Liberal Utopia

What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium façade and take a glimpse of hell.

Four TRILLION and 'counting'


Bye, bye, Mr. & Mrs. America's piece of the pie


rove our hybrid to the gas pump but the gas pump was dry
And same øl' Dems whose spending's really skyhigh
Tell us this will be the day your rights die
This will be the day your rights die....

totalitarian adj. Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed. —totalitarian n. A practitioner or supporter of such a government. —totalitarianism n.
American Heritage Dictionary

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News about the bad economy isn't all bad


Black Thursday — 700 Lawyers & Staffers Laid Off

Unfortunately, many of their brethren fellow snakes are still slithering around Former Senator Øbribable's rubberstamp al-Qongress making "our" laws ... more and more overly complex for their own conflicts of interest "professional" self-interests.

Fri, Feb 13, 2009
Home, Law Firms, Layoffs

'Oh the humanity!'
"Oh the humanity!"
Yesterday, Thursday, February 12th, 2009, six prominent firms fired over 700 attorneys and legal staffers, in what is becoming known as Black Thursday in the legal industry.


he same color now darkening practically every other day of the week, too. No doubt Present Øpromisebreaker's firing of all 93 U.S. Attorneys won't have too long to wait for one similarly shady.

DLA Piper; Holland & Knight; Goodwin Procter; Bryan Cave; Epstein Becker & Green; and Dechert all confirmed layoffs yesterday.

And the good news just keeps on coming...

Faegre & Benson also confirmed it initiated layoffs, and Cozen O'Connor let go of staffers on Tuesday.

and coming...

DLA Piper cut 80 associates and 100 staffers from its US offices, plus 30 attorneys and 110 staff in its UK offices.

and coming...

Holland & Knight fired 70 lawyers and 173 support staffers across the firm's 21 offices.


Goodwin Procter laid off 38 associates and 36 staffers.

(gooey caramel ditto)

Bryan Cave laid off 58 attorneys and 76 staffers.

(crunchy milk-chocolaty ditto)

Epstein Becker & Green laid off 23 attorneys and 30 staff members across the firm.

(minty sweet marshmallowy-nougat ditto)

Dechert also confirmed that on Thursday it let go of associates and counsel. In December, the firm laid off 72 staffers in the US and 15 staffers in the UK. It also laid off 13 attorneys in March 2008.

(creamy center fruit juiciness ditto)

Minneapolis-based Faegre & Benson dropped 29 attorneys.

(nuts-covered double fudge sundae ditto with a cherry on top)

Philadelphia's Cozen O'Connor laid off 61 administrative staff and paralegals.

et al., i.e., Esq., ex parte, in camera, et seq., supra....

The only thing that could make all this non-bad news better is that the same thing is happening throughout America's "news"paper industry the Dictatoratic Party's print-propaganda ministries. (Oh, wait... it is! "Oh, the humanity poetic justice!")

Now, one shouldn't consider "good" the misfortune of any fellow human being.

And I wouldn't if a preponderance of such consideration had even the remotest chance of substantially being apposite in some unfrivolous number of these particular cases.

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'Crisis! Catastrophe!'


"It's the approval rating, stupid."

A Gallup poll (released yesterday) shows Obama's approval rating falling to 59 percent.


nly 52 percent actually voted for him.

So when his mistakes, dangerous incompetence, lying to the American people, broken promises, corruption, tax increases hitting the poor and minorities hardest, explosion of greedy special-interest spending, corporate-buddies welfare, negligence, losing the World War, killing innocent civilians, releasing terrorists, letting Osama bin Laden remain on the loose, doing nothing to stop Iran's nuclear bomb-building, running "our" banks (straight into the ground), destroying the economy, putting all his scrambled Eggs of Power® in one expensively unworkable Windmills, Solar Panels & Unicorns basket, murdering our brave, loyal Troops in his lost misadventures, secretly monitoring our and our doctors' medical activities, politicizing "our" Census Bureau for his own personal gain, slow responses again and again to massive snow storms and other national disasters, changes for the worse none of us need, and the many, many other same, old extremely miserable and hopeless failures of his and his maladministration soon make more and more and more headlines, the totalitarian freak's plunging approval rating will be permanently less than the percentage of people who punched "Øbungler" on their ballots last Election Day.

An increasing number of those same people then will be changing their minds about Former Senator Øfascist and will want to make that punching of theirs much more literal.

"Forget the economy," Present B. Windowdoor Ødumbø is ordering his crooked minions. "The real Crisis™ is my rapidly evaporating approval number!"

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Greatest.Depression.Ever. or Bust


No, I'm not repeating myself.


hat do normal people tell someone who's hurting financially?

a. Cut back your spending until you get back on your feet.

b. Get twenty more credit cards and go on one long, extreme spending orgy.

But the Kenyan-born former senator unconstitutionally occupying our White House and every other fascist totalitarian freak in his DeMSMocrook Party aren't normal people. They've selected — for all of us and our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. — the wild, extended orgy.

Spending money that you know you don't have and aren't likely to ever have in the foreseeable future is never a good idea. Besides the irresponsibleness of doing such a greedily selfish thing, the fact you did so knowingly is what our laws call "fraud." And you would rightly deserve to rot a long time in prison for your flagrant deceit.

That is, only if you're just a normal citizen and not a foreign-born fascist totalitarian freak.

Except, too, the latter's intention isn't only spending money he nor anyone else — not even The Eeeeevil Rich™ — don't and won't have. It's mainly to undermine whole financial systems and create such a catastrophic economic "crisis! crisis! crisis!..." for as many people as possible, making last century's Great Depression a relative economic boon evoking their fondest nostalgia, that none of them will think anything he chooses to do "for" to them could possibly make matters even worse.

His malice is much more malevolent.

Like that of any of the other same old fascist totalitarians we find in history, Present Øbiggummit's goal and intent is aggrandizing himself with his and his corrupt cronies and larcenous accomplices stealing from all normal people exclusive, complete, and unending power over each and every one of them.

Power-usurping freak.

Bjimmy Hearl Øcarter may be able to buy off weak-minded imbeciles with his Spendulus Porkage swindled largesse, and give the ones allegedly serving us convenient excuses to totally not recall our having entrusted them with the public weal, but, no, he can't hope to escape the consequences of the ultimately destructive change his despotic and oppressive defraudment brings to our livelihoods and lives. (Ed Driscoll)

When a big-time communist true believer like Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin tells you you've gone too far with your totalitarianism, you can forget trying to find any plausible yardstick capable of fully measuring just how far you've gone:

Interference of the State, the belief in the omnipotence of the State: that is a reaction to market failures. There is a temptation to expand direct interference of state in economy. In the Soviet Union that became an absolute. We paid a very dear price for that.

But don't just take his word for it. Take it mostly from someone who knows infinitely more about maintaining, for the sake of everyone's freedoms and the safety and happiness of all normal people, necessary and proper limits on anyone's use of governmental powers, than such full-fledged communists as Comrades Putin and Bawlfreak Hugestatist Øfascist:

The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their Constitutions of Government. But the Constitution which at any time exists, 'till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People, is sacredly obligatory upon all. The very idea of the power and the right of the People to establish Government presupposes the duty of every Individual to obey the established Government.

All obstructions to the execution of the Laws, all combinations and Associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, controul counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the Constituted authorities are distructive of this fundamental principle and of fatal tendency. They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party; often a small but artful and enterprizing minority of the Community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the Mirror of the ill concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common councils and modefied by mutual interests. However combinations or Associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People, and to usurp for themselves the reins of Government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

George Washington
Farewell Address

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Eric Holder is a Racist


And a retarded one, at that.


he irony is so thick you could shield a fast breeder nuclear reactor with it.

Two exposed boobs. (Would be three, but one's covered up.)*

He, the top law enforcement officer in the nation — appointed under a national administration allegedly headed by a mulatto man — said, in the middle of the nation's official Black History Month®, to a large gathering of his subordinates (each a national government employee), that

Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot in things racial, we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.

His punchline is that we "simply do not talk enough with each other about race."

Racism behind every tree is what racist race baiters like yourself can't seem to ever stop talking to everyone about, General Hold-the-Braincells.

What Mr. Holder imagines is cowardly is actually good manners. If two friends, one black and one white, are lunching amiably together why would either one of them want to spoil the occasion by launching into a blubbery confession or a scolding lecture on race of the sort that Mr. Holder inflicts on captive audiences at the Justice Department?

Stupidest (and Corruptest). Administration. Ever.

None of the 43 previous ones was more dangerous or destructive to the safety and happiness of our nation, either.

* (And expected mini-Googlelanche starting in 5... 4... 3....)

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I blame the murderer, CNN


This morbid, creepy template of yours has to go.


ear CNN,

You suck.


If you let me count the ways this would be the Longest.Post.Ever. in all of Blogdom.

So I'll give you just the reasons alluded to in its title and preface.

First, when an unstable nutcake has little or no regard for human life — including his own — there is nothing in this world that can ever excuse his homicidal acts.

Not the saucer he found on the wrong shelf. Not the stubbed toe he got getting out of bed that morning. Not the bird poop he saw on the hood of his car.

And certainly not the economy.

He proved to everyone with even half a functioning brain — which leaves out CNN Radio editors — that he's nuts. Is it any wonder, then, no one wanted to hire him?

But your attempts to link in any way his extremely selfish and heartless acts to anything other than his being an extremely selfish, heartless nutcake gives him and every risky piece of dangerously putrid filth like him, in their "minds," one more excuse for murdering innocent people so horrifically in cold blood.

Second, if nutcakes were targeting CNN reporters in their murder-suicide plots solely because they feel it would get them even more the type of immortal attention which your selfish, heartless use of their mental instability for your grossly irresponsible stories political propaganda is now making available to them, would you be reporting that "a man in California who had to wait over six hours for the cable guy to show up and install his HDTV, went out and shot the first CNN news crew he came across, killing all three before turning the gun on himself"?

That's what I thought.

Third, have you ever heard of "copycat killings"?

That's what I thought.

Finally, just this:

You suck.

Disgustedly yours,

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Stimulate This!


Namely, Liberal Utopia.


n order to qualify for some of the pork-barrel bribes, payoffs, and vote-buying "free" rides stimulus money being wasted on distributed to special-interest lobbyist pals and cronies of Democrooks "distressed" extremely unprofitable, grossly mismanaged enterprises that Deserve To Fail™ economic market thingys, we have incorporated Liberal Utopia as a 501(3)(z) ought-to-profit organization and declared it a Full-Fledged Victim™ of this nominal recession Teh Worst Economic Catastrophe Since Teh Democrat Demosocialist President Roosevelt's Great Depression®.

Naturally this will enable us to receive more than a few billions here and there in the form of grants, credits, and other freebies tucked deep within Former Senator Øfascist's 1000-page miserably failing colossus stimulus bill; Provided we show the Democrooked Party operatives compassionate and understanding bureaucrats in America's Deadest. Weight. Evah. the federal government why we are selfish, greedy slobs wanting to sponge off the taxpayers so we don't ever have to, uh, hmm, ... I forget the word — wait, I'll have to look it up... hang on.... oh! here it is: "work" entitled to waste and abuse receive your their money.

This is in addition to the earmarked graft needed spending specifically on the Liberal Utopia Personal Economic Stimulus Program™ which Peloseri, "Pork-Rail" Reid & Accomplices, Inc[rooks]. snuck in in the dead of night is provided under Title III, Subtitle A of the Financial Undermining and Unprecedented Statism Act of 2009 (F.U.USA) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA):

wireless and broadband deployment grant programs

(including transfer of funds to Liberal Utopia for the Liberal Utopia Personal Economic Stimulus Program)

    For necessary and unnecessary expenses related to the Wireless and Broadband Deployment Grant Programs established by section 6002 of division B of this Act, $2,825,000,000, of which $1,000,000,000 shall be for Wireless Deployment Grants and $1,825,000,000 shall be for Broadband Deployment Grants: Provided, That an additional $7,500,000,000 shall be paid directly to Liberal Utopia in the form of subsidized loans that do not require repayment. Provided Further, That the funds be used by Liberal Utopia to study liberals and analyze all their dementias or for whatever. Provided Even Further, That Liberal Utopia will receive free Blow Chunks tickets for life. Provided Even Further Still, That Liberal Utopia shall be treated as a cabinet-level appointment for the purpose of income tax reporting, and therefore no taxes shall be paid on any of the aforementioned benefits. And one more thing: Naggy Peloseri is hereby expelled from Congress, effective immediately upon enactment.

(If you want your own special-interest earmark necessary program added to the monstrously immoral theft of all our children's futures spending package, click here. [Human Events])

Already we see a huge slice of wasteful pork portion of spending that Liberal Utopia is entitled to be stimulated by:



For an additional amount for ``Science'', $1,600,000,000.

We're going to need at least a half-billion of those dollars for our numerous and sundry "science" activities. All in the name of stimulating the economy, mind you. Indeed, we have this one economically-stimulating "science" activity that is going to "scientifically" stimulate the economy of Liberal Utopia so much it will be quite stimulating for everyone involved in that "scientific" activity's economic stimulation of Liberal Utopia.

Next, as a Victim™ also of Google® greedy predatory providers of Internet services, Liberal Utopia is "stuck in a 'whopping' $10 annual renewal-fee schedule on-line subprime mortgage payment we can't afford as a result of skyrocketing registration rates and personal misfortune." So we're entitled to a good portion of the $275 billion freebie-handout bribes funding measure aimed to help buy our votes keep us in our home here. Since Liberal Utopia "played by the rules and acted responsibly," we need and deserve "rescuing."

If there's any more of your their money we find we're going to get our votes bribed with entitled to, we'll say we "Don't Recall™" finding it let you know.

So you productive people out there — and your children, your grandchildren, and even your great-grandchildren — better stop reading this and get back to work so you can pay all the higher taxes your Fair Share™ that your president Øbameinführer® commands you pay — and keep paying and keep paying — so, yes, he can take your money stolen at the point of "your" governme–... er, muggerment's guns and spread it around solely among stimulate freeloading sponges Victims™ like us.

Feeling "fundamentally transformed," yet, Socialist United States of America?

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'Mommy, where's all that stem-mule-less money coming from?'


"You, honey. Now finish your cereal."


one of our children are going to understand that answer now. But they might be able to grasp just how much money it is we're stealing from them:

Facts about each of those
pieces of paper that don't have
Bafascist Høøverian Ødalf's
mugshot on them... yet
(aka Dollar Bill)

length  6.14 inches
width  2.61 inches
thickness  0.004 inches
weight  0.035 ounces
(visual aids included for the "adults" and liberals)

If you had 787 billion one-dollar bills—

You could carpet every square inch of
Acting President Biden's
entire home state with them
(water and all)

... and still have enough bills left over
to pay yourself 61 cents
for every one you laid down
(or to pay Øbamao's Poor Tax® hike
... over 487 Billion times!).

Lined up end-to-end,
they would reach the moon
... and back
... over 159 times!

In fact, it would take Light
(the fastest moving thing in the universe)
nearly 7 minutes
to travel from the first bill to the last!

Even stacked in a single pile
they would reach out
over one-fifth of the way to it!

And that pile would weigh
over twice as much as
the Empire State Building!

For you Greenies out there,
the amount of paper required to
print that many dollar bills
is equal to one-half of one percent of
the world's total annual paper supply.

Just the thought of counting it all
boggles the mind.

With a 1500 bills-per-minute
digital cash counter
it'd take you roughly
One Millennium
to count every single bill!

Our children's hopes and dreams
are now in worse shape

... thanks to B. Høøver Øbanal and
his greedy, corrupt, selfish pals
in al-Qongress.

It's unfortunate Teh Children™ don't have any big lobbyist truly looking out for their futures.

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Arrest Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank,


Rahm Emanuel, Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Robert Zoellick, David Gribbin, and all the other thieves and crooks in "our" government who make Bernie Madoff look like a petty shoplifter.


hile Bernie Madoff was stealing money from a comparatively small number of private investors, the rest of these rip-off artists — each of whom should be named in numerous felony indictments — were stealing the entire present and future life savings of all 300,000,000-plus members of the American public.

Judicial Watch president Thomas Fitton thoroughly lays out a statement of the facts regarding their heinous crimes against us:

Liberal leaders in Congress — led by Congressman Barney Frank — have made it clear that their top priority is to hide the truth of their role in the politically-driven management and corrupt oversight of these giant mortgage lenders, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).
“The failed Washington oversight, political corruption and personal greed at ‘Fannie Mae’ and ‘Freddie Mac’ helped cause the financial crisis that’s creating so much distress for American families today.”

Here is what we already know about what happened at Fannie and Freddie.

Until their collapse, Fannie and Freddie were "government-sponsored entities" — theoretically regulated by Congress. They were backed by the taxpayers for all their losses, but kept all their profits. (The saying goes "Privatize the profits, socialize the losses!")

Beginning in the late 1990's, the Clinton administration pressured lenders to loosen home loan requirements in order to increase home ownership for those unable to afford homes and to curry political favor with left-wing activists, like the "ACORN" crowd!

As far back as September 30, 1999, the New York Times reported that:

"Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from its stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits."

The article went on to predict this strategy would run Fannie Mae into serious financial difficulty during an economic downturn. We were forewarned!

Nevertheless, Clintonite hacks at Fannie and Freddie like Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick and Jim Johnson (later a key advisor to Barack Obama) took Clinton's risky gamble and then doubled down.

(Raines and Johnson, along with Barack Obama who got the preferential rate from Northern Trust, also obtained preferential mortgage loan rates from Countrywide, the mortgage giant that is a major co-conspirator in this financial mess.)

Encouraged by Fannie and Freddie, banks began making tens of thousands of "subprime" loans to individuals who under prudent lending rules never would have qualified for them.

This ruinous game was played for ten years under both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

As the Washington Post noted in a December 9, 2008, story:

"The new products included home loans made to people with blemished credit histories, called subprime loans, and mortgages made without verification of income, assets or employment.... The loans required borrowers to state their incomes and assets, but not prove them."

The decision to violate sound lending principles to advance the Clinton administration's political agenda was bad enough.

But that's no all.

Executives at Fannie and Freddie received huge bonuses if "loan tagets," including targets for subprime loans, were met. Franklin Faines earned $100 million and Jamie Gorelick earned $75 million in bonuses from Fannie Mae!

In other words, these "government-sponsored entities" not only trashed well-established lending standards — they also encouraged their executives to hustle as many bad loans as possible.

In fact, we now know that at Fannie Mae in 1998, its then-head (and later Obama advisor) Jim Johnson cooked the books by deferring $200 million in expenses in order to fraudulently inflate profits so he and other senior Fannie executives could receive massive bonuses that year. What a racket!

Despite their accounting problems and warning of crisis, Fannie and Freddie, with the full support of liberals in Congress and their special-interest community organizing friends like ACORN pushed for more subprime lending.

And calculating financial institutions (too many of which had corrupt relationships with these very same politicians) were happy to play along.

And when the GOP took over the White House and Congress, the folks at Fannie and Freddie moved fast to protect their cash cows by putting key Republicans on their boards and payrolls, including former Bush trade representative Robert Zoellick, who served a tour as Fannie's executive vice president, and former Cheney aide David Gribbin, who sat on Freddie's board.

The main objective of the crooks running Fannie and Freddie was to make sure that no one in Washington would hold them to account, and they succeeded!

Overall, Fannie and Freddie spent more than $180 million over the last ten years to lobby Congress, and make sure that no one rocked their highly profitable boats.

That's not all.

Over the same ten year period, Fannie and Freddie contributed lavishly to the politicians who chaired or had senior positions on the committees that had oversight responsibility for their institutions.

Fannie Mae alone contributed to the campaigns of 354 congressmen and senators, from both parties!

The top 4 recipients of money from Fannie Mae in order of cash magnitude were:

  1. Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT), the Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee;
  2. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), a member of the Federal Financial Management Committee and now [allegedly] our president;
  3. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee;
  4. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

The "political investment strategies" of Fannie and Freddie paid off — big time.

Even after a 2004 government investigation found massive fraudulent bookkeeping at Fannie Mae, Congress held no hearings, no one went to jail, and business as usual, including aggressively marketing more loans to unqualified buyers, continued unabated!


Now, our country is facing a financial disaster.

And Sen. Dodd, Sen. Schumer and Rep. Frank are still today the individuals primarily responsible for "oversight" at Fannie and Freddie, while Sen. Obama is now in the White House!

Doubly incredible!

(Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, received contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while he was in Congress. He also earned over $250,000 as a director of Freddie Mac in 2000 and 2001, and was part of Freddie's "asleep at the switch" board that failed to spot any red flags about its lending and many other financial irregularities.)

Of course, last year the corrupt houses of cards that Fannie and Freddie had become collapsed, leaving you and me and every other American taxpayer holding the bag when [the Demoqrat-run] Congress and the Bush administration bailed these institutions out.

Unsurprisingly enough, almost every one of these thieves and crooks is a corrupt Demoqrat(birm).

Naggy Pelooni's spouting on and on about others' "culture of corruption" has definitely been the grossest example of Demoqrat projection ever evinced since the founding of her completely corrupt party of racists and crooks.

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Miserable Failure Act of 2009


Despoticrats ram their unread 1071-page fascismulus bill through the House.


tanding up to these untrustworthy Dictatorats and their flagrantly unconstitutional acts were the Patriot Seven and all 176 of their Republican colleagues who sided with a majority of the American people in choosing not to support that Øbaminably fascist takeover of our nation's economy, especially through such a woefully uninformed vote.

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Maybe Henrietta Hughes will hire me to clean her new house


'Cause I ain't gettin' no job from Barackult-leader Øpiate O'The Massively Deluded™.

“It’s such a blessing to see you, Mr. President. Thank you for taking time out of your day, oh, gracious God, thank you so much!”


eil Hussein!

This religious fervor for their deified Øbameinführer® should have every freedom-loving American more than a little concerned about the unquestioning fanaticism to which it has given rise, and to which those who so look to him for their worldly salvation are demanding that the rest of the population also mindlessly conform.

"The only person who got up and asked a question that challenged Mr. Obama's actions was booed," reported the New York Slimes.

Read that last sentence again.

Memorize it.

Present Øba'al holds a supposedly public rally in an American state. But of the hundreds of supposed Americans who came to (and at) it, only one of them was willing to ask him a challenging question. For doing so, this woman's supposed fellow citizens booed her — so loudly, in fact, their very mortal savior had to "quiet the crowd."

These so-called Americans were offended by a person exercising her most fundamental right as a United States citizen to question one of her supposed servants in her government about his actions that reflect negatively on his trustworthiness as such servant.

Now if that reaction concerns you, you'll no doubt be downright disturbed by the sentences preceding the one you just memorized:

"Still, the audience chanted 'Obama, Obama' when the president entered and some shouted, 'We love you.' When he opened it to questions from the floor, some sounded almost worshipful, with one declaring that he was 'very thrilled to be in the presence of you.'"

We, as a people, used to look at the rest of the world's dictatorships — both past and present — and say with confidence, "Well, that could never happen here."

Well, it is happening.

Right before our eyes.

The really challenging question is: "Do we still have enough love of our own freedoms to step up as a people and stop the losses of them we're now seeing?"

Then, will we exhibit the same requisite vigilance that has always been the right and duty of every freedom-loving American since the Founding, that confidently lets us tell posterity, "Never again"?

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Spendulus Outrage #5,723,234: Obama Wants To Spy On Americans' Medical Records


Can we impeach him now?


dictator secretively spies on his subjects so, yes, he can know at all times where they are and what they're doing. How else can he always keep a tight leash on them and control whatever they do? Otherwise, he can't have absolute power over the people. (Doctor of Democracy)

Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. These provisions reflect the handiwork of Tom [Tax-Cheat] Daschle, until recently the nominee to head the ["]Health["] and [In]Human Services Department.

Senators should read these provisions and vote against them because they are dangerous to your health. (Page numbers refer to H.R. 1 EH, pdf version).

The bill's health rules will affect "every individual in the United States" (445, 454, 479). Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system....

Not even al-Qaeda terrorists are subjected to this level of warrantless and extremely intrusive searches of their most private personal information.

But the bill goes further. One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of ["]Health["] Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and "guide" your doctor's decisions (442, 446). These provisions in the stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] bill are virtually identical to what Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, "Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis." According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and "learn to operate less like solo practitioners."

That's right. Doctors should learn to operate and "think" more like entrenched, power-hungry, big-government bureaucratsbirm. "Just what the doctor dictator ordered" is not something you want to hear when, God forbid, you're sick.

Keeping doctors informed of the newest medical findings is important, but enforcing uniformity goes too far.

New Penalties

Hospitals and doctors that are not "meaningful users" of the new system will face penalties. "Meaningful user" isn't defined in the bill. That will be left to the ["Health" and (In)human Services] secretary, who will be empowered to impose "more stringent measures of meaningful use over time" (511, 518, 540-541)

Frog-marching your physician out of his office in hand- and ankle-cuffs for opposing Obameinführer® will make them all "Goot Leettil Germans Doktorz."

What penalties will deter your doctor from going beyond the electronically delivered protocols when your condition is atypical or you need an experimental treatment? The vagueness is intentional. In his book, Daschle proposed an appointed body with vast powers to make the "tough" decisions elected politicians won't make.

Doctors' typical "medical" decision: (A) Treat patient as my training and oath dictates and get fined and/or go to jail; or (B) Don't treat patient at all, as Obameinführer® dictates.

It's the textbook "no brainer."

The stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] bill does that, and calls it the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research [or Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) in the original German] (190-192). The goal, Daschle's book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs. He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept "hopeless diagnoses" and "forgo experimental treatments," and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

No, we can't be "expecting too much." Because the big-government Gestapocrats — not we — are the ones we have been waiting for to make all the medical decisions we and our doctors used to make, especially when some Gestapocrat arbitrarily declares you have "no hope" and the "change" he needs is for you to no longer be a "same old tired" living human being but be a very dead one so he doesn't have to spend any more money on you so, yes, he can give more money to "stimulate" his "president"'s special-interest lobbyist buddies.

And speaking of forced euthanasia:

Elderly Hardest Hit

Daschle says health-care reform "will not be pain free." Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.

"Your usefulness to The State is insufficient to justify any expense that Its totally monitored and controlled 'medical' 'services' would incur to even maintain your health, much less try to restore it whenever you become ill. So do us all a favor now and take this pill. No, just ignore its bitter-almond scent. It's just what the doctor Obameinführer® ordered."

That is, Cyanide We Need™.

Medicare now pays for treatments deemed safe and effective. The stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] bill would change that and apply a cost-effectiveness standard set by the Federal Council [Gestapo] (464).

In other words, Obameinführer® gets to decide who lives and who dies.

Sieg Heil!

The Federal Council [Gestapo] is modeled after a U.K. board discussed in Daschle's book. This board approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients are more often approved than treatments for diseases that affect the elderly, such as osteoporosis.

In other words, Liberalism Kills!

In 2006, a U.K. health board decreed that elderly patients with macular degeneration had to wait until they went blind in one eye before they could get a costly new drug to save the other eye....

Hope! Change!

Hidden Provisions

If the Øbama[rtinet mal]administration's economic stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] bill passes the Senate in its current form, seniors in the U.S. will face similar rationing. Defenders of the system say that individuals benefit in younger years and sacrifice later.

"Sacrifice"; or, if you prefer the original German, gehen Sie zu den Öfen (go to the ovens).

The stimulus bill will affect every part of health care, from medical and nursing education, to how patients are treated and how much hospitals get paid. The bill allocates more funding for this bureaucracy than for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force combined (90-92, 174-177, 181).

Control the people's health and you control the people.

When "you will do what I say or you won't get any health care" is just what the Obameinführer®'s Gestapocrats ordered, what choice do you have but to unquestioningly obey?

Hiding health legislation in a stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] bill is intentional. Daschle supported the Clinton administration's health-care overhaul in 1994, and attributed its failure to debate and delay. A year ago, Daschle wrote that the next president should act quickly before critics mount an opposition. "If that means attaching a health-care plan to the federal budget, so be it," he said. "The issue is too important to be stalled by Senate protocol"....

"Too important (for our seizing absolute power) to be subject to any transparent democratic process," Herr Tax-Cheat Daschole meant to say in German.

The health-care industry is the largest employer in the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. Yet the bill treats health care the way European governments do: as a cost problem instead of a growth industry. Imagine limiting growth and innovation in the electronics or auto industry during this downturn. This stimulus [Spendulus Porkage™] is dangerous to your health and the economy.

(Betsy McCaughey is former lieutenant governor of New York and is an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute....)

Article of Impeachment I — Crimes Against Liberty: Spying on the American people's private medical communications, information, and activities without any judicial warrant, in clear violation of the Constitution.

Article of Impeachment II — Crimes Against Humanity: Creating a Nazi-like Gestapo that keeps doctors and other medical professionals "in line" with its arbitrary dictates and threatens the health and lives of every American.

The vote today in the Senate shouldn't have been on whether to pass the Obameinführer®'s Spendulus Porkage™.

It should've been to convict him and remove him from office for high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people.

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Politics of Fear Is Alive and 'Well'


Same old, same old.


atastrophe," Present Øfascist's latest propaganda buzzword, is what Dear Leader™ is promising everyone if Congress doesn't rubberstamp his dangerously reckless move to malevolently mortgage our children and grandchildren's futures with his fiscally irresponsible, public debt-exploding, government Spendulus Porkage®.

After all, Hitler did it, so it must be a Good Thing™.

R. J. Overy, War and economy in the Third Reich (Oxford University Press, 1994), pp. 51-57 (footnotes omitted; links and emphases added).
The government response to unemployment can be divided between direct and indirect measures. The most important direct measures were the various work-creation schemes introduced during 1932 and 1933.

Just as Adolf Hitler was literally taking Germany's highest office.

Since the schemes provoked much academic discussion at the time and made much useful propaganda for the Battle for Work, they are worth looking at in some detail. The main object of the work-creation programmes was to provide temporary employment for the long-term unemployed who were no longer covered by insurance and to promote schemes that would act as a stimulus to private economic activity. The idea of an 'initial spark' (Initialzündung)... was taken up during 1932 and 1933 as the justification for embarking on state-financed programmes which might otherwise have alarmed orthodox financial circles....

Former Half-Term Junior Senator Øfear-monger's Stimülüs does sound better in the original German.

[D]uring 1932 the government supplemented direct relief work with federal work programmes funded directly by the state, primarily through short-term bills which were to be repaid out of future tax revenues when the economy recovered.... The most important of all was the Reinhardt-Programm authorized by the Law for Reducing Unemployment on 1 June 1933, which made... [a billion Reichsmarks] immediately available for public works. The schemes were aimed at public services and construction, waterways, road-building, bridge repair, etc....

The employment effects of these direct schemes are difficult to ascertain precisely because there was considerable overlap between work-creation, labour service, and additional work-creation schemes..., all of which used the same sort of suppliers and drew on a common pool of unskilled and semi-skilled labour....

The work-creation employment contributed an estimated 20 per cent to the increase of 2.8 million in employment in 1933-4, though most of it was concentrated in the winter and spring of 1933-4. Like the labour service programme, work-creation took time to get going. Initially there was some distrust of the schemes in business circles, based on a fear of their long-term fiscal effects

In other words, unprecedentedly huge federal budget deficits and public debt.

and on the evidence that... [they] had no real impact on the rising unemployment levels.... There was also a considerable gap between the sums authorized for expenditure and the actual sums taken up.

Sound familiar?

Even by December 1933 only 77 per cent of... [an earlier "stimulus" program enacted in September 1932] had been taken up, and 55 per cent of [the "emergency" program enacted in December and January 1932/3]. The Reinhardt-Programm launched in mid-1933 had allocated only 47 per cent of its funds by December but had only paid out RM 38m., or 4 per cent. Almost 50 per cent of the payments for work-creation were made during 1934 so that there was something like a nine-month to a year lag between establishing a programme and turning it into actual projects employing labour.... In addition, most of the projects were fairly short term, which may well explain the slowing down in the decline in unemployment during the summer of 1934 and early 1935 as the projects petered out and men looked for long-term employment again. And although they were intended to be labour-intensive, the balance swung towards material costs away from wages in 1933....

Work-creation was only one weapon in the attack on unemployment after 1933 and was effective only to the extent that there was substantial improvement in the general conditions governing business activity in Germany.... Part of this revival in business confidence can be attributed to the 'stabilization' of politics promised by the Nazis after January 1933,

That is, forcible and often brutal elimination of all political opposition and dissent — aka "Change we can better believe in — or else."

though it would be wrong to ignore the deep distrust with which many businessmen approached the new government and its economic policies. Part can be attributed to the government propaganda on employment. After January 1933 the government openly promoted work at every opportunity, exhorting businesses to take on extra workers and subsidizing their wage bills, bringing political pressure to bear to get firms to restrict hours of work and overtime; and making noisy propaganda on the importance of re-employment for Germany's political and economic future. During 1933 public opinion was quite prepared to support these initiatives so that there was little political resistance to the employment campaign....

It was in the area of general interventionist economic policies that the government proved most successful.... General policies on trade, finance, and investment helped to sustain and promote the upswing from early 1933 onwards more than the specific policies on work-creation. The credit structure which had ground almost to a standstill in 1931 was stabilized during 1932 and over the following two years credit was generally eased through careful initiatives taken by the government and the [central] Reichsbank in lowering interest rates, consolidating and securing local government debts,

Like the $79 billion for a "state fiscal stabilization fund" in the Obameinführer's Spendulus Porkage®.

and exercising greater control over the banking system.... In September 1932 a system of tax remission was introduced designed to stimulate the productive sectors of the economy by giving government rebates for taxes paid in 1932/3. The rebates came in the form of tax certificates which could be used to pay off taxes in future years....

Bet all the tax cheats this administration has nominated wished they'd had such a "future years" deferment.

The government combined a policy of cautious credit creation

Although forcing creditors to make risky loans is hardly "cautious."

with the promise that all 'wild experiments' would be avoided. 'The economy', Hitler told a party gathering in July 1933, 'must be treated with extraordinary cautiousness.'

Or else there'll be a "catastrophe."

In June 1933 the Reichsbank president, Hjalmar Schacht, was put at the head of a special commission charged with supervising and regulating everything to do with the capital markets....

Today it's named the "Barnice Frank Plan" after Nazi Commissioner Schacht's most promising protégé.

The effect of the appointment was as much psychological as anything, for the commission never met, and Schacht continued to regulate the capital market in his position as head the Reichsbank.... Direct and indirect taxation were kept at the high depression levels and it proved necessary to introduce price and wage controls in order to avoid any risk of the recovery petering out on rising costs and inflationary crisis. Profits were also controlled by limiting their distribution and encouraging reinvestment to expand employment. The government also extended controls over foreign trade.... Without this wider range of controls and regulations, higher levels of employment would have been postponed, work-creation or not.

Can you say "change"? No, I thought you couldn't.

It's Politics of Fear™, Political Paybacks®, Special-Interestimulus, and "leaving a mountain of debt for the next generation" as usual.

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Revolution Time


"Our" federal government's coming to take everything of ours worth owning.


hat's what Barnice Frank calls "a plan."

"There is an emerging consensus I believe that probably the Federal Reserve will be given the power to do systemic risk regulation, covering all forms of financial activity and it will have some flexibility as to what the reach is," he said.

Frank says it remains to be seen how much reach, or regulatory authority, this would entail, adding he hopes Congress will have a general outline by April.

And if you dated your order to the Fed Chairman to "March with a Corps of Grenadiers and Light Infantry Heavy handed Regulators and Fanatical Agents, put under your Command, with the utmost expedition and Secrecy to Centres of Capitalism, where you will seize and distroy all Investment Products, Credit Accounts, Money Vaults, Loan Instruments, Executive Bonuses, and all Financial Records whatever" on the 18th of that month, Gen. Barnice Frank Gage, it would be most appropriate.

When your perfidious order has them trooping out the next day to take what necessarily and properly belongs to the People themselves — not to any tyrannical government nor self-appointed despot such as yourself — the resulting miserable and bloodying failure accompanying the "Return of the Troops (in which) they were attacked from all Quarters where any Cover was to be found, from whence it was practicable to annoy them, and they were so fatigued with their March that it was with Difficulty they could keep out their Flanking Partys to remove the Enemy to a Distance, so that they were at length a good deal pressed... receiving Fire from every Hill, Fence, House, Barn, etc." will afterwards afford all Liberty-loving Americans one more reason to rise in thankful celebration each and every year on our true Patriots Day.

 when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object 
evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security 
 invasions on the rights of the people 
 has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance 
 taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and
altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments 

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Obamarx's First Tax-Hike Target: The Poor


Raising taxes on the very people he promised to help — making them even worse off — just so he give a vote-buying handout to those who need it less. Now that's "change" we can believe in!


nother Ø'broken promise.

When [B. Husstalin Øbamao] promised that he wouldn't raise taxes on "anybody" but then "looks forward" to signing this [SCHIP-expansion] bill, it seems to make it official that smokers aren't "anybody." Not citizens; not persons. Here's a guy who "cut myself a little slack" for smoking because running for president was stressful who then cuts other indulgers none during the worst, most stressful economic downturn in four generations.

So much for "no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase."

The poor will bear the highest burden of Present Øbamao's higher Poor Tax™. Minorities will be even harder hit.

Three out of every ten poor people will be paying this over 250-percent increase in taxes he wants to unfairly impose on them. But they won't receive any additional benefits from his higher taxes on them since their children aren't included in his latest Middle-Class Welfare/Vote-Buying Handout scheme.

By contrast, only one in five people whose votes he's buying with his middle-class handout are going to see their taxes increase. So, in light of the fact that those with higher incomes smoke less and thus can avoid the brunt of the Øbamarx Poor Tax, they won't be paying anywhere near their fair share.

The unprecedentedly high tax burden that Present Ø'promise-breaker wants to impose on minorities is worse. Especially for blacks, since over two out of every five poor blacks, including over half of all poor black men, will be directly hit by Former Senator Øbamarx's tax increase.

It's enough to make someone say,

But the worst thing that has happened to us is that as a nation we have lost our way. We have lost faith that Americans can still be the good guys, that we can... help the poor....

We won't be getting that faith back, either, after Present Øbamao makes sure the poor and minorities see their taxes increase.

Talk about a regressive tax:

Democrats are rushing... to impose massive tax hikes of at least 61 cents on every cigarette pack sold in America, in addition to new increases on other tobacco products. The money will fund a long-plotted federal expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Yes, this is Dr. Big Nanny's prescription for recession: punitive tax increases on the poor to feed a universal health-care Trojan horse.

Obama and his liberal Democratic colleagues sure have a funny way of demonstrating "progressive" values, don't they? Health surveys show that smokers are more likely to be blue-collar workers, minorities and have less than a high-school education. The National Taxpayers Union noted that tobacco taxes take a 50 times larger share of income from those earning less than $20,000 than those earning more than $200,000. Put another way: Families making less than $30,000 per year pay more than half of all taxes paid on cigarettes, while families making more than $60,000 pay only 14 percent.

That's the dictionary definition of "regressive," not "progressive."

Before delving into what the Øbammunist middle-class vote-buying handout goodies are, let's find out how much they're going to cost the poor and minorities he's excluding from any receipt of those goodies.

The math's so easy, in fact, even a liberal could do it... on a good day... if they had a big-button calculator... and their remedial-math teacher refrained from refusing to have to continually correct their wrong answers for fear of destroying their self-esteem:

Given that Former Senator Øblowa's Middle-Class Welfare/Vote-Buying Handout will be at least $33 billion over the next 4½ years, and that his increased Poor Tax™ is $0.61 on each pack of cigarettes, the number of packs in need of smoking to fund his Middle-Class Bribes for Votes Program® is 54 billion.

At present there are 45 million cigarette consumers in the United States. Over half of them are poor (i.e., 28% of 36 million at 100% poverty, plus 26% of 54 million at 100-200% poverty, equals 24 million).

Therefore, each of them would have to buy a total of 1,200 packs. That's 270 packs a year, or a carton (10 packs) every two weeks!

And since the poor are the only ones who come anywhere close to smoking that much — indeed, 47 percent of all tobacco purchasers have an annual household income of less than $30,000 (it rises to 77 percent when you include those having less than only $50,000) — they will bear an even more disproportionate burden of Øbonghit's unfair tax increase.

It also means the poor and minorities will have less money to spend as they're running their homes, working hard trying to support their children, and "needing to cut themselves some slack" against the added stress from Øbamarx's Recession® that's pounding them.

How much less? Since the Øbamao Poor Tax on poverty-stricken minorities and non-minorities' half-carton a week adds up to a total hit of $741 on them, they'll have $165 less to spend every year through at least 2013. That's in addition to the $105 a year they're already going to be forking over to the Government That's There To "Help" Them™ through the steeply regressive federal excise tax currently slapped on them as second-class taxpayers.

So, liberals, choose which one you want these poor and minority parents to cut out for their kids:

That $165 month's worth of food so their hunger-stricken kids can eat more than what your inadequate food-stamp programs provide?

— Headline: Demoqrats want to starve The Children!

That $165 Winter's coat and other clothes so their kids can have something warm to wear when they go to your government schools?

— Headline: Demoqrats want The Children to freeze and even go naked!

That $165 summer month's electric bill payment so their kids can stay cool during the hot afternoons caused by your global warming climate change as well as turn on their desk lamps at night?

— Headlines: Demoqrats want The Children to sit in the dark without electricity! Demoqrats want The Children to not be able to see to do their homework! Demoqrats want The Children to go to bed drenched in sweat!

Before you smug liberals (but I repeat myself) look down your upturned noses and arrogantly say, "Well, then those poor and minority parents shouldn't be smoking!" think about feel what you're saying. Because if they do stop per your customarily racist-sounding demand, where is the revenue going to come from to pay for your "president"'s glorious Middle-Class Welfare/Vote-Buying Handout? Then you'd have no choice but to raise taxes on those very same middle-class folks — and it's bye-bye all their votes.

Of course, this highly regressive Øbamarx Poor Tax™ on low-income minority and non-minority parents means that a significant number of them won't be smoking. So the poor and minorities who still do, including those with children, will have to make up the difference by paying an even higher tax. At least $6 a year more after Present Øbrute's punitive tax on the poor and minorities forces a million and a half to quit or take to the underground economy created as a consequence of, effectively, that Øbamoron Prohibition(©1920-1933) aimed mainly at them and intended to hit them the hardest.

Call it the Øbamao Spread-the-Tax-Around Effect™.

Yes, we can see now that forcing the poor and minorities to pay more than their fair share is about as unfair as you can get. Even for a liberal.

But, hey, what do the poor and minorities matter? It's not like they're going to start voting Republican or any liberty-loving thing like that.

If you're a Dictatorat, you can afford to crap all over them. Same as your party did when it only somewhat more officially advocated making them perpetual slaves.

It's clear your promise-breaking Dear Leader(©Tyrants,Inc.) B. Hitlerian Øbameinführer(©Anti-tyrants,LC) doesn't care about the poor, the minorities, or their children. Why should you?

He also wants to destroy American jobs, especially those in the nation's cigar industry.

First, a 156 percent tax rate increase on cigarettes compounded by tax rate increases of up to 6,000 percent on large cigars, 2,197 percent on little cigars, 710 percent on roll-your-own tobacco, 156 percent on smokeless tobacco and 156 percent on pipe tobacco will lead to declines of 10 percent or more in retail sales of tobacco. This large reduction in sales will have a corresponding impact on industry jobs.

According to 2002 U. S. Census Bureau statistics, 1.17 million union and non-union employees are employed by tobacco manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. With upward of a 10 percent decline in tobacco sales, industry estimates project up to 117,000 jobs will be lost.

Second, the SCHIP tax increases will significantly raise the value of tobacco products held in inventory. The unintended consequence will make warehouses, delivery trucks and retail stores more likely targets for crime.

Third, the escalation of taxes on tobacco products will lead to a corresponding rise in purchases of tobacco products by consumers over the Internet and on the black market, where vendors illegally sell tobacco products tax-free and do not verify a customer’s age to avoid selling to minors.

Finally, because most Americans who buy tobacco are in the low or middle- income range, raising tobacco taxes will affect the poor more disproportionately.

President-elect Barack Obama needs to keep his campaign promise and not raise taxes, including cigarette and tobacco taxes, on any American who earns less than $250,000....

Scott Ramminger is president of the American Wholesale Marketers Association. The piece also reflects the stand of the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors, the National Association of Convenience Stores, Petroleum Marketers Association of America, the National Association of Tobacco Outlets and the National Association of Truck Stop Operators.

It's safe to assume negligible revenues raised from customers of our country's cigar industry, primarily due to the utter certainty there won't be much of one left after the Øbamao Tax Increase™ gets done ravaging it.

How ironic that the liberals' boogymen, Eeevil Corporations™, care demonstrably more about the jobs and living wages of struggling American workers. This includes even Big Tobacco:

We're not opposed to SCHIP, but we are opposed to the funding mechanism for it.

SCHIP, as a tax of convenience, will tax mostly those who are less able to pay the tax as they choose to use this legal product. Historically, tax increases at the federal level have been passed on to consumers — even as those proponents of increasing cigarette taxes tend to indicate that everybody but the consumer will pay the tax.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80 percent of the people who smoke make less than $75,000, and 99 percent make less than $250,000. There are more people below the poverty line purchasing cigarettes than those above the poverty line.

So, the notion that no one under $250,000 will face a tax increase under the new administration will prove to be false within a couple of weeks of the new administration being sworn in.

If they made over $250,000, and were Demoqrats, they could get away with cheating on their payment of those taxes and get nominated for a high-level position in the Øbamob administration. However, they aren't afforded such privileged exemption under the Democrooks' Rangel Rule.

Certainly even liberals know or should know that slapping any tax on those least able to afford it is never a good idea if your goal is to derive some steady source of revenue from it. Liberals' most beloved group of people of all time — lawyers — are capable of grasping this incongruity:

Therefore, some argue that this places two positive goals for society — reducing smoking and funding children's health care — at odds with each other. After a few years, it's also possible that even if the tobacco tax is implemented for funding of SCHIP, reductions in the number of smokers (and thus, revenue) would lead to the same problem of funding for this significant federally funded program.

That is, if your goal actually involves raising funds.

But we're talking about liberals here.

With the new bill, Schip will be open to everyone up to 300% of the federal poverty level, or $63,081 for a family of four. In other words, a program supposedly targeted at low-income families has an eligibility ceiling higher than the U.S. median household income, which according to the Census Bureau is $50,233. Even the 300% figure isn't really a ceiling, given that states can get a government waiver to go even higher. Tom Daschle's folks at Health and Human Services will barely read the state paperwork before rubberstamping these expansions.

The political purpose behind Schip has always been to capture the middle class [vote]. Every time the program grows, it displaces private insurance. Even before Democrats struck down rules limiting crowd out, research indicated that for every 100 children signed up — now more than 7.1 million — there is a reduction in private coverage for 25 to 50 kids. Exactly the same thing will happen if Messrs. Obama and Daschle [Next Tax Cheat He Nominates To Run Ruin Health And Human Services] end up introducing a "public option," a government insurance program modeled after Medicare but open to anyone of any income. As with Schip, any net increase in insurance coverage will come by having taxpayers gradually supplant the private system.

Schip money is delivered as a block grant, which states are supposed to match, though national taxpayers end up paying 65% to 83% of the total cost. When states make health-care promises they can't afford — such as New York, which expanded the program to 400% of poverty — the feds always step in with, yes, a bailout.....

All this is propped up by a permanent increase in the tobacco tax, which will rise to $1 a pack from the current 39 cents — thus financing a permanent and growing entitlement with a declining corps of smokers.

Which brings us to the Øbammunist middle-class vote-buying handout goodies that Present Ømobboss is forcing the poor and minorities to subsidize.

Since its inception, SCHIP has been a case study in everything that's wrong with government — another example of feel-good rhetoric and lofty promises paid for with your money, except the rhetoric never matches the reality and the promises are always too good to be true.

Although its proponents are quick to throw up pictures of starving inner city children, the fact is that SCHIP has insured millions of adults, and middle class families over the past decade.

In some cases, SCHIP recipients were earning 300% of the poverty level.

This was famously exposed in 2007, when Democrats selected a middle school student named Graeme Frost to deliver the rebuttal to President George W. Bush's veto of SCHIP reauthorization, only to discover later that the boy attended a $20,000 a year school and his family lived in a 3,000 square foot home valued at over $400,000.

And who pays the most for SCHIP? A disproportionately high number of poor smokers — the very people the program is supposed to be serving.

To sweeten his bribe of middle-class parents for their votes — all unfairly funded on the backs of low-income ones — Former Senator Øbamunist offers to define every 19-, 20-, and 21-year-old offspring of theirs as a "child."

[T]he term "child" means an individual under 19 years of age, or, at the option of a State, such higher age, not to exceed 21 years of age, as the State may elect.

So much for "change," too. This is just more of the same Poor Tax™, jobs-killing garbage zer-0bama and other Demoqrats in al-Qongress tried to stick the American People with back in 2007.

Senator Bunning from Kentucky ably called them on it:

Whatever its other problems, the tobacco tax is a poor foundation for SCHIP. We are matching a declining source of revenue with a growing federal program. This does not make fiscal sense....

And we all say we oppose regressive taxes. But what are we considering today? A highly regressive tax. In fact, this tax is among the most regressive types of taxes we could consider....

Cash receipts for tobacco are projected to contribute between $300 -$350 million to Kentucky's economy this year.

An increase in the excise tax on tobacco will drive down the demand for consumption. This will result in less tobacco being purchased from Kentucky tobacco farmers by manufacturers — both cigarette and non-cigarette.

It will most likely force the specialty growers in my state — Kentucky burley leaf and Kentucky Wisconsin leaf — out of business. These are small family farms in rural Kentucky that rely on the revenue for their crops.

The money they get from tobacco pays their mortgage, puts their kids through school or allows them to keep farming.

The [Congressional Budget Office] has estimated that the SCHIP proposal will result in a 5-6% reduction in demand for tobacco during its first year.

This will most likely cause a $5.4 million reduction in payments to rural farmers in my state next year under the master settlement agreement.

Some people will say there's nothing wrong with all this, because it will force some people to quit smoking and we're using the money to help poor children.

But, who gets credit for this supposed act of charity? This plan would take money from one group of poor people and give it to another.

He called the Democretins on it again last week:

The Democrat bill allows states to expand the SCHIP program up to 300 percent of poverty — or $66,000 for family of four. Personally, I think 300 percent is too high for SCHIP. The focus of this program should be on reaching those kids who are currently eligible for the program, but not enrolled.

This bill also gives New York and New Jersey a special exemption to cover kids in families above 300 percent of poverty. New York could even cover families up to 400 percent of poverty — or $88,000 for a family of four. These are certainly not low-income families. I attempted to keep all states on a level playing field by offering an amendment to strike the special exemption, but it was voted down.

While I do believe the SCHIP program is important to providing quality health care to our nation's most needy kids, I cannot support such a flawed bill. It was crafted in a totally partisan manner. It is not fiscally responsible. And it certainly does not protect the needs of low-income folks in states like Kentucky.

Although the Peloseri-run House Plantation™ passed the Øbamarx Poor Tax bill, the Senate insisted on amending it. So a few selected Senators and Representative began meeting to come up with a version of the Øbamarx Poor Tax that both the Senate and Peloseri's House Plantation will have to vote on again.

It's not too late for normal, hard-working Americans to rescue their income and their jobs from this Øbamao Tax Increase.

Email alert from Council for Citizens Against Government Waste president Thomas A. Schatz:

Under the guise of helping children without health insurance, the House of Representatives voted 289 to 139 last week in favor of a massive expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) — paving the way for a government-run, universal healthcare system and dramatically increasing the cost of this program to you, me, and all taxpayers!

Our last line of defense against those who want to impose socialist, Canadian-style healthcare on this country is the Senate, which is expected to consider SCHIP legislation as early as next week. It is urgent that you tell your U.S. Senators today to oppose the expansion of SCHIP and the tax increases that would be required to pay for it.

SCHIP was originally designed to help low-income families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid gain access to health insurance for their children. The legislation approved by the House would increase the SCHIP income eligibility cap from the current 200 percent of the federal poverty line ($42,400 in annual income for a family of four) to 300 percent of the federal poverty line ($63,600 in annual income), making the eligibility ceiling for this "low-income" program higher than the median household income in this country. What's more, states can apply for a federal waiver to raise the ceiling even higher!

The House bill would more than double spending on SCHIP from $25 billion to $60 billion over four-and-a-half years. It would also permit states to cover legal aliens under SCHIP and Medicaid without the customary five-year waiting period established by the 1996 welfare reform law. [More information here.] In addition, the SCHIP legislation does nothing to prevent parents from transferring their children from private insurance plans to the taxpayer-funded program. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 2.4 million individuals could leave private insurance and join a government-run plan if this bill becomes law.

To pay for this big-government healthcare expansion, its advocates have proposed increasing the federal cigarette excise tax by 156 percent. Trust me, this will be just the first of many tax increases to come as SCHIP, like virtually every other entitlement program before it, ends up costing more than expected and sucking up increasing amounts of your tax dollars!

After the failure of HillaryCare in the 1990s, the universal healthcare proponents have wised up. They know they can't impose a government takeover of America's healthcare system — and the massive tax increases needed to pay for it   all at once without provoking a resounding public outcry. Instead, they've adopted an incremental approach, where they will slowly expand existing government healthcare programs until they crowd out private insurance.

The backers of this plan think they can make all Americans dependent on the government for our healthcare before we know what hit us!

Please tell your Senators today to oppose the expansion of SCHIP and the tax increases that would pay for it!

Tell your Representatives today the same thing!

The sad part of all this isn't how Present Øpromise-breaker is manipulating the people who, even now, are still inclined to support him. It's that they not only want but need someone like him to keep on manipulating them.

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