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Violent Selfish Liberals Threaten to Kill Again


First they target and attempt to kill a U.S. congresswoman. Now they're targeting a state governor.


ecause of their violent dEar Misleader's failed and dangerous policies, everyone else is having to sacrifice and be a have not. But these violent murderous terrorist liberals(birm) still selfishly want the government to keep them in the upper haves. (Anchoress)

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'Democratic' Military Dictatorship


Only in Libtardland™ is this considered a "positive step."

“Egypt’s new military authorities say they are dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution.”

he Regime here, meanwhile, originally meant to spend $4 Trillion or so next fiscal year, but changed its "mind" and decided to spend instead $3.7 Trillion or so. In Libtardland™ and in the Øpharaoh communistration(birm), that's a spending "cut."

Following his unscrupulously bad dangerously irresponsible "progressive" example, I'm using the same Mount Everest of Debt® accounting trick method to insidiously enhance my own financial planning:

I was going to spend $3 million next year to buy a 200-foot yacht, although I can really only afford a secondhand leaky rowboat. That's why I'm going to buy a 199-foot yacht instead, for only $2.9 million. Then I'm going to brag about how I "saved" $100,000! — right before I land that high-ranking "job" in the Øpharaoh budget office.

Let me be clear! Change we need! A positive step! Yes we can!

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Obama's Fascist Deathpanel Administration


Or FDA, for short...ening women's lives.


eath panelist-in-chief Øfascist's unconstitutional Øbungler"Care" Better Off[ed] Taking Teh Painkiller "law" (emphases on offed and killer) is forcibly pulling the plug on every poor and minority grandma in America who gets breast cancer.

More than 17,000 women with late-stage breast cancer rely on a drug called Avastin to extend and save their lives. But the drug may be taken away as a treatment option for most doctors and patients if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has its way. Such a decision would bankrupt families, create a two-tier health care system in the United States, and literally kill women and seniors who are denied access to the drug....

[I]t is evident that the FDA's actions are based on one simple factor — cost.

That's because we live in the era of ObamaCare ["Care" M.A.], in which the government has been told it must "bend the cost curve" of health care downward. The government has one tool in its arsenal to accomplish that goal — rationing of care and treatments for the sick and elderly — and the FDA has taken up the crusade.

The danger of that precedent cannot be understated.

Die Quickly, Sick Americans.® The Deathøcrat's comurderer-in-chief BaracKevorkian Øfascist has literally put a price on your heads scalps.

Thanks again, Filthy2'ers, for putting this murderous madman in the White Slaughter House.

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al-Qarter's extremely dangerous incompetence gave the world one fanatic 'islamic republic'


Only fitting his reincarnation's should give it many new ones.


hanks for making our country and the rest of the world far less safe, Former Part-time Senator Øbumbling Idiot. Just a dozen or so more aggressive regimes to whose tyrannical leaders yes you can grovel and bow.

It's getting more and more difficult to imagine our nation surviving relatively intact after suffering another 717 days of you.

Do every single American the biggest favor any rational person could possibly imagine one human being doing another. Resign. Now. While we still have a county that hasn't descended yet into that unrecoverable hell your epic failure of a misadministration is fast creating for every single person on the planet.

And don't forget to take that vice-bumbling idiot of yours with you.

Yes, Acting President Boehner can temporarily hold down the fort much, much, much, much more competently until the American people permanently fill your already vacant "presidency."

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