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What your world would be if everything liberals wanted, they got. Open the door at the bottom of its Elysium fa├žade and take a glimpse of hell.

'Damn the democracy. Full theft ahead!'


RIP: republicanism in peril. Ann Coulter


'm going to start a lunar settlement. (Notice I didn't say "colony"?)

It will be entirely exclusive. No liberals. So anyone who ever cast a vote in the last ten years for a candidate who ever had less than a 90 percent ACU rating won't be among the settlers.

Our first state will be called New America. The rest of the Moon will become the territory of the United States of Selenia.

We won't recognize any Earth-based jurisdiction over our heavily and superiorly armed world. Our most solemn mottos will be In God We Trust and Molon Labe! — in that order.

Bleating on and on about "the rape of Mother Diana" will be a Class One expulsionable offense. In fact, being expelled to Earth Hell would be the most dreaded thought any Lunarian could have!

Mankind's best and brightest non-liberals — that is, mankind's best and brightest. Period. — are going to be so attracted to living on an actual free world where the only socialist threat to any individual achievement or personal advancement is when two or more of them challenge each other to a game of darts using a photograph of Former Senator-select Obama's repulsively smug and arrogant face for their board, that in a generation or two no free-thinking engineer, scientist, or any other actual producer of real wealth will be left on Earth producing any for any of his successors to criminally seize and "spread around."

Eventually, after about a millennium or so, when the only evidence of human habitation moonbat infestation of Mother Gaia™ is a crumbling statue of al-Gore on the completely weed infested bank of Turtle Bay melting cars into zero carbon emitting Offset Coins®, a few of our posterity may decide to "brave the depths of Hell" long enough to report back that only stupid people had once lived there before dying all out shortly after the founding of Selenia. It will be suggested re-experiencing material in all Lunarians' home schools.

As close to a libertarian utopia as any humans could make, the Moon literally will be such a shining beacon to all those oppressed by socialism, offering them such a splendid haven for human liberty, that it would surprise no one when Earth's current noxious crop of Big Government nanny-state overlords hastily construct their own version of the Berlin Wall, but this time brimming with enough machine gun towers and barbed wire to hem in the whole globe, just so they can keep everyone they wish to continue oppressing — that is, everyone. Period. — in Hell. Except by the time those fascists finish building it, so many will have already made the Exodus out from under the burdens of the nazional socialists that no one and nothing can hope to stop this change we truest lovers of freedom need. On both sides of that latest shameful symbol of socialism's cruel bondage as well as its persistent intolerance and constant internal panic, will be heard ever louder and louder choruses of "Zer-Øbama, tear down this wall!"

Eventually, too, after time has made seemingly less relevant our reasons for charting this course to a new and freer world, some future clique of would-be oppressors may read in some obscure archive containing the most important lessons of Earth's history, stories about its demagogic "saviors" preaching hope and change to an unsuspecting public desperate to believe even the biggest lies after being sucker punched by a generated crisis. They may rediscover the methods of corruption and intimidation aided by and spread through media which were used to finally and forever choke off human liberty there. Their hate-filled number may grow as they attempt to lure in others with the same false but seductive promise that government is totally capable of taking care of everyone better than they can take care of themselves if only it were large enough and powerful enough to take over everything of real and meaningful value, including their lives. Provided, also, that it's headed by these same promising oppressors, of course.

Will any among the so far unseduced retain not only the memory but true understanding of Franklin's maxim? "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." If so, are there going to be enough of them to flush out of the public mind that next gilded defecation of socialism?

If not, I expect there will be an intrepid great great... great grand blog child of mine posting why he or she's going to start a Martian settlement.

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