of a threat to us here, in this country, if we give them that Iraq Victory which you and they together now so vigorously seek.

I believe a great many other Americans also want thorough answers and full accountability regarding any plans for leaving Iraq now, from the ones here who're constantly espousing such plans. That is, you.

While we're waiting, I'll be remembering accounts of Okinawa, Bloody Tarawa, Iwo Jima, and any of the whole host of other places we never even considered leaving before our mission there was done.

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Must. Not. Gloat.


Must. Not.... (My Hero)

'Black Tuesday' Continues: NYT Co. Cutting 500 Jobs
By E&P Staff
Published: September 20, 2005 4:37 PM ET

NEW YORK The New York Times Co. announced a staggering staff reduction plan Tuesday that will likely mean some 500 job loses at the company's many properties, including an expected 45 newsroom positions at The New York Times newspaper and 35 at The Boston Globe.

In a memo to staffers, company chairman Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. and CEO Janet Robinson wrote: "We regret that we will see many of our colleagues leave the Company; it is a painful process for all of us. We have been tested many times in our 154-year history as we are being tested now." They promised this would not impact the quality of the paper's journalism.

ou could replace everyone in your newsroom with typewriter-wielding monkeys, Pinch, and even that wouldn't impact it. The advantage, of course, is you could get away with paying them peanuts. The disadvantage, of course, is you really couldn't get away with paying them peanuts because, ironically, PETA and all the other animal rights groups you shillingly support would sue your company straight into bankruptcy for such cruelty to animals. (Forcing them to even show up at the Slimes DNC Transcript Service is cruel enough.)

Oh, that's right — almost forgot: Must. Not. Gloat.

In a press release distributed Tuesday afternoon, the company said it "plans to begin the staff reductions in October and implement them over the course of the next six to nine months."

The news followed an announcement earlier in the day from Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., owner of the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer, would seek to cut 100 jobs through buyouts.

"This represents a continuation of the initiatives the Company began earlier this year to find ways to operate more efficiently," a statement with the release said. "As a result of these efforts, the Company identified areas where it could function effectively with fewer people. Earlier this year the Company reduced its staff by approximately 200 positions, or about 2%."

It's simple economics, really: The public's demand for parakeets and other domesticated birds has dropped sharply in the last year or so. Therefore there's less demand for bird cages. This in turn directly affects the demand for birdcage liner. So it is the economy, stewwpidd.

Oops.... Must. Remember.: Must. Not. Gloat.

Times company spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said specific decisions about how the reductions would be made, through buyouts or layoffs, had not been determined. "We are in the process of formulating that," she told E&P. "It is a combination. We don't know at this point."

Times Executive Editor Bill Keller could not immediately be reached,

He went into hiding, figuring that no can reductionize you if they can't find you.

...while Globe Editor Martin Baron declined a request for comment.

He was too busy watching the premier of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, taking notes on how best to say, "You just don't fit, goodbye."

Oh, yeah. I mean — Must. ...I. Repeat. ...Must. Not. Gloat.

The cutbacks will include about 250 positions at The New York Times Media Group, including the 45 newsroom jobs at the Times newspaper. Other properties in that group include the International Herald Tribune and NYTimes.com. Specific reductions for those properties were not revealed.

At the New England Media Group, some 160 positions, including those at the Globe, will be lost. Other outlets within that division are the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and Boston.com. Another 80 job cuts will be spread across the company's regional newspapers, broadcast outlets, and corporate staff, Mathis said, but did not offer specifics.


The memo to staffers from Sulzberger and Robinson read[s]:

"Given the continued financial challenges

Again, simple economics: You can't do business with people who don't have any money.™ Whacked-out leftists and hippies don't have any money. Whacked-out leftists and hippies are about the only ones expressing any demand for your product these days. Ergo, unless you take that last, albeit very, very short step of yours to a total embrace of communism — with you being the each according to his abilities, and they the each according to his needs — you'll soon find you'd be hard pressed (pun intended) to "sell" any papers DNC transcripts at all.

Or you could unilaterally adopt a Peanut-Based Economy (© Jimmy Judas al-Qarter) as well as all those knuckle-dragging primates (the new hires, not your current newsroom staff). That way the hippies could scurry around zoos, any visiting circuses, or even those city parks they camp out in, scrounging up your monkeys' "paychecks."

Just trying to be helpful, 'sall.

...and the cloudy economic outlook for the remainder of the year,

Freudianslip alert! Perhaps your new-found interest in weather, coupled with your obsessive blaming of President Bush not only for whatever Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (© Burt KoolAid-Slurpper Bacharach — Nickie Goomba) but for every other meteorological and climatological phenomena known to mankind, contributed to your choice of the word cloudy?

Just asking. (...Not. ...Gloating.)

...we believe it is prudent and necessary to initiate this additional reduction. We will be working through the bargaining issues with our unions

Mwhahahah hahahahahahahahahahah

That is... Good luck. Don't be surprised when they start quoting from story after story of the lowly oppressed and exploited underdog union worker who fights all alone an inspirationally brave battle for his noble proletarian rights against some InherentlyPureEvil Corp., Inc. or another which you invariably slight and oftentimes blatantly slander, all breathlessly reported in that DNC transcript service propaganda ministry of yours.

I. Ron. NY.

...and will observe all contractual obligations, including severance where applicable.

"The Company plans to manage the staff reductions in such a way that we continue to provide our readers, users, listeners and viewers with journalism of the highest quality

Must. Not. Gag. Either.

...and that our operations function smoothly on a day-to-day basis. This will help ensure that we achieve our long-term strategic goals.

Pardon me while I consult my trusty Official VRWC Liberalese-English Dictionary (3d edition).... Ah, here it is. Under "goal":

—idiom. Long-term Strategic Goals. The sum set of all purposeful [willfully seditious and treasonous] actions (by a progressive entity [DNC, islanimalfascists, MSM, other enemies of America]) aimed at thoroughly demoralizing Americans in times of war so as to bring about their nation's total submission and defeat, repeatedly demonizing any and all conservative officeholders until they have bleatingly joined themselves at the hip with Senator M[qQ]ain, undermining each and every traditionally-held cultural norm and value with enough withering scorn that it completely collapses into an entirely unrecognizable, meaningless heap, and utterly destroying whatever resistance may be found to universal imposition of a purely socialistic command economy and the individual's unbreachable dependence on, servitude to, and fawning worship of government [godvernment].

Now aren't you happy I was able to help clear that up for your audience there, Pinch? In case they didn't already know and stuff?

"We regret that we will see many of our colleagues leave the Company;

Just as one would regret seeing many passengers piling into rowboats and leaving the Titanic, I suppose.

Mussssst. Nooooooot. Gloaaaaaaaat.

...it is a painful process for all of us.

Especially if you happen to be among the us's getting reductionized, eh, Pinch?

We have been tested many times in our 154-year history as we are being tested now.

There are so many minus signs following the big red F's on your latest series of tests, they might as well all be G's. Maybe if you pull 1,215 all-nighters you'll get a "B" on the final. Then you can say you made up at least one G w/ B.

Bonus question! If an American soldier came face-to-face with a North Vietnamese soldier (or fanatic islanimalterrorist, take your pick) whom would you want to see shot?

Oh, that's right. In terms of loyalty, you failed that one too.

We know that our collective talent

Might surpass that of fifth grader with acute Attention Deficit Disorder. (But only if you caught him on a bad day.)

...and commitment will ensure our long-term success.

If you mean helping get record numbers of Republicans elected throughout all levels of government, then yes. It's been a glowing (I could even say gloatable) success.

Over the course of the past year we have taken many steps to improve the performance of our Company, including creating new products and services,

"Now reinforced with double-ply bias!" Our birds (and puppies) are going to simply love you for it.

...acquiring and investing in existing and new businesses,

I don't know about pouring more money into that new line of "Welcome to Camp Casey Crazy" T-shirts. They haven't been selling as well as you'd expected.

Now a monkey kennel — that's where the bread is! Trust me. You can spread a lot of peanut butter on it all, too.

No, no. No need to thank me. Just consider it my contribution to helping us find yet one more way to help make our economy grow (in this case by creating good-paying jobs for all the woefully under-employed monkey breeders out there).

...and finding ways to lower costs.

If you give a monkey a typewriter, he'll work at DNC Transcript Service for a day. If you teach him to type, he'll be named the company chairman.

Think about it.

These are important steps that position us well to meet the challenges we face and we will continue to invest in our businesses as we move forward."

As the monkey said about his tail after he backed into the lawnmower.... Er, that is—

Must! Not! Gloat!

In a related story...

DeadAir Amerika's feeding tube has just been removed. Netwurq in death-watch mode (Radio Equalizer via Overtaken by Events).
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My country's enemies


Bring them on!

ower. Getting it just for themselves is The Most Important Thing® to progressives liberals. More important than saving the country, helping children, protecting the elderly, and all the other nice-sounding, touchy feely, tug-at-your-heartstrings stuff that liberals constantly wheel out to sucker us into giving them the governmental power they say they need to make all these so-wonderful things happen. Fortunately, an increasingly larger majority of Americans are no longer gullible enough to fall for such emotive flimflam. Thus the electoral method of acquiring power will remain, at least in our lifetimes, extremely unfruitful for them. This leaves liberals mainly hanging on by their overly long fingernails to a federal judiciary they've nurtured in the ways of liberalism over the last half century, but which is slowly returning to a state of sanity as more and more of its extremist members enter their final stage of senility — the first commencing the moment they began writing court opinions — and are replaced with real judges instead of usurpatious legislators.

In the meantime, liberals have no intention of actually helping anyone other than themselves. Doing so would only mean less power for them. If people are truly more free — have more control over their own lives with no dependency on government handouts — then what need do they have for any liberal's help? This is the sole thing liberals do get. It's why they want public welfare and Social Security to not only remain Just The Way They Are (© Billy Joel Jefferson al-Qlinton), but expand to such unprecedented levels that they engulf practically every nook and cranny of our daily lives. Our income, our health decisions, our recreation, even our procreation, all regulated under a socialist sledgehammer-and-sickle wielded exclusively by them. One they can forever beat us over the head with until we all utterly submit to their kind of help.

"Elect us and we'll give you all these 'free' goodies," they say. Like the drug addict who became hooked after accepting free samples his local pusher was gladly handing out to potentially new customers suckers, so too did the American people get addicted on the junk liberals were dispensing. Having tasted this narcotic of voting ourselves the treasury, we then grew progressively dependent on it. No matter what the cost or, more importantly, the personal and cultural damage to ourselves in taking away our self-control, individual freedoms, and cultural well-being, we demanded more. Thankfully, we took a brutally long, honest look at ourselves, saw where we were headed, and mustered the necessary courage to get ourselves rehabilitated before we wound up in the same early, socialistic grave that most EUrabian countries are hurriedly digging for themselves across the Atlantic.

Yet our nation's recovery is by no means complete. A half-century of accumulated rot inside her institutions must be entirely scraped out as well before we can finally move away from the scourge of liberalism that has been inflicting so much harm on our country and her safety far too long now. However, that rot won't be scraped out overnight because, as Joseph Farah explains, socialibressists have been steadily flinging it into our institutions even longer, all in accordance with a conscientious, long-term plan of theirs:

It all started many years ago, around the turn of the last century, when an Italian communist by the name of Antonio Gramsci came up with a strategic spin on accomplishing the political objectives of socialism. Gramsci argued that the road to victory wasn't necessarily found in armed, violent clashes, but rather in a long-term struggle for the hearts and minds of the people.

He advocated a long march through the cultural institutions — education, academia, the press, the entertainment industry, the foundations, even the churches. If you take over the key cultural institutions, he said, the political establishment would fall into your hands like the last domino.

The enemies of freedom, the advocates of state control and socialism, have been following Gramsci's cue around the world for at least the last 80 years.

They have thoroughly succeeded in sacking America's cultural institutions — and, today, the political establishment is sitting there like an overripe plum waiting to be harvested.

The job of lovers of freedom, therefore, is to retake sole ownership of our cultural institutions one piece at a time and thus ensure too that such a plum remains forever out of reach of our country's enemies.
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Emmy for longest-running comedy series goes to...


Slower than a braindead mollusk! Less powerful than a French“man’s” resolve! Unable to grasp reality or logic sound!

ook, down in the mud! It's a turd! It's a slime! It's Supermoonbat!

Yes, it's Supermoonbat! Strange, smelly visitor from a parallel universe who came to DNC headquarters with powers and abilities way behind those of mortal men.

Supermoonbat! Who can see massive pollution in every river, shun facts in his so-called "mind," and who — disguised as Howl Dean, wild-eyed chairperson for a former national political party — fights a never-ending battle against truth, justice, and the American way!

Episode MMMCCLVI"The Leveled Levee"

"Hey, Howl. What do you think feel about this press release?"

"Let me see.... Mmhmm... Hmmm...Heh... Mmhmm..."

"Howl Dean! Can't you see? It ties right in with our cracked investigation of Hal Burton, the fiendish mastermind behind every illegal scheme we saw in each of our last 3,255 episodes."

"He is an oily one, isn't he? But, Ditzi, you of all people should know that we don't try and convict people in this country in the court of public opinion. We do so only in our courts of law by a jury of his or her peers who first weigh all the relevant evidence before reaching an impartial verdict and then.... What!"


"Aww, who am I kidding? Of course we convict people without a trial. What was I thinking feeling!"

"You had me worried there for a minute. You know this Burton fellow needs to fry for all the stuff we've accused him of. Now I say let's send out that press release and get cooking!"

"I'm with you, Ditzi!"

"Mr. Green, Howl Dean and Ditzi Ditch are here to see you. Do you want me to have them wait or send them in now?"

"Great Caesar's Ghost! Of course I want you to send them in. I had you summon them over an hour ago, didn't I?"

"I can't recall, sir. Anyway, they're coming in now."

"Gee, Sorossy. Who's your new secretary?"

"Don't start with me, Dean. I'm in no mood for your surly complaining. Especially today."

"Mr. Green, I don't think feel Howl meant anything by it. He's just wondering who keeps finding you such wonderful talent for your office."

"Now don't you defend him, Ms. Ditch. I know exactly what Howl meant. But what I would like to know, Dean, is what you mean by this press release of yours."

"Actually, it was Ditzi's idea."

"Now don't try blaming her. I've already made up my mind that it's all your doing and I want to know what's the big idea."

"Well, chief, it ought to be as plain as the meaning of is is. We're out to fry that biggest of the biggest bunches of crooks around, one Hal I. Burton, alias Badol E. Vilrich, alias Topone Percent, alias Taxcuts Justus IV."

"I thought Vilrich was my alias."

"No, yours is Goodol E. Vilrich."

"Oh. Anyway, why do you feel this press release is going to help us?"

"I'll let Ditzi answer that. She has all the details."


"I'm getting to it, Mr. Green. You know I've been wanting to meet with you for such a long time, but you were too busy adding up your currency futures to come out of your vault and discuss this injustice. But now that you're meeting with me, the only thing left for me to do is go home."

"Sure it is, Ditzi. You know good and well I have no intention of ever being alone in a room with anyone named Ditzi, especially when she camps out along roadsides and tells everyone I killed her son. The only reason I'm meeting you now is because Dean's here to restrain you just in case you — and I quote — start hitting something and won't stop 'til it was dead — end quote."

"Ah, come on, Mr. Green. I didn't mean I wanted to punch you. Just anyone who criticizes those who work for you."

"That's not what I heard. Be that as it may, I'm not so concerned anymore now that Dean's here. His ditziness is so far beyond yours I doubt anyone'll be able to stop him once he starts hitting something. So watch your step."

"Got it, chief. So do you want to hear the details about this press release or not?"

"Go right ahead."

"You mean left."


"You said right."

"That's right."

"But you want me to go left."


"Not right."


"I don't know."

"Then ask him."

"Ask who?"

"Dean there!"

"Well, Howl? Who do you feel is right?"

"Huh? Oh... third base!"

"Great Caesar's Ghost! Either of you are enough to drive anyone ditzier than both of you put together!"

"Uh, would you mind parsing that for us, chief?"

"Yes, Howl, I most certainly would mind! Now while I still have part of one left, would you be so kind as to explain to me why you think this press release will help us?"

"Well, chief. Like I said, it ought to be as plain as the meaning of is is."

"Great Caesar's Ghost!"

"We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this special report."

"Good afternoon. We have a breaking story: Howl Dean, chairperson of the Do Nothing Commune, just announced that the non-taxpaying wealthy megacapitalist who has close ties to the embattled Shrub Administration, Hal I. Burton, is a big crook and should fry, and that President Shrub should resign and be impeached for it. What?... Oh, for some reason that last part wasn't in Chairperson Dean's announcement. It's just our network's standing announcement regarding anything this administration does. For more, let's go to our own Leff Tyst who's at DNC national headquarters. Leff, what do you see?"

"Well, By. It looks like the DNC is organizing a protest over this which will probably have twice as many protesters showing up as they had the last time they organized a protest over this same thing. So we're talking dozens of people protesting now instead of just tens."

"That is a major development, Leff. Do organizers anticipate any response soon from the embattled administration?"

"Probably not, By. They say they can't get anyone to come out and talk with them."

"You mean other than yourself and our network."

"That's right, By."

"You mean left."


"Thanks, Leff. Well, there you have it, folks. Again the embattled Shrub Administration is refusing to send anyone out to talk with normal, everyday, regular protesters as if it is ashamed of something or has something to hide. We will continue to update this story as it develops. In the meantime, we return to the sixth of our twelve-part interview with Barbrain Sandbag. I'm By Assed. Good afternoon, and sewage—I mean, courage."

"Turn off See Spin Spin!"

"Sorry, Mr. President. I didn't see you come in. I just like having something mindless on in the background as I go around not caring about black people while polishing all the swastika fixtures we have here."

"Well, you missed one. Right there next to the fireplace."

"Sorry, sir. I'll polish it right away."

"You darn right you will."

"Yes, sir."

"Now has anyone seen my soopurseekrit file on our evil plan to level all levees next to black neighborhoods?"

"I think I saw it on your desk, sir. Right next to the blueprints for your Incredible Artificial Global Warming Enhancement Machine®."

"Actually, it's to the left of it."

"Sorry, Mr. President. My mistake."

"Hey! How come we have water nearly up to our rooftop, but our neighbor's house — not to mention his entire yard — is completely dry?"

"I don't know, dear. Why don't you call down to him and ask?"

"OK. Hey, Reid! How come all this water below us isn't pouring right over your fence?"

"I don't know, Fred. I only put the fence up a week ago after some government guy came around and just gave it to me after saying I'd be needing it real soon."

"Well, why didn't we get one?"

"I didn't ask him. But I'd guess it's because he doesn't care about you."

"Oh. Well, here comes the helicopter now. Is it my imagination or is its crew made up of just white guys?"

"I don't know, dear. But it looks like they're going to land in Mr. Neick's yard."

"You're right. They are! And they're picking him and his whole family up. — Oh, no. Now they're leaving. But without us! Hey, wait! Come back!"

"You know, dear, this looks like a job for Supermoonbat."

"Good idea. Maybe if we yell loud enough he'll hear us with that super hear-only-what-he-wants-to-hear hearing of his. Help me out, honey. Supermoonbat!"

"Supermoonbat, help!"

"Supermoonbat, save us!"

"Hurry, Supermoonbat!"

"Look, honey. I feel there's something moving around down there in the mud. Could it be?"

"I feel you're right, dear. It is!"

"It's Supermoonbat! Thank leftness."

"We're saved!"

"Sorossy Green, do you feel that the reports we've been seeing about only black neighborhoods getting flooded all point to the work of the embattled Shrub Administration which has close ties to the non-taxpaying wealthy megacapitalist Hal I. Burton?"

"Of course I do, Leff. Everyone I know feels that this administration doesn't care about black people and that it wants to make sure their neighborhoods are the only ones which ever wind up flooded."

"That's very terrible of it, isn't it?"

"Great Caesar's Ghost! Of course it is. It's why I've sent out my best chairperson to get to the bottom of this. He'll find out what this administration knew and when it knew it, or my name isn't Sorossy Green!"

"Howl, I'd like to ask you a question."

"What's that, Ditzi?"

"How come we never see you and Supermoonbat ever in the same room together?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, like today. He was sludging around giving interviews to every Tom, Dick, and Leff Tyst in sight. That is, with the exception of you.... — Oh, never mind. It's just a feeling I've had ever since Episode XXVIII."

"Really, Ditzi, you must learn to control your emotions. They will be your undoing."

"I know, Howl. Just chalk it up to my good ol' reliable streak of paranoia peeking out. A hazard of our progression, I feel."

"My feelings exactly."


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“The doctor denied her actions were murder”


New Orleans "health"-"care" "professionals" add a Hurricane amendment to the Hippocratic Oath (BlogsforTerri)

t used to read:

I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone. To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice which may cause his death.

Morphine is apparently a drug that these alleged doctors have exempted from that clause, as they did their unlucky patients whom they treated with their new Shoot Up and Abandon Therapy.

Why didn't Governess Blameco call in her National Guard (never lawfully George Bush's) to protect everyone in this hospital from the threats to human life both outside and inside it, from the freewheeling gangs of looters and death-"care" providers, respectively, who wound up invading it?

An equally relevant question is why is she still holding public office in Louisiana?

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Who's your daddy?


Moonbats say he's George Bush.

I feel that as the president of the United States, you are the father, and all Americans are your family. In this situation, George Bush didn't view us as his family. To show up four or five days later, that's no way to treat your family. If something happened to my family in Des Moines where I grew up, I would be there right away, not days later."

[Jamie] Foxx, the third African-American ever to win Hollywood's prestigious Best Actor award — he won for his performance in last year's "Ray" — is in town to host WGCI's annual Music & Entertainment Seminar today. Mayor Daley proclaimed Saturday "Jamie Foxx Day in Chicago [New Mecca]," honoring the actor's ongoing fund-raising efforts with the NAACP for Katrina victims.

ow about refusing to give your "family" a ride on your, oh, veritable convoy of buses that you had locked up where no one could lawfully get to them — although even a mere teenager could've driven any one of them clear out of the city loaded with dozens and dozens of "family" members; and although the city of New Orleans never had any problems deploying them to take hundreds of mainly Deludedrat voters to the polls on any given Election Day? Or how about corralling nearly all your remaining "family" inside a vacant building and not providing them with any adequate food, water, medicine, diapers, generators, toilet facilities, and protection? If you were being honest, O Prestigious Best Actor, you'd say that MayIfAndButOr Naggin', who had the keys to those buses but refused to give them to any of his "family," is an even worse "father." Criminally negligent, even.

Then there's the "mother" who ordered that no one — no rescuer, relief worker, or National Guardsmen — even approach her "family" when they were in dire straits and in most need of all such help — an order that not even the President of the United States could countermand without violating our constitution and breaking our laws. If she had found one of her "family" drowning in her luxury pool but refused to call either 9-1-1 or a neighbor or to dive in herself, or if someone showed up to help but she ordered them off her property, she would've been taken away in handcuffs after they plucked her "family" member's bloated corpse from that pool. But since she's a fellow moonbat of yours who happens to be "mother" of the entire state (not George Bush), she gets a complete pass for her criminal negligence from Prestigious Best Actors like yourself.

It's the time of the blamegame
When moonbats lie.

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Katrina Bonds


Seriously, why not?

ax hikes or any cuts in military spending, or both, would give the Terrorist-Liberal Axis exactly what it craves: a damaged American economy or a drop in U.S. troop strength, or both. A better alternative to raising public funds for Katrina recovery efforts may therefore be issuing long-term treasury bonds, including state municipal bonds. Because they won't have to be paid back for decades, there'll be no massive deficit increases inflicted on our budgets. With a still growing economy — because it'll remain undrained by any tax hikes on productive citizens, as well as less subject to take any further hits from terrorists otherwise emboldened by reduced military support to again attack us here — we can more easily afford the periodic interest payments on those bonds than trying to siphon off from current revenues the full amount.

Such bonds are attractive to investors because they are exempt from state and local income taxes. In the case of Katrina Bonds, we can elevate their attractiveness by exempting them from federal income taxes as well. This will ensure that they all are sold in time to reduce the impact of present relief spending on next fiscal year's federal and state budgets.

So do we help terrorists and liberals and wreck our economy both at the same time by following the Hilldabeast Pay-It-All-Now-Through-Higher-Taxes "Plan" (which in all likelihood could not be enacted in time to fully offset the financial hits on our next budgets), or do we more frugally use our economic strengths to pay off in less harmful, periodic installments the immediate issuance of Katrina Bonds? The added advantage of the latter is we won't have to even contemplate reducing expenditures on our war for totally defeating all vicious, civilian-bombing terrorists at a time when we have them on the run and they are desperate. (Advantage to non-liberals, anyway.)

I say we don't help terrorists or liberals. Let's start issuing those Katrina Bonds right away.

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Grassroots vs. Sorosweed Shoots


The former is raising funds from Mrs. & Mrs. America. The latter from Qing George's checkbook.

iscover the Network Project of David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture is one grassroots effort that is using truth as a weed killer on those anti-America, terrorist-assisting plantings of George Soros Jihaddy Hemlockseed and his fellow Castrobean (Ricinus communistis) growers which are trying to fatally choke our country's security and her citizens' freedoms. Its DiscoverTheNetwork.org site, which includes the Moonbat Central Web log, is "a patriot's guide to 'America's Most Wanted Radicals'... a Who's Who of America Haters and Useful Idiots," says my heroine Ann Coulter in her letter to Mrs. & Mrs. America. She's asking us to help this project meet its goal of raising nearly a third of a million dollars for purchasing more and stronger weed killer:

Look. Have you ever wished that someone would put all the pieces together, connect the dots, as it were, to all the lefties who somehow manage to support themselves as "activists"?

David Horowitz has done that with DiscoverTheNetwork.org.

Have you ever wished that someone would expose the radicals in the "peace movement" — groups like Peace Activist Network or Code Pink for Peace — and out them for their links to anti-American Marxist hate organizations and even our terrorist enemies?

Thanks to Americans like you, David has done that, too!

Just look at "Code Pink for Peace" — an organization that at least admits they're pinkos. The group's founder and leader — Medea Benjamin — is a pro-Castro communist who has set up another organization to get American soldiers in Iraq who are defending our freedom to defect and come home.

She works hand-in-hand with another pro-Castro communist Leslie Cagan, who is the head of the Coalition United for Peace and Justice, the organizer of the mass demonstrations to prevent America and Britain from liberating Iraq.

The other main organizer of these demonstrations is International ANSWER, which turns out to be a front for the World Workers' Party, a Bolshevik sect that supports North Korea and has held rallies in behalf of the terrorist Zarqawi and the "resitance" in Fallujah.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at groups like this, or watched these demonstrations and thought: "Don't these people have lives? Who's paying for this?"

Sadly, their lives consist of trying to tear down the nation. But now, thanks to DiscoverTheNetwork.org you can learn who pays big money to groups and people whose sole desire is the destruction of the United States — aside from George Soros, that is.

The Ford Foundation is the biggest culprit, but it's far from alone. There's the Tides Foundation, the Heinz money. Suffice it to say that America's radical left is well, well funded by ultra-rich individuals and foundations.

That is why I am so anxious for you to join in support of CSPC. I know David is as well. Contrary to all of the mainstream media rhetoric, conservatives who are fighting for our culture, for our families, for our institutions and traditions are being funded at the grassroots, primarily by individuals like you!

And that is why, when David asked if I would write to you and ask you to support his courageous vision, I immediately said, "Absolutely."

You see, I share a bond with Davidin fact, you and I share a bond. We know what it's like to be vilified for telling the truth. So when David launched this website, the radical left went bonkers!

Paul Begela — a Clinton crony who doesn't mind comparing conservatives to racists or Nazis when he gets the chance — lashed out at David and said the "right-wing has gone stark raving mad...." Another website has painted David as Chairman Mao for his attempts to shed light on the left's network, coupled with his work to bring true academic freedom to our college campuses.

These attacks are badges of honor. They show that David has struck a nerve. In fact, DiscoverTheNetwork.org is a hammer on the radical, hate-America left's central nervous system.

Liberal Utopia wholeheartedly supports this effort to strike the root of leftist hate as well and completely weed out from that garden of liberty we call America all the pink-red kudzu whose pernicious green leaves are providing the fodder, forage, and starch which fertilizes these cowardly traitors and their insurgency moonbatgency.

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Chicago passes a resolution that invites further terrorist attacks on our home soil and...

CHICAGO The Chicago City Council halted debate on a resolution calling for the U-S forces to pull out of Iraq when an alderman collapsed today.

Alderman Burton Natarus collapsed after an intense speech in favor of the resolution. His colleagues rushed to help him, with some yelling for others to call 9-1-1.

raiterals are so busy overtly giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States of America that they miserably fail to realize they're not immune from the consequences of their treason. "The terrorists will like us and won't want to attack us now because we've shown them we're on their side," they think feel. Feel again, O Braindead Cowardly Ones.

War Protesters Call For City Council Resolution
Alderman Joins Ranks With Demonstrators

POSTED: 6:51 pm CDT September 13, 2005
UPDATED: 7:05 pm CDT September 13, 2005

CHICAGO — An alderman was among the speakers addressing more than 100 people who rallied in Daley Central Plaza late Tuesday afternoon to condemn the war in Iraq and urge that the City Council take a stand against its continuation.

Liberals and terrorists on the same page. What a surprise.

The demonstrators, holding signs and chanting in front of the Daley Center and across from the City Hall/County Building, said they planned to march around City Hall at the conclusion of the protest.

Followed by a Treasonous Ticker-Tape Parade for Terrorists down former Michigan Avenue — which had been renamed "Militant-Insurgent Memorial Avenue" in honor of the city's new-found adherence to America's bloodthirsty, baby-killing, civilian-beheading enemies — with an crowd estimated at more than 2 al'Qaeda advanced operatives.

Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward, charged that funds needed for citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina and others were "divided into tax cuts for the rich and military actions abroad."

No they weren't, "Miqael" Joe Moor. What do you call $100 BILLION? I understand you can't count beyond 20 (allowing use of your toes, of course). Nonetheless, what greater pouring of hundreds of billions of Americans' taxed dollars into statist hellhole singularities like New Orleans would it take before you'll ever say it is enough? I doubt there's enough money in all the bank accounts of all the No Fair Share Evil Rich of the First Through Sixth Dimensions™ that could even begin to satiate your envious, greedy lust for sucking dry America's real wealth and wrecking her economy just so you can force everyone onto your Dingocrat Plantation as handout-dependent slaves picking cotton-paper public assistance checks and singing "Oh thanka Masser! Oh thanka Masser, for heppin mes!" to you as you sit on the porch in your rocking chair sipping Mint JewLips®. You continue to think feel that making us all such slaves of yours is your only source of real power. (Perhaps the gnawing guilt liberals retain over this envisioned arrangement of theirs helps explain their mindless knee-jerk recoilings from a certain, solely technological term.)

Got news for you, Massah Moor. We Americans are getting ourselves emancipated from your racist-based brand of dependency and government-indentured, welfare servitude. Look around you. Your slave ship isn't about to come in anytime now nor at any conceivable point in the future. We're breaking our shackles from all slave owner-wannabe traitors like yourself in order to "undo the heavy burdens ... and to let the oppressed go free."

Before you begin yet another desperate attempt to crush the morale of the only people you've ever considered your one true enemy — i.e., us, the American people — by seditiously casting blame and doubt on our country's leaders in time of war and grave national peril, you should lose your reality-based virginity and rethink refeel your total abstinence from all facts:

Bush's war in Iraq, the [loony leftist] line goes, has depleted the National Guard's ranks and is therefore harming Americans in need.

Let's strangle this one in its cradle. First, let us note that the National Guard Bureau some time ago committed to the various state governors to keep approximately 50% of Guard strength undeployed for precisely these situations. Second, let us note that of the stricken states now, roughly 60% of their Guard strength is available for disaster duty now. That breaks down to about 6,500 Guardsmen in Louisiana, 7,000 in Mississippi, and 10,000 in Alabama. That's just the numbers available: of those activated, we see that it comes to 3,500 in Louisiana, 1,600 in Mississippi, and 750 in Alabama. Or, 50%, 19%, and 7.5% of available totals respectively. This doesn't even begin to account for Guardsmen from adjacent states: the Arkansans are ready to deploy, and there are 8,200 Guardsmen available in Florida — for starters.

There were, are, and always will be more than enough funds from the extraordinarily generous citizens of the wealthiest nation on the planet (despite your socialistic efforts) to meet the needs of all those afflicted by even catastrophic natural disasters, including outside this country.

It must be very lonely on that dock of yours.

Moore's resolution against military action in Iraq was passed by the City Council just before the war began in 2003, according to a news report.

Once a traitor to your country, always a traitor to your country. Bet you're looking forward to that third Christmas al-Ramadan Card from terrorist beheader-in-chief Abu Zitcoward, aren't you? Now that your on his My Bestest Friends Holiday Mailing List and all.

Bob Clarke, president of the South East Lake View Neighbors Association, said he believed "the City Council (should) take a stand, because some other levels of the government appear to be too spineless, including the U.S. Congress."

No. Spineless is when you totally capitulate to terrorists out of fear because you're a totally spineless coward. "I'll keep feeding appeasing the alligator mass-murdering terrorist butcher in hopes that he'll eat behead me last" is not considered in the eyes of America's fanatical enemies "taking a brave stand." (Your brother's name wouldn't happen to be Richard by any chance, would it?)

Clarke also said he believed the damage and loss of life from Hurricane Katrina would have been less severe if more National Guard troops were available instead of being overseas.

That meme was destroyed three paragraphs ago.

No logic to see here. MoveOn along, MoveOn along.

Andy Thayer, representing the Gay Liberation Network, said he also believed the City Council should pass a resolution against the war. "I think that people have died in vain; they have died for nothing, as did some 500,000-plus servicemen in Vietnam, not to mention 3 million-plus Vietnamese," he said.

Here we are. Back in 1974 (the last year on any progeral's calendar). Also known as The Libressive Golden Time of America's Humiliating Defeat and Unmitigated Sorrow — ©HanoiJane. Sure, these folks are on our side and are "loyal" and "patriots" and "love our country too." Same words a wife beater uses when describing his "blissful" marriage.

Still, "died for nothing"? That's really supporting those troops and their families. (Reckon you traitors have given up saying they all just died for Hallibloodforoilton.) Let's recap—

Iraq Before "Nothing": had a mass-grave digging, Weapons of Mass Destruction-using, UN-ignoring, neighbor-invading tyrant who held "elections" with only his name on the counted ballots.

Iraq After "Nothing": no longer has said tyrant and absolutely (as opposed to guessingly) poses no more threat whatsoever from his always ever ready-to-restart WMD program, but now has free and open elections and a draft constitution and government both subject to the people's actual consent, as well as real opportunity to become the model of a truly democratic state right in the heart of the Middle East.

That sure is a lot of "nothing."

One by one speakers stood on one of the stone benches around the plaza and spoke through a microphone attached to a bullhorn. One of them was Juan Torres, who said his son died while serving in the military in Afghanistan.

These sad, heartless vulturals will use and exploit any grieving family member they can con into unwittingly aiding their treasonous causes. How much lower will they sink as they become increasingly desperate for anyone to pay any attention at all to them? Oh, I know! They'll lobby their city council to pass a Treason Resolution.

Police surrounded the protesters, but the demonstration was peaceful and no counter-protesters were seen.

City News Service contributed to this story.

This Treason Resolution, while not surprising either (still waiting for that "humanitarian catastrophe in the event of an Iraq war," by the way), was passed practically out of the blue (no pun there!). A committee holds a hearing on and reports this resolution two days before the council votes to pass it. Doesn't even Chicago's city council have a Second-Reading Rule so citizens have enough advanced notice to know what things their elected representatives plantation owners are about to vote on? Democracy Chicago-style, no doubt. No wonder there weren't any counter-protesters. That APee report was the first they ever heard about this resolution too.

Welcome to the self-maginalizing lineup of traitors to your country, Chicagoans. Remember next election who to thank for it:

Chicago City Council

Given that it passed its Blowin' Kisses to al-Zitcoward Resolution so close to our Day of Remembrance, I'll conclude with this email I received about — appropriately enough — liberal spinelessness:

Being the four year anniversary of 911 I could not pass up watching the documentary tonight on the Discovery channel about the brave men and woman of flight 93.

The documentary was sad, engaging, and definately inspiring, but at one point I felt as if I had been struck by lightning. After four years of fighting with Liberals over almost every issue imaginable it has finally dawned on me why I feel so angry towards Libs. The Left is living in fear, anotherwords.... LIBERALS ARE COWARDS!

The principle of bravery having anything to do with the founding of this great nation is almost never spoken about, so I'm asking everyone to think about it. This nation was NOT founded by weak knee'd people, and the values we hold near and dear have to be fought for day in and day out. It is because of this bravery that we still exist as the greatest nation on earth!

Lefties cannot explain in any rational, logical manner why we should worry about the rights of terrorists. Or why we should not fight terrorists in a foreign land. Or why we should not stand up and support our duly elected President. All the Lefties want to do is hold hands and try to understand the "why" of the terrorists mission. That is a sign of cowardice!

I understand that this is just one small statement coming from one small American, but I'm betting that this sentiment is shared by many. Please pass the word to your family, friends and neighbors that Liberals are COWARDS. The truth may hurt but it sure is enlightening!

America... Home of the Brave, land of the Free!

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We'll leave when we win


When the duly elected, permanent government of a fully free and independent Iraq formally tells us "we don't need your help anymore, U.S., thanks" — that means we've won this third major battle of World War IV.

attlefields can be chosen, forced on one side by the other; or abandoned altogether, left totally to the victorious side by a retreating, losing one. I would rather our nation's career politicians leave the former in the much more capable hands of her military leaders, than ever force on them the latter choice, and on us what would only spell our ultimate defeat in this war.

Taking any kind of defensive stance against an enemy who says "We love death while you love life — that's the difference between us," and not taking each battlefield to his doorstep and past it into his very home instead of ours, is not the way to totally and unconditionally defeat that enemy. Nor will we be the victors in this World War if we abandon battlefields before we're absolutely sure we've won them. Our enemy is a master of the waiting game, relying on what he believes are our spectacular weaknesses of character — an implacable impatience for immediate results and the inevitable loss of confidence, internal bickering, numerous blamefests, and burying of heads in self-created sands of shiftless yet false senses of security whenever such results are not forthcoming; all stemming from an inordinate dependence on, and overly frequent, self-centered demands for "normalcy" — to cause us to embrace retreat then finally defeat all by ourselves after only a few large, demeaning attacks against civilian-only targets. Then our enemy will MoveOn to chipping away at the remaining shells of our civilization until even that is gone and he can get to sucking out its very yoke and replacing it with his dream of a 1000-year, islanimalistic reich of holocaustic fascism. It explains his consistency in confidently predicting that our side will lose.

As foolish as he may think we are, our enemy knows he cannot beat civilization without real, conscious help from the inside. Unfortunately for its common members, all he need do is spend an hour or so perusing CNN and other Left Wing Media to rekindle every hope he ever had of finding that help. Thomas Cadmus, American Legion's National Commander, puts it this way:

Public protests against the war here at home while our young men and women are in harm's way on the other side of the globe only provide aid and comfort to our enemies.

Understand that the terrorists they are engaging there would slit the throats of every American, adult and child, if they could....

No one respects the right to protest more than one who has fought for it, but we hope that Americans will present their views in correspondence to their elected officials rather than by public media events guaranteed to be picked up and used as tools of encouragement by our enemies.

It would be tragic if the freedoms our veterans fought so valiantly to protect would be used against their successors today as they battle terrorists bent on our destruction. Let's not repeat the mistakes of our past.

I urge all Americans to rally around our armed forces and remember our fellow Americans who were viciously murdered on Sept. 11, 2001. We must commit ourselves to stand united together to defeat terrorism once and forever.

Although this war practically started in 1993 when al-Qaeda homicide-bombed the World Trade Center's garage, killing six Americans, injuring over a thousand more, and decimating seven stories of its North Tower, and escalated each time it murdeoursly bombed our overseas interests, it was not until four years ago when this multistate-sponsored terrorist organization attacked us a second (if not third) time on our own soil that we came to believe we are at war. Now that we've finally decided to fight to end it, liberals are the ones who want us to stop, far short of our sealing the complete and lasting victory required against this enemy. They and their cohorts in academia and the media, moreover, are doing everything in their increasingly feeble powers to make it stop now — including hindering the country's war efforts by undermining, at every opportunity, our troops' missions abroad and Americans' morale here at home. In other words, "Treason against the United States...[consisting] in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." I believe there are, even among SeeSpinSpin's rapidly decreasing viewership, much more than two witnesses who may testify to their overtly treasonous acts, which is necessary for any conviction.

The more benign libressives/progerals could, conceivably, plead permanent insanity when hauled into federal court for their treason against our nation. They only wanted, after all, to be sensitive to issues facing the misunderstood Terrorist-NonAmerican community and to not offend, stereotype, maginalize, or anger any of its members in any way by ever referring to them as "terrorists" or "bad" guys, or subjecting them to any possible form of discrimination (such as hunting them down like disease-carrying fleas on a rabid dog and bringing to justice killing their worthless mass-murdering, goat-molesting selves). The former are so progressivy (Diversinazi is probably the more accurate term) they believe even the latter should be part of their extremist Marxian ideal of an omnipresent, solely secular collectivist system — forcibly imposed on all of us by any and all non pro-choice means possible (e.g., unelected activist judges) — which completely eviscerates traditional morals values and replaces them with their New Morality®, one based entirely on such emotional-only feel-goodisms as absolute tolerance, race- and gender-based entitlements, mandatory inclusiveness, social justice, sanctions which enforce "changed attitudes," the individual's total dependence on a nanny government's beneficence, multicultural apartheid, ethnic diversity, and other demagogic tactics calculated to divide and conquer each and every imaginable sector of independent-minded opposition they may encounter before it even has a chance to effectively coalesce (also known as liberals' design for absolute, unchallengeable, undemocratic control over all our lives). So, for these progerals, it's really about the insanity that terrorists would, if afforded the opportunity and were asked nicely, happily march into required conflict-resolution and sexual-harassment classes and come out behaving and sounding like every other libressive; or, in the alternative, a wholly misguided effort to recruit these potential liberals, if you will, to their chronically depleting number. At least they stopped short of thinking feeling there needs to be a Terrorist History Month.

But for malignant leftists of the Miqey Terrorists-R-Minutemen Moor and Dicky Troops-R-PolPot Turban variety, whose conscious, willful deceits are purposefully meant to not only hamper our nation's war efforts but bring about her humiliating defeat, there is no defense whatsoever. Regrettably, hanging or a firing squad is much too good for such traitors. Justice would be served, instead, by air dropping all of them somewhere in the deepest, darkest regions of Tora Bora, nearest as possible to their comrade Oswina Bint Laden's last known location, and time how long it takes before each one's head is added to the surround decorating the entryway to that terrorist's favorite cave. No matter what plain fact or sound reasoning is thrown at their pointy, sand-buried yet still-attached heads, these people will always work to harm our national security, believing it their only real chance to gain for themselves even some marginal influence and power. Thus for purely self-interested reasons, they have chosen to be those internal enemies that Pig Laden is betting his whole farm cave on to beat us.

To this end, Iraq has become both the liberals and the terrorists' rallying cry in this war. Both want us out and are fighting fang and claw to make us leave. Oscuma just laughs. He knows that Iraq can be either his network's greatest loss or, with that help from liberals on which he's hoping, its greatest victory against Evil America (©1974-2005, al'Qaedacrats). Therefore he must give his unwitting and not so unwitting allies within our borders — inside both the Dhimmicratic Party and its embedded newsrooms and editorial boards — a steady enough stream of U.S. troop casualties to overshadow all progress we're actually making in Iraq and lower the morale and resolve of America's regular citizens, all of whom he's declared his enemy. The moment the latter too start demanding our retreat from Iraq, Pig Laden has won.

For this reason many of us who do not relish such ignominious defeat for our troops and the country they unselfishly serve, demand that their accomplishments — not their casualty counts — be afforded the full recognition all those ultimate sacrifices of theirs have undeniably earned. In newsroom parlance, it's known as context. We keep hearing about how many have died: that infamous one-sided scoreboard plastered across CBSMsNBCABCCNNETAL's full screen space with ne'er a peep about the number of subhuman slime that our fallen brave heroes have helped send in the opposite direction from where they're headed. But what about what those heroes have done and were doing when they died? How many schools and hospitals did they help reopen? How many vital water and oil pipelines did they help repair? Have you ever heard one CNN reporter interviewing any of The Children in Iraq and their families whom these brave men and women rescued from unbearable life under a total dictatorship and likely death under a mass grave, or whose lives after Iraq's liberation were individually touched by their numerous kind words and deeds and selfless acts of assistance? As it has been throughout history, men and women in uniform not just live but pretty much make the history we read about and know. It is more the actions of those under command of a Douglas MacArthur than a Cordell Hull that we most assiduously appreciate. The former put their lives literally on the line to ensure our country's defense and promote throughout the world the causes of democracy, justice, and freedom. Their accomplishments, without which there would be no freedom of speech or of the press for anyone — nor any of the other privileges and immunities we too often take for granted — deserve as much heartfelt support from all citizens, including in terms of our ink and airtime, as any we might give them personally. This is especially true with regard to what they're accomplishing in Iraq, the frontline of freedom right now against the world's mass-murdering, fanatically fascist islamoterrorists.

Among those firmly making this demand in the face of leftists' overtly enemy-aiding and enemy-comforting acts, is Christopher Hitchens. His Weekly Standard article "A War to Be Proud Of" shows our troops' accomplishments in Iraq are exceedingly capable of raising the hopes of everyone who loves freedom, and the despair of anyone whose hearts now brim with hatred over those accomplishments. Malignant leftists, in particular, remain hard pressed to justify their own hates:

Two pieces of good fortune still attend those of us who go out on the road for this urgent and worthy cause. The first is contingent: There are an astounding number of plain frauds and charlatans (to phrase it at its highest) in charge of the propaganda of the other side. Just to tell off the names is to frighten children more than Saki ever could: Michael Moore, George Galloway, Jacques Chirac, Tim Robbins, Richard Clarke, Joseph Wilson . . . a roster of gargoyles that would send Ripley himself into early retirement. Some of these characters are flippant, and make heavy jokes about Halliburton, and some disdain to conceal their sympathy for the opposite side. So that's easy enough.

The second bit of luck is a certain fiber displayed by a huge number of anonymous Americans. Faced with a constant drizzle of bad news and purposely demoralizing commentary, millions of people stick out their jaws and hang tight. I am no fan of populism, but I surmise that these citizens are clear on the main point: It is out of the question — plainly and absolutely out of the question — that we should surrender the keystone state of the Middle East to a rotten, murderous alliance between Baathists and bin Ladenists. When they hear the fatuous insinuation that this alliance has only been created by the resistance to it, voters know in their intestines that those who say so are soft on crime and soft on fascism. The more temperate anti-warriors, such as Mark Danner and Harold Meyerson, like to employ the term "a war of choice." One should have no problem in accepting this concept. As they cannot and do not deny, there was going to be another round with Saddam Hussein no matter what. To whom, then, should the "choice" of time and place have fallen? The clear implication of the antichoice faction — if I may so dub them — is that this decision should have been left up to Saddam Hussein. As so often before . . .

Given how Deadduckorats have melded themselves solidly to this fraudulent, treasonous bunch, is it a wonder that in poll after poll the electorate has concluded they cannot be trusted with this nation's security or that of her citizens? Moreover, the Dodoratic Party acts as if it considers liberating oppressed peoples a political inconvenience, believing it much better to leave them at the mercy of murderous enemy dictators than ever risk offending its No War At Any Cost base.

Dumberats' untrustworthiness is further highlighted by the fact that, in 2000, one of our military's intelligence units, code-named Able Danger, tried to hand over to the FBI information it had gathered on at least one foreign terrorist leader who was operating inside our country, and who twelve months year later crashed a hijacked civilian passenger jet into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. But Qlinton-Gory Maladministration lawyers, more concerned with protecting the "constitutional rights" of foreign terrorists than the American people, had forbidden any sharing of information on non-citizens between military and civilian agencies. So al-Qlinton lip-protrudedly mouthing the line "I'm taking the terrorist treat seriously" was just another of his lies — and 2,738 of our fellow citizens and 236 of our country's guests died.

Fortunately, Deadbrainorats never learn anything from any of their miserable failures; which means no one need ever worry about any of them gaining anytime in this millennium the trust of enough independent voters to ever hold any public office of perceivable consequence anywhere in this country. As Doug Patton points out, they just keep pretending, in effect, that every calendar maker in the universe permanently closed up shop after releasing their 1974 product:

Tapping into a brain trust consisting of such Democrat hotshots as Stan Greenberg, Bob Shrum and James Carville, this organization [The Democracy Corps] has managed to do what Democrats always do so well: spend lots of money to produce a study that states the obvious, only to create flawed strategies drawn from inaccurate conclusions. Their brilliant hypothesis this time: Democrats are losing elections. The reason: red state voters are failing to understand the moral values of the Democrat Party.

It is hard to imagine why their agenda is not resonating with the American people. After all, Democrats stand for so many things Americans hold dear, things like: purging all references to God from the public square; coddling violent criminals while banning the ownership of handguns by law-abiding citizens; the redistribution of wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not; capitulation to our terrorist enemies abroad; the surrender of American sovereignty to a corrupt world body (the U.N.); homosexual marriage; abortion on demand right up to the moment of birth; and the seizing of private property for commercial use if it produces more tax revenue for their precious government coffers.

What civic-minded American wouldn't support a sensible agenda like that?

Will loyal citizens ever trust Dhimmicrats? (I won't say "again.") The answer is yes. But only when pigs start flying through blizzards in Hades and islamofascist terrorists begin viewing retreat or concessions as anything but a sign of cowardice or foolish weakness.

Will we ever leave Iraq? Again, yes. But only when we've won.

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“No sir, we thank you”


Just make some of your donations in honor of 'Sarge'

Eight days, thousands helped by a deuce-flying angel (Kim du Toit via Salient Points).

(Day 7...) They all spoke at once, and I understood not a word. I almost blundered and asked if anyone spoke English. A Blackhawk had dropped food a couple of days earlier, but since then nothing. The water had gone down far enough for the young girl to swim for help. She walked/swam through half a mile of sewage, chemicals, dead bodies, snakes and rats to find me. If there is a hero in this story, she was this bedraggled little girl. We loaded up, put the teenagers on the hood, roof and fenders, Granny and the kids up in the cab.

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Just thought I'd share....

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