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Some Big Fascist Government Crap Forcibly Rammed Down the People's Throats-mit


Not since Adolf Hitler has any socialist dictatorship rounded up and railroaded so many people into the crowded cattle cars transporting them straight to those death camps panels known as "Universal 'Health' 'Care'"!


ot even his National Socialist German Workers' Party (i.e., Nazi Party) tried on anywhere near the same massive, deadly scale what Herr Øfascist's Dictatorat Party wants to do to us.

Hitler "saved costs," too, by disposing of the elderly, the sick, and others his socialist regime deemed undesirable.

Øfascist's socialist regime, like Hitler's, also told them that they were "better off taking the pain pill."

What happened every time Hitler held some "summit"?

That's right. He immediately proceeded to break his word and inflict widespread death and destruction on whole new populations of his intended victims.

"That can never happen here."

How many regular Germans were saying the same thing 80 years ago?

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Obamuslim Supports Muslim Terrorist Supporters


Appoints them to high positions in his maladministration, even.


o need to question whether "Present"fascist B. Hussein Øbamuslim will faithfully protect the citizens of the United States. It's become painfully clear that he won't:

All of [University of South Florida professor Sami] Al-Arian's defenders had egg on their faces when Al-Arian pled guilty to charges involving his acting as a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a deadly terrorist group that has employed suicide bombings and other terror tactics to murder over one hundred Israelis.

And among the egged faces was Rashad Hussain[, Øbamuslim's appointed special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)], apparently. [Journalist Patrick Goodenough of CNS News] reports that Hussain's remarks defending Al-Arian appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in 2004. But now the Washington Report's website carries a version of this article from the passage referring to Rashad Hussain has been removed. Nothing else in the article has been changed.

Was this bowdlerization done by someone at the Washington Report acting on his own discretion, or is the Obama Øbamuslim camp involved? Is someone in the [mal-]Administration aware of the political fallout that could result from the news that Obama Øbamuslim is sending a man who spoke up on behalf of a convicted jihad terrorist as his envoy to the leading Muslim organization in the world? Did they perform or ask to be performed a bit of Ørwellian image enhancement on Rashad Hussain?

(Emphases supplied for the Fiddy2ers.)

Firing squad. Wall. Traitør. Some assembly required.®

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Send ONE Republican Senator to the Trap... er, 'Summit'


Given that's all Der ØbaMeinFührer needs to ram his "health" "care" "reforms" fascist totalitarian crap down the American people's throats.


f, no, he can't convince just one single Republican senator that his fascist totalitarian crap should be forcibly rammed down the American people's throats against their will, contrary to their clearly expressed wishes, then Herr Øfascist isn't much of a convincer or "a force for Change®," now, is he?

He doesn't need any more than just that one single Republican senator to go along with his ramming his fascist totalitarian crap down all our throats in order to get his "Health" "Care" "Reform" Forcibly Ram Ødespot's Fascist Totalitarian Crap Down All Americans' Throats™ Act of 2010 passed through al-Qøngress.

With every Demøfascist senator voting in lock goose step in favor of his fascist totalitarian crap, having more than just that one single Republican senator at his Partisan Trap™ "bipartisan" "summit" next week would be ridiculously superfluous.

Yes, congressional Republicans can select which of their colleagues in the Senate will be just that one single Republican senator representing them at "Present"dunce Øfailure's entrapment alleged summit. (I would recommend Senator DeMint.)

Yes, Baracrook Øliar and his fellow lying fascist Demøcrooks can, in front of all the C-SPAN cameras, try to gang up on and badger and bully just that one single Republican senator during it.

Yes, the American people can then see even more clearly what fascist totalitarian brutes and bullies the Dictatørats tyrannically ruling al-Qøngress and the White House Berghøf really are.

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Out of the recession and into the Greatest. Depression. Ever.™


"We've got to spend our way out of this recession." – Devilrat Høuse Majørity Whip James Clyburn


e're dØØmed.

Unless we break the ever tightening stranglehold Demøspenderats have around our throats soon — the same throats down which they still want to ram their Scrap-and-Fade (America's free market system), health care "reform" Death Snare Conform (& other Fun Mandates™), and enough Red Ink Spending to choke the biggest, most "f***ing retarded" jackasses known to man (i.e., Demøspenderats), all of which would totally shock even the holder of Guinness' "Drunkest Sailor in History"® world record — the next most popularly appropriate bumper sticker we're going to widely see (many, unsurprisingly, covering up all the "got hope?" ones) is:

Øbama Øfascist got me "out" of The Recession... and into "You're Fired!"

Baracrook Howinsane Øburgler is intentionally stealing our and our children's futures.

He and his fellow Demøcriminals are the ones we need to be telling "You're Fired!" as soon as possible.

November 2nd can't get here quickly enough.

No, it can't.

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