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Everybody expects their snobbish inquisitions!

“Better to rule in hubristic Prozi® hell than serve in constitutional republic heaven.
– any snobgressive
“Better to let American children die after catching Enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68) and/or other fatal disease(s) from an "unaccompanied minor" sent to their school secretly by Øbameinführer's Immigration and Customs "Enforcement" than prevent the latter and his/her/etc. undocumented-worker-Democrat-voter parent(s) and/or other relative(s) from illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border before the 2014 congressional elections.”
– ditto
“Better to expose hundreds if not thousands or even millions of American citizens to the deadly Ebola "Ebolee"/"Eboly"/"Eboli" virus brought here by one or more illegal aliens and/or muslim terrorist suicide bug-bombers and impose martial law and/or cancel the 2014 and/or 2016 elections afterwards than severely restrict travel from any "Ebolee"/"Eboly"/"Eboli"-ravaged African country.”
– ditto

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'You Say Ebola, Obama Says Ebolee


"You say enforce immigration law, he says impose martial law

"Ebola, Ebolee

"Immigration law, martial law

"Let's call the general elections off!"


ying Øliar lies that, no, you can't get "Ebolee" from touching railings or seats used by "Ebolee"-infected muslim terrorist moles illegal Dimmigrants passengers. (WZ via RWN)

Yeah, and yes you can miraculously grow a functioning brain inside your clearly empty skull, Typhoid Øbamary, merely by being selected pResident. Perhaps you and the First "Lady" should invite a few "Ebolee" victims over to the White House for a Beer Tobacco ZMapp Summit™, just to show the whole world how right incredibly ignorant and imbecilic you are. Bring along your fellow mewling Dimwittedrat misleaders Hatey Reidtard and Ninny Peloosescrewi. Yes they can sit in the "Ebolee" victims' chairs once everybody else leaves.


Also, Øtryant, don't get any bright idiotically fascistic ideas from this headline—

Being forever branded an absolute tyrant will be the least of your worries if you even contemplate trying something like that here. No world war, civil war, famine, pestilence, or other calamity has ever before kept Americans from holding our democratic elections on time. No you can't, don't, and never will prescribe or control any of their times, places, and manner. Our Constitution alone — you know, that document you so readily and frequently ignore and have the unholy temerity to claim, most laughably so, especially as you unilaterally start yet another endless war and lawlessly order the assassination of yet another American citizen, you're some kind of praise-worthy scholar of — ordains and establishes who solely does. Namely, our States and our Congress. You know, those entities whose constitutional powers you so readily and frequently usurp and dismiss in order to form your more perfect dictatorship, establish injustice, ensure domestic chaos, provide for the undefended borders, promote the gargantuan welfare rolls, and secure the blessings of liberal totalitarian fascist cronyism(birm) exclusively to your psychopathically narcissistic selves and your posterior smoochers.

But remember well: We've got a Constitution — We did built that. Nobody else made that happen — not you, nor any of your fellow extremists and despotic terrorist pals.

Violate its congressional and presidential elections provisions at your own peril.

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The First 'Lady' Michael at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue


Another example of Democrat-Media Complex hypocrisy (but I repeat myself).

If you Google or Bing "Sarah Palin 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue," you'll find story after story on it from leftist news organizations from ABC to Talking Points Memo and Right Wing Watch. Heck, the Daily Beast even thought they'd work in a play on the words uttered by comedian Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live that the leftist media convinced the American people Sarah Palin actually said. Their headline reads "You Can See Russia from 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue..."

Do a search for "Barack Obama calls Michelle 'Michael.'" What do you turn up? Not much, right? There's not lefty news organization after organization that has story after story about this major flub. Not only could he not remember his wife's name, he referred to her by the male version of Michelle! But, he had no worries. His media friends protected him and worked hard to keep that under cover.

("Teleprompter malfunction," my asparagus.)

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Soon all 57 58 61 of our states will be needing Øbamemyself&i's corpse-men.


es we can now let anybody from Ebola-infested African countries cross Øblameothers' open borders without any real restrictions.

"Screenings"*? Yeah, sure. Whatever.

"Chances of an attack outbreak are extremely low"? Whoever "thinks" feels that is even more weak-minded than these Imperial Stormtroopers:

"These aren't the Ebola-infected passengers you're looking for"

* Real example of Øliar's airport "screening"—

Screener:  Do you have Eboleee™?

Passenger:  Uh, no, I don't think so.

Screener:  Okay, go ahead.

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Democrat War on Our Children


We've suffered at least two KIA so far....


ow many of our dead children's new classmates this year are the Deathocrats' own open border-crossing Unaccompanied Kids™?

Yet the deaths do raise an alarm because this year has been worse than some other years, since enterovirus D68 has been sending more children than usual to the hospital with severe respiratory illnesses. It seems to be most affecting children with a history of asthma or breathing problems.

Worse than some other years? Why? What's happening this year that wasn't happening before?

Hundreds of Unaccompanied Children Are Being Held in a Makeshift Border Patrol Facility

June 10, 2014

Immigrant advocates and public officials are raising concerns about the conditions at a makeshift Border Patrol facility in Arizona that is temporarily housing hundreds of unaccompanied children, part of an unprecedented surge of cross-border migration that President Obama has called an "urgent humanitarian situation."

Oh, that.

Demokillerats clearly feel it's more important to expand their precious illegal-Dimmigrant voting base as quickly as possible before the midterm elections than do something to protect our much more precious children before they start a new school year. Why else are Democidalrats obstructing Republican legislation that would better secure our borders? Why else is their führer Baracrook Ølawless fascistly preparing to grant every adult new Demmigrant voter in these unlawfully-present kids' families an unprecedented "executive" amnesty? They have made him our Murderer-in-Chief™.

Not surprisingly, Demochildkillers refuse to allow any effective restrictions on persons crossing our border from Ebola-ravaged countries. Apparently they aren't satisfied with just mass-murdering our children. They have to exterminate us adults now, too.

Once we kick Terminatorats out of Congress next month, yes we can remove the death sentences they've imposed on all of us.

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Religion of Chop You Into Pieces


Jesus: "Love God with all you heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself." Mohamhead: "Believe as I do or be beheaded. Your quote-unquote choice."


slam is at war with you. You don't have to imagine how you'd fare in any state run by its true believers. Current news is replete with examples of it. Kidnappings, beheadings, forced conversions, terrorism, massacres, Final Solution Part Deux. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one of its innumerable victims.

The top synonym for islam is atrocity. Death is its eternal watchword. Its main principles are stoning loose women, hanging homosexuals, and otherwise killing everybody who doesn't submit to its absolute and uncompromising commands. Yes, you can publish a cartoon of Jesus holding a bacon-wrapped Holy Bible in his left hand and you won't have to spend the rest of your life in hiding trying to avoid countless Christian Death Squads™. But try that with Mohamhock (Beasts Pee Upon Him)®. Just make sure all your affairs are in order first.

So why do liberofascists literally fall all over themselves to make excuses and provide cover for this clear and present crime against humanity? Rather than delving into the mindset of the insane in order to attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible, we need look no further than their common hatreds to find the answer.

The United States of America and her citizens' personal freedom and Christian heritage, their defense of the weak and innocent, along with their willingness and ability to rise up as one and put together and launch effective offenses against the forces of tyranny and its unjust aggressions, are all barriers to those feverish dreams of universal conquest the fanatical leaders of both islam and liberofascism share.

Each has met the enemy and he is you.

You show them tolerance. They repay with more demands and violence.

You go out of your way not to offend them. They turn your workplace into the next politically-correct slaughterhouse.

You patiently respond to another of their endless complaints. They shout you down and call you an islamophobe and racist.

You try to appease them. They continue building weapons designed to destroy you.

Totalitarian-loving liberals(birm) appreciate all the chaos and mayhem Moongodhead (Porkbellies Be Upon Him)'s malignant misleaders progressively cause and wish they could be more like them. Mohatred (Slabs O' Bacon Be Upon Him)'s genocidal goat-bothering goons appreciate every green light the usefuliberal idiots' misleaders reflexively switch on for their "protected class" and wish they could behead all of them. Both understand nothing but merciless force. They crave nothing but ultimate power.

If we wish to win this total war they've declared on all of us, we must give them this one and only choice: You surrender unconditionally or what we did to national-socialist Germany and imperial Japan will look like a ruddy fender bender next to the things we're about to do to you.

Like every other cancer, they must be completely eradicated. Otherwise they'll return with a vengeance and rapidly kill us.

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Yeah, Government Censorship of Christianity Is Constitutional


...or Ja, staatliche Zensur des Christentums ist Verfassungs, if you prefer that in the original German.


reat. Now yes we can give orders to remove all muslim books, books by muslim authors, and books by muslim publishers from "our state-authorized lending shelves." Right, Superintendent Kathleen Hermsmeyer Schulinspektor Heinrike Himmlermeyer?

Let's see what other "sectarian materials" yes we can "not allow" on them.

Given there's far more empirical evidence supporting the accounts of actual man-caused doom and suffering found in Christianity's most sacred texts than supporting those of such found in Climate Disruptionity's most recent revised reports, yes we can say all books, authors, and publishers deemed to be professing the latter faith are even more clearly religious in nature and, thus, may never be allowed to come in contact with anything authorized by the Almighty State (Peeps Be Under It)™.

Sounds like a great slope. Looks to be very slippery, too.

No doubt the folks at Springs Charter Schools of Temecula, California are extremely proud of it as well.

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Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?


Long time passing....

Civilian Labor Force
Participation Rate - 25 to 54 years
Low - High
George Bush4879.178.2 - 80.2
B J al-Qlinton9680.478.1 - 81.9
George W. Bush9679.477.0 - 81.3
B'Hussein al-Qbama6775.674.8 - 76.8

iven all his failed economic policies, it's absolutely not surprising al-Qbama's monthly percentage still has never surpassed even George W. Bush's lowest. For the 29 months that remain of his starring in our long, national nightmare, al-Qbama's percentage would have to jump to and stay at an unprecedented 88.2 percent just for his to equal President Bush's final average. Can you say "no hope"? How about "only change for the worse"?

Below are the rates before being "seasonally adjusted" by his Øbaminions. They paint an even grimmer picture.

Moreover, a substantial number of women were increasingly working full time before Øbysmal's so-called presidency. Now only 71 percent of women are doing so. The last time that rate was so low, BiIsIs al-Qlinton was in the White Double-Wide House. Still, you shouldn't be surprised by his and his party's malevolent malignancy. Even before jobs-killing Democrooks took over Congress in the middle of President Bush's second term, they sabotaged the housing market and wrecked our economy just so they could blame it on him and win the 2008 election. They revel in causing you misery.

Welcome to the Demøcriminal war on working Americans. With their illegal, cheap mercenary laborers/voters pouring across our border, they're bound and determined that we the law-abiding people of the United States all become casualties.

Until we rise up and defeat them, it's their world. You just lose your good-paying job in it.

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