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'Denying Global-Climate-Warming-Change-Disruption-Shifts™ Endangers National Security'


As opposed to overtly aiding, comforting, and enabling Iran, ISIS, and our nation's other islamofascist enemies, Mr. Presidespot?


t's not lying Øliar's catastrophic fumbling diplomatically that has made our world extremely unsafe. The blame lies (pun intended) with shriekingly hyped and "adjusted" "data" that this Doomsayer-n-Thief and his fellow greedy, hypocritical alarmists drone on and on about as being "proof" of how, in Popular (Junk-)Science's words rantings and ravings, "global warming and climate shifts begin to impact diplomacy (or the lack thereof) around the world. Melting ice in the Arctic is creating a mad scramble for resources, while melting in the Antarctic is raising sea levels so high countries are drowning. And drought is making water an increasingly precious resource, one that people could die for." Moreover, anybody who dares scrutinize such "data" is branded not only a "holocaust denier" but a much bigger threat to our national security than all the emboldened muslim tyrants and terrorists clearly and presently trying to weaken and destroy us so yes they can establish some worldwide Theocratic Reich.

That's the Øfascist misadministration for you. Official motto: Helping foreign evildoers since 2009.®

Ominously, the Caliphate-enabling extremist told our Coast Guard Academy graduates that "if you see storm clouds gathering, or dangerous shoals ahead, you don't sit back and do nothing. You take action — to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty.

"And so, too, with climate change. Denying it, or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces."

What is he ordering them to do? Since he declared "deniers," in effect, a grave national-security threat — one that "undermines the readiness of our forces" — does he want them to detain or even fire on any they encounter at sea? After all, "anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty."

If a group of GCWCDS™ skeptics go on a cruise and one of our Coast Guard ships intercepts them, is it supposed to immediately attack and sink them? Will he court martial that ship's entire company if it fails to do so?

No, as this very hard data scientifically shows, the thing endangering our national security the most is the viscous pack of fascist shitweasels now infesting our country's executive branch of government.

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Needed Amtrak 'Infrastructure' Was A Brake Pedal


Going 100 MPH around a 55 MPH curve was not the fault of Republicans, Baracknee-jerk Øbastard.


emocrackheads can't even wait for the dead bodies to get cold yet before trying to figure out a way to blame Republicans for those deaths.

Somewhere just above the lowest layer of hell reserved for lawyers and beneath that reserved for genocidal tyrants is the evil hotspot these Øfascists will be forever residing after they kick the red rat-bastard commie bucket.

They'll be joined, of course, by the Politco(mmie) hack who wrote this: "Hours after deadly crash, House panel votes to cut Amtrak budget."

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Lying liar-in-chief lied again.


emember Baracrook Øfascist's big lie that his health care "reform" would significantly reduce emergency-room visits?

How often, for example, have you heard the emergency-room argument? The uninsured, it's said, use emergency rooms for primary care. That's expensive and ineffective. Once they're insured, they'll have regular doctors. Care will improve; costs will decline. Everyone wins. Great argument. Unfortunately, it's untrue.

Just like "if you like your plan/doctor, yes you can keep your plan/doctor. Period!"

Once again we learn it was nothing but lies.

Backers of ObamaCare have said it would reduce the number of visits to emergency rooms, the Wall Street Journal notes, but in fact, a poll of ER doctors finds that number has been climbing.

Exactly as predicted by everybody with something other than fascistic feces for brains when Øbigliar and his Democrook accomplices in Congress were conspiring to ram their unread, 2,000-page bill fraud down all our throats.

"Visits are going up despite the (Affordable [sic] Care [sic] Act), and in a lot of cases because of it," a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians tells the Journal.

Also, the average family's annual health care costs were supposed to go down by $2,500. But, of course, the opposite has happened. Just look at how "affordable" your deductible and premiums are now.

The findings come from a March poll of 2,098 doctors, three-quarters of whom said they'd seen ER visits increase since January 2014. Last year, less than half of doctors polled noted an increase in the number of visits.

After many lawless delays and exemptions, we're finally starting to feel the full abominable effects of Øfascist"Care".

The ACEP says people who have gained Medicaid insurance under the law are heading to the ER because they have a hard time getting appointments otherwise; many doctors won't accept their insurance, ACEP notes.

Another prediction come true.

There is also the problem of hospitals and ERs closing.


The president of ACEP tells USA Today that there is also a shortage of primary care doctors given the number of people now insured.

Only fanatical fascists like Øbigliar and his co-conspirators in government and media didn't want you to see that one coming.

US officials have predicted that by 2020, the country will be 20,000 primary care doctors short of its needs. "(Patients) don't have anywhere to go but the emergency room," he says. "This is what we predicted. We know people come because they have to."

By then, don't be surprised if you have to bring along an interpreter whenever you visit your Øfascist"Care" "doctor."

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ISIS Crossing the Border


"It's never been more secure!" –Baracrook Øliar


he "Religion" of Peace Submit-or-Die respects freedom of speech like its enabler-in-chief Presidespot Øfascist respects the constitution that guarantees that freedom. That is, it doesn't.

Local police said two suspects opened fire late Sunday outside a community center in Garland that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet [mass-murdering pedophile] Muhammad. One unarmed security guard was injured, but other security officers managed to fatally shoot both attackers before anyone else was hurt or killed.

Followers of ISIS had been sending messages about the event in Texas for more than a week, calling for attacks. One referenced January's Charlie Hebdo massacre in France and said it was time for "brothers" in the United States to do their part.

[Elton] Simpson was well known to the FBI. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa, but a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove he was going to join a terror group there.

As for the second suspect, the FBI is combing through files on all of Simpson's known associates in Phoenix and elsewhere, but so far there has been no word on the accomplice's identity.

Why hasn't there been any word? Is the other murderous islamofascist an "Undocumented American" (© 2007 Harry Reidtard, D-ISIS)?

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Ted Cruz for Secretary


Not for president since he's not a natural born citizen.


orn on U.S. soil to U.S.-citizen parents. Until Wimperor Hussein, that was the customary and applied definition of the term. Ted Cruz's birth on foreign soil to a non-citizen father and U.S.-citizen mother means he isn't eligible to the office of president. But yes he can serve as our defense secretary, attorney general, or another cabinet-level officer in the Walker Administration.


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'It's not the Court's job to bail them out'


Supreme Court and the law v. the political branches' bad ideas


enter for Individual Freedom contributing editor Ashton Ellis explains:

Despite all the machinations engaged in by the Obama administration, the intent of the law is evident in its text. The feds tried to entice states into a pay-to-play scheme that would hide the true cost of health insurance, let ObamaCare's backers claim they had covered millions of uninsured Americans and pad state budgets just long enough to make those new bureaucracies seem affordable.

It's often said that the Supreme Court's job is to say what the law is. There's no better way to honor that duty than to hold Congress and the president accountable for the laws they pass. If the political branches lose on the gamble to tempt a majority of states to trade away financial sustainability for a few years' worth of good press, then it's not the Court's job to bail them out.

Michelle Malkin on Øbadidea"Care":

San Francisco resident and former Obama supporter Melissa Klein exposed her ordeal with Covered California last week. The state exchange botched her 1095-A and then insisted she had never enrolled despite invoices she showed them documenting her premium payments. After hours in OPH [Obamacare Phone Hell], her case remains unresolved, and she can't file her taxes. How is it, she wondered, that "Amazon can ship something to NYC in an hour," but the White House and Covered California "can't create a health care system that functions"?

Klein concluded, better late than never: "I no longer believe that the government should mandate health care. ... A great idea is just an idea if you can't execute. And the government has proved time and time again, it can't execute."

Feelin' your pain, sister. Is D.C. listening?

D.C. = Documented Crooks.

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Democrat War on Nonvoters


Vote or die, literally.


k. These liberøfascists aren't saying outright they want to execute you for not voting — yet. That will only happen when all the other punishments they're so quick and eager to impose on you fail.

After all, punishing you for not behaving, speaking, or even thinking in a way that most enables them and their cronies to gain and retain absolute power and control over everything and everybody is what they're all about anyhow.

Instead of a Democrook-only passed and signed ØbamaVote-Or-Else! Act, why don't ISILiberals™ offer a Positive Alternative® and ditch their mindless opposition to every person's fundamental right to choose an elective abstention?

A financial carrot works far better than their normal tyrannical shtick stick.

How about an Exercised Suffrage Tax Credit, for example? If you vote in all scheduled elections during a calendar year, you get the full amount of the ESTC when you file your return for that year. If you vote in only a fraction of them, you get that same fraction of the credit. Of course, if there weren't any elections, you aren't entitled to it. Couple this with a First-Time Voter Credit, and you'll really get folks to the polls.

Another Positive Alternative® is a tax-free payment issued to every voter electronically or by mail immediately following a certified election. Call it a reverse poll tax. The more people participating in the election, the higher the amount of payment. Imagine the sight of voters forcibly dragging into the voting booth their reluctant relatives and friends and even total strangers off the streets. Now that would warm what passes for a heart of any authoritarian, mandate-loving Despoticrat(birm).

Finally, as an added incentive, when you vote a certain number of consecutive times you would qualify for the Consistent Voter Bonus. You get this bonus after voting in all scheduled elections during five straight calender years — double if 10 years, triple if 15 years, etc. That will entice older voters to keep returning to the polls.

But what about younger, more easily-manipulable nonvoters? How can we attract all of them to the polls? Glad you asked, Mr/s/etc. Liberaleftistyrant. Since you've brainwashed those you want targeted into "thinking" feeling all monetary gain is totally evil, let them "earn" a nontaxable Youth Voter Prize when they vote in the first scheduled election following their eighteenth birthdays. They each could choose which prize he/she/other gets: guaranteed college admission with free credits towards his/her/whatever graduation; free down payment and zero-percent financing on whichever electric vehicle pleases him/her/huh?; free lifetime pass to the Øfascist pResidential Liebrary & ISIL Training Camp; ten-year supply of free, preprinted protest signs; etc. Like moths to a flame, they'll swarm to anyplace where yes they can grab shiny free stuff.

See? Given all these Positive Alternatives®, Presidespot Øbola's "brain" fart so-called idea of punishing folks for not voting is the worst to come along since his Øfascist"Care."

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