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Obamao miserably fails to keep out lobbyists


"[N]o political appointees in an Obama[ bin ]Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years." – B. Husstalin Øbaliar's "Ethics" Plan Lie


oliti"Fact".com is calling Present Øbamao's broken promise a "compromise."

Førmer Senatør Øbamarx nominates Lobbyist William Corr and Lobbyist William J. Lynn III for high-level positions in his failed administration. Then he says they don't have to follow the rules banning lobbyists from serving because they're special. As in special interests' Big Lobbyists "whom We'll give a pass regardless what We Ourself promised."

So, Present Øbaron von Münchhausen's lies are "compromises" now. Well, isn't that special?

Too bad Politi"Fact""™" couldn't get away with calling the lying liar's Five-Day Waiting Period Waiver Lie™ one also. Then it wouldn't have had to point to his waiting only two days to sign the so-called Fair Pay Act that Peloseri & Associates Accomplices rushed through al-Qongress, as proof positive of Førmer Senatør Ødumbø breaking still another promise from his "Ethics" Plan Lie:

No. 234: Allow five days of public comment before signing bills

To reduce bills rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them, Obama[o] "will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days."

Well, maybe allowing fat cat trial lawyers to get rich quicker is part of his economic stimulus package spendulus porkage. A "[Demoqrat] National [Committee] Emergency®" that, if not immediately addressed, would've meant a sharp downturn in campaign donations flooding into the Democrook Party's Politburo's coffers from $p€¢ial int€r€$t Big Trial Lawyer £obb¥i$t$.

Wonder whether the Rangel Rule Act, if it's ever rushed through Qongress (after a lipsticked Nutty Pelooni's "ethical standards" fly anywhere besides out the nearest window, and a racist Harrope-n-tree Reid's racism is frozen some time other than in the Dem KKKrow Era™), would ever get the same Ø'prømise-breaker Waiver™? Or would that be too much "Change® we can believe in"?

What's next? Slipping into the Spendulus Porkage™ a special interest grant for Columbia University to open a Timothy F. Geithner School of Tax Cheating?

Think of all the teaching jobs that would create for Present Øbamarx's high-level political appointees lobbyists after they go through the revolving doors of his miserably failed maladministration.

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Obama bin Biden - Miserable Failure


Still haven't caught Osama bin Laden.


o count the total number of days Øbama bin Biden have miserably failed in their so-called efforts to capture bin Laden, the Utopia has added to the sidebar their very own Miserable Failure banner advertising their extremely dangerous incompetence which they continue to demonstrate by their obvious, utter lack of ability to even try to keep their promise to find and capture this mass-murdering terrorist leader and bring him to justice.

Every additional day Øbama bin Biden negligently let Osama bin Laden remain at-large, free to plan and carry out attacks on us and kill many, many thousands of our fellow citizens on our own soil, they and their dangerously incompetent, failed administration are putting all our lives and the lives of our families ever more and more in grave jeopardy.

Day after day after day Øbama bin Biden are allowing this danger to not only persist but grow. They are cruelly forcing every American to struggle on their own with the crushing pressure of trying to live and work increasingly in harms way.

Øbama bin Biden's miserable failures are making our country less safe, not more.

They are dangerous and will cause every one of us to suffer widespread misery and tremendous harm.

To add the 200 x 320 Miserable Failure Banner to your site, just copy the following lines of code and paste them where you want the banner to appear in your layout, template, or page:
<script type="text/javascript">
var luLinkback = true;
// change the above to false to exclude the link to
// Liberal Utopia's "Obama bin Biden - Miserable Failure" post
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://webpages.charter.net/madeinamerica/liberalutopia/obamabinbidenfailure.js">

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U.S. Department of Fairness


...and its 24-hour toll-free hotline to report any unfairness: 1-800-2-UNFAIR.


sked your boss for a raise but he said no? Best friend stole your boyfriend? Didn't get the surprise you were looking for from that Cracker Jack® box?

Then you've just become a victim of unfairness.

Every year, over 305 million Americans are victimized by some form of unfairness. At work, at school, and even in the home.

Don't become another statistic.

If you feel that you or someone you know is the victim of unfairness, report it to the U.S. Department of Fairness. You don't even have to give your name if you feel that giving it wouldn't be fair.

Not only is unfairness... well, unfair, it's now against the law.

Know your rights.

Call the U.S. Department of Fairness or visit fair.gov and request your free copy of the informative booklet, "What to Do When Life Hands You Lemons and You Need the Government to Make You Lemonade."

So the next time someone asks you "who says life is fair?" tell them "the laws do now, and they're saying that it better be!"

This message brought to you by Fairness Awareness By Increments Action Network, the U.S. Commission on Balance, and the Ad Council.

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Illinois Democrats to Lynch Martin Luther King, Jr.


And Gandhi while they're at it.


ynching black people is the traditional practice of Demoqrats. So it should surpise no one that they're bringing it back.

Nor the fact Demoqrats want to hang from a convenient tree limb the most famous civil rights leader since Frederick Douglass. No doubt were the latter still around they'd want to string him up too.

The only — if you'll pardon the expression — twist here is that they hate Hindus and Indians as much as they do black people. (Oh, and they hate African-Africans too.)

Why else would they want to have Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela dangling right left up there with Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Isn't it enough that Demoracists want to raise taxes? Do they have to literally raise minorities to that deadly type of chokehold also?

What's next? Jim Crow II? Reestablishing the Ku Klux Klan "as the 'terrorist arm of the Democratic Party'"?

Racist Demobigots.

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No, Communist China Can't Loan Us the Money that Fast


The alternative is to print so much money that a loaf of bread will cost $1,903,652.34.


reaking promises that, yes, we can never keep." Except I would add to that official motto of the Biden administration: "(And making promises that, yes, we can always keep fooling enough dumb people with to get us elected.)"

If you took every penny from every American who earns* over $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $125,000, leaving them no income whatsoever, you'd raise steal a grand total of only $1.750 trillion.**

But being the "generous" liberal that you are, you're going to steal only half of their incomes. So your take is now only $875 billion.

The problem is that you've promised all the dumb people you're going to spread a whole lot more wealth around than a mere $875 billion.

What's a liberal promise-breaker (but I repeat myself) to do?

You don't have the money now.

China is losing interest in loaning us any more money. The repressive communist dictatorshipbirm is even considering suspending all future loans.

Now you're an even more panicky liberalbirm.

Do you do what your messiah Teh On(c)e has done and make another promise that, no, he can't ever hope to keep? "Uh..., er, well, we'll, uh, spend the, uh, money... faster. Yeah, that's it. Uh, that's, er... the ticket."

Of course that won't work because there's no such money now to spend.

Do you slit your wrist and put yourself out of our misery — the kind you want to totally "spread around"?

It's a viable option.

The only thing you're left with (pun intended) is printing lots and lots and lots of money. Even come out with a three-dollar bill and put your Teh On(c)e™'s mugshot on it.

Then we'll all have million-dollar bread and circuses filled up with brain-dead freaks like yourself that ain't worth a dime chump change.

* "Earn" means "I worked hard for it because I knew at the time I would get to keep it." The word doesn't mean, liberals, "I don't deserve it because I'm not paying my 'fair share.'"

** U.S. Labor Statistics Bureau and U.S. Census Bureau 2005 data extrapolation. Men: $300B (~$125-150K) + $300B ($150-200K) + $150B ($200-250K) + $600B ($250K+) = $1,350B (~$125+). Women: $150B (~$125-150K) + $100B ($150-200K) + $50B ($200-250K) + $100B ($250K+) = $400B (~$125+). Men + Women = $1,750B (~$125+).

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Criminal Aider and Abettor, Tax Cheater, and De Facto Foreign Lobbyist


Zer Øbama's Three Crooketeers: "All for Teh One™, and Teh One™ for all!"


ormer Senator Øbama's picks to -run- ruin "our" departments of justice, treasury, and state have backgrounds that read like rap sheets compiled by INTERPOL. Given his own shady background, what else could anyone expect?

Zer Øbama's Crooketeer #1, Eric Holder:

Before being elevated to Janet Reno's right hand [in BiIsIs al-Qlinton's "justice" department], he ran the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia.... But in all the years that he ran the D.C. office, that office never initiated a single public corruption case against a D.C. official. Sworn to enforce federal anti-corruption laws in a city with one of the most notoriously corrupt governments in the county, Holder displayed his political acumen by letting D.C. corruption run rampant.

As deputy attorney general, Holder played a key role in President Clinton's pardon of the fugitive terrorist financier Marc Rich. Rich fled to Switzerland in 1983 to avoid prosecution for tax evasion and for arranging oil deals for the terrorist dictatorship in Iran while it was holding Americans hostage. According to the book Metal Men by Craig Copetas, Rich gave the Iranian terrorists small arms, automatic rifles and hand-held rockets in exchange for the oil....

[A U.S. House oversight] committee observed, "Holder has failed to offer any credible justification for his support of the Rich pardon." Accordingly, "his desire to be appointed [al-Gore's] attorney general provides a much clearer and more believable motivation than any offered by Holder to date." (The report is available [here])....

Liberal (and very anti-gun) Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen called Holder's story about the pardon "disingenuous" and wrote that the Rich pardon alone shows that Holder is unfit for "a post that ought to be reserved for a lawyer who appreciated that while he reports to the president, he serves the people." (Dec. 2, 2008)....

[He also lied to the American people in] one notorious case in which his purported concern "for the children" led to some very aggressive use of firearms. Holder was deeply involved in the gunpoint, nighttime kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez in 2000. Elian and his mother fled Fidel Castro's tyranny in Cuba and the mother died at sea during the escape. Elian was welcomed and sheltered by his relatives in Florida, but Castro wanted him back; Reno and Holder were happy to oblige.

Holder had publicly promised that there would be no nighttime home invasion. After the nighttime home invasion occurred, he claimed that he had kept his promise because the attack had actually taken place an hour before dawn....

Although a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo showed a federal agent dressed like a soldier pointing a machine gun at the man who was holding the terrified child, Holder actually claimed that Gonzalez "was not taken at the point of a gun" and that the federal agents whom Holder had sent to capture Gonzalez had acted "very sensitively."

If Holder believes that breaking down a door with a battering ram, pointing submachine guns at children (not just Elian), and yelling, "Get down, get down, we'll shoot!" is an example of acting "very sensitively," his judgment about the responsible use of firearms is grossly insufficient for a cabinet officer who would be in charge of thousands and thousands of armed federal [BATFE] agents, many of them paramilitary agents with machine guns.

Holder's lack of integrity about the Rich pardon and the Gonzalez abduction would make him a poor choice for any law enforcement position. He is especially unsuited for attorney general — a position that, more than any other in the Cabinet, requires the rectitude to stand up to political pressure from the White House to bend the rule of law.

Dave Kopel, "The Holder Distortion," America's 1st Freedom, February 2008, pp. 35-36.

Since when have crooks like Eric Holder ever cared about "the rule of law"?

Zer Øbama's Crooketeer #2, Timothy Geithner:

The man Barack Obama selected to head Treasury failed to pay about $34,000 in taxes. Timothy Geithner was selected to run the Treasury and he is unable to do what he will expect the rest of us to do. I guess he got his training from Charlie Rangel....

Geithner was informed by the IRS that he owed money in 2006 which was two years ago. Additionally, he failed to pay his taxes on more than one occasion. The truth is that he went for years owing taxes to the government....

Geithner also employed an illegal, or as the spokesman calls her, a person without documents.

Geithner also didn't realize a housekeeper he paid in 2004 and 2005 did not have current employment documentation as an immigrant for the final three months she worked for him, the transition official said.

Big Dog, "Treasury Selection Fails To Pay Taxes," Big Dog's Weblog, January 14, 2009.

Since when have tax-cheating crooks like Timothy Geithner who illegally employ illegal aliens ever cared about "the truth"?

Zer Øbama's Crooketeer #3, Hideously Rotten al-Qlinton:

[Hildabeast's husband and criminal partner] Bill Clinton has recently and rather disingenuously offered to submit his own foundation to scrutiny (see the work of my Vanity Fair colleague Todd Purdum on the delightful friends and associates that Clinton has acquired since he left office), but the real problem is otherwise. Both President and Sen. Clinton, while in office, made it obvious to foreign powers that they and their relatives were wide open to suggestions from lobbyists and middlemen....

[Terrorist financier Marc] Rich's ex-wife, Denise Rich, gave large sums to Hillary Clinton's re-election campaign and to Bill Clinton's library, and Marc Rich got a pardon. Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, convicted of bank fraud, hired Hillary Clinton's brother Tony and paid him $250,000, and they got a pardon. Carlos Vignali Jr. and Almon Glenn Braswell paid $400,000 to Hillary Clinton's other brother, Hugh, and, hey, they, respectively, got a presidential commutation and a presidential pardon, too....

In matters of foreign policy, it has been proved time and again, the Clintons are devoted to no interest other than their own. A president absolutely has to know of his chief foreign-policy executive that he or she has no other agenda than the one he has set.

Christopher Hitchens, "Serving the Clintonian Interest: The last thing we need is a Clinton in charge of foreign policy," Slate, November 24, 2008.

And if that's not crooked enough, the Saudi monarch's donation of $10 million to the Qlinton Library and Foundation, and the Emir of Dubai's connection to the fund that pays BiIsIs and "her" $10 million per year, will bolster even more the fact that "our" state department is now just another foreign-lobbyists firm. (Thanks to Juan MqQain stabbing all Americans in the back yet again.) But since when have foreign-bribed crooks like Hideously Rotten al-Qlinton ever cared about numerous and deep "conflicts of interest"?

It's significant that Zer Øbama's Three Crooketeers' misdeeds are rooted in foreign persons or entities. The same sort of people and things they'd be beholden to after members of "our" Senate, being so soft-headed and bereft of ethics as to sharpen and steady that first knife of Juan MqQain's now sticking out of our backs, confirm them.

Nothing's changed.

It's the same old crooked Washington that, yes, we can and must expect anytime it's run by Democrooks.

All hopelessly criminal.

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'Our' Government Spending Itself Into Bankruptcy


Yeah, that's a "Change™."


eginning of an error with questions only a few in the media have any guts to ask our misleaders in Acting President Biden's maladministration and al-Qongress:

Where is the money coming from?

Liberal answer: "The Rich®!"

Reality answers: Everybody — including Americans not yet born.

What happens when only "The Rich®" pay all the taxes?

Liberal answer: "They're paying their fair share!"

Reality answers: Misery officially "Spread Around™."

Why are Øbamaoists repeating Franklin Roosevelt's mistake of imposing so much Big Dumb Socialismbirm on the country that it destroys every incentive our economy has to find and implement smart solutions itself for a quick, real, and full recovery?

Liberal answer: "Because FDR did it!"

Reality answers: Idiots never learn.

When are Americans going to wake up and see through this utter fraud?

Liberal answer: "Hope®-a-bye, babies, on the Change® top / When the seas sink the Climate Change® stops.... Zzzzz®"

Reality answers: When it's too late.

Who do our Troops capture more than once on the battlefield?

Liberal answer: "One of those 234,620,897,698,743 civilians Bush killed in Iraq!"

Reality answers: Terrorist detainees released from Guantanamo Recidivism Bay.

How much more crooked, corrupt, and incompetent does Former Senator Øbama and his advisors masters have to show they are before the Øbamainstream Media™ start reporting that fact?

Liberal answer: "It's all Bush's fault!"

Reality answers: That's the only quantity known to be larger than infinity.

Is God answering Jeremiah "I'm Øbamarx's Pastor" Wright's prayer?

Liberal answer: "What's this 'god' of which you speak?"

Reality answers: Sure looks that way.

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One Big Happy Family Again


Chicago Crime Family, that is: (top) criminal-in-chief B. Husstalin Obamao, impeached/arrested governor and Obamao partner in crime Rob "Pay2Play" Blagojevich, "honor"ary crime-family member Hoody Reid; (bottom) senior criminal Dickweed Durbin, paid-to-player Roland Burri$$$, Obamao's brother-out-law Craig "The Loop" Robinson; (not pictured) Obamao racketeers Tony Rezko and Jim Reynolds.


nly three weeks ago, Senate Demoqrat Misleader Hoody Reid swore up and down that "anyone appointed by Gov. Blagojevich cannot be an effective representative of the people of Illinois and, as we have said, will not be seated by the Democratic Caucus."

Now the Democrook al-Qaucus condones the corrupt, impeached, and recently arrested governor's illegal selling of a United States Senate seat.

Not like the breaking of our laws ever matters to Corruptorats any time it's one of themselves doing the breaking. If a law gets in their way, threatening the least bit their hold on power, that law doesn't apply... to them.

Very convenient.

If you're a sleazy law-breaking member of ObaMao's Crime Family, that is.

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Did President Bush nominate Der Hildabeast?


How can you have a "confirmation hearing" with someone who hasn't been officially nominated yet?


h, that's right. Outmoded things like laws and constitutions don't matter to Demoracist racists.

Nothing to see here.

Move along Go back to sleep.

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Sen. Durbin: 'No Black Senators Allowed'


"Had the governor appointed a white man like me, I wouldn't be standing in this public institution's door like (Demoracist) George Wallace keeping the black man out."


here is no requirement that Illinois' secretary of state countersign the governor's appointment of African-American Senator Roland Burris (D-Durbin's Noose).

There is, however, the Constitution's requirement that the governor's appointment must be allowed before the people of Illinois can fill their vacant U.S. Senate seat by special election.

When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.

Demoracist Senate leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin holding up Illinois junior Senator Roland Burris' lawful appointment. "Maybe we can claim he whistled at white senatress Barbara Boxer," Reid pondered.

But according to Senator Dick "Whites-only Drinking Fountain" Durbin (D-Illinoose) and Senate Majority Lyncher Harry "Hoods'R'Good" Reid (D-Noosevada), a "recommended form" appended to a vague Senate "rule" trumps our Constitution.

That is, it does only when it involves the appointment of an African-American senator.

As Examiner.com's Dan Spencer reports,

Durbin also said the "Senate cannot waive a 125-year-old rule requiring the signatures of both the governor and the secretary of state on any election or appointment."

Unbelievably, Durbin made his comments after the Illinois Supreme Court ruled against the Senate Democrats. In its decision, the court found that Senate Rule II, the rule that Reid and Durbin cited as justification for the Democrat's refusal to seat Senator Burris, is merely a recommendation, not a requirement the "Senate cannot waive"....

In any event, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White signed a separate statement on Friday certifying that Burris' appointment letter was legally filed with the state. The Illinois Supreme Court decision and Secretary of State certification aren't good enough for Reid and company.

That is, Racist and kkkompany.

Not just racist and unconstitutional, what these two racists are doing is denying the people of Illinois — 15 percent of whom are black — their right to vote in an election to permanently choose one of their own representatives in Congress.

But what's the right to choose to The Party of Racists's racist leaders when it comes to keeping an African-American out of their literally Exclusive All-White Club®?

One has to wonder why Durbin and his Democra[cis]tic colleagues care so much about this one Senate seat. We've seen numerous corrupt politicians come and go and the democracy has survived. So why do they want so badly to stop this one appointment of an otherwise apparently clean politician with just the vaguest whiff of corruption trailing him? Is it race — as some have suggested?

When Senator Burris tries to see Demoracist Massa-ity Leader Reid, will the Illinois senator have to come in through the Capitol's new "Colored Entrance" in the back?

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Democrats Lynch Lone African-American Senator


Harry Reid doesn't care about black people!


acism and the Racist Racists Who Show It: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Left.

Liberals would want to cover up this one in book stores so much they'd put even Ann Coulter's Guilty in front of it.

What they can't hide is the fact their racist party is again standing in front of yet another public institution's door to prevent the admittance of a lawfully qualified African-American.

Until Democrats allow him to take the oath of office and his seat on the Senate floor, Governor Rod Blagojevich's (D-Ill. St. Pen.) constitutionally appointed successor to Former Senator B. Hatassein Øbama (D-Mombasa) continues to have his head in the not so proverbial noose.

So long as their hands still rest on the trap door's lever, the chances that Demoracists are ultimately going to pull it, making Senator Roland Burris (D-Lynching Victim) do more than just twist in the wind, remain more than good.

Swing high, sweet Roland Burris
Comin' for to send you back home
(In a [figurative?] pine box)
Swing high, sweet Roland Burris
Comin' for to send you back home

Senate Majority Lyncher Harry Reid (D-"Not In My Neighborhood") should take off that black hood and go back to wearing his normal white one.

This Strung Up Hoisted By Their Own Petard Moment™ brought to you by MassaCard®.

Price tag on Illinois' vacant U.S. Senate seat: $1,000,000.00. Cost of "no contact" phone calls about that seat between Former Senator Øbama (D-Kenya) and Governor Blagojevich (D-Pay to Play): $105.15. Demoqrats' racism once again on full display: Priceless.

There are some blacks Harry can't lynch. For everyone else, there's MassaCard®.

Demoracist Party
Demoqrat: The Party of Racists
“Run Like a Plantation”™

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First Class Welcome Home from a First Class Business


Showing first class support of and gratitude for one of our Combat Troops.

First class sushi

When Sgt. First Class David Dispenza returned home after a year serving in Iraq's Camp Stryker, he had told his wife, Nancy, he had a taste for one thing: sushi from Wegmans.

Little did he suspect that a story in The News reporting that fact would lead to a knock on the door of the 58-yearold's North Buffalo home the following day.

His wife opened the front door to find the beaming and congratulatory chef of the Amherst Street Wegmans bearing a huge tray of you know what.

"Every kind of sushi you can imagine was on that tray — every kind they carry," a laughing Nancy Dispenza told us. "It was a wonderful welcome home for David."

Written by Stephen T. Watson with contributions from Irene Liguori and Mark Sommer. offmain@buffnews.com


elcome home and well done, Sergeant Dispenza.

And well done, Wegmans, for helping show our first class Troops the thanks of their grateful nation.

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Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya


Because there was no room at the inn.

Globe, "Shocking Charge: Obama Presidency Illegal," Jan. 12, 2008, 30-31.


oing the job America's mainstream media Demoqrat propagandists won't do, Globe has in its January 12 issue a special report on Former Senator-select Øbama's birth in Kenya.

And now, the Internet is abuzz with shocking charges that three different people have gotten their hands on a Kenyan birth certificate for Obama.

The document, supposedly "certified with an embossed seal" and "witness signatures," says America's next commander [communist prevaricator] in chief was born at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961.

Also, Former Senator-select Øbama's fabricated "State of Hawaii" "Certification of Live Birth" that shows no doctor's signature or baby's birth weight is as phony as he is.

Globe quotes the claim that "in Hawaii in 1961 'it was possible — even routine — to register foreign births' and, if that was the case, it would 'disqualify (Former Senator-select Øbama) from serving'" as president.

The magazine quotes as well Alan Keyes's red-flag observation that "not one single person has come forward — not a doctor, not a nurse, not a hospital administrator nor anyone else — to state that he or she was present" at Former Senator-select Øbama's birth in any of Hawaii's hospitals.

But there is at least one person who has come forward to state that she was present at his birth in one of Kenya's hospitals: Former Senator-select Øbama's own grandmother.

Reports have also circulated that Obama's paternal grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, has stated that she "was in the delivery room in Kenya" when America's next chief executive [lying phony] was born.

It's even common knowledge in Former Senator-select Øbama's birth country.

[A]n affidavit from noted African evangelist the Rev. Kweli Shuhubia [claims] it's "common knowledge" in Kenya the Democrat from Illinois was born in Mombasa.

Speculation was further fueled when Kenya's ambassador to the United States Peter Ogego told Detroit radio hosts that Obama's birthplace in Mombasa "is already a well-known attraction." ...

"If you listen to the [ambassador's] call in its entirety, you will find it was very obvious we were all talking about the President-elect [Former Senator-select] and not his father," says [host Mike] Clark.

It's common knowledge, too, that if these same claims were being made about a Republican president-elect, every mainstream mediot Demoqrat propagandist outfit in the nation would preempt everything else in order to bring you live, 24/7 coverage with "expert analyses," "Constitution in Crisis™" updates, undercover "investigations," and "outraged citizen" interviews regarding those claims.

Indeed. Wake up America.


WAS Barack Obama actually born in Kenya and therefore not legally eligible to serve as President?

Here's a chance for you to have your say!

If you're convinced he is NOT a natural born citizen, e-mail GLOBE at NoCitizenObama@globefl.com

GLOBE will compile your votes and publish them in a future issue.

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