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Obama Loves Foreign Terrorists


Terrorist Care Reform


resent" Baracketeer Øfascist says we need terrorist care reform now because he "keeps getting letters every day" from the murderous foreign terrorists our Troops have captured overseas on the battlefield.

"I don't care how much (the murderous foreign terrorists) want to kill us or how much they know about those who're planning to kill us," the former junior part-time senator said. "It's more important that we treat them well than we do anything that might effectively get any information out of them."

Asked to clarify whether he was referring to enhanced interrogation techniques, the amateur-in-chief told reporters he was concerned about that and the murderous foreign terrorists' overall welfare.

"Let me make myself clear. These people (sic) want terrorist care reform now because they're hurting. They're sons and fathers and brothers just like our own. How would you like it if your son, father, or brother wasn't getting the kind of treatment we all believe that they deserve the right to get?"

Mr. Øfascist says he wants to "level the playing field" so murderous foreign terrorists can have a real choice regarding both the type and level of interrogations they receive.

"Under my plan, (the murderous foreign terrorists) can keep their current interrogators. Reform isn't about putting the government in charge of foreign terrorist interrogations; it's about putting (the murderous foreign terrorists) in charge of foreign terrorist interrogations. If they like their current interrogator, they can keep their interrogator. If they refuse to reveal their murderous terrorist plans, they can keep refusing to reveal their murderous terrorist plans. Period."

In response to critics of his terrorist care reform plan, Mr. Øfascist said, "As the passing of terrorist care reform draws near, the defenders of the status quo in Washington are growing fierce in their opposition and using misleading information to defeat the chance of real reform. Terrorist care reform will protect (the murderous foreign terrorists) against unfair interrogation practices; provide quality, affable interrogations to every non-American terrorist; and bring down rising costs for terrorist cells and their state sponsors.

"This shouldn't be about Washington politics. It's about non-American terrorists lives, their state sponsors and our (insecure) future. It's never been more important to dispel these outlandish rumors and myths."

Recent surveys show that an overwhelming number of murderous foreign terrorists approve of Mr. Øfascist's handling of terrorist care reform. An MsNBC-New York Slimes poll of 250 captured murderous foreign terrorists reveals that 70 percent "strongly approve" of his terrorist care reform plan, 10 percent "approve," and 18 percent say his plan "doesn't go far enough."

MsNBC also commissioned a poll to gauge support among the nearly 3,000 innocent Americans barbarically butchered by murderous foreign terrorists on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, all of them failed to respond.

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