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Demoqrats' High Gas Prices Still Increasing


Analysts say "out of touch" Demoqrats want more "pain at the pump."


ashington (APN) – Demoqrat qongressional leaders sent a memorandum yesterday to their party's rank-and-file members, telling them the Demoqrat approach to addressing record high gasoline prices, which analysts say have hit women and minorities the hardest, is essentially to "let them eat cake corn."

"We (Demoqrats) feel doing nothing and letting the price of gas skyrocket until only the Top One Percent™ are able to afford a fill-up at the pump is a good thing," said the Demoqrat memorandum signed by Demoqrat screecher of the House Naggy Peloseri of California, Senate Demoqrat leader Scary "Lost" Screed of Nevada, and other top Demoqrat officials in Qongress. "Americans are too fat and should be walking or cycling to work more anyway so they can pay us (Demoqrats) the higher taxes we (Demoqrats) will be needing to fund all the additional hand-outs and similar bribes for votes 'investments' we (Demoqrats) want to make," the Demoqrat memorandum obtained by APN concludes.

Tomorrow, analysts at the nonpartisan Harvard Institute for Progressive Policy on Independent Energy Sources will release a study directly attributing the recent, unprecedented soar in the nation's gas prices to Demoqrat lawmakers' inaction.

"Not since Herbert Hoover's administration have Americans seen such an incredible climb in energy costs," said HIPPIES spokeswoman Suomy Nona-Ecruos. She added that the policy-study group's findings point to a "general mindset among Demoqrat leaders" which places more value on "Demoqrats making vague or worthless promises" while allowing problems to fester and even worsen, than their doing anything substantive to actually solve those problems.

"The effects of this do-nothing but promise-everything Demoqrat mindset have been particularly disastrous to the country with respect to the Demorqrats' total lack of an effective response — or of any visible one at all, for that matter — as American families face higher and higher gas prices," Ms. Nona-Ecrous said.

Phone calls to the Demoqrat screecher's office asking for comment were not returned.

Recent poll numbers show that American voters generally agree with the HIPPIES findings. In the latest APN-CNNN survey, for example, 89 percent of 2,327 likely voters who were asked to assign blame for the historically high energy costs, believe that the Demoqrat-controlled Qongress deserves either "all" or "most of" the blame. By contrast, only about a tenth of those polled felt anyone other than qongressional Demoqrats are primarily responsible.

An aide to Demoqrat Senator Screed, speaking anonymously, claimed such poll numbers are "completely bogus." He said "it doesn't matter what any poll says" because he "feel(s) that the American people clearly view us (Demoqrats) as the solvers of these major problems."

But objective observers of qongressional politics disagree.

Dr. Eramth Gint Srowsmed, chief researcher at the publicly funded Better Official Outreach Trust-Domestic Elections Managers Society, says the label of a "do-nothing Demoqrat Qongress" is starting to stick because "the public sees Demoqrats as not only doing nothing about this and other problems, but being the root cause of all of our extreme pain at the pump."

Practically every BOOT-DEMS paper published in the last year has focused on the connection between the perceivedly Demoqrat-induced rise in average fuel costs — up to the highest level felt in the United States since the Great Depression — and Qongress' record-low approval ratings. Dr. Srowsmed says, "on bulk, this research strongly indicates a vastly reverberational waning confidence in the Demoqratiq Party's abilities to assiduously use the ample legislative powers voters entrusted them with two years ago. Specifically, it is fair to say that despite Demoqrats' possession of those powers for nearly two sessions (of Qongress), they have accomplished absolutely nothing in the way of halting, much less reducing, the punishing prices American have been paying for gasoline and other fuels."

Other analysts take the point further. Those attending last Friday's community-energy summit hosted by the Pacific Association of Innercity Neighborhoods, Ohio Union of Commercial Housing, United Societies of Hispanic Urban Realtors and Tenants, and other private residential organizations, repeatedly stated that the record-shattering high cost of energy — which they, too, attribute to qongressional Demoqrats' inaction — has inflicted the most painful burdens on middle- and lower-class American families. They emphasized the fact that both single mothers and minorities have been especially hard hit.

The consensus among analysts at the summit is that more exploration and drilling are "urgently needed to increase supply so the pressure will be on lowering, rather than raising, the price of oil and gas."

Demoqrat Senator Screed quickly and slitherly came out to dismiss the analysts' statements. In his speech the next day at a "conservation summit" set up by the Long Beach, California-based East Asia Trade Consumer Action and Knowledge Enterprise, a special interest group that receives funding from the Demoqrat Party, he contested the American people's need for additional oil.

"It's completely outrageous for anyone to suggest that we can ever drill our way to lower (gas) prices," the Senate Demoqrat leader told the EATCAKE summit's attendees. "President Bush lied about Iraq, he lied about Iran, he lied about (deskbound CIA 'special agent') Valerie Blame, he lied about Abutt Grab, he lied about the moon and about the stars. In short, he betrayed us all. So why would anyone want to believe him whenever he says we need more oil? We need to conserve, conserve, and conserve some more. And we need to do it all right now."

Spokespersons for PAIN, OUCH, and USHURT each said the Demoqrat senator, as well as his party colleagues in Qonqress, are extremely "out of touch with average Americans" and are purposefully ignoring their plights. They all agreed that a Qongress controlled by Demoqrats has been "more of a curse than a blessing," with Demoqrats' "stubborn leadership miserably failing to even consider what the public's best interests are here."

Ms. Nona-Ecrous echos their assessment of the Demoqrat-controlled House and Senate.

"It's now a given that qongressional Demoqrats are, in the public's eye, the cause of these ever steepening (gasoline and other fuel) prices," she said. "It's also a given that no modern economy can ever hope to grow without greater supplies of the only widely available resources that consistently prove themselves able to effectively, safely, and efficiently meet in the long term most if not all of its energy demands: oil and natural gas. Yet Demoqrats' only attempt at increasing the supply of either consists solely of a laughably weak, miserably failed threat to sue OPEC and other oil-producing countries. Which no doubt would've involved no-bid contracts and other big payoffs to their trial lawyer friends."

She said the American people have, however, a much more pressing reason to take issue with the Demoqrat Party than just its leaders' paralysis being the root cause of record-breaking fuel prices.

"Meanwhile, (Demoqrats) insist that Americans should drive less, heat less, light less, and everything else less. Apparently 'make do with less, but still pay more' is the Demoqrat Party's desired motto now.

"But the fact Demoqrats' inactions are responsible for giving Americans a do-nothing Qongress isn't the worst part. They (Demoqrats) obviously want their inactions to be responsible for making all Americans a do-without people."

APN research-staff writers Star Comed and Gnih Tonod contributed to this report.

Note: The preceding would be nearly exactly what you would read if AP, CNN, and other DeMSMoqrat propaganda outfits were "reporting" on a similarly situated Congress controlled by Republicans.

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MqQain Qampaigns in Mexico, other Foreign Lands


Reckon it's just part of his Comprehensive (Illegal-)Immigration Reform Sell-Out™.


s he a senator or the country's ambassador to the Americas? A member of Qongress or the U.S. trade representative?

Why, if you're Juanita Amnesty-for-Lawbreakers MqMexiqaIIIno, you can be them all.

You looking for votes down there, Juanny? Need to increase your poll numbers among the Colombian people?

Negotiating deals in Mexico City for even greater volumes of People's Republic of China imports?

Well, before you start "discuss[ing] trade, security and energy issues" with foreign governments, El Señora Señior Señátor Ambássador, in any way at all on "our" behalf, blow the dust off that yellowing copy of the U.S. Constitution which has been sitting so undisturbed on your office shelf these past 26 years — No, look again. It's probably still up there. Check behind your dog-eared copy of Marx's Manifesto. Likely got pushed back by it.... Still can't find it? Oh, well. Borrow a copy from your "my friend" Ted Qenne– Oh, that's right. He lost his a long time ago, too. Never mind. Just click here — and read for undoubtedly the first time its first Article's sixth section. No, not the clause that has the word "Treason" in it. (We'll get back to that later.) The next one. Clause Two, which says,

No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

Did you exempt this portion from your oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" and "bear true faith and allegiance to the same"?

What? You say it's not relevant because you haven't been appointed to an office under the United States authorized to "discuss trade, security and energy issues" with foreign governments? "There are no separation-of-powers issues here!"?

You're just being a maverick again, discussing these things with them on your own without any official authorization? Doing it only as a citizen?

Well, that's different.

Now you'll only be violating the Logan Act, which says,

[Title 18, U.S. Code,] Section 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Of course you could say that none of the trade, security, and energy issues you'll be discussing with those foreign governments are "in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States." Since when has our nation had any dispute with Mexico or Columbia Colombia regarding such things? We're all just one big happy American Union, eh right sí?

Tell you what. Since you're going to be in Mexico City on July 3, anyway, why not stay an additional day down there?

Let us celebrate back here, while we still have it, the independence you'll be busy negotiating away. Without your presence on U.S. soil.

Then we might be able to ignore — at least temporarily — your latest knife sticking out of our backs.

It would make our observances of the Fourth so much more enjoyable.

(Better yet, tack on another ten days to your stay in Mexico. Then you'll be in the most proper surroundings for working on your July 14, address at the convention of the National Council of La Raza Racists.


Oh, you're welcome.)

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'It's not the environmental movement I used to know...'


That bus is going to need some cheap, domestically-drilled petroleum, else it won't be able to run over anyone in an "affordable, energy-independent" manner.


ust call him Oilbama™.

Profits and jobs are good. Drilling at home is good. New refineries and nuclear power plants are good.

Forcing everyone to walk or bicycle to work or pay for universal government transportation is bad. Using any more corn for an expensively subsidized Big Ag boondoggle rather than our food is very, very bad. Nationalizing or federal tax-gouging our oil and gas industries is just plain Marxist stuck-on-stupid bad.

Fully-electric or 50-MPG cars, mercury-filled curly light bulbs, electricity-spiking PCs constantly turned off then on, clearing and paving over our lands for windmill and solar-panel farms till they take up more space than Texas, "Nobody expects the Hansen Inquisition®!", al-Gorepocrisy and his Size 20x carbon footprint, .... We'll get back to you on those. (Maybe.)

The wheels on Oilbama's flex-fuel-efficient bus
Go round and round
Round and round
Round and round
The wheels on Oilbama's flex-fuel-efficient bus
Go round and round
All over everyone who isn't whom he used to know


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Free At Last


So proclaim all law-abiding District of Columbia residents whose constitutionally protected individual right to equally defend themselves against increasingly out-of-control and heavily armed criminals who, like our nation's enemies, enjoy constant coddling from liberal "public" "servants" is now recognized by the highest court in our land.


he Supreme Court of the United States, deciding its incitement of a Second American Revolution would be neither necessary nor proper toward extending the ground of public confidence in the government, ordered the liberal one of D.C., in a manner so clear as to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, to cease denying the people it governs, under color of law, their fundamental privileges and immunities explicitly enumerated in our Bill of Rights. Particularly those to which the second amendment to our Constitution expressly declares each of us is entitled, subject never to any disparagement or infringement by a government so flagrantly and condescendingly mistrustful of your or my full exercise of them as the District's rights-violating liberal regime (but I repeat myself) is.


The handgun ban and the trigger-lock requirement (as applied to self-defense) violate the Second Amendment. The District's total ban on handgun possession in the home amounts to a prohibition on an entire class of "arms" that Americans overwhelmingly choose for the lawful purpose of self-defense. Under any of the standards of scrutiny the Court has applied to enumerated constitutional rights, this prohibition — in the place where the importance of the lawful defense of self, family, and property is most acute — would fail constitutional muster. Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.

Bad news, to be sure, for criminals and their liberal friends.

Great news for all freedom-respecting and -loving Americans.

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What if Dimbulbqrats threw a 'civil war' and nobody came?


People who've lived all along far outside their fantasy world would still call it "Iraq."


homas Friedman and David Brooks, both of the New York Same Old Treason Times, are now saying that, clearly, our Troops' surge in Iraq has worked. (Jerry Doyle) They credit it for making Iraq "no longer an unremitting horror story," and the Bush administration for "actually (getting) this one right."

American Prospect's Ezra Klein wants to Enrich The Narrative™, however, by saying that six-star master general in chief De(mo)ceitic Party Chairwo/man Howie Scream-Dean deserves all the credit.

What's next? His Articulately Postraceness B. Hussein Obowbefore-moi saying it was He Himself who originally originated this surge for hope and change in Iraq?

Something is rotten in the state of Dhimmark.

When liberals speak in positive terms about anything that has the effect of turning the indiscriminate butchers they normally aid and comfort into virgin-seeking ghosts, it's time to set the national threat level to  severe .

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MqQain: 'penalties are too small'




hanks, Demoskewerats, for overtly crashing the Republican party primaries and adhering to this extremely narcissistic and arrogant enemy of our freedoms, giving him aid and comfort.

...the penalties are too small to encourage innovation.

Has Joseph Stalin MqQain III ever in his entire life run any commercial venture larger than a pop stand? (Massive bribery schemes don't count.)

How about the incentives aren't large enough for companies that put everything on the line just to stay open and compete and hopefully thrive, to encourage them to chuck all common business sense to the ravenous, mindless wolves in Washington so self-interested, career politicians can feel good about themselves?

To quote what your pro-cake "my friends" might say, Señor MarxQain, if they were honest: We can't innovate our way out of the energy "crisis." Not on the alternative fuels fairy dust and unicorn hornpowder that won't "come online" before you're embalmed next to Lenin's body, if ever. Nor can we conserve our way out of it without you subjecting us all to an economy so devastated and bleak, and government controls so invasive and (you'll love this one) penalizing, you'd make the rest of your fellow Marxist-Leninists look like Reaganites — which, come to think of it, is exactly what your "my firends" are shooting for.

The only penalties too small here, Juanita, are the ones you should be suffering — in creatively painful and multifaceted ways — each and every time you spout such useless sludge.

Time for another bundled contribution of MqPesos....

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MqQain would cause irreparable, incomparable harm


Starting with effectively destroying what little is left of our nation's two-party system.


ast forward to January 20, 2009. Panamanian born Juanita S***sandwich MqQlown III has just taken the oath of office. He's now president of the Amexicanadian United States (pending, of course, outcome of certain natalitious lawsuits).

Within months he submits, to what most political soothsayers are saying will be a Dhimmiqrat controlled 111th Congress 2nd al-Qongress, his plans to:

“The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should. I’ve got Greenspan’s book.”
 – Juan Sí MqQain ÍÍÍ (D-MEX)
end the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts raise taxes "on the wealthy"; ram comprehensive immigration reform amnesty for all illegal aliens down our throats; impose on American businesses cap and trade economy-killing mandates and surcharges taxes; raise more taxes, this time on energy so the price of gasoline immediately increases by thirty cents; appoint his campaign's Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez, a citizen of Mexico who served in its former president's cabinet, as "U.S." trade representative or director of Citizenship and Immigration Services; release battle hardened terrorists from Guantanamo Bay or bunk them with Fort Leavenworth's America's domestic prison population so they and their peers still at large — collectively known as The Enemy — have tactical access to our judges and juries (and to those judges and juries' targeted family members); raise even more taxes, this time on so-called greedy oil company's so-called obscene profits so gasoline prices will be so much higher; effectively close down law-abiding Americans' gun shows;
“We have had regulatory agencies always to curb the abuses or potential abuses of the capitalist system.”
 – Jeirgif Sergey MqQomrade, CCCp
continue all many all most of the federal bans on domestic oil and gas exploration and drilling, keeping fuel prices unnecessarily high; swallow hook, line, and economic sinker whatever the peddlers of "man-made global warming climate change" hysterically say we must draconianly do now to Save The Planet® from Imminent Doom™; entangle U.S. policy in yet another foreign, unaccountable bureaucracy via his so-called League of Nations "Democracies"; continue ethanol subsidies, increasing food shortages and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide as well as the Gulf of McMexicaino's Dead Zone; never, ever repeal the estate death tax — nor any other major tax, for that matter; pause for another sip gulp of Leftie KoolAid; declare waterboarding the pouring of small amounts of water up a bloodstained top terrorist's nose "torture"; toss Russia out of the G8; regulate most blogs "For The Children®"; expand BJ Qlinton's AmeriCorps; and place our health care in the greasy, gawky, grabby hands of some T-boat al'Qennedy, Chucky Schmucker, and Johnny B. Edwetterds-approved nanny-statist socialist bureaucracy using federal price controls and federal funds our money.
“I oppose the rich passing on fortunes.”
 – Johammer'n' Sickle MqQommIIIe
(Eleventh hour "evolving" flip-floping notwithstanding.) (And, no, I won't go so far as to call U.S. Mex. Señátor MeChain MqAztlan a "lying opportunistic pig." That type of swine has a bad enough name as it is.)

As if all this wasn't bad enough, the al-Qongress' response will be worse.

First, Republicans in the House and Senate won't oppose El Presidente MqWeathervaneVain, no matter how much more Mickey-D he becomes, because technically he'd still be a "Republican" and offically his election will make him the head of their party. A civil war between conservatives and MqRINOs then would leave the party irrevocably split, pleasing the Demoqretins to no end.

Speaking of pleasing Demosewerrats, President MaVainerick's inevitable reversion to constantly trying to do just that so he'll personally receive much praise and credit from the liberal Demainstreamoqrat mediabirm for "reaching across the aisle and bringing our two parties together, my friends," will either force him to compromise away what minuscule conservative principles he has left as he attempts to make the deals demanded by and acceptable to the insanely barking extreme moonbatsbirm who presently have an unbreakable stranglehold on his favorite party before they even begin to let it enact any of his plans, or ensure that everyone winds up mad at each other and unhappy mostly with him. Likely the American people themselves, as they did last summer in the face of increasingly irrelevant Republican "leadership," would rise up en mass to thwart much of the former. Señor MqQloseGitmo will be blamed for the resulting discord and chaos, of course, by that very same media; and nothing short of his finally deciding to officially switch parties will have any chance of restoring his carefully groomed image as The Most Bipartisan Person Ever in the History of Human Statesmanship, Towering Infinitely Above the Puny Politics of Mere Mortals™.

Of course, it's one thing to overlook one or two issues where a candidate seeking the Republican nomination as a conservative might depart from conservative orthodoxy. But in McCain's case, adherence is the exception to the rule — McCain-Feingold (restrictions on political speech), McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens), McCain-Kennedy-Edwards (trial lawyers' bill of rights), McCain-Lieberman (global warming legislation), Gang of 14 (obstructing change to the filibuster rule for judicial nominations), the Bush tax cuts, and so forth. This is a record any liberal Democrat would proudly run on.

In the end there will be no more Republican opposition to anything the Demostic Emeny Party wants or does.

No more two-party system. No more Republicans getting elected nationally unless they become, in effect if not name, Surrenderqrats.

Nothing could be more unhealthy for our democratic republic.

What otherwise sensible Americans and the hardly ever so Juda S. MqQuislin' sometime and ever continues to forget, respectively, is that the virtues of divided government far outweigh those of any unified one. Division offers us our only hope for a future that allows sufficiently independent checks by one party on the other's excesses, which in turn provide a strong, solid mechanism for reducing corruption in office and enhancing all citizens' freedoms. Unity, on the other hand, especially among the steady crop of pompous, preening politicians we keep electing ourselves, offers us the realistic expectation of nothing except dictatorship, essentially so in both nature and operation — no matter how benign anyone wishes to characterize it — which provide little will or incentive to do anything besides enhance that corruption and reduce those freedoms.

This leaves us two alternatives. The first is almost as bad, but the other is great.

If, instead, on January 20, Bachange Hopeinc moOnbamat II is sworn in as president, we know he'll be unable to accomplish anything he wants exactly as he wants. With conservatives out in full force fighting for and financing the elections of RIGHT candidates for Congress, the Dhimm al-Qrat's one-seat margin in the Senate and meager 37-seat one in the House will, at worst, remain about the same or, at best, substantially decrease if not evaporate altogether. Then His Liberal Unholiness will have no choice but to compromise big time with Republican Senators if he wants any of his executive and judicial nominations confirmed. His crazy tax and spend, enslavement of the people measures will be opposed in the House by nearly all Republicans and all but the craziest of Demoqrats. So he'll have to compromise big time there too. On the war front, he'd have to be a much bigger fool than already evidenced to do anything that prevents our country from achieving total victory, lest he and his party forever take the blame of history for losing or perilously prolonging this World War. So he'll want to do whatever it takes for our side to quickly win it.

But even if Demoliberats pick up seats in both houses of al-Qongress and pass anything and everything Pope Baritone wants, the consequent splashes of deathly ice cold Leftie KoolAid in the American people's faces will make the recent floods in Iowa look like a small leak in Naggy Peloseri's Depends®, waking up the most apathetic of them from the deepest of blissful slumbers, and leave them clamoring for vast Republican majorities in the House and Senate, constitutional amendments, a true conservative presidency, additional Supreme Court seats, repealed laws, and whatever else it takes to completely bleach out every vile stain the Lefties grossly left on the fabric of our nation following their prematurely shortened tenure dictatorship.

Most importantly, in the end our two-party system will not only remain intact but be entirely reinvigorated and beneficially strengthened.

AZ up for grabs
MqDemoqain admits he may lose even his own state (Can you say Gore 2000?)

The best alternative, however, is to Dump MqQain!™ as soon as possible and select at the Republican national convention a real conservative — preferably a current or former state governor — who has more executive-branch experience in his smallest eyelash than Junior Senator BlOwharduh could have in his entire body after a two-year unbroken Edbloated Moooore al-Qennedy "Diet," and will continually beat him over the pointy head with it, pausing now and then only long enough to deliver him ample pummelings from the nail studded 2x4 called Barry's Utter Do-Nothingness in the Lowest.Rated.Evah. Do-Nothing Qongress® that Promised But Failed to Lower Gas Prices (© 2006 Ninny Pinheadsi), until the only change Jr. Sen. Oblahma hopes for in the future is spending the last all-nighter of his campaign working quietly on a very memorable concession speech.

Whether Junaita MqDownDuhDrain claims "health issues" (e.g., senility) or something else, it doesn't matter. His dropping out and being so replaced is the only chance we have of seeing an actual Republican victory, not some Pyrrhic one.

Now that's a change we really can believe in.

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McCain Picks Hillary as His Running Mate


"The era of bad partisanship is over."


ztlán Señátor Juda S. MqAveriq:

My friends, there are seven challenges I am setting forth for my campaign — to strengthen our families, to renew our schools and expand educational opportunity, to help every immigrant and American who's willing to work for it achieve economic security, to take our streets back from crime, to protect our environment, to reform our government so that it serves better and costs less, and to keep America the leading force for peace and freedom throughout the world.

We will meet these challenges, not through bad partisanship. The era of bad partisanship is over, because we can't go back to a time when our parties were just left to look out for themselves.

We will meet them by going forward as one America, by working together in our communities, our schools, our mosques and churches and synagogues, our workplaces across the entire spectrum of our civic life.
Gang of 2

As we move forward with tomorrow's challenges, we also must take care of yesterday's unfinished business. First, we must close down Guantanamo Bay so the world won't be mad at us. Next, we must sign the Kyoto treaty so the world will start to like us. Then we must secure our borders by asking undocumented immigrants to sign a pledge that they will never break our laws ever again so the American people won't be mad at them. Finally, we must do more to reach across party lines so all Americans will like each other.

I came to Washington 26 years ago determined to act, and I did. I acted like a Republican but voted like a Demoqrat. I formed gangs with Demoqrats. I am "easily" endorsed by Demoqrat "news"papers. Heck, I almost became John Qerry's running mate! So if anyone can reject Republicans unite our two parties, I can.

That's why I've asked Senator Qlinton to work side by side with me in an effort to unite both our parties so we can move forward together to meet all these challenges.

My friends, I am very pleased to announce that "she" has not only agreed to do so but has accepted my invitation to be my running mate.

A Gang of 2 MqQain-Qlinton ticket is just the change our country needs to give it hope again for the future.

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I'd drill in the Grand Canyon


And so would 57 percent of my fellow Americans.


ith all due respect to Juanita Shamnesty MqGaian (me-myself-and-)I!!, Demoqrat Señilátor of Estados Unidos Mexicanos — that is, none whatsoever — if the Grand Canyon's substrata contains enough petroleum and natural gas reserves to make all our enemies in this World War fear that the decades-long economic power they've had over us, a power based on what is increasingly proving to be America's unnecessary dependency on their benighted countries' oil, is about to evaporate forever, it's next to treasonous to prohibit or oppose our drilling there.

Same goes for ANWR oil, Colorado shale, and offshore natural gas, Señora MqQlimatechange.

(And while we're on the subject of downward drilling

[President] Bush's latest ratings were 24 percent positive and 75 percent negative....

As for [the Demoqrat al-Q]ongress, national lawmakers had 13 percent approval, and a whopping 83 disapproval.

Right now they feel experiencing a root canal would be much more pleasant.)

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Resolutions of Expulsion


Effective counters to Kooktraitorich's unsubstantiated articles of impeachment substantial adherence to America's wartime enemies, giving them aid and comfort.


very Republican in both name and deed inside "our" House of Representatives should submit resolution after resolution to expel not only this Demotraitorat representative of the terrorists' aims, goals, and propaganda but every cosponsor of his Articles of Emboldening al-Qaeda, along with the speaker, majority leader, majority whip, and all other House Demoqrat officers who in any way allow, condone, or assist their commission — on our time and dime, no less — of so blatant an act of treason against all of the American people.

GOPusses, of course, can ignore this petition for such redress of the more than justifiable grievance every loyal citizen of our nation legitimately now has with the House over its latest betrayal of our trust, utter waste of our overly taxed monies, and, worst of all, outrageous succor of every bloodthirsty enemy of America who declares total war on us and is hellbent on destroying our freedoms and our very way of life. (Wouldn't want to interrupt the Gutless Obsequious Party's futile endeavor to outpander the Demopanderats.)

Speaking of enemies, Iran's government-controlled Press TV is speaking very highly — and gleefully — of the Dhimm al'Qrat congresskooks' overtly traitorous act:

House votes for Bush impeachment
Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:20:59

The US House of Representatives has voted to send articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush to the Judiciary Committee.

By 251-166, House members dispatched the measure to the committee on Wednesday but it is not likely to hold hearings before the end of his term next January 20, AP reported.

The [mis]leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelos[er]i, a Demo[q]rat, long ago declared the prospects for impeachment proceedings "off the table." [snicker, snicker]

Rep. Dennuts [al-Q]ucinich, a Democrat who ran for president earlier this year, [p]resented articles of impeachment against Bush to [al-Q]ongress late Monday.

[Al-Q]ucinich said Bush "fraudulently" justified the war on Iraq and misled "the American people and members of [al-Q]ongress to believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction so as to manufacture a false case for war."

[Al-Q]ucinich's articles also charge Bush with failing to provide troops with vehicle armor, illegally detaining both foreign nationals and Americans, condoning torture, mishandling the government's response to Hurricane Katrina and undermining efforts to address global warning.


Our enemies are celebrating. Thanks, Demoqrat Suicidepact Party.

More than ever our country needs a Grand Gonadic Old Party willing and able to stand up to the Defeatist Party and put a stop to its members' persistent, despicable attempts to completely sabotage our Military and their commander-in-chief's efforts to end this World War in nothing less than total victory for the United States and her allies.

Softening of the rhetoric be damned. Telling us "I'm obviously concerned" be damned.

Trying to get along, let alone work with self-interested Domestiq-enemy Party members be damned.

If the 110th 1st al-Qongress gets even less done as a result, it's doubtful more than a few would notice any difference.

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McCain Endorses Obama


Reaching out and crossing the aisle — while still double-crossing his alleged side of it.


tatement by Juan Shamnesty MqQain III:

My friends, today I am taking an unprecedented step for presidential nominees of my party (Demoqratiq Republican). I am endorsing my dear friend and Senate colleague, Barack H. Obama, for president of the United States.

I hope my endorsement of Senator Obama will help change the way politics is conducted in this country by putting an end to the rancor and negativity usually associated with our presidential campaigns. For far too long our two parties have opposed and criticized each other on far too many issues. Now more than ever I believe we all must put aside our differences and work together for the good of our great nation. And, yes, I too believe we can.

It is therefore fitting that I endorse this honorable man of the people, this candidate whom I am convinced would make an outstanding president who can inspire all citizens — Demoqrats, independents, Libertarians, and others — at a time when each one of us is hoping to see much change for the better throughout America, especially in Washington, D.C.

I have also sent Senator Obama the maximum contribution allowed under my MqQain-Feingold bipartisan campaign finance law.

Furthermore, I will be going over and beyond what is required to honor the spirit of that law by refusing to run any advertisements that even mention his name 60 days before the election this November. Instead, on the campaign trail, I will respectfully say what a wonderful and extraordinary man Senator Obama is, and list — as he asks — his many accomplishments as a community organizer and state senator in Illinois, and as a United States senator.

I will, most of all, emphasize the enormous areas of agreement which exist between us, such as forcing greedy companies to cap their carbon emissions, welcoming to our country anyone and everyone willing to do the jobs no American will do, and shutting down the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and allowing all bloodthirsty islamalevolent terrorists illegal enemy combatants foreign fighters militants detainees there full access to our courts and to our juries and to those American juries' family members (including their names, addresses, children's schools, daily routines, etc.).

My friends, this election is totally about hope and change.

So it is with tremendous pride that I say I feel it is both a privilege and an honor to announce to you today my endorsement of Senator Obama for president.

I am requiring all those who work for my campaign to announce by next Monday their own endorsements of Senator Obama as well, and am calling on all my supporters to do the same.

Yes, my friends, we can work together for a change and give all Americans hope for the future.


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And now, something inspiring...


As God's gift, our freedom is not license to behave in anyway we choose. It is the ability to make choices with the understanding that what we choose has real consequences. We may be free to choose to act for good or for evil, but our's is not a freedom from consequence. Our choices will have consequences for good or evil.

For those who embrace a biblical understanding of creation, the difference between freedom and license echoes down the corridors of time in two voices, first heard in the Garden of Eden.

The first voice — the voice of evil disguised as freedom — whispers: just do it, it won't make a difference. The second voice, the voice of God, states plainly: make your choices but make them carefully because you make all the difference. Deuteronomy 30:19 says "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live."

The voice of evil, posing as freedom, tells us that we are free to ignore the difference between life and death, and between blessing and cursing. But when you are told that your choices are without consequences you are not told that you are free, you are told that you are meaningless.

It is this freedom that is at the basis of the rule of law in America. Our system of government respects our freedom to make choices, to accept the consequences and to maximize the potential that God has placed within us. The purpose of our system of justice is not to crush that freedom or to override that freedom but to respect it, to nurture it and through it, to unleash the potential of every human being.

Terrorists have a different understanding of choices. Because they fear that people with freedom will reject their ideas, terrorists seek to deny us our freedom. They distrust personal choice because they have abandoned every value except their own lust for power. In a universe of choices — a marketplace of ideas — their way offers us nothing.

Our fight against terrorism, then, is a defense of our freedom in the most profound sense: It is the defense of our right to make moral choices — to seek fellowship with God that is chosen, not commanded. This freedom is respected and nurtured in our society of laws. It is respected in our right to choose how or if we worship God. It is nurtured in our fundamental belief of equality before the law. By attacking us, terrorists attack not just the system of government that supports this freedom, but freedom itself.

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'You're Mc-Vain'


"You bet your @$$ this song is about you"


o anti-gun)

You sit inside the Senate
Like you are sitting upon a throne
Your votes against both tax cuts '01, '03
Your knife in our backs was shown!
You had one eye on the monitor as
You watched yourself bemoan
And all the Dems dreamed their bills you'd co-sponsor
Bills you'd co-sponsor, and

You're Mc-Vain
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain (you're Mc-Vain)
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
Dump you! dump you! aw

You had us praise you years ago
When we were still quite naive
When you said that you were an "independent"
And Republicans need not grieve
But you betrayed us for the things we loathe
And one was Amnesty
Illegals dream they are crossing our borders
Crossing our borders, and

You're Mc-Vain
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain (you're Mc-Vain)
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
Dump you! dump you! dump you!

Illegals dream they are crossing our borders
Crossing our borders, and

You're Mc-Vain
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain (you're Mc-Vain)
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
Dump you! dump you!

Well we tried to exercise our free speech
And your bill limits its time
Then you vote against finding us new oil reserves
To make the price we pay for gas a crime
Well you're drinking Kool-Aid served by lib's
And when you're not, your with
Some Soros-fund group or the five of Chuck Keating's
Five of Chuck Keating's, and

You're Mc-Vain
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain (Mc-Vain)
You bet your @$$ this song is about you
Dump you! dump you! dump you now!

You're Mc-Vain
You bet your @mne$ty this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain
You bet your greenhou$e g@$ this song is about you
You're Mc-Vain

(c) Copyright 2008 by $h!t$@ndw!ch Mu$!c.
All your rights reversed.

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God Bless Our Troops


The truest real-life Progressives ever.

Ross Colvin, Reuters
Sun Jun 1, 2008 12:22pm EDT [Drudge]

* U.S. monthly death toll drops to new low

* Iraq says oil production at post-war high

* Australia pulls out combat troops

BAGHDAD, June 1 (Reuters) - U.S. troop deaths in Iraq fell to their lowest level last month since the 2003 invasion and officials said on Sunday improved security also helped the country boost oil production in May to a post-war high.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Iraq's oil minister credited better security for the two milestones, which illustrated a dramatic turnabout in the fortunes of a country on the brink of all-out sectarian civil war just 12 months ago.

"We've still got a distance to go but I think lower casualty rates are a reflection of some real progress," Gates told reporters in Singapore. "The key will be to continue to sustain the progress we have seen."

en and women of the United States Armed Forces, thank you. You are the History Makers. You're doing more than making a difference in individual Iraqis' lives. You're changing our whole world for the better.

Our freedoms here are much more secure today solely due to your efforts over there. No islamass murderers are successfully setting up any bases of operations in Iraq, training to attack your families and countrymen back home. The greater stability that you and your Iraqi comrades whom you trained have forged in the region is creating a multiplier effect which gives regular Iraqi and other nations' citizens strong incentives and reasons to support and assist you as you help them build a country for themselves and take it back from the thugs and terrorists who no longer can find any welcoming place inside its borders.

Well done.

American generals have stressed that the security gains are both fragile and reversible. That was shown in March, when an Iraqi government offensive against Shi'ite militias in southern Basra sparked a surge in violence in the capital and other cities, catching U.S. and Iraqi officials off guard.

The U.S. military said 19 soldiers died in May, the lowest monthly death toll in a five-year-old war that has so far claimed the lives of more than 4,000 American soldiers.

Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani told Reuters in an interview that the improved security had helped Iraq, which has the world's third-largest oil reserves, raise oil production to a post-war high of 2.5 million barrels per day in May.

Iraq's oil industry, hit by decades of sanctions, war and neglect, was a vulnerable target for saboteurs after the U.S. invasion. Attacks on pipelines quickly destroyed any hopes of using Iraq's vast oil reserves to fund its reconstruction.

The military says violence in Iraq is now at a four-year low following crackdowns by U.S. and Iraqi forces on Shi'ite militias in southern Basra and Baghdad and on al Qaeda in the northern city of Mosul, its last major urban stronghold.

"In May we have exceeded for the first time a 2 million barrels per day export rate. In production we have exceeded 2.5 million bpd," Shahristani said.

Hoo-ah, men! Combat Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guardsmen, all of that progress is your doing. No mere "talking the talk and walking the walk" could get any of that done. You've been doing the jobs no one else on the face of the earth would or ever could hope to do a hundredth as well as you're able and willing to do for us each and every day.

Anyone searching for the purest definition of service could come across no better examples than the ones you've all set.

The number of Iraqi civilians killed in May also fell, to 505, after reaching a seven-month high of 968 in April, figures compiled by the interior, defence and health ministries showed.

Lord, please continue to help and protect these brave Defenders of our freedoms, and comfort and bless their families and loved ones, especially of the Heroes who sacrificed all in devotion to You, to honor, and to their country as You help us to always remember them and forever appreciate what they did for us all.

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Demoqrat Party is an 'organization'?


Could've fooled me.


ore a mobbanization. Makes the keystone cops look like a highly trained commando unit.

I would call the Demoqrats' "rules" committee a joke. But that would give all jokes a bad name. It ought to rename itself the Rules Are Meant To Be Broken Committee.

Demoqrats tell us they're for change. That obviously includes their own "rules."

If the Disarrayic Party has any rules and bylaws suggestions and bygones which are meant to always apply to everybody equally, they're a more tightly guarded secret than any ever held in the strictest confidence by the CIA, MI6, former KGB, Mossad, USAF Area 51, WWII Operations Ultra and Magic, and the Trilateral Commission-CFR-Illuminati-Bildeburgers-NWO Cabal™ — combined. Not even the NYSlimes could leak them!

If the Demoqrats' "rules" were baseball's...

Any batter who strikes out after a full count will get "a do-over."

In the World Series, if the team that lost the first two games loses another game, it gets to play the next game by itself (with the other team forfeiting), but any score in that game will be divided by half.

Plate umpires have the option of changing a strike to a ball, or vice versa, if the batter looks like he's about to strike out or walk, respectively.

Base umpires have the option of allowing a picked-off runner to stay on base if that runner cries a lot.

If a manager has been ejected from the game for not following the rules, he she can sneak back in during the ninth inning.

Any pitcher caught throwing greased balls (i.e., spoiling his pitches with spit, Vaseline®, oil, bug guts, or other illegal substance) will have those pitches counted as only "half balls" or "half strikes," as the case may be.

A foul ball may be declared fair if the fans boo loud enough.

A fair ball that didn't seem fair to the lying, do-anything-to-win pitcher on the mound, may be declared foul if all the players in the infield hold up protest signs saying their team is being "disenfranchised."

The infield fly-out rule is mean. It will be replaced with a "Every Hit Should Count" rule.

The plate umpire is required to accept as The Gospel Truth™ any statement by a batter which claims he had to duck and run for cover from the last pitch.

In lieu of "The Wave," fans will be chanting "God D*** Baseball."

Black stripes on uniforms are racist and will be replaced with peace signs and large-pedaled flowers. Also, catchers may not wear cups anymore since that demonstrates an unacceptable gender bias.

Although each team is not allowed to field more than nine men persons at a time, this rule may be ignored when facing a heavy hitter.

The team that loses the World Series will also get a congratulatory phone call from the president and be allowed to walk/ride/slither around in the winning team's hometown victory parade.

A team owner who was in favor of any baseball tournament before he came out against it (esp. right after it began) will be allowed to brush off any and all questions about that flip-flop by saying, "I support the players but oppose the game."

Whenever a fight breaks out on the field, if it results in both teams emptying the dugouts, then the baseball commissioner will convene a meeting of the league's rules and bylaws committee in order to make every possible concession to the team that started the fight.

Any team's fans who threaten to walk out the game unless they get their way, will be asked to grow up; provided the baseball commissioner doesn't have his baseballs in a proverbial lock box.

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