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Ebryonic stem cells cure flat tires


They promise as much a cure for those as they do for anything else.


ame one disease or ailment successfully cured or treated as a result of embryonic infanticidal stem cell research. A single case of it will do.

No "promises to someday possibly lead to a better theory of how it may, with a lot of luck and if everything goes exactly as planned, hopefully prompt new promising research sometime in the future." Promises aren't results.

Instead, something akin to "Adult Stem Cells For Therapy Of Visual Disorders."

Or "Adult stem cells effect a cure [for diabetes]."

Even "Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatments."

Such as "First Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial In USA Using Autologous Adult Stem Cells To Treat Patients With End-Stage Critical Limb Ischemia."

Also "Adult Stem Cells From Human Cord Umbilical Cord Blood Successfully Engineered To Make Insulin."

And "Thailand Biotech Company Gets BOI Seal Of Approval For Adult Stem Cells."

As well as "Adult Stem/Progenitor Cells Repair Of Damaged Brain, Pancreas, Kidney Cells Newly Understood."

Like "Testing Adult Stem Cells For Heart Damage Repair."

Reminiscent of "Aastrom Treats Patients In Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial For Osteonecrosis."

Not to mention "Adult stem cells aid recovery in animal model of cerebral palsy."

Along the lines of "Adult Stem Cells Improve Cardiac Function And Blood Flow In Patients With Heart Disease, New Study Finds."

With "Regenerative Medicine Advanced By Use Of Adult Stem Cells For Replacement Bone."

Just as "First randomized trial of adult stem cell injections in heart failure patients shows benefit."

In other words, name any successful stem cell related cure or therapy that wasn't derived from adult stem cell research.

While the infanticidal stem cell researchers were still only making more pie in the sky promises, the adult stem cell ones had already produced an impressive number of useful remedies. Which begs the question: Why would anyone want any government to take any of our hard earned dollars and flush them straight down the former's unproductive lab drains?

Glad I asked. Given such anyones are always Decieverats and other liberals, followed by every poor sap unfortunate enough to be their deceivees, there are two reasons.

First and foremost, abortion infanticide is a holy sacrificial rite in the Church of Liberalism which its fanatic followers use as the most sacred means to appease the godhead of their religion — The Lenin, The Marx, and The Qennedy — and seek their redemption in Its eyes and find favor amongst themselves. So they're very touchy about it. Consequently, the public's general abhorrence towards human sacrifice, no matter what its form, has presented them with a bit of a sticky wicket. They've tried "our bodies, our choice," but have had as much success garnering social acceptance of their "right" to kill "a mere body part" with it as any voodoo high priestess outside of Benin has of her own gory rituals with "my chickens, my choice."

That's left liberals with only two choices. Either see this rite of theirs crushed out of existence under the growing weight of public disfavor, or find some Happy Face™ large enough to stick on top of all the blood. Since liberals are nothing if not extremely combative there's no need to guess which choice they've made.

If they could somehow equate abortions with saving lives then, by Jove! John Edwarts!, maybe we won't notice too much that they're also having to take lives first. Enter infanticidal stem cell's hype Happy Face.

Problem is, infanticidal stem cells have but one guarantee; namely, their nasty, unassailable habit of growing uncontrollably inside any victim patient who might be dopey enough to let a liberal inject his body with any, possibly causing tumors.

Stem cells from embryos have the ability to grow into all other types of cells. They may be able to mature into brain cells to repair damage from strokes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases; into heart cells to heal the ravages of heart attacks; and into organs to replace those ruined by cancer. But problems exist in getting such cells to mature into a specific type of cell and to home in on a specific place. There's also the problem of stopping them from growing once the repair is made. Uncontrolled growth may lead to tumors.

Knowing such a Two Deaths for the Price of One® therapy is never going to be what the doctor ordered, liberals are having no real luck with their Abortion Happy Face Project either.

The second reason Deceiverats and other liberals want to toss our tax dollars into the infanticidal stem cell researchers' Bunsen burners is money. That balkanized conglomeration of special interests otherwise known as the Demohordic Party has nothing else to bind it together. The party of perks and handouts is not based on some particular set of core principles — or on any principles at all, for that matter — but on who can get the most from us the fastest. Chief among such who is Big Abortion.

The abortion industry's drive to increase its already obscene profits finds no better chauffeur than the Democorruptic Party. Except that the latter, having been unable to snooker us with its Abortion Happy Face Project, is now feeling increased pressure from those blood-money moguls riding in the back. Through contributions to the Demosoros Party as well as "grants" to the special interest groups supporting it, they're handsomely paying it to take them all to the Big Government corporate-welfare trough as fast and as smoothly as possible. However, they're most displeased with the slower speeds and bumpier routes chosen by that hired help, who's now worried about them handing it the pinko slip.

Without money Deceiverats and other liberals can't buy power. Without power they won't be able to control or manipulate us, leaving them no real hope of making us in their own disgusting, contemptible, morally sterile image. If they can't make us all degenerate regressives too, they'll continue to stick out like a sore thumb cancer until our society decides it's time for some much needed surgery.

Not even adult stem cells will be able to save their ungodly diseased selves then.

Thank the Lord we have a president who is more interested in supporting effective medical research that can and does actually save lives, than in ever catering to the special interest groups that can and do nothing but spew Demoabortionist Party propaganda.

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