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Obama's Toast


Is toast.


hows no respect for the national anthem.

Even when it's ours.

Everything is always — always — about His megalØmaniacal arrØganceness.

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You're Pissing Me Off, GOP


You can't keep your most basic promises, and it's my fault?


ou need to contribute one hundred dollars to us, Mr. Raindead, or the Democrats will   (insert fascist evil-doing here)  ," the Republican National Committee "messenger" told me on the phone this morning. Caller ID: "000-000-0000."

"I'll make the same pledge I made to the last RNC 'messenger' who called me asking for a donation," I said. "You keep your pledge to cut one hundred Billion from the current federal budget, and I'll start donating again." I thought that was reasonable, given the hundreds I contributed last year and the pitiful return on that investment I've seen this year.

"But we have done a lot already, Mr. Raindead," the messenger claimed without offering hard specifics. "You can't expect us to Walk On Water™."

"I'm not expecting any such thing. You pledged to cut one hundred Billion dollars, but you haven't. You could have easily done it in the House of Representatives, the body you control, because the party who controls the House can pass whatever it wants — free and clear — in the first ten bills of the new session. Even if the Senate later killed the spending cut or the pResident vetoed it, that still means you kept your word."

"So, for this Glass Half Empty™ reason, you're going to withhold your contributions and allow the Democrats to stop us from keeping our promises."

It wasn't a question.

Apparently, this "messenger" wants me to believe that holding the Republican Party accountable for refusing to keep its promises is the same as preventing it from keeping them.

That's the kind of vile, lying accusation that DemøcoMSMunist Party Politburo messengers propagandists are always lodging against people they hate.

Similarly, the GOP is saying that this "promise," despite the facts, was actually "fulfilled."

Cut Government Spending to Pre-Stimulus, Pre-Bailout Levels
With common-sense exceptions for seniors, veterans, and our troops, we will roll back government spending to prestimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone and putting us on a path to begin paying down the debt, balancing the budget, and ending the spending spree in Washington that threatens our children's future.

Promise Fulfilled -- NOT!This Promise was fulfilled on January 20, 2011.
Upon passage of H.Res. 38, current government spending will be rolled back to that of the levels of FY 2008 or before. This will reduce non-security discretionary spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels.
Vote Result  •  Text of the Resolution [PDF]

Spending hasn't been, but "will be" rolled backed. Someday.

That bit about "saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone." Well, that's just Walk On Water™ stuff.

I'm not contributing my hard-earned money to hear talk but to see results.

If the RNC and its messengers can't get that, it won't be getting anything from me.

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Mitch McCainiels


The liberals' officially endorsed nominee.


rer Rabbit was far more subtle than these Liar Patch Kidz™: "Oh please Brer GOP, whatever you do, please don't fling us in that brier patch up against that 'reshaped' Republican field!"

And again, the Washington Post story here from Chris Cillizza: "Mitch Daniels, the Man Who Could Reshape the Republican Field." Here you have an agent of the regime, State-Controlled Media, writing a piece that essentially says Mitch Daniels is the only guy that can save the Republican Party, and Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana, is the only guy who can give the Republican Party any weight, any seriousness, and if he decides not to run, why, it's all over. And you even have Obama quoted talking about how formidable Daniels would be, (imitating Obama) "Yeah, he's a very serious guy, don't agree with him on everything, but he's formidable." Well, that's another thing. Yeah, Obama and the Democrats, they really do want us to nominate their biggest threat, right? They really do want us to nominate the guy they think can beat them. The fact is they would love the nominee to be Ron Paul. They would love the nominee to be somebody that's gonna get 20% of the vote. They don't want the nominee to be somebody that can beat 'em, yet here's a story about how they love that guy.

It could be about anybody. I'm not attacking Mitch Daniels. I'm sitting here, I'm reading the news, and I'm analyzing it as I do, seeing the stitches on a fastball. "Should Daniels opt not to run, on the other hand, the unpredictability that has ruled the race would almost certainly continue unabated." A field without Daniels would equal the end of the Republican Party. That's what the story says. Well, that's what Obama wants. The end of the Republican Party is what all of insider Washington wants, and here's a piece about how to do it. We're supposed to sit here and think they want us to nominate somebody they think can beat them. Sorry. I'm not buying. That's not how it works.

Bob McFord, John McDole, Mitch McCainiels. Each the liberals' Most Favored Nominee.

Been there. Done that. All we got was another lousy "Teh Only Viable Candidate®" tee shirt lecture.

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Manifestation of Real Islamophobia


Dramatic channeling of fear.

Channel of Pandering Cowardice


ad South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone put together an episode that, instead of depicting mohamhead and his minions, featured Jon Stewart kidnapping and gleefully beheading George Bush before brutally raping Sarah Palin, they never would've been forced to write this:

In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too.

Cowardly Channel full of gutless liberals(birm).

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Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programmatic Destruction...


and what yes we can and must do about it!


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President Bush Aimed the Gun


Any Oval Office moron could have "pulled the trigger"... and Yes, Øbamoron Did.


obel "Peace" Assassination Prize "winner" Blamebush Hubristic Øbamegalomaniac inherited™ the information President George W. Bush extracted from waterboarding 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed which led to our top SEALs finding Oscuma bit Dustnow.

Had President Bush heeded the advice vicious attacks of the gutless ONEder and future golfer-in-chief Bozock Øbassassin, Oroastin' in Hellnow would still be stealing the oxygen that far, far better life forms — starting with turdworms — deserve infinitely more.

To capture assassinate Bin Laden, the Americans needed to know who his trusted couriers were.

In 2004 [i.e., during President Bush's term], the interrogation waterboarding of an al-Qaeda operative arrested in Iraq enabled the CIA to corroborate information they had on [Bin Laden's "most trusted" courier Abu Ahmad al-]Kuwaiti....

This finally led them to the compound in Abbottabad.

Thank you, President Bush, for picking out, buying, cleaning, testing, loading, mounting on a steady tripod, and aiming the gun as competently, precisely, and effectively as, yes, you did, so that pulling its trigger would be so easy, even an Øcaveman could do it.

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Raise Cain


Cream of a much better crop:

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You Mean Like the 'Unity' You Showed Bush?


OK, deal.


emember when George Bush, the last real president our country had, called for national unity, and the steadfast amount of it he got from junior-senator Bozock Hightreason Øbraindead and all his comrade Democømforters-and-aiders of America's enemies?

Me, neither.

It never materialized. Even their insincere expressions of "unity" quickly "evaporated."

In fact, it didn't take long before SenatoJr "Present"™ Himself was accusing President Bush of "just air-raiding villages and killing civilians" in Afghanistan and "causing enormous problems there."

That's some "Unity."

And who can forget the alleged version of it Demøcommierat boss Harry Reidtard demonstrated in the Senate when he announced to all the world, including the terrorist enemy in Iraq, that "The War Is Lost!" and President Bush's surge "is not accomplishing anything"?

That's some "Unity," too.

Ex-Speaker of the House Ninny Peløseri, when she wasn't running off to Syria to help its dictatorship fight us, also missed the Unity Bandwagon™ before she became ex-speaker because she was too busy maligning President Bush, accusing him of being "a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject," and saying "he has no ideas."

Yeah, that's some "Unity."

Never forget, either, Demøtraitorrat Party comrade-in-chief Howlin' Dean's utter lack of it when he said, "the idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong."

Explain how that's some "Unity."

There was plenty of it, however, solely among al-Qaeda in America the extreme Demøcrook Base® when it unilaterally declared war on "The Democrats Who Support George Bush's War."

Now that's some "Unity"!

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So World War IV Is Over Now?


Evidence "buried at sea."

CAIRO – Muslim clerics said today that Osama bin Laden's burial at sea was a violation of Islamic tradition that may further provoke militant calls for revenge attacks against American targets....

[A] wide range of Islamic scholars interpreted it as a humiliating disregard for the standard Muslim practice of placing the body in a grave with the head pointed toward the holy city of Mecca.

Sea burials can be allowed, they said, but only in special cases where the death occurred aboard a ship.

"The Americans want to humiliate Muslims through this burial, and I don't think this is in the interest of the U.S. administration," said Omar Bakri Mohammed, a radical cleric in Lebanon.


ozock HusStalin Øfascist's repeated bungling is making our country less and less and less safe.

But not to worry. The Golfer-in-Chief™ is going on another vacation — his 135th... this year.

No doubt, as he does, he won't forget to fill up each of his 8-MPG limousines with all that petroleum imported from Brazil. After all, he wants us to be one of its oil producers' "best customers."

He let himself be clear that he doesn't care that a majority of working-age Americans don't have full-time jobs. Or the housing market is still in the tank. Or GDP "growth" is that in name only.

He's bailed out his Big Union buddies and campaign contributors. Did it with your money.

"Present"dink Øbungler gave you the shaft a $7.69/week "tax cut"! What more do you want? He says you should be thanking him.

Besides, when he talked about "shovel ready projects" he really meant all the bureaucrats and other government "workers" across the country whose paychecks he felt needed "stimulus" and whose "jobs" he wanted to "create or save." That's so, in return, they'd be thanking him and his national socialist party with their contributions and votes. (Google "bribe" for more information.) Yes, Øfascist did that, too, with your money.

At least he's started a third quagmire war.

Certainly another thing he thinks feels you should be thanking him for.

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