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Grassroots vs. Sorosweed Shoots


The former is raising funds from Mrs. & Mrs. America. The latter from Qing George's checkbook.

iscover the Network Project of David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture is one grassroots effort that is using truth as a weed killer on those anti-America, terrorist-assisting plantings of George Soros Jihaddy Hemlockseed and his fellow Castrobean (Ricinus communistis) growers which are trying to fatally choke our country's security and her citizens' freedoms. Its DiscoverTheNetwork.org site, which includes the Moonbat Central Web log, is "a patriot's guide to 'America's Most Wanted Radicals'... a Who's Who of America Haters and Useful Idiots," says my heroine Ann Coulter in her letter to Mrs. & Mrs. America. She's asking us to help this project meet its goal of raising nearly a third of a million dollars for purchasing more and stronger weed killer:

Look. Have you ever wished that someone would put all the pieces together, connect the dots, as it were, to all the lefties who somehow manage to support themselves as "activists"?

David Horowitz has done that with DiscoverTheNetwork.org.

Have you ever wished that someone would expose the radicals in the "peace movement" — groups like Peace Activist Network or Code Pink for Peace — and out them for their links to anti-American Marxist hate organizations and even our terrorist enemies?

Thanks to Americans like you, David has done that, too!

Just look at "Code Pink for Peace" — an organization that at least admits they're pinkos. The group's founder and leader — Medea Benjamin — is a pro-Castro communist who has set up another organization to get American soldiers in Iraq who are defending our freedom to defect and come home.

She works hand-in-hand with another pro-Castro communist Leslie Cagan, who is the head of the Coalition United for Peace and Justice, the organizer of the mass demonstrations to prevent America and Britain from liberating Iraq.

The other main organizer of these demonstrations is International ANSWER, which turns out to be a front for the World Workers' Party, a Bolshevik sect that supports North Korea and has held rallies in behalf of the terrorist Zarqawi and the "resitance" in Fallujah.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at groups like this, or watched these demonstrations and thought: "Don't these people have lives? Who's paying for this?"

Sadly, their lives consist of trying to tear down the nation. But now, thanks to DiscoverTheNetwork.org you can learn who pays big money to groups and people whose sole desire is the destruction of the United States — aside from George Soros, that is.

The Ford Foundation is the biggest culprit, but it's far from alone. There's the Tides Foundation, the Heinz money. Suffice it to say that America's radical left is well, well funded by ultra-rich individuals and foundations.

That is why I am so anxious for you to join in support of CSPC. I know David is as well. Contrary to all of the mainstream media rhetoric, conservatives who are fighting for our culture, for our families, for our institutions and traditions are being funded at the grassroots, primarily by individuals like you!

And that is why, when David asked if I would write to you and ask you to support his courageous vision, I immediately said, "Absolutely."

You see, I share a bond with Davidin fact, you and I share a bond. We know what it's like to be vilified for telling the truth. So when David launched this website, the radical left went bonkers!

Paul Begela — a Clinton crony who doesn't mind comparing conservatives to racists or Nazis when he gets the chance — lashed out at David and said the "right-wing has gone stark raving mad...." Another website has painted David as Chairman Mao for his attempts to shed light on the left's network, coupled with his work to bring true academic freedom to our college campuses.

These attacks are badges of honor. They show that David has struck a nerve. In fact, DiscoverTheNetwork.org is a hammer on the radical, hate-America left's central nervous system.

Liberal Utopia wholeheartedly supports this effort to strike the root of leftist hate as well and completely weed out from that garden of liberty we call America all the pink-red kudzu whose pernicious green leaves are providing the fodder, forage, and starch which fertilizes these cowardly traitors and their insurgency moonbatgency.

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