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Blunderracked HisFailureness Obamoron


"Smartiestest. Peeweezeedunt. Evvvahh!!!!11!!1ONEHUNDREDELEVENTIES!!!11!!."

Within the last three years, the [lickspittle libtarded lamestream(birm) Øba]media's self-appointed smartest President [sic] in modern history has insulted the Special Olympics, mixed up the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, falsely claimed that his American Uncle liberated Auschwitz, signed the Westminster Abbey guest book with the date 24 May 2008 when the date was really 24 May 2011, mispronounced "corpsman" when speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, and perhaps most egregiously, God's gift to the presidency couldn't even distinguish between living and dead Medal of Honor recipients.

And that's just off the top of my head....

The [lickspittle libtarded lamestream(birm) Øba]media will let Democrats get away with driving a girl off a bridge and leaving her to die (Ted Kennedy), but Republicans, especially unapologetic conservative ones, won't be given the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes to inconsequential errors.

...journalists [sic] could turn their sharp pens and cantankerous voices to the growing number of businesses suspiciously exempted from ObamaCare[Less], the expanding number of surveys reporting that employers are dropping coverage because of the President's [sic] health-care law, and the Democrats' inability to offer any proposals to reform our Medicare system


ut then they wouldn't be lickspittle libtarded lamestream(birm) Øbamediot propagandists "journalists."

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Seventeen Hours' 'Worth' of Oil Released... Yawn


The world consumes 84 million barrels each day!


nwisely depleting 60 million barrels of our and our fellow fools' strategic oil "reserves" just so, yes, His Desperateness™ can appear only microscopically less an extremely incompetent, dangerous, epically unprecedented failure than He Lets Himself Be Clear® how miserably much a øne He utterly is, will do absolutely nothing to stop out-of-control increases in gas prices.

His Extremist Travesty™ continues to let those increases kill our economy and our jobs because he foolishly refuses to let American oil drillers start real work on creating any steady supplies. Yes, even plans to drill can help lower gas prices. But, no, he clearly can't let that happen. He says it's "important" to send such "price signals" in ørder to turn us all into His søcialist slaves "change behavior."

So long as this disloyal incompetent braindead fascist golf-addict freak occupies our White House, we're all doomed.

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Obama Murders More Innocent Civilians


War Criminal as well as Warmonger.


ATØ confirmed one of its Øbawarmonger's airstrikes went astray.... Reporters were escorted back to the site during the day, where children's toys, teacups and dust-covered mattresses could be seen amid the rubble. In a statement issued late Sunday at Brussels headquarters, the trans-Atlantic alliance said... 'it appears that one ØbawarCriminal's weapon... caused a number of civilian casualties.'"

This is ØbawarCriminal's illegal war.

These are more of Øbawarmonger's war crimes.

ØbawarCriminal overruled top lawyers from the Justice Department and the Pentagon and decided he has the legal [sic] authority to continue the air war in Libya without congressional approval, the New York Times reported Friday night.

Impeach ØbawarCriminal!

Arrest Øbawarmonger now!

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Shovel-ready B.S.


Bogus "Stimulus"


ne trillion dollars down the drain. Wasted.

Liberals and Dingbatic Party misleaders are dangerous incompetent liars.

But I repeat myself.™

"Change"? Where is it?

"Hope"? Who has any?

Three years full of nothing but the same old despair.

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