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'Hambali actually did know about SWIFT monitoring before he didn't know anything about it'


Someone forgot to give the Bali Massacre Mastermind — aka "Osama Bin Laden" of South East Asia — the DNCrimes' talkingpoints "Reason" for Treason memo.

’m going to say this again. I did not have a complementary subscription with that paper, Miss DNC Transcript Service.”
Riduan Issamudin, aka Hambali, after being
captured in August 2003 in Thailand

Hambali was either a very stupid or a very forgetful terrorist. Didn't he remember he was supposed to already know, according to the DNC Slimes, that the Evil "Disastrous Tenure" Bush Administration was monitoring his terrorist passbook account? Didn't he realize that meant he was supposed to change, again according to the Democrat Slimes, all his bloodmoney-transfer activities? Stupid terrorist.

But we shouldn't be angry at the DeaNCo Slimes. They merely printed that Treasonous Tipoff to Terrorists, and are now hiding the courageous Persecuted Leakers™ in its Het Achterhuis from those Bushitler Gestapo meanies who want to send them all to Gitmo Concentration Camps. Besides, everyone already knows the DhimmY Slimes won't print any story on its front page unless it's already known that everyone already knows everything there is to already know about it. It was already in some UN Security Council report anyway.

Another excuse we can make for the Treason Times' blatant espionage is they got confused. Never ones to MoveOn, they were just re-re-re-researching stories hit pieces concerning the Swift Vets & POWs for Truth and somehow the SWIFT-Monitoring Leak index cards got mixed in with all that paperwork. Having two swift stories to bear false witness against W exact their angry vengeance on an America That Dared Elect That Evil Dubya, was simply too much to for them to bear. Doubly side blinded by such hatred, they'd print across the globe something that would really help the terrorists really punish Stupid America.

So you see, the NY Democrimes can't be blamed for aiding and abetting the leakers and their betrayal of all Americans. Its selling out our nation's security to the terrorists is something we should expect when we make the egregious mistake of crossing the editors at the Slimes.

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Salim is a grandfather!


The rest of the detainees are still sons of b******.

etainee Treatment Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-148, 119 Statutes at Large 2739), which became law on December 30, 2005, sets forth certain "procedures for status review of detainees outside the United States." In Salim Ahmed Hamdan v. Donald H. Rumsfeld, et al., filed before DTA became law and decided today by the U.S. Supreme Court, our elected government argued that Osama bin Laden's personal bodyguard Salim is subject to those procedures. By the slimmest majority, the court rejected this argument because Congress didn't expressly declare that all cases pending when the law took effect are also covered by DTA. This means the case of Salim the Butcher's Driver has been grandfathered in under whatever procedures existed before December 30, 2005, and is not affected by the new DTA procedures. That majority further decided that those prior procedures aren't to their regal satisfaction, and they'd like to see court-martial procedures used in Salim the Weapons Transporter's case instead of any statuteless military-commission ones. As for Salim the Terrorist Messenger's cellmates who haven't filed anything yet, their cases will follow the new procedures.

Congress can amend DTA so that it also applies to Salim the Dhimmiqrats' Latest Victim's case. Congress can pass a Military Commissions Act as well so that such commissions expressly appear in our statutes. Congress should do both. This will mollify our Robed Masters until another retires and is replaced by one who's actually figured out that we're at war and our stateless enemy's signature doesn't appear on any international convention or treaty.

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WWII poster update to cover today's blabbermouths. (DANEgerus)


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Aid and Comfort


Answer the Are You A Traitor? quiz and find out what your Ethics Quotient is:

ou witness a thug beating up a little old lady in the street. You—
(a) Try to stop the thug yourself or otherwise step in to assist the old lady.
(b) Call 911, report the crime, and turn the thug in to police.
(c) Do nothing at all but claim later that you didn't have enough information or you were late for your job at the Slimes.
(d) Hold the little old lady down for the thug.

You find out that one of your friends is planning to rob a bank. You—

(a) Try to talk your friend out of it or, if that fails, tip off the bank.
(b) Call 911, report the crime, and turn your friend in to police.
(c) Do nothing at all but claim later that the bank had messed up your account statement once and therefore deserved to be robbed.
(d) Load bullets in the gun that your friend's going to be using for the robbery.

You are approached by a shady character offering to sell or give you national-security secrets that, if made public, could be useful to our country's mass-murdering enemy. You—

(a) Remind the shady character that what he's doing is illegal and refuse to accept the information.
(b) Call 911, report the crime, and turn the shady character in to police.
(c) Do nothing at all but claim later that at least you hadn't directed the shady character to the office of Abill Musab al-zarQeller at the Slimes.
(d) Use your printing press to make those secrets public for the shady character.

Give yourself 1 point for every "b" answer, 2 points for every "c" answer, and 3 points for every "d" answer. If your total score is 3 or less, you're a great American.

If your total score is 9, it's amazing you were able pull yourself away from your "job" as executive editor of the Screwing-Us Slimes long enough to answer this quiz. Do the terrorists know you're wasting time that otherwise could've been spent better servicing their "public interests"?

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Slimes v. Slimes


Manifestly schizophrenic as well as leftist, its treasonous editors' only hope of avoiding a death sentence for willful espionage is to plead double insanity.

hat is the "protective measure against the abuse" of a traitorous press hellbent on giving the mortal enemy of every American man, woman, and child exactly the who, what, when, where, how, and why of sources and methods we're using to prevent that enemy from destroying as many of us as he can? Putting these traitors to our country on trial for treason and espionage, that's what.

Because there can be no prior-restraint defense, insofar as our government did nothing to block the DNC Slimes' editors from committing outright treason, the defendants are left solely with the extremely plausible claim of gross mental incapacitation.

First we'll examine the most devastating and compelling pieces of evidence showing their chronic schizophrenia:

Defense Exhibit A
DNC Slimes editorial dated September 24, 20011
"Finances of Terror"

The Bush administration is preparing new laws to help track terrorists through their money-laundering activity and is readying an executive order freezing the assets of known terrorists. Much more is needed, including stricter regulations, the recruitment of specialized investigators and greater cooperation with foreign banking authorities. There must also must be closer coordination among America's law enforcement, national security and financial regulatory agencies....

The Treasury Department also needs new domestic legal weapons to crack down on money laundering by terrorists. The new laws should mandate the identification of all account owners, prohibit transactions with "shell banks" that have no physical premises and require closer monitoring of accounts coming from countries with lax banking laws....

If America is going to wage a new kind of war against terrorism, it must act on all fronts, including the financial one.

Defense Exhibit B
DNC Slimes editor's letter dated June 25, 20062
(demented ravings translated by expert for the prosecution, Hugh Hewitt, chief of forensic moonbatological psychiatry, Chapman University)

Since September 11, 2001, our government has launched broad and secret anti-terror monitoring programs without seeking authorizing legislation and without fully briefing the Congress.

There is no charge — none — that the program disclosed by the paper last week needed "legislation" to authorize it. And "fully briefed" is a wonderful characterization of what Mr. Keller cannnot possibly claim to know. This is why he avoids interviews. It would be too easy to ask: Who was briefed, Mr. Keller? How do you know that is the extent of the briefing? Did you ask any of the briefed members if they felt fully informed? Is there a problem with leaks on the Hill that obliges the government to adopt special approaches to classified information, approaches which have been in place for decades?

Most Americans seem to support extraordinary measures in defense against this extraordinary threat, but some officials who have been involved in these programs have spoken to the Times about their discomfort over the legality of the government's actions and over the adequacy of oversight. We believe The Times and others in the press have served the public interest by accurately reporting on these programs so that the public can have an informed view of them.

Without disclosing the officials, we cannot be certain of their rank, their rancor, and their other agendas. We only know they are willing to break the law and their oaths. Mr. Keller's refusal to acknowledge this basic problem is more evidence of the deep dishonesty of his letter. He again asserts a "public interest" that is not his to judge as against the laws passed by Congress, signed by presidents and interpreted by courts. But he doesn't argue why his judgment in this matter trumps that of the government and the people's elected representatives.

As for evidence showing their chronic leftism, all parties readily concede that it is obviously and entirely a matter of universal common knowledge.

The facts established by either set of evidence clearly indicate a mental capacity and behavioral development matching in every substantive way precisely that of the most morally depraved, desperately disturbed, and emotionally arrested child, whose pathological hatred of and deep seated anger towards himself and others consume him in the extreme. Accordingly, in light of the Supreme Court's Roper ruling ("foreign legal custom and practice trump the U.S. Constitution"), the defendants are exempt in this particular case from any official sentence of death — but not from that popular do-it-yourself kit known as Rope Tree al-Jazeernalist® (some assembly required).


  1. Drudge via Sean Hannity Show guest host Mark Simone.
  2. The jury should be aware that the editor's letter was buried in the Slimes Business section under "Media & Advertising," far removed from its U.S./Washington section where he and his co-conspirators committed their act of treason two days earlier. Moreover, it fails to mention that the Supreme Court — not any administration — ruled that "a customer has no expectation to, or right of, privacy with respect to bank records." (Good Thing his brand of editraitorship wasn't around to weigh most heavily official concerns that describing the Manhattan Project would endanger it.)

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'shall be punished by death'


It's all in Title 18, U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 37.


s for treason of the press, especially when it results in the death of one or more of our courageous servicemen and women, the members of al-Qaeda's fifth column would find this provision of section 794 most relevant:

Whoever, in time of war, with intent that the same shall be communicated to the enemy, collects, records, publishes, or communicates, or attempts to elicit any information with respect to the movement, numbers, description, condition, or disposition of any of the Armed Forces, ships, aircraft, or war materials of the United States, or with respect to the plans or conduct, or supposed plans or conduct of any naval or military operations, or with respect to any works or measures undertaken for or connected with, or intended for the fortification or defense of any place, or any other information relating to the public defense, which might be useful to the enemy, shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

Justice will be done when we see Bill al-Qeller and his accomplices temporarily live blogging from Terre Haute.

Accompanying headstone courtesy Tombstone Generator.

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Times 24


Another exiting new treason...

ay 6

. . . 08:16:31 08:16:32 08:16:33 . . .

(Counter Terrorist Unit, operations room)

Lynn McGill: Chloe, reopen the line to Jack.

Chloe O'Brian: His flight hasn't landed yet. I cannot guarantee the security of the connection.

McGill: We have an agent on board. She's working as an airline attendant for Cathay Pacific. Route the call to her. Code 2247.

O'Brian: Dialing now... Text-messaged code received.

(37,000 feet above Pennsylvania, aboard Flight CX921 from Hong Kong)

"Donna Woo" (Diana Lee): Mr. Bauer?

Jack Bauer: Yes?

Lee: There's a call for you. It's a family emergency. Would you come forward, please?

Bauer: Of course.

(flight attendants lounge; Bauer and Lee enter alone)

Lee: "The sushi in Hong Kong is the best."

Bauer: (surprised) CTU?

Lee: Yes. The line up here is for family emergencies. It's not normally monitored. The director's standing by on it. I've already informed the captain that you'll be deplaning first, so you can sit up here till we land.

Bauer: Good work. (picks up phone) Bauer here.

(split screen: attendants lounge / CTU)

McGill: Listen, Jack. There's been a change in plans. Your new final instructions are to proceed to the city morgue, not the hospital. Repeat, not the hospital. We need you to identify your brother's body.

Bauer: What happened?

McGill: (dripping with sarcasm) Check out today's New York Times.

(Bauer uses his palmOne Treo to access NYT's RSS feed; one headline reads "Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror")

Bauer: (angrily) I'm on it. You believe my brother's already been transported to the morgue?

McGill: We're not sure. If he hasn't, wait there until he arrives.

. . . 08:41:22 08:41:23 08:41:24 . . .

(split screens: JFK International, Bauer hurries through terminal / bank's interior, Middle Eastern man approaches teller's counter / underneath Flight CX921, baggage is being unloaded, zoom in on a green suitcase)

. . . 08:59:58 08:59:59 09:00:00 . . .

. . . 09:22:07 09:22:08 09:22:09 . . .

Bank teller: I'm sorry, sir, but that transfer has been canceled.

Middle Eastern man: Thank you very much. (walks away)

(Jack Bauer enters bank, quickly walks over to same counter)

Bank teller: Yes, sir. May I help you?

Bauer: Bauer, CTU. (shows ID) Has anyone tried to pick up a RAPID transfer of funds here this morning?

Bank teller: I cannot give out that information without my supervisor's permission. He manages all transactions from the Regional Association of Personal Interbank Deposits. I'll go get him.

Bauer: I'll come with you. (jumps over counter)

Bank teller: But, sir!

Bauer: Where is he? Tell me, quick!

Bank teller: That's him coming this way now.

Supervisor: What's the matter?

Bank teller: Sir, he's with CTU.

Bauer: I need to know if anyone's picked up any transferred funds this morning.

Supervisor: (to bank teller) Have they?

Bank teller: Yes, sir. A man was at the counter earlier. But his transfer had been canceled.

Bauer: How long ago?

Bank teller: About three minutes. Right before you came in.

Bauer: What did he look like?

Bank teller: Tall. Uh, Middle Eastern, I believe. He had a beard.

Bauer: What was he wearing?

Bank teller: Dark suit. Red tie, I think.

(Bauer looks toward entrance, sees the Middle Eastern man exiting bank, takes off after him)

. . . 09:27:38 09:27:39 09:27:40 . . .

(split screen: Bauer is following the Middle Eastern man down the sidewalk / JFK International baggage claim area, a woman picks up the green suitcase)

. . . 09:50:43 09:50:44 09:50:45 . . .

(Bauer jumps the Middle Eastern man from behind, drags him into alleyway, pushes him up against wall)

Bauer: All right, "brother." The morgue didn't have your money. What's your contingency plan?

Middle Eastern man: I do not know what you are saying about! Look, if it is money you wish, I have some right here. In my wallet. (starts to reach inside jacket)

Bauer: (quickly steps back, draws gun) Don't move! I know you were expecting a transfer. I want to know how else you're getting the money into the country.

Middle Eastern man: I do not know what is your understanding. Here, let me give you... (hand disappears inside jacket)

Bauer: (shoots the Middle Eastern man three times, rushes up to him and kneels down, reaches inside the man's jacket and retrieves a hidden gun) Don't die on me yet! Tell me where the money is.

Middle Eastern man: (between painful coughs) We... read the... papers too... infi-... -fidel. (dies)

Bauer: (stands up, dials CTU) Let me speak to the director.

(CTU director's office)

McGill: Yes? Jack, where are you?


Bauer: Listen, McGill. The transfer wasn't made. They must have called it off after reading that story about RAPID in the Times. Kinda ironic, don't you think?

(director's office)

McGill: Never mind about that. They must be bringing the money in some other way. There's been no indication they're canceling their plans. So the target's probably still a go.


Bauer: Do you want me to proceed there, as originally instructed?

(split screens: director's office / alleyway / JFK International passenger pickup area, the woman gets into a taxicab while its driver packs her green suitcase inside the cab's trunk)

McGill: No.

Bauer: What about the payoff location? Any information on that yet?

McGill: We won't know for at least another hour. What's your location?

Bauer: Standing over my "brother." He's in need of a real morgue now.

McGill: Dammit, Jack! Did he get a chance to say anything?

Bauer: Only that he's looking forward to hooking up with six dozen virgins.

McGill: Before I send you anyplace else I want to know exactly what happened.

Bauer: Do we really have time for this?

. . . 09:59:58 09:59:59 10:00:00 . . .

. . . 10:07:52 10:07:53 10:07:54 . . .

(White House, Oval Office)

President Charles Logan: I want to know how this happened, Walt! (slams copy of NYT down on desk)

Walt Cummings: Bill Keller assured me his paper wouldn't run the story, Mr. President.

Logan: Then he lied to you.

Cummings: It appears so, sir.

Logan: What can we do about it?

Cummings: I believe that problem's going to take care of itself.

(split screen: Oval Office, Logan stares out window, Cummings glares at newspaper / downtown Manhattan street, woman gets out of taxicab, her driver opens trunk and hands her the green suitcase)

(full screen: same Manhattan street, off of curb)

Woman with suitcase: Here. Keep the change.

Cab driver: Thank you, miss. (gets back in cab, drives away)

Woman: (takes out cellphone, dials) I'm here.

(white delivery van pulls out from nearby street, drives to where the woman is, parks in front of her)

Driver of van: (rolls down passenger window some) Get in!

Woman: (opens passenger door and puts suitcase in the front seat before sitting next to it) Is everything prepared?

Driver: First, we check the contents. Lift the suitcase over the back of the seat, but do not turn around.

(the woman complies; behind the seat, two hands reach out and grab the suitcase, taking it into the back of the van)

Driver: It is a very clear day.

Woman: Yes. A perfect day.

(unseen person in the back knocks three times on the side of the van)

Driver: All is in order. You have done well.

Woman: Allah be with you. (exits van)

(split screen: van drives off, the woman stands on sidewalk watching it leave / another Manhattan street, Jack Bauer looks across it, watching the entrance of the New York Times building)

. . . 10:18:33 10:18:34 10:18:35 . . .

Bauer: (answering cellphone) Yes.

(split screens: across the street from NYT building / CTU operations room / following the white delivery van down several streets)

Chloe O'Brian: (inside operations room) Jack, we still don't have any information on the payoff location.

Bauer: McGill said it would take (looks at watch) another forty minutes.

O'Brian: He's talking to the president now.

Bauer: About what?

O'Brian: The president wanted to know if the target was still go.

Bauer: Look, just because the RAPID transfer was canceled doesn't mean they don't have another way of delivering the payment.

O'Brian: That's what I said. McGill's trying to convince the president we should proceed on the assumption that they did.

(full screen: Bauer starts crossing the street)

Bauer: That's the assumption I'm going on. I'll call back when I'm in. (ends call)

(CTU director's office)

McGill: Mr. President, I strongly recommend against calling off the operation. We don't have enough information yet.

(split screen: director's office / White House, Oval Office)

Logan: (inside Oval Office) It would appear, since they lost both that transfer from RAPID and their courier, they have no way of paying for such an attack. I'm going to talk to Karen Hayes about it once she gets here. In the meantime, I want your agents to back off. I can't afford to have the Times running articles about how I ordered their building evacuated based on little or no information. It'd look too much like a retribution for their printing that story about RAPID.

McGill: Mr. President, I don't believe you should base your—

O'Brian: (bursts into director's office) Sir, Jack's going in!

McGill: Excuse me, Mr. President. I'll call you back. (ends call)

Logan: McGill!

(split screens: Oval Office / director's office / following the white delivery van as it turns off the street and pulls into a parking garage)

. . . 10:57:47 10:57:48 10:57:49 . . .

(inside NYT building)

Bauer: (calls CTU) Chloe, got anything yet?

(CTU operations room)

O'Brian: Are you still in the building, Jack? I thought you said you were leaving, as ordered.

Bauer: I'm in the lobby now. It's crowded with those bicycle messengers. They might be waiting for the elevators to take them up.

O'Brian: Jack, are they all wearing backpacks?

Bauer: Of course. Wait a minute... Hey, the elevator doors just opened but none of the messengers got in. What's—

. . . 10:59:58 . . .

Bauer: going—

. . . 10:59:59 . . .

Bauer: on here?

. . . 11:00:00 . . .

. . . 13:16:04 13:16:05 13:16:06 . . .

(White House, Oval Office)

Walt Cummings: It's confirmed, sir. The firefighters just retrieved Jack Bauer's body. He's dead.

President Charles Logan: Have they put out the fires above the fifth floor yet?

Cummings: No, sir. They're still trying to lift a tether over to Bill Keller on that ledge he's crawled out on.

Logan: That's what they're showing on the live shots now.

Cummings: (watches the television) It doesn't look like they're going to reach him. He's too far up.

Logan: Just turn it off, Walt. I can't bear to watch.

Cummings: (turns TV off) We have the information on that suitcase CTU found inside the van.

Logan: Yes?

Cummings: It got through baggage because the bills were apparently tightly layered between the double-cardboard lining of the suitcase. X-rays weren't able to distinguish them from the surrounding material.

Logan: If only the attackers had used their normal RAPID transfer of funds, our monitoring would have allowed us to prevent this tragedy.

Cummings: You can't blame yourself, Mr. President. It wasn't your fault they decided to change their methods, forcing us to play catch-up. You tried your best to convince Bill Keller that this information would hurt the public if it ever got out.

Logan: I know, I know. But maybe I could've tried harder. Anyway, let's see how the rescue's going.

Cummings: (turns TV on) The ledge is empty! Seems they got that tether up to him after all.

Logan: If that's the case, Walt, then why is it still dangling in midair.

. . . 13:59:58 13:59:59 14:00:00 . . .

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To Cut 'n' Run Run (When We Voted 13-86)


With apologies to Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich (but not Phil Spector).

e voted on a Thursday and our hearts stood still
To cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run
Ever filled with thoughts of our prez named Bill
To cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run

Yeah, our hearts stood still
Yeah, our prez was Bill
And when we voted 13-86
To cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run

Yeah, Somalia's fine
Yeah, insurgents pine
And when we voted 13-86
To cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run

Yeah to cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run run
To cut 'n' run
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Stupiding to their level


Guess Mike Luckovich just lost his head?


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Terrorists kill all liberals


“It’s all Bush’s fault.”

EW YORK (AP) – The new host of NBC's "Today" show, Sean Hannity, complained he still hasn't gotten his "morning TV legs" yet. A week after he took over the center couch following the brutal decapitations and posthumous mutilations of the show's former hosts in what Bush administration officials are now describing "a last-ditch terrorist counteroffensive," the 44-year-old Mr. Hannity says he wants to help "Today" maintain its number one position in the ratings.

"We listen to you. That's why we've added another photograph of Ronald Reagan behind our couch here," he told his television audience Monday. With the unavoidable cancellation of practically all previously booked guests, producers of "Today" have been scrambling to fill up its normal segments using a combination of "new media news" video clips and discussions between Mr. Hannity and various guest hosts. "This is just a temporary arrangement until we can get a consistent slate of authors, pundits, and others who might be of interest to our audience every week," said Ann Coulter, the "New York Times" best-selling author who became the show's interim co-producer last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, newspapers across the United States, including the "New York Times," have been coping with the loss of nearly their entire staffs of editors, reporters, and multi-layered fact checkers. At the "Times," for example, the paper has been publishing so-called "retrospective editions" that are merely reprinted articles and editorials culled from previous issues. "I know we're picking up the pieces here, but we're about to send to our newsstands a completely new edition with a completely different look," the new owner, chairman, and publisher of the "Times," Fred Barnes, announced during a recent press conference. Other newspapers are planning their own restructurings. The new owner of the "Los Angeles Times," Michael Reagan, son of the former president, wrote a front-page editorial in his paper yesterday outlining his vision for its future. "Respecting, not insulting, your intelligence will be the one change you'll notice most in these pages," he promised his readers.

In Washington, D.C., lawmakers on Capitol Hill have suspended the current session of Congress until the results of special elections, scheduled for as early as next month in hundreds of House districts to fill vacancies caused by the deadly terrorist counteroffensive, are certified. Almost all comparable vacancies in the U.S. Senate have already been filled with temporary appointments by either state governors or their recent successors. Before suspending the session, Congress passed several resolutions, including one renaming the Camp Delta detention facility at the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba — where hundreds of high level al-Qaeda and Taliban detainees are being held — the "Richard Joseph Durbin Memorial Jihadist Research and Therapy Center."

Administration officials are trying to sort out any long-term effects on the country's political, social, and cultural landscapes resulting from the globally coordinated counteroffensive launched three weeks ago against all known liberals by al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. In addition, the U.S. State Department has been sorting out its international effects. "Since France is now populated solely by Muslims, we'll have to rethink our whole diplomatic strategy with respect to our dealings with that country," said Craig Roberts Stapleton, the U.S. ambassador to France.

At the "Today" show's studios, Mr. Hannity is preparing the material he plans to discuss with next week's guest hosts. "I'm looking forward to working with Rush (Limbaugh) on Tuesday," he said. "It will be the first time we've had a chance to work together like this, and I can't wait. He's a great American." On ABC's "Good Morning America," new cohosts Laura Ingraham and former Texas congressman Tom DeLay are planning to air a special segment about the alleged final words of a number of prominent liberals. Mr. DeLay thought it was "amazing that, according to first-hand witnesses, they all practically said the same thing: 'It's all Bush's fault.' What are the odds of that?"

Associated Press' new Washington Bureau senior correspondent Paul Wizbang contributed to this report.
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We'll set a deadline, Defunctorats, only if you will


A Liberal Utopia Reaching Across the Aisle™ offer.

ou set a hard and fast deadline for your nonnational party's complete withdrawal from that miserably failing, terrorist arousing quagmire in which your kosnapped leadership is still embroiled — also known as Surrenderstan — and we'll set a deadline (with emphasis on dead) for our country's throwing Iraq's new democracy to the terrorist wolves whether or not it's ready and able to fend them off all by itself. Now bear in mind I could've conditioned this offer on your complete withdrawal from Elcuboland. But even I would agree that the end of some millennium after this one is way too long for keeping our troops in Iraq.
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“If he had been deported, my daughter would be alive today”


Another of President George La Raza Bush's prospective "guests" doing rapes and murders Americans won't do.

Menendez found guilty
THE JOURNAL NEWS [White Plains, New York]
(Original publication: May 31, 2006)

An unrepentant Ariel Menendez swore at the courtroom after a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and rape of his ex-girlfriend [stalking victim], a speedy verdict that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. [Provided he isn't deported so he can come back and commit more Rapes and Murders Americans Won't Do®.]

"Ariel, coward!" Patricia Butler, mother of murder victim Elizabeth Butler, shouted back at Menendez before he was led away in handcuffs.

Westchester [County, New York,] District Attorney Janet DiFiore said she now will seek to have the 28-year-old locked up for life without parole, calling this the "only appropriate sentence" [i.e., in New York Criminal Haven] for the brutal raping, stabbing and strangling of a 17-year-old girl.

The conviction on the top charges came yesterday afternoon, just two hours after jurors began deliberations in Westchester County Court.

Elizabeth Butler's parents said they were surprised at how quickly the decision came, and they praised law enforcement for its success, but there were no smiles even when the verdict was read.

"I don't know how you replace thousands of lost moments," Bill Butler said of his daughter, who was set to graduate from North Salem High School and head to college when she was murdered. "We can't.

"It's not a happy event," he said. "All I can say is we're pleased with the verdict."

He and his wife, Patricia, found their daughter's body in her Nissan Pathfinder the morning of June 5 after she didn't show up for work at the Hygrade Market across from the Croton Falls train station. Prosecutors said Menendez, who met Butler at the market while working at a nearby construction job [i.e., the construction company violated federal law — namely, 8 U.S.C. 1324a], raped and then killed her because he could not accept that their relationship was over.

* * *

Menendez's relatives [i.e., more of President George MALDEF Bush's prospective "guests"? who'd been willfully harboring this illegal invader, also in violation of federal law — namely, 8 U.S.C. 1324] left the courthouse before the verdict came back.

Prosecutors got everything they were looking for, a conviction on two counts of first-degree murder, first-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act. Menendez faces 20 years to life without parole in state prison on the murder conviction when he is sentenced July 25 before Judge Barbara Zambelli.

* * *

Patricia Butler denounced the fact that Menendez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, was allowed to remain in the United States after past convictions for felony driving while intoxicated and other offenses [in addition to the original federal crime of illegal entry into the United States].

"If he had been deported, my daughter would be alive today," she said.

udge Barbara Zambelli proclaimed, during President George LULAC Bush's prospective "guest's" trial, that she

would not allow prosecutors to introduce Menendez's Guatemalan passport into evidence, agreeing with defense lawyer Harvey Loeb that it would be prejudicial in light of her earlier ruling that Menendez's status as an illegal immigrant was irrelevant to the criminal case and would not be shared with the jury.

Bet your bottom peso it would be prejudicial — mainly against a state capital citadel and "national" bureaucrapcy which effectively turn a blind eye to illegal entries, unlawful hirings, criminal harborings and similar abettings of President George NALEO Bush's prospective "guests." The Butlers and other victims of these disgraceful abuses of public trust, as well as the wider citizenry who happen to believe the operative word in "Declaration of Independence" is independence (not declaration), have every good reason to be prejudiced against them.

Enacting new criminal background checks would catch these invading predators of our children? As far as President George ACLU Bush's prospective "guests," the only relevant check is the fact they've invaded our country. With regard to the ones in Washington, Albany, Sacramento, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Austin and their kindred kremlins elsewhere, that check will come in the form of a very angry electorate's ballots.

Most of all, plunging ratings and canceled subscriptions for traitorstream-media fifth columnists who give aid and comfort to these enemies of our free and independent states, will compose the final part of a much more effective criminal background check process.

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Sister Ann


Sister Ann
"Heartless"? Hardly.
Liberal, get thee to a nutrootery!

rom Reverend Sammy Sosalist's latest Sermon on the Demountain Out of A Demolehill, we read the unvarnished truth about our Mistress of Moonbaticide and her wily, evil "mean-spiritedness":

She writes that the [four "Jersey Gwbushhatinggirls"] widows of 9/11 victims are "witches" and that they are just using 9/11 for publicity and to make a political point. Make a point Ann? What point are they trying to make? All they are trying to do is find out if, when, and what Bush knew[!™] and did Bush order flight 93 shot down? All they want to know is if Bush knew[!™] about 9-11 and if Bush is responsible for 9-11. That's it. What's wrong with that? [Besides, coffins make excellent soapboxes, don't you think?] But listening to Ann Coulter and you'd think those four great patriots [and Don't You Dare Question Their Patriotism!® either!] of this country should have their citizenship removed. I didn't get to read her whole piece of religious Nazi propaganda but I wouldn't be surprised if she publicly asked Bush to require people she deems unfaithful to this country to wear yellow badges telling everybody how unpatriotic they are like the Nazis did to Jews. [It is required; see Section 4304(g)(23)(B)(dclxvi) of Title XIII of the Patriot Act (Classified Version). This provision was secretly inserted by DicKKK Cheney Chicanery's "former" company Hallilluminatibloodforoilburton after aWol McEvil's "re"-election. –LR.]

* * *

You should hate her, she's trying to create hatred of us when all we want to do is give peace and love a chance. I am sick of these Right Wing Nazi Propagandist that I wish November would hurry up and get here so we can throw all Republicans in jail for their culture of corruption.

Feel the Love? Not to worry, however. On November 8, undoubtedly, we'll be hearing the same heartfelt, positive messages of progressiveness and hope which assualted reached our ears the day after the last federal election. E.g.,

The great unwashed and uninformed closed-minded slackwits who spout moral values! while damning those of us who aren't like-minded pillowdrooling tightasses to Hell, voted for a war-deserting coke-sniffing LIAR. WTF?

Don't you just love the smell of implosion in the moUrning following these elections?
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Eulogies for Zitcoward


As delivered by his very best friends — America's leftists.

aggy Pelousi, House Milquetoasty Leader

"Let us not mourn too long the loss of our beloved friend. A friend who worked so tirelessly these last few years on our behalf. For that work is continuing even as we speak. Baghdad is in flames, and President Bush is to blame.

"No, we won't mourn you after today, dear Abu. There is so much we still need to do to accomplish the things you gave your life for: A destabilized Iraq, and President Bush's defeat. A reign of terror that we can attribute to his administration's corrupt meddling. A rising up against, and toppling of elected governments, both there and in Washington. A changing of regimes from those he supports to our own.

"Ever present in spirit will you be with us as we work to complete these tasks.

"Now that President Bush has murdered you, we must have a long and serious debate on what to do next. We must investigate his culpability in your untimely death. What role did he play in your murder? Why did he miserably fail to get a warrant for your arrest instead of rushing to senseless violence? Was it necessary for him to resort to killing you in cold blood? How could he not see that you wanted to lift your abused, broken body off that gurney and begin negotiations which could have ended this illegal war? Did he just let you die by denying you the universal health care you so desperately needed then in your last moments of tortuous anguish? Does this cruel and unjust fate await each of his other opponents? We must find out. We must investigate. We must uncover the truth!

"However, today is not the time to uncover it. Right now we are here to mourn you and to say goodbye. You will be sorely missed, al-dearest Zarqawi, our martyr of truth and of Present Bush's unjust war. Our world — a world in which your deeds offered us hope of knocking down his poll numbers — is now much smaller.

"Farewell, good friend."

Tedcarboat al-Qennedy, Womanslaughterous Senator

"Week after week after week we get death after death after death of friends we cannot afford to lose. Friends such as the one whose memory we are gathered here today to praise.

"I will not go into the violation of his constitutional rights as well as of the Geneva Convention by the Bush administration's publishing of photographs of our dear friend's tortured remains. And tortured they were, make no mistake. The work of a bloodthirsty warmonger bent on driving us uncontrollably off the road to peace; on drowning everyone under a drunken melee of deathly bombs; on plunging all of us into the deep waters of irresponsible war. It seems none of us has any chance to come up for air while we're stuck in the back seat of an unrecoverable quagmire.

"Nor will I go into the Bush administration's hunting down and secretly spying on so-called terrorists. And just who made them terrorists! If you were hounded day in and day out, if you were forced to hide all the time and made to feel like an oppressed fugitive, if you felt you were being watched and had to constantly watch your back, is it so hard to understand that you would become angry, frustrated, and desperate? You would have no choice. But President Bush did have a choice. He had the choice not to engage in an illegal war that has enraged everyone everywhere against us. He could have chosen to talk to you, to get to know you better, and reach an understanding with you. He should choose negotiation over negative actions, diplomacy over destruction, talking over taking lives, mutual respect over military reprisals. He chose, instead, to make the angry angrier and to terrorize individuals into becoming alleged terrorists like our departed friend, who otherwise would not have become the latest casualty in an arrogantly and incompetently managed war.

"Your loss is keenly felt, Musaban... Osaban, uh Musaba — Musab. We will never forget your tireless efforts to drive out those you could only see as your oppressors so you could herald in a more stable future for your Iraq; to stand up, like we, against the torture and corruption being unjustly imposed on you by an administration that has run amok and is running roughshod over your rights and those of everyone in its disgraceful rush to get more of our troops and more residents of Iraq like yourself killed.

"We will never forget you. We will never forget the horrible things the Bush administration did to you. You have been an inspiration to us all. (Drunken weeping.)"

Sowered Spleen, al-DNC Chairscreamer

"As a doctor, I know the importance of administering vital care to a badly injured victim. When every second counts, when there isn't a second to lose, he must be quickly transported to caring professionals who can save his life. Unfortunately for our friend now lying here before us, President Bush doesn't know that or even care. His heartless prosecution of an unwinnable war has again resulted in yet another vain death. The death of one of our most valuable partners in our common cause to oppose his administration's reckless actions.

"I could almost scream. (Chuckle.) And I would if it weren't so sad.

"Last week our friend was alive and happy, pursuing those things in life he thought were most vital to freeing Iraq from the brutal torture and oppression it has been experiencing these past three years. After President Bush unwisely invaded the country and residences of people, like our beloved Abu, who weren't bothering anyone but who simply wanted to be left alone to do nothing more than what you and I want — to spend time with our families, to watch reruns of Ellen, to not be burdened by tax cuts for the rich — there has been nothing but strife and turmoil. Our friend, though no fault of his own, was unwillingly caught up in that turmoil. It was the sole fault of the Bush administration that he had to experience such strife.

"But we are not here today to lay blame on anyone for causing his death. No, our job now is to celebrate his life and his accomplishments, and to look ahead to the things we must all do to help finish his vitally important work. Rest assured I won't be wasting any time in my upcoming meetings with you about how best to go about that effort.

"Tomorrow will come soon enough. Although not for our murdered friend, thanks to the mean-spirited actions of the Bush administration.

"So let us mourn his passing as well as the loss it represents to our cause. But then let us get back to work. As I've said before, anyone who believes George Bush can defeat us and our friends is just plain wrong."

Sqary Sqreed, Senate Muckority Leader

"Where, to quote our country's best ever Vice President, do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than '03? The simple truth about the love it brings to me? Where do I start?

"I could start with the first dip in President Bush's poll numbers after Abu Musab — or 'AM' as he was known to us, his closest friends — began his syndicated reality program, 'Beheading to Baghdad.' But that would ignore all the wonderful things he accomplished in that regard afterwards. I could relate to you the terrifying end to his brief life — how a joyous and productive gathering of fellow coworkers turned into an absolute nightmare when a ton of vengeful weaponry befell them unsuspectingly, crashing on and around their still-attached heads. But that would only reemphasize the sense of injustice everyone here, without exception, felt upon learning of his demise.

"Instead I'll recall to you the very first time I read a leaked intelligence report about our good friend AM. It was in the morning, more than a year after President Bush illegitimately invaded an innocent country and toppled its legitimately elected government. There's no need to remind any of you which country that was. But what struck me about that report was the litany of innuendo and unsubstantiated allegations it contained which, to this day, I believe constitutes nothing less than a heartless, unmitigated slander: An unconscionable attack by the Bush administration against an individual whose only so-called crime was resisting, the best way he knew how, that administration's failed plans and policies. It shocked me to the core that anyone, much less the highest ranking officials in our own government, whom before then I felt deserved a modicum benefit of the doubt, could stoop so low as to viciously malign and spread obvious falsehoods about such an individual. So I sped over as quickly as I could to the White House and demanded a meeting with the president.

"Of course, Mr. Bush kept me waiting for what seemed like hours, so anxious I was to set the record straight with him and give him a visible piece of my mind. (Power-point image of said piece: ) (No, it's there. Look closer... Much closer. Ah, come on, try harder. No, harder than that. Oh, never mind.) None of you will be surprised by what he told me. He said AM was an evil-doer because he had done some very evil things. He used the Nick Berg beheading as an example. I told him how could he tell that's our AM when the one doing the slicing amid Mr. Berg's unforgettable screams was wearing a hood. The president mentioned something about sources and methods, but I knew he was lying. No one can convince me that anyone could be that evil, no matter what they showed me or said. Especially anyone who has done so much to help me and my friends bring down the president's standing among the public. So there I was, not five minutes after I arrived at the White House, walking away from my meeting with Mr. Bush — a president I once dreamed about considering to offer something that could only be mistaken for respect — with a deep feeling of disappointment.

"I know many of you heard me say, just a few days ago, that AM was (finger quote) a cold blooded killer who got what he deserved (finger quote). I know I don't need to explain to anyone here why, unfortunately, I had to say that. We'll just leave it at that. (Wink.)

"So where I've started will also be where I end. Our dear AM was made out to be something worse than anyone ever could be. The Bush administration created its monster just so it could destroy it, not thinking that what it was destroying was really just one more human being. Someone's son and brother, husband and father, who fell victim to its unforgivable arrogance.

"But here, among your very best friends, AM, you are not considered a monster. You will always be remembered as one who was always there for us when we were always feeling down, or always feeling the need to bring President Bush down. And that's the simple truth behind the full story of the sweet love we held for you, dear AM."

Hilldabeastly Rotten al-Qlinton, President of the United Cellblocks of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

"Wow. Like, thank you, Harry, for that heartwarming and heart-wrenching account of our friend Abuie. Heartwarming because it expressed all of the things we in this room feel about someone who had become an indispensable soldier in our cause. Yet heart-wrenching because it again reminds us he can no longer be a part of that cause — except, of course, in spirit.

"I only wish we knew for sure what your last words had been, Abuie, after you valiantly tried to climb off your stretcher before, I imagine, reaching out your hand in an obvious gesture of reconciliation and friendship. No doubt the vast number of our opponents will assume these words were along the lines of 'Oh camel dung!' upon seeing the menacing approach of American soldiers coming to cart you away to God knows where — and no doubt the thought of being mercilessly tortured by them in violation of all international law and norms understandably ran through your critically damaged skull. But I have a better, more hopeful assumption than any of their mean-spirited ones: Your last words, given the way we all wish to solely remember you, had to be words of peace. A desperate, panged cry against a relentlessly waged war that you never asked for or wanted. Words that sought out, not war, but a bright future for all the Iraqi people: 'No more killing.'

"Yes, 'No more killing.' Those are the words that I believe in my heart you tried to say even after President Bush tried to silence you, not with any prepared words, but with a pair of bombs. It touches all of us to realize how, despite your unrecoverable injuries, you tried to utter them so they'd be heard by someone — anyone — before you fell into the arms of those scores of virgins that your faith, which I deeply respect, promises all persons of goodwill. They are words that, despite even President Bush's vicious war, can never be terminated.

"'No more killing.' We hear you, Abuie. Even if it is only us here who do so now. But we promise to work diligently to make sure that your final words are not destined to fall on deaf ears. That they will be the call to action you intended. The call to peace. The call to hope for no more of these preemptive, unprovoked wars:

"A time when all of us can and should say, 'No more killing.'

"Rest peacefully in those ever-youthful arms, our dear Abuie."

Ticked Turban, Senate Troopwhipper

"I have here a paper that, unless I told you the source, you would believe it was about the allegedly brutal practices of Saddam Hussein, or about the allegedly diabolical acts of Osama Bin Ladin or his alleged agent, our dear Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, perpetrated against people innocently going about their daily lives only to be bombed into oblivion by the same kind of ruthless practices and acts. Unfortunately, it is about how our nation's own military swooped down upon the home of an Iraqi resident and mercilessly leveled it, fatally crushing everyone inside.

"It's the reason we're here today. Instead of finding ways to stop the war and bring our troops home, we have to mourn the loss of another of their victims. We've witnessed the same brutality I complained about almost a year ago, only worse. Now we've created a martyr whose followers are going to be that much angrier at us for the crimes against humanity we're allowing our troops to commit everyday all in the name of some unjust cause based on lies and deception and fear. The same lies Nazi fascists used in the last century to plunder their way across continental Europe while consigning untold millions to their deaths. The same fears Stalinist Russia used to sentence millions more to Gulags and other horrors. Even the same deceptions the regimes of Southeast Asia used to convince soldiers that the common farmer and the common laborer was a monstrous enemy of the state, deserving killing. Now we see, by just this latest act, how a man and his associates who are fighting for a united Iraq can be viciously targeted and murdered.

"It pains me to read about the suffering our friend Musab must have endured after seeing his home demolished and realizing his friends must all be dead. Those were undoubtedly the last thoughts he had before he himself drew his final breath. Then I read about how, after he was pulled from the rubble, he was still barely alive and tried to rise up from his gurney to go meet our approaching troops and propose to them an offer of peace. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to communicate to them his peaceful intentions.

"Our friend's last words may or may not have been a plea to stop all the unnecessary killing, as my colleague suggests. But our morality demands that we investigate the circumstances surrounding his and his colleagues' deaths so that we can ensure that, whether he had the chance to speak these words or not, there will be no more such killings.

"I can only hope that we will do so before it is too late."

Loady-Di Feinkenstein, Mexifornia Senator

"Abu, our friend, is gone. His religion may have been different from ours, but we all were working toward the same goal of an unoccupied Iraq. The way he lived may not have been the same as what we're normally used to, but he ate and drank, lived and loved, the same as we.

"I am Abu. You are Abu. We all are, with each one of us yearning for the same peace and freedom that he was journeying across Iraq to find. Although he is finally at peace, the world is less so. Although he is accused of masterminding, and sometimes participating in, the purposeful killing of thousands upon thousands of Iraqis during his journeys, we are responsible for the unintentional killing of at least a hundred or so ourselves. Yet it is unlikely that any of us will have to suffer the same fate our friend has. Although living in a world where those like him are, as a result of our actions, very, very mad at us may arguably be much worse.

"My name is Abu Feinstein. His name was Diane al-Zarqawi. Our names speak to the tiredness we all feel over all this senseless killing.

"In our name we will extend the hand of friendship to everyone so there will be no more killing. So we won't have to ever mourn again another Abu."

Pinchy Stoolzberger, Stewed Pork Rinds Chairtraitor

"It is not the job of a journalist to take sides, especially in war. But given the brutality, the cold-blooded bombings, the remorseless suffering inflicted on the people of Iraq by a single man, I must make an exception.

"George Bush is the sole reason I have taken sides in this illegal war. Whatever and whoever it takes to defeat him so Iraq can again be at peace internally and with its neighbors, I will support. It is why I am here today, not only to pay my condolences to the friends of one of Mr. Bush's enemies, but to pledge my full support for the causes about which that person, who best exemplified the tireless struggle for Iraq's long-term stability, felt most passionately. Breaking free the manacles of messy democracy and heartless capitalism is a cause most worthy of both Iraqi and American alike.

"According to sources close to the Bush administration, our friend Mr. Zarqawi didn't have to die. Over the objections of prominent officials, Mr. Bush ordered his so-called termination. This is a scandal for which he and his administration must be held fully accountable. There must be a thorough investigation. And rest assured my newspaper will be in the vanguard of not only calling for one, but doing a great deal of it ourselves. One way or the other we will get to the bottom of Mr. Bush's involvement in our friend's appalling murder.

"The justice you could not find in life, Mr. Zarqawi, we will eventually mete out to that so-called commander-in-chief who unjustifiably took it from you. That way we can be certain that you are indeed resting in peace."

Obama Bent Lobbin, al-DNC Supporter (via videotape)

"The blood of our martyrs will be avenged! Death to the Satan America!! Death to the apostates and infidels!!! Double Dollops of Death to all jews and israel!!!! Death death death and more death!!!!!"

Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry, Massoqueeretts Jr. Senator

"Now that our friend has been tragically taken from us, I believe it is time for us to pull out of Iraq. There is really no reason to keep our troops there anymore. The person who was the highest leader of the insurgency before he actually became a mere figurehead is gone. He can no longer be considered any kind of threat to the Bush administration. Thus it has run out of excuses to continue its interference in Iraq's internal politics.

"I know our Musab had a plan, just as I do, for redeploying our troops outside of Iraq. Regrettably, this administration had him killed before he could complete that plan. But we will lift up the banner of this effort so that I can someday receive the credit for it on his behalf.

"Regarding our friend's murder, I am sure war crimes were committed — not isolated incidents, but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command. No doubt they are reliving the absolute horror of what this administration, in effect, made them do. I would not be surprised to find out that members of the Bush administration had personally raped, cut off the ears, cut off the head, and taped wires from portable telephones to the genitals of our dear Musab and turned up the power, then cut off his limbs, blown up his body, randomly shot at him, razed his village in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot his camel and dogs for fun, poisoned his food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside around his safe house. That is to say, we would be more guilty than any other body of violations of the Geneva Conventions, similar to the use of free-fire zones, harassment interdiction fire, search-and-destroy missions, the bombings, the torture of prisoners, if this is indeed the accepted policy by many of our units in Iraq.

"Therefore a complete and thorough investigation is in order. Our so-called enemy should know that we will strictly bind the hands of anyone who may wish to violate any of his rights under the Geneva Conventions. Once that so-called enemy knows this, his behavior will change, and he will no longer use such things as allegedly hidden roadside bombs or the alleged booby-trapped infant he allegedly killed for just that very alleged purpose. Because the so-called enemy will be behaving, we have no further need to stay in Iraq.

"This is a good plan. A plan for investigating war crimes. A plan for departing Iraq. A plan for honoring the memory of our beloved Musab and ensuring he did not die in vain.

"We should follow this plan not only for his memory's sake but for our own."

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More good news


For America, Iraq, and all freedom- and peace-loving peoples.

Iraq's parliament confirms key ministers

Baghdad, June 8, (BNA) Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al Maliki, appointed today, Abdulqader Mohammed Jassim as Defence minister, Jawad al Bulani, as Interior minister and Shirwan al Waili as the National Security Minister.

Iraqi News Agency said the newly-appointed Defence Minister, Lt.Gen. Abdulqader Jassim is currently the Land Forces Commander while Interior Minister, Jawad al-Bulani is close to the alliance and as for National Security Minister, Shirwan al-Waili, he was an officer in the Iraqi Army in the days of the ousted regime and is now a member of Parliament for the coalition bloc.

CBS News: Iraqi Parliament Swears in New Ministers
Iraqi parliament swears in key security ministers, seen as crucial step toward domestic takeover

Repaired and refitted USS COLE sails again

[WUSA9.com/AP] The U-S-S Cole leaves Norfolk, Virginia, for the Middle East today for the first time since the ship was attacked in Yemen, killing 17 sailors. Terrorists bombed the Cole as it was refueling in Yemen's port of Aden on October 12th, 2000. Those killed included three crewmembers from Maryland — Patrick Roy and Craig Wibberley, both from Washington County, and Joshua Parlett of Churchville.

No sailors from that crew are still on the ship. But many sailors in the current crew asked to be assigned to the Cole and say they're unafraid to deploy to that region. Command Master Chief Pat Reynolds of Lubbock, Texas, requested duty on the Cole in part because he was impressed with the crew's ability to come together to save the ship. Reynolds says he can't wait to deploy to show the world that — in his words — "we mean business."

The Cole is one of six ships and a submarine with six-thousand sailors and Marines leaving the East Coast this week to conduct security operations in support of the war on terrorism. They'll be gone six months. The Cole spent six months in the Mediterranean Sea in 2003 and 2004.

US Navy web site: USS Cole (DDG 67) "Determined Warrior"

Questions surround Haditha 'witnesses'

[euphoricreality.net] Putting It All Together

The Marines had hot intel that warned them of an attack from at least 20 terrorists that day. They were fortifying the Command Outpost accordingly.

Several children knew about the attack ahead of time, and there were quite a few people in the vicinity of the IED when it exploded. Their dead bodies are not accounted for in any Iraqi statement thus far.

When the IED exploded, the Marines began taking heavy small arms fire (as corroborated by the surveillance drone in the area). The Iraqi "eyewitnesses" claim the Marines were never fired upon. THEY ARE LYING. There are radio records of what happened that day, and they will come out. I have no doubt whatsoever that they will prove that the Marines were under fire from the terrorists. The Marines reacted swiftly, having already been briefed to expect such an attack. At the time, they did not know that one of their own had been killed, thus removing the media's pet motive of "uncontrolled revenge triggered by Sgt Terrazas' death" from the scenario.

[much, much more]

Massive quakes felt as Lefties' heads explode

(LUNews) Seismologists at the US Geological Survey, the University of California at Berkeley, and other sites across the United States recorded massive earthquakes of "biblical proportions" all day Thursday after a series of stunningly favorable news reports from Iraq set off unexplainable episodes of Intermittent Explosive Disorder among members of the endangered species, Moonbatus Idiotarianus.

Scientists were at a loss to explain any of the large quakes. But some speculated that the explosions heard at Dhimm al-Qratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., may have triggered some sort of chain reaction that spread into even the deepest house basements — commonly known to be the natural habitat of that paranoid species and their personal computers. Asked whether he felt the quakes could be attributed to such a phenomenon, Dr. Kookos T. Dailey, a prognosticator at UC Berkeley's department of reality-based studies, claimed he couldn't feel any quakes. "What we have seen is really some people's overreaction to the blatant propaganda activities of none other than Karl Rove and his double super secret mind altering device and popcorn machine, which I call 'Baby Snookers,'" he said.

Several persons who said they saw one or more heads of this species explode were certain that those were the real causes of the quakes. "This morning there was a whole bunch of them gathered at the Starbucks down the street, and after one of them turned on the television they all just started convulsing very violently. That was right before their heads started exploding," said one woman. A man who saw the same event added that it didn't seem the explosions were physically fatal to any of the victims. "Like (their heads) exploded and, you know, there wasn't any blood or anything. It was like popping a balloon. It just released a lot of hot air but nothing else. Guess their heads must have already been empty before they exploded," he said.

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Zitcoward dead


Head of al-Qaeda in Iraq hobbles off to hell.

ood news, courtesy U.S. special forces with help from true Iraqi freedom fighters.

Wonder if this Best.News.Ever. story in years will rate higher than a brief blurb on page Z9999 of Friday's Spew Snork Slimes.

Oh, forgot. There are no terrorists in Iraq. (Well, there won't be after the brave members of our and Iraq's armed forces complete their Operation Iraqi Freedom missions there.)

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Here's the deal, Mr. President


You verifiably deport 1,000,000 illegals and keep 50,000 National Guardsmen on the border until you do. Once that's done, we'll consent to full enactment of your guest worker program for the remaining 11,000,000 illegals.

doubt you (or they) will get a more generous offer, sir, even with all the political thumbscrew turning you might be thinking of subjecting our House members to in the upcoming months. Show us you're actually serious about protecting and defending us along our own borders. That will go a long way towards dispelling our now unshakable belief that what you and your liberal friends in the Senate have so far proposed is hardly more than a Leno-league bad joke.

It's impractical to deport that many, you say? If you're looking to get it done before mid-October — which works out to around 8,300 per day — then, yes, it probably would be. Sorry about not giving you any chance to pander to Hispanic voters, and at the same time sacrifice all your principles here, before the midterm elections. Such are the vagaries of our political process: Just powers derived from the consent of the governed, and all that.

You've proven you're able to readily round up over a thousand illegals in a matter of days, just by your running a quick search for phony Social Security numbers. By doubling such efforts, the daily rate could easily exceed 2,000. (Note: Just make sure you deport them all this time instead of promptly releasing a large majority back out on our streets.) So completing the task in a reasonable amount of time is doable. Just think, by November of next year, soon after the bus carrying the last of those million illegals departs our fair land, you'll be signing the Comprehensive Guest Worker Act of 2007.

Sure, there'll be much grousing and gnashing of teeth from the stabbing-America-in-the-back community. But a grateful citizenry will rise up and vastly overwhelm them this November as we march to the polls in droves in order to reward you, our heroic faithful servant, with increased numbers of true Republicans in both houses of Congress. It will be our way of saying, "Thank you, Mr. President. You actually do listen to us."

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Nothing to see here, eh?


Move along. Move along, Canakistan.

f only we held hands and sang happy songs together and embraced all other cultures and showed them how we condemn and hate our own just as much as they do, they'll like us and won't want to hurt us.

Canadhimma, the Great Multicultural North. Welcome to reality, where the fruits of cowering blindness and weakness always taste bitter.

But let's not rush to judge anyone, especially those poor, oppressed youths of yours who only wanted to lash out at your society only because they feel it discriminates against them and is otherwise out and about to alienate and get them because of their color and religion. How racist, bigoted, and intolerant you are. Understandable that they're so angry.

So what must you do to save your back bacon? More of the same, of course. First you must show them that you really condemn and hate everything about yourselves; then you must completely give them everything they want and comply with all their demands. That way they won't feel so threatened by your worthlessly evil society. Then they won't ever want to hurt you that much ever again.

Then again, if you really do condemn and hate any of these things about yourselves, wouldn't you want them to lash out at it? Better yet, why don't you join them in that noble, oh so progressive endeavor? You'd even have their full blessing.

What are a few thousand souls sacrificed on the vaunted altar of enlightened multiculturalism? The rest you can sell into dhimmiservitude. That would be a very small price to pay to keep your fearful bodies alive, eh?

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American ingenuity


Stepping into the breach until us voters hire public servants who will not fail us or our country.

Yankee Doodle watched the border
For new Dhimmi voters
Wading through the Rio Grande
Or drowning in its waters.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up,
Yankee Doodle Dandy,
Mind no MSM hit piece,
But with speed dials be handy.

They called him a Vigilante
And not A-CLUe soon ran there
But found out every law breaker
Was not that Minuteman there.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

So John McCain grew all incensed
Irate and even testy
Then wrote up a horrendous bill
For giving them Amnesty.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

The lawyers' mouths were watering
Over the job prospects they found there
 While out-of-nationers pay in-state fees
For a DREAM that's one big nightmare.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

With electric bills and forged receipts
Clutched in their hands so tightly
As "proof" they've lived for five years here
They showed up day and nightly.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

When an agent of our Border Patrol
Dared questioned such credentials
She found herself charged with heavy fines
And a defendant in court trials.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

New Mexico just dropped the "New"
And Arizona began
Naming herself like California did:
Now "East" borders "West Aztlan."

Yankee Doodle, keep it up &tc.

exington, Concord, Palominas, Tombstone. Places where, after the established government had long turned a deaf ear to our legitimate grievances, we the people didn't wait around for others to save our liberties or grant us the right to live in a free and independent nation, secure from threat and abuse. We stepped up to save them and win it for ourselves.

Minutemen we called the very first to do so, at the birth of our republic. Those more than a few courageous lovers of their country who thought of more than just themselves and their physical comforts, and were committed to answering at a moment's notice the call to defend their homes and country against whatever might threaten their sanctity. The foes of our freedom and independence, whose injurious plans and designs these patriots pledged to thwart and upset, called them trouble makers, rabble rousers, and worse. No doubt "vigilante" also escaped the surly lips of more than one tyrannical colonial governor.

That Spirit of '76, which holds independence more dear than reaching amicable accommodations with any of its enemies, both foreign and domestic, is alive and well 230 years later. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean it's now fending off a direct attack on our union of laws, our establishments of justice, our domestic tranquillity, our national security, our general welfare, and those sacred blessings of liberty secured to every law-abiding guest and citizen of our country. No Mexigoth misleader, no RINOsaur, no Open Borders Racketeer has any hope of breaking it. In the words of one who possesses this spirit, and who puts his money where his mouth is:

Our government has thus far failed in its fundamental duty to secure our borders — which has caused a national security crisis of the first order. When a self-governing people are faced with such dereliction of duty, we must step up to the plate ourselves and get the job done.

More than anything else we're a nation of freedom-loving individuals who are ever willing and capable of getting the job done — ourselves.

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