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Our immigration laws, 'our' government, and its intent


In short, never truly enforce those laws or follow them itself.


hat's better than sending our jobs overseas? If you're a power hungry politician selling out our nation's sovereignty to the highest campaign donor, it's shutting down our remaining jobs here and replacing them with slave labor.

We'll be out of work and virtually slaves ourselves, totally dependent on government handouts. We'll be reduced to having no more choice or control of that government other than voting in whichever of our masters promises the most handouts.

We know "our" federal government is the largest single employer of illegal aliens violator of our immigration laws, is negligently refusing to fully enforce those laws, is intentionally delaying construction of all 700 miles of border fencing mandated by current law, is even trying to cut that fence's required length in half, and is asking us, incredibly, "Come on now, you can trust us."

We know we rate Congress as the worst of all American institutions.

From Senate bill S.1639 aka Shamnesty v2.1 –

(a) Copies of employment records or other evidence of employment provided by an alien or by an alien's employer in support of an alien's application for Z nonimmigrant status shall not be used in a prosecution or investigation (civil or criminal) of that employer under section 247A (8 U.S.C. 1324a) [i.e., "Unlawful employment of aliens" *giggle giggle*] or the tax laws of the United States for the prior unlawful employment of that alien, regardless of the adjudication of such application or reconsideration by the Secretary of such alien's prima facie eligibility determination.

(b) APPLICABILITY OF OTHER LAW- Nothing in this section may be used to shield an employer from liability under section 274B of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1324b) [e.g., racial discrimination] or any other labor or employment law.

We know businesses that unlawfully hire "undocumented Americans" haven't been and won't be stopped, regardless how much they intentionally break our laws.

We know so-call sanctuary cities that "prevent the federal government from enforcing our immigration laws and removing non-citizens who have no legal right to be here" — an obstruction of justice under color of law which is literally killing us — haven't been and won't be stopped either.

We know local officials' faithful attempts, in accordance with their constitutionally required oaths, to support the supreme law of our land especially with respect to immigration have been thwarted by robed masters supposedly vested with "interpreting" that law.

We know, more importantly, why Edwine 'Mbibe al-Qennedy, National Council of The Racists, the Always Compensated Lawyers Union, Edrunk Moorgue al-Qennedy, taxpayer funded immigration lawyers, New York Slimes editors, Edrowned MaryJo al-Qennedy, John McCrush-Freespeech, Estados Unidos Chamber of Commerce, El libtard Moonbat al-Qennedy, National Association of Manuelfloggerers,

This isn't amnesty?

“No probationary benefits shall be issued to an alien until the alien has passed all appropriate background checks or the end of the next business day, whichever is sooner.”
–Senate bill S[hamnesty].1639,
section 601(h)(2)

Guess which one's going to be, 99 percent of the time, "sooner."
George Whatborder? Bush, Escaped Manslaughterer al-Qennedy, and the rest of the pro-slave labor/voter crowd support this massive sellout of our country's security and sovereignty; viz.

It's all about the United States Senate proferring a benediction for those who willfully violated our nation's sovereignty and flouted its "Rule of Law". It's all about the United States Senate's beneficence in wanting to confer an estimated $2.6 trillion in welfare entitlements – a broad, social safety net of services for lawbreakers and funded by you and me: bona-fide, taxed-to-the-gills American citizens. It's all about the United States Senate ensuring a ready source of taxpayer-subsidized "cheap labor" at the behest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and certain segments of American industry that knowingly hire undocumented immigrants. It's all about the United States Senate doing the dirty work of the two political parties who covet the Hispanic vote and throngs of new voters. It's all about the United States Senate being hellbent on codifying into law an inexorable wave of multi-culturalism, while eschewing the age-old idea of America as a melting pot. It's all about the United States Senate turning a deaf ear to the will of the majority of American voters and behaving instead as a surrogate lobbyist for the vested interests of the corrupt government of Mexico. It's all about the United States Senate being the phalanx of the Bush-led forces determined to create a North American Union to the detriment of our national sovereignty. [links in original]

So what are you going to do about it?

For a start, just as President Eisenhower did 53 years ago when he "successfully deported or forced into voluntary repatriation an estimated 1.2 million aliens within a single year period of time using only about 750 border agents" (or in today's terms, 20 million illegals within a year using 12,500 agents),

All we have to do is continue to apply pressure to our government to enforce the 1986 immigration laws on the books currently.

All we have to do is build the original border fence that was passed into law (without funding) last year.

All we have to do is enforce the employer sanctions that were part of the 1986 law that were rarely, if ever, applied.

All we have to do is to support our Border Patrol instead of criminally prosecuting border officers based on political pressure from Mexico.

All we have to do is to start interior enforcement. When word gets out we are serious about enforcing the 1986 law, many, many will understand the seriousness of repetitive law breaking and will depart on their own just like they did in 1954.

All we have to do is to communicate very loudly and clearly and often that we are not interested in becoming the North American counterpart of the European Union and that we have done quite nicely, thank you, being a sovereign nation.

The slavers pressuring "our" government to shove amnesty for their lawbreaking slaves down all our throats without any regard for the increased damage to ourselves and our country that will cause, must be stopped today.

Email both your Senators and demand "finish building the 700-mile fence at our country's lawless borders and start throwing the book at our country's lawbreaking businesses, then we'll have the first real reason to trust you to do the right thing with the other reforms."

Remind them they're both your employees. You hired them. They work for and answer to you, not the slavers giving them campaign donations.

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