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Democrats Hate Women!


"Census Bureau data reveals that women would actually be disproportionately harmed by the [Democrook] President's minimum wage proposal: Of the 500,000 jobs that the CBO projects would be lost when the minimum wage increases, 285,000 of them — or about 57 percent — are jobs held by women."


t's a classic case of projection. When pathologically lying Demoliars lie that the Republican Party is waging a war on women, these psychotic imbeciles are actually trying to defend themselves against extreme radioactive fallout from their very real crimes against womankind by denying their heinous and despicable thermonuclear war on our mothers, sisters, and daughters, while always blaming somebody else for the unprecedented damage and destruction their party constantly causes.

Make no mistake: Øbandit and his Democrook accomplices in Congress plan to raise the minimum wage because they want to exclude even more women from America's workforce. They hate women so much they'd rather force them to "live" on the taxpayer's dime than ever see them willing and able to earn a buck themselves or otherwise make it on their own. These hating haters and the hatred they feel towards women — these lying liars and the lies they tell women — have but one end in mind: Keep Women in Their Place™; that is, in perpetual poverty, forever voting for the lying Democonartist liar who promises to flick them off the most crumbs from the government's increasingly luxurious banquet table where he and his party greedily and selfishly feast alongside all their big-donor pals.

Let me be absolutely clear: Not only is their extremist, misogynist, sanctimonious party utterly full of lying liars, lies, hating haters, hatred, and overall crap, it reeks of massive, unmitigated hypocrisy:

On Average Senate Democrats Pay Men $5,500 More Than Women

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'Sentence the Unbelievers to Instant Death!'


"Except we'll call them 'deniers' so yes we can make them sound far more evil and sinister than they really are."


iberalism is a religious cult, and an extremely dangerous one at that. "Believe what we believe or be destroyed!" is its utmost commandment. It tolerates the skeptic as much as the Spanish Inquisition tolerated a blaspheming heretic. Like the muslim terrorist cult, which it admires and protects, liberalism divides the world into two starkly black-and-white groups: us good and true disciples and adherents and them evil and false others. The former are constantly on the lookout for the latter, ready to dehumanize and imprison them or worse. The greatest threat to liberalism, liberals think feel, is any of those infidels who dares question any of its ever-mutable tenets. That dangerous inhuman thing thus deserves to be shown absolutely no mercy. Since these "tolerant" true believers deem failure to toe the liberal line a crime against the planet, they'd have no trouble supporting capital punishment for such grievous offense in order to "save" it.

“The new climate deniers are the liberals who, despite their obsession with climate change, have managed to miss the biggest story in climate science, which is that there hasn’t been any global warming for about a decade and a half.”

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