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Who Else Supported Mandatory Universal Health 'Care' Insurance?


The one who was really, in the words of Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri, "carrying swastikas and symbols like that to (many) a town meeting."


at Hentoff, an authority on the Bill of Rights and then staff writer for the Village Voice and The New Yorker, wrote this the last time Democrooks tried to shove their do-all, know-all, be-all Big Government "reforms" down the American people's throats:

Doctors Christian Pross and Gotz Aly belong to a group of young German doctors and lawyers examining the transmogrification of German medicine before and during the Second World War. Some of their research, in text and photographs, made up the exhibit "The Value of the Human Being: Medicine in Germany 1918-1945" at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington late last year.

Accompanying the exhibit was an illustrated booklet by Pross and Aly that should be required reading by the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton — along with members of Congress — as national health care is being reformed. The authors emphasize that as German medicine was being initially reshaped after the First World War, its cost-benefit approach helped change the role of the doctor.

In time, the national economy became more important than the welfare of those patients who cost too much to treat and in any case, would not become productive enough for the greater good of the society.

Sound familiar?

"Paging (Øfascist administration totalitarian regime 'health' adviser) Dr. Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel. There's a call for you on line 666.... A Dr. Mengele, I believe he said his name was."

There were, it should be noted, some admirable goals for the profession. "Socially minded doctors ... demanded universal health insurance." And for a while, there were advances in treatment and prevention. But increasingly, doctors saw themselves "as more responsible for the 'health of the nation' than for the good of the individual patient."

Then it gets even more chilling:

Universal health care, funded by the state, turned out — as economic conditions worsened — to be not so universal. Certain patients were categorized as of lesser value. The intellectual rationalization for this approach was in a 1920 book, "The Sanctioning of the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living." The distinguished professionals who collaborated on the work were Alfred Hoche, a neuropathologist, and Karl Binding, a lawyer.

Who decides whether your life is so "unworthy of living" that its "destruction" merits "sanctioning"?

"Paging Dr. Mengele Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel...."

Part of their deadly thesis was that limited economic resources should not be wasted on people who couldn't benefit significantly from treatment. And Hoche, in other recommendations to the nation, spoke of "human burdens," "defective persons." He emphasized that "a tremendous amount of capital was being withheld from the gross national product in terms of food, clothing and heat — all for an unproductive purpose."

"Unproductive purpose members of society."

Sounds like something Øfascist totalitarian regime advisers would recommend spending absolutely nothing on because of its "cost or effects on others." (Nothing, that is, besides "the [BetterØff®] pain pill" ...or hemlock.)

Two recent czars appointed by President Obama also present an interesting caveat to the discussion. John Holdren was recently appointed as the new science czar, while Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel was appointed as the head of the Health Advisory Panel for the Office of Management and Budget. Dr. Emanuel is a well known proponent of social justice in healthcare, i.e. saving cost on the elderly, or those who are unproductive members of society in favor of the greater good and giving the treatment to those who may well benefit society on a larger scale. Mr. Holdren is a long-time proponent of eugenics and social justice as well. These two radically left thinkers [sic] are in extremely powerful positions in relation to the health care industry. Is it wrong to think that they might foist their views on to the new health care plan? Not at all.

Mr. Hentoff continues:

Also being discussed among German physicians was whether they should be allowed to kill patients. As later events made abundantly clear, the affirmative side of that debate won.

Inasmuch as any state-mandated consideration of "cost or effects on others" relating to "health care" inexorably progresses to this Next Logical Step™, that's not surprising.

There were heretics who did not believe in managed health care for the greater economic benefit of the state. Dr. Julius Moses, a general practitioner in Berlin and a member of the Reichstag between 1920 and 1932, warned during his last year in office that "in a National Socialist Third Reich ... only the curable would be treated! The incurably sick are considered 'human ballast,' 'human trash,' 'valueless,' and 'unproductive.' They must then be destroyed. In a word, the physician becomes the hangman."

Or in the word used by Øfascist totalitarian regime health care advisers, "communitarianism."

Which, translated from the original German, means "medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those 'who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.'"

The same as hoping the Øfascist totalitarian regime, because its Der Führer "winked at me" at one of his Nürnberg Reichsparteitage plant-infested "town halls," lets you live anyway if ever you're irreversibly ill.

Dr. Moses later died of hunger and loss of strength in Theresienstadt concentration camp.

The same as what the Øfascist totalitarian regime, because its Der Führer never "winked at me," has in store for you if ever you're irreversibly ill — minus (at least for now) the camp.

In its Jan. 18, 1993, issue, American Medical News quoted the widely respected Dr. Fred Plum, chairman of the neurology department at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and the physician who originated the phrase "persistent vegetative state." Dr. Plum said people in that state "are unconscious and, as human beings, have long since departed from this world ... they lack a sense of suffering ... they're stealing from the mouths of others."

"Paging Dr. Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel. There's another call for you...."

I wondered who is not being fed because of these insensitive patients, and I remembered cases in which people had been misdiagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state and awoke with rejoicing self-awareness. However, in the efficient American health-care system to come, would there be a deadline for the removal of the feeding tubes of patients so diagnosed lest they take any more food that they don't deserve?

Clearly a rhetorical question under Øfascist"Care."

Meanwhile, there is an increasing parade of articles and letters in leading medical journals from American physicians detailing the advantages of euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide and the kind of health rationing exemplified in the grimly mechanical Oregon plan that has ominously been endorsed by the president.

Even the Øfascist-derided post offices there — as well as any unfairly attacked elsewhere by who knows how many vandals he criminally incited with his hate-filled characterization — are always having less problems than this yet another wildly painful example of epic "progressive" liberal failures(birm).

What went wrong with the Oregon Health Plan, and what does it say about the prospects for coverage expansion initiatives in other states?....

When it was first enacted in 1989... OHP represented a leading state policy innovation that sparked a national debate on rationing health care.... But now the plan is "covering both fewer services and fewer people, and the elimination of entire benefit categories and rollback in enrolled beneficiaries looks more like the arbitrary cuts common in other states than the rational and equitable model of prioritization to which Oregon aspired."

Health Reform Interrupted: The Unraveling Of The Oregon Health Plan
Jonathan Oberlander

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) has received national and international attention for rationing medical care based on explicit priorities. However, in recent years OHP has lost substantial enrollment and struggled to live up to its core principles.

The more things "Change®"....

As Drs. Pross and Aly document, there was a steadily growing coarsening of respect for "The Value of the Human Being" in Germany.

And will be in America, too, if we allow the monstrous Øfascist"Care" or any other similarly sickening "reform" touted by persistent-vegetative-state liberals(birm) to become the law of the land.

Only someone as terribly ignorant as an unrepentant Fiddy2-per-center would ever want that to happen.

We, who are not Nazis, have started in that direction here.

Half-whitey former junior senator Baracketeer Øfascist and his goose stepping Despoticrat Congress Rubberstampstag brown shirts, who are all national socialists Nazis, have sought to do far, far more than just start us again in that direction.

If they completely had their way, they would so "fundamentally transform" our society that, yes, it can become worse than the one tyrannically ruled by a certain paper hanger who was really, in the words of Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri, "carrying swastikas and symbols like that to (many) a town meeting."

["Nazi Germany offers a lesson to U.S. on national health care," Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune, May 4, 1993, p. 4.]

© 1993 Newspaper Enterprise Association

Post Office-style Health Care™ will never be the answer to any of our prayers.

Whatever problems we see in the health care industry haven't stemmed from not enough, but too much government. The quotation many freedom-loving Americans are familiar with — which Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri would, no doubt, also brand "un-American" — applies here as it does to practically every other matter affecting our society and its members' lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness:

"That government is best which governs least."

It's just as applicable today as it was 16 years ago.

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