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bamalign your police officers. Overcharge them with crimes every chance you get. Coddle and appease your Baracriminal Øbamasons' violent supporters. What could possibly go wrong?

Blares BarackimoreCity.gov: "Mayor Rawlings-Blake Requests Federal Investigation of Baltimore Police Department." "Mayor, Health Commissioner deliver medication to customers affected by riots (and) the aftermath of 13 looted pharmacies."

Boorack! Hoosein!

Before and during the riots, these people demanded that the police go away. Now, they demand they come back, but police them selectively. Screw that. Officers are now being surrounded in their cars by 30 to 50 thugs when they stop. You think these officers don't fear for their own lives? And when they are not in physical jeopardy, they've got the Mayor and the DOJ, led by Al Sharpton, breathing down their necks and threatening them. Tell me how their paltry salaries are worth this? I wouldn't blame every damn one of them for walking away. Baltimore [Barackimore] can rot, most of it already has and the soaring murder spree continues.

Public slaves "Citizens" chose these Barace Øbaiters to be their masters "public servants." Now they're enjoying the fruits of their lubricious thUgtopia.

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A Letter from Governor Walker


Scott Walker
May 15, 2015
Libsareb Raindead
Liberal Utopia
Dear Libsareb:
The voters elected me to make tough decisions.
They wanted me to clean up the mess my Democratic predecessor left behind.
For too many years, they'd heard nothing but big talk and flimsy promises.
They were eager for big ideas, bold reform, sweeping conservative action and...
Libsareb, that's exactly what we gave them.
Putting my heart and soul into a set of conservative reforms, we turned Wisconsin around, got the government out of the way, put the state in the right direction and just as we predicted... by limiting government and unleashing free enterprise, we got amazing results.
Enclosed with my letter is your limited-edition "Scott Walker – Conservative Governor" bumper sticker in recognition and appreciation of your conservative leadership in the United States of America.
There's a contribution form and return envelope included as well with the hope that you'll join our energetic grassroots team of conservative supporters with your "Friends of Scott Walker" contribution of $35, 50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000,-$2,500 or more.
As you may know, our conservative leadership came with a steep price.
Because I curbed collective bargaining to empower school districts and local governments, the Big Government Labor Bosses came after me hard in a recall race.
They joined forces with the Obama Liberals who have a vested interest in growing government, and they spent millions to try to take me out.
Conservative champions across the country rallied to my side. We won that recall race. And we proved once and for all that standing up to the Far Left bullies is not only the right thing to do, the voters will applaud your courage.
Yes, we made some tough decisions. And they paid off.
New jobs are way up in a growing economy.
Taxes are way down and that puts more money into everyone's pockets.
Business confidence soared because we got government out of the way.
In our surging economy, new housing starts and new business starts are way up.
Empowered to make their own decisions, our schools are in better shape than before. Test scores are up. Graduation rates are up, too.
Our pension system is the only one in the country that's frilly funded.
We inherited a $3.6 billion deficit from the Democrats and turned it into a surplus.
The play-it-safe pundits urged me to shy away from the "controversial" issues...
But I refused to take their advice.
The Constitution is crystal clear and the 2nd Amendment means what it says. Your right to "keep and bear arms" cannot be taken away from you.
For the sake of our safety and sovereignty, our borders must be secure.
And when I call to protect American jobs and American wages, it's not anti-immigration, it's simply pro-American worker.
The passion you and I share for limited government, constitutional principles, free enterprise, and sweeping conservative change goes to the heart of our vision for making America's future brighter than ever.
These are the conservative principles we've put into action in Wisconsin, but in the bigger picture, what's working so well here will work every place in America...
Especially in Washington, D.C.
For six long years President Obama's liberal policies have made a mess of things.
Our economy is barely growing. Millions are out of work and millions more have gotten so discouraged, they've given up looking for a job. Wages are as stagnant as the economy.
Liberals are trying to micromanage the economy out of Washington and that's a disaster.
From the instant they launched their healthcare.gov website, it's been clear that ObamaCare is on course to be a disaster.
President Obama's budgets increase Washington's spending Taxes go up. The debt goes deeper. The federal debt will double during President Obama's watch.
Is it any wonder 2/3 of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction? They're repulsed by the dysfunction radiating from Washington and the White House.
The old guard and establishment politicians have had their chance and they've failed -- miserably. They've spent money we don't have on liberal programs we don't need.
It's time for fresh ideas, a new direction, conservative reforms, and real leadership.
My habit of "telling it like it is" has earned me a bunch of liberal detractors and they've spent millions of dollars to defeat me. We've beat back every challenge so far but there are more challenges ahead and our campaign can certainly use a good strong conservative leader like you.
You've gone out of your way to help other conservative leaders.
My hope is that you'll ioin our "Friends of Scott Walker" campaign with your personal contribution for $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.
Your strong and early support will make you one of the key members of our team.
The Washington Liberals are always looking for ways to go after my record, reforms, conservative agenda, and vision. They will dream up everything and anything to attack me for, and spit out negative television ads to bolster their attacks.
With your good help, we'll be ready for the next onslaught of vicious ads. Along with your limited edition "Scott Walker – Conservative Governor" bumper sticker, there's a contribution form with your name on it. Please put it to good use today.
The truth is, we've only scratched the surface of the conservative reforms we want to enact to make government better, smaller, and smarter. Your personal check to our conservative cause will have a tremendous impact. In fact, the single greatest action you can take to help me is to write a contribution to "Friends of Scott Walker" today.
This is one of those special moments where the action you take today will have a ripple effect across the nation for years to come, as the reforms we've implemented in Wisconsin serve as a model to local, state, and even the federal government.
But our opponents will never cease their fight. They want me to pay for sticking to my conservative principles and they want my defeat to serve as a lesson for all those who would ever dare to cross them. Libsareb, the best way for us to prepare for the political challenges, ahead is to start now and get stronger fast.
You know what the liberal Democrats in Washington are capable of, but don't be intimidated. We've got the Constitution behind us and a bright conservative future in front of us.
Our opponents berate others, tear down our accomplishments, twist the truth, and fool the voters. Everything they do is in service of protecting the Big Government status quo they love.
But they're doing a disservice to our citizens.
They engage in the cheap-shot, smash-mouth, gutter politics that heckles, harasses and shows their level of hypocrisy with every new attack ad they run.
My hero is President Ronald Reagan and you likely have a special place in your heart for him, too. Through the power of his example, he proved that the time to make history is now. Libsareb, let's make history together by making government smaller and smarter with a set of new fresh conservative reforms that will turn things around.
Put your "Scott Walker – Conservative Governor" bumper sticker to good use. And join our conservative crusade with your "Friends of Scott Walker" contribution for $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 or more.
Don't for a second doubt the kind of impact our conservative reforms are having.
Don't let the Washington know-it-ails tell you one person can't make a difference.
You can. You will. Your help today will mean the world to me.
Let me hear back from you with the good news that you'll join our conservative crusade.
Sincerely yours,
Scott Walker
Just like President Reagan, I'm optimistic about our future because I have such great confidence in the ability of "ordinary" Americans to do extraordinary things. There are great possibilities ahead as soon as we get Big Government out of the way. Come join me, Libsareb.
Paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer
Friends of Scott Walker · P.O. Box 620347 · Middleton, WI 53562

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'Denying Global-Climate-Warming-Change-Disruption-Shifts™ Endangers National Security'


As opposed to overtly aiding, comforting, and enabling Iran, ISIS, and our nation's other islamofascist enemies, Mr. Presidespot?


t's not lying Øliar's catastrophic fumbling diplomatically that has made our world extremely unsafe. The blame lies (pun intended) with shriekingly hyped and "adjusted" "data" that this Doomsayer-n-Thief and his fellow greedy, hypocritical alarmists drone on and on about as being "proof" of how, in Popular (Junk-)Science's words rantings and ravings, "global warming and climate shifts begin to impact diplomacy (or the lack thereof) around the world. Melting ice in the Arctic is creating a mad scramble for resources, while melting in the Antarctic is raising sea levels so high countries are drowning. And drought is making water an increasingly precious resource, one that people could die for." Moreover, anybody who dares scrutinize such "data" is branded not only a "holocaust denier" but a much bigger threat to our national security than all the emboldened muslim tyrants and terrorists clearly and presently trying to weaken and destroy us so yes they can establish some worldwide Theocratic Reich.

That's the Øfascist misadministration for you. Official motto: Helping foreign evildoers since 2009.®

Ominously, the Caliphate-enabling extremist told our Coast Guard Academy graduates that "if you see storm clouds gathering, or dangerous shoals ahead, you don't sit back and do nothing. You take action — to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty.

"And so, too, with climate change. Denying it, or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces."

What is he ordering them to do? Since he declared "deniers," in effect, a grave national-security threat — one that "undermines the readiness of our forces" — does he want them to detain or even fire on any they encounter at sea? After all, "anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty."

If a group of GCWCDS™ skeptics go on a cruise and one of our Coast Guard ships intercepts them, is it supposed to immediately attack and sink them? Will he court martial that ship's entire company if it fails to do so?

No, as this very hard data scientifically shows, the thing endangering our national security the most is the viscous pack of fascist shitweasels now infesting our country's executive branch of government.

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Needed Amtrak 'Infrastructure' Was A Brake Pedal


Going 100 MPH around a 55 MPH curve was not the fault of Republicans, Baracknee-jerk Øbastard.


emocrackheads can't even wait for the dead bodies to get cold yet before trying to figure out a way to blame Republicans for those deaths.

Somewhere just above the lowest layer of hell reserved for lawyers and beneath that reserved for genocidal tyrants is the evil hotspot these Øfascists will be forever residing after they kick the red rat-bastard commie bucket.

They'll be joined, of course, by the Politco(mmie) hack who wrote this: "Hours after deadly crash, House panel votes to cut Amtrak budget."

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Lying liar-in-chief lied again.


emember Baracrook Øfascist's big lie that his health care "reform" would significantly reduce emergency-room visits?

How often, for example, have you heard the emergency-room argument? The uninsured, it's said, use emergency rooms for primary care. That's expensive and ineffective. Once they're insured, they'll have regular doctors. Care will improve; costs will decline. Everyone wins. Great argument. Unfortunately, it's untrue.

Just like "if you like your plan/doctor, yes you can keep your plan/doctor. Period!"

Once again we learn it was nothing but lies.

Backers of ObamaCare have said it would reduce the number of visits to emergency rooms, the Wall Street Journal notes, but in fact, a poll of ER doctors finds that number has been climbing.

Exactly as predicted by everybody with something other than fascistic feces for brains when Øbigliar and his Democrook accomplices in Congress were conspiring to ram their unread, 2,000-page bill fraud down all our throats.

"Visits are going up despite the (Affordable [sic] Care [sic] Act), and in a lot of cases because of it," a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians tells the Journal.

Also, the average family's annual health care costs were supposed to go down by $2,500. But, of course, the opposite has happened. Just look at how "affordable" your deductible and premiums are now.

The findings come from a March poll of 2,098 doctors, three-quarters of whom said they'd seen ER visits increase since January 2014. Last year, less than half of doctors polled noted an increase in the number of visits.

After many lawless delays and exemptions, we're finally starting to feel the full abominable effects of Øfascist"Care".

The ACEP says people who have gained Medicaid insurance under the law are heading to the ER because they have a hard time getting appointments otherwise; many doctors won't accept their insurance, ACEP notes.

Another prediction come true.

There is also the problem of hospitals and ERs closing.


The president of ACEP tells USA Today that there is also a shortage of primary care doctors given the number of people now insured.

Only fanatical fascists like Øbigliar and his co-conspirators in government and media didn't want you to see that one coming.

US officials have predicted that by 2020, the country will be 20,000 primary care doctors short of its needs. "(Patients) don't have anywhere to go but the emergency room," he says. "This is what we predicted. We know people come because they have to."

By then, don't be surprised if you have to bring along an interpreter whenever you visit your Øfascist"Care" "doctor."

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ISIS Crossing the Border


"It's never been more secure!" –Baracrook Øliar


he "Religion" of Peace Submit-or-Die respects freedom of speech like its enabler-in-chief Presidespot Øfascist respects the constitution that guarantees that freedom. That is, it doesn't.

Local police said two suspects opened fire late Sunday outside a community center in Garland that was hosting an event displaying cartoons of the prophet [mass-murdering pedophile] Muhammad. One unarmed security guard was injured, but other security officers managed to fatally shoot both attackers before anyone else was hurt or killed.

Followers of ISIS had been sending messages about the event in Texas for more than a week, calling for attacks. One referenced January's Charlie Hebdo massacre in France and said it was time for "brothers" in the United States to do their part.

[Elton] Simpson was well known to the FBI. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa, but a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove he was going to join a terror group there.

As for the second suspect, the FBI is combing through files on all of Simpson's known associates in Phoenix and elsewhere, but so far there has been no word on the accomplice's identity.

Why hasn't there been any word? Is the other murderous islamofascist an "Undocumented American" (© 2007 Harry Reidtard, D-ISIS)?

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