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Sickly Coughing Cankled Cackler


Uncontrollably choking on her unconscionable crimes.


er Nibs, the fossilized fascist, probably hacked up half a lung too while lying to the Benghazi Heroes' grieving families that some "spontaneous" mob of video critics barbarously butchered their loved ones, and she was going to hold the video's maker — not the butchers "offended" by it — legally accountable, and that, no, it wasn't any well-armed, not so on-the-run regiment of rampaging ragheads taking complete advantage of her colossal and criminal failure to ensure their loved ones would return to American soil safe and successful, rather than in four pine boxes stacked inside the cargo-hold of a transport plane. How dumb does she "think" feel those families are?

The other half of that lung she hacked up while lying to FBI investigators that she didn't know her unsecured secret server was receiving highest-classified emails because, *cough* *cough* *hack*, they weren't "labelled" Highest Classified. How dumb does she "think" feel those investigators are?

The other lung she's hacking up before the eyes of Iowa's voters while lying to them about the above and everything else.

How dumb does she "think" feel those voters are?

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Was 9/11 A 'Mass Crashing'?


and each unit of islamoterrorist hijackers a bunch of "crashers"?


ass shooting" sounds so much more politically correct than "islamofascist-enemy sneak attack on American soil," doesn't it? It's also better to call bomb-throwing muslim butchers "shooters" than ever risk committing the unforgivably anti-PC sin of profiling them! After all, they have civil rights, you nonprogressive xenophobic bigot. Mustn't violate those no matter how many innocent, regular Americans they "allegedly" cold-bloodedly slaughter!

Perhaps yes Presentdunce Øbonkers can invite the neighbor who didn't want to profile them to come visit him at the White House so yes he can orgasmically congratulate her for her admirable and enlightened tolerance and progressiveness. Ask her to tweet #RefugeesWelcome a few times while she's there, too. That'll show everybody the kind of American values our dEar misLeader wants to encourage!

Only "racist" islamophobes ever see something, say something anyway. So what they might prevent a "mass shooting" an islamofascist-enemy sneak attack on American soil? That's less important than creating more "shooters" bomb-throwing muslim butchers by calling the police about or just merely noticing any.

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'Thanks, Obama. XOXOXO, San Bernardino'


Paris on the Left Coast


o, letting in tens of thousands of unvettable aliens won't put regular Americans in any extreme danger. "Refugees" like Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook are, after all, just like Teh Pilgrims™.

What our country needs is common-sense Dem control, before we see another senseless enabling of islamoterrorist mass-murderers.

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What the Meaning of 'Containing ISIS' Is


Presentdunce Øbozo and the Mizzou Fighting Slowflakes™ want to "safe space" it.

In an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday's broadcast of Good Morning America, Obama declared that he didn't believe ISIS (also known as ISIL) was gaining strength.

'What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them.'

eah, right.

If ISIS had sole power to install America's president, you think its choice would be any different than the øne this dhimmwit's voters made?

Speaking of said *spit* voters *spit*:


Not taking away from Paris we love yall but

With profascistives, there's always a "but" after anything decent, moral, or that cries for common humanity.

...we have terrorists in USA Called KKK #Mizzou. Gov got work to do

7:40 PM - 13 Nov 2015
[20 retweets, 7 hearts]

Typical sniveling coward overpampered selfish greedy libflake, deleted her own tweet while "thinking" feeling the Interwebnetstube isn't forever in her pwecious widdle case. Same kind of mindlessly macroaggressive self-absorbed prozi who'd suckerpunch you for even mentioning how cravenly violent she and her Democollectivist comrades can get if they either don't get everything they want when they want it or simply hear, see, or read something they don't like, and then fail to see the irony.

After all, the word "peace," to a liberofascist, means everybody totally and unconditionally surrendering to, and never, ever, ever challenging his/her/whatever's regressive way of "thinking."

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I'm Glad Trump's on Our Side


"Everybody who attacks me is doomed."


ho hates normal Americans? Liberofascist Demøcrooks(birm), the lapdog mediots humping their legs, and every other degenerate, deviant, demented demagogue desperately trying to turn America into a third-world-overrun, weak-kneed, debt-crushed, overly taxed and bureaucratized hellhole in which yes they can tyrannically reign rather than a heaven in which, Ohhnoooes!, they might have to selflessly serve — along with all the craven "Republicans" wittingly enabling these destroyers of our country and our very way of life.

Who threatens those who hate normal Americans? That is, who best shows yes he can thwart them and undermine their holds on power? That's right. The Donald.

Normal Americans have been able to figure it out. Not surprised the haters haven't.

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First You Berate Us for Being 'Purists'


Now you demand we be purists.


hich is it, Your Establishmentness? You told us, "Don't wait for a perfect candidate." Now that we aren't waiting, you tell us, "Whoa! Slow down." Instead of all your extremely confusing messages, why don't you just come right out and tell us what you really want us to do?: Open up wide as you cram down our throats another "moderate" Liberal-Lite Loser™, then bend way over and let you and him and the rest of your syphilitic gang-raping Establishment Whores(birm) take turns screwing us like you've been doing these past eight or nine years. Oh, and smile and pretend we enjoy it, also.

Come on, be honest with us for a change. You know you're dying to tell this to our faces. After all, you'd rather "crush" us than take on and beat any of your Blue benighted buddies hell-bent on crushing America. That much is obvious.

Jebston Bushell The III® isn't going to lead us off Obamagan's Island. It's going to take something like this to swoop in and pick us up—

Donald Trump helicopter

Set us aboard something like this—

Donald Trump yacht

That will sail America's political castaways safely back to civilization.

There's no more time to waste on your schizophrenia. Stay behind if you wish. We're moving full speed ahead towards a freer and braver land.

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'That's Crazy Talk!'


...says every freedom-hating racist liberofascist(birm) who, after seeing this video, still "thinks" feels judging you inferior and in need of special "entitlements" because of the color of your skin is something to crow about.

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?To call someone a racist is a serious charge. A racist is someone who believes that one person is superior (or inferior) to another person simply based on their skin color. It’s a belief that is both foolish and stupid. But conservatives are accused by progressives of being racist on an almost daily basis. Is it a fair accusation? Or, is it just political posturing? And, if it is political posturing, what does it say about the people making the charge? Derryck Green of Project 21 has some provocative answers.

Posted by PragerU on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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