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Food Stamper-in-Chief's design for larger 'Obucks' food stamp



“It’s a fact. Since President Obama has been in the Oval Office, you’ve seen a 41 percent increase in the food stamp recipients in the United States of America. We have a president that’s making more American victims rather than victors.
     “We also have a 16 percent increase in Americans on the poverty roll — 6.4 million more Americans are on poverty since President Obama took office.”
– Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.)

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Benedict Obarnold


Enemy of America's Economy

According to official government estimates, North America has a total of 1.79 trillion barrels of recoverable oil, about twice the total combined proven reserves of every OPEC nation. If we drill, drill, drill and pipe, pipe, pipe prices will drop considerably. Moreover, because markets are forward looking, even announcing a serious effort to allow production will drop prices considerably in the near term in anticipation of future supply.

[But Baracrook Øbstinate] again today promised to... offer massive giveaways to political allies in the wind and solar industries, which have never been shown to be economically viable and have no connection to gasoline prices. This is because about zero percent of Americans are poised to switch to wind or solar powered cars.


ake no mistake: Øsaboteur is doing everything in his abuses of power to make sure that America's economic engine literally runs out of gas.

 Øtraitor's extremist interior secretary commieczar was held in contempt of court for imposing an unlawful moratorium on deep water exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico.
 Øtraitor's extremist "energy" commieczar has repeatedly called for gas prices at European levels of $8 a gallon and higher.
 Øtraitor's extremist preference isn't lower gas prices, but "a gradual adjustment" to extremely high gas prices.
What "better" way to bring America's economy down so yes he can rebuild it in his own nazional-socialist image?

During last night's Republican presidential debate, only Newt Gingrich addressed Øtraitor's economic treason.

I've developed a program for American energy so no future president will ever bow to a Saudi king again and so every American can look forward to $2.50 a gallon gasoline....

The leading developer of North Dakota oil estimated recently that, if we would open up federal land and open up offshore, you would have $16 trillion to $18 trillion — not billion — trillion dollars in royalties to the federal government in the next generation, an enormous flow which would drive down prices to $2.50 a gallon, would help us balance the budget and would create millions of jobs.

[T]he first thing I'd do... is create a very dramatic American energy policy of opening up federal lands and opening up offshore drilling, replacing the EPA....

We have enough energy in the United States that we would be the largest producer of oil in the world by the end of this decade. We would be capable of saying to the Middle East, "We frankly don't care what you do."

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Comrade Mittenski: 'Tax the Rich More!'


"...so that we make sure that the top one percent keeps paying, paying the current share they're paying or more."


aromney Øbamitt confesses he wants to make the wealthy job creators in this country Pay! Pay! Pay! the spending addicts in D.C. more, so Yes The GumMitt Can go right on Spending! Spending! Spending!

ComMittsar Øbamney. He'll cut back on how much money yes we can keep!

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Worst Unemployment Since the Great Depression


Move over, Herbert Hoover. We've finally found someone as awful as worse than you.

[T]he U.S. has seen the longest period of high unemployment since the Great Depression, the Congressional Budget Office noted in a report issued today.… [in which it] is still predicting that unemployment will remain above 8 percent until 2014. The report also notes that, including those who haven’t sought work in the past four weeks and those who are working part-time but seeking full-time employment, the unemployment rate would be 15 percent.… The report came at the request of Democratic Michigan Rep. Sander Levin.…

“The stimulus is a stark reminder of how the president got the policies he wanted, and how those policies [of Baracrook Øfascist’s] have failed the American people and are making things worse,” said Texas Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling.


eckuva "job," B. Hoover Ødowngrade. Heckuva, "job."

President Obama will get the blame and it will hurt him with the American people in the next election.

This 30-second ad takes less than 30 seconds to create. A picture of the president hanging out with his Democratic colleagues fades in and then out. A screenshot fades in: "The first president to ever lose America's triple-A credit rating. Had enough?"

obamaholeWhy, yes, we have!

The Worst Recovery Since the Great Depression

Today, over 4 years since the recession started, there are still almost 25 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. That includes 5.6 million who are long-term unemployed for 27 weeks, or more than 6 months. Under President Obama, America has suffered the longest period with so many in such long-term unemployment since the Great Depression.

Notably, blacks have been suffering another depression under Obama, with unemployment today, 49 months after the recession started, still at 15.8%. Black unemployment has been over 15% for 2 ½ years under Obama. Black teenage unemployment today is over 40%, where it has persisted for over 2 years as well.

Hispanics have also been suffering a depression under Obama, with unemployment today still in double digits at 11%. Hispanic unemployment has been in double digits for three years under President Obama. Over one fourth of Hispanic youths remain unemployed today, which also has persisted for years.

The Census Bureau reported in September that more Americans are in poverty today than at any time in the entire history of Census tracking poverty. Americans dependent on food stamps are at an all time high as well.

Real wages and incomes have been falling so steadily under Obama and his confused, throwback, Keynesian/neo-Marxist Obamanomics, that the Census Bureau also reported that real median family income in America has fallen all the way back to 1996 levels.

Obama apologists cannot argue that this is because the recession was so bad, because the historical record in America is the worse the recession the stronger the recovery. Based on historical precedent, we should at worst be finishing the second year of a booming recovery by now.

Not even (DN)CBS could do anything to cover up the failing B. Hoover Øfailure's dangerous incompetence and his extremist, miserably failed policies. That's why last year it gave up trying.

Chronic unemployment highest since Great Depression

"They're saying there are more jobs. I'm just wondering where those jobs are," [Fabian] Lambrecht said.

About 6.2 million Americans, 45.1 percent of all unemployed workers in this country, have been jobless for more than six months — at its highest since the Great Depression.

Worst. President. Since the Great Depression Ever.

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"Vhere are zur paperz wegetablez? Ve hab vayz of making zu talk eatz!"


irst Øfascist's nazional-socialist thugs came for our law-abiding gun owners, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a law-abiding gun owner....

Then they came for our fresh-milk dairy farmers, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a fresh-milk dairy farmer.

Then they came for our fair & balanced news organizations, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't working for a fair & balanced news organization.

Then they came for our "cute" female air travelers, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a "cute" female air traveler.

Then they came for our children's lunches, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't eating a children's lunch....

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

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Official Song of the Obama 'Budget'


Tax. And. Spend.


ell he got the cedit card
And he ran up the national debt now
Seems he forgot all about the deficit
Like he told the voters now
And with miserable failures
Goes spending just as fast as he can now

And he'll just Tax. And. Spend.
'Til us voters take back our country
(Tax. And. Spend. 'til us voters take back our country)

Well most folks can't stand him
'Cause he walks, looks, and spends like a drunk now
(You walk like a drunk now, you walk like a drunk)
He makes the previous budgets look like a lemonade stand's books now
(You look like a drunk now, you look like a drunk)
A lotta pols try to stop him
But he continues wild spending sprees now
(You spend like a drunk now, you spend like a drunk)

And he'll just Tax. And. Spend.
'Til us voters take back our country
(Tax. And. Spend. 'til us voters take back our country)

Well you knew all along
That the folks were gettin' wise to you now
(You shouldn't have lied now, you shouldn't have lied)
And when we take your credit card
We'll breathe sighs of relief you're all through now
(You shouldn't have lied now, you shouldn't have lied)

Yes you can take Mooch-elle and go
'Cause we gotta lot of things to do now
(You shouldn't have lied now, you shouldn't have lied)

And we'll have fun, fun, fun now that we've taken back our country
And we'll have fun, fun, fun now that we've taken back our country
(Fun, fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
And we'll have fun fun fun now that we've taken back our country
(Fun, fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)
(Fun, fun now that we've taken back our country)

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USCCB, Obama'Care', and Romney


"It can never happen here, you unhelpful Visigothic hobbit!" (a.k.a. Famous Last Words®)

“It is good for pro-lifers to argue against abortion and euthanasia in Obamacare.
   But Christians need to step back and argue against the principle of government-run healthcare.”

ascists at the gate, led by Barømney Øbamitt via his twin Øbamitt Barømney, were let in two years ago with substantial help from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Now, when Øbama"Care" that Full-bore Fusillade Ø' Fetid Fascism™ predictably orders every religious-based organization to offer its female employees insurance policies that fund abortion related services — or else, the same ones who helped open that gate are screaming bloody murder.

Reap what you sow, anyone?

What next, USCCB? An endorsement of Øbamitt? After all, he's the øne whø, while governor of Massofascists, told catholic hospitals to administer abortion pills — or else.

Own. Petard. Idiotarians. Much hoisting required.

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Where Have All The Workers Gone?


Three years passing


here have all the workers gone?
Three years of woe
Where have all the workers gone?
Ø's discouraged them every one
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

What has all Øbama Øbonehead done?
Three years passing
What has all Øbonehead done?
Three years of woe
What has all Øbonehead done?
Tried to hit a hole in one
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

Who's the all-time worst, bar none?
Three years passing
Who's the all-time worst, bar none?
Three years of woe
Who's the all-time worst, bar none?
Nope, not Carter: It's Teh Øne™!
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

How for all this can he atone?
Three years passing
How for all this can he atone?
Three years of woe
How for all this can he atone?
By resigning in three... two... one...
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

Why's his app' ratin' dropped like a stone?
Three years passing
Why's his app' ratin' dropped like a stone?
Three years of woe
Why's his app' ratin' dropped like a stone?
'Cause there're less workers, everyone!
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Series Id: LNS11300000
Seasonally Adjusted
Series title: (Seas) Labor Force Participation Rate
Labor force status: Civilian labor force participation rate
Type of data: Percent or rate
Age: 16 years and over

Where Have All the Workers Gone?

"Thanks" for nøthin', B'roke Herberthoover Øcarter.

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