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Enemies of the People


No. 1 - Baracrook Øfascist.
No. 2 - This tyrannical totalitarian liberal(birm):

Sarah Hall Ingram, extremist head Gauleiter of the IRS section that tyrannically harassed patriotic citizens but aided and comforted fellow fascist totalitarian liberals(birm). Now in charge of "your" health care.
The good news is that this woman is no longer in charge of that department. The bad news is that she has been promoted and is now the head of the IRS' Affordable Care Act office. She and her comrades could have access to all your medical records. They will "choose appropriately" who has trouble with the state-controlled medical system and who sails right through. They will decide if it is appropriate to share your medical history with others.

t is abundantly clear that Øfascist and the rest of the extremists in his outlaw regime are unfit to be the servants of a free people.

When a conservative organization Media Trackers couldn't get approved after 8 months, it changed its project to the liberal-sounding name "Greenhouse Solutions." With the new name, the exact same project was approved within 3 weeks.

Liberal groups — even with very political activities — were systematically approved, and quickly, with relatively little burden or scrutiny, as reported by USA Today.

Groups supporting Israel were discriminated against. In August 2010, a pro-Israel group "Z Street" filed a Federal lawsuit when an IRS staff member admitted that all Israel-related groups were singled out by the IRS for extra scrutiny. [Germany's National Socialist party (1933-1945) would've been very proud. –LR] There will be a hearing this July 2013, after the case was transferred to the Federal district in Washington, D.C.

The IRS demanded that a Pro-Life group promote abortion in order to get tax-exempt status. No liberal group has such a requirement. NARAL and Planned Parenthood are not required to promote abstinence, adoption, or Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

It is the law that the IRS must answer within 270 days for 501(c)(3) organizations, yet the IRS delayed conservative organizations for more than 540 days....

Don't expect the IRS to hold liberals responsible for anything.

But do expect Øfascist's tyrannical thugs and Big Government bullies to oppressively stomp on the little guy when he or she "isn't one of us":

"Only 21 of the 93 [tyrannically harassed] groups reported annual gross receipts higher than $25,000 between 2009 and 2011, according to the AP review....

"The median income for all the groups was just $16,700 a year."

No. 3 Enemy of the People is Department of "Justice" reichsführer Heinrich chief Eric Holder who's secretly spied on his own party-Associated Press so many times he can't recall the exact number.

Until every one of these outlaws are arrested and tried for levying war against the United States and her people as well as adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort, their long train of abuses and usurpations will continue, reducing us quicker than you can say "Hitler's mustache" under absolute despotism.

The right to choose whether they continue is ours.

But act soon. With "Know Nothing" Øfascist's tyrannical totalitarian liberal extremists(birm) in charge of your health care, it's now live free or die. Literally.

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Obama Put His Politicized IRS in Charge of Your Health Care


Need to see a doctor? Better be a Demøcrook voter.


hen Baracrook Øfascist and his comrade Tyrannicrats start "taxing" penalizing you financially next year for not being able to prove to their partisan Internal Revenue Service's Investigate Republicans Solely's satisfaction that you have "acceptable" health insurance coverage, the first thing they'll want to see is not your photo ID, but your voter registration card. If it shows the "correct" party affiliation, you'll get a vastly reduced or even suspended fine. Same goes for your access to affordable care. Indeed, they should've called their law the Vote Right Left or Die Quickly Act.

Remember in 2014: Only Tyrannicrats voted yes to pass Øfascist"Care."

They totally own it. But you're the one who has to pay for it all.

This train wreck's so awful, in fact, they keep trying to sneakily exempt themselves from it.

In March 2010 Mr. Grassley [Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa)] tried again to apply the law to all Congressional personnel and to White House officials. His amendment received every Republican vote but it was defeated with 55 Democrats (plus Socialist Bernie Sanders) voting no. However, thanks to Mr. Grassley's earlier success, the law still covered Members of Congress and some of their aides — hence their latest effort to wiggle out of the ObamaCare mandates.

In 2010 Mr. Grassley created enough of a political headache that Mr. Obama was compelled to say that he would personally join a new insurance exchange. This was an empty gesture since the President has no need for health insurance. He has a team of people devoted to his health and surely no one asks him to present a [voter-registration] card to receive treatment.

Congress will eventually find some way to protect itself, but its subterranean scrambling to do so exposes one of ObamaCare's greatest deceits: That if you like the insurance you have, you'll be able to keep it. Even the people who wrote the law don't believe it.

So Øfascist & Commiepany's partisan IRS, which can't wait to harass conservatives while giving fascist totalitarian liberals(birm) a pass, has practicably absolute power and discretion to enforce this totally Tyrannicrat law. What could possibly go wrong? If they think feel you lean to the right the answer is, as we've clearly seen already, everything.

Welcome to Øbamerika, citizen subject.

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'President' Sergeant Schultz Is 'Angry'


"I know nothing — nothing!"


o, fascist totalitarian liberals(birm) can't recall anything when they've done something immoral, illegal, or both. They go into full Sergeant Schultz Mode when what they've done is about to become the subject of a congressional investigation.

So the alleged head of our federal government's executive branch knows nothing about what's going on inside said branch because it is "so vast"? One could assume that the people making this so-called argument support only limited government, or at least every effort to reduce its size until it's not as vast. That is, if one weren't talking about fascist totalitarian liberals(birm).

Just to be on the safe side, their organizations better not try to apply for non-profit status with the IRS. After making such an argument, no doubt the Gestapo agents there would ask them which books have they read or which politicians did they vote for in federal and state elections. Of course, after swearing Yes We Did® vote for Øur Lord & Savior Baracrook Øfascist, their applications will be immediately stamped "Approved."

What do you see lurking just around the corner, Mr. and Mrs. America? Will you see it before it's too late?

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Obama Keeps Lying and Prying


Running guns to muslim terrorists in Libya, getting our diplomats killed in the process, covering it up, spying on AP "reporters," singling out conservative organizations for tyrannical harassment, ....


ow that the allegedly mainstream media, by willfully refusing to aggressively investigate these matters, have blindly given their tacit approval to Øfascist's clearly criminal activities, they would be complete hypocrites if any of them ever dares to criticize a future Republican president who may similarly flout the rule of law and thus threaten us and all our democratic institutions.

Tyranny just around the corner, indeed.

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