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Blamer-in-Chief orally breaks more wind.


is Shovelready Joblessness™ has a plan!

Yes, He Does! Yes, He Does! Yes, He Does! Yes, He Does! Yes, He Does! Yes, He Does!

But you'll have to wait until freakin' September before He'll let you see it.

That's some "leadership."

Hundreds of thousands more jobs lost and destroyed between now and then. But that's OK.

His S**thead-Windyness™ has a plan! even more empty promises.

Is this what He means by "lead from behind"? Falling behind is more like it. Plans we needed yesterday. Action we need today. Results are what we'll be needing in September, not "plans."

To "lead" from behind you have to push your followers.

That's not leadership. It's cowardly and ineffective.

A real leader is out front, pulling his followers forward. He's first to stare danger right in the eye — not the first looking around for someone to blame.

But leadership and (zer)øbama are two words that have no business appearing in the same library together. Much, much, ..., much less in the same book, chapter, or even paragraph. Certainly not ever in the same sentence. The utter incongruity of that proximity would create such an enormous Singularity O' Doom™ our entire universe would instantanously, totally, and of course mercifully collapse in on itself.

To be fair, there's one good thing about His Coming Soon! To An Unemployment Line Near You!® "plan" mindlessly monotonous pablum of empty promises:

When you're standing hour after hour after hour in that long, long, ..., long unemployment line next month, at least you'll have, compared to that, something even more hopeless, boring, and a complete waste of time to slog through and focus your blank stares on as you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait....

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When Obasshole Freak took office there were over 133 million jobs


Now there are 131 million.


ver two million jobs destroyed and lost.

Still think feel we should be thanking you, Øbarfbreath?

Average unemployment rate5.27%vs.9.35%~twice as
Maximum number unemployed
over 26 weeks
~three times

You've given us change, all right. All for the worse.

Also, you swore if you got your trillion-dollar Spendulus Porkage™, our unemployment rate would now be less than 7 percent.

Well, guess what? It's still over 9 percent and there's still no clear and convincing evidence of true economic recovery.

Miserable Fail.

All that money irresponsibly wasted on your massive fraud, Ø'Abuser-in-chief.

You've taken our country hostage and put a gun against the heads of the American people, Øterrorist.

If Democrat voters had any self-respect left, they'd primary you out of our misery come next spring.

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Change We Need: Obama's Impeachment and Removal from Office


Yes, we do. Now!


ecause of the clearly miserable failure and dangerous incompetence of his fascist socialist regime our nation's credit rating was downgraded for the first time ever.

The last time it was this low was during The Great Depression.

Still think feel we should be thanking you, Øbonehead?

Clearly, it's the spending, stupid Øbungler.

There aren't enough rich people on the planet, much less in this country, to pay for even a small part of your and your Demøcrook Party's massively wasteful, fraudulent, and abusive spending. Only a completely brainless moron and fatuously jibbering fool like yourself doesn't know that, Ø'Bankrupter-in-chief.

Plus it doesn't help or give anyone the least bit of hope that your Biggest. Government. Ever.™ programs are brutally terrorizing and killing our nation's creators and savers of jobs and wealth. Or that you're intentionally putting record numbers of Americans on food stamps. Or that you're purposefully driving as many Americans — especially blacks and other minorities — as Yes You Can® into abject poverty and a slavish dependency on government handouts. You've given us change, all right. All for the worse.

Time to take away your keys, Børøckhead Høstagetaker Øterrorist.

We don't want you to do a lot of talking, either.

You drove our country not into a ditch, but into the bloody Grand Canyon!

Let me be clear: The only real hope the American people have now of actually solving these and the many, many, many other unprecedented problems you and your comrade Demøcrasshole fascists premeditatedly "saved or created" just for us and our country is to remove your worthless, lying, sorry butt from office.

What do we need?

That change!

When do we need it?


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