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Reason No. 763,034,653,434 to Outlaw Government Schools


Extreme censorship of even religious "references."


owever, had this 6-year-old girl in North Carolina wrote that her veteran grandfather prayed to allah, no doubt the government skewl PCensors™ would've allowed her to read her poem at the Veterans Day assembly:

The poem honored her two grandfathers who served during the Vietnam War.

"He prayed to God for peace," she wrote of one of them. "He prayed to God for strength."

Unfortunately, a parent found out about this, and complained to the school district....

After fully examining the issue during the [McDowell County Board of Education] meeting, President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Paulson stated the [government] school did in fact have the right [power* –FIFY, LR] to remove the word "God" from the child's poem.

"Courts have consistently held up the rights for students to express themselves unless their speech is disruptive to the [government] school," stated Paulson according to McDowell News. "When the little girl wrote the poem and included a reference to God she had every right to do that. The First Amendment protects all Americans. She had every right to mention God, (but) that dynamic changed when they asked her to read it at an assembly."

Paulson said that because the students were a captive audience — they were at a mandatory assembly with no place else to go if they didn't want to attend — administrators had the right [power] to remove the word "God."

"Courts have found that religious references at [government] school-sponsored events generally run afoul of the First Amendment," said Paulson. "When a public [government] school knows there's going to be a reference to religion then there is a problem and they have to address it. The reason for these restrictions is to prevent the government from endorsing a specific faith or religion. So public [government] schools have to steer clear of religious references."

Fox News contacted the parents of the student in question for comment, but they declined.

Pray for America, Dear Citizens. Just don't let anyone catch you doing it openly in "our" government skewls.

* In the United States of America — at least for now — only the individual citizen has rights. His government has powers that he and his fellow citizens expressly and specifiedly chose to merely loan it, and may at any time choose to reserve solely to themselves again.

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Obama's Margin of 'Victory': Three Football Stadiums


Had just 167,000 switched their votes, Øfascist wouldn't have "won"* the election.


hat's only 36,595 voters in Florida, 51,741 in Ohio, 57,956 in Virginia, and 20,330 in New Hampshire. Given this season's Super Bowl at the Superdome in New Orleans can accomodate 73,000 of them, the margin is actually less than three.

Also, had just 490,000 switched nationwide, Øfascist wouldn't have "won" even a majority of votes.

Moreover, had just 1,020,000 switched, Øfascist wouldn't have "won" a plurality of votes, either.

E electoral votes.  T votes tallied.  R voted for Romney.  Ø voted for Øfascist.  S-vote switch needed to change outcome.
1070West Virginia593%62%412,40636%234,92535,496.20
17152South Carolina995%55%1,049,50744%845,75622,639.00
18155South Dakota394%58%210,54140%144,98821,851.00
20161North Dakota394%59%187,58639%124,49021,032.00
24206North Carolina1599%51%2,275,85348%2,178,3886,497.67
28270New Hampshire495%46%327,87052%368,529-10,164.75-5.52%-20,330166,622
33316New Mexico591%43%331,91553%408,312-15,279.40-9.36%-38,199482,745
40370Rhode Island492%36%155,35563%274,342-29,746.75-21.69%-59,4941,176,494
44406New Jersey1496%41%1,383,23358%1,960,744-41,250.79-14.73%-288,7561,864,112
48514New York2986%36%2,226,63763%3,875,826-56,868.59-21.28%-824,5954,339,753
51538Washington D.C.389%7%17,33791%222,332-68,331.67-46.10%-102,4985,115,126

For somebody who "won" fewer electoral votes, fewer popular votes, a smaller percentage of the popular vote, and fewer states than he did in his first election — an unprecedented feat in American history — only an extremist nutjøbama fascist liberal(birm) could consider this anything other than a Pyrrhic victory.

* Now that the fraud is impossible to hide, such quotation marks are required.

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'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil...'


Preface: Truth will out

And seeing as this highly unlikely turn of events [unanimous vote] happened not in one or two precincts, but in over 59 in Philadelphia, and 9 in Cleveland, that credulity can be safely said to be completely strained, if not broken....

Such a victory isn't logically impossible, but it's so thoroughly unlikely that some observers are already raising questions of fraud.


n what we profess to be a representative democracy, election fraud is the greatest of all evils that men can inflict on citizens as a whole.

The only way we can fail to ultimately defeat such evil is that, as Edmund Burke warned, good men do nothing.

“Time and again those who profess to be good seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often. Seldom is it the numbers that determine the outcome, but whether those who claim to be good men are willing to stand up and fight for what they know to be right.”

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Twenty Demøfraud seats in two doom-filled years.


witching any 15 of the following 20 Dhimmoralrats' seats to Republican* in 2014 will give the American people a filibuster-proof pro-America Senate. Switching any six will give them a majority one.

Alaska, 55% R in 2012
Mark Begich, 48% in 2008
Arkansas, 61% R
Mark Pryor, 80%
Colorado, 51% D
Mark Udall, 53%
Delaware, 59% D
Chris Coons, 65%
Illinois, 57% D
Richard Durbin, 68%
Iowa, 52% D
Tom Harkin, 63%
Louisiana, 59% R
Mary Landrieu, 52%
Massachusetts, 61% D
John Kerry, 66%
Michigan, 54% D
Carl Levin, 63%
Minnesota, 53% D
Al Franken, 42%
Montana, 55% R in 2012
Max Baucus, 73% in 2008
New Hampshire, 52% D
Jeanne Shaheen, 52%
New Jersey, 58% D
Frank Lautenberg, 56%
New Mexico, 53% D
Tom Udall, 61%
North Carolina, 51% R
Kay Hagan, 53%
Oregon, 54% D
Jeff Merkley, 49%
Rhode Island, 63% D
Jack Reed, 73%
South Dakota, 58% R
Tim Johnson, 63%
Virginia, 51% D
Mark Warner, 65%
West Virginia, 62% R
Jay Rockefeller, 64%
* including independents who caucus with Republicans.

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Something's Not Right Here


What happened to 13,000,000+ votes?

Popular VotesElectoral Votes
2008 Presidential Election129,391,71169,456,89759,934,814538365173
2012 Presidential Election
as of 11/7/2012 7:29 AM
2012 - 2008 Difference-13,243,2520


epublican enthusiasm was a whopping 3 million votes greater for McCain in 2008 than Romney in 2012? Every poll was extremely wrong about that and about independents breaking massively for Romney as well?

Overall turnout was even less this time than it was way back in 2004 (122.3 million)? Did the U.S. Census miss a decrease in our voting age population?

This "election" doesn't pass the smell test.


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