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The Real Story of Iraq


Glenn Beck's The Real Story: Iraq Video (length 2:45, 6,721 KB)

he side of Iraq's story which shows how, with America's help, Iraqis are successfully putting their country of 25 million people back together after decades of war and neglect — "a side on the ground our Troops see every day with their eyes, and every night in their dreams":

On the Medical Front, how 98% of Iraq's children have been vaccinated against polio and other diseases;

On the Educational Front, how 4,500 schools have been rebuilt and restocked with over 8 million textbooks by Coalition forces;

On the Law Enforcement Front, how Iraq's elite Special Police Force has 19,000 newly trained members;

On the Security Front, how there are 18,000 Border Agents now protecting Iraq's border with Syria;

On the Economic Front, how over 33,000 new businesses have started up since the end of the war;

On the Communications Front, how under Saddam, virtually no one even heard of a cell phone — today, there are over 5 million users;

On the Governmental Front, how one-fourth of Iraq's National Parliament is made up of women — "the highest proportion in the Arab world";

On the Free Press and Media Front, how Freedom of Speech isn't a dream anymore for Iraqis — over 150 newspapers and TV shows discuss political events freely, and political campaign posters are displayed in almost every major city;

On the Leadership Front, how the governor of Iraq's Anbar province exemplifies the determination of all his countrymen — how in just one year's time:

He's survived over 30 assassination attempts,

His home endured attacks from grenades, mortar shells, and machine-gun fire almost daily,

His 13-year-old son was kidnapped right from school,

And when asked why he still gets up every morning and goes to work, risking his life for the sake of a job, his answer is plain and profound:

"There's nothing greater than serving my country";

On the Home Front, how that is the real story of all the fronts in Iraq which our muckstream media "doesn't talk much about because the headlines just aren't as sensational as death and destruction."

Shame on our media for ignoring the million inspiring acts of bravery and indomitable resolve widely shown each and every day by the hard-working, resourceful People of Iraqi in the cause of both their own Freedom and that of our entire world.

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DNCNN lies


"Let's not talk about your book and say we did."

olf Blitzer, an alleged reporter with a stormtrooper-sounding name at one of the Dhimmiqratic Party's propagandist outfits, lived up to that name with his blitzkrieg interview of Mrs. Lynne Cheney yesterday.

On September 1, 1939, hate-filled National Socialist leaders in Germany used the infamous blitzkrieg to go around and cut off Polish strongholds in order to more quickly advance on less defended positions, forming the main thrust of their plans to conquer Poland.

On October 27, 2006, hate-filled Wolfish Blitzkreiger employed that same tactic against the wife of our nation's Vice President. This time around, it was a strong, freedom-loving American woman who stood up to such a vicious blitzkrieg, ably fending off that unprovoked attack.

No stormtrooping "situation room," no Goebbels-like muckestry of propaganda, no mulestream media for the terrorists' sniper-snuff films, has the first hope of overrunning any of our country's bulwarks of Truth, Democracy, and Freedom.

In other Deprecatic Party news: senate hopefools despairfuls released a joint apology to the American people for the utter incompetence that former national party continually demonstrates in defending our Freedoms and for its unflagging treachery in adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort. "We're sorry — a very, very sorry bunch," said Ned Lamont of Connecticut, Ben Cardin (that's Ben Cardin) of Maryland, Claire McCaskill (Claire McCaskill) of Missouri, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Jon Tester of Montana, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Harold Ford (Harold Ford) of Tennessee, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, and James Webb of Virginia.

Demotools in house races similarly declared their collective uselessness to all but America's enemies. "Our party's an unprecedented blight on this country's political landscape, earning everlasting shame for it in the eyes of our countrymen," said Harry Mitchell (AZ-5), Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-08), Ed Perlmutter (CO-07), Diane Farrell (CT-04), Chris Murphy (CT-05), Tim Mahoney (FL-16), Jim Marshall (GA-03), John Barrow (GA-12), Bruce Braley (IA-01), Tammy Duckworth (IL-06), Phil Hare (IL-17), Brad Ellsworth (IN-08), Baron Hill (IN-09), Brad Miller (NC-13), Paul Hodes (NH-02), Patricia Madrid (NM-01), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-20), Michael Arcuri (NY-24), Eric Massa (NY-29), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15), Zack Space (OH-18), Joe Sestak (PA-07), Chris Carney (PA-10), Patrick Murphy (PA-08), John Murtha (PA-12), Phil Kellam (VA-02), Darcy Burner (WA-8), and Steve Kagen (WI-08).

Right Wing News (Michelle Malkin) contributed to this report.

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Historical odds are very good


Just remember: the Grant Administration never had to fight a world war.

efore President Bush, thirteen presidents were elected twice in a row: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and BJ Qlinton. One died in office and another resigned before the midterm election: Lincoln (murdered April 15, 1865) and Nixon (resigned August 9, 1974). Six others, during the first two years of their second terms, faced at least one house of Congress that wasn't exclusively controlled by members of his party: Washington (Anti-Administration-controlled House), Jackson (Whig-controlled Senate), Wilson (independents and Democrat coalition-controlled House), Eisenhower (Democrat-controlled Senate), Reagan (Democrat-controlled House), and Qlinton (Republican-controlled Senate). Each of the rest, like President Bush, began his second term with his party in exclusive control of both houses of Congress: four Republicans (Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Grant) and one Democrat (Roosevelt). Of those, all but one — Grant — each ended his second term with his party retaining such control.

Including President Bush, only six presidents have been elected twice in a row and were still in office during a second midterm election when their respective parties exclusively controlled both the Senate and the House. The odds historically given by the American people to any such president are 4 to 1 that his party will continue to control both houses of Congress.

Politically speaking, those are very good odds. Given the fact our country is fighting a World War for her very way of life, the odds given by We the People of keeping our government strongly and completely unified, with its majorities all possessing a shared purposefulness and common desire to totally win that War, are even better.


Two presidents, during their sixth straight year in office, each saw his party retain control of both houses of Congress after the midterms even while our country was still trying to fully recover from an economic Depression: Monroe (who presided over America's first one, the "Panic [with a capital 'P'] of 1819," which continued until 1821) and Roosevelt (who presided over America's last one, "The Great Depression," which lasted practically throughout his entire presidency).

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Michael J Faux lies


Demoqrat shill knows or should know that human embryonic aborted-baby stem cells can't cure anything. (Doctor of Democracy)

or is its research illegal in either Missouri or Maryland. Moreover, Faux's own foundation sees no exclusive promise in funding that research. Why else would it be diverting $1.9 million of its dough into a follow-up study of adeno-associated virus gene therapy? In case you haven't figured it out already, a human embryonic (aka aborted-baby) stem cell is not a virus — although liberals consider most human embryos a deadly virus warranting immediate destruction by way of the most hideous form of Planned Parenting Procedure™ abortion.

In fact, not only do aborted-baby stem cells hold no promise of curing or treating MJ Faux, they may actually be deadly to him and his fellow Parkinson sufferers.

Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson's disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.

But hoping people get killed so it can somehow score political points with such, is standard operating procedure for the Desperatic Party.

Rather than trying to help anyone in a positive, constructive way, Deloserats feel it's more important to politicize and blame Republicans for everything.

In addition to the lying antics of its bad actors, the Demoliarat Party is a deadly virus in our body politic warranting immediate destruction by way of our next Planned Voting Procedure.

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Just in Afghanistan, Nanny Pel-ostrich?


Cue: "There's A Kind Of Hamas (All Over The World)"

he who can't wait to "move on" as Screecher of the House with Demorevengerat plots to impeach and convict both President Bush and Vice President Cheney so she can be crowned Acting President Peloseri (Bites be upon Tongues), feels our country should retreat from Iraq in disgrace and cower afterwards in Kabul because "the war on terror is the war in Afghanistan."

This is one of those rare instances where she and al-Qaeda — whose No. 2 resided in her home state from 1998 to 1999 — are not in total agreement. As far back as 2003, even Newspeak said that (emphases supplied),

according to Taliban sources, Osama bin Laden's men officially broke some bad news to emissaries from Mullah Mohammed Omar, the elusive leader of Afghanistan's ousted fundamentalist regime. Their message: Al Qaeda would be diverting a large number of fighters from the anti-U.S. insurgency in Afghanistan to Iraq. Al Qaeda also planned to reduce by half its $3 million monthly contribution to Afghan jihadi outfits.

All this was on the orders of bin Laden himself, the sources said. Why? Because the terror chieftain and his top lieutenants see a great opportunity for killing Americans and their allies in Iraq and neighboring countries such as Turkey, according to Taliban sources who complain that their own movement will suffer.... Bin Laden believes that Iraq is becoming the perfect battlefield to fight the "American crusaders"....

  Tim Russert: "Is impeachment off the table?"
  Sag Frag Nag: "Well, you never know where the facts take you for any president...."
 NBC's "Meet the Depressed" (May 7, 2006) regarding wannabe House Judiciary Committee chairracist Abjohn al-Qonyers' "push for his impeachment resolution."
Apparently bin Laden hasn't been the only one living in a cave these past three years.

Had Nutsy Peloonbat awoken from her roof-hanging nap long enough to wing around the countryside, she might have noticed between rounds of munching on defenseless insects how our enemy has no intention to follow her No Going Outside Afghanistan™ "plan." That's because WWIV is officially known, by both sides, as the "Global War."

While Nanro fiddled with her broken sonar, Bali and Madrid and London and Amman etc. burned. That's Bali, Indonesia; Madrid, Spain; London, England; Amman, Jordan; etc., etc. — not Bali etc., Afghanistan, Shrieker Noggincy Le Pointy.

How about you come up with how we can win totally and expeditiously in Iraq first, Madam Squealer of the Grouse? You know, something that relies heavily on the V-word you abhor using in this World War with respect to America. Then, once we achieve it, we won't have a need to be there anymore. Why won't you trust that "the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory... (and) with confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph. So help us God"? Or would that violate your party's ever standing Never Positive, Always Negative® rule?

Why aren't you and other Demoloserat Party leaders helping, or at least loudly rooting for our country to win WWIV? Do you feel your party could someday "reclaim" government control and power only if the American people lose these life-or-death struggles anywhere near as badly as it's going to this election?

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Who's likely to vote early?


Isn't it most unethical to conduct a survey after the Polls have opened, then publish its results before those Polls have closed?

rom here on out, the polls you're reading and hearing are increasingly "exit polls." If pollsterats exclude Already-Voted™ Voters® from their surveys of "likely voters," then they're really only polling potential Late Voters. That is, voters who're waiting for the local Demoqrat-HQ Van Shortbus to come pick them up and take them to the Polls on the very last Election Day, or who purposefully decided not to vote early. Pollsterats know or should know that such surveys, conducted and published while voters are still voting, are inherently unreliable. But that's the point: Their purpose is to suppress votes by depressing those latter voters, who would otherwise believe their votes can still swing the election in the opposite direction of those phony "pre-election" polling results.

How many voters voted early in 2004? Under the heading "Many Vote Early" in the post-election survey by Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, the answer is about 20 percent nationwide. (Pew claims early voters voted the same way as late voters, but points to no specific survey result to back it up. Also see, "Bush Voters Decide Early.")

How many states had early voting in 2004? The National Conference of State Legislatures says those states were Tennessee, Alaska, Nebraska, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas, New Mexico, California, North Carolina, Colorado, North Dakota (most counties), Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas, Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Vermont, Kansas, West Virginia, and Maine. NCSL also lists which states had "No-Excuse Absentee Voting," another form of early voting: Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, California, North Carolina, Colorado, North Dakota, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Oregon (all voters), Idaho, South Dakota, Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Vermont, Kansas, Washington, Maine, West Virginia, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

How many states have early voting this election? Besides Tennessee, which opened its Polls last Wednesday, the Asshatbiased Press says they are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Since voters in 35 states are voting well before the very last Election Day, how are pollsterats distinguishing them in their surveys of "likely voters"? The answer is they aren't. They're just ignoring the Inconvenient Truth™ that voters are voting right now. (The meaning of "now" now is "up to three weeks before the Polls close on November 7.") But, again, achieving scientific accuracy in survey results is not their purpose. Influencing the outcome of our elections is.

Fortunately, those who live by their phony polls are going to die by their phony polls. Again. If hard-line pollslaves and pollworshipers feel these polls give their lives or arguments meaning, that's their business. Thinking for ourselves and refusing to be influenced so unsubtly by a press always interested in manipulating us into letting their fellow loserals "seize" government power, is the business of We the Independent-Minded People of the United States.

Correction (Tuesday, October 24, 2006, 12:54 PM): The 35 states that offer early voting this election also include Oregon. Tennessee was listed twice; and Washington was listed after, instead of before West Virginia. Affected sentence originally read in part: "Besides Tennessee... Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas... West Virginia, Washington...."

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Our Champions


Choose those who will fight for our way of life.

champion n. 1. One that wins first place or first prize in a competition. 2. One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner. 3. An ardent defender or supporter of a cause or another person. 4. One who fights; a warrior. —champion tr.v. championed, championing, champions. 1. To fight for, defend, or support as a champion. 2. Obsolete. To defy or challenge. —champion adj. 1. Holding first place or prize. 2. Superior to all others.
– American Heritage Dictionary

oting began yesterday in Tennessee and starts next week in several other states. Wonder if pollocrats are going to include the up to 25 percent and more of us "already voted voters" — likely go-get-'em Republicans — in their surveys between now and Election Day?

There's much you can do still to help ensure that both houses of our Congress remain in adult hands. Call your champion's campaign headquarters. Ask the folks there if they need anyone to put out road signs, distribute campaign literature, make phone calls, go door to door, anything at all to help get out the vote and assist his or her campaign. Ignore the Phony Downer Polls® and think and act for yourself as true, all-systems-go Americans always can and always do. We are able to advance and promote what we stand for a thousand times more with rational, reasoning, realist Republican leaders than we could ever hope to with delusional, deceitful, defeatist Dem'al-Qrat ones. In this election we are blessed that our country has another opportunity to make even more certain the Demoselfishrat Party permanently winds up as bankrupt financially as it is morally and as unviable in winning over any independent voters with its disaffected, disingenuous candidates as it has been in winning over any with its disjointed, discredited ideas. The sooner that happens the sooner truly America-loving conservatives can focus our undivided attention on defeating the dark forces of RINOcratism infecting America's sole national party without the possibility of having to fight an overall less effective, two-front battle. Once the Defeatedrats party of shrieking howler monkeys is no longer any kind of threat to America or her future, we will either reform the Party of Lincoln entirely or emancipate ourselves forever and embark on a massive exodus from it and, joined by other constitution-minded citizens, together build a new home for the next united majority.

To this noble and worthy end, we must always choose what's best for our country, not what's best for merely ourselves, our parties, or our egos, if we wish to be successful. Later generations of Americans, not just this one, need this war to be quickly won, our economy to remain exceedingly strong, the judicial branch to thoroughly regain its sanity and proper sense of place, and each freedom to be maximally defended against all enemies foreign and domestic, if their lives are to contain as much optimism and hope as those of every onward and upward generation before ours that had struggled and sacrificed so much to secure to themselves and their posterity both the blessings of liberty and an even more enriched legacy of unprecedented progress and prosperity. That's what made — and makes — this country great. We look ahead and do what people elsewhere on the planet can only dream of doing. We see, as our ancestors did, a promising horizon, decide it's reachable, then go out and reach it even as the rest of the world's still insisting it's much too far. There's little if ever any use telling us such journeys are too risky and arduous. That just heightens in our eyes the value of undertaking as well as completing them. It's why we're able to enjoy here today nearly to the point of taking completely for granted, more unbounded freedom than could ever exist in all other lands of the earth combined.

For all our sakes we must never choose what, in the end, is best for Demoralizerats, if we don't wish to give them any chance at all to not only take America back to the messes they'd gotten us into but create many, many more. When I was watching people die before my eyes on a Tuesday five Septembers ago, I knew I could do nothing to help them or my nation. When I see what one party (the Republicans), practically alone, has accomplished to prevent another of those attacks by driving back, rooting out, and pinning down the forces of islamicist tyranny and fascism and annihilating them one by one long before they could ever hope to regroup, I know I will be able to do much to help both my fellow citizens and my nation: Vote for every member of that party in my own state and Congressional district three Tuesdays from now.

Overseas on the battlefront, each of our Troops is our champion, volunteering to go in our behalf to defend all Americans against and defeat the foreign enemies of Freedom. Back home on the political front, each of our Republicans is our champion, volunteering to go in our behalf to defend all Americans against and defeat its domestic ones. Individually, none of our champions, either there or here, can accomplish much. A few are even weak and several of their leaders sometimes lack courage. Together, as a unit given total charge of matters most vital to our security and freedoms, they are formidable. With our full support, practically everything they set out to do for us not only gets accomplished but gets accomplished well. From helping build a strong democracy in the heart of a totalitarian Middle East to helping build a strong economy everywhere in America, from neutralizing islamoterrorist threats there to doing so here, from scattering and sending on the run Freedom's enemies wherever they may be found, all our champions have served us much better than anyone should have expected and much better than anyone else ever could be. Despite the relatively few missteps they've made on their difficult and challenging journeys, all of which are always exaggerated in the negatively biased Democrastream Media, they have done as much if not more to better secure for us our freedoms as has any champion for any people or any cause ever "in the field of human conflict." But without that support on the political front, which is reflected within the majorities of our Congress, our champions on the battlefront, as well as ourselves, can only expect retreat and unfinished tasks, broken promises and unfulfilled commitments, festering threats and uncontainable hostilities, and victory after victory for the enemies of Freedom and nothing but defeat for its defenders.

More than anything else our posterity will remember that this generation had not the luxury to teach anyone besides Freedom's murderous foes any kind of "lesson." Whether they visit our gravesites with their fond memories and flowers or with their scornful ones and spit, will be in all our hands, especially on November 7.

I will be supporting with my votes our only real champions in this universal fight for Freedom. If you wish to as well please visit their campaign Web sites linked below and ask how you can help them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
for the Office of
United States Senator
and for the Office of
United States Representative
in the
One Hundred Tenth Congress
and for the Office of
in the
Several States
and Their Opponents
  • To visit a candidate's Web site, click his or her name. If underlined, link is a name seach. "Write In" means a Republican Party candidate hasn't been nominated.
  • To view campaign finances of all Congressional candidates in a state, click that state's name.
  • Incumbents' names in bold; third-party/independent candidates' in italics.
  • Races:
    • S - Senate
    • # - House district
    • G - Governor
Jo Bonner  1  Vivian Sheffield Beckerle
Terry Everett  2  Charles D. James
Mike D. Rogers  3  Mark Edwin Layfield
Greg A. Pierce
Robert B. Aderholt  4  Barbara Bobo
Write In  5  Bud Cramer
Spencer Bachus  6  Warren Grayson
Write In  7  Artur Davis
Bob Riley  G  Loretta Nall
Lucy Baxley
Don Young  1  Alexander Crawford
Eva L. Ince
Diane E. Benson
Sarah Palin  G  Billy Toien
Andrew Halcro
Don Wright
Walter Dixon
Tony Knowles
Jon L. Kyl  S  Richard Mack
Michael Herbert Aloisi
Jim Pederson
Rick Renzi  1  David B. Schlosser
Ellen Simon
Trent Franks  2  Powell Gammill
William Crum
John Thrasher
John Shadegg  3  Mark J. Yannone
Don Chilton
Don Karg  4  Ed Pastor
J. D. Hayworth  5  Harry E. Mitchell
Jeff Flake  6   
Ron Drake  7  Raul M. Grijalva
Randy Graf  8  David F. Nolan
Jay Dudley Quick
Gabrielle Giffords
Len Munsil  G  Barry Hess
"Pollock Jim" Kress
Jamie Coulter
Johnnie Robinson III
Robert Winn
Roy Birnbaum
Scott Malcomson
Janet Napolitano
Mickey Stubby Stumbaugh  1  Marion Berry
Andy Joseph Mayberry  2  Vic Snyder
John Boozman  3  Woodrow Wilson Anderson
Joe Ross  4  Mike Ross
Asa Hutchinson  G  Jim Lendall
Rod Bryan
Mike Beebe
Richard Mountjoy  S  Michael S. Metti
Don J. Grundmann
Marsha Feinland
Todd Chretien
Dianne Feinstein
John W. Jones  1  Pamela Elizondo
Timothy J. Stock
Mike Thompson
Wally Herger  2  E. Kent Hinesley
A. J. Sekhon
Dan Lungren  3  Douglas Arthur Tuma
Michael Roskey
Bill Durston
John T. Doolittle  4  Dan Warren
Charles D. Brown
Claire Yan  5  Jeffrey S. Kravitz
John C. Reiger
Doris Matsui
Todd L. Hooper  6  Richard W. Friesen
Lynn Woolsey
Write In  7  Camden McConnell
George Miller
Michael A. DeNunzio  8  Philip Zimt Berg
Krissy Keefer
Nancy Pelosi
John Den Dulk  9  Jim Eyer
Barbara Lee
Darcy Linn  10  Ellen O. Tauscher
Richard Pombo  11  Jerry McNerney
Michael Moloney  12  Tom Lantos
George I. Bruno  13  Pete Stark
Rob Smith  14  Brian Holtz
Carol Liane Brouillet
Anna Eshoo
Raymond Lemmy Chukwu  15  Mike Honda
Charel Winston  16  Zoe Lofgren
Anthony R. De Maio  17  Christopher Lee Brozda
Sam Farr
John Kanno  18  Dennis Cardoza
George Radanovich  19  T J Cox
Write In  20  Jim Costa
Devin Nunes  21  John Roger Miller
Ernest Steven Haze
Kevin McCarthy  22  Sharon Beery
Victor D. Tognazzini  23  Lois Capps
Elton Gallegly  24  Jill Marie Martinez
Howard P. "Buck" McKeon  25  David W. Erickson
Roberto J. Rodriguez
David Dreier  26  Ted Brown
Elliot Graham
Cynthia Matthews
Peter Christopher Hankwitz  27  Brad Sherman
Stanley Kimmel Kesselman  28  Kelley L. Ross
Byron Walker Delear
Howard L. Berman
William J. Bodell  29  Jim Keller
Lynda L. Llamas
William M. Paparian
Adam Schiff
David Nelson Jones  30  Adele M. Cannon
Henry A. Waxman
Write In  31  Xavier Becerra
Write In  32  Leland Faegre
Hilda L. Solis
Write In  33  Diane E. Watson
Wayne Miller  34  Lucille Roybal-Allard
Write In  35  Paul T. Ireland
Gordon Michael Mego
Maxine Waters
Brian Gibson  36  Mike Binkley
James R. Smith
Jane Harman
Write In  37  Herb Peters
Juanita Millender-McDonald
Sidney W. Street  38  Grace Napolitano
James L. Andion  39  Linda Sanchez
Ed Royce  40  Philip H. Inman
Florice Hoffman
Jerry Lewis  41  Louie Contreras
Gary Miller  42   
Scott Lloyd Folkens  43  Joe Baca
Ken Calvert  44  Kevin Akin
Louis Vandenberg
Mary Bono  45  David Malcolm Roth
Dana Rohrabacher  46  Dennis Chang
Jim Brandt
Tan D. Nguyen  47  Loretta Sanchez
John Campbell  48  Bruce Cohen
Steve Young
Darrell Issa  49  Lars R. Grossmith
Kenneth L. Grandlund
Jeeni Criscenzo
Brian P. Bilbray  50  Paul King
Miriam E. Clark
Francine P. Busby
Blake Linden Miles  51  Dan Litwin
Bob Filner
Duncan Hunter  52  Michael Benoit
John A. Rinaldi
John Woodrum  53  Ernie Lippe
Susan A. Davis
Arnold Schwarzenegger  G  Art Olivier
Edward C. Noonan
Janice Jordan
Peter Miguel Camejo
Philip Angelides
Write In  1  Tom Kelly
Diana DeGette
Rich Mancuso  2  Norm Olsen
Joe Calhoun
Mark Udall
Scott Tipton  3  Bert L. Sargent
John Salazar
Marilyn Musgrave  4  Eric Eidsness
Angela Veronica Paccione
Douglas L. Lamborn  5  Jay Fawcett
Tom Tancredo  6  Jack Woehr
Bill Winter
Rick O'Donnell  7  Dave Chandler
John Heckman
Roger McCarville
Edwin G. Perlmutter
Bob Beauprez  G  Dawn Winkler-Kinateder
Clyde Harkins
Paul Fiorino
Bill Ritter
Alan Schlesinger  S  Joe Lieberman
John Daniel Mertens
Ralph Ferrucci
Timothy Knibbs
Ned Lamont
Scott Gordon Maclean  1  John B. Larson
Rob Simmons  2  Joe Courtney
Joseph Vollano  3  Daniel Sumrall
Rosa L. DeLauro
Christopher Shays  4  Philip Maymin
Richard Duffee
Diane Goss Farrell
Nancy L. Johnson  5  William C. Davis
Chris Murphy
M. Jodi Rell  G  Cliff Thornton
Joe Zdonczyk
Joel "J.W." Schweidel
Scott Merrell
John DeStefano Jr.
Jan Ting  S  William E. Morris
Tom Carper
Michael N. Castle  1  Karen Hartley-Nagle
Michael Berg
Dennis Spivack
Katherine Harris  S  Belinda Noah
Bernard Senter
Brian P. Moore
Floyd Ray Frazier
Lawrence Scott
Roy Tanner
Bill Nelson
Jeff Miller  1  Joe Roberts
Write In  2  Allen Boyd
Write In  3  Corrine Brown
Ander Crenshaw  4  John Gatenby Blade
Bob Harms
Ginny Brown-Waite  5  John Timothy Russell
Cliff Stearns  6  David E. Bruderly
John L. Mica  7  John F. Chagnon
Ric Keller  8  Wesley Alan Hoaglund
Charlie Stuart
Gus Bilirakis  9  Andrew Pasayan
Phyllis H. Busansky
C. W. Bill Young  10  Scott Douglas
Samm Simpson
Eddie Adams  11  R J Spencer
Kathy Castor
Adam H. Putnam  12  Edward W. Bowlin III
Joseph A. Viscusi
Vernon Buchanan  13  Christine Jennings
Connie Mack  14  Robert M. Neeld Jr
Dave Weldon  15  Bob Bowman
Joe Negron  16  Emmie Ross
Timothy Edward Mahoney
Write In  17  Kendrick B. Meek
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen  18  Margaret Trowe
David Patlak
Write In  19  Robert Wexler
Write In  20  Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Lincoln Diaz-Balart  21  Frank Gonzalez
E. Clay Shaw Jr.  22  Neil Evangelista
Ron Klein
Write In  23  Alcee L. Hastings
Tom Feeney  24  Clint Curtis
Mario Diaz-Balart  25  Michael Calderin
Charlie Crist  G  John Wayne Smith
Karl Behm
Max Linn
Richard Paul Dembinsky
Jim Davis
Jack Kingston  1  Jim Nelson
Bradley Curtis Hughes  2  Sanford D. Bishop Jr.
Lynn A. Westmoreland  3  Michael Edward McGraw
Catherine Davis  4  Loren Collins
Hank Johnson
Write In  5  John Lewis
Tom Price  6  Steve Sinton
John Linder  7  Allan Burns
Mac Collins  8  Jim Marshall
Nathan Deal  9  John Douglas Bradbury
Charles W. Norwood  10  Terry Holley
Phil Gingrey  11  Patrick Samuel Pillion
Max Burns  12  John Barrow
Deborah Travis Honeycutt  13  David Scott
Sonny Perdue  G  Garrett Michael Hayes
Mark Taylor
Cynthia Thielen  S  Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan
C. Kaui Jochanan Amsterdam
Daniel K. Akaka
Richard Noah Hough  1  Neil Abercrombie
Bob C. Hogue  2  Robert Wilcox
Mazie K. Hirono
Linda Lingle  G  Ozell Daniel
Daniel Cunningham
Jim Brewer
Randy Iwase
William T. Sali  1  Andy Hedden-Nicely
David Edwin Olson
Paul Smith
Larry L. Grant
Mike Simpson  2  Cameron Forth
Travis J. Hedrick
Jim Hansen
C.L. "Butch" Otter  G  Ted Dunlap
Marvin Richardson
Jerry Brady
Jason E. Tabour  1  Bobby L. Rush
Robert Belin  2  Anthony W. Williams
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Raymond G. Wardingley  3  Daniel William Lipinski
Ann Melichar  4  Luis V. Gutierrez
Kevin Edward White  5  Rahm Emanuel
Peter Roskam  6  Tammy Duckworth
Charles Hutchinson  7  Danny K. Davis
David McSweeney  8  Bill Scheurer
Melissa Bean
Michael P. Shannon  9  Jan Schakowsky
Mark Kirk  10  Daniel Joseph Seals
Jerry Weller  11  John Justin Pavich
Write In  12  Jerry F. Costello
Judy Biggert  13  Joseph Shannon
Dennis Hastert  14  John Laesch
Timothy V. Johnson  15  David Michael Gill
Don Manzullo  16  Richard D. Auman
Andrea Lane Zinga  17  Philip G. Hare
Ray LaHood  18  Steve Waterworth
John M. Shimkus  19  Danny Leroy Stover
Judy Baar Topinka  G  Rich Whitney
Rod Blagojevich
Richard G. Lugar  S  Steve Osborn
Mark J. Leyva  1  Pete Visclosky
Chris Chocola  2  Joe Donnelly
Mark E. Souder  3  Thomas Eldon Hayhurst
Steve Buyer  4  David Avram Sanders
Dan Burton  5  Sheri Conover Sharlow
Katherine Fox Carr
Mike Pence  6  Barry Welsh
Eric Dickerson  7  Julia Carson
John Hostettler  8  Brad Ellsworth
Michael E. Sodrel  9  Eric Schansberg
Baron Hill
Mike Whalen  1  Albert W. Schoeman
James F. Hill
Bruce Braley
Jim Leach  2  David Loebsack
Jeffrey Lamberti  3  Helen Meyers
Leonard L. Boswell
Tom Latham  4  Selden Edmund Spencer
Steven A. King  5  Cheryl L. Brodersen
Roy Nielsen
Joyce Schulte
Jim Nussle  G  Kevin Litten
Mary J. Martin
Wendy Barth
Chet Culver
Jerry Moran  1  Sylvester Cain
John G. Doll
Jim Ryun  2  Roger D. Tucker
Nancy E. Boyda
Chuck Ahner  3  Robert A. Conroy
Dennis Moore
Todd Tiahrt  4  Joy R. Holt
Garth James McGinn
Jim Barnett  G  Carl Kramer
Richard Ranzau
Kathleen Sebelius
Ed Whitfield  1  Tom Barlow III
Ron Lewis  2  John Michael Weaver
Anne M. Northup  3  Donna Walker Mancini
William Edward Parker
John A. Yarmuth
Geoff Davis  4  Brian Houillion
Ken Lucas
Hal Rogers  5  Kenneth Stepp
Write In  6  Paul Ard
Ben Chandler
Bobby Jindal  1  Peter Beary
David Dennis Gereighty
Stacey Tallitsch
Eric T. Bradley
Joseph Francis Lavigne
Lance von Uhde III
  2  Gregory Kahn
William J. Jefferson
Derrick Shepherd
Deven Collins
John Bervick Edwards Jr
Karen R. Carter
M. V. "Vinny" Mendoza
Regina Bartholomew
Scott Barron
Troy Carter
Craig F. Romero  3  James Lee Blake Jr
Charles J. Melancon
Olangee Breech
Jim McCrery
Chester T. Kelley
  4  Artis Cash
Patti Cox
Rodney Alexander  5  Brent Sanders
John Watts
Gloria Williams Hearn
Richard Baker  6  Richard M. Fontanesi
Charles W. Boustany, Jr.  7  Michael W. Stagg
Olympia J. Snowe  S  William H. Slavick
Jean Hay Bright
Darlene J. Curley  1  Dexter J. Kamilewicz
Tom Allen
Laurence S. D'Amboise  2  Mike Michaud
Chandler Woodcock  G  Barbara Merrill
Pat LaMarche
Phillip Morris NaPier
John Baldacci
Michael Steele  S  Kevin Zeese
Ben Cardin
Wayne T. Gilchrest  1  Jim Corwin
James Dunn Mathis  2  Dutch Ruppersberger
John David White  3  Charles McPeek
John Sarbanes
Michael Moshe Starkman  4  Albert R. Wynn
Write In  5  Steven Warner
Steny H. Hoyer
Roscoe G. Bartlett  6  Robert E. Kozak
Andrew James Duck
Write In  7  Elijah E. Cummings
Jeffrey M. Stein  8  Gerard P. Giblin
Chris Van Hollen
Bob Ehrlich  G  Chris Driscoll
Ed Boyd
Martin O'Malley
Ken Chase  S  Edward Murderer Kennedy
Write In  1  William Henry Szych
John W. Olver
Write In  2  Richard E. Neal
Write In  3  James P. McGovern
Write In  4  Barney Frank
Write In  5  Marty Meehan
Richard W. Barton  6  John F. Tierney
Write In  7  Edward J. Markey
Write In  8  Laura Garza
Michael E. Capuano
Jack E. Robinson III  9  Stephen F. Lynch
Jeffrey K. Beatty  10  Peter Andrew White
Bill Delahunt
Kerry Healey  G  Christy Mihos
Grace Ross
Deval Patrick
Michael J. Bouchard  S  Leonard Schwartz
David Sole
Dennis FitzSimons
Deborah Ann Stabenow
Don Hooper  1  Ken Proctor
David J. Newland
Joshua Warner
Bart Stupak
Peter Hoekstra  2  Steve Van Til
Ronald E. Graeser
Kimon Kotos
Vernon J. Ehlers  3  Jeff A. Steinport
Rodger Gurk
James Richard Rinck
Dave Camp  4  Allitta Hren
John Emerick
Michael Ray Huckleberry
Eric John Klammer  5  Steve Samoranski
Ken Mathenia
Dale E. Kildee
Fred Upton  6  Kenneth E. Howe
Kim L. Clark
Tim Walberg  7  Robert L. Hutchinson
David Horn
Sharon Marie Renier
Mike Rogers  8  Dick Gach
Aaron Stuttman
James Marcinkowski
Joe Knollenberg  9  Adam Goodman
Matthew R. Abel
Nancy Skinner
Candice S. Miller  10  Mark Byrne
Candace Ruth Caveny
Rick Gualdoni
Robert Denison
Thad McCotter  11  John T. Tatar
Charles E. Tackett
Tony Trupiano
Randell J. Shafer  12  Andy Lecureaux
Art Myatt
Jerome S. White
Lester I. Townsend
Sander Levin
Write In  13  Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick
Chad Miles  14  John Conyers Jr.
Vincent Vernuccio [Write In]  15  Gregory Stempfle
Aimee Smith
Bob Czak
John D. Dingell
Dick DeVos  G  Greg Creswell
Bhagwan Dashairya
Doug Campbell
Jennifer Granholm
Mark Kennedy  S  Ben Powers
Michael James Cavlan
Robert Maxwell Fitzgerald
Stephen Williams
Amy Klobuchar
Gil Gutknecht  1  Timothy J. Walz
John Kline  2  Doug Williams
Coleen Rowley
Jim Ramstad  3  Wendy Wilde
Obi Sium  4  Betty McCollum
Alan Raymond Fine  5  Jay Pond
Tammy Louise Lee
Keith Maurice Ellison
Michele Marie Bachmann  6  John Paul Binkowski
Patty Wetterling
Mike Barrett  7  Ken Lucier
Collin C. Peterson
Rod Grams  8  Harry Robb Welty
James L. Oberstar
Tim Pawlenty  G  Ken Pentel
Leslie Davis
Peter Hutchinson
Walt Brown
Mike Hatch
Trent Lott  S  Harold M. Taylor
Erik Fleming
Roger Wicker  1  James K. Hurt
William Bambach
Yvonne Rayford Brown  2  Bennie G. Thompson
Charles W. "Chip" Pickering Jr.  3  Jim Giles
Lamonica L. MaGee
Randy McDonnell  4  Gene Taylor
James M. Talent  S  Frank Gilmour
Lydia Lewis
Claire McCaskill
Mark Byrne  1  Robb E. Cunningham
William L. Clay Jr.
Todd Akin  2  Tamara A. Millay
George D. Weber
David Bertelsen  3  Robert Christophel
David Sladky
Russ Carnahan
James A. Noland Jr.  4  Bryce A. Holthouse
Melinda Leann "Mel" Ivey
Ike Skelton
Jacob Turk  5  Randy Langkraehr
Emanuel Cleaver
Sam Graves  6  Erik Buck
Shirley A. Yurkonis
Sara Jo Shettles
Roy Blunt  7  Kevin Craig
F. Glenn Miller, Jr.
Jack Truman
Jo Ann Emerson  8  Branden C. McCullough
Veronica J. Hambacker
Kenny Hulshof  9  Steven R. Hedrick
William "Bill" Hastings
Duane Neil Burghard
Conrad Burns  S  Stan Jones
Jon Tester
Denny Rehberg  1  Mike Fellows
Monica J. Lindeen
Pete Ricketts  S  Ben Nelson
Jeffrey Lane Fortenberry  1  Maxine B. Moul
Lee Terry  2  Jim Esch
Adrian Smith  3  Scott Kleeb
Dave Heineman  G  Barry Richards
Mort Sullivan
David Hahn
John Ensign  S  Brendan Trainor
David K. Schumann
John William Carter
Ken Wegner  1  Jim Duensing
Bruce Westcott
Darnell Roberts
Shelley Berkley
Dean Heller  2  Scott Babb
Daniel Rosen
James C. Kroshus
Jill T. Derby
Jon Porter  3  Joseph P. Silvestri
Joshua Hansen
Tessa Hafen
Jim Gibbons  G  Christopher Hansen
Craig Bergland
Dina Titus
New Hampshire
Jeb Bradley  1  Carol Shea-Porter
Charles Bass  2  Kenneth E. "Ken" Blevens, Sr.
Paul W. Hodes
Jim Coburn  G  John Lynch
New Jersey
Thomas H. Kean, Jr.  S  Len Flynn
Angela Lariscy
Daryl Mikell Brooks
Edward Forchion
Gregory Pason
J.M. Carter, Jr.
N. Leonard Smith
Robert Menendez
Write In  1  Robert E. Andrews
Frank A. LoBiondo  2  Lynn Merle
Robert E. Mullock
Thomas Fanslau
Willie Norwood
Viola Thomas-Hughes
Jim Saxton  3  Ken Feduniewicz
Richard J. Sexton
Chris Smith  4  Richard Edgar
Louis B Wary, Jr.
Carol E. Gay
Scott Garrett  5  R. Matthew Fretz
Paul Aronsohn
Leigh Ann Bellew  6  Herbert L. Tarbous
Frank Pallone, Jr
Mike Ferguson  7  Darren Young
Thomas D. Abrams
Linda D. Stender
Jose M. Sandoval  8  Lou Jasikoff
Bill Pascrell, Jr.
Vincent Micco  9  Michael Jarvis
Steven R. Rothman
Write In  10  Donald M. Payne
Rodney Frelinghuysen  11  Richard S. Roth
John Mele
Tom Wyka
Joseph S. Sinagra  12  Rush Holt
John J. Guarini  13  Brian Williams
Esmat Zaklama
Herbert H. Shaw
Richard S. Hester, Sr.
Albio Sires
New Mexico
Allen McCulloch  S  Jeff Bingaman
Heather Wilson  1  Patricia A Madrid
Steve Pearce  2  Albert Donald Kissling
Ronald M. Dolin  3  Tom Udall
John Dendahl  G  Bill Richardson
New York
John Spencer  S  Jeffrey Russell
Bill Van Auken
Howie Hawkins
Róger Calero
Hilldabeast Rotten al-Qlinton
Italo Andres Zanzi  1  Timothy H. Bishop
John Bugler  2  Steve Israel
Pete King  3  David L. Mejias
Martin W. Blessinger  4  Carolyn McCarthy
Write In  5  Gary Ackerman
Write In  6  Gregory W. Meeks
Kevin Brawley  7  Joseph Crowley
Eleanor Friedman  8  Dennis E. Adornato
Jerrold Nadler
Write In  9  Anthony D. Weiner
Jonathan H. Anderson  10  Ernest Johnson
Edolphus Towns
Stephen Finger  11  Mariana Blume
Ollie M. McClean
Yvette D. Clarke
Allan E. Romaguera  12  Nydia M. Velazquez
Vito Fossella  13  Stephen A. Harrison
Danniel Maio  14  Carolyn B. Maloney
Edward Daniels  15  Charles B. Rangel
Ali Mohamed  16  Jose E. Serrano
Jim Faulkner  17  Eliot L. Engel
Richard A. Hoffman  18  Nita M. Lowey
Sue Kelly  19  John Hall
John E. Sweeney  20  Eric Sundwall
Kirsten E. Gillibrand
Warren Redlich  21  Michael R. McNulty
Write In  22  Maurice Hinchey
John M. McHugh  23  Robert J. Johnson
Raymond A. Meier  24  Mike Sylvia
Michael Arcuri
James T. Walsh  25  Dan Maffei
Tom Reynolds  26  Jack Davis
Michael J. McHale  27  Brian M. Higgins
John E. Donnelly  28  Louise M. Slaughter
John R. Kuhl, Jr.  29  Eric Massa
John Faso  G  John Clifton
Jimmy McMillan
Malachy McCourt
Maura DeLuca
Eliot Spitzer
North Carolina
Write In  1  G. K. Butterfield
Dan Mansell  2  Bob Etheridge
Walter B. Jones, Jr.  3  Craig Peter Weber
Steven D. Acuff  4  David Price
Virginia Foxx  5  Roger Dean Sharpe
Howard Coble  6  Rory Blake
Shirley Davis  7  Mike McIntyre
Robin Hayes  8  Lawrence Webb "Larry" Kissell
Sue Myrick  9  Bill Glass
Patrick McHenry  10  Richard Carsner
Charles H. Taylor  11  Heath Shuler
Ada M. Fisher  12  Melvin L. Watt
Vernon Robinson  13  Brad Miller
North Dakota
Dwight Grotberg  S  Roland Riemers
James Germalic
Kent Conrad
Matthew Alan Mechtel  1  Earl Pomeroy
Mike DeWine  S  Sherrod Brown
Steve Chabot  1  John Cranley
Jean Schmidt  2  Victoria Wells Wulsin
Michael R. Turner  3  Richard Chema
James D. Jordan  4  Richard E. Siferd
Paul E. Gillmor  5  Robin Weirauch
Chuck Blasdel  6  Charlie Wilson
Dave Hobson  7  William R. Conner
John Boehner  8  Morton W. "Mort" Meier
Bradley S. Leavitt  9  Marcy Kaptur
Michael D. Dovilla  10  Dennis J. Kucinich
Lindsey String  11  Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Patrick J. Tiberi  12  Bob Shamansky
Craig Foltin  13  Betty Sue Sutton
Steven C. LaTourette  14  Werner J. Lange
Lewis Katz
Deborah Pryce  15  Mary Jo Kilroy
Ralph Regula  16  Thomas Shaw
Don Manning  17  Tim Ryan
Joy Padgett  18  Zachary T. Space
Ken Blackwell  G  Bill Peirce
Bob Fitrakis
Ted Strickland
John Sullivan  1  Bill Wortman
Alan Gentges
Patrick K. Miller  2  Dan Boren
Frank D. Lucas  3  Sue Barton
Tom Cole  4  Hal Spake
Mary Fallin  5  Matthew Horton Woodson
Paul David Hunter
Ernest Istook  G  Brad Henry
Derrick Kitts  1  Drake Davis
Dean O. Wolf
David Wu
Greg Walden  2  Jack Alan Brown, Jr.
Carol J. Voisin
Bruce Broussard  3  David M. Brownlow
Earl Blumenauer
James Lee Feldkamp  4  Peter DeFazio
Mike Erickson  5  Douglas Patterson
Paul Aranas
Darlene Hooley
Ron Saxton  G  Richard Morley
Joe Keating
Mary Starrett
Ted Kulongoski
Rick Santorum  S  Carl J. Romanelli
Bob Casey
Write In  1  Robert A. Brady
Michael Gessner  2  David G. "Dave" Baker
Chaka Fattah
Phil English  3  Tim Hagberg
Steve Porter
Melissa Hart  4  Jason Altmire
John E. Peterson  5  Donald L. Hilliard
Jim Gerlach  6  Lois Murphy
Curt Weldon  7  Joe Sestak, Jr
Michael G. Fitzpatrick  8  Patrick J. Murphy
Bill Shuster  9  Tony Barr
Don Sherwood  10  Chris Carney
Joseph F. Leonardi  11  Paul E. Kanjorski
Diana Lynn Irey  12  John P. Murtha
Raj Peter Bhakta  13  Allyson Schwartz
Write In  14  Titus North
Mike Doyle
Charles Wieder Dent  15  Greta Browne
Charles Dertinger
Joe Pitts  16  John Andrew Murphy
Lois K. Herr
Matthew Arlington Wertz  17  Tim Holden
Tim Murphy  18  Chad Kluko
Todd Platts  19  Derf Maitland
Philip J. Avillo, Jr.
Lynn Swann  G  Ed Rendell
Rhode Island
Lincoln D. Chafee  S  Sheldon Whitehouse
Jonathan P. Scott  1  Kenneth A. Capalbo
Patrick J. Kennedy
Write In  2  Rodney D. Driver
Jim Langevin
Don Carcieri  G  Charlie Fogarty
South Carolina
Henry Brown  1  James E. Dunn
Randal G. Maatta
Joe Wilson  2  Michael Ray Ellisor
Gresham Barrett  3  Lee Ballenger
Bob Inglis  4  John Cobin
Faye Walters
William I. Griffith
Ralph Norman  5  John M. Spratt, Jr.
Gary McLeod  6  Antonio Williams
James E. Clyburn
Mark Sanford  G  Tommy Moore
South Dakota
Bruce W. Whalen  1  Larry Rudebusch
Stephanie Herseth
Mike Rounds  G  Tom Gerber
Steve Willis
Jack Billion
Bob Corker  S  Chris Lugo
David Gatchell
Ed Choate
Emory "Bo" Heyward
Gary Keplinger
Harold E. Ford, Jr.
Dave Davis  1  James W. Reeves
Mahmood "Michael" Sabri
Michael Peavler
Robert N. Smith
Rick Trent
John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr.  2  John Greene
Zach Wamp  3  Brent Howard Benedict
Ken Martin  4  Lincoln Davis
Thomas F. Kovach  5  Scott Knapp
Virginia Welsch
Jim Cooper
David R. Davis  6  Norman R. Saliba
Robert L. Garrison
Bart Gordon
Marsha Blackburn  7  Gay L. G. Pratt
James B. "Mickey" White
John L. Rimer
Kathleen A. Culver
William J. Smith
Bill Morrison
John Farmer  8  John Tanner
Mark White  9  Jake Ford
Steve Cohen
Jim Bryson  G  Carl "Twofeathers" Whitaker
Charles E. Smith
David Gatchell
George Banks
Howard M. Switzer
Marivuana Stout Leinoff
Phil Bredesen
Kay Bailey Hutchison  S  Scott Lanier Jameson
Barbara Ann Radnofsky
Louie Gohmert, Jr.  1  Donald Perkison
Roger L. Owen
Ted Poe  2  Juston J. Perez
Gary E. Binderim
Sam Johnson  3  Christopher J. Claytor
Dan Dodd
Ralph M. Hall  4  Kurt G. Helm
Glenn Melancon
Jeb Hensarling  5  Mike Nelson
Charlie Thompson
Joe L. Barton  6  Carl Nulsen
David T. Harris
John Culberson  7  Drew Parks
Jim Henley
Kevin Brady  8  James "Jim" Wright
Write In  9  Al Green
Michael T. McCaul  10  Michael Badnarik
Ted Ankrum
Mike Conaway  11   
Kay Granger  12  Gardner Osborne
John R. Morris
Mac Thornberry  13  Jim Thompson
Roger J. Waun
Ron Paul  14  Shane Sklar
Paul B. Haring
Eddie Zamora
  15  Rubén Hinojosa
Write In  16  Gordon R. Strickland
Silvestre Reyes
Van Taylor  17  Guillermo Acosta
Chet Edwards
Ahmad Hassan  18  Patrick Warren
Sheila Jackson Lee
Randy Neugebauer  19  Fred C. Jones
Robert Ricketts
Write In  20  Michael Idrogo
Charles A. Gonzalez
Lamar Smith  21  James Arthur Strohm
James Lyle Peterson
Mark J. Rossano
Tommy Calvert
Gene Kelly
John Courage
Shelley Sekula Gibbs
Don Richardson
Steve Stockman
Giannibicego Hoa Tran
Joseph Vincent "Joe" Reasbeck IV
  22  M. Bob Smither
Nicholas V. "Nick" Lampson
Henry Bonilla  23  Craig T. Stephens
Adrian DeLeon
Albert Uresti
August G. "Augie" Beltran
Ciro D. Rodriguez
Lukin Gilliland
Rick Bolaños
Kenny E Marchant  24  Mark Frohman
Gary R. Page
Grant Rostig  25  Barbara Cunningham
Brian Parrett
Lloyd Doggett
Michael Burgess  26  Rich Haas
Tim Barnwell
William "Willie" Vaden  27  Robert Powell
Solomon P. Ortiz
Write In  28  Ron Avery
Henry Cuellar
Frank Enriquez
Leslie Eric Story  29  Clifford Lee Messina
Gene Green
Wilson Aurbach  30  Ken Ashby
Eddie Bernice Johnson
John Carter  31  Matt McAdoo
Mary Beth Harrell
Pete Sessions  32  John B. Hawley
Will Pryor
Rick Perry  G  James Werner
Carole Keeton Strayhorn
Richard "Kinky" Friedman
Chris Bell
Orrin G. Hatch  S  Dave Starr Seely
Julian Hatch
Roger I. Price
Scott N. Bradley
Peter Lynn Ashdown
Rob Bishop  1  Lynn Badler
Mark Hudson
Steven Olsen
LaVar Christensen  2  Austin Sherwwod Lett
Bob Brister
W. David Perry
Jim Matheson
Chris Cannon  3  Philip Lear Hallman
Jim Noorlander
Christian Burridge
Richard E. Tarrant  S  Bernie Sanders
Craig Hill
Cris Ericson
Pete Diamondstone
Peter D. Moss
Martha T. Rainville  1  Bruce R. Marshall
Chris Karr
Dennis Morrisseau
Jane Newton
Jerry Trudell
Keith Stern
Peter Welch
Jim Douglas  G  Ben Clarke
Bob Skold
Cris Ericson
Jim Hogue
Scudder Parker
George Allen  S  Glenda Gail Parker
James Webb
Jo Ann Davis  1  Marvin Pixton III
Shawn Michael O'Donnell
Thelma Drake  2  Phil Kellam
Write In  3  Robert C. Scott
J. Randy Forbes  4  Albert Burckard
Virgil H. Goode Jr.  5  Joseph "Joe" P. Oddo
Al Weed
Bob Goodlatte  6  André D. Peery
Barbara Jean Pryor
Eric Cantor  7  W. Brad Blanton
Jim Nachman
Thomas O'Donoghue  8  James T. Hurysz
Jim Moran
Charles W. Carrico  9  Rick Boucher
Frank R. Wolf  10  Bill Wood
Neeraj C. Nigam
Judith Feder
Tom Davis  11  Ferdinando C. Greco
Andrew Hurst
Mike McGavick  S  Bruce Guthrie
Aaron Dixon
Robin Adair
Maria Cantwell
Larry W. Ishmael  1  Jay Inslee
Douglas Robert Roulstone  2  Rick Larsen
Michael Henry Messmore  3  Brian Baird
Doc Hastings  4  Richard Wright
Cathy McMorris  5  Peter J Goldmark
Doug Cloud  6  Norm Dicks
Steve Beren  7  Linnea S. Noreen
Jim McDermott
Dave Reichert  8  Darcy Burner
Steven C. Cofchin  9  Adam Smith
West Virginia
John R. Raese  S  Jesse Johnson
Robert C. Byrd
Chris Wakim  1  Alan B. Mollohan
Shelley Moore Capito  2  Mike O. Callaghan
Kim Wolfe  3  Nick Rahall
Robert Gerald Lorge  S  Ben J. Glatzel
Rae Sharlene Vogeler
Herb Kohl
Paul Ryan  1  Jeffrey C Thomas
David Magnum  2  Tammy Baldwin
Paul R. Nelson  3  Ron Kind
Perfecto Rivera  4  Gwen Moore
F. James Sensenbrenner Jr.  5  Bob Levis
Robert R. Raymond
Bryan L. Kennedy
Tom Petri  6   
Nick Reid  7  Mike Miles
David R. Obey
John Gard  8  Steven Leslie Kagen
Mark Green  G  Nelson Eisman
Jim Doyle
Craig Thomas  S  Dale Groutage
Barbara Cubin  1  Thomas R. Rankin
Gary Trauner
Ray Hunkins  G  Dave Freudenthal

more sources: TheGreenPapers.com, opensecrets.org, USElections.com
National Republican Senatorial Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
Republican Governors Association
Republican National Committee

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