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Americans, not foreigners, now and still would work our ports


Dhimmicrats' only concern with the United Arab Emirates' management of any of them has nothing to do with our nation's security, and everything to do with the fact many of those Americans likely would be non-union workers under such management.

neejerkitis is commonly a Desperatic ailment. Nothing in recent months more exemplifies this than Portgate®. Union members make up the core of Demoorefat Party voters. With very few exceptions, port workers are "guaranteed annual income" union members. Perceiving themselves losing that source of votes, and thus power, if they don't tow the unions' exclusionary, protectionist line and obstruct every deal that would make any of our ports a place where all qualified Americans have the opportunity and right to choose work, the always easily startled Deliaratic misleaders instantly came out against the UAE-management deal.
“The people are actually in the port picking up the containers, working the cranes, moving the carts around and so forth. These are all longshoremen, and they’re American citizens, and they don’t change no matter who is in charge — who is the owner of the lease in the port.”
Marine Board member, National Academy of Sciences, and catastrophic terrorism expert
Problem is they can't publicly say the reason they oppose the deal is that it would mean finally loosening the very costly, inefficient grip unions currently have on those ports.

So these misleaders scrambled to come up with a totally uncharacteristic spin: It will harm national security! In their racist, reactionary, extremist, xenophobic, economy-wrecking, knee-jerk, panicky haste, however, they forgot that there's a new media which stands ever ready to beat them over the conical comical head — and rattle those emotionally addled, dead brains of theirs — with things more foreign to them than any Dubai Ports World manager; viz. facts, logic, and sound reasoning.

Unlike moonbatraitors, conservatives' ears are naturally attuned to matters affecting our national security. Moreover, we prefer having all the relevant facts before concluding whether anything like the UAE port deal may be harmful to it. Although Traitorat Party misleaders had counted on our tossing out that preference and reacting to their latest Shrill Cry of Imminent Doom!™ in a way that provides them an ample smokescreen to obscure their real, union-kowtowing motives, the mists from that initial WTF-gas canister are miserably failing them, being quickly dispersed by the winds of truth now blowing in.

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Not revenge. Security.


When you kill a venomous snake in your back yard, you're ridding from your home forever a known threat to you and your family.

iberals have no compassion. They would rather make our brave correctional facility servants' jobs much more dangerous by forcing them to be guardians of yellow, dirt crawling, poisonous snakes who think feel nothing about unjustly taking any human being's life. When these snakes escape those woefully understaffed facilities and kill again, as they do more often than liberals care to admit, or when they grievously wound or savagely murder any of our courageous public servants, the "Compassionate" Ones™ rush in to side with the snake: It was being mistreated, they say. It didn't get enough therapy.

Nearly a quarter century after the snake's lawful conviction for brutally murdering and violating a talented, intelligent, productive, loving and much loved girl full of life and great potential, when our "Vengeful" State has finally gotten around to strapping down the snake and putting it down, the same "C"Os are complaining it might feel pain. Now had the "V"S taken a hammer and beaten its head in until you couldn't recognize which end is its slithering tail, plus raped it until it bled, then they might have a point outside the ones crowning their empty heads. However, when the "V"S uses the most humane poison known to humankind on that poisonous reptile, allowing it to ride into hell on soft, fluffy clouds of restfulness while it wistfully dreams of plunging its fangs into and gobbling up more small, helpless creatures, then it's getting more just treatment than any such snake ever deserved.

Maybe the "V"S could load up all these snakes on a remotely controlled jet airliner and aim it straight into the side of an evacuated al-Qlinton or al-Qarter Presidential Library. Since the "C"Os have no wish to preemptively prevent anyone from causing death that way, the "V"S would at last face no opposition to carrying out the law's required sentence in those snakes' cases — other than with regard to the plane's target.

Liberals would begin to show their first signs of real compassion more for that building than for even their beloved snakes' lives.

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2006: Authorities notified immediately. 1969...


"Mary Jo Kopechne took my (mom's) car without my permission — uh, I mean, I dived in and tried to save her numerous times — that is, I was in a daze and wandered around the countryside like a zombie for hours — actually, I was so distraught I swam across the entire channel then walked all the way to my hotel and asked the night watchman for the time — well, come to think of it...."

lease make a big deal out of this, MSM. After 36½ years, don't you feel it's about time the person involved in this "accident" notified you folks in the press regarding what really happened that night? Ask him also about his expired driver's license which miraculously got a back-dated renewal right before he appeared at the inquest into Miss Kepechne's unnecessary death. The public has a right to know.
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