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Projection Much, Mittens?


That's the weather vane calling the kettle black...


hen in Iowa, talk up Corn®. When in Florida, you can't talk up Space®?

What planet are you from, Øbomney?

Didn't you notice all those Launch Pads™ and Space Jobs® on its east coast when you were promising Floridians your own version of Teh Moon & Teh Stars?

You know who else hates Space Jobs®, Øbamitt Barømney?

That's right, your twin Barømney Øbamitt. Remember that the next time you see a manned space launch from Cape Canaveral... oh, wait. No, none of us can't anymore, thanks to him.

And guess who both love Øbomney"Care"?

If you said Siamese Wøn and Siamese Mittwø you each win a free ticket to Newt's moon colony.

So a politician can no longer dream big, can he?

Only visionless, two-faced, double-talking political hacks like yøur twin and yøurself would think feel that.

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The worst part about Bain Capital?


Since Slick Willard Øbomney left it in 1999, Bain Capital's political contributions have gone mostly to Demøfascists.


ain Capital is John F'in' al-Qerry's top campaign contributor ($76,200).

During the 2008 election cycle The Great Mistake of 2008™, two-thirds of Bain-related companies' political dontations went to Demøliarrats ($1,000,000).

This election cycle, Bain Capital is among the Demøkkkommierat kkkongressional kkkommittee's Top 20 Donors ($100,000).

Indeed, nearly three-fourths of Bain Capital's contributions to political parties are benefiting Demøkkkrooks ($510,900).

If Bain is, as Demøjobkkkillers claim, an Eeeeevil Corporation™, then why are they still accepting such extreme amounts of money from it?

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Obamalice in Onetermland


"Let them eat candy!" –Moochelle Antoinette Øfascist


ricking us while treating themselves to every extreme luxury Yes They Can® lay their greedy, corrupt hands on, the mad Asshatter-in-Chief and his Queen of Heartlessness continue to reek of rank hypocrisy.

How quick they both are to scream "Off with their heads!" whenever they see some CEO board his or her private jet — a jet he or she chose to pay for with his or her own private money.

But when it's someone else — meaning us taxpayers, whom they deny any such right to choose — shelling out king's ransom after king's ransom to pay for their lavish lifestyle, especially at the height of "the worst recession depression since the Great Depression," they shove all their phony indignation even more swiftly right down the rabbit hole.

The only thing they see then is an exorbitantly luscious cake decorated with the words "Let Them EAT ME!"

The only thing we're left with is the "privilege" of having to once again hear the Queen of Heartlessness falsely accuse us knaves of "stealing" all her entitled tarts.

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Obama Hates Our Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, ...


That's why he's burying all of them and us under endless mountain chains of debt.

Ofascist Debt $6.5T vs. All Prev. Presidents $6.3T
1-43: U.S. Presidents Washington through G.W. Bush.  44: Stuttering Clusterf*** of a Miserable Failure.

Ofascist's Country-Destroying/Jobs-Killing Debt Star
SCØAMF's County-Destroying/Jobs-Killing Debt Star

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'It's not fascism when our side does it!'


Except Baradolf Hilterian Øfascistsieg sieg heil! crossed a line that President Bush never had — or would have.


o-called pro forma sessions of the Senate, according to Reichsführer Heinrich Reidtard, are procedures Yes It Can™ use "to prevent recess appointments."

On November 16, 2007, the Senate Majority Demøfascist Party mis-Leader announced that the Senate would "be coming in for pro forma sessions during the Thanksgiving holiday to prevent recess appointments." The Senate recessed later that day and pro forma meetings were convened on November 20, 23, 27, and 29, with no business conducted. The Senate next conducted business after reconvening on December 3, 2007. During the remainder of 2007 and 2008, similar procedures were followed during most other periods that would otherwise have been Senate recesses of a week or longer in duration.

The Senate pro forma session practice appears to have achieved its stated intent: President Bush made no recess appointments between the initial pro forma sessions in November 2007 and the end of his presidency.

[Henry B. Hogue, "Recess Appointments: Frequently Asked Questions," Report for Congress 7-5700, Congressional Research Service, December 12, 2011 (RS21308), p. 8.]

But we've had Change®. As in, a president doesn't have to read, much less observe the law of the land anymore. So provisions like "during the Recess of the Senate," for all intents and purposes, are dead letters. Dead, especially, to the constitution's Shredder-in-Chief.

No, we can, from now on, call any such session — even one that is clearly conducting legislative business — nothing more than a "gimmick" before we merrily MoveOn per our ends-justified means.

Appreciate you clearing that up for us, Demøfascists.

We'll remember it the next time your Reichsführer tries the same "gimmick."

Øbameinführer Youth brainwashed into unquestioningly singing praises to Him™ (translated from the original German).

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