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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium façade and take a glimpse of hell.

Rot in hell, looters


Whatever happened to "shoot on sight"?

would call them scum, but I have more respect for scum than to lump the likes of these unlawful, selfish lowestlifes with it. A business owner who was looking to sell whatever he had left that was worth selling to whoever he could, just so he can feed and clothe his family, now has even less than he did after the winds and floods came because some graverobbers-in-training decided to help themselves to his store and clean it out while he was down or physically incapacitated. These criminals are literally picking the pockets of the dead. They deserve nothing less than to be treated as third-class citizens — if not shot right where they stand with that business owner's suit or stereo set or bigscreen TV — all inedible, by the way — in their greedy, grubby, less than useless hands.

Instead of taking those hands and the rest of themselves to where they can be helpful to a hurting, fellow citizen, they are inflicting more pain and hurt. There is nothing that can excuse or in any way justify their preying on Americans who are all disadvantaged now and enriching themselves on the latter's broken backs and weakened state. Even a mugger would have more consideration for his victim's well-being than that.

Thanks to liberals like the governor Malevolent Mistress of Louisiana, who preach victimhood like it were some kind of religion, these clumps of alleged-human refuge, who have no more business stealing our oxygen than anything else that's rightfully ours, feel entitled to taking advantage of even the worst situation and to whatever they can grab out of it, at the cost of real citizens' increased pain and suffering. Hell's future population has just grown by this villainously new breed of barbarians who blatantly went around terrorizing New Orleans's few unflooded streets.

It's still up in the air whether even hell is willing to welcome into its midst these obviously heartless, soulless creatures.

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Common Dementia


“But the main reason Bush invaded Iraq, it turns out, was so Republicans could take back the US Senate in the election of 2002, and Bush could finally win an election in 2004.” —Thom Hartmann, author of What Would Jefferson Do?

f progerals/libressives would come up with something new — something that actually made sense — reasonable people might pay attention to them. As it is, they're no more on the charts than their beloved DeadAir America. With so obvious a "deterioration of intellectual faculties, such as memory, concentration, and judgment, resulting from an organic disease or a disorder of the brain" (such as it being dead), they'd be lucky to have their own 'ttakesavillage "families" admit they share the same bloodforoil-line.

On the brighter side (for them), when our government officials finally grow enough spine to start hauling these veritable clowns into court for treasonously aiding and comforting America's wartime enemies, they all can plead unmitigated insanity.

Case in point (the insanity part, at least) is Louisiana's governor Kathleen Babblineaux Blancobrain. Taking time out from issuing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month proclamations, she's now ordering the complete evacuation of New Orleans right after a catastrophic natural disaster that's rendered every one of its citizen totally incapable of doing any such thing, as if she were their absolute dictator instead of the state's executive authority. What does she plan on doing, sending in cattle cars and rounding up New Orleansians and packing them in — eighty to a boxcar — before transporting them in the sweltering heat to a bunch of camps somewhere deep within the Louisiana countryside? Why not instead giving these survivors what they need to help themselves, so they can get down to work rebuilding their own city?

There's only one person I see who needs to be forcibly evacuated as far from New Orleans as possible; and that's Governor Diktatorat K.B. Blancobrain.

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Karl Rove's latest secret weapon


Seeing ahead a slow, quiet summer with Miqhael al-MoorOn.org in the fat farm, what's an evil vast right wing conspirator to do?

Blood­For­Oil­Impeach­BusH(it)alliburton(ler)® hadn't been getting as much screeching coverage by jihadournalists in the al-libstream media. The American people were seeing less and less of out-of-touch, out-of-power, out-of-their-tree moonbats in all their imploding glory. Lest the latter face reality, start believing they're really as mistrusted and frightenly loony as the last six elections confirm, and finally retreat into a self-imposed shell of self-absorbed self-destructiveness — reduced completely to mumbling, incoherent heaps of Victimhooditude™ and Blameothers (©2000, SCOFL), far removed from any SeeSpinSpin cameras — something had to be done.

Emerging from the shadows of a rug-replaced, fumigated White House corridor, thankfully, came a man with a plan to fan the languishing flame Cheap Bic Lighter of leftists' anguished anger before it wanned altogether (and leave them with a Texas-sized suntan to boot!). And he called it "Operation Banshee."

Using one of his secret Patriot Act roving (pun not intended) wiretaps, he stumbled one day on the perennial perineal ranting and ravings of San Fransissyqo-based Students Against War Liberating People from Massgrave-digging, WMD-using, Neighbor-invading Absolute Tyrants. A gleeful grin glistened his grim visage when their keynote speaker, Cindy "Would've Taken My Son To Qanaduh" Sheehan, took the microphone. "No blood for oil!" she howled. "The biggest terrorist in the world is George W. Bush!" she barked to the students' thunderous applause. "Eureka!" exclaimed Karl Rove.

Fast forward to a wastewater ditch in rural Texas. Baking under a sun almost as merciless as their unwarranted coverage, the spewsmedia have thrust a hundred microphones in front of this spokeswoman cruelly-used tool for MootOn.org, Code Pinko, Dhimmiqrats.con, Crawford Joooos-In-Pieces House, and other Anti-America Soros Seditionists plus their Hatefilled Ogre Leftist Extremist Schizophrenics (better known by their acronym AASS+HOLES):

"We should have more troops over there and we want to bring them all home." "We should go after Bin Laden and we don't want to give them any recruiting tools." "We're stealing their oil and our gas prices are too high." "War is never the answer and fascism, the Holocaust, and slavery [each stopped by war, by the way] are wrong."

So this spark of Rove's genius rekindled their unhinged rage, causing them once again to parade float after fiery float of their loony lefty logic-thingies, televised nationally for every American voter to see and hear. If the allegedly American press refuses to report any of our accomplishments in Iraq, why not hand them a ready-made nugget of solid fool's gold which they can unwittingly spend night after night on more (pun intended) self-defeating efforts by these foes of Iraqi freedom?

Miqey the Moor must be spinning in his rowing machine.

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The Missing Voice


Where's his voice? What do his comrades with whom he most closely served say?
How did, as Maj. Gen. Rodney Kobayashi called him, this soldier’s soldier view his commander-in-chief and the war for our civilization's survival against islanimal fascists? The libiased anti-America press won't tell you.

rmy Spec. Casey Sheehan, 24, of Vacaville, California.

"Sheehan died in Baghdad, Iraq, when his unit was attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. Died on April 4, 2004." (Honor the fallen)

Sheehan and seven soldiers were killed when their units were attacked by rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire south of Baghdad.

In addition to his parents, Patrick and Cindy, Sheehan is survived by his brother, Andy, and sisters, Carly and Jane.

Sheehan was killed Sunday in a fire-fight outside Baghdad. Sheehan’s family members said his sergeant told them he and another soldier, Cpl. Forest J. Jostes, volunteered to be part of a quick response team when rioting started in Baghdad.

“He didn’t have to go,” said Sheehan’s 23-year-old sister, Carly. “He would do anything for anybody. He’d give you the shirt off his back. He was just a loving and caring person.” (Fallen Heroes Memorial)

"'Anything I ever asked Casey to assist me with, he was always willing to do,' Father Benedict DeLeon said.

"It was the same dedication the 1997 Vacaville High School graduate showed when he re-enlisted in August (2003) to serve his country and make his family proud.

"'It was just another way of serving,' his father Pat Sheehan said.

"It was that life the gathering of friends and family at their West Avenue home talked about in the two days since military officials told the Sheehans that Army Spec. Casey Sheehan, 24, was killed in Iraq on Sunday.

. . .

"Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine visited the family Monday and plans to see the city's flags lowered to half mast in honor of Casey on the day of the memorial service.

"The Sheehan family is asking that any memorial contributions be made c/o Casey Sheehan's Memory, Camp Pendola, Diocese of Sacramento, 2110 Broadway, Sacramento, CA., 95818." (The Iraq Page)

"The Sheehan Family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving. We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect.


"Casey Sheehan's grandparents, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins." (Drudge Report)

"Casey Sheehan is dead. He cannot speak for himself, he cannot inform us as to how he'd feel about what his mother is doing. His family as a whole is, it appears, divided on the issue.

"He was an adult, old enough to make his own decisions. In death, I can only hope that he's not being exploited for the political benefit of those who oppose the war. I see no evidence that this media circus is what he would have wanted." (Campus Progress)

"But more than that, it also makes my chest swell with pride that we have so many young men and women who believe so strongly in the cause of freedom and of defending the United States of America, that they would go against their own mother’s wishes and personal beliefs—that they would be willing to die for their own beliefs. Which is what Spc. Sheehan did. (UrbanGrounds)

"Spc. Sheehan’s life…his actions…more than anything his mom might say, illustrate what he believed concerning his life’s work as a soldier.

"Ask the men and women who served with Casey. Ask his platoon sergeant. Ask his bunker buddy. I’ll bet my pay check against your’s that they’d tell you that Spc. Sheeha the soldier would be embarrassed— if not outraged—by his mother’s actions. As a former soldier who felt the same way Casey did about serving his country, I know in this instance I would argue that his mother doesn’t know him best." (comment to above)

"But those who knew the young man she so publicly mourns agree that if anyone is an appropriate face for the war's more than 1,800 U.S. deaths, it is Casey. He had a gentle but firm commitment to family, church and country, re-enlisting after the war started and volunteering for the rescue mission in which he and six others were killed last year.

"'Casey was quiet, but he loved to serve and it didn't matter whether it was working in the kitchen, backstage or up front,' recalled Steve Tholcke, who directs a Catholic youth camp where Sheehan worked as a counselor and organized youth retreats. 'If something needed to be done, Casey was there to do it.'

Born on Memorial Day, Casey Austin Sheehan was the first of Cindy and Patrick Sheehan's four children....

"'I remember always admiring Casey for being so dedicated to church as a young person,' (fellow church member Stefanie) Fereday-Mannel said. 'He didn't really care what people said or thought. He had very strong values about his family and church'....

"'He was so sweet and so shy and so quiet, you had a hard time seeing him as a soldier,' (faculty adviser Mary) Mazzocco said. 'But he really did get into it. The last time I saw him on campus he was in his uniform and very proud of it and very proud to have made it through basic training'....

"Since his death, Casey Sheehan has been honored in quiet ways. His old Boy Scout troop created an award in his honor. The chapel at Fort Hood started a new Knights of Columbus chapter that was named the 'Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan Council.'" (AOL News)

"Cindy Sheehan can protest all she wants, but IMO it shows an extremem lack of respect for the decisions her son made. I wonder what the soldier who served with Casey, those who actually knew him, have to say about Cindy's antics." (comment on Third Party & Independents)

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Martyred Jihadist's Mom Continues Vigil


Cavedwellers in western Pakistan grow annoyed

other of slain jihadist Mohamed Atta vowed today to continue her already week-long vigil in front of Osama Swine Laden's cave until he agrees to meet with her. "I won't leave until he comes out and sits down with me to discuss this unjust war which he started," Najla Atta told a small bevy of reporters who had been secretly transported — blindfolded — by mule train to the terrorist insurgent militant softpurplefluffybunnyrabbit leader's hideout. "Why is he afraid to talk to me? My son bought into all his talk about holy war and jihad, so Bin [Swine] Laden is to blame for my son's death," she said.

Dwellers in nearby caves of this otherwise quiet mountain community complained that the make-shift camp set up by antiwar protesters, only a hundred yards from the entrance to Mr. Swine Laden's cave, is creating a nuisance. "She and her friends come here, unaccompanied by any male relatives, and do nothing but make noise and litter the ground with their signs. Several of my most favorite goats have been scared away by them," said Karif Mukhter, who owns the cave next door to Mr. Swine Laden's.

In an exclusive interview with CNN reporter Robert Pelton, Ms. Atta claimed that the war was started by Mr. Swine Laden "for very selfish reasons." She said that she never even heard of New York City or its twin towers before her son hijacked a civilian jetliner and crashed it into the 96th floor of one of them, killing all 81 persons aboard and nearly 3,000 on the ground. "Why did my son have to die? So Sheik Bin [Swine] Laden could make himself appear to be some big leader? It's an atrocity, I say. And I say he ought to be impeached for it," she said.

Mr. Swine Laden could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for the cavedwelling terrorist softpurplefluffybunnyrabbit released a statement today saying that Mr. Swine Laden would issue a fatwa soon calling for the immediate stoning of any female protester who comes within "a thousand goat-lengths (of) any jihadist leader's cave."

Mickey MoorOn.org contributed to this story.

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75,216 Terrorists Killed*


since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom

rotesters gathered for the third straight day outside the Safe House, demanding the resignation of Osama Pig Laden and his Scumetary of Offense Abu Zitcoward. Most complained that Mr. Pig Laden lied about the justification for war against the United States, while others criticized Mr. Zitcoward for "our woeful shortage of body belts, including plastic explosives, and Dozen-Virgin Six Packs®."

A spokesperson for Not In Our Martyrdom, one of the organizations represented at the protest, said Mr. Pig Laden should order the withdrawal of all martyrs from Iraq because "the Great Satan is killing more of our brothers than all the infidels and their collaborators that we could ever hope to kill." He pointed to the lack of progress in disrupting elections, undermining the constitutional convention process, and otherwise moving the country back toward total dictatorship. "In fact, what we've been doing is only increasing their recruiting efforts" among Iraqi defense and police forces, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, attorneys for the Arabian Cutheads Loose Union have filed a fatwa against the Pig Laden AlQaidaministration, alleging mistreatment of detainees in Mr. Zitcoward's custody. "Some prisoners are going two, sometimes three weeks before getting their heads cut off," the fatwa said. "This is unacceptable and runs counter to all the conventions of international terrorism." The alQaidaministration denies the allegation. Deputy Scumetary of Offense Abu Hafs al-Kurani, in an interview with the Durbin Propaganda Network, said the fatwa has no merit because "every infidel and collaborator we have, without exception, gets his or her head cut off as soon as we appropriate a proper knife." The deputy scumetary said that no prisoner has had to wait more than ten days before getting beheaded.

An Aljazeera/CNN poll conducted last week shows Mr. Pig Laden's approval rating dropping steadily among registered martyrs. Only 13 percent say Mr. Pig Laden is doing an "excellent" or "good" job on the war — a 4 point decrease from last month — while nearly 75 percent say the war has been a "total" or "near total" failure. Over two-thirds responded that the alQaidaministration should withdraw "all" or "nearly all" the holy warriors from Iraq. Just 6 percent said "none" or "increase their number."

The protests at the Safe House, the largest since the ousting of the Taliban in Afghanistan by U.S. and coalition forces, reveal a much stronger opposition to Mr. Pig Laden's war than previously perceived. Both analysts and critics say his embroiled sheikhancy has not been able to stem the steadily increasing view among martyrs that the war is a "mistake" and a "miserable quagmire on the order of Vietnam." One source close to the alQaidaministration acknowledges that the situation in Iraq looks "bleak" for Islaminal forces, even with the stepped up introduction of Syrian and Iranian covert agents in that country. He said it is "only a matter months, if not weeks before we will be forced to concede that killing everyone we can (in Iraq) has not gained us anything."

* Also known as The Other Scoreboard™ (i.e., the one blacked out by the libstream media).

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The Nominee NARAL Supports


To quote their al-Demoqratiq Party's chairperson, "Yeeeeeaaawwwwgghhh!"

enate Judiciary Committee hearing, excerpt from transcript of Senators' questions and the NARAL-approved supreme court justice nominee's answers:

Sen. Specter (D-PA): The committee will come to order. Before we broke for recess the nominee was about to answer Senator Schumer's question on which abortion technique the nominee prefers. We'll let the nominee answer that question now and then proceed to Senator Qennedy's questions. Please proceed, Mr. Nominee.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: Yes, Mr. Chairman. Chuqy asked which technique I liked best. I'd like to say that it is difficult to answer since there are so many wonderful techniques to choose from. Could I just give you my Top Ten list, Chuqy?

Sen. Chuqy (D-NY): Well, maybe if you went through some of your most favorite you could narrow it down to less than that.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: Okay, I'll try. Now there's the suction aspiration procedure which has always been one of my most favorite because it pulls the placenta and fetus into parts small enough to pass out of a womyn's body through the suction tube. Then there's the dilatation and evacuation — or D-N-C procedure — in which a second- or third-trimester fetus is, over a period of two to three days, subjected to all sorts of happy-go-lucky trauma, including artificially induced labor: First, its legs are located and grasped with forceps, turning the body so that it's oriented spine up and feet first; then the legs are pulled into the vagina and the fetus is delivered up to the head. The best part is that, with the fetus head still intact in the vagina, the health-care professional forces a pair of scissors into the base of the fetus's skull, enlarges the wound by spreading the blades, removes the scissors, inserts a suction catheter into the hole and evacuates the skull contents — otherwise known as brains — all while the fetus's heart is still beating. Great stuff! Then, minus its brains, the fetus's skull decompresses, making it very easy for the health-care professional to remove the entire, now-dead fetus. Finally, the placenta is removed with forceps and the uterine walls are scraped with a suction curette. Awesome.

Sen. Chuqy: So you're saying those two techniques are your most favorite?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: If I could, Chuqy, I'd like to add one or two more. The use of mifepristone and a prostaglandin like misoprostol in the RU486 method is an especially exquisite form of fetal death. Either the fetus's source of growth and nourishment — the uterine lining — is chemically destroyed, thus dehydrating and starving the lump of unwanted flesh until it dies, or the fetus itself is rotted away after about ten weeks if it's already implanted. Almost like pouring acid on the fetus until its skin literally burns off and melts away. He-he. Then the womyn puts another chemical into her body which induces labor, so that her fetus's decomposing corpse is expelled. Beautiful. Of course, there's the so-called morning-after pill, which is actually a higher than normal dose of birth control pills and must be given within three days of — to put it delicately — doin' da nasty, with pleasant complications like nausea and vomiting or the fetus surviving and growing multiple heads and stuff. I'd add those to my Top Ten as well, Chuqy.

Sen. Chuqy: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I have no further questions.

Sen. Specter (D-PA): Senator Qennedy.

Sen. al-Qennedy (D-AA): Well, Mr. Chairman. I don't have many questions because the nominee has consistently answered those of my colleagues with as much skill and aplomb as he did the last one we just heard, all to my immense satisfaction and pleasure I might add. They've covered just about everything I wanted to ask, with the exception of how the nominee, if confirmed, would rule on a couple of cases I believe the supreme court will be deciding in the next decade or so, which I would like to ask him about now.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: I'll be very happy to pre-commit myself to each and every one of those for you, Teddy.

Sen. al-Qennedy: In that case, let's go down my list I have here: any state's partial-birth abortion ban.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: Unconstitutional.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Would you elaborate some on that, please?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: All right. Unconstitutional, always and absolutely.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Great. How about state constitutions that allow protesters to demonstrate within, say, seventeen miles of a planned parenting facility?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: A what, Teddy?

Sen. al-Qennedy: A, you know, a clinic where a womyn can exercise her right to get rid of her unchosen fetal growths.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: You mean her unwanted fetal growths.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Yes, that's it.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: I hate to sound repetitive, but that too is unconstitutional. The right to protest does not extend to picketing a private business when that business is engaged in promoting any right that's reserved exclusively to womyn.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Good answer. Okay, next is a federal budget law that withholds any funds from anyone for planned parenting procedures.

NARAL-Approved Nominee: Again, unconstitutional. Adequate funding for those procedures must be included somewhere in the federal budget so that womyn can exercise their exclusive rights, or the budget is, on its face, unconstitutional. In which case the courts would be forced to intervene in order to order such funds appropriated and authorized.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Now, some of my less-enlightened colleagues on the right might irresponsibly say that's an encroachment of judicial power into Congress's functions. You don't consider it to be that at all, do you?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: Not one bit, Teddy. In fact, the courts should decide what constitutes adequate funding for those procedures and what does not. After all, we're dealing with womyn's rights here.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Well put, Mr. Nominee. I notice my time's up for this round.

Sen. Specter (D-PA): If the senator would like to continue, I'll be happy to accommodate him for one or two dozen more questions.

Sen. al-Qennedy: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. But I'll let some of my other colleagues get their questions in during this round.

Sen. Specter (D-PA): In that case, we go next to Senator Biden.

Sen. Kinnock (D-MLA): Thanks. As I once said to my good friend from Massoqueeretts Massachusetts: Ask not what your committee can do for you, ask what you can do for your committee. I think feel this ties into what I want to ask the nominee about his views on planned parenting. Mr. Nominee, do you believe that a country — any country — has power to ask — or even demand — that a womyn keep what is essentially her own personal property whenever she chooses to get rid of that property?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: No, Joey. I do not.

Sen. Kinnock: Even if that property is a body part, like her arm or leg or head or fetus?

NARAL-Approved Nominee: If she wants to toss it or keep it, that's up to her. I'd say let her do it. Period.

Sen. Kinnock: Excellent answer. I don't feel I have any more questions for the nominee this round, Mr. Chairman. I do ask unanimous consent to submit a few for the record on the complementary writing paper I received from NARAL, which includes its darling new letterhead graphically showing Lady Liberty receiving a planned parenting procedure.

Sen. Specter (D-PA): Without objection, the senator's request is granted. I believe a short recess is in order so that the nominee can confer with Nancy Keenan, who is sitting right behind him. The committee stands in recess until eleven o'clock.

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Irrelevant Stones


You Just Always Puke Lib'ral Crap

saw him today on a creaky stage
A vial of Maalox® in his hand
I knew he would get indigestion
When he let Dhimms feed him pabulum

Yes, you just always puke lib'ral crap
You just always puke lib'ral crap
You just always puke lib'ral crap
Then when you cry like them you find
You puke one dull screed

Oh no, bor-or-ing, yeah....

And I went down to the auditorium
Thought I'd get to hear kick-a** rock
They sang, "We're calling you a hypocrite
'Cause we think your faith's nothin' but a bunch of crock"
Want a refund now...

Woah baby, no, no!

I went down to the 'Gressive pawnshop
To hock his brain 'fore it cooled
I was waited on by Senator Durbin Turban
And man, did he sound like a tool

He decided that it was worth a penny
One cell that was bitterly fed
I asked more from Senator Turban
"No, Sir," he said, "In a word, I feel it is dead"
I said to him

Oh no! Wah!

You puke one dull screed — big crybaby!
Oh no!

I saw him today on a creaky stage
Spewin' vile and rankled pabulum
He was artless and practiced self-delusion
Ill I was seeing his wrinkled hands


Oh no...
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Where liberals thrive, terrorists win


No one else gives the latter aid and comfort like the former.

ight of dissent has its limits. It is not absolute. With it come responsibilities.

If Demoonbats continue to abuse this right in time of war and national danger — increasingly giving the public every reason to perceive their current exercise of it as mere pretense for their treason — they will end up destroying it, causing future generations of Americans to be denied its full blessings. I'm not the only one who sees this happening:

London's lessons

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, an author and terrorism analyst, says al Qaeda could execute a London-type train bombing "within 24" hours in the United States.

"But why attack here," Gen. McInerney said in an interview, "when you have leftists in America who have aided and abetted the enemy more than Tokyo Rose did in World War II? They don't need to set off bombs. If they set off bombs, they would silence the shrill of leftists in the United States."

Gen. McInerney says the July 7 London bombing was an attempt by Muslim militants to bring down Prime Minister Tony Blair and see him replaced by a left-wing Laborite who would pull troops out of Iraq.

Call it the Leftist-Terrorist version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The only real difference is that the surnames of their common enemy are not Churchill and Roosevelt, but Blair and Bush.

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Patriotic Giants


Support the troops is more than just words to these Loyal Corporate Citizens.

ust two examples of Evil Corporations (© 1960-2005, Moonbatty Fraudocrats) effectively and tangibly supporting our troops and actually doing — not just asking — what they can do for our country's good:

Giant Foods
Assisting the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Helping disabled U.S. warriors
By Amy Doolittle
July 21, 2005

...To bridge this gap [between LibStream Media's neglectful "reporting" and full public awareness of the challenges facing our wounded soldiers], Mr. Chapin and board members of [Coalition to Salute America's Heroes] decided to sell red, white and blue wristbands for $2 each, with proceeds going toward helping the discharged soldiers.

To do this, they needed a venue. So an appeal was made to Giant Foods to host bins of the wristbands.

"Our first real public exposure is in Giant," Mr. Chapin said. "They were wonderful — they jumped right on the bandwagon. We are in something like 500 stores, and [the wristbands] have done extremely well. They've sold, at the last count I have, roughly 300,000 bands since they started."

At least $50 million is needed to help all the seriously wounded soldiers, the coalition said.

The Giant promotion, which started June 26, was to continue only through the beginning of July. However, because the bands have done well and because there are still bands left, Giant will continue to sell them indefinitely, said company spokesman Barry Scher.

Going above and beyond what is required for its employees who are bravely defending our country—

Sears Supports Deployed Troops, Families
Tuesday, November 9, 2004
By: Donna Miles

Sears, Roebuck and Co. is proving to be a friend of military families — from making up lost pay for its employees called to active duty in the National Guard and reserve, to donating $2 million to the National Military Family Association for military family programs.

The Chicago-based retailer announced in September that it is extending its military pay differential and benefits coverage to five years. This is the second extension this year. In January, Sears extended its military pay differential to three years, from 30 months.

The announcement, which affects about 200 full-time Sears employees, also means they can continue participating in the company's life insurance, medical and dental programs, if they choose.

By law, companies are required to provide deployed employees access to 18 months of continued medical coverage at the employees' expense. But Sears' policy, which provides these benefits up to five years, goes far beyond the law's requirements.

I'll definitely go out of my way to patronize these Loyal Corporate Citizens who are setting such a fine example and remarkably high standard for everyone who says "we support our troops!"

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