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Hey, Doc, she's got a broken leg, fractured skull, stomach cancer, Parkinson's disease, and


...a paper cut!


o what does Herr Doktor Baracklown Øfascist do?

That's right, he proposes forming a medical panel to determine what kind of Band-Aid® she should get for her paper cut.

After he blames and demonizes the entire stationary industry, of course.

Any other doctor caught doing this would instantly lose his medical license.

Instead we have Chris PMSNBC Matthews slobbering how wonderful it is he was able to momentarily forget that Doc Band-Aid® is an African-American.

That's the state into which our union has woefully descended.

God help us all.

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Question: Why did Øfascist pretend to cross the road?


nswer: To fool you into thinking he wasn't on the wrong side of it anymore.

Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk ... yuk yuk ... yuk.

Another one:

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Spending freeze.

Spending freeze who?

Spending freely zillions is better than spending freely gazillions!

Har har har har har har har har har ... har ... har and har.

You'll like this one:

Barack "Light Skinned" Øbama, Harry "No Negro Dialect" Reid, and Nancy "Pinhead" Pelosi walk into a bar. The bartender asks them, "What'll you gents and non-gent have?" "I'll have fourteen gallons of whiskey," Teh Light-Skinned Øne™ says. The bartender looks at him funnily and asks, "Are you sure?" "Sure I'm sure!" So the bartender disappears into the back room and, about ten minutes later, reemerges pushing a wheelbarrow filled with one-gallon jugs of whiskey. "There you go — fourteen gallons," the bartender says. TLSØ rushes over to the wheelbarrow, greedily grabs a gallon jug, pulls out its cork, and gulps down all the whiskey inside it in just one swallow. After burping, he greedily grabs another jug and does the exact same thing. Then another, and another, and another, etc., until finally there's nothing left in the wheelbarrow but fourteen empty one-gallon jugs. After staggering back to the bar, he tells his companions (in a heavily-slurred, albeit no-Negro dialect), "Boy, th-th-thatt-tt ww-wwass-ss gg-gg-gg-, er, gg-ggood! I, uh, th-th-thinnkk-kk I, uh, I'll, uh, hh-hh-hhave — fifteen gallons moooorre!" "Sounds great," Teh Pinheady One™ says. The stunned bartender asks, "Are you sure?" TLSØ slaps the bar and says, "Ss-ssuuuurre I, uh, I'mm—" then falls flat on his punch-drunk face. From the floor he tells the bartender, "Oo-on ss-ss-, er, ss-ssecond, uh, th-th-thoughtt-tt, mm-mm-mmake th-th-thatt-tt, uh — fourteen gallons moooorre!" "Why fourteen?" the bartender asks. "I, uh, I'mm, er, in-in-instituu-uu-uting, er, a drinking freeeezze!"

Snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker ... snicker and snicker and snicker.

Well, at least these aren't as lame as those the lying Cømedian-in-Chief will be telling reading to his tax and spend-crazed cømrades in al Qongress tomorrow night.

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Desperate Astroturf: 'Ellie Light'


Letters to the editor from "local" readers, each spewing — word for word — the exact same stupid retarded nincompoop regressive reactionary nonsensical liberal crap(birm).


inny Pelooni, this is what real AstroTurf® smells like.

Not surprisingly, liberal newspapers birdcage liners, before gleefully publishing far and wide that carbon-copy White House form "letter" Propaganda Trøllage™, each subjected it to the same amount of umpteempth-level soopur skeelz "fact checking" they applied to every one of their messiah Hiz Holeliness Teh DalaiBama's other political campaigns.

That is, somewhere in between not at all and none.

Is it still any wonder their paid subscribers are taking their money elsewhere nearly as fast as Ben Nelson (D-Nebra$$$ka) jumped at taking ours to fund his health "care" yes-vote bribe?

Yes, the biggest, most pernicious threat ever to Americans' freedoms and safety can be summed up in one collectivist word:


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'I'm BHO and I approve OBL's message'


"Unlike the last administration, we're not going to let Osama bin Laden get away and continue to threaten us." –B. Hussein Øliar, on any given day when he's finally decided to pull himself away from his never-ending golf games forced to talk read a telepromptered script someone wrote for him about national "security."


nother day, another broken promise and increasingly long list of lies and deceptions.

B. Hussein Øfailure, December 1, 2009:

Our overarching goal remains the same: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda... and to prevent its capacity to threaten America....

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

Barøcks-for-"brains" Øgølfer, October 7, 2008:

We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

The Hill, December 8, 2009:

Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Øbama bin Biden's handpicked general on the ground in Afghanistan) said the United States cannot defeat al-Qaeda until Osama bin Laden is captured.

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

NY Daily News, September 11, 2009:

Obama vows to boost hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

Dallas Morning News, October 30, 2008:

For the second straight day, (B. Huggin'terrorists Øløser) promised to "snuff out" Osama bin Laden.

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

The Øfascist maladministration's national security (sic) advisor for counterterrorism and homeland security (sic) John "Miserable Failure" Brennan, January 3, 2010:

We're going to get him. We're going to get bin Laden, we're going to get Zawahiri, we're going to get the other (al-Qaeda terrorist leaders).

But after 369 days of Øbama bin Biden's lies, deceptions, and failures in office, Osama bin Laden remains at-large, free to threaten the American people.

Day after day after day we're told lie after lie after lie by him and his miserably failing maladministraion.

Because of B. Hugeliar Øfascist and his dangerous incompetence, Osama bin Laden, Zawahiri, and all the other al-Qaeda terrorist leaders are getting away, getting many more chances to threaten us and to show the rest of the world what a lying, deceiving, failing sack of soft-on-terrorism halfwit our Golfer-in-Chief™ really is.

Pray for us and our country, Mr. & Mrs. America.

Pray really, really hard.

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Baracokehead Hugelyinsane Oblowa


Hmm, hmm, hmm.


erman commentators say it is the end of hope," whines Spiegel Online. (MTRN)

For the German producers of Randall Hutchins' "Hope – The Obama Musical Story," the timing couldn't be worse:

Frankfurt set for Obama musical opening

Barack Obama has been serenaded by stars like Aretha Franklin and Beyonce, now he'll sing himself [how narcissistically appropriate] in a new musical set to open on Sunday in Germany — where many consider the US president a role model.

Germans making an epically failing megalomaniacal self-absorbed fascist tyrant their role model. Now where have we heard that song before?

The stage Obama [as opposed to the Soro$-staged Øne] will perform a duet with First Lady Michelle and lead a gospel chorus singing "Yes, We Can," his trademark slogan of optimism and change, in a bi-lingual production entitled "Hope – The Obama Musical Story" [*snort* (pun intended)].

Followed by a brainwashed children's chorus singing the "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm (Dear Leader)" propaganda song.

Fortunately, it too sounds better in the original German.

Producers said they hope to take the show to the United States.

Except that the planned forty-week run in Boston, Massachusett[e]s has been inexplicably canceled.

"I had the initial idea right at the start of Obama's electoral campaign," US writer and composer Randall Hutchins told German magazine Spiegel's online edition.

"I found the atmosphere exciting and that was my inspiration. People hoped change would result in a better life. It was a beautiful, very social time."

Very socialist time would be more accurate.

Or, as clearly seen in Europe Eurabia, exactly the last sort of change that would have even the first hope of ever resulting in anything that could somehow be characterized in other than the remotest of ways "a better life," much less "beautiful."

Although Obama's domestic approval ratings have fallen,

Plummeted irreversibly into an unprecedented abyss would be more accurate.

the US president remains popular in Germany

A manifestly fascist dictator who gives really great teleprompter readings speeches, popular in Germany?

(That's never happened before ...i.e., besides 1933-1945.)

where a November poll found 44 per cent named him as their political role model,

Like that other manifestly fascist dictator who gave really great speeches had been in polls there between 1933 and 1945.

well ahead of former chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

With a predominantly US cast, the show is said to celebrate a non-political

Wait a minute. Everything liberals celebrate — e.g., Troop deaths in Iraq, terrorists clamming up and getting lawyered up, bribes for votes on "health" "care," Big Government taxing and spending, Big Government controlling everything and everybody, abortions infanticide, Death Panels, abridging free non-liberal speech, false and manipulated Global Warming® Climate Change® data, "Green" "jobs" kickbacks for enviromentardists, MSNBC MSDNC, looking down on non-liberals normal people, bashing and belittling Christians, Blaming Bush For Everything!!11!!1ONE!!®, death cults communism and Mao Mass Murder "Philosophy," womanslaughterers, etc., etc. — is political. So that premise is quite unbelievable, even for a liberal fantasist(birm)'s musical.

quest for a better future. Plans are being laid to take it to other cities around Germany.

(See the fisking below.)

"If everything works fine,

I.e., if German commentators don't declare, in effect, "Hope Is Dead!!!!!111!one11!!!"


we would like to plan a tour in the States as well," organiser Patrick Strese told AFP.

Obama's Republican presidential rival Senator John McCain and his colourful running mate Sarah Palin perform numbers of their own, the latter rocking with fishnet-clad go-go girls.

Attack Sarah Palin.™

Wow! That's new.

(Who says liberals can't be original? ...besides non-liberals everyone whose noggins respectively contain at least two functioning neurons, that is?)

Even the audience will get a chance to join in, organisers said, with seats equipped with a percussion-sensitive surface that lets them drum along with the beat.

Filthy2ers® especially like that feature.

Beating off to vapid, empty delusions is about the only thing they're really any good at.

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We owe y'all one, Minutemen and Minutewomen


Liberals, no doubt, had they been slithering around 234 years, 9 months ago, would've called your state's original ones "teabaggers," too.


hanks from all your fellow patriotic citizens for sending to Washington D.C. (aka Den of Crøøks) an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees"™ (©2010 Kreepth Ølber"man" MSDNC & Cømmunists/Fascists BIRM).

Don't expect any said Demøqrat/MSMedia snakes Cømmunists/Fascists to ever get it, however.

In fact, it's better that they won't and never will.

The more they try to sneak up on us and shove their liberal/communist/fascist(birm) crap down all our throats, the more we'll realize the clear and present danger they constantly pose to all our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

It's hard for any of us to stay alseep when we're all choaking.

Thanks, also, to Chicago Minuteman Rick Santelli for first loudly raising the alarm à la Paul Revere eleven months ago:

The change Americans are now ushering in of, by, and for themselves is what we need.

It has given each and every one of us real hope.

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Give Thanks, all ye People.


Give thanks, all ye people give thanks to the Lord,

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.
The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream that seaward creeps.
On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set today a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sung at the Completion of the Concord Monument,
April 19th, 1836

lleluias of freedom, with joyful accord:
Let the East and the West, North and South roll along,
Sea, mountain, and prairie, one thanksgiving song.

Give thanks, all ye people, give thanks to the Lord,
Alleluias of freedom, with joyful accord.

For the sunshine and rainfall, enriching again
Our acres in myriads, with treasures of grain;
For the Earth still unloading her manifold wealth,
For the Skies beaming vigor, the Winds breathing health:

Give thanks—

For the Nation's wide table, o'erflowingly spread,
Where the many have feasted, and all have been fed,
With no bondage their God-given rights to enthrall,
But Liberty guarded by Justice for all:

Give thanks—

In the realms of the Anvil, the Loom, and the Plow,
Whose the mines and the fields, to Him gratefully bow:
His the flocks and the herds, sing ye hill-sides and vales;
On His Ocean domains chant His Name with the gales.

Give thanks—

Of commerce and traffic, ye princes, behold
Your riches from Him Whose the silver and gold.
Happier children of Labor, true lords of the soil,
Bless the Great Master-Workman, who blesseth your toil,

Give thanks—

Brave men of our forces, Life-guard of our coasts,
To your Leader be loyal, Jehovah of Hosts:
Glow the Stripes and the Stars aye with victory bright,
Reflecting His glory—He crowneth the Right,

Give thanks—

Nor shall ye through our borders, ye stricken of heart,
Only wailing your dead in the joy have no part:
God's solace be yours, and for you there shall flow
All that honor and sympathy's gifts can bestow.

Give thanks—

In the Domes of Messiah, ye worshiping throngs,
Solemn litanies mingle with jubilant songs;
The Ruler of Nations beseeching to spare,
And our Empire still keep the Elect of His care.

Give thanks—

Our guilt and transgressions remember no more;
Peace, Lord! righteous Peace, of Thy gift we implore,
And the Banner of Union, restored by Thy Hand,
Be the Banner of Freedom o'er All in the Land.

And the Banner of Union, etc.

Give thanks—

Harper's Weekly
December 5, 1863

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Massachusetts Miracle


Massachusetts Miracle

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Barack Obama doesn't care about black people


Save the Dying People in Haiti versus Save his Dying Public "Option" in Massachusettes. (Guess which one won out.)


ff to Massachussettes (sic) "Present" Øfascist goes, leaving the earthquake-ravaged black people of Haiti hanging in the lurch. Or is that, hanging like they've just been lynched?

Way to go, Ø Selfish Øne.

Perhaps the Haitian people, as your crony in the Senate Harracisty "No Negro Dialect" ReidTard would say, aren't "light skinned" enough to warrant the undivided attention that they so desperately need now from your bribe-busy, greedy, selfish White Whøre Høuse.

Nah. They can wait. You've got much more important saving to do elsewhere (namely, Massachusettes).

So go to Massachusettes (sic) and let the black people of Haiti die.

Better them than your precious Health Care Death Snare™ bill, right?

Øfascist bribed, black people died.

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Scott Brown = FREEDOM.


Communist Comrade Coakley = More Out-of-Control Spending, More Obigama-Government Bailouts, More Murdering-Our-Jobs Taxes, More Buying-Off-Votes Bribes, More Run-Your-Life Controls, More Big-Uniøn Thuggery, More Terrorist-Attack Dangers, ... = Dependency, Fascism & SLAVERY.


ower Line and Michelle Malkin have the latest on this monumental campaign for Your Freedom against Demøfascistrat Slavery.

At the beginning of our Republic, the good citizens of Massachusetts bravely stood up for their freedoms, united fiercely against the invasive advancement of unbridled government tyranny.

The hope of our nation rests with them doing so again next Tuesday.

When they choose Scott Brown as their new United States Senator they will thus be ushering in change — from the absolute, øne-party stranglehold Cømrade Cøakley's Demøfascist accomplices have on our national government and our individual lives which now threatens to forever put an end to our Republic and our highest cherished enjoyments of Liberty — to "institut(ing) new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

That's what their election four days from now is all about.

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No 'Negro Dialect' in Harry Reid's Health Care Bill


How racist!


hy, you could even say Harry Reid's health care bill is "light skinned."

Harry Reid's racist health care bill.

That's what his racist self is shoving down your throats, Mr. & Mrs. America.

He and his fellow klansman Robert KKK Byrd shoving their Jim Crow racist "no Negro dialect" health care bill down your throats.

Only "light-skinned Negroes" are allowed to sit at the racist Demokkkrats' health care counter.

The rest of you with your "Negro dialect" have to go around back.

And stop drinking from Harry Reid's "light skinned-only" racist health care fountain!

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If we are attacked again, you are toast


You wrote and practically hand delivered the engraved invitations muslime terrorists feel they have now to launch such a massive attack that it would make 9/11 look like a fender bender.


ou should resign today and turn the reigns of leadership over to anyone with much, much, much more capability to lead our country's war effort. Namely: Anyone. But. You.

It'd save us the otherwise inescapable bother of having to impeach your worthless, miserably failing, dangerously incompetent self.

Lord knows we'll certainly have enough on our hands elsewhere: from sorting through the radioactive rubble to recover what's left of many, many, many of our fellow citizens' bodies, to clearing away said radioactive rubble while having to constantly tell your fellow libtardals that, no, we can't possibly need in its place yet another "Peace Museum™" that'll undoubtedly do everything it can to, with the help of your lapdog submissively urinating media, shift the entire blame from said muslime terrorists your invited bloodthirsty guests to — you guessed it — "Greedy Arrogant Capitalistic American Imperialism®." Not to mention all the times we'll be telling your Democratic Party al-Qaedaqratic Pølitburø that, no, we can't possibly need in its aftermath yet another totally politicized "(Fill in the Numerical Date of the Now Inevitable Attack) Commission™" that'll undoubtedly do everything it can to, again with the help of your lapdog submissively urinating media, shift the entire blame from said Democratic Party yourself and your al-Qaedaqratic Pølitburø to — you guessed it — "Teh Georgedolf W(armonger) Bushitler AdminiSStration®."

The way you've been carrying on recently always — golfing around and passing the buck, especially after all of these latest muslime terrorist attack attempts — you should just start telling everyone that your name's initials really don't stand for "Barack Obammm,mmm,mmma" "Barachickenhawk Øfascist."

They actually stand for Blame Others.

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"All this process... all these negotiations will be on C-SPAN" — where "all" means, apparently, "a mere 60-minute photo op."

(HT: Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion)

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'Waaahhh!!! Stop criticizing me!!! Waaahhh!!!'


"Call the Waaahhhmbulance!!!! It's all about ME!!!!! ...."


hat a spineless, mealymouthed, slimy sack of incompetenceship.

But you're right, Yøur wØrthlessnessship. Your miserably failing to protect the American people while treasonously aiding and comforting their bloodthirsty enemies shouldn't be a matter of divison and partisanship.

It should be a universally demanded matter of impeachmentship.

Namely, yours.

As in ship you out of office tout suite (see, I know more than just merci beaucoup) and ship you off to prison pour le reste de votre vie malheureuse for willfully neglecting to honor that solemn oath you took to faithfully execute the one office empowered by us to defend this nation against all enemy attacks.

Not "wait until the third attack in six months on our own soil before I feel like finally getting around to at least pretending that I'm doing something about it."

Not "we have to treat bloodthirsty pisslamic terrorist enemies[bhrh] who carry out blatant acts of war against us the same as we would domestic 'suspects' who commit 'alleged crimes.'"

Not "I'm going to close a secure facility that's helping keep all of us safe and bring foreign bloodthirsty pisslamic terrorist enemies[bhrh] here — on our own soil — where they'll clam up and get lawyers and mingle with local prision populations and endanger our corrections officers and receive a fair farce trial because that's what Teh Rest Of Teh World™ wants me to do, the American people's security be damned!"

Not "my epic failures, extreme incompetence, and egotistical whining are all the fault of Buuuuuuusssssssshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!®"

You are an unmitigated man-caused disaster. You are an utter disgrace to that office you allegedly occupy. You are an unpardonable abomination, an unredeemable worm, an unacceptable threat to the safety and security of this country and of every one of her citizens.

You are an unprecedented defilement of everything good, decent, and right about America.

You are unfit to lead a kazoo "band," much, much, much, much less any branch of any federal, state, local, or even student government, real or mock.

The sooner you're shipped out of office and off to prison the better for all of us and our individual freedoms and national security.

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islum is at war with us, Øbamoron


Leave it up to random private citizens to stop terrorists. So that's how "the system works"?


hat dangerous incompetence.

Another unprecedented miserable failure that's all your fault.

No bigger "smoking gun" than the would-be Christmas Day Massacre™ undybomber's own father turning his upper middle-class, post-secondary student-of-jihad son in at your own CIA headquarters in his country, and you completely drop the ball.

What would you be saying had those private passengers flying to Detroit decided instead to let your Soopur Anti-TerroristMan-Caused-Disasterist® system "work" without them, sitting quietly in their seats as yet another non-poor, highly-educated muslum al-Qaeda Trainee carried out yet another islumic act of war against us?

"Uhh... oh... hmm... er... eh.... yeah, uhh...."

Perhaps you'd vow — at the subsequent mass memorial — that no airline passenger shall ever again wear any underpants. That'll stop al-Qaeda!

Your extreme amateurishness is more dangerous to the American people than any clear and present terrorist threat, because there wouldn't be any clear and present terrorist threat if you were more interested in pulverizing muslum terrorists into dust before they indiscriminately bomb hundreds if not thousands more of us out of existence, than in protecting their unprecedented "constitutional rights" inside some courtroom after they do.

But that would mean taking personal responsibility for what your alleged administration does, rather than incessantly Blaming Bush™ for what it doesn't or won't do. Of course, no one can ever hope to expect that the miserably failing "man"-caused disaster known as you would even "think" of taking all actions necessary to go after and destroy every muslum terrorist on the planet.

Bottom line is many more Americans are going to wind up dead if we have to put up with your extremely dangerous incompetence much longer.

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