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Americans Less Safe Since Obama's Selection, Experts Say


“Obama said if elected in November 2008 he would be willing to attack inside Pakistan with or without approval from the Pakistani government, a move that would likely cause anxiety in the already troubled region.” (Reuters)
Bloodbaths in India with Americans targeted and heightened tensions with Pakistan Obama's No. 1 Target®. Is this "change we need"?


on't try calling the Office of the President-Elect™. The political opportunists running it are too busy trying to put his cronies and most favored lobbyists in "our" public offices.

Terrorists followed 'al-Qaeda blueprint'

Terrorists behind co-ordinated attacks on a series of high-profile targets in India followed a "blueprint" created by al-Qaeda, one terrorism expert said today.

George Kassimeris, an expert in conflict and terrorism, said attacks on transport links, hotels and bars in Mumbai were "original" and "absolutely shocking".

He said the Islamic extremist group created the "modus operandi" of attacking vulnerable civilian targets with no warning, long-term plans or demands.

Witness accounts that gunmen were looking for US and British nationals suggest they want to grab international attention, he added....

The terrorists are believed to have entered Mumbai by sea, risk forecasters Exclusive Analysis said.

But the company's experts said they were "resistant" to reports that the attacks bore the hallmark of al-Qaeda or were even inspired by the jihadist movement founded by Osama bin Laden.

Indian intelligence has suggested the attackers may have been Pakistani, based on "loose evidence" that some of them spoke with a Pakistani accent, they said.

Given Former Senator Obama's obvious weakness and inexperience, no wonder we've just witnessed the highest number of innocent American civilians killed in a terrorist attack since September 11, 2001.

No doubt we'll see even more, now that the terrorists take his weakness and inexperience as an opportunity to target Americans and other Westerners in these types of attacks. That is, "to do things you think you could not do before."

But don't bother the former senator with it. He's got more important matters he wants to also sweep under the rug:

With Hillary [al-Qlinton]'s expected appointment tomorrow comes a round of buzz about "emoluments" and specifically the question of whether, under a fairly straightforward reading of the Constitution, her appointment isn't constitutional.

At issue is Article I, Section 6, which says, "No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased [sic] during such time." That is, if the Cabinet, or other, post got a pay hike during the term of the senator, the senator couldn't take the job. During Clinton's Senate term, Bush raised the Cabinet's pay.

And there are serious lawyers who see this, legally speaking, as a real obstacle.

Since when have legal "concerns" been an obstacle to the former senator getting more power for himself and his special-interest cronies?

Update (Monday, December 1, 10:55 AM)

Another lying Baron von Münchhaussein Oliar lie:

Because if you are ready for change, then you can elect a president who has taught the Constitution, and believes in the Constitution, and will obey the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article of Impeachment I — in re: Unconstitutionally-Appointed Secretary of State al-Qlinton. (Or more aptly, just "Former Senator al-Qlinton.")

Lies, lies, and more lies.

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Homicidal Obama Voters Kill for Hope to Save Some Change


"This is our moment to shove and trample. This is our time to crush and kill."


e have a unique moment that we have to seize."

A murderous stampede "does not happen from the top down. It happens from the bottom up." After all, they "hunger for opportunity" and "want to move forward into a better tomorrow."

But they "were (so) hungry for something new that they were(n't) tired of a (behavior) that tears each other down."

"That's the change we want." "That is possible if you're ready for change."

"The last thing we need is to have the same old folks doing the same old things." "We need something different (and deadly)."

"Hope is not ignoring or being ignorant of the challenges thatsafety of store employees who stand between you and your dreams."

"Yes, we can kill workers! Yes, we can destroy stores! Yes, we can 'act like savages'! Yes, we can run over you and your loved ones! Yes, we can commit crimes! Yes, we can disrespect the dead! Yes, we can blame others! Yes, we can refuse to take any personal responsibility for what we've done! Yes, we can murder you and 'think' nothing of it if you happen to be in our way!"

The more things "change"....

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Acting President Biden


"if the President elect shall have failed to qualify..."


n which hospital was Former Senator Øbama born? Which of that hospital's doctors delivered him? Where are that hospital's records proving he was born in it?

If we're going to ignore the following provisions of our nation's constitution,

If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified....
Amendment XX, Section 3.

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
Article II, Section. 1, Clause 5.

...which other provisions of it are we also going to ignore once they prove similarly inconvenient?

In each instance will there be sheriff's deputies posted at more doors denying We the People even the chance to prove that we're ignoring it?

Last week in Hawaii, WND retained a top private investigator with extensive FBI training and tasked with visiting both the Queens Medical Center and the Kaliolani Medical Center to investigate claims that Obama birth certificates existed at either hospital.

But the private investigator reported that on Thursday and Friday of last week, sheriff's deputies were stationed at both hospitals to fend off press inquiries about Obama's birth certificate.

The [Hawaiin] governor's communication with WND also left ambiguous whether the Obama birth certificate on file with the Department of Health was originally generated by a Hawaii doctor after giving birth to Obama in Hawaii, or generated in Kenya and subsequently registered by the Obama family in Hawaii.

The controversy is further fueled by a video posted on YouTube in which Obama's Kenyan grandmother Sarah claims to have witnessed personally Obama's birth in Kenya. The YouTube.com video tape also features Sayid Obama who was interviewed by WND.

To date, Obama and his campaign have refused to disclose the name of the doctor delivering the candidate or the precise hospital where he was born.

The main reason doubts persist regarding Obama's birth certificate is this question: If an original Hawaii-doctor-generated and Hawaii-hospital-released Obama birth certificate exists, why wouldn't the senator and his campaign simply order the document released and end the controversy?

Why wouldn't he, indeed. He knows or should know that a third-party "certification" is insufficient.

Public Law No: 108-458
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004

Sec. 7211. Minimum standards for birth certificates.

(a) Definition.--In this section, the term ``birth certificate'' means a certificate of birth--

(1) for an individual (regardless of where born)--

  (A) who is a citizen or national of the United States at birth; and

  (B) whose birth is registered in the United States; and

(2) that--

  (A) is issued by a Federal, State, or local government agency or authorized custodian of record and produced from birth records maintained by such agency or custodian of record; or

  (B) is an authenticated copy, issued by a Federal, State, or local government agency or authorized custodian of record, of an original certificate of birth issued by such agency or custodian of record.

(b) Standards for Acceptance by Federal Agencies.--

(1) In general.--Beginning 2 years after the promulgation of minimum standards under paragraph (3), no Federal agency may accept a birth certificate for any official purpose unless the certificate conforms to such standards.

(2) State certification.--

  (A) In general.--Each State shall certify to the Secretary of Health and Human Services that the State is in compliance with the requirements of this section.

  (B) Frequency.--Certifications under subparagraph (A) shall be made at such intervals and in such a manner as the Secretary of Health and Human Services, with the concurrence of the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Commissioner of Social Security, may prescribe by regulation.

  (C) Compliance.--Each State shall ensure that units of local government and other authorized custodians of records in the State comply with this section.

  (D) Audits.--The Secretary of Health and Human Services may conduct periodic audits of each State's compliance with the requirements of this section.

(3) Minimum standards.--Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall by regulation establish minimum standards for birth certificates for use by Federal agencies for official purposes that--

  (A) at a minimum, shall require certification of the birth certificate by the State or local government custodian of record that issued the certificate, and shall require the use of safety paper or an alternative, equally secure medium, the seal of the issuing custodian of record, and other features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or otherwise duplicating the birth certificate for fraudulent purposes;

  (B) shall establish requirements for proof and verification of identity as a condition of issuance of a birth certificate, with additional security measures for the issuance of a birth certificate for a person who is not the applicant;

  (C) shall establish standards for the processing of birth certificate applications to prevent fraud;

  (D) may not require a single design to which birth certificates issued by all States must conform; and

  (E) shall accommodate the differences between the States in the manner and form in which birth records are stored and birth certificates are produced from such records.

(4) Consultation with government agencies.--In promulgating the standards required under paragraph (3), the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall consult with--

  (A) the Secretary of Homeland Security;

  (B) the Commissioner of Social Security;

  (C) State vital statistics offices; and

  (D) other appropriate Federal agencies.

(5) Extension of effective date.--The Secretary of Health and Human Services may extend the date specified under paragraph (1) for up to 2 years for birth certificates issued by a State if the Secretary determines that the State made reasonable efforts to comply with the date under paragraph (1) but was unable to do so.

So the proper form of address for the next four years will be "Mr. Former Senator" and "Mr. Acting President," respectively, when speaking to Obama bin Biden. As in: "How do you plead, Mr. Former Senator. Guilty or not guilty?"

Electoral College
Class of '08 theme song
Born in uh N-Ya-K
I was born in uh N-Ya-K
I was born in uh N-Ya-K
I was born in uh N-Ya-K

All republics die two centuries or less after they're born, right after they forget the answer to that most basic of questions: "Why am I here?"

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America....

The fact our own's suicide extends their maximum lifespan a few decades isn't going to make it any kind of historic exception.

Perhaps the next people's experiment in governing themselves will employ some untried method for their remembering the answer long enough to fare remarkably better.

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It's Against the Law to Take Care of Yourself


Not on your own; just it's not your own.


nlawful self-reliance: You and yours will be helped by us, or you will be fined, charged, arrested, and even jailed. That's how serious we are about helping punishing you when we don't see you getting any of our help.

If you say this change is more than you bargained for, you better hope we never ever hear you saying that or find out you said it. You will be charged with obstruction of help.

We have a mandate to help you because most of you have agreed with us that all of you are helpless and we're your only prayer. Not only that, we're obviously more educated, capable, aware, concerned, tolerant, caring, mature, cool, appealing, cultured, articulate, chic, and rational than you are. So we know what's best for you and how to let you have it better than you ever will.

Yes, you non-Fifty Two Percenters can abandon whatever hope you may have that we're going to ever let such a mandate go to waste. "It's the crisis, stupid" is the one thing that's never going to change.

In fact, we have a checklist for everything we want to do for to you:

1. Is it right or wrong?

2. Will it help make everyone's life better?

3. If it does fail, is it going to leave everyone worse off than before?

Oops! wrong list.

1. Can we get away with it?

2. Will it help make us more powerful?

3. If we do get caught, can we brush it aside as nothing or falsely accuse everyone else of doing it too?

Just remember: We're now the government and we're here to help.

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Shana-na-na, Shana-na-na, Hey, 95%'s tax cuts, Goodbye!


Promises, Schmomises.

Remember that tax cut promise for 95% of (working or not working) Americans?

...It's been shelved.


. Bribe voters with a promise of "free" goodies for their votes.

2. Get their votes.

3. Renege on promise.

4. Ignore dumbfounded looks on hoodwinked voters' faces.

Fool me once,

Qlinton-Gore '92 promised us a 'middle class tax cut' too
October 23, 2008

...shame on you.

Middle-Class Tax Cut Redux
March 14, 2004

Fool me twice,

'cut taxes' changed to 'not raise taxes'
October 29, 2008

...shame on me.

History. Lessons. Forgetfulness. Doomed repeating required.™

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Nice Weather We're Having


Skies full of balloons.


t's tempting to break radio silence, transmit the speed and direction of each one, and fire off a short burst just to hear it go Pop!

That's precisely the reason they're up there.

But why give away our position and strength too early and allow the enemy to organize and prepare a devastating return fire on something other than his own saliva-encrusted foot?

Let him hobble towards 20 January, releasing all along the way his pretty red balloons into a surprisingly lead-free sky.

Save up each of those rounds for the very same targets that, by I-Day, are going to be cluttering the sky.

Meanwhile, there won't be any shot-down ones littering the ground for him to sidestep.

He won't know if his path isn't allowing him to seek out and take up the best position for his pulling the triggers on that arsenal of sniper rifles, shotguns, and even artillery he'd like nothing better than to ready, aim and fire at each of our high-ranking constitutional liberties.

After he has obligingly set up for us that very target-rich environment, and his uncertainty has created much dissention within his own ranks, then we'll open up on them and pin him down.

The bursts will be so loud it'd be a miracle if anyone in the middle of that cacophony can hear those beside him observing, "Looks like the liberals' chickens are coming home to roost."

Finally, if the enemy correctly decides it's not so wise to release his whether balloons, we'll send ones up for him. For examples:

Obama to pardon then appoint terrorist Ayers assistant education secretary?

Obama plans 'special amnesty' for illegal-alien aunt?

Obama still discussing secret invasion of Pakistan?

Obama's 'Terrorists Bill of Rights' puts jurors' lives in jeopardy, experts say.

Obama's deadly dictate to states: 'Declare open season and no bag limit on unborn babies... or else.'

He'll be so busy trying to pop all those with his lying "No, I won't's" and "That was totally taken out of context's" he won't have any more time or rounds to devote to his cowardly and misogynic Kick A Woman After She's Down diversionary attack.

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We deserve Obama


We don't deserve John McCain.


o "you deserve him" here. Liberals deserve zer-Ø because, in the most extreme sense, he's one of them. So-called moderates deserve him because they always take whatever others hand them or tell them they should be handed. Conservatives deserve him most of all because, in trying to soften what once were strongly held beliefs that before have in turn always held our nation and us in good stead — just so we could show liberals that we're not anything like the mean, racist, homophobic, blah, blah, etc., etc. they always falsely accuse us and anyone else who dares interfere with or actively oppose their Anything Goes/No One's Responsible (unless it involves us or any other scapegoat they need to totally blame for their own miserable failures) Establishment and therefore must, they think feel, be belittled, marginalized, and otherwise completely wiped out of existence, of being — and to thus pervert those beliefs somehow into mere objects of shame and ridicule, we have grown soft, to the point we're no longer willing — much less able — to effectually stand up and fight, no matter what, for those beliefs.

As we just witnessed, whoever refuses to stand for anything will indeed fall for everything, including an entirely liberal government whose president, assisted by the same fellow travelers and campaigners in media who set every professional consideration aside to lift him into that self-serving position of monopolistic and concentrated power and therefore personally have no interest whatsoever in ever holding him accountable, is willing and now very much able to make anyone and everyone but himself take the fall for his inevitable failures as well.

Yes, we deserve him.

This doesn't mean, however, he deserves any of our support.

When our nation is "tested" attacked again, which his running mate explicitly guarantees, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of Americans are slaughtered, he won't deserve our — as his worshipers in the media would put it — "rallying behind the president." He will deserve the full blame for letting that attack and each of their deaths happen on his watch.

When many, many more of our jobs are lost and our economy progressively sinks into another protracted depression, he won't deserve our "giving the administration's numerous bailout packages a chance to work." He will deserve the full blame for letting each of those losses and that depression happen on his watch.

When Iran gets ready to test detonate a nuclear bomb and forces Israel to start a kill-or-be-killed war to stop it, he won't deserve our "excusing the president over something that was essentially beyond his control." He will deserve the full blame for letting that full-scale war and each of its civilian casualties happen on his watch.

When Russia makes a move on Belarus or Communist China threatens Taiwan or occupies the oil-rich Spratly Islands, he won't deserve our "finding hope in the president's proposed talks to get the belligerents to change their plans." He will deserve the full blame for letting that military dominance of our country's strategically important friends and staunchest allies there happen on his watch.

Unrelenting and ferocious dissent against his horrendous policies, lies, and failures will not only be what he deserves but be nobly declared the highest and purest form of patriotism.

He will never deserve any benefit of the doubt.

Deservedly, too, his motives will always be questioned and assumed to contain the most malicious intent;

His every slip up will be exploited;

His every drop in poll numbers will be highlighted;

His every broken promise will be pointed out with outrage and presented over and over as yet more evidence of his consistent pattern of lying to and deceiving the American people;

His every nominee will be called extreme and someone "not in the mainstream";

His every perceived abuse will be followed by loud and repeated calls for his immediate impeachment and removal;

His every accusation of racism leveled at members of Congress who oppose his socialist attempts to "fundamentally transform" radically vitiate our liberties and very way of life will be countered by constant reminders of the black-liberationist Reverend Wright, the billy club carrying Black Panthers, and all the other extremely bigoted individuals and race-based special interest groups who have judged him worthy of their unquestioning "moral" and material support for no other reason than the color of his skin;

His every seemingly slow or lackluster response to natural disasters, whenever he's not promptly on hand afterwards personally pulling their victims out of the ruins, will be met with scorn and derision and held out as proof of his general indifference and specific lack of concern for any and all such victims;

Every drop in the stock market, every increase in gas prices, every decrease in government revenues, as well as every other crisis or malady confronting us, will be proclaimed squarely and totally his fault and made to hound his whole presidency; and

Every day he allows Osama bin Laden to remain at large will be counted with its rising tally carved into the next stone added like a grim charm to that shameful necklace of utter failure hanging heavier and heavier across his puffed out puny chest.

There won't be more of the same timid politics when the future of our country is at stake.

There will be "sixteen words," eight words, four, two, and one.

There will be recriminations and demands for investigations.

There will be constant harping on his foreign and phony campaign contributions and illegal voter registrations.

There will be charges of his political interference and bias staining every executive-branch report.

There will be quotation after quotation of and about his paternal grandmother confirming that she directly witnessed his birth in Kenya.

There will be more reexaminations of his longstanding ties to his terrorist pals Ayers and Dohrn than were ever done regarding any of Dick Cheney's to Halliburton.

There will be decreasing job-approval ratings and falling support.

There will be a Great Finger pointing perpetually towards him with such consistent strength and GPS-level precision that it would make the North Magnetic Pole itself extremely jealous.

There will be ever ongoing Anyone But Democrats™ and Anyone But Obama™ campaigns until We their Bosses fire them from Congress and him.

His misnamed MoveOn crowd and his Dreary Kos disciples will be forever rushing to defend his every foible, mishap, breach of promise, malfeasance, and outright law-breaking, and will be mercilessly pilloried for it.

He will be pummeled with jeers and continually scoffed at throughout the non-BaracKoolAid® new media.

In the end his hair will be whiter than Barbara Bush's.

And all of it will always be personal, because the only ones who don't and never will deserve some renegade leftwing extremist like him occupying our nation's highest office are our Troops.

All but truly the most brainwashed by the now-dispelled myth of his unifying rhetoric believe that he has absolutely no real intention of actually winning this World War. Victory is not in his lawyerly vocabulary. Negotiations, hearings, settlements, and declaratory judgments are what he's seeking for its outcome.

His is a process that will prove extremely deadly for all our men in combat.

No matter what they try to do under his rules of engagement evidence and criminal procedure, the result for Iraq and Afghanistan is both countries quickly engulfed in civil wars started, continued, and eventually won by a reinvigorated and resupplied al-Qaeda so that afterwards its terrorist ranks will be ready and gunning for us.

Meanwhile, with everyone realizing the recklessness of putting any of our Troops unduly in harms way fighting for that international lost cause solely generated by him, the calls for all of them to come home now and hunker down with the rest of us, as we wait and try to prepare ourselves for al-Qaeda's next attacks here, will be most deafening.

Even before they return, each of our Troops will be encouraged to not re-enlist, nor any potential new recruit be encouraged to join, and month after month he will be fully blamed for our military's ever decreasing numbers.

If he wants any more American Troops to "fight" his unwinnable war misadventure over there, he will be forced to ask Congress to give him the power to outright draft them, giving rise to more grounds for the ever increasing number of proposed Articles of Impeachment against him.

Finally, when that massive redeployment of our Troops which he generated leads directly to mounting Iraqi and Afghan civilian casualties and our total loss of both his wars, he will be inundated with scathing criticism as well as unflattering comparisons to those bloodstains of literally millions already permanently covering his party from head to foot following its reprehensible and cowardly betrayal of South Vietnam.

He also will be constantly reminded that, thanks to President Bush, our Troops were achieving real victory for us and our allies in both those countries before he took office.

He will never be able to escape the full blame of history for all those civilian casualties caused by his cruelly and selfishly abandoning them to al-Qaeda's bloodthirsty terrorists right as we were about to help the new Iraq and Afghan governments finish off those terrorists for good.

Since he will be solely responsible for al-Qaeda's victories there, no gratitude or praise he may ever otherwise receive in his lifetime or beyond will more highly and sincerely match that respectively expressed for him then by our deadliest enemy.

Even before the subsequent ticker timebomb parades in Islamabad for the victorious al-Qaeda terrorists, nothing about his losing this World War for us and our allies will be out of bounds:

From the moment he takes office to the raising of the flags of global jihad over Baghdad and Kabul, and all the way up through his impeachment and conviction or landslide defeat, the name of every one of our brave Troops killed or wounded in his new retreat and surrender kind of war will be listed over pictures of his smuggest face, or the former's images arranged to form it.

Their casualty count will be ubiquitous, prominently displayed and frequently mentioned in a continuous drumbeat of condemnation that is accented repeatedly by such sentences as: "Since the beginning of President Obama's term, 123 soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, including 45 since he declared on June 7 that all American combat operations had ended."

He will be called dangerous and out of touch, and hear again and again that "Obama's War is lost."

His "sweeping theories of executive power pushed by" both him and his "usual allies" will be called "a clear violation of the law."

His unlawful IRS revenge-audit of Joe the Plumber and unconstitutional censoring of privately owned radio stations' political speech will each be the basis of new Articles of Impeachment against him.

Nothing short of the destruction of his presidency leading to his utter downfall will be our goal.

He and other liberals have poisoned this well with their rabid hate-speech and lies. Now they will have no choice but to drink from it too.

We will do all this not out of anger at or hate for anyone, because of the facts that neither can be constructively sustained and that every person in our elected offices — insofar as, in addition to our votes, the strength or weakness of our public advocacy (a right none of our Troops fully enjoys) put them all there — are exactly the ones we deserve.

No, our love of liberty, which sustains the love we have for our country and for every one of her freedom-loving people, impels us to take this course.

For eight solid years liberals have fired a criminally unfair and endless barrage of their most extreme anger and hate at a fellow citizen who has done all in his power to serve each American by focusing the fullest of his best energies on nothing but protecting us and our nation against another crippling attack, seeking out and destroying her enemies before they can even get the chance to think about planning it — much, much less get anywhere close to carrying it out.

Yet, as we just witnessed, such naked and unrestrained mean-spiritedness preceding any shameless, superficial promises of newness does work when it comes to winning elections: an end liberals eternally show is always so all-important to them and so feel will always justify all their means.

Nonetheless, crime only pays in the short run. Because in the end, justice will be served.

We can rest assured history will mete to George Walker Bush the much fairer judgment that he, in all honesty, richly deserves.

Our task, using their court-obsessed litigious phrasings, will be to enter judgment against liberals for all compensatory and punitive damages our body politic demands and is entitled to be awarded to make it whole again, for the harm they have, beyond a reasonable doubt, inflicted on it and its good character with their flagrant, premeditated, and deliberate contempt for the very justice and truthfulness which had always given it its democratic strength.

Although liberals are infamous for beating nearly every rap and patting themselves on the back afterwards for their cleverness — witness: pregnant chads, "just about sex," one nation under God, Lincoln bedroom fundraisers, "returned" foreign contributions, "no controlling legal authority" governing campaigns using government telephones, bundled straw donors, leaked war-related state secrets, Schumeruns on the bank, "trigger" memo, Richard "Plame Leaker" Armitage, court-dictated farcical "marriages," ACORN-registered "voters," IRS audits of political enemies, "just a terrorist pal guy who lives in my neighborhood," "don't think (sic) the surge will work," "What is Obama going to do? Hell, we don't know!" — just to tick off a few of their great beats and easy to dance tos arounds — this time they deserve, more than they ever have, the full measure of punishment so very much earned by and long overdue them.

That punishment will reliably serve as a strong and effective deterrent against all future political campaigns and their media conspirators willfully saying and doing any and every despicable and dishonest thing to knowingly deceive as many of the electorate as possible in furtherance of a scheme to defraud each of those electors of his or her reasonably informed vote, all for no other purpose than to plunder and horde as much power and influence such campaigners can so intentionally steal and make their exclusive exercise.

Ours is still an innately conservative country. Violently manipulated markets may be able to change the outcome of a single national election. Our deeply held beliefs and longstanding traditions will never be so transitory. Providing a stable, safe home for that conservatism to live and grow will be the surest way for a movement that transcends party to unite against the destructive forces of liberalism and take back America.


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Before John Sidney McCain enter on the Execution of his Office,


he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—

I, John Sidney McCain, do solemnly swear

o God and to his countrymen, the same oath taken by only forty-three other Americans.

But taking oaths to serve his nation and all her people is what Midshipman McCain, Ensign McCain, Lieutenant McCain, Commander McCain, Captain McCain, Congressman McCain, then Senator McCain has willingly done all his adult life.

Starting fifty years ago through now, with no interruption, he has been under oath, swearing that he will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that he will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that he takes this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that he will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which he is about to enter. So help him God.

Nothing, not even the vengeful and inhumane tortures of our cruelest enemies, ever has been or could be able to force him to betray that solemn oath.

All for our Constitution: Honor, Courage, Commitment; First in Defense; and always, Country First.

that I will faithfully

Continuing the patriotic loyalty and unswerving devotion he has always freely shown by his exemplary service and heroic deeds, to the supreme law of our land.

execute the Office

Applying the force of what our first president ascribed to be a dangerous servant and a fearful master, tempered by President McCain's oath as well as by his judgment and character honed over a lifetime of unquestionable and substantive achievement in our nation's service, to effect the people's vested ends of government.

Not apply it with the intent of bankrupting an entire industry vital to our nation's economic well-being and her security in time of war, nor prohibitively driving up the price of its normal goods and services, all to the detriment of every American, as his øppønent in this election has malignantly and hideously proposed.

of President of the United States,

In which alone we have vested the whole executive power of our entire nation:

To sign into law every bill he approve which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate and been presented to him;

To return, with his objections, every bill he does not approve to that house in which it shall have originated;

To not return any bill within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him;

To similarly sign into effect, return, or not return every order, resolution, or vote to which the concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of adjournment);

To be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the United States;

To require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices;

To grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment;

To, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, make treaties, provided two thirds of the senators present concur;

To nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States, whose appointments are not in our Constitution otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law;

To alone appoint such inferior officers as both houses of Congress think proper;

To fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session;

To give from time to time to the Congress information of the state of the Union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;

To, on extraordinary occasions, convene both houses, or either of them;

To, in case of disagreement between both houses with respect to the time of adjournment, adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper;

To receive ambassadors and other public ministers;

To take care that the laws be faithfully executed;

To commission all the officers of the United States;

To, whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress;

To transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, so that until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President; and

To, after transmitting to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, resume the powers and duties of his office, whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, have transmitted to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and the Vice President has assumed the powers and duties of the office as Acting President, unless they transmit within four days to both such a declaration and the Congress, assembling within forty-eight hours to decide the issue, decide within twenty-one days after its receipt or, if not in session, their assembling that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

and will

The same trustworthy and reliable "I will" he answered his commanding officers with every time they ordered him to fight to complete his mission.

The same trustworthy and reliable "I will" he answered his fellow prisoners of war with every time they encouraged him to fight to survive and keep going and always stick with them through the very end.

The same trustworthy and reliable "I will" he answered his district and state constituents with when they demanded he fight for reform in Congress and better stewardship of their taxed moneys.

The same trustworthy and reliable "I will" he is able, more than any other candidate, to answer each and every American with when we demand he fight for us now and throughout the next four years, for our total victory in this World War, for a strong but limited government, and for a strong and growing economy with unlimited opportunities for all.

to the best of my Ability,

The same ability he has repeatedly proved is already among the best of the best.


Keep within the clear limits we have prescribed for our government so its powers and acts will continue to be fully derived from and always according to the consent of the governed.


Apply these limits so that our government's legislative, executive, and judicial branches exercise none but the powers we have separately vested in each, and that not any encroach ever on those of the other two.

and defend

Fight for the principles born in our Revolution, for the individual freedoms that give them spirit, and for continuing this experiment in human liberty which shows all peoples everywhere they too can, if they have the courage and the will to join that same fight, completely and always govern themselves.

the Constitution of the United States.

The responsibility for its success is not President McCain's alone. It will and must remain primarily ours.

So help me God.

In Whom we put all our trust.

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Obama hates America


He hates America and her citizens being fully capable of defending themselves against any and all threats.

As president, I will end misguided defense policies and stand with Caucus for Priorities ["a far-left [liberal socialist] outfit that wants to cut 15% of the Pentagon's budget in favor of 'education, healthcare, job training, alternative energy development, world hunger (and) deficit reduction.'"] in fighting special interests in Washington [but not the special interests in the highest echelons of his campaign].
“How will Barack Obama and friends fund their plan to spread Joe the Plumber’s wealth? They intend to beat our swords into welfare checks, leaving America exposed to its mortal enemies.”
"Obama And (Barney) Frank: A Farewell To Arms"
Investor's Business Daily
October 27, 2008.

First, I'll stop spending nine billion dollars a month in Iraq. I'm the only major candidate who opposed this war from the beginning [there "in the Illinois state senate. What a profile in political courage."] — and as president, I will end it [i.e.,


Second, I will cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending. I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. I will not weaponize space. I will slow our development of future combat systems, and I will institute an independent defense priorities board to ensure that the Quadrennial Defense Review is not used to justify unnecessary spending.

Third, I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons. [How about — first, second, and third — a world without anti-America ignoramuses calling their kumbaya selves "citizens of the world"

at fanatical outdoor rallies in foreign countries?] To seek that goal, I will not develop new nuclear weapons; I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material, and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off hair-trigger alert and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals. ["Deep cuts" for us, no matter what Russia, China, or anyone else does.]

You know where I stand. ["Yes, we can disarm just America!1!!ONE!!!"]


ot more than a handful of months after delivering this Getthewhiteflag Address™, juniør øne-term-ønly Sen. Øløser the 401(k) Redistributør® started frantically contradicting himself lying:

"And we s— we are spending millions of dollars on missile defense.

"Uh, and I actually believe that we need missile defense because of Iran...

"Iran, Cuba, Venezuala. These countries are tiny. They don't pose a serious threat to us."

...and North Korea, and the potential for them to obtain, uh, uh, uh— or to launch nuclear weapons."

"I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. I will not weaponize space."

"Uh, and I actually believe that we need missile defense because of Iran...

"Iran, Cuba, Venezuela. These countries are tiny. They don't pose a serious threat to us."

...and North Korea, and the potential for them to obtain, uh, uh, uh— or to launch nuclear weapons."

"I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems."

Barack Obama
Political Virgin

He's Come Too Soon

Barack Obama
It's okay to learn on the job

If he can divide us,
he'll conquer us!

"I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message."

Jr. 1-term Sen. Gøvt. Dø-Nøthing (besides seeking a tax hike on every citizen of the world too) couldn't pass a background check to get the least sensitive job in our Department of Defense because of his extensive ties to known terrorists. But he wants you to let him be its Führer boss so, yes, he can gut it and unilaterally disarm our country. If he'll do this to all branches of our military, he'll also move on to causing more of the same extremist change at "the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the State Department, in fact, every department, branch, and bureaucrat in the government."

As if disarming our Freedoms' Brave Defenders wasn't enough, Jr. 1-term Sen. Gøvt. Strictly-Partisan also extremely stands on the side of disarming every law-abiding civilian in America:

Mr. Obama has supported handgun bans even when they trap people who defend themselves. In a 2003 case, a resident of Wilmette, Ill., used a handgun to defend himself from a burglar with a drug habit and a long criminal record, breaking into his home for the second day in a row. Though authorities found the shooting justified, the armed citizen was charged with possessing a handgun in violation of Wilmette's handgun ban.

Illinois lawmakers proposed legislation that would make self-defense an "affirmative defense" against prosecution for handgun possession in towns like Wilmette. Mr. Obama voted four times against the measure, which passed over his opposition, and over a veto by Illinois' anti-gun governor, Rod Blagojevich, a long-time Obama ally.

Self-defense at home or outside the home — it's all just as bad to Mr. Obama.

In 2004, he said he was "consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry," and that he'd back "federal legislation that would ban citizens from carrying weapons, except for law enforcement." Mr. Obama had already put that anti-self-defense belief into action in 2001, voting against a state Senate bill that would have allowed people who receive protective orders — such as domestic violence victims — to carry firearms. Why? Because, in Mr. Obama's world, "authorizing potential victims to carry firearms would potentially lead to a more dangerous rather than less dangerous situation ... It was a bad idea and I'm glad it failed," he said.

Mr. Obama also claims he's no threat to hunters.

But in 2005, he voted for a ban on all but the smallest rifle ammunition used for hunting (or for anything else). If the measure had passed, it would have classified most rifle ammunition beyond the low-powered .22 caliber as "armor piercing ammunition," prohibited for civilian manufacture by federal law. The ammunition ban was hardly Mr. Obama's first act against hunters, either. In 1999, Mr. Obama proposed increasing firearm and ammunition excise taxes by 500 percent. Right now, a rifle that a manufacturer sells for $500 carries an excise tax of $55. Under Mr. Obama's proposal, that amount would rocket to $330. This would turn a tax willingly paid by sportsmen, which funds many of our wildlife conservation programs, into a tool to punish gun buyers.

Also, while Mr. Obama promises hunters, "I will not take your shotgun away," his votes tell a different story.

In 2003, while serving on the Illinois state Senate's Judiciary Committee, Mr. Obama voted for a bill that would have banned (as so-called "semi-automatic assault weapons") most single-shot and double-barreled shotguns, along with hundreds of models of rifles and handguns. If the bill had passed, any Illinois resident who possessed one of these guns 90 days after legislation went into effect, would have faced felony charges. What was that about not taking shotguns away?

As if voting for anti-gun plans wasn't bad enough, Mr. Obama also helped pay for them. He was a board member from 1994 to 2001 of the anti-gun Joyce Foundation, which is the largest source of funding for radical anti-gun groups in the country. On Mr. Obama's watch, Joyce donated $18.6 million to approximately 80 anti-gun efforts, including $1.5 million to the Violence Policy Center, the nation's most aggressive gun-prohibitionist group. Many of the Joyce Foundation's projects were aimed at editing the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.

Disarming us all is where Jr. 1-term-only Sen. Øbøvernment stands.

Kicking journalist who ask actual questions off his Øfarce Øne because they refuse to be willing accomplices to his failing, flailing, BaracKoolAid® guzzling MisNBCistrieCBS WaPof NPRopagandABCNNYT et aLiAT, is where he stands also.

The only ones standing in his way now are the American people themselves.

Stand up and fight to seal BaUSofKKKA Ødisarmya's fate with his loss at the polls Tuesday so he can never, ever get any chance to dangerously seal all of ours with another devastating and widespread loss of defenseless American lives afterwards.

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New Contest! -- Name One Tax Cut That Obama Ever Voted For In His Entire Life and You Could Win One TRILLION DOLLARS!


But hurry! Contest ends Tuesday, November 4th.


oid where prohibited. Open to all U.S. residents eighteen years of age or older and legally registered to vote in their respective states.

Illegal residents like Zer-Øbambøøzler's illegal-alien aunt "living" in a Boston slum, not eligible.

"Tax cut" means a permanent reduction in a majority of citizens or businesses' individual tax liability which does not require any of them to do anything (no filling out any tax forms, no submitting any applications, no receiving any government checks handouts, no worshiping at the Øbamaltar and/or slobberly kissing both his feet, etc.) in order for all of them to qualify for and enjoy that permanent reduction in their tax liability.

All entries must be received by close of polling-booth hours on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

Prize of one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) awarded to first qualifying contestant whose entry contains indisputable proof that the person born in Kenya whose name is Barack Hussein Obama II (a.k.a. The Most Liberal Senator in Congress) had actually voted in favor of a tax cut (as defined above) anytime during his "presence" in the Illinois state legislature as only a very minor member thereof, or during his alleged presence in the United States Senate as just a junior one-term-only freshman do-nothing (except more of the same campaigning for some higher office) member thereof. Only an "Aye" or "Yes" floor vote accepted as proof: no missed vote, proxy vote, committee vote, or merely voting "present."

In the event there is no contest winner because the American people realize that (1) B. Hussein Øbama has never once in his entire life ever voted to enact any real tax cuts, and (2) no matter what he is allegedly (and shrinkingly) promising now only in an election year, zer-Øflimflama's stiff and repeated opposition to all real tax cuts and his record support of really steep and harmful tax increases is something that is never, ever going to "change":

The $1,000,000,000,000.00 prize will be spread around to all Americans as the actual amount of wealth truly redistributed to them in the form of less government spending and public debt, which none of them, their children, or their grandchildren will ever be forced to ever finance, bear, or repay anytime during the next four years or beyond, because the American people have chosen John McCain to be the president of the United States of America, thus making every taxpaying American the real winner!

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