Liberal Utopia

What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Ofascist'Care' of, by, and for the Greedy Lawyers


The Demøcorrupt Party's own extremist chair"man" confirms this fact. (DANEgerus)


ou've been had, Mr. & Mrs. America.

The extremist Demøfascist former junior senator sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office lounging around in the lap of total luxury and playing golf as the United States of America continues fundamentally transforming into one giant irreparable pothole hit over and over by a rapidly descending economic wrecking ball is a greedy lawyer. His extremist unaccountable personal advisczars are greedy lawyers. The extremist Demøcrook acting presidents in al-Qongress churning out tax-and-spend after tax-and-spend after tax-and-spend bill for him are greedy lawyers. The extremist shady ghost writers actually authoring those bills are greedy lawyers.

An Øbamanation of lawyers and greed. (Which is the same as saying water is moistly wet, only much more redundantly.)

Even the dictator of Cuba whose communist health "care" system these extremists so nauseatingly admire was a greedy lawyer.

No doubt, due to these facts, you're just dying to read all the intimidating letters Gestapøgrams™ from al-Qongress' extremist greedy lawyer committee chair"men" to greedy lawyer law firm executives demanding to know exactly how much money those greedy lawyer law firm executives make, how many conferences they attended, and when and where each of those conferences was held. Right?

OK, here you go:

( This space left intentionally blank. )

I counted zero such letters Gestapøgrams™. How many did you?

Ofascist's Nazional Socialist Death Snare
GØDCØ®: So complicated only a greedy lawyer can digest stomach it.™

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Dear al-Qaeda:


Ofascist surrendering to al-Qaeda
Your helpful friend,

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89% of Americans born on August 26, 2009, support Øfascist'Care'


The remaining born-yesterdayers are all brown shirted un-American AstroTurfed evil-mongering racist carriers of swastika-shaped rattles.


mericans born before that date who don't support Former Junior Senator Baracketeer Half-whitey Øfascist's unconstitutional and evil Nazional Socialist Death Snare either, outnumber the øne[']s Kommunist Kool-aid Kultists who do three to one in latest polling.

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Mary Jo Kopechne Health Choices Act of 2009


The same ones you'll be "allowed" by Edrunkard Manslaughter al-Qennedy's fellow Demøfascists which he allowed her forty years ago.

S. 70765
A Bill
Be it enacted by the [Demøfascist] Senate and House of Representatives [sic] of the United States... Union of Nazional Socialist Statists of Amerika in al-Qongress dissembling,
Section 1. Short Title; Table of Titles and Subtitles.
(a) Short Title.—This Act may be cited as the “Mary Jo Kopechne Health Choices Act of 2009”.
(b) Table of Titles and Subtitles.—This Act is divided into titles and subtitles as follows:

Title I—Neckbraces

Subtitle A—Wearing of Certain Medical Devices During Inquiries into Alcohol-Related Accidents; Mitigation of Adverse Evidence

Subtitle B—Estate Tax Credit for Persons Who Have Ever Exited A Submerged Vehicle

Title II—Retroactive Reinstatement of Expired Drivers Licences

Title III—Air Pockets

Subtitle A—Running Out of Air Ruled A Drowning in All Cases inside Coastal Areas

Subtitle B—Scuba Diving Equipment Option

Subtitle C—Individual Responsibility to Exit Submerged Automobiles

Title IV—Establishing Two O'Clock A.M. Alibis Permitted in Drowning Cases

Title V—Automatic Suspension of Mandatory Jail Sentences for Leaving Scene of Accident

Title VI—Certain State Drunk Driving Laws Revoked

Subtitle A—Manslaughter Investigations, Arrests, or Convictions in FY 1969 Involving Elected Officials While on or near Narrow Bridges Declared Unconstitutional

Subtitle B— Edward M. Kennedy [Edrunkard Manslaughter al-Qennedy] Postmortem Presidential Pardon

Title VII—July 26 Proclaimed “Health Choices Day”

Title VIII—Autopsies of Victims of [Demøfascist] Members of Congress Prohibited

Title IX—Mandatory Swimming Lessons

Subtitle A—Members of Congress Exempted

Subtitle B—Driving While Intoxicated Charges Dropped If Automobile Plunges into Body of Water

Subtitle C—Paid Proxy Spanish-Class Test Takers Excluded from Mandate

Subtitle D—Wearing of Pants Option

Title X—Hybrid Waterproof Automobiles

Subtitle A—Sea-Green Jobs and Technologies

Subtitle B—Submobile Research Grants

Subtitle C—Individual Option to Report Accidents Involving Non-Waterproof Automobiles Before Conferring with Legal Counsel; 10-Hour Time Limit

Title XI—Treason

Subtitle A—Private Pacts with Former Soviet Union Retroactively Authorized

Subtitle B—Estate Tax Credit for Attempting to Make Private Pacts with Former Soviet Union

Subtitle C—Alliance with Former Soviet Union Retroactively in Effect from Noon, January 20, 1981, to Noon, January 20, 1989

Subtitle D—Special Agreement Between United States and Russian Federation to Permanently Expunge Records of Certain Private Communications

Subtitle E—Inscription on Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial and Urinal: “This was made up in Texas, announced in January (2003) to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud.”

Title XII—Estate Tax Reduction for Residents of Hell

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Obama Abandons Nation in the Midst of Terrible Crises


Apparently, the "swine flu crisis," the "health care crisis," the "greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression," etc., etc. aren't enough to delay a communist-in-chief's extended escape to his own opulant dacha.


t the time of our greatest need, our nation's alleged head of state abandons us. Just so he can lounge around in a lap of luxury he's neither deserved nor earned, while escaping his responsibilities to be here for us.

Perhaps he feels this is the normal thing to do since his dreamer father did the exact same thing to him and his mother just when they needed him most.

But that's no excuse.

His own science advisory panel warns that "up to half of the U.S. population could become infected with the swine flu, 1.8 million people could be hospitalized, and up to 90,000 could die" unless his maladministration speeds up availability of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

But is he in Washington personally supervising efforts to speed up that vaccine's availability? No, he can't be bothered with it. He has to lounge around day after day after day in the lap of total luxury and leave it to others to do that job of his.

We keep seeing professionally printed sign after professionally printed sign after professionally printed sign screaming "Health Reform Can't Wait!"

But is he in Washington personally supervising efforts to ensure health reform doesn't have to wait? No, he can't be bothered with it. He has to lounge around day after day after day in the lap of total luxury and leave it to others to do that job of his too.

Almost a tenth of the American workforce is now unemployed, we have trillion-dollar budget deficits as far as the eye can see, senior citizens' Social Security benefits will be cut for years, Communist China is owning more and more of this country's increasingly unrepayable mountain of public debt, our banks are failing left and right, mortgage defaults are at the highest rate ever recorded, "stimulus" checks are being unlawfully mailed to imprisoned convicts, the government is overstraining our nation's health care system even more by misdiagnosing America's Veterans, tax revenues continue to plummet, retail sales are sinking, no acceptable health-system reforms have been presented by his Demøfacist al-Qongress, etc.

But is he in Washington personally supervising any efforts to fix all these economic messes? No, he can't be bothered with them. He has to lounge around day after day after day in the lap of total luxury and leave it to others to do those jobs of his also.

Terrorist violence in Iraq is rising to an alarming level while our Troops in Afghanistan are suffering unprecedented casualties.

But is he in Washington personally commanding the military effort to stabilize both countries in the interests of our national security? No, he can't be bothered with it. He has to lounge around day after day after day in the lap of total luxury and leave it to others to take over that job of his as well.

De facto Acting President Eric Holder has become a renegade, deciding on his own to vengefully punish every heroic patriot at our CIA who did what it took to keep our nation safe during this World War.

But is he in Washington personally telling Eric Holder that Eric Holder hasn't been elected president yet? No, he can't be bothered with it. He has to lounge around day after day after day in the lap of total luxury and shirk that responsibility of his too.

While he's spending quiet walks along that exclusive luxurious beach of his, the government he's abandoned is busy spending our nation into total bankruptcy.

And what is he telling, through their press, the American people whom he's abandoned in the midst of all these terrible crises? "Just leave me and my family alone." Well, excuse us, Mr. Former Junior Part-Time Senator Baracketeer Highonthehog Øfascist. But there's a whole country beyond the extravagantly secluded confines of your personal little dreamland. A country that's literally falling apart at the seams. Sorry if anyone had the misguided notion that you were somehow in charge of doing anything about it. Our mistake, indeed.

Too bad that no, we can't also be "allowed" to have the same right to tell you and your fascist death-empaneled "health reformers" to "just leave me and my family alone."

Apparently, you feel we don't deserve and haven't earned your personal consent that any us mere peasants be ever afforded that particularly private luxury.

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Obama Loves Foreign Terrorists


Terrorist Care Reform


resent" Baracketeer Øfascist says we need terrorist care reform now because he "keeps getting letters every day" from the murderous foreign terrorists our Troops have captured overseas on the battlefield.

"I don't care how much (the murderous foreign terrorists) want to kill us or how much they know about those who're planning to kill us," the former junior part-time senator said. "It's more important that we treat them well than we do anything that might effectively get any information out of them."

Asked to clarify whether he was referring to enhanced interrogation techniques, the amateur-in-chief told reporters he was concerned about that and the murderous foreign terrorists' overall welfare.

"Let me make myself clear. These people (sic) want terrorist care reform now because they're hurting. They're sons and fathers and brothers just like our own. How would you like it if your son, father, or brother wasn't getting the kind of treatment we all believe that they deserve the right to get?"

Mr. Øfascist says he wants to "level the playing field" so murderous foreign terrorists can have a real choice regarding both the type and level of interrogations they receive.

"Under my plan, (the murderous foreign terrorists) can keep their current interrogators. Reform isn't about putting the government in charge of foreign terrorist interrogations; it's about putting (the murderous foreign terrorists) in charge of foreign terrorist interrogations. If they like their current interrogator, they can keep their interrogator. If they refuse to reveal their murderous terrorist plans, they can keep refusing to reveal their murderous terrorist plans. Period."

In response to critics of his terrorist care reform plan, Mr. Øfascist said, "As the passing of terrorist care reform draws near, the defenders of the status quo in Washington are growing fierce in their opposition and using misleading information to defeat the chance of real reform. Terrorist care reform will protect (the murderous foreign terrorists) against unfair interrogation practices; provide quality, affable interrogations to every non-American terrorist; and bring down rising costs for terrorist cells and their state sponsors.

"This shouldn't be about Washington politics. It's about non-American terrorists lives, their state sponsors and our (insecure) future. It's never been more important to dispel these outlandish rumors and myths."

Recent surveys show that an overwhelming number of murderous foreign terrorists approve of Mr. Øfascist's handling of terrorist care reform. An MsNBC-New York Slimes poll of 250 captured murderous foreign terrorists reveals that 70 percent "strongly approve" of his terrorist care reform plan, 10 percent "approve," and 18 percent say his plan "doesn't go far enough."

MsNBC also commissioned a poll to gauge support among the nearly 3,000 innocent Americans barbarically butchered by murderous foreign terrorists on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, all of them failed to respond.

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Obama Cuts Social Security


"Let them (Senior Citizens) eat dog food."™


emocrooks have always claimed that a cut in the growth of a government program is the same as a real cut in that program.

Using that standard, the Dictator-in-Chief Baracketeer Øfascist's maladministration has clearly decided to massively cut all Social Security benefits of America's seniors.

Change We Need! That is, senior citizens will need to start begging for ¢hange now.

For the next few years, if not longer, none of America's seniors will see any cost-of-living increase.

When asked to comment on "Present" Øfascist's decision to stab all senior citizens in the back, a White House official who requested she not be named said, "Bwhbwwhbwahhaa Mmmwhahaha Mwhahahah Hahahahah Hahahhahaha Hhhaaaa Hhhaaa Bwwwwwhhhhaaaaaa Hhhahahahahahahah Hhhhhaaaaa Bwhaha Mmmmwwwwwhhhhhaaaha Hahahahaha!!!1!1ONE!!111!!"

Your cost of living, American seniors, literally means nothing to Øilybama and his Filthy Thieves Back-Stabbers™.

Now — to paraphrase Der Führer Former Jr. Sen. Øfascist — shut up, take your pain pill, and hurry up and die so, yes, he can spread around all that money he would've had to spend on you among all his special-interest uniøn pals and ACØRN cronies.

Hope! Change! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

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Government Isn't Supposed to 'Compete' with Anything


Its sole function is to use force for purposes sanctioned by the governed.


nstead of handing out condensed copies of the Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation compiled by George Washington, Ditzyrat "Representative" Betsy Markey would more constructively serve her constituents in Colorado — i.e., those "fortunate" enough to attend one of her Limit-20 "Town Halls"™ — by showing them this simile commonly attributed to him:

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Also, any use of this force is supposed to be the measure of last resort — and (with very few exceptions) only a temporary one at that. After everything else totally fails, then and only then do free citizens use it. However, once that force has accomplished its purpose, or they judge beforehand a different measure would be adequate, continuing to apply it is no longer wise. The continuous risk of enormous collateral damage which it poses has lost that central justification.

So "Representative" Ma[la]rkey would serve her constituents even better by also showing them Ronald Reagan's summations of such risk:

Government is never more dangerous than when our desire to have it help us blinds us to its great power to harm us.

I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.

As well as the following characterization of such damage, which is contained in a letter from that "too well dressed un-American angry mobster evil-monger political terrorist" Thomas Jefferson:

I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.

In light of the far more applicable quotations above, any "representative's" support of Der Führer Baracketeer Half-whitey Øfascist's extremely partisan Unicornal Nazional Socialist Death Snare® is unreasonable.

The people have instituted government amongst themselves not in order for it to be their well-meaning friend but to be their well-equipped bodyguard. They're the brains of their republic, while it's their hired brawn.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.__That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,__That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The reason such wise words appear on our nation's birth certificate is because they arose directly from hard experience. They are essentially written in "the blood of patriots and tyrants." The doctors of liberty who signed that vital document gave the world at-large formal notice that, from now on, the people themselves, not any swarms of bureaucrats hellbent on harassing them and eating out their substance, can and will do whatever they believe must be done.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

What the members of that generation of Americans set out to do, and what they did — without any "help" from their long-established government — was something no previous society or culture on earth had ever done. They created a land where the people alone are sovereign, not their government.

Fixing our health insurance problems is Jimmy Carter-grown peanuts compared to that!

To deny that yes, we ourselves can do it without the senescent government's "help" is to deny that this generation of Americans retains the same redoubtable and irrepressible Spirit of Independence and Love of Freedom born in the hearts of that first generation. It's no different than saying only the government is fit to be sovereign now.

Whether our alleged "representatives" deny this or not is irrelevant. If we deny it, too, and tacitly and submissively sanction these usurpers' Acts of pretended Legislation to send hither swarms of bureaucratic "help" that "competes" with us, then this generation will compose the most definitive death panel imaginable as its members collectively fill out and sign, in essence, the last document that would apply in this world to all American liberties:

Our once Free and Independent States' death certificate.

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Confessions of a Demonizer-in-Chief


"Judge not, that ye be not judged." Mat 7:1

I Confess My Immorality
Baracketeer al-Hussein Øfascist


y grandma, who was a typical white person (i.e., racist), got really old.

In her typical white person fashion, Toot (as I called her, which is not nearly as bad as the racial or ethnic stereotypes she had on more than one occasion uttered which made me cringe) also got really ill.

Now, I felt she would be better off just taking the pain pill. But, no. She selfishly decided to instead get, first, a corneal transplant then, in the very same year, a hip replacement, thus putting yet another major strain on America's health care system.

I wanted to talk to my spiritual adviser about it and hopefully get some guidance. I would tell him, "Reverend Wright, we've known each other for 20 years, and you've always been there for me, showing me the evil ways of typical white persons and so on. Well, in my own life the chickens have come home to roost: I have a sick grandma who, in her typical white person fashion, refuses to see she would be better off just taking the pain pill and so forth. What should I do?"

Only problem is, I had already thrown my spiritual adviser under the bus, even after promising "I could no more abandon him than I could the black community." So I was forced to seek guidance elsewhere.

I turned to my wife. Since she was, for the first time in her life, proud of America, I felt she would understand why Toot's selfish decisions were putting major strains on her newfound pride and joy's health care system.

Only problem is, back when my wife was receiving $273,618 $317,000 a year from the University of Chicago Hospitals, she was mixed up in a heartless scheme to dump poorer patients on community hospitals — an immoral practice known as "redirecting" — just so she and her fellow board members could reserve their hospital's beds for well-heeled patients requiring highly profitable procedures.

This callous disregard for the disadvantaged might also explain why we, from 2000 through 2004, never gave more than $3,500 a year in charitable donations (about 1 percent of our annual earnings).

Now I've heard that the Lord asks 10 percent. But I haven't been able to confirm this with my spiritual adviser, as he has been under the bus weather, so to speak.

Speaking of under the weather, I next turned to my good friends Bill and Bernardine for guidance regarding my typical white person (i.e., racist) grandma. Except I really didn't want to involve Bernardine since she'd once said, "Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig (Sharon) Tate's belly. Wild!" For that matter, I really didn't want to involve Bill, either, since he'd once said, "I don't regret setting bombs... I feel we didn't do enough"; and when asked if he'd do it all again, said, "I don't want to discount the possibility."

Knives and forks or bombs, although they could very well get the job done in an extremely efficient and cost-effective manner, wasn't exactly what I had in mind for "honkie" Toot.

Thus I felt my search for guidance had to move on.

But before I could decide to whom I should turn next, it dawned on me. "Barry," I told myself, "you're an evil rich multi-millionaire yourself. Why don't you pay for Toot's hip replacement so she won't have to go around putting any more strain on America's health care system?"

I'm sure the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) would've formally endorsed it, too, just like they have my single payer "Trojan horse" health care "reform" health insurance "reform" plan (which I still hadn't read even weeks after Acting Presidents Peloseri, Reidtard, et al. "I" proposed it). Especially since this occurred way before AARP started to lose over 60,000 of its members.

Except I didn't know how much that hip replacement would cost. I still don't. Otherwise, I would have paid out of pocket for that hip replacement just because she's my grandmother. Despite her also being a typical white person (i.e., racist).

Perhaps I could've gotten a tax write-off by paying for it. I don't know. I recently asked my treasury secretary about it, but he wasn't any help. He just gave me one of his old TurboTax® discs and said, "Have at it!"

Well, what else can one expect from a blatant tax cheat?

It's a wonder I ever appointed someone like him to make sure everyone fully complies with our tax code!

Maybe when my political adviser David Axelrod gets that $2 million from AKPD Media via PhRMA (i.e., the special-interest pharmaceutical lobby which I promised would not have to come up with more than $80 billion in projected cost savings or compete with any imported drugs from Canada, and which soon afterwards "coincidentally" launched a $150 million advertising blitz calling for passage of my single payer "Trojan horse" health care "reform" health insurance "reform" plan that, at the time, I hadn't even read), he'll loan me whatever the normal amount of a hip replacement was back in 2008. I could then take that amount and spend it on, say, another New York City Broadway Show "Date Night" but claim on my amended tax return it was actually used to pay for Toot's surgery.

Hopefully I can get my chief-of-staff Rahm to back me up on this. I could tell him it's a serious crisis that, I'm sure, he'd never want to go to waste.

It's unfortunate Toot wasn't a veteran. If she was, and if she were alive today, I could simply require her to read the Death Book that I've reinstated for all aging veterans.

Oh, well.

Anyway, I see now that it's time for me to pull the plug, so to speak, on these confessions of mine regarding my immorality.

But don't worry. I have (and am undoubtedly going to keep having) plenty more where these came from.


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Don't Forget. Monday Is Labor Day.


Also known as the promised Official Last Day™ of the "Cash" Mountains-o-paperwork for Clunkers Program.


hat smartiest, efficientiest federal government. It took this measly, relatively uncomplicated $2 $3 billion program and miserably mishandled the widdle thing like it was a mammoth $800 billion one. Which is exactly why we should entrust that very same government with "running" a new, never-ever-before-tried, incomprehensibly complicated $1,000 billion-plus program behemoth.

Makes perfect sense... if you're an extremely closed-"mind"ed, illiterate, slogan-believing, Øfascist-worshipping, mouth-breathing, bumpersticker-for-"brains" liberal(bocirm), that is.

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If at first you can't get your way...


am it all down the American people's throats — after, of course, subverting the democratic process through so egregious an usurpation of our reserved powers that it sounds only slightly better in the original German.

As the genuine Dirty Harry would tell these fascist criminals, "You've got to ask yourselves one question: 'Do we feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punks?

"Go ahead, make our day."

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Let's review


    - Pass health care "reform" bill before Congress' August recess. Fail
    - Buy off Blue Dog Demoqrats and get them back on board. Fail
    - Gin up support for an expensive public "option." Fail
    - Brand all opposition as anything but Genuinely Pissed Off Americans. Fail
    - Instruct stool pigeons to snitch on GPOAs. Fail
    - Call out the GeSEIUpo thugs to intimidate and silence GPOAs. Fail
    - Fool public with planted questioners at "town halls" Greenhouses®. Fail
    - Present all supporters as pure angels who just want to "help." Fail
    - Hide below radar every "cost-cutting limits" bribe and "scholarships" pay off to pharmaceutical corporations and medical associations in exchange for their support. Fail
    - Reverse plunging approval ratings. Fail
    - Find any comprehendible message at all and stick with it. Epic Fail

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All Government, All the Time


If we let out-of-touch Demøfascist Party Politburo liberals(birm) have their way, they would make every channel that.

“I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think (sic) what I am doing is going to be helpful. I will vote against (my constituents’) opinion if I actually believe it (single payer ‘option’ total government monopoly) will help them.”
– Demøfascist Representative Massa Eric "Single Payer" Massa


overnment interference with our health care choices has caused prices to skyrocket astronomically, the federal budget and national debt to spiral dangerously out of control, and the system's problems to reach crisis levels.

So what do out-of-touch Demøfascist Party Politburo liberals(birm) think feel is the solution?

Why, more government interference, of course.

No wonder self-identified conservatives outnumber liberals in every state.

The real solution is to reduce government interference — the cause of all our major problems — as much and as quickly as possible.

Obviously, out-of-touch Demøfascist Party Politburo liberals(birm) never have nor ever will propose we do that because they never have nor ever will trust us to do anything ourselves. Period. They think feel that they alone possess all the right answers and that all of us should just shut up and let them have their way because, they each tell us, "what I am doing is going to be helpful."

Well, it hasn't been helpful before. What makes them think feel that letting them do even more of it is ever going to be?

Seeing how they alone created the whole mess, let's instead tell these Demøfascists, "We don't want you to do a lot of talking. We want you to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. We don't mind cleaning up after you, but don't do a lot of talking."

Or, to break it down into steps so easy even a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, out-of-touch Demøfascist Party Politburo liberal(birm) could do it:

1. Shut up.

2. Listen to us.

3. Do only what we tell you to do when we tell you to do it.

In that order.

No doubt even this may yet prove too complicated for the likes of them.

So while, yes, we can hope for the best, prepare for these constant channelers of their beloved heroes Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and worse to progress no further than always trying to shove their same old tired ways of all government, all the time down all our throats.

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Now That They're Running Away, Crush the Miserable Failures


Don't give them any room or time at all to regroup and attack our lives, our liberties, and our pursuits of happiness ever again.


aracketeer Half-whitey Øfascist, the violence-inciting thuggish Former Jr. Senator from Crimecago, is cornered and wounded. In that situation he's most dangerous to every American. So this is our moment, this is our time to close in the rest of the way, keep pounding and don't let up until he and his rabidly foaming at the mouth, sharp pointy-headed ilk politically quit moving. Then stomp on the mangled remains to make sure their collectivist motionlessness is permanent.

Do this not out of retribution, but self-defense. Otherwise he'll lash out in an attempt to create so much confusion and chaos that, yes, he can crawl out, slink away, lick his wounds, doubly sharpen his fascist fangs, and stalk again more and more innocent Americans and their freedoms.

Now very humbly kneel before the Lord Almighty and joyfully thank Him for giving the American people a second chance despite the egregious error we as a nation made last November.

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Who do you more? A private insurer or a faceless bureaucracy?


here isn't any way that having even two hundred days and two hundred lawyers would be enough to understand everything in, much less grasp the full implications of enacting literally pound after pound of extremely complex legalese whose myriad provisions and their applications have been much too often left intentionally vague. Indeed, what good is trying to decipher what it all means?

Worse still, we're dealing with totally new ground here. The proponents of Øfascist"Care" want you to believe they know what they do. But how can they? How can anyone? What they want to break ground on has never been tried before in this country. The best they can offer is hopeful predictions based on dubious guesswork. So it's not even a matter of trusting them. There's nothing there in which anyone reasonably may trust.

"Just take our word for it" is no substitute for real evidence showing relevant knowledge and experience. kgBig Bungler OfascistEspecially when offered by politicians primarily interested in finding ways to clot their bleeding-away voter base. The same politicians whose promises of an 8-percent-unemployment limit and an entire retinue of exclusively "shovel-ready" projects prove absolutely false. The same politicians whose résumés, along with those of their advisors, contain little besides item after item after item of public-sector or government-related "jobs."

Simply put, Øfascist"Care" proponents are asking us to blindly let them conduct massive, unprecedented experiments on all our lives. No testing. No trial period. Just gather and stitch together the body parts, flip the switch, and hope to be shouting "It's alive! It's alive!" so loudly and often that the villagers will primarily remember that "accomplishment," not what that "accomplishment" did to them after it broke from its chains, when they debate whether to converge on the castle with their torches and pitchforks.

Given liberal Democrooks' past monstrous, out-of-control creations — namely, Medicare and Medicaid, and the giant debts and busting budgets each continually inflicts on the public at-large — are the American people supposed to believe that, yes, these corrupt Demonizerats can and should be trusted at all to get any experiment right? Much less an experiment whose most certain promise is to make their last two together look like some tiny tempest in a test tube?

Only the village idiot who lit his pitchfork and got lost on the way to the castle could ever be expected to believe that nonsense.

There exist many extraordinarily viable, common sense alternatives for solving all of health care's specific problems. None of which involves taking to that whole vital sector of America's economy the Largest. Sledgehammer. Evah. made and wielded by our national government.

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Just a reminder...


kgBig Bungler Ofascist
Of course, if you didn't already know or had forgotten, that would seem fishy. So flagellate your misinformed self and send a full report to kgBig Bungler Baracketeer Half-whitey Øfascist and his ichthyology czar c/o their flag@whitehouse.gov fishing expedition.

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Damaged Goods


How low can he, yes, get?

Baracketeer Ofascist: Damaged Goods


hey run as "moderates," but govern as fascists, Marxists, tyrants, despots, national socialists Nazis, criminals, dictators, plutocrats, totalitarian oppressors, liars, miserable failures, liberals, etc.(bivmrm)

Every. Single. Time.

The reason they do the former is because two of out every five Americans are conservatives, another two are moderates, and, last and definitely least, only one is a liberal.

The reason they do the latter is because, in both their public and private lives and strictly government-only, always-political "careers," they are fascists, Marxists, tyrants, despots, national socialists Nazis, criminals, dictators, plutocrats, totalitarian oppressors, liars, miserable failures, liberals, etc.(bivmrm)

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Health Choices Administration


A bureaucracy that makes health choices for you.


suppose calling it the "Shut Up & Do Whatever We Tell You Administration" was too long for the letterhead or something. Although it would've been more accurate, given that no administrative or judicial review of anything the Health Choices Commissioner ever does is expressly allowed in the bill.

That's what you self-blinded supporters of Øfascist"Care" are mindlessly supporting. Solely because someone else told you you ought to support it. Not because you, you know, like read it or anything and said, "Hey, that sounds like a pretty good idea."

Or maybe you actually want someone else making all "your" health choices for you. So long as its your beloved worshipped Der Führer making them, right? When its President Sarah Palin appointing the next Health Choices Commissioner, no doubt you'll still be cool with that.

In that case, let's see what other things, yes, President Palin's healthcare appointees can do without ever having to worry about any of those nasty administrative or judicial reviews:

SEC. 223(f) LIMITATIONS ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review of a payment rate or methodology established under this section [for the public health insurance option for services and health care providers] or under section 224 ["innovative" payment mechanisms and policies to determine payments for items and services under the public health insurance option].

President Palin's healthcare appointees are just going to loooove setting payment rates that you betchya will leave you squealing "she's stealing from the poor to give to the rich!11!!!11ONE!" or some other incoherent nonsense. But squeal is all, yes, you can do, because this bill requires every agency and court in the land to flat-out ignore you. Mwwahahhaa hahahaha ha

SEC. 1123 [adding new subsection (x) to section 1833 of the Social Security Act]... "[(x)(2)](C) LIMITATION ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1869, 1878, or otherwise, respecting (i) the identification of a county or other area under subparagraph (A) [i.e., which counties are among 'lowest fifth percentile of utilization based on per capita spending' for services provided in accordance with a government-specified 'physician fee schedule']; or (ii) the assignment of a postal ZIP Code to a county or other area under subparagraph (B) [i.e., the 'dominant county' in that ZIP code]."

Oops. President Palin's healthcare appointees could only identify counties in Red States eligible fur al dis heer extree "free" health care, by golly (paid for mostly by you Blue Statists, of course). What's that? You're gonna sue them? Sorry. Better commence with your futile squealing again. 'Cause that's the only relief you have any standing to seek.

SEC. 1151 [adding new subsection (p) to section 1886 of the Social Security Act]... "[(p)](6) LIMITATIONS ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1869, section 1878, or otherwise of (A) the determination of base operating DRG [Diagnosis Related Group of a hospital's patients for which a flat rate is paid regardless of the actual services provided] payment amounts; (B) the methodology for determining the adjustment factor under paragraph (3) [i.e., the greater of 1 minus ratio of 'aggregate payments for excess readmissions' and 'aggregate payments for all discharges', or 0.99, 0.98, 0.97, or 0.95 for fiscal years 2012, 2013, 2104, 2015+, respectively], including excess readmissions ratio under paragraph (4)(C) [i.e., ratio (but not less than 1.0) of 'risk adjusted readmissions' to 'risk adjusted expected readmissions'], aggregate payments for excess readmissions under paragraph (4)(A) [i.e., 'applicable conditions' sum of the product of 'base operating DRG payment amount,' number of admissions, and 'excess readmissions ratio' minus 1], and aggregate payments for all discharges under paragraph (4)(B) [sum of 'base operating DRG payment amounts' for all conditions], and applicable periods and applicable conditions under paragraph (5); (C) the measures of readmissions as described in paragraph (5)(A)(ii) [i.e., 'endorsed' readmissions that 'have appropriate exclusions' unrelated to prior discharge]; and (D) the determination of a targeted hospital under paragraph (8)(B)(i) [i.e., one that received or was eligible to receive at least $10 million in estimated 'disproportionate share payments'], the increase in payment under paragraph (8)(B)(ii) ['for transitional care activities designed to address the patient noncompliance issues that result in higher than normal readmission rates'], the aggregate cap under paragraph (8)(C)(i) [i.e., 5 percent of the estimated difference in spending with and without application of the 'adjustment factor' mentioned above], the hospital-specific limit under paragraph (8)(C)(ii) [i.e., the full estimated difference in spending with and without application of the 'adjustment factor'], and the form of payment made by the Secretary under paragraph (8)(D) [i.e., 'a lump sum basis, a periodic basis, a claim by claim basis, or otherwise']."

For some strange reason, hospitals in Red States have been faring far better financially and otherwise under the Palin Administration than they had under the Øfascist Tyrannical Dictatorship. It's really just too bad there's no legal recourse for bed-wetting liberals(birm) to do anything about it, even if they could find out why Red State hospitals are now literally rolling in dough. Boo-flickin'-hoo. (Time for another round of pointless squealing.)

SEC. 1156(a) [adding new subsection (i) to section 1877 of the Social Security Act]... "[(i)(2)](H) LIMITATION ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1869, section 1878, or otherwise of the exception process under this paragraph [for lifting the prohibition on expansion of a hospital's capacity], including the establishment of such process, and any determination made under such process."

My, my, how nearly every Red State hospital has been expanding like a herd of caribou around the Alaskan pipeline since President Palin took office! But it's a complete mystery the same can't be said about very many Blue State Stasis ones. Gee whiz, that right there is some mighty potent prima facie evidence for a heckuva abuse-of-power case... Huh? Oh, that's right. Never mind. (Cue squealing)

SEC. 1301 [adding new section 1866D to Title XVIII of the Social Security Act]... "[SEC. 1866D(e)](4) LIMITATIONS ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1869, section 1878, or otherwise of (A) the elements, parameters, scope, and duration of the pilot program ['to test different payment incentive models']; (B) the selection of qualifying ACOs ['accountable care organizations'] for the pilot program; (C) the establishment of targets, measurement of performance, determinations with respect to whether savings have been achieved and the amount of savings; (D) determinations regarding whether, to whom, and in what amounts incentive payments are paid; and (E) decisions about the extension of the program under subsection (g), expansion of the program under subsection (h) or extensions under subsection (i)."

Don't be surprised when President Palin's healthcare appointees select Dick Cheney's own Conservative Death Beast Blood-for-Oil Evil Tonsillectomy Services & Amputation Supplies® company as one of the ACOs qualifying for all the neat "incentive payments".... Wait a minute, I can't hear a word you're saying with all that squealing going on. Tell that angry mob of yours to take it outside.

SEC. 1303 [adding a new subsection (p) to section 1833 of the Social Security Act]... "[(p)](4) LIMITATION ON REVIEW.–There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1869, section 1878, or otherwise, respecting (A) any determination or designation under this subsection [relating to 'primary care payment incentives' (i.e., a 5 to 10 percent bonus for doctors serving in 'primary care health professional shortage areas')]; (B) the identification of services as primary care services under this subsection; and (C) the identification of a practitioner as a primary care practitioner under this subsection."

President Palin especially likes this one. So many Republican-donor physicians, so little time (for "spreading the wealth incentives around a bit"™). Don't like it? Well, by golly, then sue! ...uh, er... I mean, let's start up that chant again. "What are we only doing? Squealing!1!!!! When are we doing it? Now Always!!!111!!!ONE!!1" OK. Again. But this time with political terrorist-size feeling....

SEC. 1631 [adding new section 1128G to Title XI of the Social Security Act]... "[1128G(a)(1)]... Actions taken and determinations made under this subsection [relating to punishment imposed on a whole 'category of providers of services or suppliers of items or services' which Der Sekretär 'determines' feels poses a 'significant risk of fraudulent activity' (without any regard for those providers or suppliers that have never themselves engaged in any), where such universal punishment includes invasive, unannounced, and blackballing-intended 'screenings,' arbitrary periods of 'enhanced oversight,' and an unlimited 'moratorium on enrollment' (so long as Der Sekretär 'determines' feels it wouldn't 'adversely impact access of individuals to care')] shall not be subject to review by a judicial tribunal."

Lovely. Certainly every liberal is comfortable with the fact that one of President Palin's healthcare appointees has such massive, unreviewable power to punish an entire category of predominantly Demoqrat-donating and/or unionized companies "providers or suppliers" while never having to stop or even slow down once to bother with any kind of messy, inconvenient trial. And, no, I don't want to hear any more of your squealing. The most effective time for that was before this bill ever got to the House floor, not after it had to spend only a half day on your Der Führer's desk waiting for him to again break his "five days of sunlight before signing" promise.

SEC. 1741(a)(2) [striking "regard to" and all that follows through the period in section 1927(k)(1)(B) of the Social Security Act, and inserting]... "(v) ...Such a determination [relating to a non-inhalation, non-infusion drug's 'average manufacturer price' obtained by 'necessary' inclusion of 'its sales directly to, or rebates, discounts, or other price concessions provided to, hospitals, clinics, and physicians'] shall not be subject to judicial review...."

Another official act obtained from the bribery of Half-Whitey Former Junior Senotard Baracketeer al-Hussein Øfascist by the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA)? As the Democorrupt Speaker of the Hate "Nan Sees Swastikas" Peloseri would say: You be the judge.®

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Real reform for every citizen 'represented' by any congressrats who vote for fascist totalitarianism


Change We Need


f your "representative" votes in favor of Half-Whitey Former Junior Senator Baracketeer Øfascist's health "care" bill Mein Healthkare, but he or she won't pledge to enroll his or her whole family in the public "option" he or she loves so much, then you and your family should be entitled to enroll in the same Congressional Gold Plated® private-options plan special privilege, including "taxpayer-subsidized care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.," which he or she enjoys.

Call it the "Give the People Hope™ Act of 2009."

When that passes we can demand the Federal Aviation Administration crack down on all those flying pigs and unicorns which have been posing a real hazard to normal air traffic.

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Who Else Supported Mandatory Universal Health 'Care' Insurance?


The one who was really, in the words of Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri, "carrying swastikas and symbols like that to (many) a town meeting."


at Hentoff, an authority on the Bill of Rights and then staff writer for the Village Voice and The New Yorker, wrote this the last time Democrooks tried to shove their do-all, know-all, be-all Big Government "reforms" down the American people's throats:

Doctors Christian Pross and Gotz Aly belong to a group of young German doctors and lawyers examining the transmogrification of German medicine before and during the Second World War. Some of their research, in text and photographs, made up the exhibit "The Value of the Human Being: Medicine in Germany 1918-1945" at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington late last year.

Accompanying the exhibit was an illustrated booklet by Pross and Aly that should be required reading by the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton — along with members of Congress — as national health care is being reformed. The authors emphasize that as German medicine was being initially reshaped after the First World War, its cost-benefit approach helped change the role of the doctor.

In time, the national economy became more important than the welfare of those patients who cost too much to treat and in any case, would not become productive enough for the greater good of the society.

Sound familiar?

"Paging (Øfascist administration totalitarian regime 'health' adviser) Dr. Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel. There's a call for you on line 666.... A Dr. Mengele, I believe he said his name was."

There were, it should be noted, some admirable goals for the profession. "Socially minded doctors ... demanded universal health insurance." And for a while, there were advances in treatment and prevention. But increasingly, doctors saw themselves "as more responsible for the 'health of the nation' than for the good of the individual patient."

Then it gets even more chilling:

Universal health care, funded by the state, turned out — as economic conditions worsened — to be not so universal. Certain patients were categorized as of lesser value. The intellectual rationalization for this approach was in a 1920 book, "The Sanctioning of the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living." The distinguished professionals who collaborated on the work were Alfred Hoche, a neuropathologist, and Karl Binding, a lawyer.

Who decides whether your life is so "unworthy of living" that its "destruction" merits "sanctioning"?

"Paging Dr. Mengele Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel...."

Part of their deadly thesis was that limited economic resources should not be wasted on people who couldn't benefit significantly from treatment. And Hoche, in other recommendations to the nation, spoke of "human burdens," "defective persons." He emphasized that "a tremendous amount of capital was being withheld from the gross national product in terms of food, clothing and heat — all for an unproductive purpose."

"Unproductive purpose members of society."

Sounds like something Øfascist totalitarian regime advisers would recommend spending absolutely nothing on because of its "cost or effects on others." (Nothing, that is, besides "the [BetterØff®] pain pill" ...or hemlock.)

Two recent czars appointed by President Obama also present an interesting caveat to the discussion. John Holdren was recently appointed as the new science czar, while Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel was appointed as the head of the Health Advisory Panel for the Office of Management and Budget. Dr. Emanuel is a well known proponent of social justice in healthcare, i.e. saving cost on the elderly, or those who are unproductive members of society in favor of the greater good and giving the treatment to those who may well benefit society on a larger scale. Mr. Holdren is a long-time proponent of eugenics and social justice as well. These two radically left thinkers [sic] are in extremely powerful positions in relation to the health care industry. Is it wrong to think that they might foist their views on to the new health care plan? Not at all.

Mr. Hentoff continues:

Also being discussed among German physicians was whether they should be allowed to kill patients. As later events made abundantly clear, the affirmative side of that debate won.

Inasmuch as any state-mandated consideration of "cost or effects on others" relating to "health care" inexorably progresses to this Next Logical Step™, that's not surprising.

There were heretics who did not believe in managed health care for the greater economic benefit of the state. Dr. Julius Moses, a general practitioner in Berlin and a member of the Reichstag between 1920 and 1932, warned during his last year in office that "in a National Socialist Third Reich ... only the curable would be treated! The incurably sick are considered 'human ballast,' 'human trash,' 'valueless,' and 'unproductive.' They must then be destroyed. In a word, the physician becomes the hangman."

Or in the word used by Øfascist totalitarian regime health care advisers, "communitarianism."

Which, translated from the original German, means "medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those 'who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.'"

The same as hoping the Øfascist totalitarian regime, because its Der Führer "winked at me" at one of his Nürnberg Reichsparteitage plant-infested "town halls," lets you live anyway if ever you're irreversibly ill.

Dr. Moses later died of hunger and loss of strength in Theresienstadt concentration camp.

The same as what the Øfascist totalitarian regime, because its Der Führer never "winked at me," has in store for you if ever you're irreversibly ill — minus (at least for now) the camp.

In its Jan. 18, 1993, issue, American Medical News quoted the widely respected Dr. Fred Plum, chairman of the neurology department at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and the physician who originated the phrase "persistent vegetative state." Dr. Plum said people in that state "are unconscious and, as human beings, have long since departed from this world ... they lack a sense of suffering ... they're stealing from the mouths of others."

"Paging Dr. Emanuel. Paging Dr. Emanuel. There's another call for you...."

I wondered who is not being fed because of these insensitive patients, and I remembered cases in which people had been misdiagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state and awoke with rejoicing self-awareness. However, in the efficient American health-care system to come, would there be a deadline for the removal of the feeding tubes of patients so diagnosed lest they take any more food that they don't deserve?

Clearly a rhetorical question under Øfascist"Care."

Meanwhile, there is an increasing parade of articles and letters in leading medical journals from American physicians detailing the advantages of euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide and the kind of health rationing exemplified in the grimly mechanical Oregon plan that has ominously been endorsed by the president.

Even the Øfascist-derided post offices there — as well as any unfairly attacked elsewhere by who knows how many vandals he criminally incited with his hate-filled characterization — are always having less problems than this yet another wildly painful example of epic "progressive" liberal failures(birm).

What went wrong with the Oregon Health Plan, and what does it say about the prospects for coverage expansion initiatives in other states?....

When it was first enacted in 1989... OHP represented a leading state policy innovation that sparked a national debate on rationing health care.... But now the plan is "covering both fewer services and fewer people, and the elimination of entire benefit categories and rollback in enrolled beneficiaries looks more like the arbitrary cuts common in other states than the rational and equitable model of prioritization to which Oregon aspired."

Health Reform Interrupted: The Unraveling Of The Oregon Health Plan
Jonathan Oberlander

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) has received national and international attention for rationing medical care based on explicit priorities. However, in recent years OHP has lost substantial enrollment and struggled to live up to its core principles.

The more things "Change®"....

As Drs. Pross and Aly document, there was a steadily growing coarsening of respect for "The Value of the Human Being" in Germany.

And will be in America, too, if we allow the monstrous Øfascist"Care" or any other similarly sickening "reform" touted by persistent-vegetative-state liberals(birm) to become the law of the land.

Only someone as terribly ignorant as an unrepentant Fiddy2-per-center would ever want that to happen.

We, who are not Nazis, have started in that direction here.

Half-whitey former junior senator Baracketeer Øfascist and his goose stepping Despoticrat Congress Rubberstampstag brown shirts, who are all national socialists Nazis, have sought to do far, far more than just start us again in that direction.

If they completely had their way, they would so "fundamentally transform" our society that, yes, it can become worse than the one tyrannically ruled by a certain paper hanger who was really, in the words of Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri, "carrying swastikas and symbols like that to (many) a town meeting."

["Nazi Germany offers a lesson to U.S. on national health care," Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune, May 4, 1993, p. 4.]

© 1993 Newspaper Enterprise Association

Post Office-style Health Care™ will never be the answer to any of our prayers.

Whatever problems we see in the health care industry haven't stemmed from not enough, but too much government. The quotation many freedom-loving Americans are familiar with — which Democorrupt Speaktard of the Hate Nanny-State Peloseri would, no doubt, also brand "un-American" — applies here as it does to practically every other matter affecting our society and its members' lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness:

"That government is best which governs least."

It's just as applicable today as it was 16 years ago.

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All black people who support half-whitey Obama's socialism are racists


Isn't playing Liberal "Logic"® fun?


f, as brain-dead liberals(birm) contend, all whiteys who oppose half-whitey Øfascist's socialism fascist totalitarianism are racists...

Charlie Foxtrot
Half-Whitey Former SenatorJr Baracketeer Husstalin ØfascistJr: "I have killed no one and I have ordered no one to be killed
(although my Death Panels have)."

...then what are all the evil Big Pharmaceutical corporations that half-whitey Øfascist clearly bribed to support his fascist totalitarianism?

For that matter, what does half-whitey Øfascist's support of clearly non-whitey racial preferences under his fascist totalitarianism make him?

There's only one logical conclusion: Half-whitey Øfascist and other supporters of those racist preferences are all racists.

Game over.

Thanks for playing.

(Loserals, don't forget to report this to your Der Führer before you pack up all the race cards.)

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Who decides whether your insurance is 'acceptable'


Short answer: the same fascists who decide, no, you don't have any choice besides buy it or be taxed punished.


orrupt politicians and distant bureaucrats making all these decisions for you. Where's the freedom in that?

Every medical record in the entire nation in their grimy hands. Where's the privacy in that?

Those wasteful hands shoving an additional $240 Billion bill in our children and grandchildren's. Where's the cost savings in that?

A better alternative is to give health care vouchers to everyone who's unable to buy insurance, inform those who qualify for existing assistance that they do, offer insurance-purchasing tax incentives to the rest who could but don't buy any, stop counting illegal aliens among the uninsured, and, most importantly, reduce across the board government's regulations- and paperwork-burdening involvement in our and our physicians' choices and our insurers' business practices.

In other words, trust the American people to make the best decisions of, by, for themselves.

Do nothing to deny, lessen, or obstruct their respective rights to choose which physicians and insurers are in their best interests to patronize and which employers are in their best interests to work for, thus giving all physicians, insurers, and employers the highest and clearest possible incentives to freely compete for the title of Best Caterers to their customers and employees' interests.

There's maximum freedom, privacy, and cost savings in this Put Americans First™ alternative to the fascist Democorrupt Party's extremely partisan, Big Government do-all, know-all, be-all "reforms."

The last thing we want is another massive, unaffordable, overly complex, permanent, and out-of-control Put Government First® program that's of the self-serving corrupt politicians and distant bureaucrats, by the self-serving corrupt politicians and distant bureaucrats, for the self-serving corrupt politicians and distant bureaucrats.

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Prevaricator-in-Chief's Mob of Lying Liars


Dear Lying Congressmalefactor(birm): Read The Bill® before you lie to us.


here are massive cuts in Medicare in that bill.

Under it, all seniors will be cornered and pressured into making "end of life" decisions and putting them in writing.

Also, over 80 million Americans will loose their current health insurance or plans whether they like it or not, while the only way to keep any that the politicians and bureaucrats think feel isn't "acceptable" is to, unrealistically, never modify it in any way.

"Present" Øfascist is a proponent of single-payer universal health care — "single" and "universal" as in Biggest. Government. Ever. controlling everything that may be bought or sold.

He is collecting data on American citizens who dare question him.

He's also sending out his goon squads to go in and physically attack those citizens at town hall meetings.

Acting Presidents Peloseri and Reidtard and their minions have called those citizens "swastika carrying" Nazis, "un-American," "political terrorists," "angry mobs," "Timothy McVeighs," "troublemakers," etc., etc.

You liars and thieves want to steal our freedoms and deny us the right to choose for ourselves the kind of health care we believe is best for us.

It's that simple.

Lie to us all you want. Indeed, please keep doing so. Report us to your lying, thieving Der Führer while you're at it (flag@whitehouse.gov).

The truth is coming out.

And so are we.

Your desperation and fear — which appear to be the only things you have — won't have the first hope of changing that.

Yes, you can try to run away from us. But you can't hide the truth any longer.

Your bill would do much harm to our lives, our liberties, and our pursuits of happiness.

Either it is cornered and inevitably pressured and forced mercilessly into a horrific end-of-life decision that you in reality make for it or, literally, we all will be.

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Why Demoqrat Speaktard Peloseri sees swastikas


The Change® she'd need is a new contacts prescription before, yes, she can Hope™ to begin also wearing what all the rest of her fascist party's politburo's misleaders are: more of the same old rose-colored ones.

Democrook misleader Nanny Statist Peloseri
Democorrupt Anti-Americans Speaker of the Hate: "I see swastikas, swastikas... everywhere!"
("except where *cough* angry Demoqrat-organized mobs(birm) *cough* they really are")

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