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Does Government Shutdown Include Obama's Spying on Regular Americans?


And Baracketeer Øfelon illegally giving Senators and Congresscrooks special bribes "subsidies" that exempt them from his murderous Øfascist"Care"?


nd Øgabe's IRS illegally targeting and threatening his political enemies?

And Øbawarmonger illegally arming, adhering to, aiding, and otherwise comforting al-Qaeda terrorists "rebels" in Syria?

And Baracrook Øfailure's illegal suspensions of Øfascist"Care" which benefit only his big corporate pals?

If the answer's yes it does, then go ahead and shut the sucker down!

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Shutting Down Tyrannical Government


Teh Horror™!


f that Teh Horror™! means We the People's true representatives in Congress get to smite and forever bury Demøtyrants' Øfascist"Care" just as We the People demand, We the People won't mind living in a rare state of unabridged Freedom for a few weeks or months before having to "live" again under this government's unending tyranny.

Teh Horror™!

Except, without Demøtyrants' Øfascist"Care", this government's unending tyranny won't be as utterly intolerable as it would be with it.

Teh Horror™!

...only for Demøtyrants and their Øfascist"Care", that is.

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'I may be insane, but I ain't crazy'


"What reason did the Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooter(birm) give for not targeting a crowded gun show?"



"'Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooters(birm)' for four hundred, Alex."

"When the Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooter(birm) was screaming 'Allahu Akbar!' during the Fort Hood Massacre, he was really screaming this."

"What is 'Thank God!'?"

"According to Senator al-MqQain, that's correct."

"'Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooters(birm)' for six hundred."

"The next Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooter(birm) now can label its customers 'fish in a barrel,' too."

"What is Starbucks?"

"Yes. Go."

"'Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooters(birm)' for eight hundred."

"On this map, it shows a perfect match between high incidents of gun violence and high incidents of Øbraindead voters."

"What is blue?"


"'Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooters(birm)' for a thousand, Alex."

"Their so-called 'commen sense' restrictions wouldn't have done a damned thing to stop Liberal Mass-Murdering Shooters(birm), but would've only infringed even further on the rights and safety of law-abiding citizens."

"Who are liberals?"

"Yes. Other acceptable responses include 'fascists,' 'socialists,' 'Demøcrooks,' 'communists,' 'tyrants,' 'insane people,' 'liars,' 'anti-America traitors,' and 'shredders of the U.S. Constitution.' Clearly they all mean the same thing here."

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Gilberton PA Police Chief: 'Molon Labe, UN & al-Qerry!'


Fortunately for the American people, he's not the only public servant who takes his solemn oath very seriously. (LANGUAGE WARNING)


lthough Chief Mark Kessler was fired by the borough council after he posted this video, he and his many thousands of liberty-loving supporters continue to stand up for all of our rights, "even for those who oppose our constitution."

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For 'People' Who Constantly Claim What They're Doing Is 'For Teh Children'...


They sure do openly Hope® to see a lot of children dead.


magine if a spokesman for a local chapter of the Republican Party said yes he can Hope® the children of pResident Øbadmouth's communications director "all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases" due to Øfascist"Care"'s admitted rationing of health services. How long before the Secret Service, IRS, NSA, et al. would all be knocking on his door?

Same if a rare mythical conservative professor of journalism told an anti-Second Amendment organization yes he can Hope® "next time, let it be your sons and daughters" who die in one of those fish barrels gun-free zones (except for liberal nutjobs' guns) it supports. The 24/7 howls from the "mainstream" media militant propaganda arm of the Demøfascist Party wouldn't cease until the university where he works fired him and the FBI arrested him for making "terroristic threats."

From here on out, next time you hear a liberal say "it's for Teh Children™," just laugh in either of his two faces.

Of course, everything liberals do and say is intended to shut down all debate so they have the first, last, and only word. That's how all tyrants achieve and stay in power.

Fortunately for our freedoms, liberals also gleefully advocate the murder abortion of their own children lumps of fetal tissue. Won't be too many generations before there aren't any left to Hope® for the brutal deaths of their political opponents' children.

That's the kind of needed Change® yes we can Hope® for and believe in.

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Making Going to Jail Unpalatable


One vegetarian meal at a time — each served up personally by Sheriff Joe Arpaio!


n Maricopa County, Arizona, choosing to be a worthless criminal scumbag thug is most unwise.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County jails have made national headlines for years.

First there was the construction of Tent City in 1993, then there was the introduction of the infamous pink underwear he makes the inmates wear — and now he's at it again.

The Sheriff has announced he's turning his jails — vegetarian! No more meat will be served in Arpaio's jails.

Ooohh Nooeeesss! Call the notACLUe!!


When they finally arrest and convict The Øfascists Moochhell and Baracrook for gross misuse of taxpayer funds and aggravated acts of corruption and treason, both need to serve at least part of their respective multi-life sentences in one of Sheriff Arpaio's jails.

In Moochhell's case, forcing her to eat the kinds of "food" she wants government to literally ram down everyone else's throat would be the height of poetic justice. In Baracrook's, however, he'd probably enjoy wearing the pink underwear... a little too much.

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Brain Dead 'President'


"Raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt"?


hen why raise it, Baracrook? If, as you seem to imply, you have no intention of borrowing more money, it would be unreasonable to change the maximum amount yes you can borrow. Admittedly, that condition rests on the extremely obtuse assumption you aren't a dangerously profligate liar and crook. Every non-fascist, by now, knows better.

In case you haven't been keeping up, Constitutional-"Scholar"-in-Chief™, I just want to remind you that Congress, by law, expressly authorizes the amount or "validity" of the public debt. Congress, again by law, expressly makes appropriations in consequence of which money may be drawn from the U.S. Treasury. If not enough money is in the treasury to cover such appropriations, it is the responsibility of Congress to either expressly reduce total appropriations or expressly lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, and even borrow money on the credit of the United States so there is enough money. Otherwise, spending must stop completely once the treasury's balance hits zero, unless Congress has, by law, expressly provided for that exigency — as it did in the Antideficiency Act:

The act prohibits federal officials from obligating funds before an appropriations measure has been enacted, except as authorized by law. The act also prohibits acceptance of voluntary services and employment of personal services exceeding what has been authorized by law. Exceptions are made under the act to the latter prohibition for "emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property." Therefore, the Antideficiency Act generally prohibits agencies from continued operation in the absence of appropriations. Failure to comply with the act may result in criminal sanctions, fines, and removal.

Please fail to comply with that Act of Congress, Øfascist. Watching you try to squirm your way out of the resulting criminal sanctions, fines, and removal, and your corrupt attorney general again blatantly ignore and break numerous laws in the process, would do no end of good towards waking even more people up to your thoroughly lawless and irresponsible regime.

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The Whole Premise of Obama'Care':


Once government demands that anybody's "poor choices" cost everybody, everybody will demand that government "prevent" anybody from making them.


oor choices," of course, means doing anything liberals don't like; while "prevent" means depriving or denying you your right to choose to do any such liberal-disapproved thing.

"Liberal" obviously means tyrant, police-state supporter, fascist, constitution-shredding goon, and every other self-serving, sanctimonious thug who exempts himself from whatever law he and his commierades help enact to strictly control and severely punish We their Peasants of their Unlimited Serfdoms of Amerika™.

Yes we can must promptly, totally defund and ultimately repeal DemØfascist"Care". Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor are all at stake.

Demøfascists alone passed it. Demøfascists alone own it. It's only fair that Demøfascists alone pay a very heavy political price for their extremely poor choices.

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So, 'Must! Act! Now!' in Syria Really Didn't Mean Must! Act! Now! After All


Just words. Just speeches.


hat did Biitch Ø'Putin actually Change™ in Syria? It's still led by a tyrant who still has all his chemical weapons. The Syrian "rebels" are still led by al-Qaeda terrorists who still have all theirs. The only difference is that Russia somehow turned Baracoward Øbungler into even more of a bungling coward than the whole world already knew he is; which was really a masterful accomplishment in and of itself.

Let me be absolutely clear®: "Never mind" is hardly an effectual foreign policy, Miss Baremily Øtella. It doesn't engender fear in our enemies or inspire confidence in our allies — especially when you ship more arms to the former, violating the spirit if not letter of a law that strictly prohibits such high treason. How can you reasonably determine it's essential to our national security to waive that prohibition when it essentially amounts to your adhering to the very same terrorists who attacked us and plan to attack us again on our own soil? How can you claim you're not aiding and comforting them?

When a people's government is the friend of their enemy, it is their enemy too.

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Adhereing to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.


n short, treason. Throw in the dock with him al-MqQain, al-Qraham, and all the other terrorist enablers in al-Qongress who can't wait to force our men and women in uniform to fight against the enemies of our enemies until the following flag's flying over every capital city in the Middle East.

With all their talk about children, you might think they'd at least try to remember the eight their "rebel" al(-Qaeda)lies brutally murdered twelve years ago. But that would mean they'd have to be willing and able to see the world as it is rather than the Glorious People's Utopia of Next Tuesday™ they'd like it to be. Only in the latter can they see the al-Qaeda-led "rebels" as moderates instead of the child-dismembering butchers they really are.

How quickly they forget. How long before al-Qaeda, backed by its pals al-Qbama et al., captures enough new strongholds that it's able to plan and carry out attacks on American soil again?

Our own government's leaders are overtly and actively betraying us.

God help us all.

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Russian President Putin's O'B. I. Itch.


Not wanted by the American people, Congress, or the United Nations, Øbendover-for-Putin crawls in bed with the bear.


kanky Diplomacy: When you have to totally cheapen yourself to avoid becoming a complete laughingstock.

How embarrassing. Not even whores on the street bother trying to spin their way out of that sort of degradation.

The only "credible force" anybody sees here is the certain, overwhelming demands for Øbeaten's impeachment had he gone it alone and attacked Syria without legal authorization or public support.

The problems we have with war against Syria aren't going to change anytime soon. It's clear that no "unbelievably small" attack would do anything except get numerous innocent civilians killed. Anything more and al-Qaeda terrorists end up taking over that country, including all its chemical weapons. Hasn't Putin's Øboytoy leaned anything from his disaster in Egypt? His siding with "moderate" terrorists there and in Syria has been a miserable failure all around. The Øbrothel regime had its chance to stick it to Syria's puppet-master Iran back in 2009, but blew it. Was telling the democratic freedom fighters in Iran to, in effect, drop dead part of Øbimbo's Smarteriest Diplomacy®?

Now Øbutthurt's lying in this filthy bed he made with his John Vlad. What a joke. Sadly, it'll be at all our expense.

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How Many Times Will Obama Say 'Red Line' Tonight?


And will he mention these left on our butchered ambassador's compound wall in Benghazi a year ago?—

September 9th — What a day! The Obama administration broke the world record for foreign policy incompetence. First Kerry insisted any attack on Syria would be an itsy bitsy, teensy weensy, little bitty one. "Unbelievably small" were his words. Just like his brain. Kerry then said if Assad hands over his chemical weapons everything will be copasetic, but added Assad won't do it. Kerry's State Dept. quickly backtracks, labeling Kerry's offer "rhetorical." Russia then throws a curve by going along and Syria "welcomes" the idea. So Putin is now the power broker in the Middle East, O's rear end is saved and the lib media can trumpet that O's a genius! But the day's "most obnoxious" award goes to Hillary Clinton. The woman who's been wrong on Libya, Egypt & Syria, butts in saying the Russian proposal "would be an important first step" but that Russia must be "held to account." Give us a break Hillary! Below are the Benghazi "red lines" in which you were never "held to account." Like they say, Ms. "what difference does it make?" needs to take a long walk off a short pier!
So we're really talking about an *international* force (who?) securing Syria's chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war?

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Syria's No Threat to Us, Obama'Care' Is


You want "red lines"? These crossed ones actually do mean War on Regular Americans:


Waivers for crony "capitalists" and Big Union pals, none for regular Americans.

2. Unlawful subsidies for members of Congress and their staffs, none for regular Americans.

3. Delayed mandates for employers, none for regular Americans.

4. Unlawful regulations forcing insurers to cancel all child-only plans means none for regular Americans.

5. Out-of-pocket caps delayed means out-of-pocket caps denied for regular Americans.

6. Ditto low-income health plans denied regular Americans suffering under Øblunder's alleged "recovery."

7. Privacy laws gutted means none for regular Americans.

We the Regular American People are demanding there be hundreds of boots on the ground in Congress combating and defeating all funding of the DemØfascist's Weapon of Mass Destitution attack against us.


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The Racist Hypocrisy of Hollyweird


"A lot of people don't want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama." –Ed Asner


magine there's a President Herman Cain. It's easy if you try. No Hollyweirdos feeling anti-black. "Above the law!" they'll cry. Imagine all the hypocrites living for Impeachment Day.

Imagine there's a Syrian civil war. It isn't hard to do. Nothing but tyrant versus terrorists and President Cain's "red line" boo-boo. Imagine all the hypocrites living life endlessly marching for peace.

You may say I'm a racist rightwinger. But I'm not the only one. I hope this Tuesday you'll join us and Øbawarmonger's unjust war plans will be undone.

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Stop Calling Obama's Sons 'Animals'!


It's an insult to animals.


bama's 3,247th son — or someone who could have been him 20 years ago, take your pick — cowardly snuck up behind and animalistically (sorry, animals) attacked "the next white person who walks by," 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt, leaving Mr. Babbitt permanently brain damaged and his 92-year-old mother Hedda permanently without her sole caregiver. Mr. Babbitt was doing nothing except minding his own business when Øbutcher's son/past self racistly profiled him and, "for no apparent reason," mindlessly destroyed his and his mother's lives. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (no relation to racist Eric "My People" Holder) said Øbrutal son/past self's "alleged comments about targeting white people before allegedly punching Mr. Babbitt (in broad daylight on Union Square) could lead to hate crime charges being made against him." Two other white men were also victimized by Øbarbarian son/past self's violently racist ambushes.

Not even the lowliest animal would purposefully harm another member of its species without warning or clear provocation. Unlike Øbaleful's sons/past selves, it instinctively knows such unnatural acts would not only threaten its individual survival but, if they became common, lead to the extinction of its own kind.

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When Your Only 'Ally' Is France...


Vous êtes foutus.


ith all the bribes, kickbacks, and backroom deals Baracrook Øfelon's tempting members of Congress with to get their rubber stamps on his plan to plunge our nation into war with Syria (on the side of al-Qaeda terrorists), the resolution authorizing an endless quagmire the use of force is going to be longer than his Øfascist"Care" monstrosity. Ninny Peloseri's already practicing her "we have to pass the resolution so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of war" speech.

Do the American people support Øliar's war of choice? The answer is a resounding No! That support's so small, in fact, it's "the lowest for any intervention Gallup has asked about in the last 20 years." Not that a tyrant like Øfascist ever cares about such things.

Are the American people facing any clear and present danger from Syria? The answer, again, is No! Both sides in that civil war possess chemical weapons, according to the United Nations. For the moment they're fighting each other. But if we intervene and start inflicting massive civilian casualties, they may decide to join forces so yes they can fight us. Of course, getting everybody to hate us is a key component of the Øbungler Doctrine™.

Will the American people wake up and see that it's all just a grand distraction to save Øfubar's neck? Thankfully for us, the answer is turning out to be Yes!

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al-Qerry: 'To my knowledge, I have no knowledge'


When goofballs go to war.


aracrook Øfascist is dangerously incompetent, lies, and desperately needs a distraction so yes he can ram his Amnesty for Illegals™ bill Øfascist"Care" down all our throats.

He really must feel the American people are as stupid as his secretary of state looks:

To my knowledge, I have no knowledge of any agency that was a dissenter or anybody who had, you know, an alternative theory. And I do know — I think it's safe to say that they had a whole team that ran a scenario to try to test their theory to see if there was any possibility they could come up with an alternative view as to who might have done it, and the answer is, they could not....

I — honestly, I don't know. I mean, there's no way for me to hang on hat on what it is. I think that — I've had personal conversations with the foreign minister. They make an argument to some effect that we don't have evidence and that the opposition did it. No matter what you show, that's the argument they take. Now, as to why they do that or what the rationale is, I'm not going to speculate. The president, as you know, is leaving this evening to go to St. Petersburg for the summit. He will have ample opportunity to hear firsthand from President Putin, and I'm confident they'll have a discussion about it.

He has heard firsthand. An earful, in fact:

Russian President Vladimir Putin's threat to provide his Syrian allies with a missile shield in the event of U.S. air strikes further complicates Obama's flagging effort to win international support for an attack on Damascus. As the Guardian reports, Putin's warning that an attack without UN backing would provoke military aid from Russia may drive away the handful of international partners for Obama's proposed attack.

Putin said Secretary of State John Kerry "lies openly" about al Qaeda's role among U.S.-backed rebels in Syria.

Speaking to his human rights council, Mr Putin recalled watching a congressional debate where Mr Kerry was asked about al-Qaeda. Mr Putin said he had denied that it was operating in Syria, even though he was aware of the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group.

Mr Putin said: "This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them (the Americans) and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad."

So much for Øbraindead's Smartierer Diplomacy®. He's supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, further alienating our British allies, and all but triggering a new Cold War with Russia. Moreover, thanks to his unilateral warmongering, over two million Syrian refugees are facing starvation and disease. The United Nations is "warning that the world faces its greatest threat to peace since the Vietnam war."

Heckuva "job," Baracrook. You have a text message from the Nobel Committee. It says they want their peace prize back.

"I didn't draw that [Red Line]. Somebody else made that happen." You're a pathethic, worthless, dangerously self-absorbed liar, and the whole world knows it.

You're a malignancy on our nation.

Do everybody a favor and resign.

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Al-Qaeda 'Rebels' in Syria Murdered Our Diplomats


Why are we helping these terrorists?


he answer, of course, is they're Pals of Øscumbag. First he covered up for them after they butchered Ambassador Stephens and his colleagues in Libya, by lying that some obscure YouTube video about islamofascists incited a "spontaneous" mob to protest it. No matter that the video was posted months before the "protest," or that the "protest" happened to occur exactly on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, or that the "protesters" didn't bring any signs to their "protest" but were armed to the teeth, carrying enough mortar launchers and other artillery and equipment to qualify them as a full-scale combat regiment.

Next he lied that he wasn't going to give his terrorist pals in Egypt, the Mooslime Butcherhood, any military aid, then went ahead and unilaterally gave them fighter jets and tanks as they were butchering every Christian man, woman, and child they could in their homes and churches.

Now he wants to give these same terrorist animals who ambushed and butchered our diplomats all the air support they need to take over Syria, even as we're finding out they're the ones who use chemical weapons to butcher innocent civilians.

What's wrong with this picture?

It is clear treason to give these terrorist enemies of America the aid and comfort Øbamadhering-to-terrorists already has. It would be clear treason for Congress to allow him to give them even more.

Baracrook Øliar's lied for his terrorist pals many times before. It's obvious he's doing it again.

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Al-Qaeda 'Rebels' in Syria Gassed Themselves


Terrorists forgot to read the handling instructions on their chemical weapons.


aybe because, as Baracrook Austrianese Øfascist would say, they don't know how to read "Saudi Arabian."

Not to worry. Thanks to the pro-terrorist Ølying Administyranny they've been able to blame their own deadly accidents on the Syrian government. After all, Baracrook ØbetrayUS needs the terrorists to take over another Middle Eastern county since his Muslime Brotherhoodlum terrorist pals weren't able to hold on to Egypt. He also desperately needs something big to distract the American people since we all started focusing on his numerous "phony" scandals.

Now those chemical "attacks" accidents are his "justification" for helping out his al-Qaeda terrorist pals in Syria. The Liar-in-Chief shows Congress "evidence" that their accidents weren't really accidents at all — "no siree, I swearies" — but chemical "attacks" against his pals by a government that was already beating the ever-loving snot out of Baracrook's Best Buds the terrorists. His Øbasslickers in Congress, ever willing to advance his lies for their party's sake, are of course rushing to rubber-stamp his lie-filled request to provide air support for al-Qaeda in Syria.

That's not what our brave men and women in uniform had in mind when they volunteered for military service. They signed up to fight and defeat these terrorist enemies of America, not give them material aid and comfort.

How's that "peace" prize you gave the likes of Øbawarmonger working out for you, Nobel Committee? Will you still feel he deserved one when Iran retaliates against Israel for Øbombhappy's unilateral attacks against Syria's government?

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