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Donald Trump Speaks to 20,000+ in Mobile


"This is not going to be an election based on a nice person. It's going to be based on a competent person. We're tired of the nice people."

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'Which candidate has proven record of kicking media's ass?'


The most relevant question this presidential election.

A butthurt media helps America.

n a scale of 0 (total ass kisser) to 10 (total ass kicker), I'd answer thusly—

10+ – Scott Walker

10 – Donald Trump

10 – Carly Fiorina

9 – Ted Cruz

8 – Ben Carson

8 – Bobby Jindal

7 – Rick Santorum

6 – Rand Paul

6 – Chris Christie

5 – Rick Perry

5 – Marco Rubio

3 – Mike Huckabee

2 – Jim Gilmore

2 – John Kasich

1 – George Pataki

0 – Jeb Bush

-∞ – Lindsey Graham

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'I am not a fetal mass! I am a human being!'


The Elephant-in-the-room Kid


ot a fetal ma$$, until your mommy host's body walks into a Planned Genocide "Parenthood" abortion "clinic" chop shop. Then you become a mere "line item™" in its revenue budget.

Listen, endoparasite kid. Your mommy's host's body's lady parts — not you baby parts — enjoy the full and equal protection of the laws. So quit your muffled "non-person" whining. Nobody wants to feel your pain. Just suck it up as you get sucked out.

Besides, "specimen" kid, Planned Genocide "Parenthood" can fetch a good price — about $100 a non-crush pop — for any of your "intact tissue" it can scrape out its Multi-Baby Body Bag®. All for research and medical progress and women's health, of course.

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Fighting to Defend Confederacy Was Not Treason


Only the breathtakingly ignorant would say so.


iberøfascists and other heinous enemies of America have chosen to refight her Civil War. Good. In addition to proving once again they are never satisfied with just their side's victory, whenever or whatever it may be, and will never quit until every last person whom they feel opposes them, along with everything he or she ever believed in, loved, or fought for, is completely wiped out of existence, their hate crimes against cultural heritage and historical memory are showing so very clearly to the whole world how utterly ignorant, brutal, despicable, intolerant, and soulless these twenty-first-century tyrants truly are.

It is bad enough they are criminally defacing America's public and private memorials and brandishing weapons and shooting at American citizens who wave flags they hate. Those particular tyrants should and will wind up where they belong: in prison. It is every alleged genius claiming all these things and people they hate should be taken — by the forces of government, presumably — out of their sight as well as their so-called minds because "Robert E. Lee was a traitor," who should gravely disturb and worry every human being who still values and supports the principles of free speech, peaceable assembly, justice, American republicanism, and truth.

Besides the fact no Confederate leader or soldier was convicted, in any court of law, of treason against the United States, dutifully defending one's professedly sovereign state in the face of what both her elected officers and her regular citizenry can reasonably construe as actual or extremely imminent military aggression, aimed clearly at both their state and them, is not a traitorous act. It is a patriotic one. An act that deserves to be admired, remembered, and honored, no matter whose side you are on. Moreover, recognizing the defenders for their remarkable courage and willingness to fight, in the finest American tradition, not for any crude, materialistic cause but for the very rights of a free and independent people to govern themselves as best they can in whichever way they see fit, and thus determine their own destiny, is not by any means an expression of hate. It is one of love. An expression that should be welcomed and encouraged by all, not illegitimately attacked and unfairly vilified by malevolent mobs of hate-filled liberøfascist tyrants.

But hate is all liberøfascists know. Nothing else drives them. Unlike our forefathers who, once America's Civil War was over, resolved to bury their political hate as deeply as their cherished dead, liberøfascists take great pains to reverse and pervert every such effort, fundamentally transforming it into their own unique and inherent brand of "with malice toward all, with charity toward none." Even so, by any standard other than theirs — being so obvious that they have none, other than the double variety — these haters' burning, unending hatred of everything and everybody they obsessively hate is insufficient reason to eradicate any target of their ugly hatefulness.

The offense of treason does not follow a people's resort to arms in defense of their states. On the other hand, liberøfascists rushing to the side of a cruel, aggressive dictator, overtly giving him moral aid and comfort on the eve of America attacking his evil regime, does fit the actual, constitutional definition of it quite nicely.

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'We Neither Have Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Speech'


Gay fascists and their Intolerable Acts.


ascists are never satisfied. Power instantly goes to their empty heads. Revenge and retribution are the only things that drive them. You stand up in any way to them and their overbearing, tyrannical acts and threats, they will utterly destroy you, then goosestep over anything that remains. Until you submit completely to their every whim, to whatever may be their will this week, you are a mortal enemy of their fascist state.

Go to hell, Gayzis. I'll never submit to fascists — either of the islamonazi variety or of your EvolWins one.

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"If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes. Period."


he only good thing about the Iran Øppeasement Deal™ is it's going to last just 555 days. Then a real president will take office and promptly sweep it and all the other Baracrap into the dustbin of history.

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The Dictator of Immigration Now Wants to Blame Republicans for His Murderous Misdeeds


...instead of trying to get to the bottom of his willful failure to catch and deport repeat violent violators of our laws.


ying Øliar's lawlessness is literally getting us killed.

Two months ago, it was his knowing refusal to go after a known violent cutthroat that allowed said cutthroat to kidnap and brutally murder 10-year-old Phillip Savopoulos' parents Savvas and Amy and their housekeeper Vera Figueroa in their own home and burn little Phillip alive in his own bed.

No, Dictator Øbamalfeasance was too busy faithlessly not executing our immigration laws so yes he can flood our country with his unvaccinated "dreamers."

Last week, it was his knowing refusal to go after sanctuary-city officials who allowed a known violent invader to wander around free and cold-bloodedly gun down Kathryn Steinle to death right in front of her dad Jim.

Had enough, Mr. & Mrs. America?

Are you tired yet of the mindless blamers and excusers who're getting more and more of your loved ones killed?

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