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'Cash for Cloture'


Demøcrooks taking your money to bribe Demøcrook senators sleazytørs for their 'yea' votes on the Demøcrooks' extreme, entirely partisan healthcare deathfare bill which, no, Demøcrooks can't wait to forcibly ram down the American people's throats and "compleat the (Demøcrooks') works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages." In short, Business As Usual™.


o the Republicans' credit, they're totally united in the Senate against the mercenary Demøfascists' latest brutal assault on all our liberties.

Two millennia ago, in another so-called august body, Satan's minions were able to buy off Judas with only thirty pieces of silver.

The value of those pieces today, distributed to Nelson, Lincoln, Landrieu, et al. his direct spiritual descendants, is an extremely tempting three hundred million dollars, if not more, of your own money.

These Demøfascist mercenaries have forced you to finance the very bribes they're receiving to betray you and your loved ones. Bribes that "Present" Øfascist Øbeelzebub's Cabana Bøy“You said ‘boy’…That’s RAAAAACIST!!1!11!™” can't wait to approve as he breaks yet another of his alleged promises.

Our only chance is to punch every one of these Demøbackstabbing vultures right in the political kisser next Novemeber. Then their slimy, crøøked beaks won't again be in a position where, yes, they can peck away at our cheeks — not to mention all the other parts of our anatomy.

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Terrorist Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Supports Obama'care'


A top foreign enemy of the United States supporting the Domestic-enemy Party®'s plan to destroy our private economy and individual freedoms.
      What a surprise.


errorist Mohammed(birm) says sending U.S. citizens to jail for not buying Peløseri Preapprøved™ health insurance is the best idea he's heard since he came up with the one of hijacking fuel-laden passenger jets, murdering their pilots, and using them as deadly bombs to destroy America's symbols of economic and military strength.

"Brilliant! Yes we can! Change we need!" were, in fact, this terrorist enemy's exact words.

As unsurprising as high-ranking terrorist enemies of the U.S. supporting the way Demøfascists are terrorizing citizens with threats of jail time is, even more unsurprising is how completely top al-Qaeda, Demøfascist, and other terrorist leaders are united in their support of al-Qbama purposefully exposing our domestic juries and courts to barbaric mass-murdering butchers who'll stop at nothing to disrupt and destroy America's symbols of justice, too.

"Brilliant! Yes we can! Change we need!" were, in fact, this terrorist enemy's the appeaser-in-chief "Present" Øbsequious' exact words.

Thanks a pantsload, 52'errs.

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They could kill all of us...


and liberals still wouldn't have the guts to call it "terrorism."


o problem calling fellow Americans "tea baggers," "political terrorists," "swastika carriers," etc.

Those "terrorists" won't slit your throat and cut off your head when you do.

Cowardly liberals.

Which is the same as saying airy air or watery water or fiery fire or rocky rock.

No doubt, if the TEA Party attendees all converted to pigslum islam, liberals would say they're "victims" and declare calling them those vile, nasty names a crime against humanity.

Even if dozens of the more violent ones massacre thousands, liberals would blame it all on our lack of "tolerance and understanding" and chastise us for failing to redress the TEA Partiers' "legitimate grievances."

Of course, were each of these "misunderstood" butchers not already a U.S. citizen, liberals would be doing everything they can to make sure he receives the same constitutional rights as one — if not full citizenship itself.

The only thing the TEA Party folks would have to do is yell how much they hate America for "all the evils it's done throughout the world" as loudly as liberals yell it.

Joseph Stalin, Osama bin Laden, and pretty much any liberal.

Each indistinguishable from any of the other long-term enemies America's ever had in her history.

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400,000 Americans die a year because they HAVE health insurance


With as much cause and effect as liberals correlate mangle and distort into any of their phony Scaaaaary Statistics™.


nfant mortality is measured differently in other countries. So much so as to render whatever twisted comparisons that liberals fascist tøtalitarian statists attempt to make between our country's rates and theirs nothing more than an outright myth. But why let solid facts get in the way of a good-sounding Scaaaaary Statistic lie?

Same with liberals' fascist fearmøngers' 30- 47-million-uninsured Scaaaaary Statistic™ lie.

Same, also, with liberals' pathøløgically lying fascists' "choice and competition," "no cuts or rationing or taxpayer-funded abortions," "Medicare-for-All (except illegal aliens — we promise!)®," "coverage that will always stay with you," "Let Me Be Clear™: Read My Lips: no new insurance for illegal aliens," "relatively low 'life expectancy,'" "Teh Øpt-Øut Øptiøn™," and other equally phony myths and Scaaaaary Statistics™ lies.

Communist Jim Jones told his mindless-robot flock less lies to scare them all into gulping down the poisoned Kool-Aid than liberals Demøcømmunists and other lethal fascists are now telling you and me as they try to scare us all into swallowing their own versiøn of it.

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Take Action


Create a letter. Save our freedoms.

Help Free Our Healthcare Now

As you know, the future of healthcare runs the risk of being taken over by the Government. We must do all we can to prevent that from occurring. By visiting the site below, you'll have the opportunity to have a letter sent directly to your Congressman and Senators so that they understand what the constituents in their area think about this issue. It only takes several minutes to have the letter sent. Please consider making your voice heard.

Click here.


ipartisan opposition — strongly so — to the fascist Peløseri Høuse Regime's multi-thousand page, freedom killing, tax hiking, jobs destroying, and costs increasing bill Øbscenity. That is Step One.

Bipartisan opposition — even stronger in the Senate — to her felløw Demøfascist gøøse steppers' violently resorting to the very undemocratic and tyrannical recønciliation prøcedure to shove with their jackbøøts down the American people's recession-squeezed throats that multi-thousand page, freedom killing, tax hiking, jobs destroying, and costs increasing Øbscenity. That is Step Two.

Bipartisan opposition — the strongest of all — to these gøøse stepping Demøfascists in next year's federal elections, as fed up American voters very democratically replace every jackbøøted øne of them with true and honest Representatives who will promptly and fully repeal that multi-thousand page, freedom killing, tax hiking, jobs destroying, and costs increasing Øbscenity. That, finally, is Step Three.

Take action to save our freedoms now.

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Obama Allowed Terrorists to Attack Us Again on Our Own Soil


So much for the "overseas" part in his cowardly "Overseas Contingency Operation."


an-Caused Disaster" M.A. That's what's in the White House miserably failing to keep the American people safe from islamofascist terrorist attacks against us in our own home states. Not the islamofascist terrorists attacking us today in Texas and who knows where else tomorrow.

Just seven months after the extremely dangerous coward "Present" Øbamateur thought felt that renaming World War IV would appease the islamofascist terrorists so much they wouldn't be mad at us anymore and again attack us here—

The Obama [al-Qbama mal]administration has ordered an end to use of the phrase "Global War on Terror"....

In a memo sent ... from the Defense Department's office of security to Pentagon staffers, members were told, "this [mal]administration prefers to avoid using the term 'Long War' or 'Global War on Terror' [GWOT.] [Because it might huwt da islamofwascist tewwowists' feewings.] Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'"

— islamofascist terrorists are again attacking us here.

The word "victory" is out, too, per his extremely dangerous incompetence and cowardly irresponsible dithering:

"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," Øbama[teur] told ABC News....

"We're not dealing with nation states at this point. We're concerned with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, Al Qaeda's allies," he said. "So when you have a non-state actor, a shadowy operation like Al Qaeda, our goal is to make sure they can't attack the United States."

The only time the dangerously incompetent former junior less-than-one-term senator says "victory" That Word Nøne Shall Speak™ is when he thinks feels his extreme Marxist government dictatorship is close to fascistically taking over another giant piece of our nation's economy.

No, we didn't "move ... toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur."

Benedict Hussein al-Qbama is letting more islamofascist terrorist attacks occur on American soil.

As Rush Limbaugh so aptly put it, "he's immature, inexperienced, in over his head."

Øfascist's in over his head, all right. Now many Americans are dead.

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Newt, with all due respect...




ou screwed the pooch. Plain and simple. 'Nurf said.

Now. Stop. Talking.

Please go back into your secluded study and don't come out until you've figured out why We the People (© 1776-2009 Divine Providence) have had it up to our ever-lovin' ears with selfish puling pols(birm) who petulantly Always Blame Others™ for their own projected shortcomings, misdeeds, and downright lunacy, instead of doing what we pay them for: sensibly governing us, and no more.

None of that We Have To Take Care Of You And Save You From Yourselves Because Only We Know What's Best For You (© 1917-2009 Marxists & Demøfascists, BIRM) nonsense, all coming from overly pampered, over-"educated," and overall out-of-touch imbeciles whø, in addition to suffering terminal cases of acute deafness, never have, would, or could to save their lives effectually run even a popsicle stand, much less that command-economy Hammer N. Sickle, Jr. dreamboat of theirs over which they have perpetual orgasms.

So get in there. You've got some studying to do — and, please, unsubscribe from that Daily Køs Daily Køølaids® feed!

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Now We're 'Political Predators'


"...and incumbents are their prey." ABC All-Barack Channel's George Stephanopoulos says so... So It Must Be True™.


thought we were "political terrorists."

No matter.

Those incumbents cause H1N1 pig flu vaccination shortages and screw ups, then turn around and say "yes we can 'efficiently' run your whole health care system." They cause Afghanistan to sink into a giant, deadly quagmire. They cause the recession to "fundamentally transform" into the longest since the Great Depression. They cause unemployment for one in every ten workers (a 26-year high), or one in every six if you include laid-off workers who've either settled for part-time employment or given up looking for jobs. They cause avowed communists, admitted tax cheats, and ACORN APØRN to "hold and enjoy offices of honor, trust or profit under the United States." They cause banks to fail at a number that soon will surpass even the 120 collapses during the 1992 savings-and-loan crisis. They cause General Gøvernment Motors et al. to go bankrupt. They cause trillions upon trillions of dollars of government debt that must be left to our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc., etc. Etc., etc., etc.

But they blame everyone and everything else for all the messes they cause.

This on top of calling us "political terrorists," "brown shits," "angry mobs," "swastika carriers," "phony Astroturf," "un-American," etc., etc., etc., etc.

I don't see why anyone would think feel these rancid pieces of inedible filth could ever qualify as anyone's "prey."

Our body politic is in the process of regurgitating them. It has no desire at all to attempt ingesting any more of their kind.

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'We tax everything that moves and doesn't move'


Yes, yøu Defrauderrats dø.

Her Nibs' pantsuit-burka

er" Nibs Hørridly Realdumb al-Qlintøn, tøtalitarian dictatør Øbammmmmmmmmeinführer's Cømrade Secretary of the Nanny State, was in Pakistan last week saying that the islamic country's people — now suspend your willing suspension of disbeliefalso deserve a steep tax hike.

The percentage of taxes on GDP is among the lowest in the world... We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn't move, and that's not what we see in Pakistan.

Of course, the Marxistream Media are in full Crybaby Møde complaining that Teh Vaaaassst Right Wing Conspiracy® is — now resume your willing suspension of disbelief™ — "taking 'her' (Dirtycømmierat al-Qlintøn's) wørds out of cøntext."

Wow. Who ever saw that coming?

No, Demerratic Party mmm,mmm,mmmisleaders never intentionally vøice their eternal preference, demands, admiratiøn, prøpaganda, lønging, and shrill cries for insatiably higher and higher taxes, fees, regulatiøns, cøntrols, ratiøning, or øther nanny statist, free-market destrøying, populace øppressing, taxpayer fleecing dictates, usurpations, and other acts of absolute despotism, tyranny, and rule "Change."

[A]s you flip through the [1,990] pages of the [Nanny Statist Peløseri (NSDWP-Taxistan)] House bill, you will notice the word "regulation" appears 181 times. "Tax" is there 214 times. "Fees," 103 times. As we all know, nothing says "affordability" like higher taxes and fees.

At least no more sø than they're ever wont to dø in overseas "diplømatic" prønøuncements and prøpøsed Acts of al-Qøngress.

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Destruction of Private Health Care Act


So much unhealthy crap it took MmmMmmMø, Larry, Curly Øbambøøzler, Peløseri, Reidtard (NSDWP®-Fascistan) a whøpping 1,990 pages tissues of lies to wipe it all off of themselves.


hen the smoke clears pipes unclog, the only thing left will be — as always intended by these reeking Demøfascists — Government Insurance Single-Payer, Unlimited.

The same government that took $800,000,000,000 to createorsave™ 30,000 640,000 less than 25,000 "jobs" — or 32 million dollars per "job," and less than 1 percent the number of "jobs" it promised lied this program boondoggle would createorsave™.

“We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good [misery].”

The same government that took $3,000,000,000 to cashforclunker™ a fuel "savings" of only $375,000,000 — a program boondoggle that spent 8 dollars for each dollar it promised lied would be "saved," and has cost us taxpayers taxed suckers $24,000 per "new" car sale.

The same government that's taking it's own sweet time — as our Troops are being killed at unprecedented rates in Afghanistan because they lack the sorely needed reinforcements our top general on the ground has been pleading with it over and over since August to quickly send them — to decide whether it should finally get around to actually listening to him and give our increasingly desperate and demoralized Troops all those necessary reinforcements so, yes, they can fight and win what it promised lied would be a "war of necessity."

The same government that's taking far, far longer to deliver the swine flu vaccinations our vulnerable and dying children need right now, than the "week or two" it originally promised lied it would take.

The same government that now wants to take away our senior citizens' current Medicare plans in a massive cut — to the tune of one-half trillion dollars — which it promises lies will, prestø-changø, "save" those senior citizens money and "let them keep their health care plan if they like it" despite the fact every such Medicare plan, whether they like it or not, won't be around for them to keep after that massive cut.

No, this government can't cost-effectively, efficiently, beneficially, truthfully, or honestly exercise the countless powers it has now — powers it's already taken from us — yet "our" representatives and officers in it have the unmitigated gall to promise lie that, yes, we can trust it to exercise even more! This time so that, yes, it can totally take over and run mismanage then destroy our entire private health care system.

What kind of Køøl-Aid gulping mass-suicidal Øsheeple-temple Barackultist fools do these dangerously corrupt, selfish, greedy, ever paranoid, and absolute- and unquestioned-power craving Demøfascists take us for?

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