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Losing Our Losing Impression (Part Two)


Part One asked: Are we going to give the enemy the chance to hit us with another of his wordless answers? Luckily, we don't have to.

  n. 1.a. One favoring ’tarditional lessons on how to lose, especially an election or war. b. See intransigent. 2. A supporter of political suicide, even if it includes a national one: A qonservative taught my Government 101 class and all I got was this lousy “Nose. Spite. Face. Some cutting required.” tee shirt.
– Al’merican HijabAge Dictionary

ran is the lock on that last gate between us and total victory in this war — between the entire world's hope of long-term peace in the Middle East and on the Korean peninsula and its realization. It's a permanent lock, purposefully designed not to be opened by any key dangling from the diplomat or sanctions-supporter's belt. We must use force to completely break it, demonstrating to all future such locksmiths that we can and will turn into useless scrap too any other they might try to assemble. Otherwise that gate will remain closed while they're moving on up from designing acetylene torches to actually producing ones so they can forever weld it shut.

The leaders of Iran's theocratic regime openly condone and support terror and genocide. They are not rational. Neither are we if we believe it's possible to reason with these apocalyptical aggressors, or believe further attempts would gain us anything when the only thing the previous ones have accomplished is gain them nearly all the time they desire and need to finish obtaining the means to make good on their threats of unprecedented destruction and death.

Indeed, death is the only strategy and outcome, respectively, Iran's islamofascist "republic" deems efficacious and appropriate. Whether Iranian despots have death dished out to other peoples or brought to their own, they'll always regard either's suffering of it to be nothing less than Allah's will. As Japan's imperialistic leaders before them had, victory or defeat is attributed solely and directly to a higher being's blessing or wrath directed at them, for which they must fully be thankful or fully atone to stay or get back in that being's good graces. It's why Japan's defeat in WWII was a deeply spiritual blow to its people as well as to its leaders. Father John A. Siemes, present at Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, describes the change also in the Japanese people's attitude towards us which resulted only from our winning that war (emphasis added):

None of us in those days [following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima] heard a single outburst against the Americans on the part of the Japanese, nor was there any evidence of a vengeful spirit. The Japanese suffered this terrible blow as part of the fortunes of war ... something to be borne without complaint. During this war, I have noted relatively little hatred toward the allies on the part of the people themselves, although the press has taken occasion to stir up such feelings. After the [Japanese] victories at the beginning of the war, the enemy was rather looked down upon, but when allied offensive gathered momentum and especially after the advent of the majestic B-29's, the technical skill of America became an object of wonder and admiration.

After their defeat, the Japanese took upon themselves an atonement that continues to this day. One that includes an extraordinary adherence to not only peace but "an international declaration and an international pledge for non-aggression" enshrined in the country's constitution. Iran's maniacal mullahs would take their defeat the same way, provided we ever rediscover the guts to totally hand them one.

Until we, with or without our allies in fact or in name only, deal as much a devastating blow to Iran's tyranny as we dealt to Japan's, this world war will continue. It will get worse. There will be little hope for peace.

Since its leaders worship death as a winning strategy and policy for Allah, they aren't going to really pay attention to anything else. Also, since the 110th Congress 1st al-Qongress' leaders will worship conciliation with our "allies" and appeasement of our enemies as a winning strategy and policy for Liberalism, neither we nor the world's future generations can afford to await the donning of

Tweedles Dee (left) & Dum (also left)
a beard by Tweedle Dee and a burqa by Tweedle Dum in accordance with the Qu'ran. Untold thousands would be dead by then, including an unconscionably large number of American Troops overseas and American civilians here.

To win and thus end this world war before that happens, we must defeat Iran now. As I proposed last July, give its ruling megalomanic mullahs the chance to surrender unconditionally to Coalition forces. If they fail to promptly comply, totally destroy Tehran. The image linked below depicts that final attack of World War IV:

If this war continues much longer — and it will continue so long as Iran's current government exists — we will lose not only it but our freedoms in the process as we try to respond to an increasingly desperate situation within our borders. Israel will die and Iraq will fall under the tyrannical march of Iran's crushing aggression. Europe will be more vulnerable to islamofascism's attacks and more susceptible to its demands. The already dangerous Iranian-Syrian-North Korean axis will strengthen and expand. Terrorism will prevail over our liberties. Nowhere in the world will there be peace outside the bleak strictures of Sharia law.

Our only hope of maintaining international peace and security and achieving another necessary victory for individual freedom is to secure Iran's total, unconditional surrender. The longer we wait, the more costly and difficult all of that will be.

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  Saturday, December 30, 2006


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