Liberal Utopia

What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Jimmy Carter at least tried to rescue our endangered diplomats


Baracrook Insane Øgutless not only didn't, but cowardly abandoned them the moment he heard they were in trouble.


on't count on Øbamemyselfandi bothering to help you even when yes he can and should.

If helping you would interfere in any way with his constant campaigning for political office, you're on your own.

Got al-Qaeda terrorists breathing down your neck? Sorry, he's off to Vegas.

Desperately need back-up? Without it you'll die? Too bad. Don't even hope he'll change his schedule.

He has time only to raise money for his campaign, not to save anyone's life.

The most "help" you'll ever get from him is when you come home in a body bag, and he has his sidekick come over and compliment your grieving family on your now lifeless balls.

What, you don't find any comfort in that?

I would say "go tell it to the Marines" (at least while you still can). But he's made that impossible for you, too.

After all, he had to privatize and outsource their jobs.

The only real hope for justice you'll find is posthumously, when someone — either your family or President Romney's attorney general, or both — drags Øbamurderer and his whole lying crew of liars into court for their criminal negligence which led directly to your wrongful death.

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What's Up with Obama? (Updated 5x)


The "upsides" of the Downgrader-in-Chief


eaths of American Troops in Afghanistan


Grim Milestone: Over Twice as Many U.S. Soldiers Have Died in Afghanistan Under Obama In 3 1/2 Years Than Did Under Bush in 8 Years — Media Silent

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold

“If you don’t weed the garden of Truth, the tree of Liberty dies.”

Terrorist attacks against America


Obama Administration Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Team From Libya One Month Before Attack

Administration Welcomed Wolves Into The Sheepfold

White House Knew al-Qaeda Was Rising Threat in Libya Region

Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack

Obama regime scrubs State Department Memo from website to cover up Benghazi-Gate

Fort Hood victims see similarities to Benghazi

Despite Obama's Claims, Al Qaeda Making Comeback in Afghanistan

Negotiations with terrorists


Negotiating with al-Qaida-backed Taliban Is Still an Option in Afghanistan

What Has America Gained from Obama's Taliban Concessions?

Iranian Regime: Obama Sent Secret Message Recognizing Our Nuclear Rights

Disenfranchised American Troops


Military Voters Disenfranchised — "failure to implement the 2009 act of Congress will likely leave thousands of military voters disenfranchised in the 2012 election"

Obama Administration Shirks Legal Obligation To Protect Military Voters

Bows to dictators


"bowing low from the waist to foreign leaders" (images)

Obama Bows To Islam

Obama Receives Endorsements from Three Dictators

Obama the Appeaser

Apology and Retreat

Dear Vladie, "After my election I have more flexibility on (gutting America's) missile defense."

Gas prices


No Gas Price Relief for Motorists

More pain at pump as Calif. gas prices rise again

Experts question Obama's claim that gas prices tied to recession, recovery

Obama holds energy development hostage

Earlier this summer, with almost no media coverage, President Barack Obama quietly locked down tens of billions of barrels of oil and immense reserves of natural gas from development for the next five years.

As the nation was focused on the U.S. Supreme Court's health care decision, Obama reinstituted a moratorium on offshore oil drilling that shuts down about 85 percent of America's Outer Continental Shelf from exploration or drilling. Currently, the federal government only allows searching for energy on 2 percent of the OCS.

The Obama decision, which overrides a previous decision by a Democratic Congress and President George W. Bush in 2008, blocks the exploration and development of an estimated 86 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the OCS....

Gas prices, which stood at $1.84 per gallon when Obama took office, had climbed to more than double that rate ($3.82) as of Monday, Oct. 8, and he has almost institutionalized $3 to $4 per-gallon gas.

Drilling permits issued, which rose by 58 percent during Bill Clinton's years as president and by 116 percent during the George W. Bush era, have fallen by 36 percent under Obama.

While U.S. oil production has increased during Obama's presidency, it has risen — despite his best efforts to stifle energy production — because it has climbed on non-government lands, such as the Bakken formation, where Obama has little power to curtail such production.

To some observers, it is as if Obama is waging a war against domestic oil and coal production, while he touts government subsidies to solar firms like Solyndra that reward his donors and then go bankrupt.

Øfascist's "energy" secretary: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

Grocery prices


Grocery Prices Up 15% Since Obama Took Office

Food Prices Skyrocketed in 2011

Obama's War on Middle Class: The Hidden Inflation Tax

Frauds, failures, and fiascos of green "energy"


Obama's Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures

Another Obama Failure… Michigan Battery Plant Places Workers on Furlough

Picking Losers: Green Command Economy And The Electric Car Fiasco

Yet another 'green' corporation fails, takes millions of tax dollars with it

Obama's Green Energy Fiasco

Green Energy Fails Again Offshore Wind Farms Are Sinking

Obama tells Colo. audience he wants more wind turbines 'manufactured here in China'

Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:13 AM

Taxes hurting middle class families


Supreme Court Outs Obama As The Biggest Middle Class Tax Hiker

Obamacare penalties really are taxes — mostly middle class taxes. These middle class taxes go into effect in 2014, unless Obamacare is repealed.

CBO: Obamacare Mandate Tax Overwhelmingly Hits Middle Class

Obama Promised Not to Raise Taxes on Middle Class; He Lied

[ØLiarTax"Care"] adds up to the largest tax increase on the middle class in world history.

Top Five Obama-Biden Tax Hikes Burying the Middle Class

  1. Individual Mandate Non-Compliance Tax
  2. Tax on Union Member and Early Retiree Health Insurance Plans
  3. Flexible Spending Account Tax — a.k.a. "Special Needs Kids Tax"
  4. Medicine Cabinet Tax
  5. High Medical Bills Tax

Obama's Middle-Class Tax Hike

The president's most recent budget proposal would add some $7.6 trillion in new federal debt. The additional debt-service costs would add up to an average of about $1,300 per family per year under the current tax system. Families of relatively modest means would see hundreds of dollars a year in new taxes, and better-off families would see thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year in new taxes. But not until after the November election, of course.

Obama's Plan for a Middle-Class Tax Increase

Liar] is leaving the door open to a reform that raises taxes on filers with incomes below $250,000....

Obama's $1,000 middle class tax hike is just the beginning

The Cost Of Obama's Debt: $4,000 in Middle-Class Tax Increases

WSJ: Obama Budget Plan Entails Tax Hike for Middle Class

Obama plans to kill middle-class tax credit

A List of Barack Obama's First Term Tax Increases

Middle Class Americans Hit Hardest

Taxes hurting poor families


Obamarx's First Tax-Hike Target: The Poor

Obama's tax increase on the poor

Obamacare burdens poor and middle class with taxes

ACA creates mandated tax on the working poor

Obama's Huge Tax Increase on the Poor In 2011

Obama Tax Cut Plan would Increase Taxes for the Poor

Taxmageddon on the Working Poor

Taxes hurting small businesses and job creators


Obama's Big Tax Increases on Small Business

Obamacare's devastating small business tax hikes

Top five worst Obama tax hikes on small business

Obama's Tax Hike Plan Punishes Small Businesses

Economists Warn President Obama's Small Business Tax Hike Will Make It Harder to Create Jobs

Obama Tax Hike Targets Small Business

[The Øfascist regmime's] own numbers show that the Obama tax plan takes aim at "91 percent of the income earned by small businesses that actually employ workers."

Five Things You Might Not Know About Obama's Small Business Tax Hikes

Update II
Friday, November 02, 2012 8:05 AM

Blood money for oil


Obama Supporting Offshore Drilling ... In Brazil


Murdered diplomats



Americans left behind to die


Under Obama, Mideast Looks Like '1979 Tehran'

Murders in Øbamicide's hometown


Chicago Surpasses 2011 Total for Homicides

Extreme government spending


Failed Economic Policy

If voters want to avoid a painful replay of the fiscal failures of the much-derided Bush administration, their only choice in 2012 demands voting out Barack Obama and giving Mitt Romney a clean shot at real change.

Deficit Exceeds $1 Trillion For Fourth Straight Year

Obama promised a "net spending cut," but as soon as he was elected, he proposed massive spending increases....

Federal spending under the Obama administration has been at historic highs, consuming around 24 percent of the economy, compared to an average of about 20 percent under the Bush administration.

Extreme bankrupting "budgets"


Networks Silent on Obama's Fourth Consecutive Trillion-Dollar Deficit


Federal Debt Per Household Has Risen $43,000 Since The Senate Passed A Budget 3½ Years Ago

Extremely dangerous mountain chains of crushing debt


National Debt Increases More Than $1 Trillion For Fifth Fiscal Year — Three Years The Democratic Controlled Senate Refused To Pass A Fiscal Year Budget

Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion

The government's indebtedness to foreign entities has shot up 72.3 percent since President Barack Obama took office.

Ownership of Federal Debt

Countries with Largest Holdings of Treasury Securities (As of June 2011)

4.Middle East oil-exporters$189,000,000,000

$16T kiss of debt for prez as Dems party

The Democratic convention got off to an embarrassing start for President Obama yesterday when the nation's debt hit an astronomical $16 trillion %mdash; a staggering $135,578 for every family....

$16 with 12 zerO-bamas

Update III
Monday, November 05, 2012 11:06 AM

Øfascist's green-crony execs robbing American Taxpayers blind and making out like bandits


Green Energy Execs Got Rich Off Aid From Obama Administration

Women receiving less pay than men in the Øbamisogynist White House


Women in Obama White House earn less than men

Obama touts fair pay for women, despite records showing women paid less in his own White House

Why Does Obama's White House Pay Women Less?

Women out of work


Election is about the big picture

760,000 more women are out of work [since Øfascist took office: "the number of women out of work has increased by 15 percent"]. Obama has fewer women in his White House than his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Obama erodes the American dream

5.5 million unemployed women.

Americans unemployed


Four More Years Of This?

There Are 23 Million Americans That Are Unemployed, Underemployed Or Marginally Attached To The Labor Force. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

In October, The Number Of Unemployed Workers Increased By 170,000 To 12.26 Million. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

23 Million Americans Under/Unemployed, Yet Obama Pushes Work Permits for Illegal Aliens!

Obama is no good for America

Americans giving up on finding any job


Four More Years Of This?

813,000 Discouraged Workers Have Given Up Looking For Work. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Don't Be Fooled, The Obama Unemployment Rate Is 11%

In the much celebrated [January] unemployment report, the labor force participation rate had plummeted to 63.7%, the most rapid decline in U.S. history. That means that under President Obama nearly 5 million Americans have fled the workforce in hopeless despair.... Bureau of Labor Statistics reported... that an additional 1.2 million workers had dropped out of the work force altogether, giving up hope under Obama.

Lost manufacturing and construction jobs


Four More Years Of This?

Since Obama Took Office, The Nation Has Lost 1,019,000 Construction Jobs And 586,000 Manufacturing Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12).

In October, Motor Vehicle And Parts Manufacturers Lost 2,100 Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Hispanics unemployed


Four More Years Of This?

In October, The Hispanic Unemployment Rate Increased From 9.9 To 10.0 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

African Americans unemployed


Four More Years Of This?

The African American Unemployment Rate Increased From 13.4 Percent To 14.3 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Time out of work


Four More Years Of This?

Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Workers Unemployed For 27 Weeks Or Longer Has Increased From 2.7 Million To 5.0 Million. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

In October, The Number Of Workers Out Of Work For 27 Weeks Or Longer Increased By 158,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

40.6 Percent Of All Unemployed Workers Have Been Out Of Work For 27 Weeks Or Longer. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Four More Years Of This?

Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Workers Unemployed For 52 Weeks Or Longer Has More Than Doubled From 1.4 Million To 3.6 Million. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

In October, The Number Of Workers Out Of Work For 52 Weeks Or Longer Increased By 118,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

30.4 Percent Of All Unemployed Workers Have Been Out Of Work For 52 Weeks Or Longer. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Four More Years Of This?

Since Obama Took Office, The Average Length Of Unemployment Has More Than Doubled From 19.8 Weeks To 40.2 Weeks. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

In October, The Average Duration Of Unemployment Increased From 39. 8 Weeks To 40.2 Weeks. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

Don't Be Fooled, The Obama Unemployment Rate Is 11%

In January, 2009, 11.6 million Americans were unemployed, with 23% of those unemployed for more than 6 months. By January, 2012, 12.8 million were unemployed, with 43% of those out of work more than 6 months.

Part-time jobs instead of full-time work


Four More Years Of This?

There Are 8.3 Million Americans Working Part-Time For Economic Reasons. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 11/2/12)

New jobs report shows growth, but in low-skill, part-time jobs

Obama's Recovery Is Just Crap

As Phil [Klein] notes, the reason for the drop in unemployment is not that people have suddenly gone out and found a bunch of new full time jobs. It's that part time workers have given up looking for full time work and are now considering their part time jobs to be full time.

The Obama Part-Time Economy: More people have left the work force than jobs have been created since January 2010 according to Democrats. More people have given up hope than jobs have been created

The jobs that have come back aren't the same ones [pay-wise] that were lost.

College graduates unable to find any decent jobs


Half of New Graduates Can't Find Jobs

A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge.

The Young and Poor

The unemployment rate for new college graduates reached 9.1 percent in 2010, the highest since record-keeping began.

College tuition and student-loan defaults



During the Obama Administration alone, College Board has reported a 25 percent overall increase in college tuition.... [S]tudents have had a much harder time paying off their student loans. Two years after graduation the student loan default rate is 9.1 percent — up from 8.8 percent in the previous report. The more shocking figure is at the three-year mark, when the default rate increases to 13.4 percent.

Coal miners unemployed


Obama's war on coal causes more coal mines to be shut down, more job losses

"Since the Obama administration has been in, things have been tough on the coal economy," one West Virginia coal miner said. "It just keeps going downhill, and without it West Virginia will be one state that won't make it."

Coal Miners Fight Back Against Obama's 'War On Coal'

Thousands of miners have been laid off across the region this year, and the United for Coal demonstration Saturday is a grass-roots effort to show solidarity for those who are struggling.

Massive layoffs at defense contractors (with cover-ups)


Obama administration to contractors: Hold off announcing layoffs until after the election and taxpayers will cover your fines and costs

Month after month after month of sub-replacement-level job "growth"


Four More Years Of This?

Obama's "Policies Have Failed To Ignite Anything Close To The Robust Jobs Growth Needed To Overcome The Horrific Losses Caused By The Downturn".... (Washington Post, 10/18/12)

Obama's Economic Policies Have Not Generated Enough Jobs "To Keep Pace With The Normal Growth In The Labor Force, Let Alone Significantly Lower The Unemployment Rate.".... (Washington Post, 10/18/12)

U.S. Jobs Lagging Population Growth

"It would take 13 years at this pace to get back to where we were before the recession started."

Obama's Real Unemployment Rate Is 14.7%, And A Recession's On The Way

Indeed, the working age population has increased by 8.4 million since President Obama entered office. With the same labor force participation as on Inauguration Day in January, 2009 (which would be closer to a real recovery), that would require 5.5 million new jobs just to keep up with the aforementioned population growth.... As of August, 2012, the economy was still suffering a net loss of jobs during Obama's entire Presidency up to that point.

Moreover, the BLS also reported on Friday that the number of full time jobs declined by 216,000 last month....

Failure: The Obama Economic Record

Month after month after month of historically weak employment levels


Four More Years Of This?

"With The Economy Struggling Through One Of The Weakest Recoveries On Record And Employers Adding Jobs At A Slower Rate Than A Year Ago, Projections Are That The Country's Jobless Rate Will Not Return To Normal Levels For Years To Come." (Washington Post, 10/18/12)

31 Straight Months of Employment Under 59 Percent

[T]he percentage of Americans who are employed has... [ranged] from just 58.2 to 58.8 percent. In fact, in the 64 years that the federal government has been keeping tallies on the employment-population ratio, the result has never remained within such a narrow ribbon for a longer period of time....

In the 300 months [before the Error of Øfascist]... spanning February 1984 through January 2009, the percentage of Americans who were employment was always higher than it's ever been in the 31 months since Obamacare's passage.

Outsourcing jobs overseas


Who's the worst outsourcer in today's presidential race? It isn't Mitt Romney — it's Barack Obama.

Outsourcer-In-Chief: Obama Of General Motors

GM outsources almost two thirds of its jobs overseas. Less than one in five GM vehicles are manufactured in the United States.

General Motors CEO — "7 out of 10 GM Vehicles Made Outside US" — Commitment with Communist China

Cuts in Medicare



Seniors losing their health care


How ObamaCare Harms the Most Vulnerable

More than 12 million seniors have selected the popular Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, and 7.4 million are at risk of losing their coverage because of ObamaCare's $156 billion in cuts to the program. According to the Congressional Budget Office, MA will be cut by $308 billion over the next 10 years: $156 billion in direct cuts to the program and $152 billion in indirect payment reductions from the interactions with the other cuts contained in the health overhaul law.

Obamacare 'Surprise' Threatens Access to Medicare Advantage Coverage

"[M]ost people with Medicare Advantage plans will begin to see higher out of pocket payments, premium increases, and a reduction in benefits, costing $46 per month or more on average. This is scheduled to start in 2013.

"Even more dangerous is the possibility that some Medicare providers will stop treating Medicare patients entirely because of the loss of income from these cuts. According to the 2012 Medicare Trustees report, the payment cuts will cause an estimated 15% of Medicare providers to operate in the red."

Americans on disability


Disability claims under Obama hit record high

5.4 Million Join Disability Rolls Under Obama

Since the recession ended in June 2009, the number of new enrollees to Social Security's disability insurance program is twice the job growth figure....

"We see a lot of people applying for disability once their unemployment insurance expires," said Matthew Rutledge, a research economist at Boston College's Center for Retirement Research.

The number of applications last year was up 24% compared with 2008, Social Security Administration data show.

Delaying wounded Veterans' disability claims


Backlog of Veterans' Disability Claims Increases 179% Under Obama

The backlog of veterans' disability claims has... [reached] 883,949 outstanding claims, according to Veterans Administration.

The backlog of claims is at near-record highs, with 65.8 percent of claims being backlogged for 125 days or more.

Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

Backlog of VA disability claims grows

Paperwork Buries Veterans' Disability Claims

Tax money for terrorists


Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood

Desecration of the U.S. presidency


The Presidency Loses Its Final Traces of Dignity

Update IV
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 10:39 AM

U.S. poverty rate


Romney, not Obama, shows concern for nation's poor

According to the Census Bureau, the poverty rate has gone from 12.5 percent in 2007 to 13.2 percent in 2008 to 14.3 percent in 2009 to 15.1 percent in 2010 to 15.0 percent in 2011. The last time it was higher than 15.1 percent was in 1965, when the nation's anti-poverty programs were just taking effect.

Don't Be Fooled, The Obama Unemployment Rate Is 11%

More Americans are in poverty today than at any time since Census began keeping poverty records over 50 years ago.

Women trapped in poverty


Obama erodes the American dream

27.5 million women in poverty... [an increase of] 3.6 million over the levels when Obama took office.

Americans dependent on government handouts


Under Obama Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater Than Job Creation!

Since January 2009, as the chart shows, a net of 194,000 new jobs have been created. During that same time, 14.7 million have been added to the food stamp rolls.

Welfare Skyrockets under Obama, $1 Trillion in 2011

[T]he government spent enough on welfare last year to cut a check for nearly $60,000 for each impoverished household it provided with benefits. If this isn't insane, what is? The medium income in the U.S. is around $50,000! The official poverty line is an annual income of $23,021 for a family of four. Just do the math.

In 2011 about 16.8 million households qualified as living below the federal poverty level, which means that if the government's welfare spending were equally divided between them, they would each get $59,523. That exceeds the pay of many hard-working Americans. The CRS also confirms that, under Obama, federal spending for low-income programs has skyrocketed.

Here are the figures; government spending for welfare ballooned 23%, from $563 million in 2008 to $692 million, in 2009. The administration attributes it to "recession-sensitive" programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. The reality is that the Obama Administration has been promoting food stamps like there's no tomorrow, even offering states that sign up the most recipients cash bonuses.

Vote bribes for deadbeats Handouts for able-bodied adults without children


Food Stamp Participation Doubled Among Able-Bodied Adults After Obama Suspended Work Requirement

Unaffordable "care"


ObamaCare Costs More Than Promised

In Ohio, Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 55-85%

In Pennsylvania, Obamacare to Cause 25% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

In Michigan, Obamacare to Cause 25% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

In New Hampshire, Obamacare to Cause 20% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

In Florida, Obamacare to Cause 27% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

In Nevada, Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 11-30%

In Colorado, Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 19%, Says Obama Adviser

In Virginia, Obamacare to Cause 23% of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

In Minnesota, Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 29%, Says Obama Adviser

Obamacare Will Increase Health Insurance Costs In California, Washington, D.C., And Elsewhere

California officials concede that their state's Obamacare exchange will hike premiums for policyholders by up to 25 percent. In the District of Columbia, small businesses are being forced to buy overpriced insurance on an Obamacare exchange.... Earlier, Obamacare resulted in hikes of 41-47% in health insurance premiums for some policyholders in Connecticut.

In Swing States, Obamacare to Raise Private Insurance Premiums and Drive Doctors out of Medicare

ObamaCare Drives More Americans To The Public Dole

Update V
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 5:20 PM
Ofascist's empty highchair

AWOLs from national security briefings


A bogus defense of Obama's intelligence briefing record

During 2011 and the first half of 2012, his attendance became even less frequent — falling to just over 38 percent. By contrast, Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.

After Islamist radicals stormed our embassy in Cairo and terrorists killed our ambassador to Libya on Sept. 11, I further reported that Obama also skipped his daily intelligence meeting every day in the week leading up to the attacks. The day after the attack, he scheduled but then canceled his daily intelligence meeting, while finding time to go to Las Vegas for a campaign rally.

AWOLs from jobs council meetings


Obama's jobs panel missing in action

Obama Says Jobs Priority One, That's Why He Hasn't Met With Them Publicly in Six Months, But Has Time for Fund Raisers, Vaction and Golf — Romney Says, Obama's "priority is keeping his own jobs and that is why he is going to lose it."

White House: Obama's plate too full for Jobs Council

[comment:] Obama focused on the economy like a laser beam?

2012: attended 200 fundraisers with donors ... attended 2 meeting[s] with the job council.

Obama's Work Ethic [sic] Criticized Again

Even the liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus commented about "Obama's Where's Waldo Presidency." He blows off paying tribute to our veterans, avoids meetings with world leaders whom he has personal piques with (Great Britain's Gordon Brown, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu), and ignores the work done by the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Commission, his Jobs Council, meetings with Congressional leaders — even those of his own party. The list goes on and on.

Mexican civilians and U.S. border agents murdered by illegal gun-runners Fast Øfascist & Furious Holder


Mexico upset by Fast and Furious as revelation surfaces that Obama accepts killing as part of presidency

Obama's MurderGate: Fast and Furious Investigation to Continue Regardless of Contempt Vote


American citizens spied on by "their" federal government


Where's the Outrage: Warrentless Wiretaps Skyrocket Under Obama

After months of litigation and Freedom of Information Act requests, the ACLU obtained documents from the federal government proving that real-time monitoring of electronic communications inside the U.S. has climbed 60 percent since 2009 and far surpasses monitoring under President Bush.

Barack Obama Was Against Wireless Wiretaps Before He Was For Them

Obama administration fights to retain wireless wiretapping.

Obama Tries to Block Challenges to Illegal Surveillance

Delayed and denied oil permits


High Gas Prices Are President Obama's Fault

"Offshore drilling permits are being issued at less than half the rate of the previous administration. The average number of leases issued on public lands is less than half than during President Clinton's term."

The Obama administration's energy plan all along was based upon the rise in energy costs in order to force Americans to be "greener." Again in 2008, candidate Obama was perfectly content with soaring energy prices if it meant less greenhouse gas emissions. This is what he said: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."

Critics Rip Obama Oil Rhetoric; Spotlight His 'Energy Obstructionist' Record

No Virginia, There Is No Sanity Clause In Obama Drilling Permit Policy

Last November, despite strong state bi-partisan and public support, the Obama administration unexpectedly dropped Virginia from the government's most recent leasing plan altogether, declaring a seven-year delay with little explanation.

Lawsuit: Obama Is 'Illegally' Thwarting Offshore Drilling

"ATP's lawsuit provides a revealing glimpse into the capital-intensive oil and gas industry where unfair and illegal actions by a government agency can cost companies (and the U.S. economy) enormous sums of money."

Obama LIED About Oil Drilling Permits on Federal Land

[Øfascist's interrior secretary] Salazar: US 'strict on denying drilling permits'

The Department of Energy seems to contradict Salazar's claim. Oil production is at the same level it was in 2009 — and dramatically lower than in 2010 — according to a recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Oil drilling permits down 36 percent under Obama

Obama Kills More Jobs — Flips off the Keystone Pipeline

Obama announced Wednesday that he will kill the 50,000 potential jobs the Keystone pipeline would provide by denying the permit necessary.

Middle East turmoil and threats


Iran's secret nuclear-bomb plant revealed

Media Continues To Cover For Obama On Benghazi

Giuliani on Obama's response to the Benghazi attack: "He fell asleep at the switch. For months, not just that day"

More Secret Documents Reveal Obama's failure in Libya

Obama's Courting of the Mullahs

Mayhem in the Middle East

Folks thrown under the Ø'bus


Hilldabeast the latest victim: "I take responsibility" for diplomats intentionally left behind to be butchered by al-Qaeda terrorists.

Federal Housing Administration projected losses


Obama Admin Hiding FHA's Need for a $688 Million Bailout

Irrationally exuberant printing of money


Federal Reserve flirting with higher inflation

The Fed reduced official interest rates to near zero almost four years ago and has since then bought some $2.3 trillion in securities to boost the economy, taking the central bank deeper into uncharted policy territory.


U.S. Dollar Hyperinflation by 2014 Says [Economist] John Williams

Now, there is talk the Fed might increase the money printing. Williams charges, "The Fed's primary concern is to keep the banking system afloat, and they're not doing so well with that"... [and] says it is only a matter of time before all the Fed money printing will "trigger a sell-off ... and that will provide the early start of the hyperinflation."

Is Hyperinflation About to Devastate the Value of the Dollar?

Price-clubbed in U.S. — America's real inflation rate has moved above 8%

The Inflation Rate Is A Lie Too

But despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continues to insist that prices are very stable right now.

In fact, one of the reasons why he says that more money printing ("quantitative easing") is okay is because we are in a "low inflation" environment at the moment.

Sadly, this is exactly the kind of delusional thinking that led to the horrible crisis in the Weimar Republic back in the 1920s. Quantitative easing did not work for the Weimar Republic, and it is not going to work for us either.

But it will cause the prices of the things that we buy on a regular basis to go up even more.

Osama bin Laden's donations to Øfascist's campaign


Obama camapign takes money from 'Osama bin Laden'

Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol and proxy server, a disposable credit card and a fake address, "Osama bin Laden" has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama's presidential re-election campaign.

Age of "children"


More Possible Obamacare Fallout — Child Support Extended to Age 26

Unconstitutional "recess" appointments


Obama's recess appointments are unconstitutional

Why Obama's "recess" appointments are unconstitutional

Government control over all our lives


Obama's Smashing Success Story: Greatly Increasing The Power Of Government

In addition, the President has vastly expanded the power of the Administrative State over the American people, while elevating the power of the President over the other two branches of government.

ObamaCare fundamentally changes the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government. The law creates a 15 member "Independent Payment Advisory Board" [i.e., Death Panel] which is vested with the unilateral power to make and enforce laws, including rationing of health care and imposition of new taxes. As reported by a Cato Policy Analysis, under ObamaCare, the IPAB proposals will have the force of law without the approval of Congress or the signature of the President. Congress may only block its edicts if the House and Senate pass, and the President signs, an alternative that achieves the same budgetary result.

After 2020, the law requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement IPAB's "proposals" even if Congress enacts a substitute. Finally, the law gives IPAB and the Secretary "the sole authority to judge their own actions by prohibiting administrative or judicial review of the Secretary's implementation of an IPAB proposal."

The Dodd-Frank bill establishes a new regulatory body, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and gave it vast regulatory authority over consumer financial products and services. However, like the IPAB, it is shielded from Congressional oversight and budget control by being located as a unit inside and funded by the Federal Reserve.

The President has established the precedent of making recess appointments when the Senate is technically in session. And, he has established the power of his office to suspend laws he chooses not to implement, such as current Federal immigration laws, by executive order.

Øbonehead's miserable failures


Obama's Unprecedented Record of Failure on Jobs

in the 44 months Obama has been in office, the unemployment rate has been below 8% in just two, and it was at or above 9% for 29 months. No president since the Great Depression has produced unemployment rates that high for that long.

Worse, aside from the meager gain in jobs, every other employment indicator is worse today than it was in January 2009....

Listing the rest would require a whole nother post blog blogosphere!

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Obama's VP Loudly Tells Tyrone Woods's Father 'Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?'


As his son's flag-draped casket was being taken off the plane from Libya.


irst ØLiar willfully and knowingly neglected to take any action to save our heroes in the hours they were under enemy attack, before their selfless sacrifice. Then he and his regime intentionally dishonored them and their families with crudities and lies.




Utterly defeating Baracrook Øbloquy in eleven days is the only way to keep the stain of that dishonor from indelibly attaching itself to our whole nation.

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You literally just stood by and watched as al-Qaeda terrorists butchered our diplomats, Obama


Unprecedented failure in real time.


ere you blind, Øblew-it? Why did you miserably fail to step in and save our own ambassador and his three American colleagues when you literally saw them dying right before your eyes? Were their screams that you must have heard over your phone too un-"optimal" to interfere with your beddy-bye time? Was it more important for you to get a good night's sleep before your campaign fundraiser and TV appearance the next day rather than do your flukin' duty and act like a president?

At 3 AM, the phone rang and the surveillance videos were playing in real time, but where were you? Getting your "beauty" "eye-candy" sleep?

Don't worry. After November 6, you'll be getting plenty more chances to blissfully enjoy such uninterrupted sleep. Except then it won't have any chance to cause even more needless American deaths, because you'll be out of a "job."

We'll have a new president who'll be putting out the flames you made happen — one who will not rest until he has actually rebuilt our country.

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CNN Throws Obama Under the Short Bus


Beeeeecaaaaause heeeeee speeeeeeeeeaks veeeeeery slooooooowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


f you're a woman working at the White House for Baracrook Misogynist Øfascist, there is no "equal pay for equal work" for you! It's "a genuinely hostile workplace to women" where you'll feel "like a piece of meat." Well, just use the Lilly Ledbetter Act to file a lawsuit against the lawbreaking Øfascist. Oh, that's right. No, you can't.

That's ØLiar's War on Women just within his own ranks.

This is a perfect illustration of classic liberal hypocrisy. Obama is a terrible boss where women are concerned. But he expects women to vote for him so long as he mouths support for free birth control and suggests that Romney hates women and wants them barefoot and in the kitchen. The attitude demonstrates a contempt for women and an insult to their intelligence.

If working elsewhere, you're no better off than your sisters stuck behind the Real Enemy of American Women lines.

Øbysmal's record is already one of mowing down hundreds of thousands of your sisters' jobs. He's also tossed tens of millions of you into his Prisoner of Poverty camps, from which there is no escape. The carnage he's left is shocking.

College tuitions have skyrocketed adding to the burden for women who outnumber men in college today. Four times more men get jobs than women. More women than men have lost their jobs during the past four years.... Hispanic women are the fastest and largest growing poverty group in America. It is a dire fact that 7.5 million women are in severe poverty.

Øfascist's on trial for his crimes against womanity. We the people will render our verdict of Guilty beyond any doubt whatsoever on November 6, and sentence his heinous, malignant political career to death by landsliding crush of our ballots.

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The Real 47 Percent Americans Are Worried About


That's how much Obama had increased our public debt this past Tax Day.


n January 20, 2009, the beginning of Øfascist's reign of error, our public debt stood at 10.627 Trillion dollars.

On April 15 of this year, normally known as Tax Day, the extremely irresponsible, unpatriotic Spender-in-Chief — by his lonesome — made a 47 percent increase in our public debt happen, when it surpassed 15.622 Trillion dollars.

He did build up that mountainous amount of additional debt.

Not only that, he kept adding more and more and more debt until it now stands at over 16.158 Trillion dollars.

Using his own words:

The problem is, is that the way Obama has done it over the last four years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from 10 trillion dollars for the first 43 presidents — number 44 added 6 trillion dollars by his lonesome — so that we now have over 16 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back: 50,000 dollars for every man, woman, and child. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic.
Hat tip: DANEgerus

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You Got Our Ambassador Killed, Obama


All because of your lies and fatal incompetence.


t's you who has no credibility.

The blood of our butchered ambassador and his colleagues is all on your hands.

You dishonor their memories with your constant dishonesty and lies about their deaths.

You dishonored them before they died, when they literally begged you to grant their numerous requests for adequate protection, but you refused them, leaving all of them utterly defenseless and at the "mercy" of al-Qaeda terrorists. Not only that, you took away what tiny "protection" they had.

You dishonor their country with all the lies you've told the American people.

You've dishonored your oath with all the lying apologies you made to the terrorists for our having "slandered the prophet of islam."

You are nothing but a lying liar. You have completely disgraced your office and "your" country. Every step of the way, you have massively failed the American people, recklessly endangering all of them. In all of this, you have acted in a manner contrary to your trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. You continue to be a total embarrassment to all honest and decent people everywhere.


You wouldn't know credibility if it came up and bit you on the butt more brutally than your clearly proven, rabid lack of it already has.

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