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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

Vaporize Tehran Now


That is, if Iran's murderous mullahs don't unconditionally surrender to our international coalition within 60 minutes after we demand it.


ur ally is under attack.

Pursuant to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which says

The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.

all NATO members are under attack right now — Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States are each under attack and obliged by mutual treaty to act accordingly.

The United States is just as much under attack as the United Kingdom. None of us would be if Iran's megalomaniac regime didn't exist.

Iran's despotic, terror-assisting government is fueling these attacks on us.

Enough is enough. Iran's present government must be destroyed. Now. Completely and permanently. Before it further destroys us.

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John McCain opposes 'Fairness' Doctrine


Cosponsor of the Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2007 (S.1748) introduced yesterday by Senators Norm Coleman (R-MN), Jim DeMint (R-SC) and John Thune (R-SD).


an bites dog. That's what it is when one of the mortal enemies of our free speech rights (see McCrush-Freespeech) decides that severely restricting if not silencing voices on The People's Airwaves® is a bad thing.

Now if I can only get those pigs to stop buzzing around my kite after I launch it, all will be right with the world.

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I'll take 'DeMSMocrat Duplicity' for $200, Alex


"Newspaper-clipping Daily Double!


ell, now, you could take the lead away from A.P."

"Let's bet it all!"

"Alright, here you go: DeMSMocrat Duplicity —

Siegelman sentenced to 7+ years

Associated [with Democrooks] Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison and former HealthSouth CEO got nearly seven years Thursday and both were immediately taken into custody on their bribery convictions.

The judge denied defense pleas to let them remain free on appeal.

"While it is true the good far exceeds the bad, I must impose a fair punishment to reassure all that come before this court that justice is blind," U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller said in sentencing Siegelman.

The two once-prominent figures in politics and business were escorted out of the courtroom by U.S. marshals and not allowed to talk to family members. Scrushy's family cried quietly in the courtroom. Siegelman's wife, Lori, left immediately.

Siegelman was fined $50,000 due immediately, plus $181,325 to a state agency where prosecutors said kickbacks were made. He is to perform 500 hours of community service when his sentence of seven years, four months is completed.

Scrushy was fined $150,000 due immediately, plus ordered to pay restitution of $267,000 to United way of Central Alabama. He also was ordered to perform 500 hours of community service when released.

Both are to be on supervised release for 3 years when their terms end.

Both have promised appeals.

Fuller had increased the possible sentence range for Siegelman to more than 15 years earlier Thursday and left Scrushy's possible range at 8 to 10 years. But he was not bound by the guidelines. Prosecutors asked 30 years for Siegelman and 25 for Scrushy, while the defense pleaded for probation for both.

Siegelman, 61, and Scrushy, 54, were convicted last year on bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud. The government accused Siegelman of naming Scrushy to a hospital regulatory board in exchange for $500,000 in donations to Siegelman's 1999 campaign for a state lottery for education. The defense contended there was no quid-pro-quo or personal benefit.

Siegelman also was convicted of obstruction of justice for trying to hide money given by a lobbyist for a motorcycle. The defense contends it was a legitimate transaction and not as depicted by prosecutors.

Fuller was urged by prosecutor Joseph Fitzpatrick to hand down a stiff punishment.

"It will send the message that if these people can be sent to prison, it certainly can happen to a local politician," he said.

Siegelman wiped at tears as he asked the judge for mercy, apologizing to the people of Alabama but denying he took a bribe from Scrushy.

"Your honor, I am not a perfect person, but I am a good person. I have made mistakes. I have done some stupid things and some dumb things," he said.

"Judge, you can decide whether I die in prison or go home to my family. Your honor, I ask you for mercy. I ask you to send me home."

Scrushy, who earlier introduced the judge to his nine children, motioned to them during his final statement.

"God has blessed me with this family. It does concern me greatly the effect on my family if I am placed in prison," Scrushy said.

Fitzpatrick, a prosecutor in the Alabama attorney general's office who has worked with the federal prosecution on the case, admitted that both Siegelman and Scrushy have done good things for the people of Alabama.

"But your honor sometimes good men do bad things and sometimes bad men do good things," he said.

Earlier Thursday, Fuller signaled a prison term awaited both as he refused to reduce the guidelines and instead increased them.

"I am convinced the conduct Governor Siegelman engaged in damaged the public's confidence in the government of this state," Fuller said.

Scrushy told the judge his contributions to the education lottery were part of his efforts over the years to give money "because I wanted to make Alabama a better place." He said he accepted the position on the board from Siegelman for same reason he served on the same board under other governors.

"I did it because it was the right thing to do," he said.

Scrushy and his attorneys pointed to his charitable work and ministries in urging leniency.

At one point, Scrushy got up and introduced his nine children and his wife, Leslie, to Fuller. The children, ranging in age from 2-years-old to the 30s, stood in front of the courtroom as Scrushy said something about each one.

He told Fuller the children and Leslie were "ten reasons" why he would not try to flee if he is allowed to remain free while his conviction and sentence are appealed.

Attorney Susan James told Fuller she is concerned about Siegelman's safety if he is given a lengthy sentence, pointing out that as a former Alabama attorney general and governor he has a history of pushing for tough anti-crime legislation and for fighting against parole for some prisoners. She said that at his age a 10-year sentence would deprive Siegelman of much of the rest of his life.

"The rest of his productive life will be wasted while he's in prison," James said.

But chief prosecutor Louis Franklin said Siegelman deserves a harsh sentence partly because of his tough stance against crime.

is just one more example of an entire muckstream media article where the alleged journalist who wrote it dares not ever utter this word."

"What is 'Democrat'?"

"'Democrat' is right! And the lead is yours."

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Messrs. Smith Go to Washington


Thank you, Lord, for pulling us off the ledge and saving us once more from national suicide.


im DeMint (R-SC), Jeff Sessions (R-Al), David Vitter (R-LA), John Cornyn (R-Tx) and Tom Coburn (R-Ok).... Liddy Dole (R-NC), Jim Bunning (R-Ky) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

We owe these Messrs. and Mrs. Smith a huge debt of gratitude. They led the charge on the Senate floor to give all American citizens and their law-abiding guests a path to victory in this fight. We demanded defense of our national security and sovereignty be fully achieved first. They not only listened but made sure the rest of their colleagues would have no choice but to listen to us, their bosses, too.

Now our fight is for completion of all 700 miles of the border fence.

"This is the day the Lord has made"; and to Him goes every credit for it being a very good one for America.

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Lies, bribes, and fools


Welcome to the Estados Unidos Senate.


mnesty for homeland invaders will be stopped dead in its tracks tomorrow if any five of the following eight senators just say no to its advancing even one step farther towards our already too porous borders:

They are Sens. Kit Bond (R., Mo.), Sam Brownback (R., Kan.), Richard Burr (R., N.C.), Norm Coleman (R. Minn), John Ensign (R. Nev.), Ben Nelson (D., Neb.), Mark Pryor (D., Ark.) and Jim Webb (D., Va.).

Names in bold are the senators who voted three weeks ago with 44 others to kill the monstrous Instant Z-Visa Amnesty before it could finish rising up off the operating table in the mad Doctors Framnestein's hideous backroom social laboratory.

Contact Senators Bond, Burr, Coleman, Ensign, Pryor, and Webb, and let them know we're counting on them to show the same political courage in stopping this latest version of those mad scientists' most dangerous experiment.

Tell them not to believe the promise lie that — all of a sudden — deportation is an option.

For years, supporters of amnesty have told us that deportation is impractical in contemporary America. But now the Grand Bargainers' press releases teem with promises of deportation. Senator Graham's office explains what would happen to heads of household who refuse to go along with the touchback requirement: "They will be deported along with their spouse and any non-American citizen children." (Their American citizen children will presumably be sent to the nearest orphanage.) "Aliens who overstay their visa by more than 60 days will be apprehended, detained, and deported." (Aliens who have overstayed for 59 days will generously be allowed exactly another 24 hours before their apprehension and deportation.) Given that we can't find 600,000 absconders in the country now, these promises are obviously laughable.

Encourage them to stand up for all true law-abiding immigrants — our invited guests who respect, follow, and appreciate our laws, but who'd be played for suckers if that destructive Amonstery breaks out of the Senate — and to refuse the mad scientists' bribes to look the other way.

[T]he Republican Grand Bargainers are willing to go as far as they dare in putting more enforcement around the edges of the deal. For weeks, they insisted that the bill was tough on enforcement, but suddenly it now needs all sorts of enhancements. It is transparent that their commitment to these enhancements begins and ends with the need to pick off enough Republican votes to get through the next cloture vote.

Thank them when they vote to represent We their Bosses according to our expressed will.

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Our immigration laws, 'our' government, and its intent


In short, never truly enforce those laws or follow them itself.


hat's better than sending our jobs overseas? If you're a power hungry politician selling out our nation's sovereignty to the highest campaign donor, it's shutting down our remaining jobs here and replacing them with slave labor.

We'll be out of work and virtually slaves ourselves, totally dependent on government handouts. We'll be reduced to having no more choice or control of that government other than voting in whichever of our masters promises the most handouts.

We know "our" federal government is the largest single employer of illegal aliens violator of our immigration laws, is negligently refusing to fully enforce those laws, is intentionally delaying construction of all 700 miles of border fencing mandated by current law, is even trying to cut that fence's required length in half, and is asking us, incredibly, "Come on now, you can trust us."

We know we rate Congress as the worst of all American institutions.

From Senate bill S.1639 aka Shamnesty v2.1 –

(a) Copies of employment records or other evidence of employment provided by an alien or by an alien's employer in support of an alien's application for Z nonimmigrant status shall not be used in a prosecution or investigation (civil or criminal) of that employer under section 247A (8 U.S.C. 1324a) [i.e., "Unlawful employment of aliens" *giggle giggle*] or the tax laws of the United States for the prior unlawful employment of that alien, regardless of the adjudication of such application or reconsideration by the Secretary of such alien's prima facie eligibility determination.

(b) APPLICABILITY OF OTHER LAW- Nothing in this section may be used to shield an employer from liability under section 274B of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1324b) [e.g., racial discrimination] or any other labor or employment law.

We know businesses that unlawfully hire "undocumented Americans" haven't been and won't be stopped, regardless how much they intentionally break our laws.

We know so-call sanctuary cities that "prevent the federal government from enforcing our immigration laws and removing non-citizens who have no legal right to be here" — an obstruction of justice under color of law which is literally killing us — haven't been and won't be stopped either.

We know local officials' faithful attempts, in accordance with their constitutionally required oaths, to support the supreme law of our land especially with respect to immigration have been thwarted by robed masters supposedly vested with "interpreting" that law.

We know, more importantly, why Edwine 'Mbibe al-Qennedy, National Council of The Racists, the Always Compensated Lawyers Union, Edrunk Moorgue al-Qennedy, taxpayer funded immigration lawyers, New York Slimes editors, Edrowned MaryJo al-Qennedy, John McCrush-Freespeech, Estados Unidos Chamber of Commerce, El libtard Moonbat al-Qennedy, National Association of Manuelfloggerers,

This isn't amnesty?

“No probationary benefits shall be issued to an alien until the alien has passed all appropriate background checks or the end of the next business day, whichever is sooner.”
–Senate bill S[hamnesty].1639,
section 601(h)(2)

Guess which one's going to be, 99 percent of the time, "sooner."
George Whatborder? Bush, Escaped Manslaughterer al-Qennedy, and the rest of the pro-slave labor/voter crowd support this massive sellout of our country's security and sovereignty; viz.

It's all about the United States Senate proferring a benediction for those who willfully violated our nation's sovereignty and flouted its "Rule of Law". It's all about the United States Senate's beneficence in wanting to confer an estimated $2.6 trillion in welfare entitlements – a broad, social safety net of services for lawbreakers and funded by you and me: bona-fide, taxed-to-the-gills American citizens. It's all about the United States Senate ensuring a ready source of taxpayer-subsidized "cheap labor" at the behest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and certain segments of American industry that knowingly hire undocumented immigrants. It's all about the United States Senate doing the dirty work of the two political parties who covet the Hispanic vote and throngs of new voters. It's all about the United States Senate being hellbent on codifying into law an inexorable wave of multi-culturalism, while eschewing the age-old idea of America as a melting pot. It's all about the United States Senate turning a deaf ear to the will of the majority of American voters and behaving instead as a surrogate lobbyist for the vested interests of the corrupt government of Mexico. It's all about the United States Senate being the phalanx of the Bush-led forces determined to create a North American Union to the detriment of our national sovereignty. [links in original]

So what are you going to do about it?

For a start, just as President Eisenhower did 53 years ago when he "successfully deported or forced into voluntary repatriation an estimated 1.2 million aliens within a single year period of time using only about 750 border agents" (or in today's terms, 20 million illegals within a year using 12,500 agents),

All we have to do is continue to apply pressure to our government to enforce the 1986 immigration laws on the books currently.

All we have to do is build the original border fence that was passed into law (without funding) last year.

All we have to do is enforce the employer sanctions that were part of the 1986 law that were rarely, if ever, applied.

All we have to do is to support our Border Patrol instead of criminally prosecuting border officers based on political pressure from Mexico.

All we have to do is to start interior enforcement. When word gets out we are serious about enforcing the 1986 law, many, many will understand the seriousness of repetitive law breaking and will depart on their own just like they did in 1954.

All we have to do is to communicate very loudly and clearly and often that we are not interested in becoming the North American counterpart of the European Union and that we have done quite nicely, thank you, being a sovereign nation.

The slavers pressuring "our" government to shove amnesty for their lawbreaking slaves down all our throats without any regard for the increased damage to ourselves and our country that will cause, must be stopped today.

Email both your Senators and demand "finish building the 700-mile fence at our country's lawless borders and start throwing the book at our country's lawbreaking businesses, then we'll have the first real reason to trust you to do the right thing with the other reforms."

Remind them they're both your employees. You hired them. They work for and answer to you, not the slavers giving them campaign donations.

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Victories in Iraq


Custer's last stand is nothing compared to al-qowarda's.


urrender, or die. That's the complete list of options the terrorists now have, thanks to our Freedoms' Defenders and our Iraqi allies.

Michael Yon reports

The combat in Baqubah should soon reach a peak. Al Qaeda seems to have been effectively isolated. The initial attack on 19 June achieved enough surprise that al Qaeda was caught off guard and trapped. They have been beaten back mostly into pockets and are surrounded and will be dealt with. Part of this is actually due to the capability of Strykers. We were able to "attack from the march." In other words, a huge force drove in from places like Baghdad and quickly locked down Baqubah.

After describing embedded media's difficulties trying to get the stories out about our Defenders' "days in one of the most important battles of this war," he notes that

the battle is going very well. A big fight seems to be brewing. As of about noon in Baqubah on the 22nd, there seems to be a lull in the fighting. A calm. This is about to get wet. At the going rate, al Qaeda in Baqubah will soon have two choices: Surrender, or die.

CNN's Friday headline "U.S. reports 68 al Qaeda militants killed in Iraq" and the story's last heading "General: Three reasons for optimism in Iraq" paint a bleak picture for all remaining al-qowarda militants terrorists.

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Ebryonic stem cells cure flat tires


They promise as much a cure for those as they do for anything else.


ame one disease or ailment successfully cured or treated as a result of embryonic infanticidal stem cell research. A single case of it will do.

No "promises to someday possibly lead to a better theory of how it may, with a lot of luck and if everything goes exactly as planned, hopefully prompt new promising research sometime in the future." Promises aren't results.

Instead, something akin to "Adult Stem Cells For Therapy Of Visual Disorders."

Or "Adult stem cells effect a cure [for diabetes]."

Even "Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatments."

Such as "First Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial In USA Using Autologous Adult Stem Cells To Treat Patients With End-Stage Critical Limb Ischemia."

Also "Adult Stem Cells From Human Cord Umbilical Cord Blood Successfully Engineered To Make Insulin."

And "Thailand Biotech Company Gets BOI Seal Of Approval For Adult Stem Cells."

As well as "Adult Stem/Progenitor Cells Repair Of Damaged Brain, Pancreas, Kidney Cells Newly Understood."

Like "Testing Adult Stem Cells For Heart Damage Repair."

Reminiscent of "Aastrom Treats Patients In Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial For Osteonecrosis."

Not to mention "Adult stem cells aid recovery in animal model of cerebral palsy."

Along the lines of "Adult Stem Cells Improve Cardiac Function And Blood Flow In Patients With Heart Disease, New Study Finds."

With "Regenerative Medicine Advanced By Use Of Adult Stem Cells For Replacement Bone."

Just as "First randomized trial of adult stem cell injections in heart failure patients shows benefit."

In other words, name any successful stem cell related cure or therapy that wasn't derived from adult stem cell research.

While the infanticidal stem cell researchers were still only making more pie in the sky promises, the adult stem cell ones had already produced an impressive number of useful remedies. Which begs the question: Why would anyone want any government to take any of our hard earned dollars and flush them straight down the former's unproductive lab drains?

Glad I asked. Given such anyones are always Decieverats and other liberals, followed by every poor sap unfortunate enough to be their deceivees, there are two reasons.

First and foremost, abortion infanticide is a holy sacrificial rite in the Church of Liberalism which its fanatic followers use as the most sacred means to appease the godhead of their religion — The Lenin, The Marx, and The Qennedy — and seek their redemption in Its eyes and find favor amongst themselves. So they're very touchy about it. Consequently, the public's general abhorrence towards human sacrifice, no matter what its form, has presented them with a bit of a sticky wicket. They've tried "our bodies, our choice," but have had as much success garnering social acceptance of their "right" to kill "a mere body part" with it as any voodoo high priestess outside of Benin has of her own gory rituals with "my chickens, my choice."

That's left liberals with only two choices. Either see this rite of theirs crushed out of existence under the growing weight of public disfavor, or find some Happy Face™ large enough to stick on top of all the blood. Since liberals are nothing if not extremely combative there's no need to guess which choice they've made.

If they could somehow equate abortions with saving lives then, by Jove! John Edwarts!, maybe we won't notice too much that they're also having to take lives first. Enter infanticidal stem cell's hype Happy Face.

Problem is, infanticidal stem cells have but one guarantee; namely, their nasty, unassailable habit of growing uncontrollably inside any victim patient who might be dopey enough to let a liberal inject his body with any, possibly causing tumors.

Stem cells from embryos have the ability to grow into all other types of cells. They may be able to mature into brain cells to repair damage from strokes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases; into heart cells to heal the ravages of heart attacks; and into organs to replace those ruined by cancer. But problems exist in getting such cells to mature into a specific type of cell and to home in on a specific place. There's also the problem of stopping them from growing once the repair is made. Uncontrolled growth may lead to tumors.

Knowing such a Two Deaths for the Price of One® therapy is never going to be what the doctor ordered, liberals are having no real luck with their Abortion Happy Face Project either.

The second reason Deceiverats and other liberals want to toss our tax dollars into the infanticidal stem cell researchers' Bunsen burners is money. That balkanized conglomeration of special interests otherwise known as the Demohordic Party has nothing else to bind it together. The party of perks and handouts is not based on some particular set of core principles — or on any principles at all, for that matter — but on who can get the most from us the fastest. Chief among such who is Big Abortion.

The abortion industry's drive to increase its already obscene profits finds no better chauffeur than the Democorruptic Party. Except that the latter, having been unable to snooker us with its Abortion Happy Face Project, is now feeling increased pressure from those blood-money moguls riding in the back. Through contributions to the Demosoros Party as well as "grants" to the special interest groups supporting it, they're handsomely paying it to take them all to the Big Government corporate-welfare trough as fast and as smoothly as possible. However, they're most displeased with the slower speeds and bumpier routes chosen by that hired help, who's now worried about them handing it the pinko slip.

Without money Deceiverats and other liberals can't buy power. Without power they won't be able to control or manipulate us, leaving them no real hope of making us in their own disgusting, contemptible, morally sterile image. If they can't make us all degenerate regressives too, they'll continue to stick out like a sore thumb cancer until our society decides it's time for some much needed surgery.

Not even adult stem cells will be able to save their ungodly diseased selves then.

Thank the Lord we have a president who is more interested in supporting effective medical research that can and does actually save lives, than in ever catering to the special interest groups that can and do nothing but spew Demoabortionist Party propaganda.

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Burning the national forests no American will burn


Would these fire setting undocumented lawbreakers get amnesty if they renounce their arsonist-gang membership?


.S. Forrest Rangers/Wildfire Fighters Being Attacked By Illegal Immigrants," says the KXMB headline.

The trees in those forests these hard-working, family-valuesing arsonigrants are torching likely wouldn't be all charcoal now had "our president" (undocumentedly speaking) been at all serious about building the fence no sellout politician will build.

Congress flatly ordered him by law to begin building that 854-mile fence over a half year ago. Less than a dozen miles of it's done now. Family values may not stop at the border, but fence construction certainly does.

If al-Qaeda was doing this to sneak break burn their way into our country, we'd all consider it an act of war, too.

At the very least it's ecoterrorism whose sole, intentional aim is to cause or threaten death or serious injury to our federal agents defending our borders.

Or perhaps the undocumented arsonists just want to come out of the shadows our national forests' trees are casting on them, and feel that burning them all down will best do the trick?

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Liberals fear The People's right to choose


Next time a liberal says he's "pro-choice," ask him about this:

BOSTON — Lawmakers voted Thursday to keep a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage off the 2008 ballot during a joint session of the Massachusetts House and Senate.


ight of a people to choose what they do with their own body of laws, including their written constitution, is a right liberals would rather oppress than uphold. Why let us rubes have any self-determination when they have robes making decisions about everything that affects us, especially what we hold most sacred and dear?

A lot easier that way — for them.

The amendment that defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman needed the support of 50 of the state's 200 lawmakers in two consecutive sessions. The 151-to-45 vote blocks the amendment from going before voters next year. It passed with 62 votes on the final day of the last legislative session earlier this year, but it only received 45 votes on Thursday.

Voting in favor of the people's right to choose were Senators Scott P. Brown, Robert S. Creedon Jr., Robert L. Hedlund, Richard T. Moore, and Steven C. Panagiotakos, and Representatives Bruce J. Ayers, Fred Barrows, John J. Binienda, Linda Dean Campbell, Paul C. Casey, Robert Correia, Geraldine Creedon, Sean Curran, Viriato Manuel deMacedo, Paul J. Donato, Lewis G. Evangelidis, James H. Fagan, David L. Flynn, John P. Fresolo, Paul K. Frost, Colleen M. Garry, Susan W. Gifford, William G. Greene Jr., Robert S. Hargraves, Donald F. Humason Jr., Frank M. Hynes, Michael F. Kane, William Lantigua, John A. Lepper, James R. Miceli, James M. Murphy, David M. Nangle, Jeffrey Davis Perry, George N. Peterson Jr., Thomas M. Petrolati, Elizabeth A. Poirier, Karyn E. Polito, Mary S. Rogeness, Michael F. Rush, Angelo M. Scaccia, Todd M. Smola, Joyce A. Spiliotis, Walter F. Timilty, A. Stephen Tobin, and Daniel K. Webster.

Oppressors of the people are 34 dictators and 117 totalitariatives who feel the people have no right to choose whether, "When recognizing marriages entered into after the adoption of this amendment by the people, the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall define marriage only as the union of one man and one woman."

More than 8,500 same-sex couples have married in Massachusetts since they became legal in May 2004. The Bay State remains the only state in the nation to allow same-sex couples to marry.

If anyone has the "right" to marry whomever, marriage means nothing. Whoever means to deny anyone that "right" has nothing by way of argument beyond cultural fear and prejudice. Since plural or group marriages have long established roots in other cultures, arguing to exclude these from anyone's "right" to marry means resorting to nothing more than that fear and prejudice. Once this argument is dismissed, anyone has the "right" to marry whomever. Repeat.

Or as Karl Marx put it, "Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it."

Earlier in the day, activists on both sides of the issue gathered at the Statehouse to make their voices heard. Preaching a message of marriage equality, members of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry marched from St. Paul's Cathedral to the steps of the statehouse.

"God loves all of God's children — gays, straight, transgender and bisexual — and everyone has equal rights," the Rev. Anne Rousseau said.

God loves polygamists, too. They also have equal rights. Right, Karl Anne?

Opponents of gay marriage demanded that the issue be decided by the voters of Massachusetts.

What? In the "People's" Commonwealth of Massoqueeretts? You obviously have much to learn, comrades.

But we're not here to talk about anyone's necessary enrollment in a reeducation camp — yet. So let's MoveOn.

"If the majority of people in Massachusetts think that marriage should remain between a man and a woman, they ought to say that," said Wally Atwood, who supports a gay marriage ban.

"To take the position that a small group of unelected judges can determine who we are as a people, I think it's not right," said Elizabeth Dionne, who supports a gay marriage ban.

"Who supports a gay marriage ban." "Who supports a gay marriage ban."

Bet they'd support a plural marriage ban as well. Why are they so full of fear and prejudice?

"This is a clear issue of civil rights and social justice, and we are here in support of it," said Alex Coleman, who supports gay marriage.

Who'd support plural marriage as well, no doubt. Unless he's full of fear and prejudice.

The issues has made national headlines with Democratic lawmakers. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbied to keep the question off the ballot.

Denizens of Missa Nagcy's own plantation house were not surprised.

"I think it's a choice people of Massachusetts need to make. Not Nancy Pelosi. She is not from here. She has nothing to do with it," Dionne said.

All right, let's try this again. "Choice" and "people" are two words that will never belong in the same sentence together — much less next to each other — so long as any liberals have power over the latter's lives.

Their desperate desire to eliminate your right of choice isn't based on saving the lives of our most innocent children, which deserve absolute and universal acceptance, but on elevating the lifestyles of a few selfish adults which they demand be forcibly afforded such privileged acceptance.

Others, such as Joan Fahey, who married her long-time partner in 2004, said that the issue transcends politics.

"It will really impact (us) on a day-to-day basis to the extent that gays and lesbians feel safe in this state," she said.

As opposed to all The People feeling that way.

Nonetheless, this does transcend politics: Liberals in power take away the people's right to choose. They want to take away free speech (Mr Minority). They say, "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

Anyone starting to detect a pattern here?

Or as our Founding Fathers put it, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism," it is our right and duty to throw liberalism and its many oppressions and tyrannies on the trash heap of history.

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Fourth Circus Court of Al-Qaeda


Cutting through the "war"time legalese.

Worst. Cartoon. Ever.(TM)

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Trust is a long, long shiny tall fence gleaming in the desert


Scam is a cheap-labor/cheap-vote hungry politician opening his mouth.


ou'll keep your word, Mr. or Ms. Senator?

Last year, Congress authorized a fence along 854 miles of our 2,000 mile-long border with Mexico. Guess how many miles have been built to date? Eleven.

You have only 843 miles to go before we have the first real reason to start trusting you.

It's We the People, not We the Chumps. Don't force this scamnesty down our throats or you will regret it.

You will. We promise.

It's the one promise that will be kept if your own backroom-dealt package of them passes.

You can bet your career on it.

When the full 854 miles of fence is up and the flow of illegals drops to a trickle, then your promises will mean something.

Until then, no deal on your backroom deal.


That's the Grand Bargain we're making with you today.

Take it, or leave it to your successor to take it. Either one will suit our country's sovereignty and security just fine.

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U.S. Attorney Sutton: educator-student sex parties can be consensual




irst things first. Last March, Lone Star Smear Project director Matt Angle told WorldNetDaily,

If you read the letters from [Johnny] Sutton's office or from DOJ, it's really amazing what abuse they describe and then downplay as not being serious. They describe systematic and widespread abuse of [felon inmate] juveniles who were held in these [Texas state juvenile correctional] facilities by the people who were administering these facilities, and they acknowledge this fully, yet they determine that the evidence is not sufficient to warrant federal prosecution.

I would dismiss this as the lunatic ravings of a wild-eyed moonbat with an axe to grind or score to settle with Things That Even Start With The Letter "R"™, except for the official statement by the U.S Attorney's office emphasized below.

In the Texas Youth Commission scandal, Texas Ranger official [investigator Brian] Burzynski received a July 28, 2005, letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton's office, declining prosecution on the argument that under 18 U.S.C. Section 242, the government would have to demonstrate that the boys subjected to sexual abuse sustained "bodily injury." Baumann wrote that, "As you know, our interviews of the victims revealed that none sustained 'bodily injury.'"

Baumann's letter went so far as to suggest that the victims may have willingly participated in, or even enjoyed, the acts of pedophilia involved: "As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply 'getting off' on the school administrator."

So if a 17-year-old student, when cornered by a sicko "educator's" advances attack, doesn't say anything or doesn't otherwise seem to "resist," it's Saturday night in Sioux City!* Pyote, Texas! for that student.


But surely Johnny Sutton immediately sent a follow-up letter or released a statement to clarify that his assistant misspoke and his office doesn't really believe that these boys were just asking for it by parading around in their cutoffs, right?


When this story finally broke he said,

We reluctantly concluded that the federal government did not have jurisdiction over any felony offenses allegedly committed. Because the most serious offense which might be brought by this office would at most be a misdemeanor, these allegations may be more effectively addressed by state authorities.

The same state authorities who'd already shown no interest in addressing the allegations any further — one of the reasons Ranger Burzynski was turning to the U.S. Attorney's office for justice — nor ever got around to showing such interest for at least 16 months.†

Meanwhile one of the alleged abusers became principal of Richard Milburn Academy in Midland. Would he have ever landed that job had he been defending himself against those "at most" misdemeanor federal charges? Instead he got, in effect, an all-clear from U.S. Department of "Justice" Civil Rights Division chief Albert N. Moskowitz who concluded there's no "prosecutable violation of the federal criminal [i.e., felony] civil rights statutes." Nothing specifically said about federal misdemeanors or state statutes.

But surely Johnny Sutton saw that no state authority was ever going to timely and effectively address the allegations, and thus would've wanted all the physical evidence and witness testimony collected and preserved by at least one prosecutor's office — even in a misdemeanor case — so some justice could be served, right?

Are you kidding? His office was too busy granting an illegal-alien drug smuggler immunity and "temporary parole" so Johnny Sutton could go after two of our Border Patrol agents who never would've been prosecuted but for said granting of immunity and parole. What are a few dozen inmate kids sexually abused by educators to him? After all, "our office's resources would be better employed investigating and prosecuting cases involving more clearly defined violations of federal criminal law," his assistant told Ranger Burzynski.

Now had those kids been illegal aliens, it've been Saturday night in San Antonio! for their alleged abusers.

The main onus here is on Ward County district attorney Randy Reynolds, a Demoslack, for not going ahead and initiating a state prosecution anyway. Clearly, Johnny Sutton had "better" things to do, so there was hardly any likelihood his federal district court would yank the case out of state court if it was already proceeding there.

Shame on the Lone Smear Project too for trying to paint these normal state-federal prosecutorial entanglements as some Grand Plot® masterminded by Karl Rove to... to — oh, say, send all liberals to Gitmo ...or something. They're really not much more than "your government at work." Bureaucratic confusion and apathy more than conspiracy or cover-up.

Johnny Sutton is not blameless, however. His office's seemingly off-handed dismissal of multiple, credibly-evidenced injustices allegedly perpetrated by "state school" officials against students directly in their custody, after its characterizing those allegations as somehow suggesting lawfully consensual acts, could not but help give responsible Texas authorities the impression that no crime at all, either federal or state, was committed or reasonably prosecutable.

In other words, if Johnny Sutton was going to pass the buck back to them, he shouldn't have wiped his asshat with it before doing so.

I can understand why Rich Glasgow said,

If this story is true, and I have no reason to doubt [WND staff writer] Jerome Corsi, who's done magnificent work in the past, then Gonzales is probably gone real soon and Sutton needs to be gone yesterday. You may or may not remember that Sutton [response: PDF] is the one responsible for the imprisonment of three border guards under dubious circumstances. [emphases in original]

If Demoliarats and other liberals weren't politicizing this sorry episode for their own sorry purposes, as they do with practically anything that has an R in it (Republican, Iraq, Katrina, World War IV, Terri,... you name it), I'd be inclined to agree that both heads probably should roll for it. The bungling at the federal level aggravated the injustices here. The many instances of it at the state level added to them. Both have taken and are still taking action to restore justice as much as they can, including the expedited release of all boys from a system Texas officials are now investigating and reforming.

As a result this story didn't get the pure gotcha-R traction Demunfairats were banking on. I'd just read about it for the first time myself while trying to find out more about Johnny Sutton's prosecution persecution of Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos.

The more I learn about his coddling of the criminal illegal (can't get any more lawbreaking than that!) "star witness" in the agents' case, and about that witness's stellar post-trial drug trafficking and border recrossing(s) being so uninvestigated by Johnny Sutton it makes his pursuit of the West Texas TYC alleged pedophiles look like Guliani's busting up of the New York mob, the more I believe it's the thing for which his and his boss's heads should roll "real soon."

* From Angel and the Badman (Republic Pictures, 1947), at 29:18:
Johnny Worth (Stephen Grant)
What would've happened if they knew the gun was empty?
Quirt Evans (John Wayne)
It've been Saturday night in Souix City!

† Atypical for that progressissy site, the reporting by freelance contributor Nate Blakeslee, Texas Monthly's senior editor, presents a background that is refreshingly heavy on details and identified sources and shies away from gratuitous conspiracy theorizing or — gasp! — name calling.


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Peloseri: 'They're silk purses, not sows' ears'


It's all still pork.


'd throw in "the other white meat" as well, but pigs will fly before I start hogging all the good idiotmatic phrases like Naggy's (D-Porkroast) trying to do. That'd be stretching it a bit too thin.

She doesn't want any of us swine calling her pet legislative directives names. They aren't, she squeals, "earmarks," "pork barrel projects," or "secret slush funds." If we all don't stop wallowing in the mud over this, she promises no one'll be able to save our bacon after she puts her hoof down.

But her attempt to euphemize — rather than euthanize — unaccountable congressional spending is as clumsy as... well, you know the rest. So we aren't buying her slop. Every American knows she and her fellow slicksters grease palms and buy votes with such spending. In a poke to their ribs, she's telling her greedy colleagues "don't worry, no one's going to notice these folks bellying up to our trough."

In a pig's eye.

We do notice that pigsty of yours, Nologancy (D-Kos). However, please don't clean it up. Keep pigging out. Don't mind us. It'll better ensure that in less than two years your democorruptic caucus will wind up as content as a carcass in the sunshine. The same sunshine citizens who actually do care about America will be dragging all that other white meat out into, giving it a fatal dose of the sweats.

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Send the scamnesty bill through the proper committees first


No more irregular backroom deal-making!


hat is all.

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Freedom Cannot Be Denied


On winning the War and why free nations must, he is still exceptionally right.


resident Bush's keynote address at the Democracy and Security Conference in Prague is excerpted below.

In dark and repressive corners of the world, whole generations grew up with no voice in their government and no hope in their future. This life of oppression bred deep resentment. And for many, resentment boiled over into radicalism and extremism and violence. The world saw the result on September the 11th, 2001, when terrorists based in Afghanistan sent 19 suicidal men to murder nearly 3,000 innocent people in the United States.

For some, this attack called for a narrow response. In truth, 9/11 was evidence of a much broader danger — an international movement of violent Islamic extremists that threatens free people everywhere. The extremists' ambition is to build a totalitarian empire that spans all current and former Muslim lands, including parts of Europe. Their strategy to achieve that goal is to frighten the world into surrender through a ruthless campaign of terrorist murder.

To confront this enemy, America and our allies have taken the offensive with the full range of our military, intelligence, and law enforcement capabilities. Yet this battle is more than a military conflict. Like the Cold War, it's an ideological struggle between two fundamentally different visions of humanity. On one side are the extremists, who promise paradise, but deliver a life of public beatings and repression of women and suicide bombings. On the other side are huge numbers of moderate men and women — including millions in the Muslim world — who believe that every human life has dignity and value that no power on Earth can take away.

The most powerful weapon in the struggle against extremism is not bullets or bombs — it is the universal appeal of freedom. Freedom is the design of our Maker, and the longing of every soul. Freedom is the best way to unleash the creativity and economic potential of a nation. Freedom is the only ordering of a society that leads to justice. And human freedom is the only way to achieve human rights.

Expanding freedom is more than a moral imperative — it is the only realistic way to protect our people in the long run. Years ago, Andrei Sakharov warned that a country that does not respect the rights of its own people will not respond to the rights of its neighbors. History proves him right. Governments accountable to their people do not attack each other. Democracies address problems through the political process, instead of blaming outside scapegoats. Young people who can disagree openly with their leaders are less likely to adopt violent ideologies. And nations that commit to freedom for their people will not support extremists — they will join in defeating them.

For all these reasons, the United States is committed to the advance of freedom and democracy as the great alternatives to repression and radicalism. And we have a historic objective in view. In my second inaugural address, I pledged America to the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. Some have said that qualifies me as a "dissident president." If standing for liberty in the world makes me a dissident, I wear that title with pride.

America pursues our freedom agenda in many ways — some vocal and visible, others quiet and hidden from view. Ending tyranny requires support for the forces of conscience that undermine repressive societies from within. The Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik compared a tyrannical state to a soldier who constantly points a gun at his enemy — until his arms finally tire and the prisoner escapes. The role of the free world is to put pressure on the arms of the world's tyrants — and strengthen the prisoners who are trying to speed their collapse....

There are many dissidents who couldn't join us because they are being unjustly imprisoned or held under house arrest. I look forward to the day when a conference like this one include Alexander Kozulin of Belarus, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Oscar Elias Biscet of Cuba, Father Nguyen Van Ly of Vietnam, Ayman Nour of Egypt....

We appreciate that free societies take shape at different speeds in different places. One virtue of democracy is that it reflects local history and traditions. Yet there are fundamental elements that all democracies share — freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly; rule of law enforced by independent courts; private property rights; and political parties that compete in free and fair elections. These rights and institutions are the foundation of human dignity, and as countries find their own path to freedom, they must find a loyal partner in the United States of America.

Extending the reach of freedom is a mission that unites democracies around the world. Some of the greatest contributions are coming from nations with the freshest memories of tyranny. I appreciate the Czech Republic's support for human rights projects in Belarus and Burma and Cuba. I thank Germany, and Poland, and the Czech Republic, and Hungary, and Slovenia, and Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia for contributing to the new United Nations Democracy Fund. I'm grateful for the commitment many new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe are making to Afghanistan and Iraq. I appreciate that these countries are willing to do the hard work necessary to enable people who want to be free to live in a free society.

In all these ways, the freedom agenda is making a difference. The work has been difficult, and that is not going to change. There will be triumphs and failures, progress and setbacks. Ending tyranny cannot be achieved overnight. And of course, this objective has its critics.

Some say that ending tyranny means "imposing our values" on people who do not share them, or that people live in parts of the world where freedom cannot take hold. That is refuted by the fact that every time people are given a choice, they choose freedom.... At a polling station in Baghdad, I was struck by the words of an Iraqi — he had one leg — and he told a reporter, "I would have crawled here if I had to." Was democracy — I ask the critics, was democracy imposed on that man? Was freedom a value he did not share? The truth is that the only ones who have to impose their values are the extremists and the radicals and the tyrants....

History shows that ultimately, freedom conquers fear. And given a chance, freedom will conquer fear in every nation on Earth.

Another objective — objection is that ending tyranny will unleash chaos. Critics point to the violence in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Lebanon as evidence that freedom leaves people less safe. But look who's causing the violence. It's the terrorists, it's the extremists. It is no coincidence that they are targeting young democracies in the Middle East. They know that the success of free societies there is a mortal threat to their ambitions — and to their very survival. The fact that our enemies are fighting back is not a reason to doubt democracy. It is evidence that they recognize democracy's power. It is evidence that we are at war. And it is evidence that free nations must do what it takes to prevail.

Still, some argue that a safer goal would be stability, especially in the Middle East. The problem is that pursuing stability at the expense of liberty does not lead to peace — it leads to September the 11th, 2001. The policy of tolerating tyranny is a moral and strategic failure. It is a mistake the world must not repeat in the 21st century.

Others fear that democracy will bring dangerous forces to power, such as Hamas in the Palestinian Territories. Elections will not always turn out the way we hope. Yet democracy consists of more than a single trip to the ballot box. Democracy requires meaningful opposition parties, a vibrant civil society, a government that enforces the law and responds to the needs of its people. Elections can accelerate the creation of such institutions. In a democracy, people will not vote for a life of perpetual violence. To stay in power, elected officials must listen to their people and pursue their desires for peace — or, in democracies, the voters will replace them through free elections.

Finally, there's the contention that ending tyranny is unrealistic. Well, some argue that extending democracy around the world is simply too difficult to achieve. That's nothing new. We've heard that criticism before throughout history. At every stage of the Cold War, there were those who argued that the Berlin Wall was permanent, and that people behind the Iron Curtain would never overcome their oppressors. History has sent a different message.

The lesson is that freedom will always have its skeptics. But that's not the whole story. There are also people like you, and the loved ones you represent — men and women with courage to risk everything for your ideals. In his first address as President, Vaclav Havel proclaimed, "People, your government has returned to you!" He was echoing the first speech of Tomas Masaryk — who was, in turn, quoting the 17th century Czech teacher Comenius. His message was that freedom is timeless. It does not belong to one government or one generation. Freedom is the dream and the right of every person in every nation in every age.

The United States of America believes deeply in that message. It was the inspiration for our founding, when we declared that "all men are created equal." It was the conviction that led us to help liberate this continent, and stand with the captive nations through their long struggle. It is the truth that guides our nation to oppose radicals and extremists and terror and tyranny in the world today.

I am disturbed that we are not prepared to fully do what we must if we wish to totally and finally defeat the worst of Freedom's enemies, all led by Iran, which threaten our and future generations. As David Warren puts it, in contesting President Bush's statement that "freedom can be resisted, and freedom can be delayed, but freedom cannot be denied,"

In my view, and my experience, freedom can be resisted, delayed and denied, and moreover, it can be in decline, as it is in the West, where the nanny state grows insidiously and constantly — regardless of who is elected to government — with the expanding power of the self-appointed elites who control our legal systems, and regulatory regimes.

It is nice to say rhetorically that freedom will prevail, but we must realize that such statements apply to heaven and not to earth. For down here, civic freedom is invariably obtained at the cost of human blood and treasure. It is not obtained by negotiating with dictators, except from a position of invincible force, and then only when one is fully prepared to use it. The very argument used against the wisdom of invading Iraq — that it costs blood and treasure — is itself the signal of surrender.

Aristotle once wrote that the magnificent man "does not count the cost." He understood also the virtue of prudence, the need for calculation and tact. But prudence itself is not finally calculated in blood or treasure. In the words with which my own country, Canada, was once mobilized against the Hitler menace: "No price too high!"

There is no price too high for human liberty, and those who dispute this are — and deserve to be — slaves.

While the Democracy and Security Conference's Prague Document, whose signers "call upon governments and peoples throughout the free world to help those trying to build free societies elsewhere," does not expressly dispute that "no price (is) too high for human liberty," it implicitly exhorts placing self-imposed limits on this price whenever those governments and peoples are doing the following:

  1. To demand the immediate release of all non violent political prisoners in their respective countries.
  2. Instructing diplomatic emissaries to non-democratic countries to actively and openly seek out meetings with political prisoners and dissidents committed to building free societies through non-violence.
  3. Raising public awareness, through institutions in their own countries and through international bodies, of human rights abuses under non-democratic regimes.
  4. Raising the question of human rights in all meetings with officials of non-democratic regimes.
  5. Seeking national and international initiatives, in the spirit of the Helsinki Accords, that link bilateral and international relations to the question of human rights.
  6. Exerting pressure, through peaceful diplomatic, political and economic means, on governments and groups abusing human rights to discontinue their practices.
  7. Providing incentives, through diplomatic, political and economic means, to governments and groups willing to improve the human rights record in their countries and to embark on the road to democracy.
  8. Isolating and ostracizing governments and groups that suppress their peaceful domestic opponents by force, violence or intimidation.
  9. Isolating and ostracizing governments and groups that threaten other countries and peoples with genocide or annihilation.
  10. Promoting best human rights and governance practices that have been found effective and beneficial in other countries, in particular in new and recent democracies.

I would not, nor I doubt would any of the people on the receiving end of pending genocide or annihilation, want us to be "isolating and ostracizing" governments threatening those horrors. They and I would want such governments to be immediately and forever no more. Yes, we could exert peaceful pressure on them and provide them with diplomatic, political, and economic incentives all day long, every day, from now till Doomsday. But we should never expect any or all of that will effectually stop them in the end. We could also promote best practices, seek initiatives, raise public awareness, instruct diplomats, and demand releases before or after as well. But we should never mistake this either for starting something that will end with our accomplishing anything other than giving us a frail illusion of action which, at least for a while, we hope, lets us feel good about ourselves.

It would be nice if our being so nice and accommodating to inhuman machines that are coldly calculating the murderous consumption of lives and freedoms which fuels and maintains them actually did transform them into something equally and reciprocatingly nice and accommodating. Except this has never worked. Petting a lethal machine may make it hum a little better, but that will not stop it. To permanently remove the danger it constantly poses, we must unplug it entirely, dismantle it completely, take a sledge hammer to every one of its parts, and unceremoniously toss the whole mass of twisted metal on the growing scrap heap of wasted history — preferably before any more nearby hands get caught in that machine and pulled, along with the rest of their owners, inside its deadly entrails.

Speaking of Iran, Anne Bayefsky says,

Mr. President, the truth is that one of the most evil regimes in the world as we know it is on the verge of acquiring the most powerful weapon in the world as we know it. And the future is in your hands. The clear message from Prague was that you have friends around the world, even if not in your administration. You have the power to protect our nation and freedom for all people everywhere. You lead your nation now. And without exercising that leadership, with no further pretense that the U.N. has the authority to deny the necessities of America's national defense, the triumph of hate over hope will be laid at your door.

All that is true. He must, despite the predictable Democrappeaserat Party leadership's extreme caterwauling when he does, totally and finally defeat the expansionist machine of hate and terror now ruling and ruining Iran. In the end all people everywhere will know who did and didn't have foremost in mind their freedoms, and who is and isn't on their side and on the right side of history.

President Bush's address has amply laid out why he must, for all our sakes, do and be that.

What had brought President Bush to make this pilgrimage to Prague, en route to the G-8 summit? The answer echoed through the noble vision outlined in his speech — a speech that several seasoned observers of presidential oratory who attended the conference judged to be among the best that Mr. Bush has ever given.

I agree with Daniel Johnson's assessment of the speech.

My prayer is that the postscript will say history has judged the actions of America in defense of human freedom at this time and place to be among the best that she has ever taken.

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Straight from the horse's mouth


Or, I should say, from the Ruler of the Known Universe's telepathically shielded vocal organ.


resident Bush," alas, is President Bush.

A broken spirit, not alien abduction, explains his willingness of late to sup with al-Qennedy and other liberals using a short spoon when certain courses not solely consisting of a World War IV ingredient (thankfully that, at least) are served.

Appreciate the Moxargon Group answering my question about the Abduction Theory™. I mean, who better to rule out the involvement of any of their fellow non-Earthlings than they?

Indeed, as proof of their vastly superior universal knowledge, Remulak MoxArgon the Overlord-in-Chief himself not only cleared that one up but, in response to another reader's question, offered the best solution I've seen so far to two of the most intractable problems now facing our planet:

I'm proposing a law for the return of the stocks, where people can buy water balloons and rotten tomatoes to toss at the offending celebrity, money going to charity. I think the Paris Hilton/ Lindsay Lohan/ Nicole Ritchie axis of drunk will alone raise enough money to eliminate poverty in Africa.

Out of control celebrities and African poverty both solved. Astounding.

Goes to show you they aren't just another bunch of pretty faces up there.

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Human-Rights Establishment's lack of moral clarity


"...has wider philosophical implications, not only for reports by human rights groups, but also for journalists."

Behind the Lines: Putting 'moral clarity' in context

After decades of human-rights activism around the world, which has seen a rise in the number of organizations committed to the cause, anyone embarking on a new initiative to promote democracy and freedom — highlighting the plight of dissidents and prisoners of conscience in dictatorships — should be asked what is lacking in the existing bodies.

Natan Sharansky, who, together with former Czech president Vaclav Havel and Spain's Jose Maria Aznar, this week launched a new framework for supporting those fighting for democracy, had a clear answer in speaking to journalists at the start of the Democracy and Security Conference held in Prague — a joint venture of the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, the Prague Security Studies Institute and the Spanish FAES Foundation.

"There is a lack of moral clarity," he said of the existing human-rights establishment. "They seem to have adopted a post-modern attitude, according to which, after World War II, there is no longer such a thing as bad regimes and cultures; it's only a matter of what has been done to an individual. But how can you set human rights as an ideal if there's no right or wrong?"

His main contention with these movements — especially the flagbearer, Amnesty International — is that they are not prepared to express any view on the character of the governments they are monitoring. "It's not just the fact that they [Amnesty] have 20 pages on human rights infringements by Israel and only half a page on Syria," Sharansky said. "I don't want them to stop monitoring Israel. But why can't they just note the fact that one country is a democracy and the other a dictatorship? Why don't they put them in separate categories in their annual report?"



The article continues with a critique of journalism, including why "journalistic objectivity is a myth, and even those who profess to this will be forced to admit that the very choice of what issue to invest time and space on is essentially a moral one."

In other words: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can neither do nor teach are called "journalists."

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Ready to accept Albert Gore as your personal Savior yet?


Then open your hearts and wallets and stand by for this very important announcement:


ou may have seen some "news reports" showing G--e flying around the world in personal jets that "guzzle" a "lot of fuel" or living in really "big" homes that use more electricity than "your average small-sized American town." These so called reports may have left you feeling G--e is nothing but a greedy hippercrit.

But there wrong!

Yes. Read that again. There wrong. R-O-N-G. Wrong! (We left the "W" out on purpous because we want you to no who's really behind these "reports." We didn't leave it out because were dum.)

Now you no. G--e doesn't fly around in jets anymore and He doesn't live in big homes that still use so much electricity. He's an enviromentelest. Thru & thru. Nothing hippercritacle about Him. Why, He's trying the save the world, for the love of G--e!

Anyway, we no you don't beleave those silly reports. You no there writen by nothing but Faux News Repugorters who hate G--e. Yes, hate. They hate Him because He tried to stop "W" from steeling the electon. They don't want to moveon because there to busy hating Him. And there racists.

But G--e is not a racist. He cares about people. All of them. He wants to help them. But most of all He wants to help you.

Thats right. You. He cares about you personally. And He wants to save you. Don't you want to be saved? Of coarse you do.

Since your inteligant and smart, we don't have to tell you our poor Earth has got a fever. It's heating up even now! Just go outside tommorrow and walk around. You can just feel it, can't you? You probally allready no why its heating up to. Thats right. The ones who are really greedy and who don't care about you are dumping polutents in the very air we breath! There choking us all. But they don't care. Not about you. Not about anyone. They just want to make alot of money and spend it on themselves. Talk about hippercrits!

Now you may be wandering "what do I have to do to let G--e save me?" It's really very easy. All you have to do is beleave in Him and trust that He'll help you. He'll instently come into your heart and you'll no that you've been saved. You'll be a changed person!

Speaking of change, you probally allready figured out that its going to take alot of money for G--e to save people. There are lots of them out there like you just waiting to be saved. You want them to be saved to, don't you? Of coarse you do. You wouldn't want just yourself to be saved would you? You no that would be selfish. And you don't want to be like those greedy hippercrits who just go around spending money on no one but themselves. You'd never want to exclude anyone like that because that would make you a racist.

So don't be a racist. Send G--e at least a $100 now so He can start saving people. Just like He saved you. You'll be glad you did.

Not only that but it'll give you a warm feeling inside because you'll no that your helping G--e help others. Thats where all the warming should be. Not on the outside where it destroys our poor Earth and makes people feel bad. But on the inside where it makes people feel good.

But G--e has to litterly fight to help others. Thats right. Fight! He has to fight the very same ones who tried to stop Him before. There trying to stop Him now from helping people, including people of color. Because they hate G--e and they hate people of color. And you no why they hate Him and them? Right. There racists.

So help G--e fight the racists and save people. Like He saved you.

He's even started a new orginization to help Him orginize His fight. Its called the "Fight Against Climatic Temperatures Leaving Earth Scorched and Sizzling" orginization. But we just call it FACTLESS for short. You can join it to! Membership is only $100 (or $200 if you haven't given G--e that first $100 yet to help Him start saving people). Once you join you can get a grate T shirt that says "I'm with G--e & FACTLESS"! Its only $50 (+shipping & handeling).

You can where that T shirt with pride because you no you'll be helping G--e buy energy ephicent jets and homes so Faux News can't say anymore hateful things about Him like they did in there lying "reports."

FACTLESS will help you out when you need to argue with selfish people or racists about why there destroying our planet. We plan to start a web sight soon so you can log on and get news, alerts, protest scedules, and more from fellow FACTLESS activists. You can read thru the FACTLESS archive in case you mist some important peace of information. Registering will only be $25 a month for people saved by G--e who sign up for a year. But get in quick! This offer won't be around after our web sight opens.

As a FACTLESS activist you'll be helping G--e get the message out so everyone can here it. If your among the first 500 to join, you can also get a patch to sow on your jacket parka which you can show G--e the next time He comes to your city to sine copies of His books! (We have those availibal for you to order so you'll be prepaired when He visits.)

That patch is grate. It says "G--e saves" above a foto of our poor Earth. Below it says "and I'm helping Him!" We offer another patch with the FACTLESS logo on it which you'll like. Both are only $75 each (+sh).

All this can be yours if you let G--e save you.

(Just don't forget to add sells tax if you live in TN.)

Inspired by Dennis The Peasant.

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Phinnish T. Phince


Show us you're serious about her.


s. Phince needs our help. She's been abused and abandoned. She still has no means of support. The ones who promised to support her are a disgraceful bunch of deadbeats. We must demand they stop freebasing pork and do all they can to help her right now. Otherwise her situation will only worsen.

Phinnish T. Phince is counting on us. She's a hard worker who's only asking for a hand up, not a hand out. She's more than willing to work. All she needs from us is to make sure those who owe her support come through with it.

Please, let's not let her down. She deserves that real and honest chance to be a full-fledged participant in the American Dream. Let's not allow it to become a nightmare for her or for the children who are depending on her. She just wants what we all want: to be able to hold her head up high and stand on her own feet. Let's help her to do that.

To those obligated to support Phinnish T. Phince, you should know we're going to keep holding your feet to the fire until you pay up what all you promised her. We'll contact you at work so your bosses will know what deadbeats you all still are. We'll hound you and shame you and even get you fired if that's what it takes to get you to do the right thing. One way or the other you will keep your promises to Phinnish T. Phince.

Remember, we aren't doing this just for her. We're also doing it for the children.

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