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Hmm, hmm, hmm.


erman commentators say it is the end of hope," whines Spiegel Online. (MTRN)

For the German producers of Randall Hutchins' "Hope – The Obama Musical Story," the timing couldn't be worse:

Frankfurt set for Obama musical opening

Barack Obama has been serenaded by stars like Aretha Franklin and Beyonce, now he'll sing himself [how narcissistically appropriate] in a new musical set to open on Sunday in Germany — where many consider the US president a role model.

Germans making an epically failing megalomaniacal self-absorbed fascist tyrant their role model. Now where have we heard that song before?

The stage Obama [as opposed to the Soro$-staged Øne] will perform a duet with First Lady Michelle and lead a gospel chorus singing "Yes, We Can," his trademark slogan of optimism and change, in a bi-lingual production entitled "Hope – The Obama Musical Story" [*snort* (pun intended)].

Followed by a brainwashed children's chorus singing the "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm (Dear Leader)" propaganda song.

Fortunately, it too sounds better in the original German.

Producers said they hope to take the show to the United States.

Except that the planned forty-week run in Boston, Massachusett[e]s has been inexplicably canceled.

"I had the initial idea right at the start of Obama's electoral campaign," US writer and composer Randall Hutchins told German magazine Spiegel's online edition.

"I found the atmosphere exciting and that was my inspiration. People hoped change would result in a better life. It was a beautiful, very social time."

Very socialist time would be more accurate.

Or, as clearly seen in Europe Eurabia, exactly the last sort of change that would have even the first hope of ever resulting in anything that could somehow be characterized in other than the remotest of ways "a better life," much less "beautiful."

Although Obama's domestic approval ratings have fallen,

Plummeted irreversibly into an unprecedented abyss would be more accurate.

the US president remains popular in Germany

A manifestly fascist dictator who gives really great teleprompter readings speeches, popular in Germany?

(That's never happened before ...i.e., besides 1933-1945.)

where a November poll found 44 per cent named him as their political role model,

Like that other manifestly fascist dictator who gave really great speeches had been in polls there between 1933 and 1945.

well ahead of former chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

With a predominantly US cast, the show is said to celebrate a non-political

Wait a minute. Everything liberals celebrate — e.g., Troop deaths in Iraq, terrorists clamming up and getting lawyered up, bribes for votes on "health" "care," Big Government taxing and spending, Big Government controlling everything and everybody, abortions infanticide, Death Panels, abridging free non-liberal speech, false and manipulated Global Warming® Climate Change® data, "Green" "jobs" kickbacks for enviromentardists, MSNBC MSDNC, looking down on non-liberals normal people, bashing and belittling Christians, Blaming Bush For Everything!!11!!1ONE!!®, death cults communism and Mao Mass Murder "Philosophy," womanslaughterers, etc., etc. — is political. So that premise is quite unbelievable, even for a liberal fantasist(birm)'s musical.

quest for a better future. Plans are being laid to take it to other cities around Germany.

(See the fisking below.)

"If everything works fine,

I.e., if German commentators don't declare, in effect, "Hope Is Dead!!!!!111!one11!!!"


we would like to plan a tour in the States as well," organiser Patrick Strese told AFP.

Obama's Republican presidential rival Senator John McCain and his colourful running mate Sarah Palin perform numbers of their own, the latter rocking with fishnet-clad go-go girls.

Attack Sarah Palin.™

Wow! That's new.

(Who says liberals can't be original? ...besides non-liberals everyone whose noggins respectively contain at least two functioning neurons, that is?)

Even the audience will get a chance to join in, organisers said, with seats equipped with a percussion-sensitive surface that lets them drum along with the beat.

Filthy2ers® especially like that feature.

Beating off to vapid, empty delusions is about the only thing they're really any good at.

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