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'North Korea blowing up White House would be sickening. But...


Øbola's loving @SethRogen for insulting DPRK leadership only feeds tragic cycle." –David Assholerod


xelknob's response to the assassination of Asian and Hispanic police officers in Brooklyn by a lowlife reacting to his party comrades' malevolent, hate-filled rhetoric is equally warped:

Murder of NYC cops was sickening. But union's hit on @BilldeBlasio for addressing chasm between police & community only feeds tragic cycle.

Does this but-monkey not realize he just claimed everything preceding that word is less of a horror, threat, or outrage than whatever he's babbling on about afterwards?

Of course that was a rhetorical question.

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"I'm not an emperor! I just rule arbitrarily like one." –Presityrant Øfascist


f this lying lawbreaking power-abusing liar weren't half-white, his own party would've been clamoring for his impeachment and conviction a long time ago.

Ours is supposed to be a nation of laws, not of mendacious despotic scumbags. The only thing protecting the top bag of scum polluting the office of president now is his skin color. Øbully and the First Fraudy know this and use it to frighten and silence anyone in the press or other party who might otherwise stand up and hold them accountable. The latter fears being called a racist by proven liars much more than being judged an absolute coward by future generations.

Negotiate with muslim terrorist leaders for release of terrorists in our custody and turncoats in theirs? Only hear crickets. Give overt aid and comfort to enemies of the United States? Their chirping grows louder. Send muslim terrorists back to the battlefield? It's hurting your ears now. Leave our Marines behind to rot in Mexican and Iranian prisons? No, they haven't stopped. That lack of sound means you're deaf.

We are allowing Barack Obama to get away with this because he is [half-]black. That's it, and that's all. To say if he were white he would have been impeached already is a non-sequitor; if he were white a man of his inexperience and radical background would never have been elected in the first place. America voted for him to prove they were not racist, and now we will let him destroy this government for the same reason.

"Nation of cowards," indeed.

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'Teh Book of Obama'


"In the beginning, lying Øliar lied... and it was not 'good'"


n Nashville, the lying Liar-in-Chief lied, "The good book says, don't throw stones in glass houses."

Which "good" book is that, Øliar? It's certainly not the Holy Bible. Perhaps Marx's Das Kapital or Mao's Little Red Book? Maybe even Mein Kampf? or the Koran? We know it isn't your healthcare-"reform" architect Jonathan Gruber's ØbamaCare for Dummies Stupid Democrat Voters, because that's one of the last things anybody exhibiting any real intelligence would consider "good." Oh, wait — we're talking about you, so you no doubt "think" feel that it is.

But don't worry. Your high priestesses at WaPo et al. are furiously scribbling apologia to protect you against this heretical mocking from us "strictly speaking" folk; just as they always do whenever you lyingly lie through your teeth open your mouth in public.

Who knew Joseph and Mary were illegal immigrants who snuck across international borders to receive executive amnesty from King Herod? Or is this another of those "if God won't act to change His word, I Teh Great & Powerful Øb will!"?

Verily, Øtyrant, the American people grow more and more weary of your monotonous hubris.

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Democrats Giving Our Enemies Aid and Comfort...Again


Yeah, what a surprise.


et them be absolutely clear: Appeasing terrorists — or "man-caused disaster"ists or "unprivileged enemy belligerents" or "misunderstood victims of America's meanness" or whatever other term of enduring appeasement Demøtraitors use to obscure and excuse these unprotected oxygen thieves islamonsters and their indescribable, unadulterated evil — by alleging, just as they profusely claim on all of their recruitment posters, that their captured leaders have been "tortured" by us, is what Demøliars are doing in this latest diversionary stunt of theirs. It's just a coincidence, of course, that Jonathan Stupidity Of The American Democrook Voter Gruber was testifying before lying to Congress about GrubamaCare on the very same day they chose to pull it.

Make no mistake: They're exacting their revenge on America and her citizens for what we did — call it the intelligence and good sense of the America voter — last month. We made them all lame ducks. Now they want to make us all dead ones.

"The war is lost," although it wasn't. "The surge hasn't accomplished its goals," although it had. Our combat generals' sworn statements "really require the willing suspension of disbelief," although even the Washington Compost admitted they were all verifiably trustworthy and true. We're the same as "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime, Pol Pot or others, that had no concern for human beings," although we aren't. "There is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women," etc., etc., etc....

With Dems like these, who needs terrorists?

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No Money for Amnesty


Shouldn't cost Øbola anything to do nothing about lawbreaking anyway.


ackbones, Republicans. Grow some.

If Presidespot Øbola "thinks" feels yes he can "change the law" all by himself like a tyrant, does that mean yes he can also force all of us and our representatives to fork over to him the money he needs to carry out his tyranny?

What good is Congress's power of the purse if it doesn't use it to stop this entirely lawless action of a two-bit tinhorn dictator who not only won't enforce our laws but makes his own up as he goes along? If it won't then, why not just let him highhandedly single-handedly propose and ratify a constitutional amendment repealing the rest of Article I, too, and be done with it? Might as well throw in Article III while we're at it. Think how much simpler our lives would be with only one person acting as judicial, legislative, and executive branch in this country! Then, we won't have to anymore — about anything. Yes we can merely do whatever he says or else.

Call it putting the American people on a path to subjectship. Or slavery, for short.

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