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Act of War = 'Tragedy'


Too bad for Germany that someone like Øgutless wasn't president when its armed forces deliberately sunk the Lusitania during the First World War.


nstead of issuing the Kaiser an ultimatum, the White House might have offered him "any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why." That is, before cavalierly yukking it up with reporters and giving Wilhelm II a good laugh, too.

Too bad, also, for Japan and Spain that someone like our appeaser-in-chief wasn't president following the "tragedies" of, respectively, Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the Maine in 1898. Just think of all the major wars our nation could have avoided!

Had Presidents McKinley, Wilson, and Roosevelt each said, "It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy," we'd all be experiencing the incredible joys of speaking only Spanish, German, and/or Japanese now.

“You elected him twice! And the world’s paying the price,
and so are we!”
      –Mark Levin

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Liberal 'Tolerance' Is A License to Hate


Anybody who isn't like them...


r doesn't like them. Those who aren't, or don't, become the "intolerable" exception to their "tolerance."

Convenient, that.

"Tolerance" means never having to say you're sorry for hating others. This leads to "diversity" — which, of course, excludes everybody your "tolerance" allows you to hate. The more people yes you can hate and exclude, the more "progressive" you'll be.

It's the ultimate in Us Versus Them™. You get to wholly condemn and dehumanize others for behaving even partially like you.

So in truth, liberal "tolerance" is all about extreme self-hatred and denial. Accordingly, their groupthink communes are the only places where such projection may be completely tolerated.

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Liberazi Media Is Dumb


Film at eleven.


he media on that side are, to put it politely, overtly ignorant.

If our solar system had a Mt. Ignorance named felicitously in their honor, Rep. Jackson-Lee, D-Outer Space, would be asking NASA officials whether "a mere speed bump like Olympus Mons" could obstruct a rover's view of those flags our astronauts planted on the Red Planet.

If a laboratory could create an element as dense as them — call it idiotardium — a yoctogram of it would be sufficient to yank Jupiter and all the other gas giants out of their orbits.

If the San Andreas Fault equaled that in each one's reasoning, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Dementia, would be setting up land scams up and down Nevada's Pacific coastline.

If medical science systematically studied their brainwave activity, the term "persistent vegetative state" would be redefined to mean "not as bad as it gets."

If a Geiger counter could be calibrated to detect radioactive stupidity, switching it on anywhere within a thousand-mile radius of the New York Slimes building would instantly break its meter.

If neuroelectricity could be harnessed to power a Taser, the total wattage inside all their craniums combined just might make it useful for mildly annoying a runt-sized amoeba.

If the amount of sense they make could be transformed into a steady stream of water, it would take between now and the ending of the universe before it halfway filled up the Smallest. Thimble. Ever.

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'Barack Obama doesn't care about black people'


It's absolutely clear that illegal aliens are now "his people."


he worst president ever elected." Period. Full stop.

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Kiddie Internment Camps vs. Safe Flights Home


Biggest. Duh!. Ever.


he latter's not only much, much safer for everybody, it's far, far cheaper as well.

Sorry, DemØtyrant Voter-Drive Program™, but we're thinking about what's in the best interests of these children and their families, here. That means returning them to their normal homes in Central America, not stuffing them into numerous secret Ølawless Concentration Camps. Where's the compassion?

It's the difference between chowing down a good, healthy meal and choking on lollipops. We're the country that pulled off the Berlin Airlift. Yes we can fly a hundred thousand foreign children back where they truly belong.

For too many of them it's literally become a matter of repatriate or die.

“The Secretary of Homeland Security, in conjunction with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, shall develop policies and procedures to ensure that unaccompanied alien children in the United States are safely repatriated to their country of nationality or of last habitual residence.”

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Obama: 'The Press Obeys My Will'


What happens when a "free" press won't fight for freedom of the press? This:
The rules are very stringent. Number one: You can't ask questions. Number two: There can be no recording devices. Number three: You can't talk to any of the staff. You can't talk to the children. You can't talk to the medical personnel. And if you have questions, you can send an e-mail. You can't take any pictures, but after the tour, they will send pictures to you. But there can be no pictures during the tour. This is not what we expect in the United States of America, and certainly the media here needs to stand up for itself.
“In unprecedented criticism of the White House, 38 journalism groups have assailed the president’s team for censoring media coverage, limiting access to top officials and overall ‘politically-driven suppression of the news.’”

hile the aloof, bizarre, detached, oppressive, unaccountable, fascist Fiddler-in-Chief shoots pool, our border burns.

He's already lied about the costs of "taking care" of a serious health crisis that's directly the result of his failing to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

The Obama administration is asking for $3.7 billion — much more than the original projections of $2 billion — in emergency funding to address the wave of young illegal immigrants coming to the country [all thanks to Øfascist's policy of Rampant, Open Lawlessness at the Border and Everywhere Else™].

He's also creating around 50,000 "children currently projected to come into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security" wards of the state.

So it comes as no surprise to anybody but a "journalist" that he has absolutely no intention of honestly responding to any inquiries from a formerly free press.

You've made that bed for him, Øbamedia. Now get back lying in it with him.

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Typhoid Obamary


"Immigration crisis: Tuberculosis spreading at camps"


tep 1: Declare, in effect, open borders for any and all Central American kiddies.

Step 2: Herd them into Ølawless's kiddie internment camps.

Step 3: Once the packed-in kiddies spread contagious diseases amongst themselves, send them out to homes and schools all across America.

Step 4: After Americans infected by these kiddies start dying en masse, blame Republicans for "not having any compassion" or something.

Call it the Baracloward-Øpiven Stragedy™. Overwhelm and destroy every vestige of the rule of law in this country, then replace it with the establishment of an absolute tyranny over our states.

Former Junior Senator Ølawless, King George III is now calling from the grave to ask for his fascist policy back.

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