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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium façade and take a glimpse of hell.

Terrorists' greatest recruiting tool: DeMSMocrats


DNC/Muckstream Media: We stab more Americans in the back before 6 a.m. than most terrorists wish they could all day.

errorist 1: We're beaten. Let's give up.

Terrorist 2: O.K. But how about we watch CNN and read the paper one last time before we do?

Terrorist 1: Ahh-ite.

SeespiNspiN: In a top-secret administration memo leaked to and published today by the New York Slimes, the CIA says the United States is losing and the terrorists are winning! Yeah!

Terrorists 1 & 2: Yeah! Allahu Akbar!

Terrorist 2: Look, Abu Headchopper. Here's the article.

Terrorist 1: Wow! We are winning! Praise be to Allah for creating the New York Slimes.

Terrorist 2: What you said. Now let's go show this to those guys we tried to recruit yesterday.

Terrorist 1: The ones who refused to join us because they felt we were losing?

Terrorist 2: Them's the ones. This'll show 'em how wrong they are!

Terrorist 1: First let me pray.

Terrorist 2: Hey! That's not in the direction of Mecca.

Terrorist 1: No. But I'd thought just this one day it'd be right to pray towards New York City.

Terrorist 2: Good point. I'll join you.

Terrorist 1: You — and about a hundred other guys who wouldn't yesterday!

Terrorist 2: Ain't that the truth.

Terrorist 1: It is now!

Terrorist 2: (Giggles.) Why this is such great news that I'd even say it's fit to print.

Terrorist 1: Bwhahahahah....

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Immigration Reform (a parable)


A long time ago, in a country far, far more smart...

nd it came to pass, that a man took his boat out to sea hoping to catch many fish. He sailed a great distance to a spot where no land could be seen, and he was alone on the open waters.

The man cast his net again and again. Each time he pulled it back in he saw that it held many fish, and he thanked the Lord for the fish that he had caught, and for the strong net that held them and for the sturdy boat whose deck he stood upon, and for the calm sea around him which teamed with many fish, and for the blue sky he saw above him.

After a time the man's boat became very heavy, for it was much laden by all the fish he had stowed in its holds and on its deck; and the boat floated lower in the water, but it did not sink. For this the man also thanked the Lord as well as for his bounty and for the boat's hull and deck which were sturdy enough to contain it along with his net and all the things he had taken out with him to sea.

Then a cloud darkened the sky and unleashed a wind that blew over the sea; and the waves on the sea rose and began to wash over the sides of the man's boat and across its deck, for it was floating very low in the water because it was much laden. And the man became sore afraid.

Soon the man saw a huge ship sailing towards him, and he waved at it and beckoned for it to come near. And the ship came up alongside his boat; and the crew of that ship saw he was in distress and offered him their help. But the captain of the ship forbad them, and told the man on the boat that he should gather up all the fish he had caught and toss them all back into the sea so that his boat would no longer be laden, but would float high in water where no wave could again come up and wash over its deck.

The man on the boat answered that he would not toss his fish back into the sea, for the Lord had given him this bounty and he would not waste it. So the ship sailed off and left the man alone again on the open waters. The waves rose higher and their waters began to collect in the boat's hull, making it more heavy. And the man became sore afraid.

Then the man saw another huge ship sailing towards him, and he waved and beckoned for it to come up alongside his boat. And the crew of the second ship also saw that the man was in distress, and they offered him their help. But the captain of that ship forbad them; and he told the man that the crew would come aboard his boat and would wrap a thick skirt around the edges of its deck to block out the waves, but only if the man would first agree to accept just one tiny cup with which to bail out a small amount of the water in the boat's hull, as well as agree to keep the rest of the water there for a time, and allow in some other water there too. The captain then told the man that he should gather up a large portion of the fish he had caught and toss that portion back into the sea so that his boat would not be much laden in the meantime.

The man on the boat answered that he would toss no such portion of his fish back into the sea, for the Lord had given him such bounty and he would not waste it. So the second ship sailed off and left the man once more alone on the open waters. Again the waves rose higher until their waters filled up the boat's hull, and it did sink.

And the Lord sent a whirlwind after the two huge ships, and capsized them; and the captains of those ships fell into the sea and were devoured by sharks. But He forbad them to harm any of the crews. And they all clung to the wreckage of their ships, and thanked the Lord for showing them mercy. Now it came to pass, that each one was soon rescued by a man who had taken his boat out to sea hoping to catch many fish.

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Blame Bush Marathon (a retrospective)


Bush Derangement Syndrome + Election Year =

TV takes on terror
Nets set 9/11 specials


NEW YORK — Five years after the 9/11 attacks that changed the nation,

hanged? Like their fellow anti-America moonbats in Germany and Great Britain and in the leftarded Unjustwarosphere® and Moral-Equivalency/Rush-to-War/Tinfoiled Conspiracy/Why Do They Hate Us?/Don't Offend Them Crowds, this country's biggest bunch of liarals and Demoqrooks you've ever seen couldn't wait to trash America and "This Administration™" again, including wheeling back out their already worn-out meme "alienating our allies."

One day after the attacks, the biggest of them all got the blame-Bush ball rolling. Mickey the Moor, head Limburger cheese of the Dhimmirats, belched, "In just eight months, Bush gets the whole world back to hating us again.... Baby Bush has blown it all.... If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!" That sentence I've emphasized is part of The Missing 66 Words he left out or edited out of "Death, Downtown" on his Web site but are left in at marxists.de, zmag.org, cpa.org, and at least a half thousand other places on the Internets®. Not ever once did Mammoth Mooron's Declaration of Blame consider that his Bush Victims™ in al-Qaeda planned and prepared their attacks on us long before al-Gor'botron and the Florida Supreme 'Crat attempted to steal that state's 25 electoral votes in 2000. Or that his Bush Victims' lead virgins-seeker Mohamed Atta initially proposed such act of war when BiIsIs Jiffylube al-Qlinton was about to begin a second term. Now which president was Atta trying "to get back at" again?

This massive liar who wallows in the Presidential Box at the Dhimm al-Qrats' national convention, whose partisan propaganda film's premier is attended and greeted with uncritical acclaim by their national chairperson and House and Senate leadership (the same film whose talking points Osama bin Laden fondly quotes), who feels the child-murdering terrorists in Iraq "are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win," who's barely audible through all that sand enveloping his head when he squeals "[t]here is no terrorist threat in this country" because it's "a lie.... the biggest lie we've been told" (although the BBC2 heads down there with that bloated, bearded, pointy-topped noodle can make out every word just fine), has changed his tune not once since the islamalignancy's strikes against our nation five years ago. Neither has any of his other liberal Dhimmiqrat (BIRM) minions.

When MoonbatOre's comrade America-blamers weren't racially saying "[t]his is not the time to sacrifice our fathers, sons and brothers to a country that has not protected our rights" because "black males who make it back home alive from war are likely to come home and be discriminated against by the people whose businesses were headquartered in the World Trade Center," or expressing "distaste for flying the flag" of our country on their work vehicles because "it represented subjugation of their race," or gushing how "the perpetrators of Tuesday's slaughter" who slit the throats of unarmed women and intentionally murdered 2-year-old Christine Lee Hanson — "the sweetest little girl" who "was love personified" — and many other mothers, daughters and sisters "were not cowards," or again disrespectfully turning a memorial service for our dead into their own personal Dhimmiqrat Party rally and berating its grieving attendees with such judgmental damnations and tortuous interrogations as "America, America, what did you do — either intentionally or unintentionally — in the world order, in Central America, in Africa where bombs are still blasting? America, what did you do in the global warming conference when you did not embrace the smaller nations? America, what did you do two weeks ago when I stood at the world conference on racism, when you wouldn't show up?" or hawking unrealistic fears that "[t]he Bush administration is attempting to take advantage of this crisis to militarize U.S. society with a vast expansion of police power that is intended to severely restrict basic democratic rights," or trying to dig up some "root causes of violence" that might explain away the reason recovery workers from all walks of life were digging through each ruthless effect of the basest, most inexcusable form of it ever purposefully inflicted on the American people — simply because they were Americans — looking for our loved ones' remains, or crying "restraint and justice instead of revenge" as if the mass slaughter of our fellow citizens by a foreign enemy were merely some domestic crime or as if any court in anyone's land has the capacity and authorization under any law on anyone's books to fully try his forces and their command and deliver for a country's entire population whom his acts of war have universally harmed all due justice or to issue any subpoenas and injunctions and so order the necessary and proper actions for completely eliminating a still clear and present threat of more such slaughter, or informing students that "anybody who can blow up the Pentagon gets my vote," or debating within the seemingly safe confines of their tiny prolibgresersiveal world such questions as "whether 'the consequences of US foreign policy' can ever be considered good" even as the only one having any immediate relevance in the real world is "whether our enemy wants everyone not like him all dead or just mostly dead" which already has been settled in no uncertain terms by his all-out acts of wanton extermination, or sputtering such instantly self-debunkable memes as "1.5 million will leave their homes, risking mass starvation in the brutal Afghan winter to escape the bombings" and our destroying terrorists in Afghanistan is "creating new terrorists" and an anti-Taliban takeover will be "even more [sic] brutal than the already brutal Taliban" and we're "aiming at the wrong target" (suggesting we should be aiming instead at "Iraq and Iran [who] fund and support terrorists" — imagine that!) and "[o]ur bombing raids are destabilizing Pakistan" and we're making "Osama bin Laden larger than life" by "focusing huge amounts of [our] energy" on him (this was before Demoliberalts felt we should be doing just that!) and the liberals' perennial favorite Afghanigraveyard-of-empiresstan is going to be a "quagmire — quagmire! we tell you" (a "mapless" one, even), or raging against our country with such Morelloisms Moronnoisms as "violence like this [civilian-targeted sneak attack] has been meted out by our own country," or otherwise adamently refusing "to place even partial or subsidiary blame for the attack on anyone but America," they were reading and watching their Mimeticstream Media mouthpieces engage in similar Bush-blaming. In this way, both became locked in a symbiotic, unbreakable, ever-escalating Cycle of Vituperance which to this day helps whip up the already ferocious and frenzied hatred each feels toward the Prince of Dubyaness® Geophistopheles Walucifer Beelzebush even more.

The Necrotic Yolk Grimes propagandized about "Signals That Were Missed" regarding the terrorist attacks and how our economy would have a better chance of recovering from those attacks if it weren't already so Great-Depressionish bad under the Bushoover® Administration™. Boston Gloom published a Harvard law professor's sing-song "I'd Like To Teach The Taliban To Spell 'Yes'" about how our government should be negotiating with, as opposed to defeating that terrorist state. The Independent ran another Ivy League professor's tired old refrains, this time to the classic tune "I'd Like To Remind The Troops About Quagmirish Vietnam" with its obligatory D.S. al BlameBush coda. Not sure which national anthem they'd rather rise for the singing of most — "The Star-Spangled Banner" or "Grandma Got Stoned To Death By A Taliban (For Showing Leg In Public Ramadan Eve)" — columnists from the Wasteoftime Post to the Grimes couldn't make up their "minds" whose side their al-jazeernalist accomplices should be on in this World War. After all, it's extremely difficult for leftists to counter their own Standing Marching Order that they always sing America's faults, both real and pretended, never just her multitudinous praises. Indeed, so caught up were they in the enemy's worldview they had to remind themselves and their dwindling audience that the reason the United States is attacking the Taliban might probably have something to do with a so-called bad thing or another the latter allegedly did to the former which we feel happened perhaps recently but can't possibly remember what exactly it could be right at the moment so we'll have to get back to you on this, preferably after the al-DNC issues its next press release. At least the president of ABC News wasn't offering an opinion on whether he "thinks" of the Pentagon as a legitimate target. It'd be unconcionable to let anyone go around believing, especially then, that his Blamestream Media is on our side, wouldn't it?

No, the left and its embedded media couldn't wait even two months before going back to waging their unholy divisive war against whoever and whatever, including President Bush and "his" World War, which they feel represents any kind of obstacle in their Sole Quest™ of seizing just for themselves absolute and immutable power. For these members of The Church of John Qerry of Latter-day Liberalain'ts — or The Morons — it's never "too soon" to complain about and blame "Mr." Bush, Republicans, conservatives, and especially an America that won't ever again entrust Deceiverats with the keys to our highest offices. Nothing, not even a Day of Infamy, will ever be able to change that:

The liberal media, too, began by wringing its hands and wondering whether the coalition would hold, whether we were fair to "moderate" members of the Taliban, whether the Afghans were too wily for Americans, whether the United States was acting in too "unilateral" a fashion. On Christmas Eve [2001], in a masterpiece of understatement, the Wall Street Journal ran a story under the headline "In War's Early Phase, News Media Showed a Tendency to Misfire." "This war is in trouble", quoth Daniel Schorr on NPR. At the end of October, R.W. Apple warned readers of the New York Times that "signs of progress are sparse." Every piece of possible bad news was — and still is — touted as evidence that we may have entered a "quagmire", that we are "overextended", "arrogant", "unresponsive" to the needs and desires of indigenes. It is too soon to say which way the rhetorical chips will ultimately fall. But, as of this writing, a constant string of victories has the liberal pundits baffled. They had been waiting for a repeat of Vietnam, and the Bush Administration disobliged by giving them a conflict in which America was in the right and was winning.

How is this different from, say, just seven months before the unignorable start of the War, when Dhimmiqrats womanly opposed 2-to-1 any retalitory strikes for terrorist attacks against our nation? All wars must be opposed because any desire for national unity they engender among the people only keeps Dempowerhogs from tearing down as viciously as they'd like everyone else who even slightly blocks their way to total domination of our government.

Even so, the lefties' instinct to cut every opponent's throat and wish him dead is one they can't help giving in to again and again and again. Nor would they ever wish to change that since they believe such jugular-spewing, gut-wrenching instinct only assists them in their obsessive pursuit of complete and selfish victory over We the People, their mortal enemy whom they openly regard with nothing but arrogant contempt. According to these extremist partisan zealots who now control the Demoorebat Party, the reason a growing majority of our country doesn't voluntarily bow before that self-exaulted superiorness of theirs which they feel entitles them to seize from us all political power, must be because we're really just too dumb and ignorant to know any better.

But what about all those Demoonbats in Congress who stood alongside "evil nazi Repugs" on the Capitol's steps and sang "God Bless America" the evening following the attacks, then went inside and actually did vote for "Mr. Bush's War" before wishing they'd voted against it? We know that just two weeks later Richard Miniter wrote in the Wall Street Journal the following:

Monday, September 24, 2001....

[T]here is a strong circumstantial case that Iraq has backed Osama bin Laden and has been waging a terrorist war of assassination plots and bombings that had already killed hundreds of Americans before Sept. 11 — from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the attack on the USS Cole last year....

Bin Laden's Al Qaeda reportedly had representatives based in Baghdad. In 1997 he also set up training camps in Iraq, according to Canada's National Post. Iraq has also reportedly delivered small arms and money to bin Laden's organization over the past few years. Iraqi intelligence agents have met repeatedly with bin Laden or his operatives in Sudan, Turkey, Afghanistan and an undisclosed site in Europe (evidently Prague). Iraqi opposition leaders have also said that there is a long history of contact between Iraq and the archterrorist.

Bin Laden is believed to have met repeatedly with officers of Iraq's Special Security Organization, a secret police agency run by Saddam's son Qusay. Bin Laden also seems to have ties to Iraq's Mukhabarat, another one of its intelligence services.

Perhaps the most dramatic meeting occurred in December 1998, when Farouk Hijazi, a senior officer in the Mukhabarat who later became ambassador to Turkey, journeyed deep into the icy Hindu Kush mountains near Kandahar, Afghanistan. Mr. Hijazi is "thought to have offered bin Laden asylum in Iraq," according to a 1999 report in the Guardian, a British newspaper.

That same year, an Arab intelligence officer, who knows Saddam personally, predicted in Newsweek: "Very soon you will be witnessing large-scale terrorist activity run by the Iraqis." The Arab official said these terror operations would be run under "false flags" — spook-speak for front groups — including bin Laden's organization. And Iraqi intelligence agents were in contact with bin Laden in the days leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, U.S. intelligence sources told the Washington Times' Bill Gertz....

U.S. intelligence reports from Southeast Asia suggest that Iraq played a role in training the hijackers who attacked America, according to Time magazine. An Iraqi intelligence operative, Salah Suleiman, was arrested near the Afghan border by Pakistani authorities last October.

Certainly, Iraq seems to be acting strangely. Hours after the attacks, Iraqi soldiers moved away from likely military targets, notes Neil Partrick, a London-based analyst

And Iraq, alone among the 22 members of the Arab League, failed to condemn the atrocities of Sept. 11. Indeed, Baghdad celebrated them. Saddam's government issued a statement, quoted widely in Al-Iraq and other state-run papers, that said America deserved the attacks....

For almost a decade, Saddam has waged a secret terror campaign against Americans, according to terrorism experts, former government officials, U.S. government reports and newspaper accounts from around the world. That Iraqi-inspired terror campaign — working through Osama bin Laden and others — is believed to include foiled assassination attempts against President Bush père in Kuwait in April 1993 and against President Clinton in the Philippines in November 1994. The terror campaign seems to include the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; a 1995 bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that killed five American soldiers; a massive 1995 [sic] bombing of U.S. troop barracks at Al Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 Americans soldiers; the simultaneous bombings in 1998 of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 224; and last year's attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, which killed 17 sailors and wounded 39.

Knowledgeable observers point to wide-ranging Iraqi terrorist activity. James Woolsey, who served as director of central intelligence during the Clinton administration, has repeatedly raised the issue of Iraqi involvement in last week's attacks and past terrorist assaults. Laurie Mylroie, author of "Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America" and a Clinton Iraq adviser, presents a compelling case that Iraqi agents were behind a string of bombings.

Iraq's secret war against America probably began with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Iraq became involved, Ms. Mylorie believes, after learning of the bomb plot from a terrorist holed up in Iraq who was an uncle of one of the ringleaders....

The Iraqi terror campaign intensified in the mid-1990s, after bin Laden and Iraqi intelligence became better acquainted, most likely in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. In that dusty city, Iraq ran an extensive intelligence hub until the late 1990s, when Sudanese officials allegedly told them to leave. Bin Laden was based in Khartoum until 1996, when Sudan kicked him out at the request of the U.S. government, a representative of the Sudanese government told me. There are documented meetings that occurred between bin Laden and Iraqi agents at the time.

After a June 1996 Arab League summit — the first since the Gulf War — issued a communiqué in favor of maintaining sanctions against Iraq, Iraq's government-controlled press seethed with anger. "Before it is too late, the Arabs should rectify the sin they committed against Iraq," one state-run paper warned. Saudi Arabia was the prime mover behind the Arab League's bold statement. Two days after the meeting ended, a truck bomb exploded outside the Al Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia. The U.S government never publicly charged Iraq, but Gen. Wafiq Samarai, an Iraqi defector, did. He said Saddam had asked him to join a secret committee to commit terrorist acts against U.S. forces during the Gulf War. The Al Khobar bombing was strikingly similar to the plans of that committee, Mr. Samarai said.

Next, Iraq seems to have played a role in bin Laden's plot to bomb two U.S embassies in East Africa. Beginning on May 1, 1998, Iraq warned of "dire consequences" if the U.N. sanctions were not lifted and the weapons-inspection teams removed. Eight days later, bin Laden released another statement calling for jihad against America. Throughout the summer, Iraq's and bin Laden's threatening statements moved in lockstep. Then Iraq expelled U.N. weapons inspectors on Aug. 5. Two days later, the bombs went off in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Dire consequences, indeed....

[T]he terrorists are political extremists — not Islamic zealots. This is also true of the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks. Mohammed Atta slugged down vodka like a sailor, notes Time magazine. The night before the attacks, several men with knowledge of the impending attacks are reported to have had a drunken party at a Florida strip club — two major violations of Islamic law. Many of the perpetrators lacked beards, which fundamentalists believe the Koran instructs cannot be shaved. One disco-loving hijacker has been traced to another Al Qaeda terrorist plot in the Philippines, where a fellow terrorist lived with a non-Muslim girlfriend. A third terrorist boasted of his sexual conquests, on a phone tapped by the Philippine police. Audio files on the computer used by the 1993 World trade Center bombers contain numerous obscenities. And so on.

Again, this editorial appeared only two weeks after Dongmiredrats blatantly defied the ACLU by singing a song that mentions God right there on the steps of our capital's most prominent government building. A few days earlier, President Bush told Congress, "And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime."

That's the definition of what Speaker of the Grouse Naggy Peloopsi calls "Mr. Bush's War." (Anyone else who feels Sickdam Insane was "with us" or would never "harbor or support terrorists" should go log back into the Dhimmiqratiq Ululand site right now.)

For the benefit of such Demohandwringerats in Congress and other Europeans, President Bush emphatically made clear why mass-murderous islamofanaticists hate us: "They hate... a democratically elected government... our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other." Not, as a majority of Demoliberalrats feel, because of any U.S. wrongdoing. Nevertheless, over two-thirds of our "traditional allies" wanted us to read Mohammed Atta's terror bosses their Miranda rights and appoint them defense counsels: "Mr. bin Laden, you've been charged with paying off some hit men, how do you plea?" "I plea Death to America!" (Meanwhile, in an al-Qaeda court along the Afghan-Pakistani border, the fwench pled nolo contendere to the misdemeanor of not surrendering fast enough.)

So why would Deludedrat senators and congresscomrades change all of a sudden, albeit only temporarily, and vote like they were patriots or something? If libressives are allowed to make up theories about how it was Evil Bushites®, not foreign terrorists, who attacked us five years ago — which sounds almost as plausible as last May's air-hammer noises at the Rayburn House Office Building really being a fatal shootout between British and French intelligence operatives over a pouch containing files documenting a Blair-Bush joint operation to bomb our Northeast corridor's rail system — I'm free to posit my own theory explaining Demobackstabberats' "support." Except mine's much less complicated.

It boils down to: Deliarats feigned such support because, to them, it was a necessary evil at the time. Had they not, they would've revealed much more of their true, Bush-hating selves than they'd ever want voters to see. For some strange reason the electorate tends to be absolutely intolerant of partisan backstabbing in the middle of a World War, notwithstanding the dupee-in-chief Hilldabeast's infamous Rant on Dissent. Sensing how voters were in no mood to witness any, the Defeatistqratiq al-Qolleqtive felt that overtly hating President Bush then would not have been to their advantage politically. It has never felt that he's the right man for the right job at the right time to battle a viciously cruel terrorist enemy. Disloyalrats' so-called support was all for show — nothing more, nothing less. A pre-election show intended to fool voters into believing they weren't all an arrogant, whacked out bunch of closed-minded, mean-spirited, hate-filled, pointy-headed, anti-Christian, pro-infanticide, death-scorekeeping, vengence-seeking, back-stabbing, craven moonbat, extremist, bigotted, Bushbashing, narcissistic cowards (which didn't work, by the way).

And, no, I'm not questioning Demotraitorats' patriotism for the simple fact I utterly refuse to waste time questioning anything no one has yet to prove ever existed in the first place beyond even the most infinitesimal doubt. (You'd have a better chance convincing me that the reason there's no more green cheese on the moon is because little green men from Mars, having built up such a tremendous appetite from digging their enormous canals, rocketed over to our planetary system for take out and ate it all.)

This Grand Unified Theory of Dhimmiqrat Treason explains why they actually did vote for the Authorization for Use of Military Force, Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001, Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, and Homeland Security Act of 2002, before they wished they'd voted against and even "killed" these and other effective measures crucial to the success of our war efforts.

It used to be that if Americans were not convinced that they were perfect, then they despaired that they were no good — and so pulled out. Not now. We have weathered everything from Michael Moore to Abu Ghraib, and come out on the other end to hear former Arab terrorists and leftwing British and German newspapers now suddenly asking, “Was George Bush Right?”
Victor Davis Hanson
In addition to refusing to stand steadfastly behind votes they cast in support of our total offense against the evils of islamic fascism, the liberal Dhimmegomaniac Party's members backpedalers and their Lickspittlestream Media flunkies are desperately doing everything in their rapidly shrinking spheres of influence and powers to make sure none of our war efforts will be successful because no such success is in their best interests. How are they going to get away with constantly blaming President Bush for a perception of incompetence and failure they're trying repeatedly to promote if he, as our troops' commander-in-chief, leads our country to victory in this World War? Democluelessrats would rather see the enemy always win than our country even once do so if that means giving them the issue they need to "regime change" a Republican presidency. That's the only change they're interested in. Who besides loseral Desperats would dare call these overt acts of theirs anything but treason?

The more Decrepitrats and their propagandists in the media say they've changed the more they're really the same old divide-and-conquer, self-serving, and entirely self-interested party hacks they've always been, hungry for nothing other than totalitarian power and consumed with absolute intolerance and hatred towards all who may impede them anywhere along their path to holding it.

...U.S. networks will mark the event with a variety of in-depth explorations. It's a shift from the straightforward memorializing that characterized the first anniversary.

"A year later it was too raw," said CNN terrorism expert Peter Bergen. "After five years, I think we have some perspective, but it may still be too soon."

In the coming weeks, networks from ABC and CBS to the History Channel and Discovery will be parsing 9/11 on its fifth anniversary.

And Demoonbats have been screeching from the highest rafters that those networks aren't blaming President Bush enough.

Topic gained added urgency through the thwarted attempt to blow up trans-Atlantic aircraft last week — a reminder that the terrorists had their own plan to mark the occasion.

The outrage from liberal Democensorats over this "(out)take on terror" was completely drowned out by the rubbing together of forewings attached to a single member of the tiniest known species of crickets.

The brutality of 9/11 was captured in unprecedented detail by amateur photographers, news crews and documentary filmmakers that day. The second plane, the burning towers and their eventual collapse were witnessed by hundreds of millions on live TV.

Those images and the subsequent investigations serve as the source material for dozens of specials, documentaries and miniseries in the coming weeks.

None of which is believed by the assorted kooks, nutjobs, and insane conspiracy hucksters now in full control of a formerly national political party. As early as six months after those images were captured, the Bush Planned 9/11! theories got so out of hand that even The Nation felt they badly needed debunking — not for just being "horribly misguided" but mainly because "they distract from the nefarious deeds our leaders actually do perpetrate." After all, if liberals can't get away with blaming President Bush for controlling the Israeli-made joystick that maneuvered the planes into both Twin Towers and the Pentagon, they can always come up with worse Evil Things™ to accuse him of: hurricanes, melting ice caps, left on microphones (part of his "domestic bathroom" surveillance program, no doubt), blowing up the sun, blowing up the levees, stealing oil (or failing to steal it), picking on blind guys, the bunion on Nella Pegosi's big toe (although all that furious pacing in her non-Speaker office trying to figure out what else she can BlameBush! for, may have contributed to its appearance). They just have to be imaginative.

When these fail, they'll just say he's Hitler! That explains why he really ordered the construction of all those new ovens behind the White House VRWC Bunker, and the folks in Washington are beginning to complain about their smell. Or why the lampshades in his Oval Office are so flesh-tonish. Or why the Jewish population in the United States has undergone an unprecedented decline over the last five years. Or why the setting of Harrowy Screed's recurrent nightmare of being strung up by piano wire takes place at a 1583-acre ranch in Crawford, Texas. It won't do them any good, however, when Dubyadolf personally shoves each one into the next boxcar leaving for Gitmo. Just remember that the only reason you don't see Bushhitler sporting a tiny mustache in any pictures of him is because either Adnan Hajj is the official White House photographer or, more evilly still, he owns an electric razor. That right there proves he is Hitler!

Here's a conspiracy! U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone voted against "Mr. Bush's War" on October 11, 2002. Exactly two weeks later he, his wife Sheila (the person most likely to replace him in the event of his death), their daughter Marcia Wellstone-Markuson, his campaign aides Tom Lapic, Mary McEvoy, and Will McLaughlin, and his campaign plane pilots Richard Conry and Michael Guess were dead, victims of an "accidental" crash landing. A "witness" near the scene said he heard "a loud shot" right after the plane's impact, and "thought it might have been a rifle or something." President Bush was conveniently in Crawford, Texas, exactly 1811 kilometers away (i.e., 900 + 911!), when the crash happened. Also, a credit-card receipt leaked to the Neuron Corked Slimes shows the purchase of a parachute, "hunting gun" (with "EMP scope attachment"), and "XL" bag of ice only three days earlier by Karl Rove! Michael Guess attended flight school in Eagan, Minnesota when "twentieth 9/11 hijacker" Zacharias Moussaoui was there.... Oops, never mind. Demoveonrats have already pronounced their trutheory about this one too. The only part unlikely to be included in it — at least for the time being — is Karl Rove's credit-card receipt.

Perhaps the most ambitious programming initiative is ABC's attempt to dramatize the 9/11 Commission Report with the two-night, four-hour miniseries "Path to 9/11."

Which had to undergo some eleventh-hour editing so anytime anyone says "Qlinton," for example, you only hear that annoying kookoo sound bleeping it out: "Tell our agents that *KOOKOO* just ordered the mission to be aborted." "You mean *KOOKOO* wants us to let bin Laden get away?" "That's right. *KOOKOO* told me to tell you himself." "Boy, he must be a real kookoo to order that." (That last one wasn't a bleep, in case you couldn't tell.)

Of course even this capitulation to the prior-restraint pressures of a Qlinton-Burglar-Reid troika that does Stalinists worldwide proud, doesn't comply fully with its chilling edict: Yank out your $40 million production's broadcast-feeding tube and sentence it to a "serene, elegant," even euphoric "death process," or we'll enjoin the Federal Communications Commissars to punish you with so many fines you'll think Siberian gulag is a Hawaiian vacation.

Conceived two years ago, the production stars Harvey Keitel, Shirley Douglas and Patricia Heaton. It sports a cast of 247 and lensed in 20 countries.

"It was an enormous undertaking," said ABC Entertainment prexy Steve McPherson, who consulted former network chief Brandon Stoddard, producer of 1983's "The Day After," the net's nuclear cautionary tale.

Too bad these guys weren't running "our" CIA during the same period. Then the Stew Pork Rinds' Benedict Qeller wouldn't have had any leaks to use in his ongoing campaign to betray our country's most vital secrets to the islamonazis.

Two years and not one other liberal got wind of this tale's casting of BiIsIs al-Qlinton in other than an entirely saintly light? Now that's what I call keeping a secret!

The first two hours of the mini will air on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 8 p.m. Part two, also two hours, goes the next night at 8, followed by a 60-minute ABC News special hosted by "World News" anchor Charles Gibson.

Miniseries will air with limited commercial interruption. "Some things you do for commerce and some things because they are the right thing to do," McPherson said.

And some things you don't do after the Demostalinist Party members still in our U.S. Senate invoke the Communications Act of 1934 before threatening you with unconstitutional government powers to restrain what content your network can and cannot air.

As for the liberal's straw man stuffed with SeeB.S.'s The Reagans miniseries, that network should've at least had the guts to air it. Its unfettered display of anti-Republican bias would've been readily picked up as such by even the most blasé independent voter. More informed ones merely refer to it as "evidence."

Also Sunday, CBS is bringing back an updated version of the "9/11" docu produced by brothers Gedeon and Jules Naudet and firefighter James Hanlon.

CBS said it won't censor language in the doc, shot by the brothers who were filming at a firehouse in lower Manhattan when the attacks took place.

Update includes additional interviews with survivors. A total of 39 million people watched "9/11" the first time it aired.

The only complaint Dhimmidiot Party leaders have regarding this special is that the firemen's uncensored curses weren't directed at "that f'in' Evil Bushhitler!"

The two 9/11 specials will go up against NBC's "Sunday Night Football" in Gotham on Sept. 10, when the Giants play host to the Indianapolis Colts.

As a concession to Dhimm'al-Qrat Party censors, the halftime program will feature Qayne West's hip-hopping "Bush 423, NO Black People 0" as well as his stirring rendition of "He Don't Care We Ain't Got NO Air."

Also on CBS, Katie Couric will preside over her first primetime special for the network, the one-hour "Five Years Later: How Safe Are We," on Sept. 6, the day after she takes over as anchor of the "CBS Evening News."

Al-Roto Reuters' summation: "If the MSM don't relent, Bush must repent."

Comparing Exhibit A — thousands of our loved ones and neighbors slaughtered or mortally wounded by islamass-murdering fascists on a single Tuesday in 2001 — to Exhibit B — none in any of the 1841 days since — it takes a heapin' helpin' of Deluded Demoliberat Dialectics, or duh-cubo, to deduce we're less safe than we were then. When you include the five who were cold-bloodedly murdered in the September and October 2001, Trenton-postmarked anthrax letter bomb attacks by one or more unknown cowards, and the at least 17 cold-bloodedly murdered in the 2002, multistate ambush shooting attacks by a cowardly Nation of Islam member and his INS caught-and-released "son," the Doomgloomerats' "Nuttin'll Make Us Safer!" misery index 2006 Pelooni & Co.) drops even further.

Certainly nothing would warm liberals' cold black hearts more than another deadly attack on American soil for which they can BlameBush!: "See? You aren't safer. We told you so! Nanah nanna naha-hahnahna!!"

Al-DNC co-chairmadman Moorby Mick would also consider it a bonus if more Republicans were killed in any such attack. His fellow extremist violence-wishers would too, but only if it included an Impaled Bush.

NBC will air an updated version of the "Dateline" special "Flight 93" on Sept. 11, including new interviews and audiotapes from the hijacked plane that was crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa.

Updated with theories blaming President Bush or his vice president for ordering the plane shot down?

New York City will honor 9/11 with what has become a sad annual tradition: the reading of the names of the 2,749 dead at Ground Zero, with moments of silence marking the times the planes hit the towers and the times each tower fell.

Following the first moment of silence, at 8:46 a.m., churches throughout the city will toll their bells. At sundown, the city brings back the Tribute in Light, twin beams shining up into the heavens, marking the approximate places where the towers stood.

The cable-news networks will spend all or part of Sept. 11 broadcasting from lower Manhattan, carrying some or all of the ceremony live.

Fox News Channel kicks off coverage called "9/11: The Day America Changed" over the weekend, and Jon Scott will start anchoring coverage at 8:30 a.m. Monday from Ground Zero.

Most of Fox's primetime will also originate from Ground Zero, with Neal Cavuto, Shepard Smith and Greta Van Susteren doing live shows at the scene.

No BushBlaming to see here. MoveOn.al-ong....

CNN will air a new documentary, "CNN Presents: In the Footsteps of bin Laden," reported by Christiane Amanpour and partially based on Bergen's book, "The Osama bin Laden I Know."

Had there been a See-spiNspiN radio station operating on December 7, 1944, no doubt the American public would've been treated to its "In the Footsteps of Adolf Hitler" documentary back then as well.

"American Morning" will cablecast from Ground Zero, as will some of CNN's primetime lineup. CNN's "Pipeline" broadband service will be free for the day.

MSNBC's "Hardball With Chris Matthews" will do a week of remembrances of 9/11 from politicians and public figures including Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell; Matthews will also host an hourlong live special, "9/11: The Day That Changed America," at 10 p.m. on Sept. 11.

There's also a companion Bingo Blame-Busho playing card that Bushblamers can download from MSNBC.com and use to make their viewing the special even more enjoyable:

The Official Qhris Madspews Blame-Busho® Playing Card

MisledIncompetentGrievanceKnew In

Our Allies
stifling of
OilBin Laden
Flown Out
Fighter Jets
Turned Back
"My Pet
Air Force


From "Countdown to Ground Zero" to "Inside the Twin Towers," cable TV has created docus geared both to providing information and to stirring emotions.

History Channel's biggest project is the two-hour "Countdown to Ground Zero," which ran Sunday on the web, with a repeat scheduled for Sept. 11. Charles Maday, senior VP of programming for History, said "Ground Zero" traces the events of 9/11 in grim detail, with a focus on individuals caught up in the tragedy. Re-creations with actors of some incidents are meant to heighten the drama.

"The Miracle of Stairway B," which premieres tonight on the History Channel, is a more straightforward one-hour docu focusing on 14 people who were trapped inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center after it collapsed. They describe on camera how they escaped.

Insufficient Bush-blaming here. History Channel execs can expect a turbid, cease and desist notice from al-Qlinton's Arbiter of Truth Sandy Burglar threatening them with a "failure to defame" lawsuit.

Channel takes a scientific approach with its two-hour Sept. 10 docu "American Vesuvius," which compares the collapse of the Twin Towers to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Other parallels: Emperor Titus was blamed for the mountain's eruption because he failed to sign the Verona Treaty that mandated sealable manure bags on horses pulling sports-utility chariots. The consensus among Delphi priests was the methane fumes from their manure (the horses', not the priests') had dramatically warmed the air around Vesuvius, causing it to erupt. Some said that Titus "alienated our traditional gods" and thus couldn't secure their cooperation in enforcing a Senate Council Resolution calling for "containment of Vesuvius' lava flows." Finally, Titus opened the infamous Roman Colosseum where prisoners from a different religion were brutally tortured. Hence the emperor's nickname, "Titos of Gitmos."

Jane Root, exec VP-general manager of Discovery Channel, said she commissioned "Inside the Twin Towers" two years ago with the goal of "blending in-depth journalism with filmmaking that creates the feeling of being on the scene." Two-hour special runs Sept. 3.

Since censorship-demanding Dhimmiqrats haven't been wailing and gnashing their teeth over this special, it's safe to assume it comported not inadequately with their version of The Truth™. Either that or it didn't mention Billjob al-Qlinton at all.

Discovery has chosen 9/11 as the fulcrum for "The Price of Security," Ted Koppel's first program since he joined the network earlier this year. It'll run for three hours on Sept. 10. First half consists of a docu on whether civil liberties will suffer in an era of stepped-up national security; second half will be a live town meeting in which a studio audience will question a panel of experts.

Ted proposed a third half in order to read the names of soldiers killed by terrorists "Mr." Bush in "his" war, but a Discovery intern who owns a calculator successfully showed him it would really amount to being the first half of a whole new program.

In the convoy there were some elderly women. I remember one who was 67 and had been arrested because she had in her kitchen the shotgun of her husband, which she kept as a souvenir and had not declared because she did not want it to be taken from her. She died after a fortnight at Auschwitz.
Mme. Vaillant-Couturier
Satisfied that he could blame Bush for enough other things within the original program's three hours, al-Qoppel withdrew his proposal.

Just don't expect him to even hint at Dhimmiqrats' being all for violating our privacy rights when it suits their leftist agenda. Such as wanting the federal government to illegally spy on law-abiding gun owners. In such instances they "become as weak as a wet noodle" when called to protect our constitutional liberties.

Discovery will also repeat on Sept. 3 its Emmy-nominated "The Flight That Fought Back."

Another Emmy-nommed special, National Geographic Channel's four-hour "Inside 9/11," will return on Aug. 27 with updates.

National Geographic also has two original docus on tap, "Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in America," on Aug. 28, and "The Final Report: Osama's Escape," on Aug. 29.

Demapoplectic Party leaders and their fellow lawyers at Qlinton, Burglar & Gestapo, LLL, didn't inflict their star chamber tactics on the writers of this last tale because it conveniently leaves out everything that occurred between noon, January 20, 1993, and noon, January 20, 2001 — otherwise known as Qlinton's Watch. It was Blame Bush Nirvana™ for these and other BDS afflictees. As one extremely salivating patient puts it, the Final Report focuses "on the Bush Administration failure to catch Osama Bin Laden.... Taken together, these [Blame Bush Marathon] films paint an ugly picture of Bush's incompetence in managing the highly touted 'war on terrorism'." (Apparently Pavlov's best friend here not only sports feathers but has cable hooked up underneath his sheltering patch of sand.)

In case you missed the report's prequel:

Chapter One, titled "Seeds of Terror," begins with an irony alert (InstaPundit.com).

But the longest watch was Clinton's. And some Clinton administration appointees have admitted that they should have done some things differently. "Clearly, not enough was done [in managing the highly touted 'war on terrorism']," former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick told the Boston Globe. "We should have caught this. Why this happened, I don't know. Responsibilities were given out. Resources were given. Authorities existed. We should have prevented this."

After Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda killed nineteen of our troops in 1996, the author of Putting People Party First said (Free Republic), "Let me be very clear: We will not resist[, er, uh,] we will not rest in our efforts to find who is responsible for this outrage, to pursue them and to punish them." But he didn't pursue them, much less punish them.
Qlinton let bin Laden get away.

Qlinton's incompetence and failures had already manifested themselves three years earlier with his management of the investigation into the first World Trade Center bombing that murdered one woman, her unborn child, and five men — a bombing by an Iraqi passport-carrying perpetrator which, but for the grace of God, would've been a chemical weapons attack. National Review's Byron York explains,

From the start, Clinton approached the investigation as a law-enforcement issue. . . . In recent years, according to an exhaustive New York Times report, "American intelligence officials have come to believe that [ringleader Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman] and the World Trade Center bombers had ties to al-Qaeda." . . . In the end, the U.S. tried six suspects in the attack. All were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Another key suspect, Abdul Rahman Yasin, was released after being held by the FBI in New Jersey and fled to Baghdad, where he is living under the protection of the Iraqi government. Today, with many leads gone cold, intelligence officials concede they will probably never know who was behind the attack.

Qlinton's FBI even drove Yasin back home.
Qlinton let him and many other terrorists get away.

Chapter Two of the Final Report's prequel is ominously titled "Osama's Epiphany." Set in Somalia, it includes bin Laden's notes to himself, translated below from the original Arabic.

NOTICES TO MYSELF - 29 SHawwal 1414 AH [April 11, 1994]
After having witnessed the United States rush out of Somalia in shame & disgrace, it hit me like a tonne of camel dung:

1. Americans cut & run when there are "too many" troop casualties

2. Americans are ever fearful of QUAGMIRE & repeat of VIETNAM

3. Americans won't stay the course when the course gets "too tough"
This has given me an idea....

Ten months later the islamonazi führer met with "an official representative of Saddam Hussein's government" in Sudan. But before his idea fully coalesced into a murderous makeover of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, the A.P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City underwent an equally deadly remodeling exactly two months after Iraq and al-Qaeda's high-level parley. While our authorities were on the lookout for a short, dark, and swarthy John Doe #2 (they caught #1 and executed him three months before the next terrorist attack on an American city) and the Qlinton-DNC-MSM triumvirate was busy blaming talk radio hosts' "loud and angry voices" for "fostering hate and division and encouraging violence," bin Laden was wondering "what do I have to do around here to get that kufr pwezuhdint's attention?" He was still asking himself that after his trained "militants" killed five of our troops late that same year in Riyadh and nineteen the following June in the Khobar Towers bombing — just 22 days before TWA Flight 800 "spontaneously" exploded over Long Island Sound, killing all 230 people aboard. Instead of going after and punishing al-Qaeda at least for its cowardly and despicable attacks against our troops, al-Qlinton wanted to go after and punish those troops' commander.

The 4404th Wing grew out of the forces that stayed behind in 1991, after Desert Storm, to enforce UN resolutions and the terms of the cease-fire with Iraq. Its combat aircraft patrolled the no-fly zone over southern Iraq as part of Operation Southern Watch. Spread among several operating locations in four countries, the wing was manned by more than 5,000 troops on 90-day rotations. The USAF wing bedded down its tankers in Riyadh, fighters in Dhahran, and other aircraft in Kuwait. When air expeditionary forces deployed to the region they swelled the 4404th to 12 operating sites in five countries....

Back in Washington, the investigations were under way. The Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila E. Widnall, commissioned Lt. Gen. James F. Record to conduct an investigation of the Downing charges. [Retired Army officer Gen. Wayne A. Downing, chartered by Qlinton's then Secretary of Defense William J. Perry "to do a fast, unvarnished review of the facts," had singled out Brig. Gen. Terryl J. Schwalier, commander of the 4404th Wing (Provisional), "for not protecting the wing."]. On Dec. 4, 1996, Record's three-volume report found that Schwalier and his deputies and superiors had taken "reasonable and prudent" action to protect the force. However, the staff of the new Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, asked the Air Force to do a second evaluation. That report also found no grounds for taking action against Schwalier.

Despite these results, Cohen in July 1997 announced that he had decided to block Schwalier's promotion to major general. The second star was withdrawn, and Schwalier resigned from the Air Force the same day. Fogleman, then Air Force Chief of Staff, announced his resignation the same week. That fall, in Dhahran, Saudi authorities demolished what remained of Khobar Towers Building 131.

In his zeal to scapegoat one of our own United States Military leaders who was at the time "already packed, ready to leave after the change of command ceremony planned for the next day" after serving our nation and her interests there with distinction and honor, al-Qlinton miserably failed to notice the dishonorable, fatwa-issuing islamofascist leader who was then already packing explosives, ready to move in and attack our nation and her interests throughout the globe.
Again, Willstain J**qoffsome al-Qlinton let bin Laden get away.

Chapter Three, "On American Soil: Twin Attacks Against Our Embassies," chronicles more examples of Qlinton's dangerous mistakes and utter intelligence failures. So does Mr. York in his exposé on the pantsless emperor:

On August 7, 1998, bombs exploded at U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. More than 200 people were killed, including 12 Americans. The morning of the attacks, Clinton said, "We will use all the means at our disposal to bring those responsible to justice, no matter what or how long it takes.... We are determined to get answers and justice."

Investigators quickly discovered that bin Laden was behind the attacks [likely because of Bin Laden's co-snake Ayman al-Zawahiri warning the day before about a "message... in a language they will understand"]. On August 20, Clinton ordered cruise-missile strikes on a bin Laden camp in Afghanistan and the al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. But the strikes were at best ineffectual. There was little convincing evidence that the pharmaceutical factory, which administration officials believed was involved in the production of material for chemical weapons, actually was part of a weapons-making operation, and the cruise missiles in Afghanistan missed bin Laden and his deputies....

"The dismissal of the al-Shifa attack as a blunder had serious consequences, including the failure of the public to comprehend the nature of the al-Qaeda threat," [National Security Council's terrorism expert Daniel] Benjamin writes. "That in turn meant there was no support for decisive measures in Afghanistan — including, possibly, the use of U.S. ground forces — to hunt down the terrorists; and thus no national leader of either party publicly suggested such action"....

Clinton's "PR-driven" approach to terrorism, an approach that left the fundamental problem unsolved: "Do something to show you're concerned. Launch a few missiles in the desert, bop them on the head, arrest a few people. But just keep kicking the ball down the field"....

"He had almost an allergy to using people in uniform," [Qlinton's then top political strategist Dick] Morris explains. "He was terrified of incurring casualties; the lessons of Vietnam were ingrained far too deeply in him. He lacked a faith that it would work, and I think he was constantly fearful of reprisals." But there was more to it than that. "On another level, I just don't think it was his thing," Morris says. "You could talk to him about income redistribution and he would talk to you for hours and hours. Talk to him about terrorism, and all you'd get was a series of grunts."

Needless to say, Willy Wanker & the Cigar Factory™ didn't "use all the means at our disposal to bring those responsible to justice." He wasted time taking polls and assembling focus groups and never got around to getting "answers and justice."
In short, Qlinton once more let bin Laden get away.

Chapter Four of the Final Report's prequel, titled "Rules of Nonengagement," describes how Billawyer Qlinton, Ex-Esq., and his chief keystone cop Spin-it Reno treated al-Qaeda's sneak attack on one of our Navy's warships not as another act of war by the most ruthless and determined enemy our nation has had since the end of World War III, but as an "alleged crime" "allegedly perpetrated" by "alleged criminals." The only real crime committed there, however, is the offensive Standing Order to Hesitate If Threatened, issued by Qlinton's syqophantiq Qolonel Qlinqs at the Pentagon. (Wall. Firing Squad. Admirals in the Defense State Department. Many bullets required.) The kamikaze bombing that left seventeen of our country's sailors killed in action, another 37 wounded in action, and the USS Cole's surviving crew struggling valiantly to save their ship in the face of nearly impossible odds, was an enemy attack in time of war. To call this a "crime," as al-Qlinton's own Secretary of Defense did, disgraces those men and women and dishonors the memories of their fallen comrades; it belittles the heroic response of officers and sailors who, going beyond the call of duty, refused to abandon their ship in enemy waters; it demeans the extraordinary hardships and ultimate sacrifices of her fighting crew, every one of whom by an incomparable, unswerving allegiance to our nation in thwarting her enemy's plans, have earned thenceforth and always the appellation of warrior, never "a victim of crime" under any circumstances while in our country's uniform and manning his or her vital station. Once again Qlinton vowed, "To those who attacked them we say, you will not find a safe harbor. We will find you and justice will prevail. America will not stop standing guard for peace or freedom or stability in the Middle East and around the world." Yet he had already allowed their highest leaders to find, then remain inside "safe harbor." He did nothing effective to guard "peace or freedom or stability in the Middle East."

He did not find them. "Justice" did not prevail. And once again Qlinton let bin Laden get away.

The best opportunities we ever had to capture or kill bin Laden were during the last decade. More than once al-Qlinton knew the islamonazi leader's precise whereabouts and movements. In each case a cooperative foreign government, desperate to forever rid themselves of such a pariah, had informed the Oral Office dress stainer about them, practically delivering to him bin Laden's head on the proverbial silver platter. Each time al-Qlinton chose to let bin Laden get away.

The prequel's other chapters are equally damning. From the disaster in Sierra Leone and an unjust, unnecessary, and "futile" war in the Balkans which killed thousands of civilians, "escalate[d] atrocities and violence" between people who are unaccustomed to democracy and have been fighting each other for thousands of years, quickly became a quagmire for us and magnet for terrorists, and succeeded only in stretching our forces so thin we couldn't satisfactorily respond to threats from other countries (sound familiar?), to doing nothing in reality to stop North Korea from constructing nuclear weapons or dissuade India and Pakistan from testing theirs (but instead "alienating potentially valuable allies in the Asia-Pacific region" — before alienating our traditional ones over Iraq, as well as Indonesia over a few lamented statementsand "strengthen[ing] the hand of China"), the magnitude of Qlinton's sheer incompetence and blinding failures would be monumentally staggering even without adding to them those stemming from his oft demonstrated lack of will, if not ability to capture or kill bin Laden.

Just mentioning to a liberal any one of al-Qlinton's negligent ball droppings like those above, gets her so twisted in knots she'll have to stay that way for the next seventy years. Which is itself an entirely good reason to do so as much as possible:

Leaving aside his terrorist-approved Open Borders policy debacles, and how he weakened America's deterrence capabilities with his rejection of a necessary anti-ballistic missile system and attempt to straitjacket our most formidable strength by means of a foolish Comprehensive Unilateral Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (all on top of reducing our military's overall force strength by 40 percent), and even the fact that he let Soddom bully him into redeploying United Nations weapons inspectors from Iraq (who were there because Tick "I Support Our Troops Nazis" Turban et al. felt the dictator's "defiant protection of his weapons of mass destruction" was A Bad Thing® back then) to what might as well have been Okinawa without meaningful reprisal, the dishonorable mentionables here will focus on the path to World War paved by Qlinton's consistent ineptitude which "changed the nation" only in the sense that a long-overdue, albeit dramatized account of it on network television has left the Democensorat Party imploding more than usual since the last week in August.

Had Sleeze Snooze Willy al-Qlinton, before he left office, captured or killed Osama bin Laden, would al-Qaeda have attacked our cities and killed thousands of our citizens less than a year later? With their highest leader dead or on trial, what does an international terrorist organization harbored and supported by one or more Middle Eastern states do? Certainly the moon-batroots driving the Dhimmextremist Party (to extinction) have thoroughly convinced themselves there is no terrorist threat and "Oooo! Boogey-Ladinman" was manufactured by HalliBushtonCo to steal Arabs' oil on direct orders from The Jooooos™. Or something like that. It's no surprise that America, a Jesuits-founded magazine that came out against World War II, would voice its opposition to aggressively going after bin Laden, like it had when Qlinton pretended to do so:

Quite apart from moral considerations, the U.S. response to the embassy bombings [i.e., total of 70 or so Tomahawk missiles fired on August 20, 1998, at the Shifa Pharmaceutical Plant in Sudan and the Zhawar Kili Base Camp in Afghanistan] was a vastly imprudent choice because it alienated many countries whose help we need to deal with terrorism. It also accepted the terrorists' premise that the whole world is a battlefield and the traditional rules of war do not apply. Secretary Albright admitted all Americans everywhere, whether at home or abroad, are now targets of terrorism. It takes only a few terrorists to create chaos, because they operate like guerrillas. But have the Administration's actions improved matters or made them worse?

Alternatives were missed. Consultation with U.N. agencies might have preceded a unilateral American operation. The bombings might have been preceded by the warnings that international protocol requires. Diplomatic threats might have been judiciously employed.

Neither is it at all surprising that the Church of Liberalism would mindlessly bark its own only when a Republican president genuinely does go after any of the world's mass butchers. Don't be confused by its adherents' nearly identical wording, however. The one god each believes solely worthy of anyone's fervent worship always appears to her whenever she looks into the bathroom mirror and sings, "Oh, Me, it's hard to be humble when I'm liberal in every way...."

Still, no one whose brain wasn't decomposing during the final years of the last century was crying "Qlintonhoo Quackbar!" Some were even acutely prognostic about the 42nd president's End Term's presaging of calamity that would soon take us unawares. In Joseph Farah's case, two years and ten days beforehand, only his identification of that calamity's immediate agents was off:

Yeah, if there were ever an opportunity to surprise the U.S. when its defenses are down, this is it. Not since Pearl Harbor has America been less prepared for existing threats.

The Russians and the Chinese are not stupid. They can clearly see that they may never have a better chance than they have right now to strike a decisive blow to the United States — a knockout punch from which we may never recover.

The signs of danger Qlinton's negligence helped write were obstinately ignored by him and his administration. Likely he felt, like most Donothingrats do, we should only respond with force if there's been an actual attack, when it's too late to do the people killed and maimed by it any good. Worse, in those rare times he did notice any and tried to express it, his incessant lying about even trivial matters had already poisoned the minimal amount of trust we needed to believe what he was saying. (How can you tell if a Dhimmi lawyer's lying? His lower lip's being bit — and not necessarily by himself!) Every time Qlinton let bin laden get away, the large, jagged iceberg directly in the path of our ship of state loomed ever closer, without being heeded by anyone aboard capable of changing her course.

Al-Qlinton's diplomatic bungling in Sudan botched our earliest, best chance to go after "the world's most famous dialysis patient."

Dialogue Faltered by the End of 1996

By the end of 1996, the dialogue between the United States and Sudan was falling apart, officials said.

In February 1997, Sudanese President Oman al-Bashir sent President Clinton a personal letter. It offered, among other things, to allow U.S. intelligence, law-enforcement and counterterrorism personnel to enter Sudan and to go anywhere and see anything, to help stamp out terrorism. The United States never replied to that letter; the isolaters derided it as a meaningless "charm offensive" by Sudan, in Ms. Rice's words [Susan Rice, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, and a leading advocate of isolating Sudan].

A senior Sudanese official made a similar offer directly to the F.B.I. six months ago [i.e., March 1998] — send a counter-terrorism team to Sudan, and we will help in any way we can, it said. The F.B.I. wrote back more than four months later, in June, declining the opportunity.

The fact that Qlinton's national security advisor Anthony Lake (Sandy Burglar's predecessor) didn't get out much because he'd gone into hiding "not long after unconfirmed intelligence reports said that terrorists in Sudan were plotting to kill" him — ensconced at a location so undisclosed not even the Eew Yuck Slimes could assist those terrorists in finding it — also contributed to the reason Qlinton muffed this first real chance to get bin Laden and his gang's whole murderous leadership.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Qaptain al-Queegton was nowhere to be found. Worried that someone else was thawing out any strawberry-blonde interns, he'd gone below. He was going to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, with geometric logic, that a duplicate key to each cigar room icebox did exist. And he'd have produced that key if Ken Starr hadn't pulled the Lust Boat out of action. As he later told the judges (not jurors) while rolling around in one hand his little pair of balls:

I've had six tough years in the Administration, and believe you me, they made the last two mighty interesting. The way those repugs ganged up on us, I thought they had it in for me personally.... Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a breast man. I believe everything in it was put in for a purpose. When in doubt, remember on board this ship of state, we do things by the breast. Deviate from the breast and you'd better have a half a dozen good reasons. And you'll still get an argument from me. And I don't lose arguments on board my ship. That's, uh, one of the nice things about being president. I want you to remember one thing. On board my ship, standard performance is is excellent. Substandard performance is is standard. Performance not permitted to exist is is substandard. That — I warn you.

The ice ahead thickened after al-Qlinton, cavorting on the Libido deck, let Osama bum Kidney escape to Afghanistan. From there the islamofascist's "World Islamic Front" planned and launched its simultaneous attacks against our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Qlinton's unilateral, go-it-alone response was not convincing — except to those who prohibit any sit-in in Dhimmiqratic Narcissistical Collective headquarters.

The decision to bomb El Shifa was made by fewer than a dozen top U.S. officials. This meant that experts on both Sudan and chemical weapons were not consulted about the government's evidence.... Clinton advisers insist they have seen no new evidence to undercut their conclusion that the plant was linked to bin Laden and the Iraqi chemical weapons program.

Unable to recall how much Democravenrat Party leaders clamored for President Reagan's impeachment after he unilaterally attacked Grenada on the basis of evidence he received showing a national security threat, there was

White House defense lawyer Greg Craig appearing before Congress declaring: "The President's military action was evasive, incomplete, misleading, even maddening — but it's not impeachable."

There's no dodging the suspicion that Clinton is seeking to save his bacon by dropping some megatonnage on Saddam Hussein. After all, it's just what he did when he bombed Osama bin Laden's alleged facilities in Sudan and Afghanistan this summer. Both actions were launched with little or no consultation with Congress, and with too little consultation with the service chiefs at the Pentagon.

But as Dhimmis always say, everybody does it. So let's sail on:

In 1998, when Qlinton finally did get around to sending U.S. Special Forces after persuading a New York grand jury to indict bin Laden (even, as one anonymice® source at the Slimes puts it, going so far as to recommend Dhimmiqrat al-Qarter maladministration official Ramsey Clarke as the al-Qaeda leader's court-appointed defense attorney), the fondler- rapist-in-chief couldn't bring himself to advance on, corner, and assault the man. That service he reserved for any uninterested woman unlucky enough to catch his eye and find herself is-isly alone with him in the White House.

Still gathering possible exhibits in some trial lawyer-entangled discovery process,

Clinton administration officials gave the Taliban evidence in 1999 that Osama bin Laden was behind the bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa, two former diplomats said Tuesday.

But they said because of the close ties between Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and bin Laden they were unsuccessful in getting the Taliban to bring bin Laden to justice.

Karl Inderfurth, a former U.S. assistant secretary of state, said U.S. officials met with the Taliban repeatedly over a three-year period.

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." Seems the first part of that line also escaped Qlinton's "excellent memory and attention to detail." He miserably failed to get the Taliban to turn over bin Laden because the Taliban never heard or believed any "or else" he might have told them. They instantly saw how fearful he is of taking any meaningful action that afterwards may be slammed in Le Mondestream Media reports, and proceeded to tell him "go jump your camel." (Evidently they didn't realize he couldn't possibly do that as long as the Hilldabeast was still on her "listening tour.")

As he stared up at the stars on deck for his wife's $700,000 unreported, in-kind contributions-netted fundraiser, al-Qlinton willfully failed to scan the horizon for approaching dangers, or at least to look over the waters just beyond the railing. In which case he might have seen the extreme peril awaiting one of our warships. A peril into which he deliberately and recklessly sent that single, unescorted vessel after letting his top military officials order her, as part of some foolish offer "to improve relationships," to refuel unnecessarily in the Port of Aden bin-l'Aden, in the country where bin Laden's father was born — "a nation notorious for harboring terrorists sponsored by Iraq and other rogue states." His negligent endangerment of that ship and all aboard her, creating a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to officers and crew whose lives he is constitutionally responsible for as their commander-in-chief, is aggravated by the facts that she "could have refueled in friendlier Gulf ports, including Saudi Arabia and Oman" or "at sea, by supply vessels called tenders," that, under Qlinton's standing "A Gun Is A Terrible Thing to Load" policy, "sailors on sentry duty aboard the USS Cole when it was bombed last month did not have ammunition in their guns and were not authorized to shoot unless fired upon," and that only ten months earlier the islamonazis attempted to attack another of our warships, the USS The Sullivans, in the same port — an attack and attempted attack carried out and planned on the personal orders of bin Laden, the terrorist leader al-Qlinton let get away.

Most damning of all is the fact Qlinton abjectly abandoned his station at the very last, in that critical moment when the decision to act or not act spelt life or death for thousands of American men, women, and children. As everyone knows, he didn't launch even a bottle rocket at bin Laden's pup tent in response this time. What many don't know is that al-Qlinton's failure to retaliate, directly contributed to the attacks on September 11, 2001, because it gave bin Laden a very strong incentive to up the ante. Much further than he ever had before. This deadly consequence of Slick AWOLly's inaction is clearly stated in the 9+1 Against Bush Commission report (emphases supplied):

Back in Afghanistan, Bin Ladin anticipated U.S. military retaliation. He ordered the evacuation of al Qaeda’s Kandahar airport compound and fled — first to the desert area near Kabul, then to Khowst and Jalalabad, and eventually back to Kandahar. In Kandahar, he rotated between five to six residences, spending one night at each residence. In addition, he sent his senior advisor, Mohammed Atef, to a different part of Kandahar and his deputy, Ayman al Zawahiri, to Kabul so that all three could not be killed in one attack.

There was no American strike. In February 2001, a source reported that an individual whom he identified as the big instructor (probably a reference to Bin Ladin) complained frequently that the United States had not yet attacked. According to the source, Bin Ladin wanted the United States to attack, and if it did not he would launch something bigger.

The attack on the USS Cole galvanized al Qaeda's recruitment efforts.

Thanks a lot, BiIsIs.

Although the enemy couldn't sink the USS Cole, the unprecedented ineptitude of the last president's administration was more than enough to send to the bottom his POTUSS Legacy.

Would've Osama-berg's lunatics gotten close enough to slice into the side of our ship of state had Monica's Boy® paid more attention to warming up CENTCOM than his cigars? If the head of al-Qaeda was dead or at least sitting in a U.S. jail cell on or before January 20, 2001, would nearly three thousand more people be alive today in this country along with countless others in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, Kenya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Great Britain, Jordan, Egypt, and elsewhere around the globe? How many people will die in the coming tomorrows because Purjuredent Wimpeachee Jizzizzerson al-Qlinton had continually let al-Qaeda's No. 1 get away?

John Ford, exec VP of programming for the channel, said both specials will stick to the facts and avoid partisanship.

Just the opposite of what Demoparty-first! Party leaders do on a regular basis.

Before moving on, where was Qongressmouse Abjohn al-Qonyers, the Dhimmiracist leader just itching to seize chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee so he can immediately Impeach Bush!™, during Qlinton's constant playing of the Keep Osama Out of Jail Free card? Was he shouting from the rafters, "We stand on the verge of a terrorism calamity in this country!"? No, he was conspicuously silent. Instead, he waited until after that calamity happened before squeaking, "We stand on the verge of a civil liberties calamity in this country!" and falsely blaming (surprise, surprise) President Bush for taking "a series of constitutionally dubious actions that place the executive branch in the untenable role of legislator, prosecutor, judge, and jury." This while our own soldiers, who have all freely given their solemn oath to support and defend that constitution, were not only fighting against but being wounded and killed by an enemy to all our liberties more real than al-Qonyers and his ilk, blinded by extreme prejudice, hate, and partisan stinginess, would ever acknowledge or be willing to see without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion. For that alone they have permanently become this country's Demoasshat Party, endangering by their selfish, power-grubbing bigotry and divisiveness those very same civil liberties to which they continually pay only lip service.

Where were al-Qonyers and other scabies-ridden owners of the Demilquetoasts' Fantasy House Chairwomanship League teams when the USA Patriot Act, top first-round draft pick for a strong offense capable of stopping terrorists dead in their tracks long before they can rush us with another mass-murderous blitz, was offered to them?

Courtesy Dummiez Book Cover Maker 2006
Why, they punted it, of course: House Judiciary Committee fantasy chair"man" al-Qonyers said, "No way!" Homeland Security Committee fantasy chair"man" Abben al-Thompson said, "We're doomed! We'll never make it!" Education and Workforce Committee fantasy chair"man" George al-Miller said, "That's too much protection!" Financial Services Committee fantasy chairother Barney Franq said, "Looks off-balanced!" Judiciary Subcommittees fantasy chairwomen Sheila Jaqson-Lee, Jerry Nadless, and pro-racist gerrymanderer Melvin Watt said in turn, "Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and Bush, oh my!" "I sat on a wall! I took a big fall!" "No appropriate balance! My neighbors are watching me!" Ways and Means Subcommittees fantasy chair"men" Pete Starq, Abjim MqDermott, and Abjohn al-Lewis respectively said, "Gross abuse!" "Mad rush!" "Racist! Impeach, impeach, impeach!" Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittees fantasy chair"men" Peter Al-DeFazio and Abbob Filner said, respectively, "Unknown people behind closed doors are stampeding me!" "Where are my soccer teams!" Rules Subcommittee fantasy chair"man" Jim "Defund the War" MqGovern said, "No delicate balance!" Financial Services Subcommittee fantasy chairwoman Maqzine Waters said, "Wrong forum!" Energy and Commerce Subcommittee fantasy chairwoman Jan Schaqowsqy said, "Too powerful! And don't question my patriotism!" Government Reform Subcommittees fantasy chairwomen Diane "No Ethnic Pride!" Watson, Dennis al-Qucinich, Elijah Qummings, and Danny "Tamil Tigers" Davis said, "How racist!" Small Business Committee fantasy chairwoman Nydia Velazquez said, "No, but my office's about to endorse Margarita Lopez Torres for a judgeship!" Senate fantasy benchwarmer Abu Musherrod al-Brown said, "Too much intelligence!" Education and Workforce Subcommittees fantasy chairwomen Lynn "Constitutional Graffiti" Woolsey and Dennis al-Qucinich said, "No impeachment, no peace!"

Ways and Means Subcommittee fantasy chair"man" Al-MqDermott, a year after personally comforting Sickdom Hussein in Baghdad (or only a half year after Teddip al-Qennedy began doing it in Washington), couldn't resist adding,

The most dangerous man to Americans is [U.S. Attorney General] John Ashcroft. Without exception, every day he comes out with some way to further take away our rights. This man wants to take away everybody's rights in this country except the very few who surround him and believe like him.

As opposed to the dangerous islamofascist who helped take 2,752 children's parents away in this country on September 11, 2001, and, without exception, every day comes out with some way to further take away the parents of many more children, as well as the children themselves.

Instead of voting in favor of or even offering to propose any effective weapon to detect and thwart further orphan-making plots of infinitely more dangerous men to Americans, Demowhinerats are giving aid and comfort to those men. The terrorists and dictators threatening Americans and the rest of the world's peoples are heartened by Spin-it Minority Loser Scarry Screed's cheerful bragging last year that his own shady bunch "killed" one such weapon. Terrorists and dictators see a boost in their followers' morale when Louse Screecher Nanny-State Psychoses (aka Ms. Corruption 2002 and Ms. Cronyism 2003, 2004, and 2005) publicly fantasizes about seizing control of our Congress so she can hold endless and divisive "hearings [blamefests] on the war." Every time any Democontrovert Party leader or propagandist rushes to condemn our wartime president's use of that necessary weapon, saying it's really for enabling a "planned police state" to "shred the Bill of Rights," establish a "concentration camp in Cuba," implement "the Bush regime's dramatic expansion of US imperialism," and otherwise inflict all manner of horror on everyone and everything in sight, a most grateful Osama bin Laden can't help but grin.

These same Dhimmibrats moaned and complained that President Bush "should have connected the dots that 19 men were going to drive airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th," before turncoating around and opposing the best weapon our Congress can now give him to actually do that kind of connecting and prevent any more enemy sneak attacks.

Wherever they scurry off to whenever the call to go after America's enemies is most clear and dire, Demoasshats have no intention to help our nation achieve total victory in this World War, but have every intention to gainsay and detract its every premise in a desperate attempt to derail our country's war efforts and to undermine our conviction that we must, for the sake of our fellow citizens' survival and that of our whole way of life, fight and win it. They aren't interested at all in fighting for our rights, but for the left's to seize and hold total, unassailable power. A power that extends from cradle to grave, from subject to slave, and everything in between, over all you see, think, feel, and do. That and, of course, the right of a man, using hearsay "evidence," to give his voiceless, disabled, unrepresented, effectively abandoned wife no choice but to die of thirst so he can legally "move on" (in addition to enriching his lawyers, if not his adulterous self). Oh, and the right to offend with impunity all Christians (defined in the Liberalese-English Dictionary, 2005 edition, as those "loudly uppity Religious [Reich] types"). As an added bonus, Democurmudgeonic Party liberals (a redundancy, I know) have proudly debunked every myth about starvation or dehydration somehow being painful, such as the one propagated by Auschwitz death-camp survivor Marie Claude Vaillant-Couturier:

It is atrocious to die of hunger, to die of thirst, to be ill, to see all one's companions dying around one and being unable to help them. It is atrocious to think of one's children, of one's country which one will never see again, and there were times when we asked whether our life was not a living nightmare, so unreal did this life appear in all its horror.

Demoregressive's greatest obstacle to changing the "regime" here — from a form freely left up to us inside our voting booths, to one strictly handed down from their own handpicked judges' benches — is still, however, World War IV. The corresponding "dark mood" and "conflict mentality" of the America people has put a huge wrinkle in their power-grabbing plans. Although it's painfully obvious our enemy is playing for keeps, liberals wish we'd just "snap out of it" and concern ourselves with what they feel are much more pressing matters, like increasing the minimum wage, rather than with "greatly exaggerated" wartime threats. They feel, "An additional element in American attitudes after 9/11 must be added to domestic politics and popular attitudes: the public language of terrorism." In other words, what you can redefine you can undermine. If only they could make the enemy's goosesteppers who've pledged themselves to killing every American man, woman, and child out to be misunderstood, mistreated militants insurgents freedon-fighters Soft Purple Fluffy Bunnies® who're angry at us for all the inequities and untold wrongs and injustices America has cruelly committed against them, and therefore deserve, if not our sympathy, being afforded the same fundamental protections we citizens mere peasants (with the exception of Christians, of course) enjoy under our Constitution's Bill of Rights, then what justification would the United States have for using any military force to go after people who, for all intents and purposes, are the same as us? Judges prone to angry rhetoric and Democharlatanic Party disciples (BIRM) already consider the islamonazis to be so, not caring how such consideration takes us on the path to another 9/11 or even if it gets us all killed as long as the enemy carves on our mass graves' tombstone we weren't "no better than they are." Were we to allow these liberals to con us into believing the enemy has constitutional rights and legitimate grievances, that would enable them to turn all our speaking about security and war efforts into a dead language. They'd succeed at taking off the table (at least until the next sneak attack) the very notion we have no choice but to fight and totally defeat international terrorists if we want our freedoms to survive intact and be enjoyed by future generations of Americans. Demoschemerats pray we'll go back to sticking our heads in the sand, where their proven failures at protecting our country might be less remembered and their current calls for retreat and inaction seem not as unappealing. Then, once the crowing subsides among a so-called patriotic media feeling very satisfied with themselves over how their political wing "killed the war on terror" so Evil Bushitler couldn't bring it up as an election issue, the rest of us can pray that leaving al-Qaeda alone in the places we afterwards vacate will at last appease its leaders enough to guarantee we all can get along.

In reality, the Demonarcissist-Marxistream Media Party hasn't changed at all. It still doesn't care about terrorism, war, security, The Children™, seniors, health care, Social Security, the economy, oil, morals, marriage, the environment, immigration, taxes, racism, the disabled, or any of the whole host of other things they desperately invoke like talismans to ward off most people's increasing certainty that they aren't progressive, tolerant, or broad-minded. Its members' only concern, obliterating all others with such thoroughness that it stands unequaled in American politics, representing a stark singularity of purpose never before sanctioned by any other party throughout our nation's long history — unprecedented even in the annals of collective obsession, pack mentality, or group dementia — always has been, is, and will be seizing for themselves so much control over us that not only could we never present a viable threat to their holding complete power, but they can outright force us into being just as debased and morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankrupt as an everyday Demosewerrat so that they'll have enough company down where they've sunk they won't ever again look as abjectly bad compared to everyone else. Nothing disturbs them more than the prospect of having to tolerate the fact only mutant, single-celled life forms and liberals aren't nauseated by their standard cliché, "Everybody does it, let's move on."

Even throwing in Benedict Arnold with this batch of traitors wouldn't increase the selfishness they continuously exhibit. That's why Demosmearerrats get extremely upset and are often left speechless when an unhinged tyrant steals their thunder. Bad enough the price of filling up with High Octane Bushhate for their power trip keeps going up for them. How is their SUV Peloopsi-Me!me!me!ham-Stenchvez Vehicle ever going to get them all to that Moonbat Summit if whichever road rager's driving has a leadfoot? Doesn't he know his stepping too hard on the PMSV's gas like that is lowering its miles per gallon on the muddy lowway? The Democesspoolic Party can't afford such extra expense.

Another deeply researched exploration of the facts

(The first and last being FNC's inaptly titled "9/11: The Day America Changed.")

...is "On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report," narrated by Kevin Costner and Hilary Swank. Court TV's joint venture with Lionsgate will run on Aug. 21 for the full 90 minutes without commercial interruption. The next day, Lionsgate will release the DVD with 30 minutes of extra footage.

Marc Juris, Court TV's head of programming, said the docu captures the essence of the "9/11 Report," a thick volume that he suspects most Americans didn't have time to read.

Neither did Demexcoriatic Party leaders and other liberals, unless you count skimming through its summary in search of any quotes like, "We therefore conclude that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is clear Mr. [sic] Bush alone is totally to blame for everything that happened, including stealing the election from Al-Gore, an al-pha male who would have done everything differently and thus saved us all!" Not finding one there, they felt it failed to immediately set an overtly BlameBush! tone and, despairing the impotential discovery of actual sound bites useful to them elsewhere in the report, opted to read no further — but vowed to get busy distorting its findings and/or making up some themselves. Except that didn't work out for the Demexcrement Party, either. The only thing they had left was a steaming, smelly pile of unauthorized statements and unlawful "preliminary reports" splattered on the public by the Dhimmi-weighted bureaucratic staff of that commission, diarrheally released during a presidential election year under pressure from the mainsewer media, subsequently swarmed over like flies by their al-jazeernalists, and falsely represented as the properly approved words of all ten commissioners (i.e., the only openly appointed members of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, possessing as a whole exclusive authority and a non-delegable duty under Public Law 107-306 to issue any and all things on its behalf). But that illegal use of thousands upon thousands of our tax dollars to fund the composition, printing, and distribution of such impermissible pronouncements and publications is just a mere technicality to liberals and other Demobandits.

Moreover, had they known the humble Kevin Costner detests presidential assassinations, even ones depicted in fanatical fantasists' fictions, liberals and other Demomaniac Party psychopaths definitely would've skipped as well any film in which he's involved.

A&E will run on Sept. 9 the ABC-produced one-hour "Trapped in the Towers: The Elevators of 9/11." On Sept. 7, A&E will rerun its two-hour docudrama "Flight 93."

Sundance Channel has scheduled three back-to-back docus on Sept. 11: "Koenig Sphere," about a work of sculpture at Ground Zero that survived the attacks; "Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11"; and "September 11," an anthology of 11 shorts made by filmmakers from around the world.

Posted: Sun., Aug. 13, 2006, 2:16pm PT
Date in print: Mon., Aug. 14, 2006, Los Angeles

And the American voter will keep running to the polls to hire leaders in our Congress and White House who are sure to honor that vow we made to ourselves as a people five years ago: "Never Again!" That's always been part of our spirit.

Nor will our mutual vow ever change in any way other than this: Every time we renew it at the ballot box, we mean more and more the irresponsibly divisive, provenly untrustable, and unprecedentedly incompetent Dhimmiqratic Party of the United Statists against America.

Never Again!

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