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'If I had sons...


"They'd look like racist cold-blooded murderers who commit racist hate crimes against any innocent white yes they can sneak up on and cowardly and horrifically ambush," Baracrook Øbama admitted.

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How's that 'Arab Spring' working out for you, Oblunder?


Are all the deaths you helped cause there just more "bumps in the road"?


f course, what more could anyone expect from someone who'd appoint a miserable failure like Hanoi John F'in' al-Qerry as his secretary of state?

Egypt's in complete turmoil and where are you? Oh, that's right.

Must not be easy swinging those golf clubs with all the spilt Egyptian blood on your dangerously incompetent hands.

But like your last, equally miserable failure of a secretary of state Hideously Rotten al-Qlinton, you'll probably ask us, "What difference at this point does it make!?" Unlike the families of the Egyptians you helped get killed, it clearly makes no difference to you.

No rodeo clown wearing a mask of you could ever be more offensive to us than our having a bloody war criminal in the White House.

In case you ever accidentally stumble upon some shred of personal honor — don't worry, we won't be holding our breaths — here's the address where yes you can return that most undeserved Nobel "Peace" Prize:

Henrik Ibsens gate 51
NO-0255 Oslo

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2017: New Republican President Suspends Portions of 'Affordable Care' Act


Thanks to Baracrook ØTyrant, there's precedent now for this.


'm doing it for the people," the new Republican president said today in his inaugural address. "Suspending the enforcement of certain provisions of this totally partisan law will help save jobs and lower health insurance premiums for all Americans. My predecessor suspended its provisions many times for the very same reasons, and practically no one in his party or the media said a word. So, yes, I can do it too," the president said.

Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who used a parliamentary trick as well as special legislative favors to get the bill passed seven years ago with only Democrats voting in favor of it, stated from his federal prison cell that the new president has no authority to suspend enforcement of any provision of the law. "This is an act of Congress. The new president can't pick and choose which portions of it he wants to enforce or not enforce," he said in the statement released after the president's speech. Mr Reid is serving a 35-year sentence following several corruption and bribery convictions.

Asked if he ever felt the same way when the last president was repeatedly suspending the law's provisions, Mr. Reid claimed the question was racist. "The only reason anyone is bringing up President Obama's past suspensions of those (Obamacare provisions) to justify the new president's suspension of them is because Mr. Obama is a light-skinned African-American who doesn't speak with a Negro dialect unless he wants to have one," he said from a prison phone.

The new Republican administration has suspended major portions of the so-called Affordable Care Act "for at least four years."

During an impromptu news conference, White House press secretary Gander Goosegood IV spoke to reporters about the law's suspension. "The president plans on doing a lot of things you and your colleagues always allowed his predecessor to get away with," he said. According to Mr. Goosegood, those things include not ever releasing his full medical, college, or passport records, not ever enforcing any parts of a law he doesn't want to enforce, not ever being held accountable for negligently leaving diplomats behind to die at the hands of terrorists, not ever reducing spending on his vacations and other perks during any government shutdown or budget sequester, not ever cutting back on the amount of spying the government does on practically all Americans, not ever telling the attorney general to quit naming "unfriendly" reporters as co-conspirators in any leak investigations, not ever disallowing the seizure of reporters' telephone logs, and not ever stopping the IRS from holding up or denying the non-profit applications of his "political enemies."

"None of you so-called investigative journalists seemed too concerned about such things during the last administration," Mr. Goosegood told reporters.

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Obamonty-Python 'Defense' Strategy


When you hear scary chatter... run away!


l-Qaeda isn't dead, and Øbama bin Biden are on the run. (Taking dronish potshots at easily replaceable leaders of a purposefully decentralized "organization" of tactically autonomous true believers doesn't count.)

This cowardly regime's war "effort" isn't worth the bumper sticker it's printed on.

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Your Suicide Party


ussia gets it. Opposite-sex couples produce incomparably more children than same-sex ones. When your replacement rates are extremely low or negative, like in most of Europe, doing anything that promotes the latter is simply demographic suicide; and when anyøne tries to get you to do that very dangerous thing, you very reasonably perceive him as someone who clearly wants you dead — that is, your mortal enemy.

Same with selfishly choosing to abort your unborn babies (or even your born ones, which State Senator Øbort'em supported). It may "liberate" you from all attendant familial responsibilities (or "punishment," as Øbort'em put it); but the only thing it breeds is smaller and smaller sized families, if any families at all. It's nothing less than lineal suicide.

Same also with taking away urban minorities' guns. It lets the murderous thugs, who're always cowardly looking to prey on anyone they feel is weaker, declare open season on every law-abiding person in sight. As is happening in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago, it amounts to municipal suicide.

Just compare the nonimmigrant replacement rates of states that promote same-sex coupling, selfishly-chosen abortions, and urban-minority disarmament — that is, Suicidemocrat-run ones — with those of states that choose not to. Yes, you can see that conserving the moral and attitudinal underpinnings of healthy population growth is what keeps your society from dying by its members' own hands.

For ours to survive, many more of us must be bigoted against anything that helps drive us to societal suicide.

Yes, we can all clearly see now that a so-called liberal lifestyle, as malignantly promoted by Suicidemocrats, has been grossly misnamed. It's actually a deathstyle.

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If yes Obama can unconstitutionally fund any program he pleases...


Yes Congress can constitutionally defund any program it pleases.


he Presentdunce set many precedents with his unilateral funding of unlawful government "research," unlawful foreign pro-abortion propaganda, unlawful domestic publicity and propaganda, unlawful fast and furious arming of murderous Mexican drug gangs, unlawful partisan political activity, unlawful grants to ACØRN, unlawful aid for islamic terrorist organizations, unlawful schemes intended to obstruct justice, unlawful surveillance of untold millions of law-abiding American citizens, unlawful due-process-free zones, and unlawful dissemination of intelligence data. Just to name a few.

So the Fascist-in-Chief doesn't have a goose-stepping leg to stand on when he and his mindless fanatics in the Øbamaworshipping Media® bleat about Congress unilaterally defunding his Øfascist"Care" massive Train Wreck™. What one Congress funds, yes another can defund — regardless how "entitled" that funding is. More to the point, the 113th Congress has no obligation to fund any unfunded provision of the Demøbamaniac Party's exclusively-partisan, 2,800-page Train Wreck.

Not that any of this would stop the lawless Øfascist regime from unilaterally funding whatever unlawful thing Der Fübar Baracrook ØTyrant pleases. Constitution? He don't need no stinkin' Constitution!

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If President Bush Had Done This...


The DemØbamaniac Media would be yelling "corruption!" and "backroom deals!" until your ears bleed.

"Dirty Man" Øbuckpasser

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If Obama Had Sons, They'd Look Like These Racist Hate Criminals...


Wonder if Eric MyPeople® Holder is investigating such a stupefyingly clear violation of this totally innocent person's civil rights? (Of course that was a rhetorical question.)

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