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Real Compromise: Every Tax Hike Pays Down Our Debt


Read Our Lips: No New Spending


o let the rich pay their Fair Share™. Except that every "little bit" more they pay must be used exclusively to reduce the national debt.

That means no more raises in the debt ceiling. We better start living within our means for a change, else sooner rather than later, everything will go over the cliff.

Let us be absolutely clear: All money from all these new taxes, which may not be spent on anything new, will actually make our federal budget less unbalanced. It really would mean A More Balanced Approach®.

Make no mistake: The smaller the budget deficit the less new debt is added to the nation's books.

Of course, with the debt ceiling permanently pegged at its current record level, real spending cuts would be the only alternative greedy spendaholics in Washington could consider for decreasing that deficit even further.

As every credit card owner who's financially in trouble knows, when you've maxed out all your cards and no card company will give you another credit increase, you simply can't keep spending more than you take in. You have to finally start paying off that debt. Which means you have to cut down on your overall spending.

This compromise isn't an ideal solution to the out-of-control spending problem we're facing. Higher taxes will slow down and in all likelihood damage, for years to come, vital portions of our economy, and thus significantly hinder every effort to achieve a full recovery.

Under the present circumstances, however, it is the most effectual means at our disposal to get Washington to spend less and act more responsibly.

And if that doesn't work, we're all doomed.

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Blaming the 'System'


What else would the government be doing when it "investigates" itself?


on't wait, either, for the so-called news media to conduct any real investigations themselves of their president and his dishonestration's total failure to protect the lives of our own diplomats from completely foreseeable attacks by al-Qaeda terrorists.

They're so deep in the tank for ØLiar they make the Mariana Trench look like a mud puddle.

No, we can't demand any truth or accountability because Republicans just want to protect the rich! Or something.

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Middle Class Tax Cut


A permanent 10 percent decrease in the current Bush Tax Rates for every middle-class taxpayer.


epublicans proprosing this middle class tax cut would be taking two things off the table.

The Deterioratic Party, unless its misleaders are as mouth-breathingly imbecilic as they all appear, must accept that permanent decrease if they don't want to hear between now and the 2014 midterm elections that they're waging war on the Middle Class. No longer could they hold the Middle Class hostage to their soak bleed-the-rich schemes.

Also, if they try to make an issue out of the fact that the rich aren't getting this 10 percent tax cut, Republicans need only say that the fact is the rich aren't getting this 10 percent tax cut.

Speaker John Boehner on a Sunday talk show later this month:

Democrats are stupid. They say we only want to help the rich. But they're the ones who don't want to help the middle class. We do, by giving every middle-class taxpayer a permanent 10 percent tax cut. Yet the Democrats stubbornly want to risk hurting the middle class by allowing everyone's taxes to go up. Why? So they can "make a point"? That's not only stupid, but extremely harmful.

Moreover, the "rich" job creators in this country, knowing their taxes won't be going up, now will finally have the confidence they need to move forward with their plans for creating good-paying jobs. Which means, even with the middle-class tax cut, much more revenue for the government.

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