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Yes We Can Stop Democrat Extremism


They're dangerous. They're insane. They're hopeless and deranged. Their demented government tyranny is a disaster — an unprecedented threat to all our most-cherished freedoms. If we value our rights, we must stop their destruction's progress.

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A Turd By Any Other Name Would Smell...


just like "Affordable" "Care" Act Øbankrupt"Care".


ust because, no, no one can afford it, doesn't mean it's not affordable. Let me be absolutely clear: The millions upon millions of people who lost their health care insurance plans that lying Øliarman and his party promised* they could keep if they like them, had plans that were too affordable. So, no, he and his party can't let them keep those. Instead, he and his party made them buy plans that, no, no one can afford because, that way, they'll get ones that are better* because they won't be so affordable. See? So when he and his party said "like," he and his party actually meant "can't afford," as in, "If you can't afford your plan, you can keep your plan. Period*." Same for their doctors. But since, yes, they could afford their doctors and their plans, lying Øliarman and his party thought felt that, no, he and his party can't allow anybody to keep them. Period. Because that wouldn't be fair. As long as, yes, even one person can afford his/her/etc. plan or doctor, then, no — lying Øliarman and his party can and does think feel — nobody should. Because it's only affordable when, no, no one, not even his/her/etc. employer, can afford it. So what if he/she/etc. likes his/her/etc. full-time job but can't keep it because lying Øliarman and his party's act forces employers to pay for plans that make it far less affordable for businesses to keep the same number of full-time workers on their payrolls? That's so joblocky. Anyway, by losing it, s/hetc. is afforded the opportunity to follow his/her/etc. dreams and become an artist or something. That's why you should call lying Øliarman and his party's act "affordable*." Because he and his party "care*."

* Another of the countless lies the Democrat Lying-Liar Party keeps telling the American people.

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''Tis Better to Have Liked and Lost Your Health Insurance Plan...


Than to have never gotten one you liked at all!" – The Democrat Party

“What’s the point in trying to repeal Obamacare? At this rate it’ll repeal itself.”

nother day, another Øfascist"Care"-delay upheaval that's going to just keep causing industry-wide confusion and uncertainty and your insurance premiums to rise even more. Thanks, Demøbums who passed or signed then delayed then delayed then delayed some more then delayed once again etc. etc. this train wreck to end all governmental train wrecks.

America, do you really want to leave these same Øbamorons in control of our Senate after this year's elections? Since they keep forcing us to lose our health care plans, it's only fair we keep forcing them to lose their congressional seats.

Do it for our country.

Do it for yourselves.

Do it for the 26-year-old "ch-ch-ch-chiiildreeeeen"!

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'I can't see Russia from my White House!'


The 1980s are now calling to say thanks for bringing their foreign policy back, Øliar, because the Cold War's been restarted after being over for 20 years.


oo bad Russia's Soviet-style invasion of Ukraine didn't occur before the Winter Olympics. Then Øboneheaded liar could've used his pen and his phone to order a Jimmah al-Qarter-style boycott of it by our athletes.

Cold War II, baby. That's what you've given us, Øbraindead voters. Thanks for helping reelect this lying Dumbasshatic liar Presentdunce whose indecision and moral equivalence can only invite more such invasions.

Make no mistake: Given the absolutely clear warnings everyone but the most terminally stuck on stupid heard over and over and over about him, you knew or should've known — long before you walked into your voting booths — all this was going to happen if he won.

On second thought, forget the 1980s. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is now calling to say thanks for bringing his foreign policy back!

Instead of going home and getting a nice quiet sleep, how about waking up and coming to our country's rescue for a change? That's what we need.

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