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Democrats Never Learn


Don't they remember what happened to them after the last civil war they started?


iolent Democrats(birm) threatening "blood in the streets" if they don't get their way should come as no surprise to anyone at this point.

Character actor James Cromwell warn[s] of violence if President Trump and his allies remain in office.

"If we don’t stop (President Trump) now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets."

That's what Democrooks and other liberofascists mean when they screech, "Civility!!!!11!11!!111!!!!!11™"

According to the Party of Slavery® — aka Demonrats — any Republican who points out the hundreds of recent acts of extreme violence by Despoticrats is "being uncivil." Same if the former dares quote the latter's own maliciously menacing, mob-inciting words. Republicans are supposed to roll over, play dead, and never ever ever respond to anything Demotyrants say, do, or threaten to do.

No wonder reasonable people are walking away in droves from the Democrat Party such a violently hostile, hate-filled cult.

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Leftist Wackos (BIRM) Trying to Kavanaugh the Right


Laughably unexplodable fake "bombs" — that's not the Right's style.


im "I'm Sooo Special" Acosta, CNN's top Prozi propagandist and "bomb"-disposal expert, showed this photo of the fake "bomb" that undoubtedly one of his liberofascist cohorts personally hand delivered to their Ministry of Propaganda branch office CNN.

Laughably Unexplodable Fake 'Bomb' (LUFB)

That laughably unexplodable fake "bomb" (LUFB for short), next to the Clorox wipes, is sitting on a table in some break room. That's right. A break room. Not deep within the bowels of the Bomb Squad's reinforced-concrete building. No. It's having a photoshoot in CNN's break room.

Red Flag 1.

The package's laughably insufficient, uncancelled postage means their LUFB didn't go through any U.S. Postal Service facility, where it would've been immediately caught and given many, many USPS sorting room workers and supervisors a very hardy laugh. No. One of Acostard's fellow leftist wackos(birm) brazenly walked up to their Ministry of Propaganda branch office CNN and deposited said LUFB where a CNN Prozi "worker" could find it, pick it up and take it to CNN's break room for a photoshoot. All, apparently, without being caught on or by any security camera or personnel. Call him/her/whatthehell Teh Invisible Ninja Leftist Wacko(birm) Fake "Bomber"™!

Red Flag 2.

Approximately 15 nanoseconds after this LUFB was "discovered," the leftist wackos(birm) at CNN quickly went on-air with this propaganda prop "news" item and instantly blamed President Trump for Creating A Climate Of Hate® in which normal conservative people minding their own business are suddenly Pushed Over The Edge® and Whipped Into A Frenzy® until they're utterly compelled to make Laughably Unexplodable Fake "Bombs" (LUFB) and personally hand deliver all of them without being seen by anybody or on any security tape to said Ministry of Propaganda branch office CNN Prozis and other assorted leftist wackos(birm) about 12 days before the midterm elections. What a coinkydink™! Some pushed-over-the-edge, whipped-into-a-frenzy LUFB maker(s) resisted that overwhelming urge to make and send LUFBs until then.

Red Flag 3.

The whole thing appears little more than another of the liberofascists' coordinated pre-election smear jobs, desperately concocted in yet another last-ditch effort to stave off their highly deserved, thorough beating from Americans who are beyond pissed off at their dangerously destructive grabs for absolute power, and who now stand poised to handily deliver them not bombs, but a most beautifully glorious drubbing on November 6.

Since these laughably unexplodable fake "bombs" are essentially Duds for Duds™, perhaps we should call them Duds Unleashed by Moon Bats.

DUMB for short.

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1984 Redux: Liars Have a Right to Be Believed


Democrats are pure evil.


ruth, contrary to what media hypocrites and Despoticrats(birm) "think" feel, is not whatever spews past the perpetually forked tongues of deranged liberofascists.

"Never" may be the same as "at least once" in their criminally-insane so-called minds, and "fear of flying" the same as "frequent-flyer champ" or "escape door" the same as "rental-space entrance," but to people possessing more than one functional neuron anywhere inside their craniums, those aren't even close. Had any Trump Administration official tried under oath to make such representations, the Democrook-Mediot Dictatorial Complex™ would be screeching at the top of their pot-soaked lungs demanding the FBI roughly shove him into the dankest, darkest jail cell and throw away the key!

True American patriot and President Trump's original national-security adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was "caught" telling the FBI that, during the presidential transition, Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak asked him to discuss lifting U.S. sanctions against Russia, but he replied, essentially, "No, let's not discuss that now." There were no material discussions, but Deep State witchhunters prosecuted General Flynn anyway. They claimed he "lied" when he truthfully said no material discussions took place. They coerced him into pleading guilty by threatening to also investigate his family. They bankrupted him. The whole Deep State branded him an agent of the Kremlin. That's what happens when a Trump Administration official tries to say "no discussion" is the same as "merely mentioned it."

Demofascists yelling everybody must believe their liars and disbelieve our truth-tellers is nothing new. Were George Orwell alive today, he'd be penning his book's sequel as we speak.

Its title? 2018.

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