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Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya


Because there was no room at the inn.

Globe, "Shocking Charge: Obama Presidency Illegal," Jan. 12, 2008, 30-31.


oing the job America's mainstream media Demoqrat propagandists won't do, Globe has in its January 12 issue a special report on Former Senator-select Øbama's birth in Kenya.

And now, the Internet is abuzz with shocking charges that three different people have gotten their hands on a Kenyan birth certificate for Obama.

The document, supposedly "certified with an embossed seal" and "witness signatures," says America's next commander [communist prevaricator] in chief was born at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961.

Also, Former Senator-select Øbama's fabricated "State of Hawaii" "Certification of Live Birth" that shows no doctor's signature or baby's birth weight is as phony as he is.

Globe quotes the claim that "in Hawaii in 1961 'it was possible — even routine — to register foreign births' and, if that was the case, it would 'disqualify (Former Senator-select Øbama) from serving'" as president.

The magazine quotes as well Alan Keyes's red-flag observation that "not one single person has come forward — not a doctor, not a nurse, not a hospital administrator nor anyone else — to state that he or she was present" at Former Senator-select Øbama's birth in any of Hawaii's hospitals.

But there is at least one person who has come forward to state that she was present at his birth in one of Kenya's hospitals: Former Senator-select Øbama's own grandmother.

Reports have also circulated that Obama's paternal grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, has stated that she "was in the delivery room in Kenya" when America's next chief executive [lying phony] was born.

It's even common knowledge in Former Senator-select Øbama's birth country.

[A]n affidavit from noted African evangelist the Rev. Kweli Shuhubia [claims] it's "common knowledge" in Kenya the Democrat from Illinois was born in Mombasa.

Speculation was further fueled when Kenya's ambassador to the United States Peter Ogego told Detroit radio hosts that Obama's birthplace in Mombasa "is already a well-known attraction." ...

"If you listen to the [ambassador's] call in its entirety, you will find it was very obvious we were all talking about the President-elect [Former Senator-select] and not his father," says [host Mike] Clark.

It's common knowledge, too, that if these same claims were being made about a Republican president-elect, every mainstream mediot Demoqrat propagandist outfit in the nation would preempt everything else in order to bring you live, 24/7 coverage with "expert analyses," "Constitution in Crisis™" updates, undercover "investigations," and "outraged citizen" interviews regarding those claims.

Indeed. Wake up America.


WAS Barack Obama actually born in Kenya and therefore not legally eligible to serve as President?

Here's a chance for you to have your say!

If you're convinced he is NOT a natural born citizen, e-mail GLOBE at NoCitizenObama@globefl.com

GLOBE will compile your votes and publish them in a future issue.

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Here’s why no Blair House —


When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama, not being an Article II “natural born citizen”, fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, should seem obvious.
I believe Acting President-elect Biden has to follow the constitution's Amend. XX, Sec. 3 provision: "if the President elect shall have failed to qualify [before the time fixed for the beginning of his term], then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified." Which means he'll be acting president until noon, January 20, 2013.

So the official roll of our presidents would look something like--

U.S. Presidents
1st = Washington (1789-1797)
2nd = Adams, J. (1797-1801)
. . .
40th = Reagan (1981-1989)
41st = Bush, G.H.W. (1989-1993)
42nd = Qlinton (1993-2001)
43rd = Bush, G.W. (2001-2009)
44th = to be elected in 2012 and, if qualified, sworn in in 2013*
* U.S. Acting President
1st = Biden (2009-2013)

Or would it be the one below?

U.S. Presidents
1st = Washington (1789-1797)
. . .
44th = no one (2009-2013; Biden, acting)
45th = to be elected in 2012 and, if qualified, sworn in in 2013
Barack Hussein Obama is not "of the people." He's of foreign people at least in part. For that reason alone he cannot be Commander in Chief. Where he was born is not vital to the issue of his ineligibility to be POTUS (President of the United States.)

Because Obama, under the alias of Barry Soetoro, has been an Indonesian citizen and because he may not have ever become a naturalized US citizen, where he was born will have weight in legally determining the validity of his claims of birth right to US citizenship. Because less than five years had passed since his mother's fourteen birthday at the date of baby Obama's birth, if he was born in Kenya his mother could not legally convey any part of her US citizenship to her child.

“One universal point most all early publicists agreed on was natural-born citizen must mean one who is a citizen by no act of law. If a person owes their citizenship to some act of law (naturalization for example) they cannot be considered a natural-born citizen. This leads us to defining natural-born citizen under the laws of nature, or jus naturale, the laws the founders recognized and embraced.

Under the laws of nature, every child born requires no act of law to establish the fact the child inherits through nature his/her father’s citizenship as well as his name (or even his property) through birth. This law of nature is also recognized by law of nations." - P.A. Madison, 2008
Where he was born is not vital to the issue of his ineligibility to be POTUS (President of the United States.)

If his (unmarried) parents were two French citizens who snuck into Hawaii, and while living there clearly as illegal aliens went into a Hawaiian hospital and came out with a wholly French version of the future communist, then with the way our so-called laws were construed even then by "our" federal government he would be considered (incorrectly IMHO) a full citizen. A natural born one as well since his birth occurred on U.S. soil.

Now these same parents want to solidify his claim of U.S citizenship and all the goodies such bestows to all three of them. So they run an advertisement in a Hawaiian newspaper saying "born to Mr. & Mrs. Frenchy, a bouncing baby" future French-American communist. No surprise there. Nor any "in case he gets elected presidunce" conspiracy by them, either. Just a "so we better ensure get the perks from our son's U.S. citizenship" one.

Whether an illegitimate offspring has any claim to citizenship in such cases — or, even if he has, to the uniquely more restrictive status (under Article II) of "natural born" citizen — is a question that probably warrants further exploration.

Of course, if Øfascist would only permit Hawaiian authorities to release his original 1961 certificate (as opposed to the 2007-issued, incomplete "certification"), the matter would be settled — and this post wouldn't be getting 66+ hits.

Is it unreasonable to demand that anyone who claims he or she's qualified to be our president, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he or she actually is?

(Reckon it is only when he or she is, beyond a reasonable doubt, a flaming fanatical fascist Despoticrat. Right, mainstream media... er, I mean, Despoticrat Politburo Propaganda Ministry?)
It seems to me that the birth certificate indicated Obama was born in Kenya and attested by his grandmother being preset at the time of birth is the correct and legitimate birth certificate for Obama, and not the one submitted by Hawaii. Was the Hawaii certificate challenged for witnesses, I believed the hospital where the birth allegedly took place(Kapiolani) claims they had
no records of the birth. Plus the person who authenticated the Hawaii certificate died in a plane crash near Molokai, the only one of nine people who was on that aircraft that died???? I think there should be further investigation on this matter, especially it took BO one year before he finally released a certificate. Rather strange don't you think. I know he went to school at Punahou in Honolulu, is it possible high Democratic leaders in Hawaii put the pressure on key people that would be willing to submit a certificate to validate his birth in Hawaii???? Donald Trump is right and I support him for this allegation.....further investigation need to be done.

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